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A Water-tank Keeper Killed and
Robbed Ky i Negro Boy.
Tarboeo, r. C.OcL 23. Chirks
Neville, a jvspfcuble white man;
keeper of the water-tank near T-ir-boro,
was foully murdered this
morning by an unknown person.
Revil e hud yiei beea paid off,
as be-was eti'ering the engine
hoifre was shot, the bullet passing
through his bead. lie was found at
12 o'clock.
The railway authorities at once
Bent for three bloodhounds from the
State farm. They, with their
keeper, arrived this afternoon and
are in hot pursuit.
The keeper says he will catch the
mnrderer bfor morning. It was a
dastardly affair, and the whole com
munity is very much excited.' , j
Later The murderer has been
captured. He was a negro boy that
lived in town: ' He bad the " dead
man's mosey, watch and knife in
3 possession.
S early a Fire.
About 2 oVock Thursday night
the air was pervaded with an odor
of burning gras and leaves, but it
was an hour or longer before the
fire could be discovered. Mr. Will
Johnston, the Dij-ht watchman, after
searching the lots for sometime, dis
covered the grass nnd a pi !e of old
straw burning in the rear of the
Shu man restaurant, (tneold court
house lc) where Borne one bad
dumped out hot ashes. The fire had
begun to spread and had gained con
8iderable headway. Mr, Johnston
found it in time, however, to save
perhaps a large conflagration.
Signs of a Hard " Inter.
The goose bane u nearly all white
this year, and the result will be that j
Sgipvr will lj ca the ground from
' early in PeccmVr until late in
April, A long, cold winter filled
with blustering storms is abrad.
There are othei signs tbat confirm
this. I'om husks are unusually
thick, and chipmunks and wood
chucks are already fat enough to
kill. Coal is advancing and gas
companies are threatening to raise
their rates.
The aboye is from an old resident
a firm believer in the goose bone
business. Greensboro Record.
The "Populist Executive Committee.
They met In Raleigh Wednesday
night and the Press-Visitor says this
about the presents :
"Those who were present are Sen
ator Butler, Mr Hal Ayer, Secretary
to the committee, Maj Guthrie, of
Durham, Congressman Htrowd, Mr.
J B Lloyd, of Tarboro, W S Barnes,
Dr. Cy Thompson, of cbnrch fane,
Ambrosial Hileman, Othu Wilson, J
W Denmark, Senator Mwbone, J J
Rogers. " Spier Whitaker and Mr
: . Odell mill No. 4 Bhnt down Wed.
tesday .afternoon on account of
something going wrong with the
boilers. The defect has been re
paired and the machinery is again
in motion.
.-We wish to
X We have taken, up q- afters $
m the vacant Btore room, op-f(
Vposi'e the National Bank
Q buildir.?, of Concord, known w
Q as the Litaker building, corner Q
Q of Main and Depot streets, Q
F where we will open on or about jj
X Nov, 1st 1895 with an exten- ft
Wsive line of very fine and me-
dium grade clothing,
. -
P. S. We
guns and rifles.
Mrs. John Allen Krovn Tchc Fright
at a Frfgbtencd Horse, -nmps from
- Her Bugy ana Ruptaren a Blood
Falisbuht, Oct. 23. The town
was violently shocked shortly after 7
o clocR tonight at the news that
Mrs. J Allen Brown bad been killed.
She was out driving late this aftei
noon with her little son John, and
had reached the side gate hc her
home and was abont to drive in
when a part of the harness broke,
failing on the horse, causing it to
kick. Mrs. Brown became alarmed
and jumped out, falling backwards
on the street, rupturing, it is sop
posed, a blood vessel in her head.
Friends ran to her assistance ana
Dr. McKenzie, who was near, was
called and rendered medical aid but
could do her no good. She became
partly conscious for a short while asked whercshe was hurt
pointed to her head. The accident
occurred about 5;30 o'clock. The
affair is a most ' distressing one,
nothing so shocking have occurred
here in years. The news spread
like wild fire and many expression of
grief hsve been heard. The little
boy was unhurt and had Mrs,
Brown remained in the phaeton she
would not have been injured. The
horpe sbe was driving telocged to
her husband and was gentle. Mr.
Brown leases eight children to
norm her sodden and sad death.
Charlotte Observer.
A Marriage 111 Albemarle.
Forties in Concord have received
cards of invitation to the marriage
of Miss Caiolina Ashe, daughter of
Maj, S J Pembertoa, of Albemarle,
to William Agustus Moncure, of
Fredericksburg, Va. Miss Pember-.
ton j3 one 0f tje most -0Tey VCVinE
women of Piedmont Is. C, her
charming manners and snlendid
accomplishments winning strong ad
mirers everywhere,
Mr. Montcure is a civil engineer
of considerable reputation aid it
whs daring hie engagement in sur
veying the Yadkin railway tbat he
met Miss Pemberton, and many a
time did his compass, yielding fo
the local attractions, carry him to
And on Nov. 6b, at 8 o'clock, in
the M. T.. church at Albemarle, this
love tfLiir at sight, and grown
stronger in the years that have
passed, will be legally solemnized at
the matrimonial aUar. Mr. Mont,
cure i3 collecting from that section
too big an interest on his work, to
be carried off to the Old Diminion.
r'vidence Jfot Stioiifr KnoiiRli.
Le V.'erl ne&day afternoon Esq.
W J IIiU bad arraigned bffore him
one Spei c-r Adams, colored, charged
with renicying cotton beloneiDg to
Vs!y Ford from Ford's bin to his
onin the gin house of Mr. EphmmS
Fisher. Severnl witnesses t stifled
against Adams, but their stories
were weak ones, and fcr lack of
evidence to convict, the case was
discharged. Bo.h negroe3 live on
Mr. Fiabur's plantation.
n The clothing we will have in )
stock is manufactured fey)
$ Oamfcurgen, Strauss, KoblqseJ
WBros, and other Bach Hue's
V clothing makers.
n This c'o'hins we will offer
Q the public of Concord Dd sur
P roundiug community at 25 per )
cent. lees than the mnufacU ;
urers' prices '
Respectfully yours,
. . " -
will also handle a line of all
A Convict Caen Cord Wood and Has
To Be Knot Off.
Wednesday morning out cu the
Ml. Pleasant road where the chain
gsng is at work, Supt. Geo, Earn
hardt as attacked by one of the
. He picked up a piecewf cord wood
from, under a wash pot and attacked
Supt. Barn hard I with the end that
had fire on it.
The convict had thebig advantage
and was about to do Mr. Barnhardt
up and would have done serious
work, had not guard Sid Barnhardt
come to the resenre. The convict
could not be stopped in his murder'
ons assault u&tilir-Guard Barnhardt
shot him. The shVt was not serious
but painful. The shot - were little
fine ones. The convict can not. sit
down for some time.
Up to the tine cf the insurrection
weatcf" town, the gang was under
complete control. Then the liars
put in their work and forced the
commissioners to investigate. Since
then the meanest of the gang are
constantly courting trouble it
would have been far better for all,
had the commissioners turned a deaf
ear to the complaints, which -proved
A Wliole "Life Time's Work at Once.
The home of John Langdon, a
welMo do farmer, living six miles
northwest of Delta, Fulton county
Ohio, is at present the Mecca of the
inhabitants for miles around. The
attraction, or. rather the attractions
are five bouncing boys which Mrs.
Langdon presented to her husband
yesterday. Thi . little fellows are
well r.nd likely to liye. Mrs Lang
dou is a conn ly woman and twenty.
six, and although she has been mar
ried four years has never had any
child reu befare.
Under the laws of Ohio the State
furnishes free maintenance and
edocation for the additio-nl child or
children when more than two are
born at a single accouchnient, and
from present appearances Mrs.
Langdon has given three charges to
the State. The children average
3 pounds each.
Another of Concord's to Marry.
Thee is i aia in the announce
ment of a coming marriage in Con
cord it means that one of the town's
best ad most excellent young ladies
i3 to be taken from us. In tins we
all feel like protesting, but it can't
be helped.
Thursday evening, handsomely
engrayed cards were issued that retd
as follows :
MB. and Mrs. I. Bkansox Col-
rpq'iesta yonr presence
at the man it' tqe of their daughter
Doctor Datid A. Gakrison,
We'lnesda? eyenins, November sixth.
eighteen hundred and ninety five,
at runs o deck-
Central M. E. Church, South,-
Concord, Nortb Carolina.
Christmas this year will fall on j
Wednesday. '
anixoimce to
j People, who value their W
'money, will certainly wait forW
'our opening. Q.
j All wool suits from $4.50 tog
i $15 tbat would flost you else-n
J where from $3.50 to $25. A
Amongst our other lines we
? will handle the choicest line of W
i gents farijishings, bats, and U
shoes that was ever seen on n
i counters in
Wait for
1, 1895..
The eugine and three large boiler
have arrived for the new mill of the
Cannon Manufacturing Company.
Mr. D A Miller, a prominent
citizen of SUtesfille and a native
Cabarrus mau, is in the county on a
fisit to friends and relatives.
Ihe farmers are sowing wncat in i
6pirte of the dry weather. Mr, G W
Drv tells The Standard that the
wheat in No. 7 la coining up. .
Said a Concord lady to her neigh
bor the other day : "Do you find it
economical to do your own cook
ing?" "Oh, yes," replied the neigh
bor, "my husband doesn't .eat half
as much as when he had a cook."
Mr, W W Green, of the.'Erm ce
II E Bucklen & Co,, the well tnown
proprietory firm of Chicago, was here
yesterday distributing free samples
of Dr. King's New Discovery, New
Life Pilis and Bucklen's Arnica
Sake. All this medicine is on sale
by the druggists in Concord.
Mr. Francis Ilinton, a well known
and wealthy iron mau, of Milwau
kee, suicided at Paris Thursday in a
dramatic manner. His act was at
tributed to mental depression. He
was standing cn the steps of his
hotel when he drew a revolver from
his hip pocket and without saying a
word fired a bullet through his
Mr. Andrade, the Venezuelan
minister, visited Secretary of State
Olney Thursday, but only incident
ally mentioned the muck-talked of
British ultimatum.- It is believed
he ultimatum has ber, seni by
Eagland to Berlin to be forwarded
by the German gjvernment to Cara
cas, EcglaBd not having a represen
tative there.
Tbe negra of this resion can of, en !
throw in a word ti describe a s:tDa !
ticn Vhen a scholar who is convert j
art with manj languages would fail,
The other ddv'at a station - on the
Seuboard Air Line, this side of '
Hamlet, a lady approached, and be
ing a stranger and seeing an old
negro man asked : "Uncle does the
vestibule train stop here?" "No
marm," answered t&e old ccon, "she
do not even hesitate." Monroe En-
Tfie Raleigh News and Obaeryer,
of Tuesday, noted the presence in
the city of Jno. R Gentry. Mr. B
F Rogers precipitated, unintention
ally, this joke on the reporter. He
had ea'en supper and coming np to
the clerk's desk at the Yai borough
tbre-v down money for the meal.
"You haven't registered," said the
clerk, "and we always like to haye
the names, so please register." Mr.
Rogers, pea in. hand as the saying
goe?, started ' to comply when the
na-ne cf 'Jno. R Gentry" was men.
turned by some one in the lobhy 60
j Mr. Rogers simply wrote "Jso R.
Centrv, North Carolina," and the
i Newa and Observer thus eot its
personal, and dcesu't know yet it
the public of fjglib-
Concord. . n
our opening Nov.
' . . JtC
Concord, n. c.
kinds and makes of shot
Capt. O A Barringer, of Eastfield,"
has had a slight s'rr ke of paralysis
The tditor of the Stanly Eater
prise has a new ha;' it. was given
Mr. John L Miller today com
pleted ten hou es for,.' the Cannon
Manufacturing Company. Several
of tbem are occupied already. -
Northerners who have never seen
cotton in the field or in pods, think
it one of the greatest curiosities and
features at the Cotton States Expo
sition, and on eyery train can be seen
some one or many with bunches of
the open and green, bolls.
We are glad to not that Dr. F E
Ilartsell, of Georgeville, Cabarrus
county, has decided to locate in Al
"jemaris. Dr. Hartsell is a very
energetic young man and a splendid
physician and will be quite an addii
tion to our town and community.
Stanty Euterprise.
A Salisbury patient addressed a
Salisbury physician: "Doctor,
have an important physiological
question to asic you. When I stand
on my head, the blood rushes into
my head. Now, when I stand on
my feet, why does it not rush into
my feet?" Doctor: "Because your
feet are not hollow."
A colored man living on Happy
hid, Deyona ronnus snop, nas
burned up his hog pen for fire
wood and put the hogs in the base
ment of hia house. The hogs are
While out walking one- right re
cently a lady of the city got her
face tangled np iu a certain rope
bush that runs out oyer the sidewalk
on Main street, receiving severaj
ugly scratches on her sweet, tender
Here is a problem for ou crack
inathetDaticianc: A boy ten jears old
"" H sister wno eig'ca 16 pound9,
pound?, and he gets tired holding
h9r i?l ten minutes. When he is
twice as old low long will it take
him t0 Ket tiretl holding some one's
e" Kiater who weighs 116 pounds?
Parents should try to explain to
their children how c'agerocs it is
for one to chunk rocks at another.
While two little white bojs were on
their way to school iis afternoon,
they engaged in chunking rocks,
thick and fast, nt a little colored boy
Without any provocation wiateyer.
Several of the rocks came near hit
ting a lady. It occurr;d oa Depot
Captain Charley Henry, who
punches tickets . aud handles way
bills on the Durham and Northern
Railway, had a remarkable sight on
his train the other day, Bays the
Durham Sun, la the coal bin he
found three men snugly ensconced.
In the entire crowd there were only
two leg3 one had no legs at all,
and the other two bad one leg each
They were on their way to the At
lanta Exposition. Capt. Henry
would have t&kon them back to a
car but he had no block and tackle
to move them.
"js Wait for our opening and-
U ihen call and convince yourself 'w
Q that we mean what we eay. - Q
Q We came to add to the pros- Q
n perity of this commuLityy by X
saving you money.- -
S1 -V- - vr SV yN 7, J, iyj?
Mormon Elder Have the'l'lKht la
I'renen. Says Solicitor Foil, 'Itni
Citizens Also XIave the ttiiil to
r.cHpcclfiilly Protest, ,
Solicitor Ton arrived in the city
yes'erday, on bnsineca connected
with the . court. A reporter eoon
found him, ar.d iiitervk-w'd him re
garding his probable actios, in con
nection with the -protest preaentt-3
the other day by the four Mormon
elders to Governor Cirr. Mr. Pou
said ho had ouly read the ccount
cont.iiucda the News and Observer
1 of T"f sdaythat he had sofar re
ceived eo communication either
co communication
from the Governor or from Judge
Coble. From the statement contain
ed in the paper he said he presumed
the matter would be referred to him.
The solicitor said further that nn
less the Mormon brethren could
show that a conspiracy has been
formed to force them to leave the
community, he could not see bow
the signers of the protest could be
"In this great country of ours,'
said the Solicitor, "liberty and free
dom are evenly bestowed, like the
rain and the dew. As loesr as the
Mormon elders obey the law they
are entitle! to preach fieir doctrine,
but at the same time any number of
citizens may respectfully protest
against such preachicg and may
eyen go so far as to request the
brethren to quit the community and
bestow ths blessings cf their doc
trine upon Eome other corninuuity
and yet not violate the law. I have
read the paper preEented to the Gov
ernor and I lail to perceive any
threat theic! i and I note that it is
signed by ceveial well kuown gentle
men, soire of tbeui miiii3tera of tbe
gospel, who would perhaps be as far
from violating the law as tie tlormca
brethren, ven. I feel that eo far ai the
State is concerned there i3 nothing
to be done a; present. If there
shall be any conspiracy formed, .or
any injury done the Mormon
brethea, I promise them that so far
as lies in me, tney snail nave ine
same protection as any citizen cf the
county of Wake."
Mr. l'ou thinks the Mormons ut
unda'y ieutdtive .ud suggests that
St. Paul would have hardly taktn
rri at at so slight provocation.
"Siecc tjat pretest was wr:'ten,"
he eaid, "two of the Mormons, Elder
Carter and Eider Smith, hae struck
my town.Smiihfield, and they appear
to have been well fed &&d carid for
inWake county.from which they hud j
just come. There have been gen ue i
hints at Sniithfield that these elders
might Cad more attractive fia!d3 of j
Ir.bor elsewhere, but th3 citizers cf
Johnston have not ytt gona eo far eb
to make a formal request to them to
leave the county," Raleigh Neivs
and Obsei ver.
Tlirown From a Wagon.
James Hawkins is the name of
the man that was so violently tnrown
from a onexhorse dray wagon of Mr.
James Holshouaer this (Thursday)
morning at Brown's brickyard. Mr.
Hawkins waa standing in the rear
end of the W8;on loading brich
when the horse made a dash for
ward, landing the man on his head
and arm on a pile cf brick frag
ments several yards from the wagon.
The horse ran as far as the depot
before it could be stopped, which
wa3 effected just in time to save a
collision, there being a number of
dray wagons backed up at the plat
form. Hawkins' arm was cot
broken, but badly sprained and his
head and face considcraoly bruised
Wouldn't Take Warning.
A young traveling man (we with'
hold his name) representing a Rich
mond house, struck town Thursday,
and fiading himself quite lonely and
discontent in the afternoon, the
young sport secured a bicycle and
proceeded to take m the town. lie
was warned not to ride upon the
sidewalks, but thinking the town
junt one size smaller than himself,
he heeded" not the warning. After
enjoying a p'easant ride oyer our
lovely sidewalks and reviewing the
loyely residences and lawns on Main
8'reet, the young fellow was enter
tained at the Mayor's office . for a
ihott while, aad before bidding ''His
Honor" adieu ha dona ed $5,35 to
the town treasury.
Charlotte annrr'tcnl t en ur.
Mias Lou Norwood, of . Monroe,
has been a sufferer for several years.
She was Bent here for t.-eatmen? and
yesterday a ln aratomy wa done and
a large umor removed. Drs. J K
Irwin, Mi8echeitner aad Gitibon per
formed the operation. Mies Nor
wood wa Testing'quietly last night.
Charlotte Obseryer,
Higheit of all in Leavenirg Pcver. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
TIip lilMfS Trti ;OI i:t -Atlnnta 11:t
arc 62 YfP.rn out urn! Cooii l.nokine
Itlon, All Sinrrinl, Kmi- Twin 1IS
!r'u nnl Tnin luldri'ii. nnl Vetrd
i'or Clovrland.
The Atlantic, "Vnteeet-e & Ohio
veetibale from Taylorfville this
ulorning brought m a party with
tickets to Atlanta. In the party
were E T Gibbs and T L Gilbe, of
Wilkes county. They looked eo
laugh alike thatit w3 not poseiblii to
tell one from the ether. Tbcy
weigh each 187 pounds, have a short
cropped gray uiustachp, and are
dressed ahke, from bat to boots.
"We are brothers," Sdidcue of thtuv
to the News reporter, "-ind we are
going to Atiiaia to iiieet our other
brother, for tbers are 'three of u?.
Our Atlanta brother, -V W Gibbs,
moved there from the old homestead
iu Wilted ce-uuty 30 years Ego. He
looks just like we do, and .weighs
the oiiuie. Ve are goic to Lae a
reunion there, and tiny udvertise
ourstlvta as a sample cf North Caro-1
lltia's piOdUCl." I
Ctntmuirg, the two brou.era who!
are going to Atlanta to see their
third brotLer, told the News tbat
their. father died when the triplitc
wers thrco years old. Their mother
d;ed lact June, at the ao of Oi
years. TLe Atlsiita brotLer h..s ha'l
a pair of tv1cs Lcra tu him. 11 J
Gibb3 had no twin?, tut oce tf hi-i
nanied dar-htera had twins. Vliovr
many children ha-e you thiee to
gether," uiked Ine reporter of one of
the men. lit? turned to tbe tbe
other and eaid : "Wtll no v., Toe,
how many haye ve I've forgot."
Tom couldn't tell, either.
All three of 'these CU-ycar-cM
triplets voted for Cleuh-nd, The
tso hsro today were proud cf the
fact that they had got s. ch-iacj lo
shake tl: j L;nd of the lrcsii:etit. "I
shucl: it tv.iciv' the cj-c iismcd Tou
proud"; f c-i.a'.iacd. i-rlct'.t'Newa.
JScConisell-fantor .
A k
:ug wai tae
ihc hon e cf
one Tbursday ni
Mr. arid .'.Irs. II JB Castor, on West j
Depot street, Then their di.:-ghler,
JIiss Ilattie CaaJor, one cf Ccncoid's
meat excellent yoau ladies, was
married to Mr. Ilosa L McConnell,
the popular young operator at ihj
V'estern Uaicn Telegraph cfHee.
The marriage took place in the
parlor amidst a beautiful array of
ilorsl decorat ions and in the presence
of gae?ta and friende, who witneE--d
the evcntfal aff lir that made the
two cue. Mr. Herman Koedicer, of
Charlotte, with Miss Sallie Castor,
sister of the bride ; aid Mr. D B
Castor aDd Miss Gwre Xeialer,
cousins of the bride, were the only
attendants, Ksv. M G G Scherer,
of St. Jamea Lutheran church, per
farmed tbe ceremony, which waa
short and impressiye, after which
the guests repaired to tV.e dinning
hall where an el?gant sapper was
served. Both Mr. 3nd Mrs. McCon
nell are popular aod are favorites
among the young people of the city
and haye the best wiehe3 of their
friends for long, continued hap
piness. They were recipienta of
many handsome and costly preaent3
They will reside at Mr. Ca&tar's fcr
some time.
Seized the OutUt.
Wednesday afternoon, Azel Kcsh,
a Wilkes county man, arrived at Dob
Wallace's place, at Eastfield, with a
load of whiskey for Charlotte. RuBh
said his team wa3 played out, and
asked Mr. Wallace to give him a lift
to Charlotte. Mr. Wallace said he
a3 con. ing to Charlotte today for
cotton bagging and ties, and would
haul Eush's whiskey in for. him.
This morning Wallace and Knsh
came to town is a buggy, Behind
them Taa Mr. ?rallace's ieara and
wagon hauling the W'lkea ceanty
man's whiskey. '.Deputies King and
Graham met the wagon on the road
and found something crooked ab.-mt
the whiskey. They Beized the whole
outfit, teftm, wagon and all, and
that's the sort cf a scrspe Mr. Wal
lace has got into by giving Mr. Hash
a friendly lift to town. Thursday's
Charlotte New 3. -
Fine Seed Wheat For Kale. ...
I oiler three hundred bushels of
seed wheat" for sale, . Fulcastor
variety. Trice $1.00 per bushel at
my granary. J". .W. Wideshocse.
Georgeville, N.C.
Oct, 18th, 15,
Tl! rar Viirfl inKTirnnt'C
Uj-AUFOnT, GS 24. Ibe fall
torn cf our Pnj-prior court now in
setsion, is Wing largely attended on
acccuut of the intert manifested
in tLe insure ere fraud, cases. Tt'e
grind jury rp ; j iLii writing have
foutd five trut? bill cf forivry and
conspiracy on a large numb' r of pr.e
sentiiienta and are continuing their
ork daily, Ii will be imjosEible
tolry but a small part of them be
irg ouly a CLe week term. The fh'et
esse tritd endtd today, be i-; a cs?s
of forgery, i7r. 'i E Dc-hnar, J C
Delaraar, LeyitLce, T-hite a A Wm.
Fisher, calcred, being chared with
forging the rame cf ilattie i Davie,
color-d, to a pol;c for $3,C00 in
j& .ion? ! Jutfe lueuranre Coaipanv.
of Ilt-rtfr J, Conn. Tbe caee was
hotly contested bv both sides. The
jury re'.prned a verdict of Lotgailty.
1 he second Ciue of a sioilar Chirac"
fer is now bfir.g ir d, Dr. T B
De'amr.r end Li citroe b. it'g charged
witli forcing l'-o na-j.e ot iiaria
Hamilton for .jOO in tbe same
Tt,p TvaJiRclisf.
The darkedbenruir, dari
bow-Iigcd a'.rset ty.r-gelist ttat
3.ruo towu .'.'ondy, held a service
on t!.-.' p'.j':c f-ivara V.edr.eedey
c:;:or'.'. appeals,
rsr.u ihi bars if
prays, iUvxi t-;-c' ; -you
vsnt to : ;y fev
if not, ta!:c tV:V. ;
to trei-i.
in Slibcry d :
g!t man to re v.
ierj :i rig-it:
tho C-
com" cut ana etii.i with hi i
streets an-1 r- -vh the goi'.;1?"'
There's ait out v.;: d ujpearuLce cf
gre&i p:tty ';.r.d "c.i on his
ptrt; but if he quit a geed carpenter
busintsi as ho claims for the little
good he can hope to accomplish, at
hi 3 j-.i-ezeE tr.A'.-, ha eh-'Kciiaiirh-ty -bad
jrd,f; V ' .
L.2 S:-;"S tOLiC: T.d th-IuS, fcli
and-r if-p.!l h a r cc:r.l; jtia feature,
if io t'tt.j '. 'j iu iu? people d'&atis
lied with thc-ir c.fl .juditioa all
i h"3 attacks indos-
s iud tries to make
oatiofiod with V eaterpr
wcr'c and err:p:cy'jienr, ..a is doing
lie rcfen to citili c'jplaining
aad hhcrers cctapUijin, etca
kind cf calamity chapter but he
forgets that thrrc re mutual rela
tions and dc':cj "'.rg and duties
Trnj Standard hop s the ovan'-?-list
rr.ay do gvcl.
He held a three irontba' meeting
in Xcrth Danyil!e aid was the
mema of gettinr one mia to change
his way that man couldn't read...
And he came out ai,d preached the
lie b:;s good lung power, a Bweet,
gentle nignUair voice, grac. tal jes
tures, and witb his hat off hia head
only g!i3tens under the soft
electric light. '-
Mr. Jariir .- llolbhocsc-r has accept
ed a position a3 salesman with Cau.
nons & Fetzer. Ue is on the c-oth-ing
and shoe eide.
From LaGrippe,
Kow Dr. K'lcs Nervine Restored
One of Kentucky' Ciiilncs
4 .r' V' Men to lieali.
- h.
NO DISEAS2 bits ever prcscotod so many
peculiarities as LaGrlppoi No disease
leave its victims bo debilitated, useless,
jleepless, norveless, asIJtGrippe, .
tor. D. W. Hilton, Btuto apentof the Mufr- '
nnl Life Insurance Co., of Kentucky, says:
"In 1889 and '90 I hud two-epvsre attacks
of LaGrlppe. the last one attacking my ner - j .
vous system with such severity tbat my Ufa "' " "Y"
was dpaired of. I had not slept fornMiru
than two months except Vy the Ui of na-
cotlcs that.stupefl;'(l blc, but pave ir.B tiy
rest. 1 w:ts only couwlousvf Intense menul
cakneas. aponI?.litjc beiily pain and th
fact tlmt I hourly crrowlas weaker.
When In thlHconditiitii. I rommnrMl nefnv
Dr. Miles-Restorative Nervine. la two days
1 began to lumrove anil In one month' tlioe '
1 was cured, much t-- t he su rpriso of all m
know of my condition.- I h;ivt Ihtq in en
cellent health since ami havo reconimendst'
- your reniedlt to many of taf frteiids." . ;-1
-,. Louisville Jun. 12, Itft. ' , J, W. Hivtasf
-EIcs', Kcrvino ."fecsicf r TtcaKLr-'
tor Srie by all Druggist.'':. -
. 1
rek-j "
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