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't' . mnnvl VOL. VIII NO.' 46
From Wmllh's Grove.
With ThanksgiviBg closely ap
proaching, we'll may the "gobbling
tarkey gobbler" gobble with a sus
picious gobble, with a gobble-like
A "lady" while vieiting at her
neighbor's, observed an organ stool
sitting apart from the organ. Re
turning home elated, she accosted
horvhuBband thus: "Old man
Toa're no account; neighbors has one
ot the cutest little stools for his
wife to sit oo and sew 1"
" Lately gossip has been fluctuating
considerably by reason of the ad-
YUfcfii "marvelous pu vbiuibu,
wJicanvafses from house to hoase.
He is said to be relate" .to the ino
dians. We are informed that he Las
bean arrested and brought before
the aatho.-itiea. Ilia predilection
for feminine patients Bsems to be
the cause of his apprehension. "
One evening two modest young
swain escorted two handsome lasses
to their home parental domicile.
'TjWboys entered the hoase, pur
posing to depart it. a few minutes.
Hardly had they firmly Beated themt
selves when the dispbased fath2r
entered assertirg that hia daughters
were two juvenile to receive atten
tions from masculine humanity.
His assertion greutly harassed the
youngesters, of course. Still eyirg
the bojs disapprovingly and esteem
ing their silence -and em harassment
as evincing nbstrinacy in its fullest
developemtnt, the old man broke
out afresh : "Come with me; I'll
Bhow yoH to your lodging apart
ment." Bsin too embarassed to
make it known that their time for
departure was already at hand, the
hoys mechanically oaeyed, following
and entering the room designate)'.
The old man firmly secured the
door; so the boys were kept prisoners
umfrfhe dawniug of the moru.
This is not the first time that love's
young torch has been suthleasly
extinguished by parental interven
tion. Augustine.
A High in Jail. -
Dr. Reed, Messrs. Quint Smith,
Prof. Keesler, J P Query, John Bost
and W M Stuart were confined in
the Cabarrus county jiil last night
to await the approach of an angry
mob. The undaunted courage of
the young men as they rallied to the
assistance of the determined sheriff,
is deserving of great praise, for there
in that gloomy prison with all its
forbidding aspects, these bold men
steod shoulder to shoulder, expect
ing momentarily the midnight at
tach which would bring death and
disaster to all. But as the minutes
and hours rolled on and the wee
small hours of the night approached
no signs of brewing trouble startled
those listening ears, but in siiesce
these men waited what might be in
evitable. But soon dawn, in all its
glory Bhed over the silent prison the
rays of the morning snn, and from
the silent corridors, these men, with
slow and steady tread, left the scene
of anticipated blood shed and riot
"One of the Boys."
Vailed Upon the Police.
A festival was held at Zion ball,
in rear of Scotia Beminary, Friday
night and as usual a disturbance
was the consequence At former
occasions similar to the one laet
night the admission fee bad been
only five c-nts, but it whs raised to
ten cents last night, whicn greatly
displeased a number of bnys ans!
men, who stood some dis!a;;e from
the door aud chunked rocks at it.
The police were called npoji to quut
them. -
Delighted With Ills Trip. -
Clerk Jas. J Gibson seldom leaves
town. He's got into the habit of
doing his duty so faithfully and
constantly that it takes either an
Atlanta Exposition or a trip to Yad
kin county to get him out of town.
-He and his two sons spent several
days in Atlanta at the Exposition,
Mr. Gibson was delighted-wi'.h
the exhibits of this country's great
ness. He thinks the Exposition all
that is claimed for i. and does not
mince words in speaking of its great
ness and attractiveness.
Everybody in this county is glad
be went and glad he enjoyed it he
deserved it all.
Hot so Hach or n Jake.
Dover, Del., Nov. 12. By way
"of a joke, some fellow-workmen of
. Wm. Honey, an employe of Richard
son & Robbias' cannery, loaded bis
pipe with smoking material compos
ed of one-third tobacco and two-,
thirds gunpowder. . William lighted
- nt without suspicion, bat after a few
" pnfiVa diBastercus explosion occur,
red. His face . was badly burned,
" his - mustache singed ' off, and his
right eye so "seriously, injured that
there is little hope of saying the
fight. -
Prettident K11k Opposes Foetball
While II is Predecessor Introduced
It Into the State.
The position President Kilgo, of
Trinity College, has taken on foot
ball, is stroDgly combated by the
advocates of this great American
A prominent gentleman who haB
had a deal of experience with college
boye, and who is in the city for a
few days, said yesterday:
"I notice that jou quote what
Dr. Kilgo says against football. It
is fair to state that Trinity 'College
introduced through its president, Dr.
Cro we'll, modern football in this
State. And Dr. Crowell was re.
peatedly endorsed by his trustees
aud great regrets -expressed at his
resignation. 'Doctors differ.'
"As to the dangers of the game
let me make some suggestions
Many lives are lost among bathers.
Should bathing be abolished? Peo
ple are constantly thrown out of
buggies, limbs broken and lives lost.
Should buggyriding be abolished?
Two Sunday school scholars were
killed by their teacher? (Durrani).
Should Sunday schools be abolished?
Children fall out of trees. Shall
tree climbing be stopped, etc., etc.
"That there ii little real danger
in foo ball is proyed by the fact
that the game goes on in all the col
leges, aud many of the schools,
towns, villages and cities every day
for many weeks, tens of thousands
of plavers, and in proportion to the
numbers engagea the Berious acci
dents are few.
"If the platers do dirty, ought
we not to rejoice thi; dudeism is
no" the fashion? Rkigh Obseiyer.
Why DiU He Marry So noon?
What right has the church over
the marital relations of a preacher?
is a question that is troubling the
Virginia Methodist Conference.
Froai the debate, which we publish
below, it lipped that a young
Methodist preacher has shocked
some of the older brethren by get
ting married within two months
after haying joined the Conference:
The debate was t.3 follows;
When the seme cf Rev. T'lomus
E Johnson, of Rappahsnuock, wa3
reached, quite a warm and unusual
discussion arose. Mr. Johnson re
ceived his itinerant orders jast a
ye-ir ago, and in two or three months
was married. Dr. Whitehead brought
the matter to the attention of the
conference, 83jicg that it was a
serious matter for a young man to
eater the ministry in that way, and
immediately afterward take upon
himself an additional burden and
expense. Tne doctor thought Mr.
Johnson should be called upm by
the conference to explain w hy lie
married so soon after entering the
ministerial work. Dr. Whi-.ebead
said he had heard of a m :n's taking
a wife unto himself w thin a year
under such circumstances, but that
th 8 case v,as very unusual. Nothr
ing of the kind htd occurred before
in the hisiory of the Virginia Con
ference. Presidicg E:der Watts, of Mr.
Johnson's distric, defended the
voting prea"hor, eit'ut that he should
not be held accountable to the c:n-fereuc-j marriav.
Dr. Petersen said bis Brother
Whitehead h.d rervod in that con
ference a long time, &nd had hud
much experience ia such matters.
iYiAiiv o-ner ench iustauife, said Dr.
Peterson, bud arisen, mid be t!:oi?gb!
it as strange that Dr. Whitehead
had not previously taken tha etttnd
he had.
"ldeuy that," eaid Dr. White
head, somewhat warmly, adding that
a man neier came into, the confer
ence as a single man aud married
within two or three mouths. He
thought Mr. Johnson should at
.east make an explanation of his
Dr. Peterson replied ty saving
that the conference was wasting
time in talking about a ase when
all the talking in creation couldn't
change the facts or make the man
aoytuing other than a manied mau.
Rev. Dr. Clarke referred to
Shukeeneare's maxim 'Loye is a
piece of uaanity," and in'unaied
that when one of Cupid's darts
pierced a youog man, he would nM
stand upon whether or not he was ja
minister of the uospel or an ordinary
citizen. . "
JW. Dr. Tillett said he thought
Dr. Whitehead had entirely misled
the point in this cas . Ir. was, he
went on, whether or not Mr. John
son's dnties as itinerant worker of
the conference had been interfered
with. ., As the young preacher in
quest'on was not present, his Pre
siding Elder spoke for him, saying
that Mr. Johnson had done faithfnl
and efficient work, acd had himself
borne the additional expense neces
sary on account of h s marriage. The
Presiding Elder though, that the
young cs&a would be abie to render
just as good service to the church in
future, and Mr. Johnson , wis con-,
tinned as a candidate for. deaconate
orderSr-beiDg adyanced to the class of
be second year. -
Gov. Crr ftppointed November 28th
as a Iay of ThnkKlTlns.
His excellency, Gov. Eliaa Carr,
yesterday issued the following
Thanksgiving Proclamation :
The people of North Carolina
have much for which to bo thankful
to Almighty God in the year which
has--just past. The earth has
brought forth abundantly of the
food products in response to our la
bors, the prices of raw materials
have advanced, industrial progress
has been awakened in our midst and
the future look brighter than the
past few years of disaster and want.
Our people should be thankful
for -the - blessing3 vouchsafed to
them, and, in grateful remembrance
of His goodness and in obedience to
our laws and the time-honored cus
tom of our forefathers, devote one
day of the year to His service. . , .
Therefore, I, Elias Catr.Governor
of the State of North Carolina, do
hereby appoint Thursday, the 2Sth
day of November, 1895, as a
day of solemn and public
Thanksgiving to God for past
blessings, and supplications for
His continued kindness and care
over us as a State and nation. -
I earnestly request every citizen
of this great Commonwealth to lay
aside his usual business, assemble
either at the churches or around the
hreside, and make tHs annual fes
tival a day of prayer and thanksgiv
ing. Let not the day be devoted to
amusements, but with grateful
hearts . give praise to God for the
preservation of our liberties and
for the- advancement of our nation
in prosperity and greatness.
This State has ever been the home
of freedom and the abiding-place of
a virtuous and noble people- Let
the day not pass without acknowl
edgment of all these blessings; and
let us remember in our prayers and
offerings the charitable institutions
of the Etate, tha wounded and
needy soldier, the orphan, tho poor
and afflicted, mid, by substantial
sivi g, show forth the that-kfulness
of our hearts.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto my hand and caused th
Great Seal o-. tho State of
North Carolina to be affixed.
Done .t the city of Raleigh,
(Seal) this 1-ilh of November, in the
year of cur Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninet--ve
and in the ono hundred and
twentieth year of our Ameri
can luclcpendaace.
Eli 4 3 Cabb.
By the Governor.
S J '. i
Private Secretary.
Took 15 1 in to CIturt-h,
Sheriff Sims, Thursday night,
took "Dr" White, who stands
charged with rape, from jail and Lid
him away. Sisce hen it he been a
much mocieJ question as to ih-rt-
Dr. White witj. fiiitiy thought that
be was kptat Mr. ili'l Junker's,
but this was cu.irt uu;rue.
Be was lakn and put in the Sun
day S :hool room cf the Firs; Pres
b?teriu church acd Ift there for
aa hour or more by -his lone self,
when the gnurd3 were puisuadrtl to
return and keep him company.
Sheriff Sims has done what pr ;b-
ab?y the doctor has n.t domi for
some time had Litn in chinch.
When you come to think about it,
' i3 the List place on earth one
would expect. :i prisoner, and one
charged with ue (u;iuh!i crime he
i?, to be kpt in custody.
Mrs. Stary Utile !.
Mrs Maiy Origgn l'tn e Huie
-lied at the iiom ; of C;in Noah
Partes Foard, in RjannVe, V- , enrly
this (Satur!;iT) morning. The fu
neral service over h--r h id will, be
conducted by Rev. W C Alexander
in the First Presbvterian church,
Concord, N. C Sunday morniug at
11 o'clock, and the interment will
ake place in the Presbyterian ceme
tery lot. If by delay in trains this
funeral arrangement cannot be car
ried out exactly, notice of change,
will be given from yarbus pulpits in
town to-morrow morning.
Mrs, Huie wis a sister of the late
Mr. Eoieline Foard, with whom she
speat marly vM the last years of her
life. She W48 married to M'nRobL
Haie when 17 ve irs of ege and has
been a widow about 20 year?, and
died in her 80th year.
This death comes yery unexpect
edly to our people, many of whom
Wire warm persona, friemls of the
subject of this ske'en, aud there
goes out from the community to the
bereaved ones a hearfelt sympathy.
Mis Addto Cannon, In Angusta.
In Frtdy morning's Augusta,
Ga., Chronicle, we find the follow
ing, which concerns one of Concord's
most popular young women: . Miss
Cannon, of North Carolina, is the
guest of Miss Garrett on lower Broad
street. Miss Cannon is an nnnsually
pretty aud attract! ve'young womah
and baa already made numerous
friends. She was among the most
popular belles at the Tuesday night
germ an, ' :. . - i
Mr. William Widenhouse, of No
9 cownshi pis with the new clothiers
as salesman.
Mr. George Murr has purchased
the pair of pretty white ponies that
were at Corl's staoles. -
The Cabarrus roller flour mills
are running at night in order -to
catch up with orders.
' Mr. Geo. E Fisher has seenred a
position as salesman at the Balti
more clothing house.
Four new houses are going up on
the hill near Happy Hollow; in .the
southern part of the citjf;';. f
The family of-' Mr '. Jamesr of
Union county has moved into the
Bessent houseyoa Main street.
Mr. Tames C Willeford is making
arrangements to open out a line of
watches, clocks and silverware for
Abont twelve families occupy the
neat brick houses out at the Buffalo
Mill, where the spindles keep
things a-buzzing.
Mr. R W Johnson was not a
guard at the jiil Thursday night,
but called there seyeral times to tea
how "the boys" were getting on.
Master Eagene, the 7-year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Crawford
Johnson, of Mooresyille, died Wed
nesday afternoon and. was buired
Thursday. i
Little Annie Moore, the 14 year
old mute at Cunnonville, has return
ed to Morganton where she is a
student at the deaf acd dumb
You may eat cheap food and not
be seriously hurt by it ; bat you cu
not take cheap medicines without
positive injury. If you use any sub
stitute for. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, you
do so at the peril of your health, per
haps of your life. Iasisu on havir g
Ayer's, and no other.
Some changes have been made at
tbc posteffice. The lett r'.hox has
been remoyed to the npper side and
the "poor man's hole" fixed to Keep
out the cold.
Mr. J A Kimmon3 is running a
grocery store on North Main Btreet,
underneatn the Odd Fellows hall.
He h?.l san3age for sale and his sign
was that of "three links."
Rev- Roger Martin, of Mallard
Creek, has declined a recent call to
Virginia and will continue to sup
ply Poplar Tent and hi3 present
charge for another ytar.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Thies (nee
McNitioh) have returned from their
bri Jul tour and are "at home" in
Georgia, near the mine Mr. Thies
operates. Charlotte Observer.
SilisDury World : H McNamara,
ageot of Webb and Rabe returned
last night from a tour through Davie
and Dayidson counties where he put
up several monuments. He left
this morning for Concord.
Mr. Robert Black welder has in
possession a Shrapnell shell picked
up by and brought with him from
the Petersburg , battle ground. It
13 an interesting relic and a gentle
reminder of the grtat unplea3antne8
from 18G1-C5.
Greensboro Record: J Sterling
Jones, manager of the Proyifient
Savings Association, left this morn,
ing fr Concoid, carrying with him
a cheek for $2,000, payable to Mrs
Burkhead, amount of insurance car
ried by her husband in this staunch
The demand for Ayer's Hair
Vigor in such widely. separated re
gions as South America, Spain, Aus
tralia, and India nas kept pace with
the home consumption, which goes
o show that these people know a
good thing when they try it.
The-Raleigh correspondent of the
Charlotte Observer tells a good one
at the expense of a citizen of the
capital city. He says the editor of
a leading religious paper there hap
pens to be of precisely the same
name as a well-known young society
man who-is soon to be married in an
Episcopal church. , The editor is
getting letters now fro 21 his zealous
church folk, wanting to know why
in the world he is to be married out
of his own church. Same of these
kind enquirers also want to know
what he means by "leading germans
in Raleigh:" that they see his name
in th; papers in that capacity.
An Accident. . - - " :rj..
Mr. R V Black welder came near
meeting with a serious accident this
(Saturday) morning at Barrage's
shop. ' He . was working "" with
the planing machine and . accident
ally let his hand slip, catching him
self just in time to save his entire
hand, except a small; portion from
the tip of the first finger, which vraa
snipped off loBtanter, V -
Nine insurance agents ae in town.
The number now exceeds all previ
ous records.
Dr. B L Griffia has moved into
and now occupies his new home on
South Main street.
Aduiphus Hamilton has secured s
position with Lowe & Son, where he
mti. be until January.
..Dr. John F Reed pu-chased from
Master Homer Fisher his pet sqair
rel, which he shipped to New York
to a friend.
. Mrs. Simpson Martin and family,
of 'No. 3 township, have gone to
King's Mountain, where they will
worc in the cotton mills.
Cannonville is nicely laid off, and
when the sidewalks are completed,
th? streets in that part of town will
present a good appearance.
Attorney W G. Means, who has
been so seriously ill, accompanied by
his son Brandon, has gone to Misen
heimer Springs, to remain some
time.- His many friends wish for
him a epeedyjand permanent restora
tioa to health .
Amazing, amazing and Jamazing
Mr. Gip Eury, below Mt, Pleasant,
has a hog that he believes will weigh
600 pounds, and Eury is an old
bachelor,never having allowed Cupid
to even get nnder his oatsidecoat.
J-Mr. Jack Linker ha3 bought an
other plantation. The last one is
one hundred acres from Mr. FA
Archibald. This is the one-legged
man, who came out of the war with
only a gray mare, worth $37, and
who now owns seven or eight nice
" Dr I H Blair, a prominent citizen
ol Monore, a brother ;o Mrs. Mark
Phillips, of Forest Hill, and a rela
tive of Mrs. Dr. Joh-iS-on, of this
city, died at his honiH ir. that place
on Wednesday e.cnicg. Mr. and
Mrs. Phillips haye gone to attend
the funeral, whic'i takes place to
. Campers filled tweral of the large
hack lots last night. The smoke
arising from and the cheerful glare
of the camp-fire made one think of
jo olden days, when this was the
largest cotton market in this part of
the State, It yet maintains the
record of the best market and high
est prices.
Chief of Police Shayer this morn
ing received a letter from Chief
Boger, of Concord, asking if a man
by the name of Bud Lnther was
wanted here for stealing an overcoat
and a railroad ticket and wanting to
know if there was any reward on
him. If a theft of that kind was
committed here our police know
nothing of it, Salisbury World.
Cards are out annonnc ng the mar.
riage of Miss Marie A, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C Schulken, and Dr. J
H Dreher, both of Wilmington, on
November 27 at seyen o'clock, in
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran
church, Wilmington, N. C. Dr.
Dreher is a native of Mt. Pleasant,
and is a skilled dentist, who has
built up a lucrative practice in his
adopted home. The Standard
congratulates him from the depths
of its soul upon winning so excel
lent a young lady.
Nervous Prostration
Complete Recovery by the Use of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
" Some years ago, as a result of too
close attention to business, my health
(ailed. ' I became weak, nervous, was
nnable to lock after my interests, and
manifested all the symptoms of a de
cline. I took three bottles of Ayer'g
Sarsaparilla, began to improve at once,
and gradually Increased my weight from
one hundred and twenty -five to two
linndred ponnds. Since then, I and my
family have used this medicine when
needed, and we are all in the best 0
health, a fact which we attribute to
Ayer'g Sarsaparilla. I believe my chil- .
dren would have been fatherless to-day
had it not been for Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
of which preparation I cannot say too
much." H. p. HmsoKostmaater and
Planter, Kinard's, S. C.
AYER'S Pl'lts 8V9 Doctor's Blllv
Is Mow Bebind the Bant in Cabarrnft
Jail-IIU Crime, if True, a Hast
Atrocious One From tho Wettt In
dies Denim the Charges Aeainnl
"Dr. James White is my name,"
said the prisoner when a Standard
man called on him in his cell at the
jail this morning. He occupies a
front room on the second floor, where
he spent last night in deep medita
tion, brooding over the result of the
atrocious crime for which he is held
and which he deniea.
"When but a boy," said he, "I was
captured by the indians near Hoi-
bolland, Cuba, with whom I wan
reared and where I studied the aft
of heiling. I am 38 years of age
and came to this community from
New York State about six weeks
ago. 1 am not a married man. I
do not interfere with the practice of
local physicians, as I only work on
chronic cases, such as they do not
and will not undertake to cure. I
lived with Martin Furr, in Cabarrus
county, and had the use of his horse
and buggy. Had none ot my own.
Barbee lives in Stanly county, just
over the line. His daughter's name
isSallie, I think, and is about 16
years old, has been afflicted all her
life. The charges for which I am
held are not trne, in the least. I
will employ counsel and endeavor to
establish my innocence "
"As to my having alienated the
affections of the wife of ilartin
Furr, prior to the unfortunate af
fair of Tuesday, is a lie, as was in
evidence at the preliminary hearing
yesterday, before Esquire K L Hart-
sell, of Stanly county,"
Upon advice of E3quire3 K L
HartBell, of Stanly, and C F Smith
and D W Turner, of Cabarrus, com
mitment papers, with the prisoner,
were eent here, the m-iatrates bav
ing thought it unwise to attempt to
aend him to Stanly, fearing that he
would be lynched.
White is tix feet two inches in
height, weight 150 pounds, wears a
moustache and has a sallow com
plexion. Hi3 hair ia lon'g (foot ball
style), smokes cigarettes, but con
verses very intelligently.
He was accompanied to town by
an escort of fifteen or twenty men,
some of whom were hostile and
swore revenge and made threats of
lynching. The mob was held apace,
howeyer, by law-abiding citizens who
wished the law to take its course,
The prisoner has secured the ser
vices of Lawyer M H Caldwell to
defend him. who has the case now
in his hands.
Ten Cent Cotton.
Two gentlemen, passengers on the
northbound train last night were
engaged in an intereBing discussion
when the train stopped here.
They were talking of cotton and
the possibilities of its reaching ten
cents before next year. They dif-
fered from one another and the re
sult was that before the train left
here there were two bets up. One
was that January futures would
reach ten cents in New York before
the first of January. Another was
that the staple would sell for nine
cents in the Southern cities before
Decemoer sets in. The farmers in
this county wish that the gentleman
betting on high cotton will win.
Salisbury World.
Met After Sixty-Three Tears.
The Lenoir Topic says that the
last of December, 1832, two young
men met at the house of Mrs. Cath
erine Holt in .Orange county, near
where the town of Graham now
stands. They remained there all
night aud slept together. The snow
was 11 inches deep on the ground
the next morning. ' They separated,
and one went into the ministry and
went as a missionary to India,
where he spent several years. The
other returned tohis home in Burke
county. The other day they met
again for the first time in 63 years,
and both of them were in !good
health. Both were 79 years of age-
They were Rev. John C Rankin, of
New Jersey, and our esteemed
countyman, Mr. N A Powell.
Progress at the Cannon Factory.
Several car loads of machinery
haye been unloaded at the Cannon
factory for the new mill, and
sfveral more are standing on the
sidetrack in readiness to be trans.
ferred inta the building.
Hangers anu shafting are being
placed on the firat floor, the boilers
and engine have been placed in
their proper positions, the
building penciled ' and white-,
washed inside and outside,' the
smoke stack ninety feet high, (from
the top of which oue can get a
sph mlid"yiew of the city and ; sur
rounding county) and with the com
pletioa of the boiler room and stack
the mill will then Btand complete,
ready for the operative! and raw ma
terial?, .. . ' .
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Twenty Thousand Uollvrs Taken
From an Asent;bjr Two Hashed lien.
Colorado Spkixgs, Col., Nov. 12.
The Wells Fargo Fxpress Com
pany has given out the following
statement regarding the robbery at
the Sante Fe depot about 1 o'clock
last night,
"Twenty thousand dollars was
sent from Denyer to the First Na
tional Bank of Colorado SpringB
early in the afternoon. This money
was in currency of small denomina
tions and was received about 4 o'clock
and too late to be delivered to the
bank. The package containing the
money was placed in the depot safe
and both doors locked. There was
nothing to indicate its value. Evi
dently the thieves knew of its exis
tence. "When train No. 6 came in about
9:43, there were othsr packages
aboard with currency to the amonnt
of $35,000 consigned to the same
btnk. These packages were deliy
ered to the agent and placed in the
safe with the other. After the train
bad departed, the agen', George
Krout was met at the door by two
masked men with drawn revolvers.
The package containing the $20,000
was demanded and the agent was
compelled to open the safe and give
it up. The agent said nothing about
ths remaining packages and the rob
bers left at once. A poese with
bloodhounds is in pursuit,
"The express compaay'd officials
belieye that the robbery was com
mi t ted by A J Gray, alias Sam
Wells and J G Stuart, alias C J
Starr, who were ai rested for the
theft of $15,000 from the express
wagon at Cripple Creek, April 11,
and who recently, in company with
Tom McCarthy escaped from jail in
this city. R T Montgomery, who
was a prisoner at the time of the
escape, notified the police at Denver
seyeral days ago that Gray and
Stuart plotted when in jail to rob
the express comrany again. The
officials f the company believe that
the robbers had an accomplice in
the bank.
The Pardon of Lena t'line.
Raleigh Observer : Goy Carr has
pardoned Lena Cline, a very pretty
and innocent-looking young girl,
who, was sentenced to the peniten
tiary for one year for larceny; "on
condition that she be placed in the
House of Refruge, Baltimore, and
remain there as long as the authori
ties deem it best lor her welfare, or
until they are satisfied of her com
plete reform,"
Mrs. Hays, of the King's Daugh
ters, accompained her to Baltimore,
The King's Daughters and the
State Board of Charities nsed their
influence to secure her pardon.
Proposed to Three in One Day.
A yonng gentleman in the city re
cently went out iu No. 1 township,
where he spent the day. - He put up
at a prominent farmer's home and
found himBelfin the midft cf a
throng of beautiful young women.
The young fellow became somewhat
confused before leaving, having
found ihe young ladies so agreeable
that he proposed to three of them,
all of whom accepted.
The proposition was of quite a
different nature from what many
would infer. It was that if the
young ladies would bring him a
bushel of scalybarks, he would go
beyond the market price and pay
them SI. 50 for them. He was very
much surprised when several days
later the ladies entered his place of
business, bringing with them the
soalybarks. The young fellow was
embarrassed, but paid the price,
whereupon the ladies thanked him
for his special fay r.
Hews from Stanly.
Mr. John Teeter, a gocd farmer
of Big Lick, Stanly county, was in
the city. He reports that in his
section everybody is feeling good
oyer the bountiful crops and the
rise in the price of cotton. Mr.
Teeter runs a saw mill and is pro
gressing in that busiuesB, as he does
at farraicg. He states that a mob
of one hundred strong went to Albe
marie Tuesday night last to take
charge of "Dr. White," who has
gained considerable notoriety within
the past few days. He learned this
from a friend after his arrival here,
when he got his first intelligence of
the affair, although he liyea withiD
six miles of Barbee, -
HW Dr. suit' nm trmwm
Guard at the Jail.
Sometime after night fall Thum
day evening Sheriff Sims received
information that a mob of several
hundred men were neading for thia
city for the purpose of lynching tha
man, wbite, who is held for au out
rage upon poor unfortunate Sallie
Barbee, whereupon the Sheriff
promptly prepared for their arrival
by stationing a guard at tne jai'.
No one appeared to molest the jail,
however, and at 4 o'clock th s morns
ing the guard was dismissed.
"Dr- White" showed no signs of
fears, and in his warm cell enjoys
quite and repose and the pleasure
of Btnoking cigarettes. Hia comforts
and safety are well considered, and
it is thought that there is no danger
of an uprising now, for the chacce3
for lynching, it is said, were afford
ed the mob before his perliminary
trial on Wedneslay.
The guard that would haye
resisted and routed the supposed
mob was composed of the following
men : .
Q E Smith
EJdy Morrisan
J. L. Boger
Dr. Reed
R. L. Keesler
J. 1'. Query
Will Johnson
J D Bost
Maun Stuart
Jay Sims
Sheriff Sims.
The Crippled and the Blind.
Salisbury World : Deputy Sheriff
Robt. Monroe left this morniLg for
the "brick house settlement" ten
miles Boutu of here. He went to ar
rest three persons for selling liquor
on Sunday.
One of them, Augustus House,' is
the pale-faced cripple, who for
mauy years b;.s visited Salisbury
carrying with Lira a paper, aakiag
for help. He ia general ,y eccomo
paaied by his mother n ho seems to
be in destitute circumstance?. This
is not the first time, however, that
Augustus has been arrested for sell
ing whiskey, he having been tried
in our courts seyeral times for that
offense. The judges heretofore haye
let him off on account cf bis sad
bodily afflictions.
Another onejof the offenders whom
Deputy Monroe will arrest is Paul
Reinsel, a blind man, who is also
charged with selling spirits on the
The third offender to be arre3tad
is a man named Boatian who ia so
drawn u by disease that he travels
on his hands and feet. He is
charged with the same offense as the
ether two,
Edward T Blum, (junior member
of the late well-known firm of L V
and E T Blum, publishers of the old
Salem Press and Blum's almanac
died at his home at Salem at 1
o'clock Thursday, a?ed 65 years.
The two brothers disposed of their
printing plant before the senior
member died two years ago. They
were neyer married and lived to
gether many years.
"The Governor has offered $1
ward for the capture of the mur
derer Cain, who slew his brother in
Dtivie county 011 the 7th day of last
man; other ailments when they ,
have taken hold ot the system, '
never gets better of its own accord, bnt
Coiwtantlv grow corae- There ate
thousands who know they have a detective
heart, bnt will not admit the fact. They ,
don't want their friends to worry, and
Don't know ichat to take for it, aa
they have been told time and again -that'
heart disease was incurable. Such was the
case of Mr. Silas Farley of OyesviUe, Ohio
who writes June 19, 1894, as follows:
"M had heart disease for US year,
my heart hurting me almost continually.
The first IS years I doetored all the (ibe,
trying several physicians and remedies,
until my last doctor told me it was only a
question ot time as
I conld not be cured. -I
gradually grew .
worse, very weak,
and completely dis-1
conraged, nntll I
lived, propped half
up in bed, because I
couldn't lie down
nor sit up. Think-.
Ing my time bad
come I told my fam
ily what I wanted'
done when I was
gone. But on the first day of March on
the recommendation of Mrs. Fannie Jones,:'
of Anderson, Ind., I commenced taking
Dr, MOef New Cure for the Heart
and wonderful to tell, in ten days I was :
working at light work and on March 19 com
menced framing a barn, which la heavy
work, and I haVnt lost a day since. I am 56 '
years old, ft. 4H Inches and weigh KOlba.
I believe I am full cured, and
I am now only anxious that everyone shall
know of your wonderful remedies." Jt
. Dyesville, Ohio. - - . Silas Fabuet.
Dr. Miles Heart Cure Is sold on a posit! -re
guarantee that the fiist bottle will benoflk '
ill druggists sell it at SI, ft bottles for li or
it will bo sent, prepaid, on receipt of prioa ,
by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., iikhart, lad.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
Restores Health
For Sale br H DmgziBt.
f j
' r

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