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A JYlll 1 O XJ-L-Ci
FOR 1 YEAR : 5
-L Mild
AO. 14.
That the double standard has been
a failure is seen in the history of
coinage in our own country. In
1792 the weight ratio of silver to
. cold was 15 to 1. In 1834 it wbb
made 16 to 1. In 1853 the silver
halfdollar had to be made lighter.
In 1873 the gold dollar weighing 25.8
grains nine-tenths fine was made the
unit of value. The country Bince
1873 has willed that no change
should be made in the unit of value,
Similarly, the double standard
prevailed in France 'or about seventy
years, but finally had to be aban
doned. France tried it alone and
failed. Tnat country then called
Italy, Greece, and three of the
smaller powers of Europe to its as
sistance and styled themselves the
Latin union, which existed several
years but finally bad to abandon the
.douUre standard.
TDj double standard, it should be
observed, did not serve the purpose
that its advocates so zealously claim
ed for it. It did not put money iuto
circulation as p'entiful as the en
thusiast on the subject ot that
standard would have us believe,
After trying the double standard for
over sixty years France found that
in some of the rural towns of that
country haud-made nails were pass
ing current a- money, illustrating
the fact that a government may
stamp any or all kinds of metals as
money, whiiBt trade and commence
will go on in the even tenor of their
way. It is an illustration of the old
saying, that a horse may be taken to
water, bnt cannot be made to drink.
Bat the reader may ask, if all the
principal nations of the world were
tocombine, could not the double
standard be made possible? The
answer is, that all the principal na
tions are hardly going to combine
for that purpose: They have al
ready decided that the single gold
standard is .he bebt, and having con
eluded that that standard is the best
adapted to the wants of commerce,
they are not going to abandon it
double standard is a good sub-
t for debate in political earn
ing and international conferences.
a to have no nlace in the
lifiao nf tnmmorM atirl trade
n fincriana me vaiue ratio oi com
silver is about 34 to 1, and in
xrauce mc kkm iruv is xtfi w j..
Tn at i i i : : iei i- i
TVtw 1a nnlra nf AAnvaniania m vn't,.
ing and comparing the quantities
let us suppose that the ratio in Eng
land iB 2 to 1, and in France 16 to
1. la it probable that England and
France could agree on a fixed ratio
Suppose that Franee proposed that
the ratio should be 16 to 1, would
England agree to that, would Eog
' land agree to pay out, pound of gold
for 16 pounds of silver when she can
get all she wants at the rate of one
pound of gold tor 32 pounds of sil-
ver? Would England agree to re
duce every gold dollar in that conn
try to one-half is present value?
Certainly not, such a proceeding
would bankiupt the country. Sup
pose England proposed to France to
make the ratio 32 to 1, would France
accept that? Every 16 ponnds of
silver in France is legally worth one
pound of gold. Would France con
sent to making one pound of gold
worth 32 pounds of Bilver? That
Would cut eyery French silver d)I
lar middle in two, making each
worth only fifty cents, would F.ance
be willing to do that? If it were
done, would it not bankrupt that
Suppose that the two countries
were to agree to a ratio of 24 to 1.
The effect would be similar in each
of the countries, but not to the Bame
degree. Gold would be depreciated
in England, and silver in' France.
Te reader can understand this by
supposing that if our silver dollars
were not backed by tht government,
and were left to pass at their com
mercial .value, that is at a value of
fifty cents.. Eyery man who held
one of those dollars would find It
suddenly reduced to to the value of
a half dollar. The government
would be likely to call them in and
receive them. The country would
then have just half as many silver
dollars as it had before, but each
dollar would be twice as heavy as it
was before.
An enlightened government will
hesitate a Ions time before bringing
such a calamity upon its people. It
ii for this reason that international
conferences amount to about the
same thing as the ordinary school
. house debating contests. It is yery
pleasant to hear them, . and besides
they give practice in speaking to the
" boys which probably is one of the
Vgreatest services they render, pro
Tided tfiMipeaking If confined ta fte
subject under consideration. The
double standard can be made to pre,
vail only on the condition that it iB
favorable to the well being of all
nations, a condition that possibly
may happen, but probably will not
We cannot reason about standards
as we do about the sale of bats.
one hat will brine five dollars, then
two hats will brine: ten dollars
wlich the reader will perceive
correct, in the number of hats hav
ing been doubled it is right that the
money should be doubled. But it is
not necessarily the same with the
standards, and coinage, we cannot
say with good reason that if one
standard yields a coinage of five
millions of dollars, two standards
will yield a coinage of ten millions
of dollars. Doubling the number
of standards, if that were possible,
would not necessarily double the
amount of money. The number of
standards has nothing to do with
the amount of money. Other con'
ditions are necessary for the deter
mination of the amount needed in a
country. A country having a single
real standard may have as much or
even more money in circulation than
a country with the imaginary double
standard. The method of business
has much to do with determining
the amount of money required by a
country. The standard measures
the quality, not the quanity.
A New Kill Mwkea a Start The Whin-
tie and tbe Grinding of Machinery
m Beard.
The whistles and bells calling
people to their respective places of
labor is now heard on all four sides
of town. The Lippird Bros, roller
floor mill began operations Thurs
day evening at 5 o'clock, which
starts another enterprise to our
thnfty little city, and marks tbe
faith her citizens have in her bril
Hunt future. With this and the
Fenix, by Mr, Crowell. Concord af
fords two of the largest and best
quipped Hour mills in this part of
the country.
The most conspicuous figures
about the mill are Mr. W J Reed, a
Georgian, as miller, Mr. J C Lip
pard as bookkeeper and Mr. John A
Eimmons as loreman.
Cotton and Farmer.
It is gratifying, indeed, to see
from reports all over the land that
indications point to a still greater
rise in the price of cotton. Besides
encouraging remarks from cotton
dealers and manufacturers in our
own State, tbe Atlanta Constitution
of Thursday morning publishes an
interwiew with Mr. J U Lewis, a
well known cotton buyer of Nv-w
Orleanse, which contains the pre
diction that the price of cotton will
go still higher, and its prefatory re
marks, speaks very cheerily of the
prospect of ten cent cotton in the
near fnture. Thia will please the
Dr. Leslie in Morcanton.
And another one of Concord's
boys has launcned out upon the busi
ness world, about whom the Mor
gan ton Ileral tf thia week has to
Mr. W A Le3iie arrived
Monday from Charlotte. Mr.
lie is the head of the new drug
here. W A Leslie & Co. and
reside here in lhe future Mr. Lea
he is a practical drujjgiat of telve
years, a graduate, and withal a pol ¬
ished gentleman. He has been with
the well known drug hous?, Bur
well & Dunn, of Charlotte, for sev
eral years. We extend him a hearty
weleome and wish for him unlimited
To Assassinate Dnrrant.
San Feancisco, Sept. 19. The
police have discovered and frustrated
a plot to assassinate Durrant. The
plot was concocted by a well-known
criminal, while awaiting sentence in
the county j iL He expressed his
intention to his fellow-prisoners of.
kil ing Durrant at the first opportu
nity, and the matter coming to the
ears of the sheriff, an extra precau
tion was taken not to alllow Dur
rant to exercise with the other
prisoners, and to drive him to and
from the court either i 1 a boggy or
outside the prison van. On search
being made of tbe cell, a broken
table knife, whetted to a keen edge,
was f onnd therein. The prisoner
has Bince been sentenced to twenty
years in the penitentiary.
Before being taken to tbe peniten
tiary he admitted to tbe police that
it was not his intention to kill Dnr
rant, bnt that he had no oppor
tunity to us; his knife. The police
refuse to divulge the name of the
Cotton-piokers leaye town
morning in great droves.
Peculiar Expression Nandwiched in
;Hi So mom.
You folks that take the front
seats and come to roost before sun'
down you ought to pay storage.
it l Lad come Here tor money,
bless your soul, I'd left after the
first collection. '
I've seen a town where a woman
would give $5, but this is the first
town where a thing with breeches
wouldn't give more than a dollar.
Every criminal that goes nnwhipt
of justice is a menace to good citi
Lawlessness in a town is a hot bed
of anarchy.
Policemen find everything that
the sentiment of the town demands
they aball find.
If I was Mayor of this town, you'd
have to stay at home, old buck.
No gentleman will do anything he
denies his wife the privilege of doing,
Yonr Uncle Jones lifts the same
standard for himselt as he does for
his wife.
I propose to do you up and put
you in decent shape, you dirty scouni
Make Sam Jones Mayor and. he'd
set up with you bucks. He'd make
you decent or make you leave town.
The difference between Sam Jones
and many preachers is that Sam
Jones preaches like he thinks and
they think like they preach.
I'd rather be Bob Ingersoll than a
cowardly, time serying preacher.
Old church members charging 12
per cent, interest. If yon were in
hell you'd have the whole country
nnder mortgage before the year's out
When me and my wife ride the
same horse, I'm going to be in front
Agent for your wife ! Pay your debts
and you won't have to be agent then.
Turn an old dog loose m heaven
and he' d be out before breakfast,
chinking gold off the golden streets.
Preachers, load your old fusilade
with buck shot, and when (you pull
the trigger there'll be a dead dog.
When you are in hell frying,
you'll feel a heap worse than you do
I believe if all the members of the
church in Winston were to get to
heaven you'd have to sleep with your
breeches nnder your head. They'd
rob you. .
If yon are mad, beg my pardon
and I'll forgive you. I don't bear
any malice.
I like bangs. I always thought
they were becoming to women and
This is scalding and sconrin; day
in this town. Bad day for chinches,
Some o' you think Sam
shoots off his mouth half cocked.
It's u mistake. When his month
goes off the hiramer is pulled clear
If you go away yelping folks, will
say, there goes one of Sam Jones
hit dogs.
There's a poaBuin np the tree.
Wait about twenty minutes longer.
I'm Koine tO'Bmoke bim out
Winston Sentinel.
Try to Denounce "The Htate."
Columbia, S. C, September 18.
There was another sensation
sprung in the constitutional conven
tion today in tbe shape of a resolu
tion to denounce a charge made in
an editorial in "The State" tnat the
president on Monday willfully mis
stated the returns of the tellers in
the matter of the first yote taken on
the Butlei county matter.
It was introduced by Mr. Patter.
son and concluded "thus be it re
solved that this convention do here
by pronounce Baid editorial state
ment as being a malicious false
hood." Vice-President Tolbertwas called
to the chair. Mr. Patterson said he
wished to protect their presiding
officer from insult. He maintained
that the correctness of the presi
dent s statement of the vote was
borne out by the members who heard
the vote announced, by the tellers
and by Senator Irby's statement on
the floor accepting the "revote."
Irby objected to the immediate
consideration of the resolution, and
said :
"Let us sleep over it."
Ten members thereupon openly
objected to the immediate considera
tion of the matter and it was made
a special order for tomorrow.
An Old Hegro Dropped Eead While
Looking- at the Show.
Scotland Neck, N. C, Sept. 18.
There was a large, crowd here
yesterday from the country and
towns to see the cirens. A colored
man in the throcg, from Palmyra,
dropped , dead. He was feeble and
the excitement of the trip : and the
crowd doubtless had much to do
with his death'.
Mr. Boyden Weddington says thjt
tops and fodder are ripe and that it
is entirely too hot to pick cotton.
Passenger trains don't make
schedule time now, owing to the
great crowds going expositionwafd.
(John Watkins committed suicide
in Burke county Wednesday night
by? shooting himself through the
head with a gun. His mind was
imp dred.
&Mrs. Dr. J K Cartland lectured to
the ladies of the W. C. T. U., of
Sahsbuiy, Thursday night at 7:30
o'clock in the Y. M. 0. A. hall at
that place.
Rey. Sam Jones has closed his
neetings at Winston and returned
to his home in Georgia. He wi'l
lecture in Charlotte October 1, three
days before Sell's circus.
J Harvey Dorton, who for the past
seyen weeks was assisting at the
Register of Deeds office with the tax
list, has been released. He went to
his home in No. 10.
The foot ball team at Trinity
College was out practicing Tuesday
afternoon when Thad Troy received
a hard fall and sprained his left
shoulder. Durham Bun.
j.George Tillman presented an or
dinance to tbe constitutional con
vention at Columbia, on Wednesday,
providing for the re- establishment
of the whipping post system of pun
ishment for certain crimes.
Messrs W D Anthony and W E
Castor, besides painting several
houses and doing other work, haye
just finished pntting in 11,000
window glass for the Odell Buffalo
thread mill and the Cannon Maun
facturing Company's new mill.
A business transaction is about to
take place in which one of our lead
ing firms is myolyed. We are not
at liberty to say much concerning
it, but will state that me deal will
be a great improvement, and addi-.
tion to the business of tne city.
Mr. D A Misenheinier has return
ed to Savannah, Ga., to resume his
position as freight conductor on the
Central Railroad of Georgia. He is
a eon of Mr. George Misenheimer,
of No. 5 township, and : several
months ago was hart in a wreck cn
his road near Savannah.
Prof. J A Holmes, State Geoligist,
who has the North Carolina exhibit
in charge at the Atlanta exposition,
telegraphs tbe following. "The
North Carolina foresty and mineral
exhibits were ready at the opening
of the exposition, and were unsur
passed by these from any other
Nine marriage licenses were, is
sued Wednesday by the Register of
Deeds tor Buncombe county. This
rush in matrimonial circles is prob
ably due to the fact that it is cooler
in the meuntains than in this sec
tion at present, and that snow and
cold weather is expected during the
coming winter.
A small colored child fell in a
well on Vine street in Winston the
other day, the well being 34 feet
deep. It was rescued by its mother, i
who went down into the water and
fonnd the child floating. The well
was walled with brick, and the
mother stated, npon being asked
how phe descended, that shejaat
"spread herself and slipped down.
The PopnliBt free silver rally at
Salisbury today caught a number of
Cabarrus people, although enthu
siasm over the occasion has been at
a low ebb in these parts. Henry,
Bntler, Pitchard and Guthrie were
all there, and don't yon know they
had a time 1 The Cabarrus moguls
were there also.
Mr. W A Smith was the happy
recipient of a crate of large apples,
each of which will on an average
weigh 11 ounces, from his son-in-law,
Dr. H N Wells, at Clyde, N. 0.
The fruit was gathered . from the
doctor's farm on Pigeon river. We
thank Mr, Smith for the sample
brought us.
The Charlotte Observer compos,
ing force prints the following chal
lenge to the "broken down sports"
of that city for a game of baseball,
the proceeds of which go to the
Alexander Rescue Home. It reads:
"We, the compositors of the Obsery
er, hereby challenge you to play a
game of baseball at Latta Park,
Tuesday, October 1st; said game to
be called at 3:30 p. m., and continue
as long, as the police will allow.
Everything goes, save the umpire's
decision, which shall be a secondary
consideration; catch-as-oatch-can go
as you please rules to govern said
game; dog
falls and bloomers
JJeiore going on a sea voyage or
into the country, be sure to put a
box of Ayer's Pills into your yalise
Yon may haye occasion to thank us
for this hint. To relieve constipa
tion, and nausea Ayer's Pills are the
beat in the world. They are also
easy to take.
Master John B Alexander, who
several weeks ago left for Meadyille,
Penn., to enter Alleghany College,
arrived home Friday night. Johnny
was pleased with his trip noith, but
was dissatisfied at school, where he
pined for hia genial associates and
loved ones in the thia, our beloved
One advantage of .taking Ayer's
Sarsaparilla to purify the blood is
that you need not infringe npon
yonr hours of labor nor deny -your'
self any food that agrees with you.
In a word, you are not compelled to
starve or loaf while taking it. These
recommendationa are worth conaid
. Jivery column of a newspiper
contains from 5,000 to 25,000 dis
tinct pieces of metal according to
the size of the paper and type. The
displacement of any one of theae
means an error. Is it any wonder
that errors sometime occur, when all
of these pieces are put np and taken
down every day? Still some people
think it is awful to see mistakes in
a newspaper.
There is a lady now living in
Menroe who was married away back
in the forties or fifties. . She still
has a large gourd which sfie grew
the first year of her married life.
Her husband planted a new ground
and raised lots of gourds, one of
which was kept aa above. It is yery
large and holdsjast eyen nine dozen
eggs, and she uses it for tnat pur
pose, Monroe Journal.
Tne Stateaville correspondent to
the Charlotte Observer Bays : "Re-
fening to the silver convention in
Rait igu and to the fact that Iredell
people will not at tend, I find that the
call for the c mention was not
signed by Iredell citizens. The
paper is here in the hands of a well-
known gentleman who is a strong
silver advocate, but there are no
names signed to it.
Whst has become of Jake Newell?
Ha? he retired to the quiet of
Flowe's, his home? After a splens
did record as an immovable Demo
crat and an absolutely fearless re
porter, it is strange that he should
remain so secluded, when he could
well fill Borne place on the press of
North Carolina, on the yerge of a
great political war, when' fearless
nosers are so much needed. He
was seen on-the streets today, bnt
remain he wouldn't
Today's speaking was held in the
Holmes grove in the West Ward
The crowd present did not number
over 300, most of them being Pop
ulists. A few Democrats, some
ladies and a alight sprinkle ot
negroes were in the audience. Shu-
ford made a few remarks but Butler
and Prjtchard were the princpal
speakers. The cro rd was very quiet
and there was not much cheering.
Aa a grand rally the meeting was a
failure. Salisbury Herald, Septem
ber 19
AND A -t
By the Persistent Use of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
"I was troubled for years with a
sore on my knee, which several
physicians, who treated me, called a
cancer, assuring rne that nothing
could be done to save my life. As
a last resort, I was induced to try
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and, after tak
ing a number of bottles, the sore
began to disappear and my general
health improve. I persisted in thia
treatment, until the sore was en
tirely healed. Since then, I use
Ayer's Sarsaparilla occasionally as
a tonic and blood-purifier, and, in
deed, it seems as though I could not
keep house without it." Mrs. S. A.
Fields, Bloomfield, la. J 1 .
iTba Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.
Ayer'a Pills Regulate the Liver.
Bnt Saw a Specie of Hnake in IIi
Brandy Still.
In conversation with a Standard
reporter a good farmer of the coun
ty told a singular experience he had
while distilling brandy last week.
A dam had been built on the branch
and a piece of piping put down to
conduct the water in the still house,
where it emptied into a barrel. From
the barrel the water ran into a cooling
tub, in which tbe hot brandy had
been placed. The farmer, who
doubtless had been tasting' of his de
licious make, saw to his intense hor
row a snake floating around in thej
water. He was not positive that hia
eyes did not fool him, and calfed in
a friend to assist in examining his
discoyery and, upon investigation,
found it to be an eel that had run
down from the pond which measured
about 18 inches.
What Next?
two Jew xork uermans are
walking around the world on a
Mr. Tbouipson. Too.
Prof, Holland Thompson, princi
pal of the Concord High School, ia
in receipt of an appointment as a
marshal at the coming State Fair,
by his friend, Mr. Rufus L Patter
son, tne cnief maranall. Concord
will dcubtleea furnish several gal
lant marshals for this great event.
Mis Carter Dead.
miss Aua carter, wno naa been a
long and patient sufferer, died of
consumption Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock. She .was about 35
years of age, and was a member of
Forest Hill Methodist church,
South. The funeral services were
conducted from the house this
(Thursday) afternoon by Rey. M A
Smith, her pastor. The interment
was at the cemetery.
Do Yon Know:
That Concord is one of the best
towns in the State and is today in a
better condition than moat of them.
That there is more building going
on than at any time in history of
the city.
That vou cannot -at all times do
everything to please everybody.
That we are going to haye a big
fall trade and the merchants and
laborer alike will profit thereby.
That when it rains the dust will
likely be settled. We have a num
ber of accounts that will then not
be in "sweet harmony,"
Tbe Pedestrian.
Max Weissner and Fritz Meyer,
the two Germans who are making a
tour around the world on foot for a
wager offered 6y the New York
ftews, the trip to be made in 780
days, struck town this (Thursday)
morning at 11:55, having drilled in
from Salisbury in five hours. They
are healthy looking men and
are native Germans, but haye
been citizens of America for
the ' past two years. They
wended their way fiom here Char
lotteward, and are due in San Fran
cisco, via Atlanta, San Antonio and
Los Angeles, by January 1, 1895.
They give song and dance perform
ances and take np collections as a
means to defray expenses.
A New Tax law.
One of the new laws passed by
the last Legislature that is just now
making a stir over the State, is to be
found in section 20 of the machin
ery act. The dealers are required
to make two returns per year to tbe
register of deeds, the first from Jn
nary 1 to June 30. So fir, only a
few have done so. The law in, quea
tion says: On every commission mer
chant, broker or dealer buying or
selling, one ptr certum on his com
misaions. On every dealer in cigars,
cheroots, manufactured smoking or
chewing tobacco and cigarettes, an
annual tax, five cents per thousand
for cigars and cheroots, one half per pound on manufactured
smoking and cnewing tobacco, and
five cents per thousand for cigar
ettes, provided, however, that noth
ing in this section shall be con
strued to apply to manufacturers of
tobacco, cigars, cheroots or cigar
ettes; and county, citj or town shall
be allowed to impose any tax,
license or fee on such dealers.
Charlotte News.
ror over Fifty Years."
Mrs. Winslow's Sooth:og Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It so thes the child, softens the
gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colic, and is the best remedy for
Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Sold by
Druggists ' in every part of the
world. , Twenty five cents a bottle
Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind. mwx&w
Highest of all in Leavening
It Will Take Nearly Five Days to o
From Philadelphia to Atlanta.
Philadelphia, Pa.,. Sept. 19,
The revised itinerary of the journey
ot the committee of the city coun
cu s committee with the Libertv
Bell to tbe Atlanta exposition, has
been finally completed. The journey
will occupy nearly five days.
The party leaves Philadelphia on
the morning of October 4th, and ar
rives in Atlanta at 2 o'clock on the
afternoon of October 8 th. On the
Grat day the bell will go South
through Deleware, Maryland, Dis
trict of Columbia and Virginia,
Short 8tops"will be made at Wil
mington, Bilimore, a two hoars'
rest in Washington, then on through
Alexandria, Quantico, Fredericks
burg, Milford, Doawell, Ashland and
Richmond. The night will be spent
in' Richmond, and the next day's
tour will be confined to Virginia.
Stops will be made at Petersburg,
Nottoway, Crewe, Farmyilie, Lynch
burg and Bedford, and night will be
spent in en route. The third
'lay's journey will proceed
through Christiansburg, East Rad.
ford, Wythevil'.e and Glade Springs,
in Virginia, and in Tennessee, Bris
tol, Johnson Cily, Greenyille, Morris
town and Knoxville. The next
day in London, Athens and Cleve
land will be given a sight of the bell,
and Chattanooga will be reached at
11:30 on that morning. The after
noon and night will be passed at
Chattanooga and on the next day,
October Stn, the party will proceed,
through Dalton and Rome, Ga.,
reaching Atlanta at 2 o'clock p m.
The New KrnK-Jor;enscit Rifle.
The first man to be killed in this
country with a bullet frem the new
Krag-Joigensen riflle was Thomas
Coffey, a desperate military convict.
Sentinel Jacob M Kress killed him
Tuesday at Fort Sheridan, near Chi
cago, when he made a wild dash for
liberty. The nickle pointed ball at
a distance of bftv varda Dassed
through Coffey's bead, then it went
through a live tree eight inches in
diameter and afterwards buried it
self three feet deep in a hillside
thirty yards beyound. The ball en
tered the back of the f ngitiye's head,
just nnder his hat, and passed out
through his forehead. The skull
was broken bo that only the scalp
held it together. He fell in a heap
beside the tree and did -not move
again. A story said the bullet
exploded in the man's head but that
was ridiculed, as the United States
does not use explosive bullets.
A Considerate Child.
A young lady with a touch of
tonsilitis waa consulting the family
"That is nothing serious," said he.
"I'll touch it up with a little nitrate
of silver and you will be all right."
The young lady looked a bit
"Oo, it won't hurt," remarked the
doctor, reassuringly.
"I wasn't thinking of that. Papa
might object "
"Why, what possible oljection
can he have?"
"I heard him tell mamma the
other evening that he was opposed
to silver. Couldn't jou usn nitrate
of gold. Silver is so common and
cheap) you know, and I am sure
papa wouldn't object then." San
Francisco Post.
Shot Himself Instead of Wife.
Danville, Va 8ept. 19.- In
formation was received here yester
day of the suicide of William Card-
well, of Caswell.'N. C. Mr. Card-
well lived at Locust, about 18 miles
from this city. Yesterday he
threatened to shoot his wife, and
afterwards shot himself with a
double-barrelled shot gun. The
muzzle of the gun was placed to his
head, the trigger pulled, and death
was instantaneous. Card well had
been drinking hard for seyeral days.
He was 55 years of age. -
Workmen Buried Alive.
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 19.
One wall of the old Colonrde buildi
ing fell in in this city, this morning,
burying six workmen under the
debris. It was thought at the time
that they hau all been crushed-' to
death, but after an hour's work they
were all dug out alive. Some of
them were badly injured.
&4 f
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Very Uitle Kickness KalNlns; Their
Own KupnliesCome to Enter School
Mt. Pleasant, N. C, Sept. 18.
There has been very little sickneBS
during the summer, in the town
and suriounding country; and at
the present time we know of no
cases of sickness peculiar to hot
weather. The doctors have not
been rushed during the past summer.
Tbe contrmitd hot wtiitLtr is
ripening the tojjn iaJ fodder very
fast, and is also causing tbe cotton
bolls to crack. -
There has not been slipped h?re
this year a single box cf wea'.trn
bacon. This I00K3 like raieii? "jour
own supplies." It should K; .10 every
year, not only as regards k ;.t, Lat
also grain. WbeL the sou;h, zs a
whole, sees it i : greasly to la adi
vantage to do this, it will be on
the western and northrp. .t rn .,:at
houses and granaiit.. By tLc vay,
we wonder if this ; a; 1 ot had r 'no
thing to do with ti. .'Jver crc:-.:: cut
Mr. Ed Fulenwid r r;nc e'u
Monroe, arrived JIcv Iro- over
enter schcol.
Mil' ,S.
Gone to a Court ii'l !' ;.-. tii J.ri.ios
H. Williams, itflinlMch, Sics ia the
Tomb lie Was lut .u-n;,l.
Wednesday nigU , -b:ta rnm by
the name of James S VViPims, a
bill poster for the 3tate Fair, ;ot on
the Carolina Central train at Uam
let, intending to make different
points on hie advertising itinerary
on that road. He waa ver much
intoxicated and fell into a sea"
soon sank into a stupor, and instead
cf getting off at Wadeebcro as he
should haye done came on to Clrer
lotte. The police took him in charge
here, nd carried him to the Tomb3.
About 11;30 Oflicer Jetton was in
the cell. The man asked first for
crater and then for whiskey. He
was then verv drunk. He was eivr
water and then the officer left hi
- - O ' t
ai uuicers Harrington ana
Orr went in to see how he was getting
op, and throT a blanket over him.
He was asleep, and they could detect
nothing wrong with him except
being drunk. Yesterday morning at
8 o'clock Chief Orr went to the cell
to tell the man to get ready for
court. He did not answer when
called, and fearing something was
wrong the chief stepped .inside the
cell and laid the his hand on the
man's head. He was cold, and stiff
in death.
He was identified as James S Wil
liams, of Raleigh, an old bill poster.
In his pocket was found a pass over
the railroad, and $5.20 in money.
A telegram was sent to Raleigb
asking fer instructions in regard tn
the body. The eecretary of the fair
association wanted to have the re
mains shipped to K'eigh, wSich
waa accordingly done last night,
Officer Duke accompanying them.
Charlotte Observer,
From L&Qrippo.
How Dr. Miles' Nervino Restored
One of Kentucky's Business'
No DISEASE has ever presented so many
peculiarities as LaCrippe. No disease
leaves Its victims so debilitated, useless,
sleepless, nerveless, as LaGrippe.
Mr. D. W. Hilton, state agent of the Mut
ual Life Insurance Co., of Kentucky, says:
"In 1839 and '90 1 bad two severe attacks
of LaGrippe, the last one attacking my ner
vous system with such severity that my life
was despaired of. I ud not slept for mora '
than two months except by the use of nar-
cotics that stupefied me, but gave me no
rest. I was only conscious of Intense mental
weakness, agonizing bodily pain and the
fact that I was hourly growing weaker.
When in this condition, I commenced using
Dr. Mites' Restorative Nervine. In two days
I began to Improve and In one month's time
I was cured, much to the surprise of all who
knew of my condition. I have been In ex
cellent health since and have recommended
your remedies to many of my friends." -
Louisville, Jan. 22, late. D. W. Hnvrov. J
Dr. Miles' Rcrvino Restores Edtiu
I For Sale by all Druggist, v
111 ll ifm'll I

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