North Carolina Newspapers

f '
Cckcbd. Cababeus County, N. C
SEPTEMBER tf, 1895,
A young lady in St Joseph, Mo.,
met a young farmer on the street
e other day and look him In her
Irms and kissed him before he knew
hat was going on. She said in re
lation to the affair :
"I never saw the young man be
fore, and I knew he was a stranger
before I kiseed him ; but I couldn't
help it. When I turned around my
yea met his, and he looked so good,
so coble, and so true, that I wanted
to kiss him. I didn't think ; there
wasn't 110 lime t0 think. I only
kne-s? tLat I had met a real man,
and wasn't sure that I would see
another one."
It tins is to he a fad wth the new
wouiaD, wLat are the innocent and
good mea io do ? They will be afraid
to walk ths streets without some
gini of a r-rolction, and handsome
married men will he kept in a per
fect, state of agitation. .
he thought of being caught nn
armed out on the highway by a new
woman in bloomers is horrifying
It is. Why not muzzle the new wo
Mr. John II Mills, in his parting
remarks, as he retires from the
Baptist Orphanage, refers to his
seryices in a modest way, and his
losses and success as editor of the
Biblical - Recorder, losing $1,500
with but 1,100 subscribers and
running it up in six years to
3,200. He edited without any charge
or compensation the organ of the
Oxford Orphanage. He concludes
as follows :
"I cannot express my gratitude to
to hundreds of good people w no, by
prayers and kindness, have given me
cheer and comfort in my work.
am trying to forgive those who have
misunderstood me and endeavored
to harm me, and during life will
feel a deep Interest in the hapiness
j.ndivuuwl crpfeass.
The value of the work I have
done will be estimated by the lives
of those whom I have been able to
influence. Whatever may be my
future I pray for grace to say :
" 'I worship Thee, sweet will of God,
And all Thy ways adore,
And every day I live I lone,
To love Thee more and more.' "
It - is said that when whiskey
crazes and delirium sets in, that the
patient sees snakes and believes the
devil is after him. The latest case
from Durham, where the patient
thought the Republicans were after
him to kill him, will necessitate a
revision. It, may be that Durham's
whiskey is unusually bad Bubsti"
tnting, in its wild effects, Republi
cans for snakes and the devil.
They ping the water mains in
, 1 Chicago and steal water, rather than
pay for it. They are ingenious
t -Look cut for the man who is
traveling tl rough the country selling
something cheaper than you can buy
-y it of your home merchant. He is
not out for his health.
: God pitj the organized church, it
iter-TlTEaditis the -attacks of
hell and the devil, can not survive
the . attacks of a socialist, like. Dr.
- Thompson.
A Baptist preacher in Georgia re
fuses to baptise converts except in
running water.
- A Deleware peach grower has
; found an apple with a fuzz on it
j growing on a peach tree.
r ' A Main mother has an old slipper,
! still 13 use, which has spanked six
'generations of her family.
. - A Pennsylvania woman who chews
tobacco and drinks whiskey thinks
v that women haye all the rights they
3ed. . She enjoys reading "Over
u Is and Land," the cornucopia of
lies on Southern people.
1 '' People in Madison county, Ky.,
who have - paid their taxes are en--t'tled
to be married free by the
' Leriff.' '
Geigersyille, Ky is the birth
'ice of a boy who was an inveterate
"racco chewer before he was a year
xtt't is a man is Missouri whose
are so large that he has to pat
trousers on oyer his head.
A .Texas preacher threw a Bible
a deacon who started to ran away
;th the collection, and knocked
1 down the front steps" of the
-' hking 'tis leg in two
There ai ten. thousand more mm
at work in die Birmingham districts
of Albama today, than there were at
this time last year, ana the calamity
howler will find it a serious matter
to convince , these men that times
are worse or that this prosperity is
fictitious. To them it is a joyful
reality, hard work for hard money
and plenty of both. The furnaces
and mines are running just as
briskly over the country as they are
in Alabama, and the only despair
and depression apparent is that
which exists among the croakers
who croak for political purposes
A South Carolina widow became
her own recently.
That is to say, she is now the wife
of her husband's father.
Michigan has a man who is so fat
that he can't fall down hard enough
to burt himself. He is known as the
human spheroid.
The Standabd has received the
first number of the Evening World
of Salisbury. Mr. John M
Julian is editor and proprietor and
Leroy Smith is local reporter. The
first number is as full of local news
and good meats as its space will ad
mit The Standard wishe3
Heaven's blessings on this World.
The County Alliance is called to
consider matters relative to the Shoe
Factory. The Staxdasd hopes
that there is success for theis move
ment towards manufacturing.
The servants in school for girls
in Connecticut, while cleaning up
the rooms after the school closed,
discovered 8678 wads of chewing
gum stuck about in various places.
. Our Cartoonist has returned from
his vacation. There is much milk
of human kindness in him, when we
observe that he has been thoughtful
enough to bridle up this kicker.
An Alabama father has taught al
his children to read their books up
side down.
The mind ought sometimes to be
diverted that it may return the bet
ter to thinking.
A Missisaipi river steamboat
roustabout drinks a half gallon of
whiskey a day.
An Indian calf, now two months
old, has hoofs like a horse.
An Illinois farmer owns a hen
which lays twin eggs eyery day.
An Idaho school teacher enforces
obedience with a revolver.
A Florida negro is growing fat on
snake steaks.
One county in Pennsylvania has
contributed two members to Con
gress, two to the State Senate and
two convicts to the penitentiary.
Utah will send a Gentile and a wo
man to the Senate. Both will be for
When a person begins to ipull an
other down, he or she should see to
it that there is no grease on his or
her heels, else he or she may slip
down too.
The man who picked Bob Inger-
soll's pocket during a recent address
was the only person who ever played
even with him in one of his enter-,
The fact that the gold dollar can
continue to float nnder the weight of
the friendship of some of its most
distinguished friends is itself an ar
gument for its intrinsic value.
Buffalo has raised $300,000 for
the National Republican Conven
tion. Let the 1 Republicans go to
Buffalo. The word Buggesta horns
and hoof 1 and the hanging of hides
ont to dry.
It is said, that the French tenor,
Alyarez, is under contract at $5,000
a month for the' next three yean.
That's a kind of "sound" money
business, as it were. He furnishes
the sound and they the money.
In Norway a new law has been
passed which makes girls ineligible
for matrimony until they are profi
cient In knitting, baking and spin
ning. Certificates of . proficiency
have to be earned, and without these
no girls may marry.
The man who was recently ar
rested in New Jersey for hugging
and kissing girls pleaded that he
couldn't help it. He had probably
never been out of New Jersey, or he
wouldn't have gone crazy over the
kind of girls they build' there. If
he had straggled down into this sec
tion ha would haye gonej crazy sure
and want to eat 'em.
ncvelj by Lawyer Jerome of Albe
jiiKrle, is- cn sale. Agrnts are
wording the country. We have
not bad an opportunity to see it in
printed form. It is bound in cloth
and Bells at 75 cents.
The Standard has received a
copy of Capt, 9 A Ashe's book, "A
Day with the Professor and His
Friends." It is illustrated. It looks
to be intensely interesting it is a
plea for Free Coinage from a
scholarly source. We shall prolong
our study of the question in a cares
f ul reading of this book.
The Town Fathers haye made of
County Fathers a very just request.
The County Fathers have, in turn,
refused and did what they could.
Concord pays nearly one-half of the
road tax asd yet the chain gang is
not allowed to work: inside of the
incorporate limits. If the county
had had any representation in the
last Legislature the inequality
might have been removed. It is a
very easy matter for No, 12 to kick
out, but she desires not to do this,
but would be glad to receive just a
little help over some great burdens.
In another column, we publish a
letter said, to have been written by
Judge Euseell. The Wilmington
Dispatch publishes it. We can not
think of a people so lost as to make
it possible for such man a as Russell
to be governor of North Carolina.
Married Farty-Biglit Bourn and
Would Not Hiss His Bride for $500
Mbe tines for Divorce.
Topeka, Has., Sept., 6. After a
month of married life, Mrs. Ethel
Madison has brought suit for divorce
from her huBband in the Wyendotte
County District Court, She alleges
in her petition that she only lived
with him two days and that the 48
hours thus passed weie simply a
foretaste of the future punishment.
She says she tried to be a dutiful
wife, that Bhe wanted to kiss and
fondle him, but that he spurned
her adyances. He told her he would
not permit her to kiss him for $500
cash. This occurred within fiye
hours of the time of the wedding
ceremony was performed. . Mrs,
Madison is a very pretty woman
The marriage was a romantic affair,
the two agreeing to it on the spur
of the moment. The heart broken
woman asks to be divorced from
Madison and riven $35 a month of
his salary.
A Greek Devil Belief.
The Greek conception of their
devil, whom they call Tama, makes
that personage one of the most sa
tanic of the whole devil tribe. Ac
cording to their ideas of him he is
240 miles high and the hairs on his
body stand out like palm trees on a
mountain side. He punishes the
doomed beings submitted to his
charge bv putting them in beds of
boiling oil, sawing their bodies in
tvo, pouring molten lead in their
ears and Buch other little pranks as
pulling out their tongues, toe and
finger nails and goughiag out their
eyes. Me is a heartless old devil oi
the most devilish kind, and has
many other exquisite little tortures
laid up for the helpless wretch con
signed to his "chamber of horrors."
A Female Centaur.
A singular arrest Was made re
cently in Central Park, New York.
A young English woman was ar
rested by a park policeman for rid
ing astride on horseback. She pro
tected against her arrest and de
clared that she had as much right to
straddle her horse in the park as
other women have to straddle
bicycles. The matter was brought
before the president of the polio
board and he decided that there is
no law to prohibit women from rid
ing astride their horses. The fact
that the policemen felt called upon
to arrest this woman shows the
force of conventionalities. It is un
usual and unconventional for women
to straddle horses. The policeman
had probably neyer seen one do so
before and he naturally concluded
that if other women do not straddle
horses it was wrong for this one to
do so and he arrested her accord
ingly. Killed in a Ball Game,
Washington, D. C, Sept. 10.
Benjamin F Myers, twenty years old,
was almost instantly killed today in
a ball game. He was sliding to sec
ond base in an amateur match when
the baseman sprang into the air to
catch a thrown ball. He dropped
on Myers, his body falling on the
young man's neck and. d.slocating
his spine. .
A Troth in Fact,
Elias Dodson used to Bay, "The
workers never grumble, and the
grumblers never work," and it is
just about so. The antidote for
complaining is "Work, in fre
quent and full doses." Biblical
When Baby waa tick, we gave her Cantoris.
JFhen ihe wai a Child, the cried f or Castoris.
When the became Miss, aha chmg- to Castoris.
When ate bad Children, ate gave them Castoris
He AUhcHs toe lroirieter of tne
- Carroll nn With a Batches, and
Then Threatens,) Kill Himself.
Durham:, N. C, Sept 7 Captain
Andrew D Cowles, of Statesville,
who has been at the Carrolina for
month became insane today about
o clock p. in. He picked up a
sharp hatchet which was being used
by some carpenters who were at
work making some changes in the
office or the hotel, and made an as
sault on Alphonso Cobb, clerk of
the hotel. Young Cobb ran. Cowles
then started toward Mr. Howell
Cobb, proprietor of the hotel, with
the hatchet drawn, Mr. Cobb
picked up a lamp and struck him
squarely in the face with it, thereby
dazing him. The carpenters and em
ployees of the hotel rushed to the
rescue of Mr. Cobb, and rushed at
Cowles with 8ach weapons as lay at
hand, and Cowlen ran in the wash
room and shut himself in. The police
were called bv telephone and went
to work to disarm the man at once:
but he stood just inside the door and
threatened to use the hatchet on the
first man tbat came in reach.
crowd of at least three hundred were
soon on the ground, and great ex
citement prevailed. After many
futile attempts to get hold of the
man, the hatchet was lassoed and
jerked from his hand. He was
seized and taken to the station
house and locked up. While in the
wash room Cowles kept gouging at
his head and throat with the hatchet
trying to cut his -throat. Doctors
Manning and Carr haye been attend
ing, him, and doing all they csn for
his relief. He has been drinking
heavily for some time and was
arrested about a week ago for being
drunk. He took up the idea that
the Republicans had determined to
kill him and he said he would sell
bis life as dearly as possible. He is
in a highlv excited state, but will
be Bent home tomorrow morning,
able to go.
Wants to Whip the Church.
Rikeigh, N. 0., September 6
There is much talk among the
church people by reason of the state
ment of Dr. Cyrus Thompson, the
new president of the North Carolina
Farmers' Alliance, in a public Bpeech
"that the church stands on the side
of human slavery." The religious
papers and not a few secular ones
are attacking Thompson. The editor
of the Caucasian, Senator Marion
Butler's paper says : "Dr. Thomp
son does not make an assertion nn
less he knows what he is saying,
He attacked the organized Church
and not Christianity - and he will
whip if there is a contest. The
truth is on the side of what he said.'
A Uye letter.
The following letter has just come
into eur possession. We giye it yer-
batim et literatim :
"Law Office
L. Russell.
"Wilmington, N. C,
August 14th, 1895
Deah Sir ; -
-1 ou are one ot the friends in
various parts of the State to whom I
have concluded to write with regard
to the Republican nomination for
Governor. I think my nomination
would be very acceptable to the
Populist Party. It would insure
successful fusion in 1896.
"I have many reasons for wanting
to be Goyernor, not the least of
which is the fact that Democratic
Politians wculd rather have any
other man in the State. They know
that, with Russell for Governor,
Democratic influences will not pre'
vail in the executiye office. Neither
abuse nor flattery nor the power of
their newspaper press nor the blan
dishment of what they call "society1
would ayail them.
"i would like to hear from you
imd have your views about things in
general. Yours truly,
A Utile Boy Kills Himself.
William Miller Huff, the 5 -year
old son of John G-Huff, a prominent
citizen of East Bend, Yadkin county
met with a sad death last Saturday
while in the room alone. The little
fellow fonnd a loaded -pistol in the
bureau drawer. He took it out
and was playing with it when it was
accidentally discharged, the ball en
tering the abdomen and coming out
in the small part of the back. He
suffered intensely until 3 o'clock in
the afternoon when he died. After
the accident he ran to Lis sister and
told her that he had shot himself
but that he did it accidentally. He
then call for each member of the
family, Baying that he wanted to kiss
them all goodbe- before he died.
One.LenNe Enough.
We do not care how far Colonel
Andrews goes into the lease business
so long as he does not bring Mrs
Lease of Kansas to North Carolina.
Hillsboro Recorder. '' -
For Bale. ; ,- ,
Several hundred bushels winter
turf oati at 40 cento at rranery or
45 cents with sack and delivered at
China Grove. J. M, Harbison,
Jo Good Opinion of FuNioa A. Sew
bnrcb Daily Arrival of Student
Nome Personal Items.
Mi. Plbasant, N. C, Sept. 10.
A splendid rain fell hire yesterday ;
it was needed.
Students keep arriving at the col
lege and Beminary. The attendance
will be as good if not better than
last year.
Work was commenced on the
German Reformed church to-day.
A part of the work will be done by
the members, some of whom are firt
class workmen. The building will
be a frame one
Miss Mollie 8uther, of Lexington,
is spending a few days at Prof. Lud
wig'B. Mr. Leroy Thayer, who owns and
manages a drag store at Tatum, S.
C, spent a few days with his parents
last week.
Cotton should bring a good price
this year for the yield will not be
large, especially in this section. At
this day it eeems like a "yarn" to
bear people tell of having sold cotton-years
ago at from 20 to 25 cents
per pcund. As those times seem
likely not to return and as it is said
that cotton can not be profitably
raised for 5 cents, all farmers ought
to begin to build up their lands
which bave been worn out to a great
extent by raising this once money
making crop.
What will we cull this "fusion"
now being talked? True, it is yet
in an embryotic state, but the ac
tions and words of men who haye
sood high in the councils of the
Democratic party, are favorable to
its birth. Suffice it to say, we
don't want our drinks mixed. The
word "fusion" is not to be found in
our political vocabulary.
Turned Over, Hneesed and Died.
Miss Mattie Jane Gardiner died
very , suddenly and unexpectedly
last , night, ' at the home of her
father, on Clarkson street. She was
employed at the Charlotte Cotton
Mills, but had been complaining of
feeling badly for several days past.
Dr. Petree, who attended her,
thought she was taking malarial
fever. He called on her last night
and was sitting by her bed
side talking to her. She had just
told him that she felt well and hd
eaten and enjoyed a good supper.
All at once she turned over on her
side and sneezed, A stillness en
sued and' Dr. Petree discovered that
she waa dead, She came here about
a year ago from Chesterfield CoHrt
House, S. C-, and her body was sent
there for interment. Charlotte
Chapter of Accidents.
Mr. R V Caldwell, of No. 4, has
had a chapter of accidents at his
home recently. He had a fine horse
to lie down and die. He had just
returned from the springs and he
got sick on the road.
Dead lay the horse. Mr. Caldwell
said he has a big hog that will
weigh 500 pounds ; the hog came np,
it seemed, to take a last look at the
horse. While viewing the remains,
a large Jeriey bull came up and ran
his horn into the hog. The hog
turned upon the bull and cut a big
gash into the boyine, whereupon the
bovine again run his horn into the
hog's side just behind the fore leg,
The wonnd reached the hollow.
Both, however, survived, and Mr'
Caldwell will kill this fall the big
gest hog in Cabarrus county.
Bncklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe
Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay requi-ed. It is
guaranteed to give statisfaction or
monev refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale at P B Fetzer's Drug
Wedding; Bells.
Cards have been issued to the
marriage of Miss Mary ttoore,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H
Young, of Charlotte, to Mr. L A
Dodsworth. The ceremony will
take place in the First Presbyterian
church on 25th at 9 o'clock.
The oith-Annual Session Wins Sent ember sth'
1895, Register for lut year shows more than 500
wnm under mttrvrtinn during the vear. Sue-
cial features: the . development of Health, Cnar
meter ana imeiiecx. suuaings inmwKiur rawa
tiled. Fullv eauioDed Preoaratorr. CoUeciate and
Post Graduate DeDartmenta. betides Drat -class
schools In music, Art, Languages, commercial
and Industrial studies.
J. H. CLE1EIX, Rrincipal, .Salem,. W
daw aw.
Notice ol Olssolatlwst.
Notice is hereby (riven that the
firmolYorke & Wadsworth. com
posed of N. F. Yorke, J. C. Wads
worth and Cannons & Fetzer as
silent par teiiere, was dissolved by
mutual consent on the 24th day of
This the 6th day of August, 1895.
ri. Jf. XOBKB.
J. O. Wadswobth.
Canhons & FlTZIB.
We. N- F. Yorke. J. & Wadswortb
and U. J. Harris, under style and
firm name of Yorke, "Wadsworth &
Go., will conduct and carry on the
former business of Yorke & Wads
worth, and we assume all liabilities
of Yorke & Wadsworth, and eoUect
all notes, accounts and othr in
debtedness due Xorke & Wada
worth. We reroectfnliy solicit the nat-
ronaite of the public- -.
5 lurp"
2 swa b
High Grade Tobacco
Worth of Goods must and
shall be sold qnick.
Wholesale Goods, con
sisting of. "Dry goods
All wool Jeaneskerseys,
Notions and Hats.
this is your time and op
Retail goods of every de
scription: Dry Goods,
Millinery, Ribbons, Silks,
Satins, Laces, Carpet",
etc., etc.
To the out of town public, '.
suggest that it may not be
practicable for all to come
here who wish to avail them.
selves of this opportunity,
that they club together and
send some one here to make
purchases for them.
Respectfully, etc.,
Assignee of II. Baruch,
Charlotte, N. C.
Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer
Good middling 7.35
Middlings 7
Low mtfdlin 6
Stains 4to5
Corrected bv O. W Swink.
Bacon 81
Sugar-cured nams 12itol5
Bulk meats, sides 8 to
Butter 15
Chickens 10to20
Corn 50 to. 55
Eggs 8
Lard 8toll
FlourfNorth Carolina) 1.75
Meal 58
Oats ..30 to 35
Tallow - 3to4
Office in Morris building, opposite
Court House.
Bv virtue of authority vested in
me by a Mortgage or Deed in Trust
executed on the 30th day of Novem
ber. 1892. by Jacob L McCarna and
wie, Lauia McCarns, which Mortg
age is duly recorded in Hegister's
Office for Cabarrus county in Book
6, Page 555, I will sell at public auc
tion in front of the Court House
door on Monday, October 7th, to
the highest bidder for cash, one
tract of land adjoining u JU boesos
mon and others, and described as
follows : Beginning at a willow on
west bank of Rocky River, corner
of L 11 Sossmon, opposite the
mouth of a small braticb, which is
on the East side of the River, and
runs with three of L M Sossmon's
lines as follows : N 40 W. 18. K0 chs.
to aii elm on west bank of ditch;
then N. 2 W. 18 chains to a stone
in the held; men jm. vi w.
chains to a stone in Monroe How
ell's line; ten N. 24 E 15 chains to
a small sweet gum on the South
bank of the branch, H MoLarty's
corner; then with his line N. 32 E.
lit chains to a stone in the old
line: then the old line S-41 E. 61
chains to a branch on the west bank
of the River, thence down the
River as it meanders to the begin
ning containing ninety-two (92)
and one half acres more or less
being part of the JD M Uamker
lands C. Sosbokon, Trustee.
By W. M. Smith, Attorney.
By virtue of authority vested in
me by a Deed in Trust or Mortgage
executed by C. W. Robinson on the
1st day of January. 1893. which mort
gT9 otfDeed in Trust is duly record
ed in Register's office for Cabarrus
county, North Carolina, in book No.
7, page 572, 673 and 574 1 will sell at
ublic auction at tne court nouae
oor in Concord. North Carolina.
on the 14th day of September, 1895,
to the highest bidder that tract ol
land known as the Col. Thomas H
Robinson place at Poplar Tent.
Th's is a chance to secure a good
hnma in nna of the best neighbor
hoods in Cabarrus oonnty near the
church and school house. There
are good buildings, orchards and
conveniences for borne comfort on
the place. Terms made known on
dav of aale. Tittle to said property
is supposed to be good, but the pnr-i
chaser only takes snoh title as A am
authorized to convey nnder said
mortgage. - . . .
Job P. Axxisov. Trutte
SSjTw.DukeSom aCo-TSSSy a '
Gal An a, ills.. Mot. H, ins.
Paris Medicine Co., Bt. Ixmla, Mo.
Gentlemen: We sold laatrear, MM bottles of
bought three ktom already una rear, la all osr ex
perience of 14 yean. In the draft bnalneea,
never sold an article that (sts auch universal astir
faction as your Tonic. Yours truly,
For sale by all druggists.
fifonl National hi
J. M. Odkll, President
D. B. Ccltranb, Cashier.
L. D. Coltbane, Assistant Cashier
J. M. Odell, D. F. Canno
Elam King, J. W. Caknou,
W R. Odell. W. H. Liilt,
D. B, Coltbane,
Oxford Wheel
For men, women or boys at prloes ranging
from SIS to 180. We ship from factory anfcjeet
to approval and are the oly manufactur
ers aelUngdlrert toCoMmimern. We hay a
1" Agents. IV ei offer greater Talst la oar
oxford Gladiator wheels at M) tr 8HO than
other manufacturers with prices from 1IOO
to SISO. Every wheel twlly warrmntce.
Pon't pay local dealers pront of fiTtf
per cent. Out this out and write to-day fox
our handsome catalogue. Address,
AVPABH IICA Art BIl.fartaBtailt
If ATUnil IrlrBi IfWaillSWabMkaw. CHICaSw
I have now in stock at my rooms
opposite tne court bouse a splen
did line of well-made Furniture
such as
Bed Steads, Tables,
Wash Stands Safes,
Chairs, &c.
I defy competition in regard to
quality and price. You will be
surprised when you hear my prices
yjome ana see. ii not m biock
cau BuprJy you in a few days,
hare a nice line of
at prices that will surprise you. I
keep a fulllline on band for im
mediate supply. 1 buy
and run my planing machane, and
all persons who wish any thing
in this line, will do well to call
ana see me.
Very Respectfully,
J. T. Pounds.
Conoord. N. C. July 13, 1895.
Having transferred my Fire Ins
suranca business to Messrs. a. I
Woodhouse and B E Harris. I corns
mena them to any who may be in
need of fare insurance, nd bespeak
for tnem a liberal patronage.
We have assumed the Fire Insur
ance business of Mr. J. W. Burkhead.
comprising the agencies for seyerai
nrst-ciass ana well estaDusnea com
names, ana respecuuxiy solicit
liberal share of business in that line.
August 26. . tf
Having been duly appointed and
qaahhed executrix of the last
will and testament of Jno. W tint,
deceased, all persons holding claims
against said deceased are hereby
notified to present tnem to tne un
dersigned duly authenticated on or
before the 0th day of August 1896
or this notice will be plead as a bar
Co their recorery. Also all persons
owing deceased are notified that
prompt payment is expected.
. JOSH Li. rlHK,
This Aug. 9th 95. Executrix
. . - ' "
Haying been duly appointed and
qualified executor of the last will
and testament of Mary O. Kluttz,
deceased, all persons holding claims
against said deceased are hereby
notified to present ' them to the un
dersigned duly authenticated on or
belore the 17ta of August 1896 or
this notice will be pledas a bar to
their recovery. Also all persons
owing deceased an notified that
prompt payment is expected. .
OT D. BawHITOW, Extctitcr
An 7 'C3, -
Bushel of
will be
sold cheap
for cash at
When jam are aboat to b a Bewiag KacMne.
do not be deceived by aUurlag ad vsrtisssMires
ylit 1d'itl,'n.k 7 aaa get tke bast saads,
finest finished and
Most Popular
for a mere toeg. See to it tbat
yon buy from reliable manu
facturers that hare gained
reputation by honest and aq oars
dealing, you will then get a
Sewing Machine that is noted
the world over for its dura
bility. You wsst the one that
is easiest to manage and is
Light Runnlntx
There Is none la the world that
can equal in mechanical oeav
struction, durability of working
parts, fineness of finish, hsaaty
lu appearance, or has as assay
improrsmaats as the
New Home
It baa Aatossstlc Taaslea. fteable Peed, aline
on both aides of nssdls ptutd no other has
it ; Nsw Stand (fttxUi), driving whssl hinged
on adjustable csatera,UattS reducing IrisUaa as
tho minim una.
whits row ciwcuiaAWie
aa. la-Mirer Hiaa SITiteleiiia B.T
VSBOaeo, u sr. uuvm, mo. puua
aaaratsoiaee,VAa. 4rusie,o.
roai a a if
Coxcord, N, C.
Nokth Carolina l .
Cabarrrus County jSupwior Court.
W J Hill, Administrator of O A
Suther, p aintiff, ys. J Q Bother,
John W 8uthar, Lilly Suther,
Ooty O Suther, M O Downara
and husband. Jno F Dowbub,
M L Morgan and husdand, W
S Morgan, H L Suiher, W A
Suther, M R Suther, ChasO
Suther. Jennie Oswald and
husband J p Oswald, R A
Bundy and husband, W H
Bundy, defendants.
It SDDearinir o the satisfaction
of the Court from the return of J A
Sims, Sheriff of Cabrrrua County,
N. C, and from tho affidarit of W J
Hill filed Lb tha a bora ntitlad a
tion, tbat J O Sutbar, Jno W Suth
er Lilly Suther. Ooty O fiethar. if
O Dowsum and husband. JnoF
Downum. and If Ii MnrMa and
husband and W 8 Morgan are Boa
residents of this Stat, sadsiler
due diligence cannot be fomad
within the Skate of North Carolina,
and are neeeasary and proper bsm
ties to the aboye en titled ataa.
and wkereaa the plaintiff above
named has berun an action la said
Court to subject the real estate of
said O A Suther described in -the
complaint of the plaintiffs for asset
to pay the debts of said O A Sutbar
deceased, and whereas the said de
fendants J G, Jno W, Lilly. Oety O
Suther, M O Downum and husband,
Jno F Downum. M L Morgan and
husband, W S Morgan haye an in
terest actual or eontincent aa hair
at law of said O A Suther. Now
therefore, the mid J G.JaoW,
Lilly. Ooty O Bulbar. II G Downum
and husband. Jno. F Downum end
M L Morgan and lusatead, V 8
Morgan are hereby notiSed tbat
nrdesa tbsy be and appear tl iba
office of the Clerk of Superior Ooart
of said eoanty and State afreesid
on or before the 19 day of Aarttt,
ihu and plead, answer or tfsnar ta
the complaint of the nwatiff itli5a
action, that the r'-iiatl r-1
apply to tte Uoert far lis rdcf
landed in the llzi t-i tar
costs of acts"". 1 i f-1 ef '
July, 15. J""
Tte Ka-Klax-Kln No. 10, a
Mill Bridge, N. d, e?jt 8th, xxt-z 7
Dated i:;hf-y cf &vtt, rJ
V J V--

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