North Carolina Newspapers

K- JHJI.VT Vi'1 10 l,,iv'J ivu u
oasea upon production up 10 a re-
cent date the director of the mint
Las made an estimate of the silver
product of the United States for
1885. It is placed at four million
ounces leBg than last year's prodnc
tion, the falling off being due, of
couree, to the cloeing of mines
which proved unremuneratiTe last
Tlie following table shoB the
comparative prodnctiod and price of
silver in thi3 country for the laBt
six j ears and the present year, as
estimated :
Ozs. produced. Price per oz
45,792,682 93.9 cents
93.5 cents
104 6 cents
98.8 cents
87.1 cents
63 5 cents
67.0 cents
It will be seen that the prodnc.
tion will he greater this year than in
any of the years 1S8S. 1889 and
Our silver prodnot this year will
be nine million ounces in excess of
that in 1888, though the average
price of silver during that year was
16 cents higher than the price at
present Most of the mines in this
country are new producing silver at
a proht. When silver went to 164.6
cents an ounce in 1890 there waa
boom in mining Btocks and a great
many worthless mines weie opened.
These met their natural fate.
The silyer production of seypral
countries will show an increase this
year, but the total output will not
differ materially from that of last
year.. The world's production of
silver increased from 63,267,000
ounces in 1873 to 161.776,100 in
1893 Atlanta Journal.
The people of Utah by a large
major." ty have yoted in fayor of ad
mission to the union, and adopted a
State constitution. When the re
suit tof this electior is presented to
the president he may issue a proo
lamation declaring Utah a State. It
is said that the president will be
importr.ned not to issue such a
proclamation on the ground that the
Mormon element, though it has
iying low" amse the passage
of the Edmonds act, is only waiting
for the protection cf State sovereign
ty to reassert itself. The constitu
tion cf Utah forbids polygamy, hut
many cf the Gentiles in that teri
tory bclije that the Mormons would
disregard the law if they gained
control of the State government,
These fears are, probably, without
sufficient foundation. The Gentile
.population of Utah has increased
rapidly in the last few years, and the
Mormons are leaying. Recently
they baye establised seyeral large
colonies in Mexico, where their pe
culiar institutions will not be in
terfered with and these settlements
are growing rapidly. The Mormons
want to be alone and they realize
that if they are not now in a mint
orlty in Utah they soon will be.
Utah will probably come into th
full fellowships of the States at an
early day.
m a
recently iee standard was
asked to expatiate, on what the
"Monroe doctrine" iB. The request
came from our esteem friend, and
puatryman, Mr.- Watt Barringer.
All this was in the presence of our
townsman, Dr. N D Fefzer. Know
ing that Dr. Fetzei's appearance up
on this mundane sphere antidated
that of ours, therefore decidedly
nearer the time the Monroe doctrine
was promulgated; and knowing
brother Barnnger's thirBt for accu
rate knowledge in detail, we quite
naturally passed the question to Dr.
Fetzer. In his own inimitable way,
he explained it satisfactorily,and now
comes something oa the BameJJline,
fennd in the Morganton Herald,
that endorses Dr. Fetzer's answer and
demonstrates at one grand iump the
fact that he was pretty close to
traditional chariots or has a wonder
ful memory about things read and
heard of.
- Thus sayeth the Herald:
It is well that our readers should
keep posted on all great public
questions and none for the present
inspires more interest than the
Monroe doctrine. This doctrine is
the accepted definition of the
" position of the United States upon
the American rtlatioBS in Europe.
iriTaTnever been formulated into a
statute, but it is as fundamental as
the organic, law of the nation and
binding. It was contained in a
message. r of President Monroe to
Congress in 1823" Briefly it is as
follows i vThe Monroe doctrine con
curred ' in - at the time by the
English government was; a de
deration that no Europen power,
would fce allowed to acquire tirri -
tor? in .Kotth or So-nt,k America.
s-icLitioa&l to the territory then held
by such government. Further, it
was notice to the world that Ameri
can nations, whether weak or strong
could not be despoiled of their do
main without interference on the
part of the United Sates. The re
cent act ot England toward Vene
zuela has brought this doctrine
prominently to the front and may
end in a war.
Next year will be the last leap
year of the century, and another will
not occur nntil 1804. The year
1900 will not be leap year. Now
girls, get up your material for
slippers, and look out for the latest
designs. The girl that is now 34-22
Kill have to do some tall engineering
or her cake is dough. 'Tis awful to
comprehend. If she fails in. 1896,
the next opportunity will find her
42 an age that gaudy plumes, gay
dress and face decorations can never
The Caucasian says that the Popu
lists made gains everywhere in the
recent election. We never saw that
in any other paper. Somebody must
have told a lie. Topic.
A Republican told us Saturday
that since the election it is almost
impossible to find in this county a
free coinage Republican. He fears
that if the stampede to the sound
money cause is as great in other
parts of the State as in Catawba
that Tommie Settle will get run
over in the crush. Newton Enter
After John K 4Morria' name the
newspapers alwayB add : "the drum
mer that took part in the Maryland
campaign. '
I'nsaceeHBfnl Effort to Rob a Bank;
Zajtesyille, 0., Nov. 15. An
unsuccessful attempt was made by
three men to rob the Monroe County
Bank at Woodefield last night.
Deputy Sheriff Kriser in going to
his home at 11 p. m. saw a .light in
the livery stable behind the bank
He went to ask about some oil wells
in which he and the proprietor were
jointly interested, and waa over
powered, carried to another etabie,
gagged and bound. The burglars
to"k $S0 end an. .'jitt rooi him.
The dial on the bank ' safe was
knocked off and two men drilled on
It while the third remained to watch
Krizer. They left about;3 o'clock
this morning, almost having suc
ceeded in opening the safe. A re
ward of $500 has been offered for
their arrest and conviction.
A queer church quarrel is reported
from Scotland, where an Episcopa
lian clergyman has rent his coDgre
gation in twain by trying to sup
press a debating society connected
with the church. This society, it
seems, Bays the New York Times, re
cently considered the relative infiu
ence of the modern 'press and the
modern pulpit, andjdecided by vote
that the orators who sustained the
newspaper Bide of the controversy
had the better of it The reyerend
gentleman therefore declared both
himself and the church grievously
insulted, and peremptorily ordered
everybody connected wi'h the de
bating society to resign from it.
Nobody obeyed, and the result has
been emp'ty pews and much harsh
language from the pastor and his re
bellious flock.
Col. A. B, Andrews Elected a Director
of the Knoxvllle dc Ohio Railroad,
Nkoxville, Tenn., Nov. 13, At
the annual meeting of the stockhol
ders of the Kuoxville & Ohio rail
road, held in this city today, the
following named directors were
elected: A B Andrews, Raleigh, JN.
C;W H Baldwin., Jr.; -Washington.
D.C.;CH Castor, John Greenougb,
Samuel Spencer, H S Chambeilain
Chattanooga; E J Sanford and C M
McGhee, Enoxville.
The Bible In Fnbllc 6th cola.
Chicago, III., Noy. 15. Sixty-
thousand men and women who be
lieve the Bible should be read in the
publio schools in a non-sectarian
manner nave signed a petition to
that effect which will soon be pre
sented to the board of education.
Signatures are still being obtained.
The petition has been prepared and
is being circulated by the Woman's
Educational Union, of Chicago.
Letters of 'endorsement have been
received from Carninal Satolli,
Archbishop Janssen,iNew;Orleanes;
Bishop Keane, rector of the Cathalio
University, Washington; Bishop
Heslin, Natchr z,J jJMiss.; Bishop
HennesBy, Kohler, for "the Jewish
Congregation of New York Bishop
Fallows, of the Methodist church;
President Harper, University of
Chicago, and President -Rogers, of
the Northwestern University. It is
proposed to have a committee, rep
resenting the various churches, pre
pare selections from ' the Scriptures
to be read,'
j JttICII110ND'3 $125,000 C i
Vox Factory Burned.",
Richmond, Va., Nov.13. By far
the most disastrous fire Richmond
has Buffered for a longtime occurred,
to-night when the Franklin street
building of the Randolph Paper Box
Factory was destroyed. The origin
of the fire is nnknown. The flames
made rapid headway and at one
time it was seriously feared that
much of the surrounding properly
would also be destroyed, but the fire
department succeeded in confining
the fire to the bnilding in which it
started. The building was Bituated
on one of the narrowest streets in
the citv end in close proximity to
the Home for Incurables and St
Luke's Hospital, and the inmates of
these institutions were greatly
alarmed. The loss is estimated at
$125,000 ; insurance, $97,000.
Able to AOord lt-
The Baltimore Sun gives $500 to
the newspaper fund to rebuild the
rotunda of the University of Vir
ginia which Mr. J H LmdBey, edi-
tor of the Charlottsville Progress,
has opened in his paper. Floating
The Baltimore Sun can well af
ford to give $500 to this enterprise,
for it is one of the most valuable
newspaper properties in the United
States. A gentleman who apendfl
mnch time in Baltimore told the
Landmark recently that he waa in
formed that the Sun netted its pub
lishers $700 an iseue. It is pub
lished six times a week ank a week's
net earnings would amount, there
tore, to $4,200; and $4,200 per week
for 52 weeks in the year is a pretty
fair income.
Children Bnrned to Deatn.
Sast Antonio, Tex., Nov. 12
A special from Grenoda, J!ti.,
dated Nov. 15 tb, says :
"A school building here in wKch
150 children were present caught
fire and before anything could be
done, the whole building was ablaze
and in spite of heroic efforts of the
people the building was destroyed.
Thirty-one charred bodies, including
the teacher, have so far been taken
out The lire is believed to be in
cendiary origin and two boys, who
have been Beverly punished by the
teacher and suspended from the
school, are believed to b? ti.. an
tbp' uC the crime, They have
beeen arrested but so far have not
ChtoKen work to Live.
Reading, Pa., Nov. 12. 'ion e
valuable advice to farmers is given
by G H D Line, who is a great
chicken raiser and egg producer in
Lower Alsace, His plan in brief is
to make his hens work for a living,
Mr. Line says :
"It is necessary to mako her s
scratch for a living.
"I accomplished this by feeding
corn on the cob instead of ehelliug
it I take what I 'consider a neces
sary number of ears split them up
into small parts and throw them to
the chickens, leaving the grains of
corn on the cob. This makes them
work in order to secure a meal, and
work of thia kind is absolutely rc
quisite to the production of eggs.
"I have observed this principle of
feeding for Borne. years and have been
satisfied vith the results, because
my hens lay in the fall and winter,
when eegs are high In price."
He Tries to Draw His Gnn on a Clerk
In the Auditor's Office
Fbankfobs, Ky., Nov. J13. Gov.
Brown and W H Newhall, a clerk in
th6 Auditor's office, quarreled i
the State House yesterday, passed
the lie and would have come to
blows had by-standers not inter
fered. Newhall had accused the
Governor oi voting the Republican
ticket and aoting the part of a trai
tor. The executive responded with
an emphatic denial, and or e of the
men (struck at the other when
friends of the two separated thein.
It was claimed that Gov. Browr l-
tempted to draw his revolver, but
he denies that he was armed.
Augusta College Burned,
Augusta, Ky., Nov. 15 Angusta
College the. most historic bnilding
in the city, was todaj (destroyed ty
fire. It. caught at noon with 400
children in the building. There
was a mad rush ana the greatest
difficult in rescuing them, All were
Drank Concentrated "Lye.
Crewe, Va., Noy. 35. Douglas
Oliver, the thirteen months old child
of Mr. T B Oliver, died at 2 o'clock
this morning from the effects of hav
ing drunk concentrated lye which
had been left on the floor by a ier
vant, who had been nsing it to do
some cleaning.
Virginia Dare Property sold.
At a called meeting of the stock
holders of the- Concord Female
Academy Friday evening, it was de-
cided to sell the piece of property
known as the Virginia Dare lot,
which was purchased by Messrs W L
Bobbins and .W 'A -Wilkinson, of
ForestIilL for the confederation of
f700,-:.:rj ; '
A .feervant Uirl ) SSO,9JfatAli
T.T.AS, Tci., No-
la J.ire Siirt ' " Fourteenth
J udical Court, last night rendered a
verdict against the Oriental Invest
ment Company, owners of the Ori
ental Hotel, in Dallas, in faver of
Maggie S Lyne, a servant, who was
injured about two years ago in an
elevator in the hotel. She sued for
$30,000. There are three other
suits perding by parties injaren in
the same. accident.
Guarded From the Lynchers.
Winston, N. C, Noy. 15. White,
the Indian doctor who assaulted a
sixteen-year-old 'girl in Cabarrus
county, is in jail at Concord. It is
reported that he is be:ng guarded to
prevent the indignant friends of the
girl's father from lynching him.
Not so ; we are law-abiding peo
ple. Only a reception committee tt
he jail to assist the Sheriff.
An Oltl Custom Revived.
Shelby Aurora: Rev. Dr. J 1)
Hnfham, of Shelby, accompanied by
Revs. Webb, Limrick and Hawkins,
went last Friday to Lincoln county,
according to agreement, to treet in
debate Prof. Dermon, of Hickory.
They discussed baptism and infant
eaUa'ion. The dtbators were Rev.
Dr. J D Huftam and Prof, Dtr
mon, esch spoke at first 30 minutes,
then a rejoinder of 20 minutes each.
The large crowd enjoyed the battle
about church doctrine. Cae Metho
dist, Rev. Carpenter vas present as
"a looker cn," at Carpenter's school
house in Lincoln county. The de
bate was fu;r, uninterrupted and
without personalities or strife, and
the preliminaries of the contest were
arranged by R?y. G M Webb. A
Baptist church was organized thre
the night before the debate.
BucKlen's Arnica KHlve.
The Best Salve in t'.'.e tt-.t'O. for
Cats, Brnisss, Sores, Ulcers, S.iit
Rheum, Fever &ora, T?tteru Chappe
Hands, Chilblains, Corns and ali
Skin Eruptions, and positively ca.-es
Piles or no pay requi ed. It i
guaranteed to "give etatiifaction cr
monev refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale ft P 15 Fetzer's Drug
Organising; the Silver Party.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 13.
Tivree hundied Populists, dis;.ffectfd
Deuiocrats and Republicans, held a
i,anicrecce here today. Hon. J G
Sibiy, of Pennsylvania, made a warm
silver speech and was loudly cheered.
It is possible a tew party to be known
as the Free Silver noneet Elections'
party, will be organized.
S'ree I ill.
Send voui" adar ess toIIvS I5ucL
len & Co., Chkaso, end est a free
sample bo" cf Dr. KiaV &!? Life
o.-'iiJS. ii. win cvUTiisco you oi
their merit3. Those piila ara assy
inaction and aio prj tkakrly ef
focUve in the euro of Constipation
and Sick Headache. For Malaria
and Liver troubles ther have been
proved invaluable. They are rRun-r-anteed
to be perfectly fre' from
every deleterious substmca and to
be purely veet table. Tbc-y do net
weaken by their action, but by giv
ing tone to stomach and bowels
greatly invigorate tho system.
Regular sine 25c per box. Sold by
P. B. fetzer's Pmggist
Receiver For the Norfolk A eslern.
Cincinkati, Ohio., Nov. 14,
Judge Taft tody appointed Henry
Kink receiver of the Norfolk and
Western Railway, on petition of
the Mercantile Tiust Company, of
New York, holding 16.000 000 of
mortgage bonds. Pick had alresdy
been appointed receiver for the Fi
delity Trust Company, of Philadel
phia, holding other mortgage bonda.
TTnen Baby waa sick, we gave her CastorU.
ffhen she was a Ch ild. she cried for Castorio,
When she became Miss, sha clung to Castoria.
Vhan the had Children, she gave thorn Castorte.
Sam Janes anrt Bill Fife's Lanndry
Af ter Key. hli. Trice had preaclied
his last sermon to the colored people,
a few nights ago, he aLnounc-i that
any member of tue congregation that
desired to testify for the Lord could
do so, several made short talks, the
most pertinent one of which, peri
haps, was by a colored brother who
remarked that he had heard some
people say that Sam Jones was the
greatest man that had ever visited
Winston; others said Mr. Fife was,
while others thought Mf. Price was
the greatest. . The brother said he
would tell how it was: "Mr. Jones
came here and did de washing; Mr.
Fife and Price are here now doing
de ironing." Winston Sentinel.
For over Fifty i Years.
Mrs. Winslow'a 'SootVng Syrnp)has
been nsed for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes, the child, Bottena the
gams, allays all pain, cures - wind
colic, and ia the be6t remedy for
Diarrhoea.: It will relieve the poor
little "sufferer immediately. field by
Druggists in every - part , of the
world. Twenty-five cents loitle
Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Winaiowa
Soothing Syrup." and take no other
kind. mwi&w-s23'95
lnlinHS -rtur'Jerea By lisHnnn. '
C;pkrK;at: Jf I'tiM OuWauO re
ceived two mesba't'o todiiy"from
Assent Day, at the Ureageucn head
quarters. He tho mur
ders of the two Ute Indians to
members of the tribe. Tfce bodies
were found on Chickm "cr-ek, sever?
miles from the town cf Kanccs.
Ke baa sent Irdian Police MeOan
non to look for the horses . of the
murdered Indiacs. Runners have
been seat for the son of the Iuditn
supposed to be guilty of the crime.
The cavalry at "Fort Logan ere
awaiting orders and will be rearly to
move at any mojaent.
i. lis '
3 U :H S
i, A ti-i .
'jF'cv '
L' til " J
f PU3KAM. K.3. V.t.A. f
Asn ...
E.s is. U w '4
There is a iliCorcace Lotwccp iodi
craes and indiiciaes.
Ihosn oi t-j-I.iy, as a rule, differ from
tlicsc cf tl.o pust iii inat:y respects.
Fuily as f-reat is tbo'ttiflcronca oe
twuen Vr. King's
mud. &zm&lm
and tho ordinary medicines of ty-iy.
it is TjLlvo tncin la
t-2S..-toi t fc hi . L i 5 : ;
I. It does sot taste lilicolciaclt- f
cine. It is as pleasant to taks f.s '
lemonade and ciakes'a most i-tfroslilng' :
drink. j
2. It never nauseates tne moet j
delicate stomach. j
S. It does not svnp off one 61s- j
ease for another. Jt does net sot up i
one form of disease in ortlcr to i-cUcro I
another as is ao cfteu the caf 3. i
4. It contains 1.0 t'echcl ot? j
opium iu any form r.nd 13 aiwi;-:) i
liTrale?s ever when f'iven to e baba !
ens d-iy eld. !
6.. It does at patoli city.i; 'is j
cures. It veachea as nvj.hiuf eli's
does t.3 the lii-.Uicn Fov.i-ees . f ;
in the blood and nw.vrsj tho cause. 16 ',
docs this with, ats e?.-e znH r o-.-cr ihsi
L?.t? raver Ltfen ccaal-vl. j
t's. 109 l0?f,s, Ol
. EC-.
THE tmm CiiLHiL CO.. TLA'iT, 8A.
iS t 6.
r. f,?5 Ba n k-s jrj f-q
ti i t fc2 S ILa Uua bsa 3 e.3
1 i V
h i
53 J U-IT AS CCCB fO-Z fi.ZV i-TS.
OalA?ta,I:t.s., Kgv.!3,1393.
tn'!.Tjon: Wo s-.n l-.s -.jar. (0 bottlea of
GiiO K's TAS'l aJ.i-:-.;8 CXiO.!. 'i-OLii: ia haw
b:,--.t'ht. tcrrc srros.' .".'n:.-: tli j-enr. iit nil or cx of U yi.ftrr-, iu li.o .ru b-ui.!o, hnv&
Dcror bol,! nil arti?!o thut .iv-o such uiuvursul eu.tis-
IuctU.o tie yuur Tyuic. j.uurs truly,
HEY,CAlia. A CO.
For sa'e by all tirusgisia.
Havicfr boon duly appointed and
qualified administrator of the estate
of Jil-irgaret A Hileraan, deceased,
all persons holding ciaima Kgainat
trie said deceupMl are berfiby -noti
fied 10 present them, duly authen
ticated, to the undersigned for pay
ment on or before the 17th day of
Uctober 18Ub or this notice will bo
plead as a bar to their recovery.
Also all persons owing said estate
are nouueu inai prompt payment is
expected. J. A. Barshardt,
This Oct- 17th 95. Aministrator,
As administrator of D A Sides,
deceased, and by virtue of a decree
of the Superior Court, of Cabarrus
county, in the case of A W Moose,
administrator, against J A Bowlttnd
and othert, I will eeiJ at the t-oiut
bouse Concord, to the hia-i-etit
bidder, on rdonday, December
2n$, the touso and lot in lit. Pleas
ant known as the "D A Bides prop
erfy" adjoinirg. C G lieih'g, Jesse
Hathccck, ; tirs. Alexander and
others, containing: about one ar.d a
half acres. This is one of tho most
desirable pieces of propertp of its
kind m Alt- Pleasant. Terms: One
third cash, Vaiarce oa twelve
months credit, wit':; six per cent
interest from dcy c: iw-n.iPiUi paxa.
A. . io-t,
By Sfymitb, Attorney.
Hot. let 1895. s tie
r A
lw' --n;
i A
Biscuits to be biscuits that will tempt the appetite,
must be light and flaky. They must be Daked
tjuickly. Think of baking biscuits for breakfast in
three minutes! Yet this is a daily occurrence with
users of the
F-v. .
LA ?1 ' .
This Range is a perfect cooking apparatus. What
more need be s.v!d of it? It is mada of steel and
malleable iron. It is not like any other cooking
apparatus you can buy.
Tho MAJESTiC is unique.
It ia fsr-and-av.ay the test,
We ceil iL
Yorke. Wads worth &
e ' tt ; ? ".p.r- f , n f. k.
AMD rc
Marvelous Cures
In Blend Poison
and Scnfisla
(S9 ' P. P. P. purinos t!ic Mood, ba.'Msop
y 2tr - the weak and ii. rIJ:ti:tal jrlvvs
Btrentr-ii to tvo. :ntl norvea, f xpfI
CZ-P- diaeascg.RiTinK't'LOiJt'ent health and
luoilngannd latsHat! - Unt prevailtO.
For primary, st'Coni'Mry nnn tcriinry
eyphfli-, tor blood poiSodIuk ciero't
rlal polr.n, mnlarfn. dyBptpsia, ar'l
1 nil IjIooJ ar.J akla diseases, lila
C-S-- tettt-r, BCKjihfi-tu, faoila, erysipeliia.
-s eczema - we iDty tav, without fLRr of
fc- cnntrflrMH!on,tiiat, t. V. P. ltliob.:.0
f tloo-i purir in tbo orld.and rr.ea
positive, t.r-eody&iidiidrznjtauiitcurwj
f-m -iaM-acEJr 'JSJ-'- fattwwriliiilini 1 ill ia
"tH T-sfffpa vhotic .'iTtceo-.s DtjiaoiieJ
mid -j blood in aa Imvore tonu
tJon, du- touionstrnil irreiralarifloa,
ftre oocu:iir!y bD(.ltted by tho won-c'p.-ial
ton. j find CI00.1 clEJia-sIn prop
erties of i. P. P. Priciiiy Asii, jPoka
Kcot and potasntum.
PP!16?P7GZ.1V Mo., Aor. 14th, l)a5.
Tn..nAnAnlrintiiA MutuMt trtrni of
el,' your meuicine from my own prrsou -
C- J-.nowfedKS. I wasatTected wiih liourfi
'" dlsoasa, pleurisy and riiutunHtinm tor
a.yeRrs, was treated by t'io Tory N.'flt!
, . phveic.t ;ia aim qpsc h'indrod cf dol
? i;i!f tried every kaowu remedy wirh-
c-nt linulnertflluf. Iduvo only tuk-.3
one boitiy of your P. P. P., acd etiu
Ci-J5" cherfally ?ny It bn.3 dono me raore .
f--m good ttisnanybinI hr.r vertCaen.
I can recyumnHnrt your madiclne to li
C.-2- Buiicrerao: tift abovo dlboufoa.
prl2nici Grcbn County, IdO.
TLe fket of American Newspa
pers, CHARLES A. DANA, Editor.
The American Constitution, tho
American Idea, the American Spirit.
These first, last, and all ihe time
forever. ,
Daily, by mail, - . $G a year
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Addrek THE SCJT, Jtew Tork.
For Kent.
The 'a tore roomr'next to Dov5 , &
Bo.'t, now opcni-kd by Sims A Aleix
knuer, ia tor rent. It ib 22x75, with
goed basement .Possession giyen lat
January, 1896. Apply to - -
yi J, Dots.
Hatv IIiveb, N.C., Jen. 8, 1S95.
Xyon I?. Co. , Ilnwk'yn, K. Y.
Gentlemen: A short time since one of
my horses had pcrntohcs so very bad that
its log became swollen and very much in
flamed. I used a few bottles of Mcxltaa
Mustx-Jz Liniment and tho inflammation
and scr r-.tcLe.s soon disappeared, loivirg
my horse as pood na ever. I find it is the
best remedy tint cr.a be had for this dis
ease, and I heartily recommend it to all
who have horses or stock of any kind.
Truly yours, J. W. B.
Uioa POIST, N. C, Dec 14, 1804.
Lyon Idfg. Co., Brooklyn, A" T.
Qontlenien: I can highly recommend
Mexican Mustang Li.ilmcnt to those Buffer
ing from burnH. 1 have it and found
it excollent. Sincerely yours,
Clerk BeU&nse BotoL J. N. CAMPBELL-
PlE'JXOHT Wabehottsk, )
Rbidbville, N. C, Dec 6, 1894. f
Lytm, JtJ. Co.. Brooklyn, Ar. T.
Gentlemen : I havo used nealcaa rius
ttmz L'rlmetii for a good many years and
consider it tho best liniment niado. I keop
it in the house all the time. It will do all
that ia ci&ii&ed for it. Rcspectfullv,
r . r p. o ?- ' f f otf ?ftJQ s
and jldjorcs
Catarrh, faiarla zS
c-ndKidney Troubles
.re ontiri'JyreiuoTeabyP.P.S'. a
Prlokly Ash, Potto Root ood PotB
tram, u.e grcatunt tiicod puiSer on
ABfe!.Ti!:E!l,0.. Jal7 21,l91. 3
Knfiis LiprsiAS Br.os., Savannah. j.
Ga. : Pkak Sirs I bon-Ut a bottle of
your P. P. P. at Hot Spniipa.Ark.,ana . fr?
It Lr. done mo more ftooa thn three -w.
mon tbs troarmont at tlie Hot tiprlctfa.
bauJ tliroo botti O. O. D. .
Abortfeen, Brown County, O. ?T?
Tv aU Kftm U my mncern: 1 hcr.
u ;h woadorru! properties .
sa7orei! fcT suveral years with an on- " "w
sightly cd fll.apreaable eruption oa !
my f::co. I trle-i e'ery known reme
Jv but Iti TBln.nntll p. p. V. was used,
aid sa cow entirely cunul. -
(Signed by) J. D. JOHNSTOS.
v. r. sr. rir eruptions ot tne skid. 1
1 .
Ciktn Cnorcr Cured.
Testimony from xhe Mayor of Sequin Jex.
835rm. Tex., Janoary 14, 1893.
Mb '.-11s. LnvKAS IIkos., Savannab,
Ga. : -lUinmen I have tried your P. j,--P.
?. tvi a iilsec9o of the skin, usually -'"i
know,: as skin cancer, of thirty years
etcr.iU:.--. and found K'oat rellof: It.
pnril'.ei; tho ulood and removes all lr
riratinn frnm the seat of the dlseaso
and irt vnt3 any spreading of the
eore-f. I iiavo rtikon live or six bottles
and fer! confident that another course
mo from 3tIit.,Btiou
trouSlss. Yotre truly,
end stomach
it. Lav.
" ALL i;ruc j
By virtue of authorif y vested in
me by a Mortgage or Deed in Trust
executed on the 30th dny of Novem
ber, 1892, by Jucob L MoCarns and
wife, Laura McCarns, whicn Mort
gaee is duly recorded in Registers
Office for Cabarrus county in Book
6, Page 555, 1 will sell at public auc-.
rion ia front of the Court House
door on Monday, December 2, to the
highest bidder for cash, one tract ol
land adjoining L M Sossoinon and
others, and described as follows:
Beeinnine at a willow on west bank
of Piocky River, corner of L M Sos
somou. opposite the mouth of a
small branch, which is on the East,
tide of the Biver, and runs with
fhree of L M Sossomon's lines as
follows : N. iOi W, 18.80 chains to
an elm on west bank of ditch; then
N. 2J W. 18 chftinp to a stone in the
field; then N. 74i W. 311 chains to a
stone in Monro Howell's line; then
N. 21 E. l?i chains to a small sweet
gum on tae South bank of the
branch, II itcLarty's comer, then
with his lire N. 821 E- Hi chains to
a stone in the old line; then the old
line S. 41 E. 61 chains to a branch
oa the west bank of the Bivar,
thence down the Biver as it means
ders to the beginning containing
ninety-two (9Ej) end one half aoiea
more or ltss bticg part of the D M
Carriker lands. . : :
C SoseoMoir, Trustee, T
By W. M, Smith, Attorney
K ti !T3
$i50.ooverymDnth given awavto anyonewhsapplka
through us fur the most meritorious pi teal during titt
month preccrin?.
We Hocure ti e hret patcrts for Onrolint
and the object of olTex ts to enccar-.e inventors to
keep track, of their bright ideas. At tlie tame timewtt
wish to impress upoa the public the act that
fsntS hi "ear-wind'iw" which can be CfltflytTM op
I and down without L.rcayngthcpassergr'back, "muoo.
l-poc," 'collax-bmton," "nut-lock," "bottletoppar.
'and a thousand other little things tMt most any ona Goa
tind a way of improving ; and these simple inventions ars
jthe caes tlut bra largest returaj to the author. I ry 10)
think of something to invent. ,
Patents taken out through us reoeivjEe :""U notice bl
lh "National Recorder, published at Washington, D.
C, which is the best newspaper published in America is
the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's subscript
tion to this journal, free of cost, to all our clients. Wa
alo advertise, free of cost, the invention each tnontfc
which, wins our $150 prize, and hundreds of thousands
of copies of the "National Recorder," cootaininfr,
sketch of the winrcr, and a description of his iuventtoiia
will be scattered throughout tho United States amoogj
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their attsss
tion the merits of the invention.
Ail communications regarded strictly confidential.
Solicitors of American 1 Foreluo Patents. .
Cox 383. Washington, D. O.
Rttrcnce eJilcr 0 this fafitr. Writtjbrttt
SOjafeiamtkUt, FREE.
P-S- L . mJIK
5 v.t tSB3iUit.ZiCXWB cur.
S3 3.c?p'ou:s.3 S0LE3.
Over One Million Pr!a wear the
W. L. WczlZS $3 & $4 Shoes
AH our shoes arc equally satisfactory
They five the N im!uo for the money.
They equiil CKS-:it Soe- t.t ty!e and lit
Their wmIm quir..
TheprlcM are crcfrw..emed on MM..
Prom fi to .i savi-d ever utber rike.
it tout dcifcr car.riTt supply yo j can. 010 bf
Mt, Pleas jn', A. C
SEWlKQHfimsH .
Conoobd, N. C
Makes a sneofr?Ity of filling
teeth without pain. Sixteen
yeais experience.'- Office over
Lippards & Barrier's- store
after Feb. 8. 1894. i25.
CONCORD, N. a ". .-
.... -
Office in Morris building, oppoeity
Court House, .. . .-- W"

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