North Carolina Newspapers

5 r
jt'OE i year . ;
be diminished in amount or value,
prices will be affected accordingly.
Thus it will be observed that even if
IN O. 17. I the standard be cat down onehalf,
Theie are in circulation in this it jg still not known what the effect
country $1,600,000,000 all of which on prices would be. It has been
are Hundred c ut dollars, now, iSeen that the 600,000,000 dollars of
suppose that we cut one standard gold would be withdrawn from cir-
middle in two, then every dollar in I culation, thereby decreasing the
- ,. :11 1 e n 1. t . . .
cwcuiaiion win oeuome a uiujr ecu amount or money, wnicn cause
3otIa?, in which case the 1,600,000,- would no doubt operate to lower
000 hundred-cent dollars pould be-1 prices. But if credit should in
1 AAA AAA flfi. J1 1 ... - . . .
come j.,ouu,wu,uuu mtv-ceus uui- crease, correspondingly, wbK-n is
lars, having the valae of only 800, altogether improbable, prices would
000,000 hundred-cent dollars. Thus not change. The subject of money
by a simple act of government tne ani prices is a very important one,
A RulMTllla Mill AwaWea tm Find
uimiieirin charlotte. Miss Alice Sims is assisting her
Mr. O A Wither liyes in the father at the sheriff's office in issuing
eastern part of the city. Last night tax receipts,
he sent his two young soni upstairs Mr. Lee Kindley was down' from
to bed. They came running down in near Mooresyille with cotton. The
a few minutes saying that there was Concord market is at the. top.
a man up there in bed. Mr. With
U -'Possum hurtera were out Friday
night, . Their luck is yet unlearned.
Stop at D 24 "talker's if you want
anything in the grocery and notion
j line. Don't forget the' place op
i posite D O Furr's at Forest Hill, tf .
The big new mill at the Gannon
factory js partially under cover. All
per capita circulation, which is now
25 hundred-cent dollars, would be
reduced to 121 hundred-cent dol
lars. This does not make allowance
for tne withdrawal ot the 600,000,
000 dollars of gold from circula-
It will recieve more careful treat
ment in the next communication.
One Hundred Bands Oat.
. The Vance Cotton Mills of Salis
tion, which would be certain to hap- bury have discontinued the night
pen if the standard were reduced in running. By this nearly 100 hands
value. I were thrown out of employment.
As the amount of money In cir They are moving away to other
culation stands at present, if we take I mills. Some have come to Concord,
from circulation the 600,000,000
dollars of gold, mere would oe lert
Be ta Here far Hand.
Mr. James Parker, of Concord, is
in the city securing hands for the
new cotton mill, the Buffalo, at Con
cord. He will probably take a good
number of the night hands recently
cut off at the Vance Mills. Salis
bury World.
Allowed One Bide.
The .Lexington Dispatch says
that the county commissioners Tues
only 1,000,000,000 dollars, which
are hundred cent dollars now, will
become 1,000,000,000 fiftycent dol
lars equivalent to 500,000,000 hundred-cent
dollars. This would be
equivalent to contacting the cur
rency by the enormous amount of
1,100,000,000 hundred-cent dollars,
reducing the per c-tpita circulation
from its present amount of 25 hun-
riniiar. tj tha omall an m dav allowed all the claims of the
of eieht hundred-cent dollars. It is State witnesses in the Shemwell
thus seen that tampering with the Payne case, bnt did not allow any of
standard of value is like playine claims of tne detendants wit-
carelessly with a two-edged sword, I nesses,
there being at all times danger of Jumped Up Attain
getting hurt. Only about thirty-five bales
But, suppose tbar, instead of tne of cotton were upon the
dollars becoming fifty-cent dollars I market today. The price early
vby diminishing me value of the Thursday morning was 8;85, but
'Btaflda'rd one-half, they retain their late in the day had fallen off 15
hundred-cent nominal value. In points, and 'remained at 8.70 until
that case the 1,000,000,000 dollars this afternoon when it jumped up
would be called hundred-cent dol
lars. as measured bv the new stand
ard. The 600,0d0,000 dollars of
gold would be withdrawn
from circulation, measured by the
new standard, would have the norni
nal value of twice six hundred mil
lions, that is, 1,200,000,000 dollars
we would then have 1,000,000,000
dollars in circulation, but by di-
to 8.85 again. This was an nnus
ually doll day in cotton trading for
A Free Pass.
As a reward for his saving the
wreck of the vestibule train laBt
week by informing the agent of a
misplaced switch, the Southern has
given Rev. W H Bryant a pass oyer
tfa ovotAm fit noa rooro M'ha ro-
mimahmg the value or tne standard Ward is merited, for had the dis-
covery not been made the cons?
we would have driven out of circus
lation an amount of money, meas
ured by the new standard, equiva
lent to 1,200,000,000 dollars, that
is, 200,000,000 dollars more than
there would be left in circulation.
To replace the value of the 60l,000,-
000 dollars of gold driyen from cir-
quences would haye been disastrous.
Salisbury World.
By the Democratic Bonte
Since the Populists have been
pulling the reigns during the past
year, every day yon can hear some
culation would require the coinage ld former who pnt the blame
of dollars, measured tue low price or cotton m urn
hv tho new standard, which at Pn the Democrats, denouncing the
the full capacity of the mint ot 50,s PopHsts and fusion people and
nrtfi nnn dollars a vear would takr making ueclarations of their inten-
' - - -
twnntv-fonr vears. Of course no
Rocky River chnrch Saturday night of Buffalo Bills Wild West show,
last, October 5, to which Mi. Willi but they were disappointed when
Davis and his sister, Miss Loala Belfont struck up on "Maggie."
t, i-.j, i . i I
'8'flBUDeeB ,a , I Wednesday, October 23, is Presi-
m returmuK nome me norse ran deQtfl day th tft ...
J Al Xt TV k I rf
awayauu i-urew iavis irom Man win fpnm h(kr. ot flUn,
v.- :fl:i.;.. 1 I jo
BSJ. iruiwuK eocioi T aether becausfl thPV ar aflmirflra nf
ugiyoruiseb. xortunateiy sue was Grover the Great u llt thrnn oh
not seriously nurt. xney are cnu
dren of Mr. and Mrs. E O Dayis, of
ho, 7 township
tion to come unto us again. On
people would knowingly adopt any Wednesday a gentleman from No
Biinh saieidai no'icv. To do so ano. ior eevenu yeni a iruug jrup
wonld bankrupt the country, and hlut, sU'ed that he was done with
rnrfnoe the ffreat maioritv of the them; that the Democrats were not
people to a state of Berfdora. responsible for the low price of cou
Thus it is sem when looking ton at all; that taxation was higher
Vot-B t. -fcafc monev we have this year and that he was "going
back to glory by
route in 1896."
the . Democratic
in circulation, every dollar of which
is a hundred-cent dollar, we receive
noenCOUragemeui MJUUbuui ou- AB EaeSdr0pper Frightens Ladlea.
ardof value middle in two. Let us A black negro boy exists in this
see how it may appear when we look city wn0 for a Tear 0r more na8 upon
forward. It is important to keep in djfferent occasions caused, alarm to
mind the fact that the law cannot 8everai WDite ladies of the city by
change values. If one bushel or j appearing at their room windows and
wheat is worth two bushels of oats, wa.tcaiDtr them while they would
no matter what the money prices ot diarobe.
the two commodities are, one busnei rj.he perBon wn0 ja accused of per
ot wheat will always be wortn two petratine sucft deeds is known. He
DU8Deld OI OaiB. rfiuco ixi oj iioir, I
bnt there can be no such thing as al
ireniral rise or a eeneral fall of I
is 16 years of age, and is somewhat
of a brayado in his eavesdropping,
nd bears the general reputation of
values. As Mill say", "eyerytnrog a mean negro.
can no more rise or fall with respect jf tnig 0f conduct is not
to everything else than a dozen run 8t0pped he may peep through win
ners can each outrun all the rest, or Lows from the inside. He wa? seen
hundred trees can all overtop one snd reC0anized at a window of a re-
another. To euppoBe that all things
could rise relatively to each other
wonld be to realize Pat's idea of so
ciety, where every man is as good as
his neighbor, and a great deal beu
ter, too.
Now, if cutting the standard in
two would not increase Values, so
far as wealth is concerned, the coun
try would gain nothing. As .to
whether prices would increase or
decrease, would depend upon the
amount of money in circulation and
tho rise to which it would be put
If the amount were decreased then
prices might fall, if the amount
were increased then prices might
rise. Much would depend upon the
willingness of the people to receive
and handle the money.
It should be remembered that
credit as Well as money helps to de
termine prices. In fact, price is the
monev or credit valne of a com
iity. - If moaey and credit are
xUntiful then prlcsrmaf tiae
'itt point, bnt if either
a'dence in the locality of the graded
school building this .reek, frighten
ing a lady yery badly, whose father
gave the little coon a lively chase.
Beea Walked Off. '
Mr. Charles Dry, whoTecently
returned trom Albemarle, tells
story on some good farmer down in
Stanly who has a large number of
bees, and seems to have had con
siderable trouble in keeping them in
their hives. Mr, Dry says that after
tne old man had tried many methods
f capturing the roving, gauze
winged honey-makers as a last and
sure resort caught the queen and
cropped her wings, feeling sure that
would keep them home. The next
day, says Mr. Dry, the old man had
business across the creek from his
hives, and on his return to the bee
farm he met the bees walking on
the foot-log, the queen in the lead.
The log was a mile or more from the
house. " The old man stepped j aside J
and let the beet uaye their way.
ers said he reckoned not, but went
up to see. The room was dark, and
running his hand oyer the bed, he
found that the boys were right. He
went back down Btairs and told Mr.
Albert Willi
to hear if the
gether they went up to interview j A fence is being put up around
the stranger. Mr. Williamson shook the Baptist church on 8pring street,
him and said : I which will greatly enhance the ap
"jfardener, ain't you m tne wrorg pearance of the church property.
place, r '
The little four-year old girL of 1 outside wo. k finished in less
Mrs. Sam Johnston, of the Poplar j than six days, if the weather con-
Tent Bection died Wednesday night J tmues favorable,
Mr. George Barnhardt's resigns- ? M Walker pays the highest
tion as superintendent of the chain I market prices for all kind of
iamson, who was waiting Sang wil1 not go into effect until country produce, ca3h or. barter.
ie story was true, and to- December 1st. ; Don't forget the place opposite D C
No answer. The intruder was
sleeping the sleep of juBt. Mr,
Williamson shook him again and
again, and nnclly ?oc him to open
his eyes. He repeated his question
as to his being in the wrong place,
The fellow looked np and said : "No
I guess not,"
"Where do you think you are ?"
asked Mr. William.
"In Statesyille," was the answer
Rev. V R Stickley, of Enoch-
ville was in the city tonday (Satur
day). He was on his way to Trinity
Some one in Salisbury has lost a
pocket knife in the shape of a beer
bottle. The loss was a very sharp
one and no doubt has been keenly
Furr's at Forest Hill. tf,
The effect of chunking rocks is
plainly seen in the" eheet-iron.' walls
of tne cotton warehouse at the Can
non factory. A thousand or more
holes have been punched through.
Brick is being hauled and. all ne
cessary preparations are being made
to begin the erection of several new
houses on Mill street. Mr, P B
Fetzer is a hustler, and says the
work will go right along now.
Mr. Jackson Safrif, who was eo
EiKtit Thousand Versus Twelve
Thousand Jflneleen Dollars and
Flftj Cents Store for One Bale.
Eyen though there is not more
than a two-third cotton crop in Ca
barrus this year there will be ten
thousand dollars more money than
compared with last ye-r.
Estimating last year s crop at 18,
000 bales, which brought ah average
of 5 cents, the entire crop when Bold
put sixty thousand dollars in the
county. Compare this year's two
third crop eight thousand bales at
SI cents with the twelve thousand
of last year at 5 cents and we have
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. G
rj :
ov't Hericrt i
was the
serionslv hurt in thnhniler pTtiloHion
Mr. B L Corriher, of Enochyille, juat one mtmtn a 0 from FlM
wo iu to eoc U8. na one ci me rww 1 1 ;n ti, ?f
TTnK7 AiA vnn rrofc in?" a tttq I 1 -1 J l ,1 ' J J
J f"" "v um uiueiarmera, ana says aiN Safnrar-k .on, t;arA
a o LrnH I 1. AT li , . . I v ' '
uiuuku tua uoiion cron is snore nfi.i.j i. a
- - ' I K'au j oee imn m bo houqu a con
is content wnn tne result. ,j;t,nn
Uone to Cuba, or elsewhere, is I Confusion as to the choice of a
what Frank Brumley and Joe Fisher blood.punfier is unnecessary. There
said as they left town with a gun I is but one best Sarsaparilla, and
each. These ninrods couldn't- hit a I lhat is Aver's. This imDortant fact
barn door in a Cuban riot. I was recognized at the World's Fair.
Prof T P Harrison. Ph. D.. has C0"53' 1893 be,D the on,J olood
been elected to the cha r Rnirli.h Vm admitted to oe placed on ex-
at Davidson College. Ha is a
"Through the window,1
half -awake answer.
"Zou are not in Statesville," said
Mr. Williamson, "but in Charlotte.
Do you know any one here?
The fellow rojeed up, and looked
around him, seeming more and more
surprised a3 the unfamiliar ear
roundings dawned upon him. He fin
ally Baid that his name was McDon
hi bi tion.
Mr. John Suther, a voung man of
near bit. Jrleusar-t aud who went
West several years ago, struck the
city direct from Fort JWorth, Texas,
Friday night. He likes Texas, but
felt as if he could remain no longer
nway from the laud of his nativity
Dog stealing is now in order.
Siuce the men we; Lere with Ore.
a;oa horaes and did tte lassoe act,
he small boy bas r racticed the art
A missionary meeting was held at I people thought it was a contingent J until he is pt-ifeot. Is is
aid. He and his father had comedown student of John Hopkins and standb
yesterday and were stopping at Mrs. high in intellect and scholarship.
Ueli s, (next doorto Mr. Withers) Rev. M D:GiIea, of Mt. Pleasant,
and he had stumbled into th wrong was in tho city. Mr. Giles is the
house. He was tairen down stairs pastor of the M. E. Churches of the
and directed by Messrs. Withers and circuit of Mt. Pleasant. He will
Williamson to Mrs.
lotte Observer.
Bell's. Char-
Braised, Bnt Not scrioasl
teach the public school above Mt.
Pleasant this winter.
When the baud began to play on
the streets Thursday night, seyeral
Cotton Slates and International Ex
position Company.
Atlanta, G., Sept 16, 1S95.
To The Pbesidents of Colleges
and Peincipals of Schools:
At a recent meeting of the Board
of Directors of the Cotton States
and Internationrl ExDoeition. the
just seventy thousand dollars, or following resolution was adopted :
luuuouu uouars more money "Whereas, the Cotton States and
than in 1894. Tnf.a;n.i i?.r,n.;t;nn .iti
AunviUMHuum J-iAui viUU Will CblJ.UU
xne amerenceon one bale will an obiect lesson of meat Talne to th
show you what an item 8f cents young people who are to make the
cotton is to mat at o. tor instance, f nture of the country; and,
ianc year ioo Jttussell sold a ba e nru. 4v ii
. 1 imcicao, mo ouuuujd luruuguuui
wcigmug w poanaa ai o cents, the South will be more or less in
which in turn fetched him $2G. with hv th 5nnrm;ttnt
This year he sold one the same absence of pupils coming to the ex
weight at 8, bringing him $45.50, c03ition :
iust $19.50 more for the same "We recommend to nreaidents of
amount of cotton. r!niwoa nr;ir..i, r ,;
The shortage of this year's crop, schools and academies that the trf
compared to the low price of last one week's vacation sometime dur-
year, is almost a blessing to the cot
ton raiser.
ing the months of October, Novem'
ber or December in order that their
pupils may have an opportunity to
Visit the exposition and Bee for
McDonald hook.
A Brilliant Scene In sr:e First Pres
byterian Church of Charlotte, ;
The marriage Thursday night atS. !
the First Presbyterian church of ;
Charlotte, when Miss Ida Milleri
McDonald and Mr. Chas. C Hookjj'
stood before the altar and promised j!
to "love, honor and cherish" each i' .
other "until death do them part," -was
a brilliant affair. The Observer,
in its account of the event, says of
"Mendelsshon eld but' t. unrated
in it inspiring effect and grand har
monies was the march chosen by "
the bride and played by bliss Addie
Williams. As the first notes sound" .
ed through arch and t.elt the ribbon
girls, little Misaes A1 ice CowleB and j
Lizzie Faison, dressed in dainty
white china silks, entered and
stretched the riabon along the seas
on either side of the middle aisle.
Following them came the attendants,
Misses Mary Steele and Loia Mo-
A Uood Man Gone
Rowan lost one ot her most va'n
able citizens in the death of John them8elyes this wonderful epitome Dowell led the biidi.l procession
Henry Gheen, of Franklin township of art and industry and gain there- pollowwg them closely, in pairs,
this morning at 2 o'clock. Mr. from inspiration for tho development
very common eight at any time to
see several boys with a drove of dogs
attached to tlie end of lassoes.
Buflalo Bills Shov. So Good.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West west was
in Salisbury on Friday, A reporter
saw it ne saw tne poorest snow
tha; has ever passed through the
Is it a Threat 7
Ministers had better be careful
how they quote scripture and explain
to those members they th.nk need
The Standaed told, Wednesi
day, how a warrant was hanging
over a colored Baptist Divine for
riosity and because it is a great day. I country. The newspaper reports and
OnohnnHr, i,oio nt "e advertising matter oent out are
cotton were marketed here Wednes
day, some of which brought as much
as 8.85. The farmers had some
spending money and the merchants
eDjoytd a yery good trade.
Mr. William J Alaxander of,
Woodleaf, N. 0., a native of No. 5
terrible exaggerf tionB,
It ' was disappointing, tiresome,
and tame,
They claim representatives of
nearly all the con u tries. This is
not so. All he has are Americans.
He has some few Indians, only.
The whole affair is a Cheap. John
.... . I toltinahtn h.M An.. U 1 1
Iieged insult in quoting aUU ex- ""-"""w uio wuutjr, uo ueeu ou i n . ThPV pharos KO
plaining to one of the sisters a cer- visit to tia brothers in No. 5 for cenU for reserved seat8 and they are
tain passage. The preacher has been wral weeks. He reports cotton a9 comfortable as Bitting on the edge
notined to "compromise," but re- ,u uls Bection a iwo,tnira crop ano 0f a plant.
iussea. xnewnoie matter JOOKSiiKep'""DFuuiujiCiu. An t,ontrSk, th mcmncrpmant
threat. i ne cottoi crop for this vear is fion ,t n nn aT1-
or K KCfl flfin V.lm ... . . . ....
The Ashe Harder case. "s-""" oo it so quiciL your nead swims. The
The Landmark of Tuesday noted P.901.000 for last year, which will pe0pie from Buffalo Bill down, are
that Calyin Eller. who was tried in ""-fcU"u i- rough and uncouth and regular
Ashe county last week for the mur- -1 tougns.
der of his causin. Rov Latham, was u,aiaow:u tt,8 Ui imB VCttrB The show is a colossal rottenness
convicted of murder in the second crop ay and disappointment
degree. He was sentenced to 20 Mr. William Russell, 75 years of Newspapers have made famous an
years in the penitentiary and as his ai med ,n the cltT this (Thurs- intensely sorry exhibition.
case was not appealed be as at once morning on his return trip from
taken to Rleigh. The Wilkesboro lfle iluania -position, ne is a
Chrnnw.U. hart a rnnvpraHtion with I natiye ot Manly county. He re-
E ler whm he passed through Porta havinR Beea 8iShta that h had
Wilkesboio on hia wav to Ualeish. never' ia a11 hia born days, dreamed
and Bays: or Beeing,
"The case is a peculiar one, and j To "move the constipated habit
Calvin Eller iaeiiher a cold-hlooodad 'he only safe treatment 18 a course
murderer with heart as Insensate of Ayer's Pills, tolloved by a lsxa
feelineas adamantine, or is inno- -ve diet Most other cathartic? 1o
La Grippe, for Golds, Coughs,
cent, He talked freely when ap
store harm than goo. tv3.c.ore
proached by this editor, and his ex- leading physicians recommend
pressions Beeraed frank and truthful
He is an extraordinary expert liar or
truthful boy. He is only 19 years
old, has dark blue eyes, dark hair
and weighs about 185 lbs. He has
that brogue peculiar to the moun
taineer. Heseemedinahopefulmood
and when asfced how he liked the
idea of going to the pen, he said it
was hard but be couldn t help it;
hia enemies had sworn lies against
him and convicted him; but he
hoped boob to be pardoned, and that
the real murderer would be disvover.
ed. He said that he expected te
try to perform every duty imposed
upon him by the authorities. He
denied bitterly that he had killed
Latham and said they were kinsfolks
aid had been chums all their liyes.'
Mr. O H Armheld, of Statesville,
ho was of counsel for Eller, says
he believed Eller guil'y before-the
trial, bnt during the" trial his de
meauor was such that he was com
pelled to belieye in his innocence.
Early in the trial counsel for the
State offered to compromise on a
verdict of manslaughter. Eller's
counsel laid the offer before hi n,
but he promptly rejected it. .-He1
said he was innocent and for that
reason he could not consent to 'any
compromise. As the Chronicle savs,
be it evidently a cold blooded sco on
Idrel or be ii innocent -
Ayer's Pills, especially as a fami!y
Branson's Agricultural Almanac
is again before us. 1896 is among
the very brightest issues of this yery
valuable and popular hand-book of
information for the State. It grows
better and better each year. Dr.
Branson circulates, edits and pub
lishes his own Almanac, and guar
antees its reliability. There is no I
other like it Dr Branson , does
good in many ways.
Some men try advertising as the
Indian tried feathers. Ha took one
feather, laid it on a board and slept
on it all night In the morning he
remarked : "White man say feathers
heap 8of' ; while man d -fool."
You may start in a small way (most
of the large advertisers haye,) but
by keeping persistently before the
public you cannot fail of success.
Never were the people so progressiye
and welItodo as now, and an '. ar
ticle of merit advertised in Teb
Standard is sure to find plenty of I
customers among the immense num. I
ber of people who Tead its columns I
regularly, -
"Two year ago, I had the grippe,
and it left ine with a cough which gave
me no rest night or day. My family
physician prescribed for me, changing
fhe medicine as often as he found the
tilings I nod taken were not Helping
v-tv mm
m n mm
morning at 2 o'clock. Mr.
Gheen had only been sick since Sat. Pf thelt country.
urday. He went to Concord that la oraer that the yiBit may be
morning by pnyate conveyance and made the reateet degree of comfort
on -the wav home, wan f.lfpn AnrfHoni ani saretj, we recommend that
and severely ill. He was taken home Pre81den". principals or teachers ac
and the physicians were called it. company their Echools on this visit,
and it practicable that they may come
to Atlanta in advance and secure
through the "department of pubh
comfort suitable accommodations
at reasonable rate3. Where they
cannot come in person, we reccra
mend that they file with the de
partment of public comfort an ap
and pronounced it a case of oppendi
citis. Effervthins noasibla was done
for him. Last night a consultaon
oy nve pnysicians was held but it
was decided not to perform an oper
alion. Surrounded by his family
he paBsed away at 2 o'clock this
Mr. Gheen was f crtytwo years of Phcation for 8nch accommodations,
aL'e. aman of exfiellpnt hMt .n ging tne number who will come
liked wherever known. He leaves a
wife end five children. The re
mains were interred in the cemetery
at Franklin Wednesday evening.
Salisbury World.
Mr. Kill Daniels Discharged.
and leaving the date to the chief of
the department.
"Kesolved further, that we ask
fron. the general passenger agents of
the various railroads permeating the
South their actiye cc-operation In
bringing this mattes to the attention
rnu -,! 1 l xt r tit i -i I
a.u- iiaiiuia xews or Wednesday 0f the scLool through lcnal or trarel.
contained the following concerning , Qonta k moaa t
the case of Mr. Wm Daniele, which visitatron.
we noted lasb week: "For Borne days .we earnestly recommend that
past reports have been circulated immediate attention be given to this
that Wm. Daniels cruelly mistreated matter."
his wife, who died a few days ago. Thia circular will dnnntfeM be
The charge was that he ill treated Landed to the reider bv n renre-
i l:,. J
uer sne was on ner dying bed. 8entative of the nearest railroad. If
This morning Daniels appeared be- tohse concerned, will write to the
fore the mayor, and there was a full ohief of the department of public
.uyeaugauon 01 me matter, xen comfort at Atlanta . jrivin? the num
ur tweive witnesses were summoned. ber of pnplia they wouid like to
Til-- j. 1 ... I - "
mo parties wno made tne charge bring and the number of davs thev
.-.uumnotBuosianuateit. it was m wiU be here, leaving to him the
evidence that Mrs. Daniels was uns selection of the date of the yisit, he
uertne muuence of morphine and wm undertake to Becure Bnitable ac
was not responsioie lor things she comodationB at reasonable rates If
may have said in her delirium. The heads of the Echools can com
ui,ur um not conBiaer tnat uameis to Atlanta in advance, and nerson-
was guilty and the case againet him any Belect locations, eveiy assistance
was dismissed."
will be afforded them.
Alex. W. Smith,
Chief Department Public Comfort
For over Fifty Years .
Mrs. Winslow's Sooth'ng Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by
minions oimomersiortneir Children . A Catbollc Priest Sentenced
while teething, with perfect success. Cenesoa. N. Y., Oct. 9. Father
It soothes the child, softens the Flaherty was today sentenced to
gums, allays all pain, cures wind seven years in Auburn prison for
colic, and is the best remedy for having committed an outrage upon
Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor the person of a girl under 16 years
little sufferer immediately. Sold by of age.
Druggists in every part of the
world. Twenty-five cents a bottle
Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind. mwx&w
A. Danville Firm Assigns.
Daktille, Va., Oct. 9. B 8
Lisberger & Co., dry goods dealers,
made an assignment to-day to P H
Boisseau, truatree. Liabilities are
not given in full in the deed, but s
an enpposed to be about $25,000 ; assets
Buffalo Engine N tarts Up.
Buffalo Thread Mill added
other one to the great volumes of consist of a stock of goods, accounts,
smoke that arise in all parts of the etc.
city from the immense stacks at the
i -V"
me, but, .n spite of iis attendance, I got
no better. Fin ally, my husband, read
ing one day of a gentleman who had
had the grippe and was cufed by taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, procured, for
me, a bottle ot this medicine, and before
I had taken half of it, X was cared. I
have used the Pectoral for "my children
and la my family, whenever we have
needed it, and have found it a specLflo
for colds, coughs, and Inng troubles."
Ejult "Wood, North St., Elkton, Md.
Ays Cherrjf Pectoral
Highest Honors at World's Fair,
CIubm the tjttta witfe Aytfi tanapariHa.
umereni muis, xne eneine was
fired up and the boilers tested this
(Saturday) morning. The machinery
not being all placed and in proper
fix for riming, man ufacturhig will
not begin for auother week.
A 8350 000 Fire a Norfolk.
Norfolk, Va., Oct. 9 A fire in
Portsmouth tonight did damage
exceeding $250,000, destroying oyr
1,000,000 feet of lumber, 1,000 bales
of cotton and 100,000 staves, besides
warehouses of the Seaboard A:r
Line and Old Dominion Line of
Two Lives saved,
Mrs. Phoebe. Thomae, of Junction steamers
n:t th i.u v 1 , . I
jujr, xu; waa ioio oj ner QOCtOrs I The Hatter Sow Nettled.
she had Consumption and that there
uraa n V, frw kn. 1. t . A t. n 1 i.1
ol "d;. K?nV NeTbTcom- ida AthleCtl ClaCTb " ?"
pletely cured ber and she Bava it headquarters to Hot Springs, Ark.,
saved her life Mr. Thos Eggers,
139 Florida St, San Francisco, suf
fered from a dreedful cold, ap
proaching Consumption, tried with
out result everything else then
bought one bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured.' He is naturally thank
ful.' It is such results, of which
these are samples that prove the
wonderful efficacy of this medicine
in Cou eh a and Colds. Free trial
bottles at Fetzer 's Drug store.
Begular size 50c and $1.
where it will hold its j ngihstio car
nival of three days, commencing
I October 31, the date originally se
lected and already giyen out. All
the parties to the contest have fully
agreed and the matter is settled.
The mayor and the street force
are now working on West Corbin
street, near - the depot. Improye
ments will be made beyond the rail
road after Corbin street ia in proper
Messrs. Dobbins Holmes, of Wil
mington, and Ch9?e Adams ; next,
Misses Bessie Sanders and Faiinie
McAder. and after them llcSira..
Doisald, brother of the bride.
The groom, wit!: his best nan,
Mr, V; H Twif.y, watered frcca lb?
vestibule on ' acd vdtr l a
the aHr for Lie 1 1 '.ie. Ai r,t-tendi-nts
arranged thc;r;elrc3
about Icj pulpit. Mis- D:-j
McDonald, sister o tho bri-us, o.z'1
maid of hoaor, cam? dowt 'i o niiu""
die f.isle, her co.rr.irg heralding
the approach of the bride. Tlx lat
ter came a few minutes . ; oa'the
arm of he: father, Sir. i. i,.a ilc-
Douald, her beauty being eunced
ten-fold by the inspira-Hon cf the
hour, and the becoarcgaeis of her
bridal aii'uy. As shi: reared the
pulpit her ..irctht l for
ward and took her h;nJ, p!icii (r' it
oa his arm, and the two ifood before
Eov. Dr. Preston, ar.d were, by L n,
pronounced ulan and i.e, in his
ou beautiful laEgiuie.
Ths hush wlica xoKIoved the
benediction waj broken by a gud
bnrst ot sound a tiiumoh of love
und harmony tha
from the "Hose Maiden." vhish
sung by Mestiamea O U Brocken
brough, E L Ciblon, F P Smith, E
L Martin, A L Smith, H S Bryan;
Miss Nan Dowd; Messrs D F Sum
mey, F H Andrews, B F Powell, E
L Martin, Walter Scott, W H Pow
ell and O M Norwood'. The blend
ing of 0 many fine voices in so beau
tiful a selection was grand in effect.
The audience lingered to hear the
last notes of the climax and finale
and then left, those who were bidden
to the wedding reception following
the bridal pariy to the pretty home .
of Mr. and Mrs John Walter Miller
on jorth xryoK street where.
reception was held."
Mr. and Mrs Hook are both well
known in this city, the bride once
haying lived here and the groom
haying freqently yLiled here siEce
his residence in Charlotte.
Weakj Irritable,Tired
"I Was No Good oa Earth."''
Dr. Miles Nervine strengthens
the weak, builds up the broken,
down constitution, and permanently
cures every kind of nervous disease. I
"About one year ago luMuafflietci
tettH nervousness, sleeplessness, t
Creeping sensation in my legs, . 4
Slight palpitation of my heart,
IHstraeting confusion ofthemindt
Serious loss or lapse of memory. '
Weighted down ith care and
worry. I eompltsi ny lost azzettte
And felt my vitality veearing oaii"
X teas teeak, irritable and tiret,
My tpetgtKas reduced to X8n lbs.t
In fact A teas no good, on e.. rtk.
A friend brought
ne Or. Miles' book,
"New and Start
ling Facts," and
I finally decided
to try a bottle of
Db. Miuts' Be-
oratlve Nervine.
Before I had taken
one bottle I oocZd
sleep as
10-yr.-old 1
appetite returned,
greatly Increased.
When I had taken the sixth bcttle
My weight increased to , 119
The sentazZlon inmv leOstca . an
Sly nerve steadied eomp&tsli
. My brain aeewiecf clearer tkan ever,
M felt as good as any man on earth
Jhr. Miles Mtestorattve Kervine ta
-A. great medicine, I assure you." .
Augusta, Me. . Walies E. Bukbask. .j
Dr. If ilea Nervine Is sold on a posfttr- .
guarantee that the flret bottle will Douen.. ,
AUdrnggtetssellltattl.e bottles for. or
it will bo sent, prepaid, on receipt cf price,
by the Dr. Mllea Medical Co, Eikhart, tnd.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Restores Health
For Sale by all Druggist
weU as WlM?-frl
boy. ii v Mjry&v .

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