North Carolina Newspapers

    - XT s
! IITIUI'llfllll
" irOR 1 YEAR
masked i-urglaes.
An Expretta Agent Held p at JIiil
Kight At tlic SluEBleora Revolver
Held ( ompeiNl to Often it bafe and
Fork Over early 81,00.
News reached the city yesterday
morning of a bol.l robbery by two
masked burglars Yesterday morning
at 1 o'clock at Koaeboro, a station
oh the Uape Fe r and Yadkin VaK
ley raiiwttj, fifty-t o miiea west of
WiluuDgioH and one mile east of
Fayettevil 'e.
Mr. S W Grier is agent for the
Southern Express company and tele
grapn operator and agent for the
Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley rail-.
way at that place, and from passen
gers who cani9 in on the Cape Fear
and Yadkin Valley railway last
night we learn that he gives the
particulars substantially as follows :
On Friday evening aboct 6 o'clock
Mr. R Butler, who is mayor of the
ftvn anil onffarro in Viiicirtasa fliAFa
hvc hi. i. unci a taoaage ixiutttiuiug
IF 1". 1- i. ;
50 to be transmitted to the Dur
um TTorHlitfir onmnftnw. nf r)nrhr.i
N C. The Express company's safe
is kept at the agent's residence,
about two huncirrd yarda ftom the
depot, and wht-u he went home
about 10:30 o'clock that night he
carried the moiit-y with him end
locked it up in the Safe. He and
his wife retired shortly afterwards
and at 1 o'clock they were around
by a rap on the t.aoic door.
Mr. Grar inquired, "rt'bois tha:?"
and a man ouiside reoiied that he
was George McLanib, and that he
wanted to send off a telrgram as "old
man White" was ore. McLanib
is a resident of the place, but the
agent, failing to recognize the voice
as hi?, told the man at the door
that it was not McLiuiL'a voice.
The burglar itisia.fcd that he was
McLamb and the agent told hi in to
go toJfront dour and a lick the
message undtrne :th the door.
nthe meantime, Mr. Grier slipped
his pants on, opened his room door
; and stepped into the passage. As
e did bo, a masked man thrust the
muzzle of a reyolver in his face and
demanded money. In some way he
had opened the door and was in the
passage when Mr, Grier was getting
ready to come opt. Mr. Grier re
plied that he had no money, but the
burglar said; "You have. Open
your safe and give me that package
of $950, . or I'll blow your brains
out !" Mrs. Grier, had also stepped
into the passage and attempted to
Bcream, but the burglar told her he
would kill both of them if they
made outcry or gave an alarm. Mr.
Grier being confron ed by oue
masked man and teeing uuoi htr on
guard at the door, unlocked the &if
and gave up the package of money,
the ourglars then backed out of the
door and disappeared.
After the men had gone oat, Mr,
. Grier called for help, aud having
secured his revolver, fired to shots
with the hope of a trading help.
No one, however, answered his alarm
but some of the l.eighbois heard the
The burglur who faced Mr. Grier
' in the passage is described as a s'en
- der man of about 140 i cunds wtight,
and the one at the door was a shoit,
stout man.
Mr Grier haoccapied bin prat
position for more toan fw v-ars.
- lie is a man about 2o oi 26 yratti of
age and has a wife aud oue obi tl.
Wilmington Me8tePer.
A Ponodlng.
Mb. Editob Please give us spac
in your excellent paper to express
our gratitude to (he good people of
Mt. Pheasant and old Spring.-., for
a most .superb pounding. About
fifty good looking, well dressed per
sons old and young composed the
com pa .
They moved with stately step
piegs in the charge they made, took
possession of our dinning room and
crowned our tab. e with bounties in
great measure, and when the room
was no longer to be found on the
table they ut loaded under it and
even crowded the children's dining
room bench with four sacks of flour
No such pounding ever happered in
Christendom. Thoy- brought sugar,
coffee, butter, apples, lard, sausage,
ham turkey, chickens, soda, tur
nips, potatoes, punkins, flour, soap,
kraut, turned fruit, dried fruit, rice,
apple butter, dried beans atd cake
of different kinds.
They also brought two fine rock
ing chairs and a beautiful lounge
aud several ;cther things for par
sonage. I sever served a kinder
people, the love of . our hearts, go
out to them in gratitude!
..- - ; M. D. Giles.
A Leg Broken. "
s While driving a team of horses
- Thpnfday afternoon Epbriam Culp,
--colored, met with an unfortunate ae-
cident. He was Bitting on the front
- end, with his lees bhgitig .oyer the
; bed when : one horse began kicking
and (track bis leg, which broke it.
Rev. Mr. CJrlHsom Make an Explann-
' tion Abont Conference Action.
The Record yesterday published
an extract or two from confeiecce
proceedings regarding the Advocate,
owned and published I: ere by Mea
ts. Grissom & Groom.
lhe clippiues referrred o were
aa follows:
"Oa motiot, the cfbr of Vhv. L
W Grissom, 1 alfnowner of the con-
ftrence organ, the North Caio'ija
Advocate, to sell his stock at $1,000
lees than cost, was referred to the
Committee on Books and Periodicals.
The committee on Looks and
Periodicals brought in its original
report, rejecing the offer of Key L
W Grissom to sell his interest in the
North Carolina Advocate to the con
ference." "A-liyely discussion took place,
participated in by Rev. F D Swindell
acdEsv. R B John. Rev. J T
Gibbs moved the previous, and the
substitute, offered by Rey. R B
John to not accept the North Caro
lina Advocate as the organ of the
conference, which was adopted by a
vote of 59 to 52."
Mr. Grissom naturally wants the
matter folly understood and says it
all came about in this way: Con
ference wanted to appoint the edi
tors of the paper, and fix their com
pensation, this compensation to be
paid by the owners, and the edi
tors to be installed wh?tber agrees
ab e or not to ies9rs. Gridsoin &
Groom. It shonld be rememberel,
however, that conference has no
monetary in ercst in the paper
whatever, and this eccroachmejt
was taturally ot jdeU to by Mr.
Griesoui and then it was he ca:d be
fore lie v.culd fcubmic to it be would
sell to conference his eU-ck at par
and bead a subscription list, with
$1,000 towards buying it.
As a result ot it all a committee
was apf ointed to confer with a simi
lar committee from th-s Western
Conference next year at.d See v. hat
cuuld be cone. In the liitaotime,
the Bishop was lequested to appoint
Mr. Grissom editor, which was done.
With any other body this attempt
ed action would be characterized as
a "high-handed proceeding" trying
to control a nun'd private property
without any compensation whateyer.
Under the circumstances conference
might, m some degree, dictate the
policy of the paper, but this it as
far as they could possibly go..
However, the milk in the cocoa-
nut is the fact tha; the Eastern
eople want a paper within their
own baliwick. They haye been dis-
taUitJed ever since Dr. liied came
west of K.tieih with it.
A proof of this desire, re.d this
from conference proceedings :
"The conference separated from
the paper and appointed a commit
tee to tct with a Western North
Carolina Conference committee, if
they will appois t one, 'o bi y or es
tablish a paper or, if liecetsary, to
i stablisb a paj er sc parately but by
27 majority " Gr entboro Record ol
tiarurdav DcCtiulei- 21,
A Dream Thnl in a Itrcam.
Editor Stakdard : Last night
I dreamed of shooting a wild goose
only woundmj it having no more
Bbt-iL-s for my arquebuse I ran and
q iickiy jk i1, ;n 1 while ia 'be
net of cut'iiiu Us heat iff with ci
ktife, the f,o)fe f r ; forth io h se
ciaiieU urde; 'IIiti mere on in
intcu cji ner.'
lias this u cm a signilioance, or
is it a reprodueion of au impression
made on some one of the convolu
tions of the t-ncephatic mass which
s suppesed to be encased in the
human crar.imu? If so, which one,
and at whi period of protoplasmic
evolution was the impression made,
or is it a sort of ''Santa Clause" jubi
lee whicb comes about this time of
the yar ?
,1 fear it is an ill ouien and I shall
not suspend my hose from the tra
ditional mantle uotil I hear from
you. William Siiothers'kjk.
Again the sages of the Lyceum
must come to the rescue We have
personal evidence that this dream id
not a case of delirium tremens.
Death of Dir. A. E. Hoover. -
As noted in a former issue, Mr. D
R Hoover had gone to L:ncolntoa to
see hia brother, who was critically ill.
Mr. A E Hoover, the gentleman
in question had teeu sick fpr three
years and for the last six : months
was unable to leave his place. On
the 19 1'", seyerat hours before Mr.
Hoover j eacbed him, h.s brother.
died. - He - leaves a widow and five
Hying children. Ue was 5 years
younger than our townsman, being
in his 47th year. '
Misa Ahda Wtme is visiting at
Mr. W A White's; at Mill ; Bridge,
Rowan couetj, ; V ;. . N .v.:
FromJimllh's Fori!'
Mr. R W Gadd, of Charlotte, is
visititing the old folks.
Mr. Thomas Almond, of Concord,
id a visitor at Mr. Hiram Barbee's
The public school' at Pine Biuff
is progiessing finely "under the ansn
pices of Mr. B'F Saart. ..
Our observant observation ob
serves an observable Sunday school
in which flogging has betn intro
duced as a means for promoting
gcod behaiior.
On tha 18th msfBt fiye o'clock,
p. m., Mr. John Kluttz and Miss
Florence Turner were married at
the residerce ofthe bride's father.
A merry Xmas, a happy New Year,
aod continued felicity for them
throughout subsequent dayp.
A certain mining concern owed
three men $43 $24 to one, $12 to
another, and $7 to the other. Be
coming uneasy, the men bartered
the debt for feyen gallons of wine
The wine was cenveyed about four
miles from where it wa3 procured;
here the men had a general reunion
that's all.
The Iatesf, edition of impertinent
gossip contains this startling an
nouncement: A fifty year old wid
ower whispering to a "sweet sixteen."
There is no tranquility for a widower
vrbo persists in dwelling in the cold
tents of abject celibacy; thoHgh he
may be well fortified against the in.
sidious attacks of Cupid, yet he is
exposed to a broad, open fire from
"the unruly member." If we were
"unpertected wideier," we would
either get splieid, if possible, or e'se
do up our ectthly possesions in a
led bandanna and get Yv'es
"To the land o.f the free,
Wnere the mighty waters
Roll (Town to the En."
A. & Co.
Mr. J A M;E cherr, Mr. J N
Hunter and TLos. PritcburJ. liv,; on
North Ficv street. Yesterday a
cou'itrym it cu;ne along ith rome
liver pudding and souse tos-.ill. Eaoh
of their families bought some and
had it cooked for dincer. Later iu
the afternoon ail who had partaken
of it were tkfcen with terrible nausea
and pains. Dr. John Ii Irwin wa3
sent for and went from house to
house, miui;lei-!ti; to all. As soon
as he saw il-e symptoms exoibikd in
all who had partaken oi the meat, he
pronounced their sickness due to
p asoning. There were about three
n ea.:a firmly who were ill.
Charlotte Obseryer.
An Eseiipcd fouvirt I'liuplir.
AviilBroon tvs in.tnvrn- Tuesday
p.irchasiiig C Li lilias iut.icles, but
did not return to his quiet home iu
the country. IIetF:aied from tLe
Mecklenburg chain gang about IS
months ago ana has aiuce been at
large uctil Chfcf of Police Bocer
uabbedhiir. Ho Epeut Christmas
in jail ia this city and Thursday was
deiiveied ever to the Mecklenburg
Had a Fight iu at'liurcli.
Oa last Saturday, at the Carey
Baptist church, Mr. Thad Iyey,
manager of the State AlMnnce Busi
ness Agency and Maj. C II Clark
gotinto a fight during a stosion of
the church. The News and Observer
says that it se ros thac Mfjor Clark
had b.-en n quested to cjie io the
churcn on that dare, and wheu be
came some brother cilnl attvtition
to some d;ffereiiCe between M.jir
Clark, tlie senior dtacoa -f the
church, aiid Mr. Tbad lej, sup rin-
tendeut of the Sunday school. Da
ncg an explanation being made by
Maj. Clark, Mr. Iyey advanced
across the church, and standing with
clenched fist over Maj r Clark, de
manded to know the nameof his in
formant for certain statements.
Maj. Clark: declined to be forced by
threats to give Mr. Iyey the informa
tion. Then Iyey said, "if you de
ciine to give your informant, you
are the -aothor of the statement
yourself," whereupon Maj. Clark, in
righteous wrath told him (Ivey) he
was a liar. Then Ivey, who is
about 40 years old, struck Major
Clark, whe is a man of about
seyenty. Maj. ClarK returned
the lick, and despite his uge, was
proceed .vg to folio it up when the
brethren interfered. ; .
It is understood that the difficulty
grew out of false and slanderous re
ports mada by Ivey during the last
dampaign. Major Clsrk being a
leading and' high-toaed Democrat,
who served his State with gallantry
in the war, was for a long time cot
ton weigher- in Raleigh, and was a
m mber of the Legislature iu 1893
Ct pt. V I Nesbit gaye us a finan
cial call. "He pays not only for his
own but for that oi a friend. Right
on his heels came a new subscriber,
hia nerihew. Mr. W- F Smith tie
list swells aad grows.
Mrs. Murphy calls her slipper
Castoria because the children cry
after it.
Rev. Stagg has accepted the call
to the second Presbyterian church,
of Charlotte.'
The agent says that the Xmas
express v business was not near so
large as usual.
Mr. John N Barringer and bride
were registered in Washington, De
cember 2Gth.
The Southern. Exprees office has
been moyed to the Smith row, oppo
site the court house.
Master Joe Fisher was right badly
bunged up about the mouth while
plajiug football Christmas d-y.
Alfred Arey, colored, probably a
hundred years old, died Sunday. He
lived in rear of Scotia seminary.
Your attention is called to the
announcement of the annual meeet-
ing of the Stockholders of the G W
Pattersom Mfg. Co.
There will be a Bale cf revenue-
seized property on January 8 at 12
dk at Brown Bros. Stables, by R S
Harris, Deputy Collector.
A Maine woman' kept a needle
seventy-two years. She did it by
swallowing it. It mad-i its appear
ance at her elbow a few dajs ago.
The Charlotte News bas figures
out the sge of Albert Area, the old
hatter who died here Sunday morn.
ing, to be 98 years 3 months and 22
John S Smithdeal is now working
in the cotton mill at Milledgeviller
He left this evening for place
after spending Xna3 with friends
here. Salisbury World.
The chain gang ia doing some very
good and long needed work on the
public road leading from to u to
Mt. Pieasant iu the swamp at Digj
Cold Water creek. The bed s be-j
ltg raised.
The remains of Love Shauklc, 'ne
of the victims in the terrible ex
plosion that oocurred at the coal
mines in Chatham county laBt
Thursday, were brought to this
piace, his old home, for interment.
Mrs. Margaret Krimminger, of.
No. 5 towonship, aged 00 years,
died on December 25, and was
buried at Mt. Gilead grave yard.
Rev. W H L McLaurin conducted
the funeral service at Mt. Cannel
- The colored firemen of this city
have requested The Standard to
epre?s their most grateful thanks
to the white citizens lor their libeial
donations amounting to $19 30, to
their company. Not only are they
deserving, but appreciative.
On Christmas day at 2 o'clock, Mr.
Walter Ritchie, of Danville, Va., was
married to Miss L:zz'.e Clayton, of
Forest Hill. Rev. J O Alderman
officiated. The bride and groom
left on the 7:23 trtihi for Danville
where they wilireside.
Dr. J N Anderson's horse . ran
away and thiew hirn out of the
buggy two mile3 from Lex ngton
Saturday evening. The , horse go
away with the buggy and was
caught some mile3 from the scene.
The doctor escaped with a jolt up
'An exchange gets this off : A man
named Moon was presented with a
daughter by his w.fe. This was a
new moon. The old man was so
overcome that he got drunk. This
was a full ' moon. When he got
sober he had only twenty-five cents.
This was his last quarter. "
We are sorry to learn that our
former townsman, Dr. J E Smoot,
now of Concord, has had a very
serious case of erysipelas. Mrs. W
G Wa'son who has beeu visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Srnoot, returned
home yesterday and tells ns that Mr.
Sinoot is much improved. Salisbury
Wiley Miller, one of Mr. Jacob
Doye's wagoners locked the hind
wheel of his big wagon in the wheel
to the hack of Mr. George Plott
Saturday eyening, on Main street,
causing a break down. - Tha acci
dent was unavoidable, the matter
compromised and no arrest made.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sapp "enter
tained a number of relatives and
friends at -their home in No. 5,
Thursday December 26. . An elegant
dinner was seryed in splendid style.
Among the guests were Mr, and Mrs.
Sapp. of Concord, Mr. and Mrs. F
V Barrier of ; Salisbury, and Miss
Lora Waltur. of Durham. The
Italian band now stepping in Con
cord was present and added much to
the enjoyment of the oncas:on by
their splendid mus Qi
Mr. t.-'iarles Brown, once a rei
dent of this city, now of Asheville,
is visiting in the city and county.
Mrs. Crawford Culp, of Wtxo,
Texas, is on a' visit to relatives in
tbia city She is an aunt of Mr. M
J Co; I. She is stopping with Mrs.
,v.J(H Mcli&mara,
' ' Merchant J M Allen has a sweet
time of. it. The other night a whole
barrel, of molas3es run out on the
floor. This is long dran out
Mr. W D Sherwood, Rockcngham
county, aod a brother of our Charlie,
spent several days in the city. He
came m and renewed for the
Weekly Stakdz.ui.
Dr Lawson Kluttz, who six or
eight year3 ago went to the State of
Missouri from his country home In
No. 7 township, is back on a visit to
relaLiyes in this county.-
Measles are prevalent in various
sections of the county. It is said that
in the Rocky Riyer eectiov. they are
ranging. Jme or ten cases having
been reported.
So thorough is the excellence of
Ayer'a Hair Vigor that it can be
used with benefit by any person, no
matter what may be the condition
of the hair, aud, in every case, it oo.
occasions satisfaction and pleasure,
in addition to the benefit which inn
variably comes from its use.
Robert Scales, the negro boy who
attempted a criminal assault on
Mary Bolton, a young white woman
living near Madison, in October last,
and who, on failing, shot her in the
head with a pistol and made his es
cape, was rrrested in Neapolis, Va.,
Thursday afternoon aud lodged in
Alberi, Speak', aed about 40
years, "a wild, reckless fellow, a
gr-at blockader, with cot much
6'a.nJing ia the cok::-. unity," who
lived i)c; r Ey.-rlii' p-., New
Hope township, Irtdw-li county, was
f.and hanging to the rafters of an
old dr?ert- d sol ml house, Christ
mas morning, wi'.b his hinds crossed
and tied ia from of him. From the
position of the body it is supposed
to be a case of lynching.
Jtlr. Ilnvid I. l'nri-li I)cnd.
-1 Mr. David L Pirisb, aged 77
years, 1 month and 2 days, died at
L'shoie three miles south of Con
cord, this (Friday) morning at 6
o'clock. It will be" lemembered that
several months ago he suffered a
stroke of paralysis and since which
he gradually sank until life was
Tbe funeral was conducted at
Rocky Ridge Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock by his pa3tor, Rev. Lan
caster. M r. Parish has been for many
yarn a familiar figure. For years
ne was the faithful officer of the
Grand Jury.
IK- leaves a large family, all of
whom are grown. He has a son in
Washington, one ia Raleigh, one m
Texas, one on the Southern and two
in the county.
Mr. Parish was a kind-hearted
old man, who had many friends.
In ibis bereavement, the family are
remembered by many sympathetic
A long, usefully spent life is thus
Nervous Prostration
Complete Recovery by the Use of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
" Some years ago, as a result of too
close attention to business-,' my health
failed. I became weak, nervous, was
unable to look after my interests, anil
manifested all the symptoms of a de
cline. I took three bottles of Ayer'a
Sarsnpnrillsi, began to improve at once,
:' j ....
and gradually increased my weight from .
one hundred and twenty -five to two
hundred pounds. Siice then, I and my
family have used this medicine when
needed, and we are all in the best ot
health, a fact which we attribute to
Ayer'a Sarsaparilla. I believe my chil
dren would have been fatherless to-day "
had it not been for Ayer's Sarsaparilla, '
of which preparation I cannot say too
much.',' H. O. Hrssox, Postmaster and
Planter, Kinard's, S. C. .
Ayer's S Sarsaparilla
AYER'S Pills Save Doctor's Bills
Pi m
IF- - i - 1
2, 1896.
The Franklin Connty AmaHlnatlont
Mr. J T Harris, of Franklin
oounty, is in the city. He tells ns
that his son who was shot a week
ago last Thursday night, ie improv
ing and the doctors think he will re
cover. The jdetails of the attwnpt
ed assination,. some accounts of
which have already been published
in this paper, as given by Mr. Harris
show it to have been a crime f
kind happily rare in North Carolina,
"Nobody was in the room," said
Mr. Harris, "except my wife and
two sons. It was a very dark, night
and it had been snowing nearly all
day. My wife, whose seat was in
' direct range of the window, got up
to go in the other loom. I think
thejassassin must.have waited for her
to move before shooting. The first
thing I heard was the crack of the
window pane. It sounded like an
explosion in the hens?. My son
James, who was shot, rose from his
chair and ran to his mother saying :
"What is it ?" She saw. the blood
on his left jaw and neck and said :
"You are shot my son." We laid
him down, and then heard another
shot, which had been fired into the
opposite room of the house, the shot
breaking a large mirrow on a bureau
and a picture of "The List Supper,"
Nobody except some little children
were in that room and nobody was
Upon being asked whether he had
ary suspicion as to who had com
mitted the deed, Mr. Harris said he
belieyed the shot was fired by P D
O'Bryant. "My son had had a diffi
culty on the 8th day of last March
growing out of some slandorous re
marks that O'Bryant had made
about a lady. It vas settled, but
O'Bryant never forgaye them My
sons never intended to haye any
thing to do with him again.
O'Bryant had been heard to say that
he wa3 going to kill James Harris,
but rhi3 evidence oould not be used,
and O'Bryant was discharged for
want of evidence."
"The people of Franklin are in
dignant and there is much excite
ment growing out of this stealthy
crime. A purse has been mude up
to secure the capture of the assassin."
Raleigh Observer.
OH Io bp JIrrioI.
Mr. John X Barringer, accom
panied by Wm, N Misenheimer, left
Monday night for Barium Springs,
where Mr. Barringer was married to
day (Tuesday) at 2 o'clock to Mie3
Lelia Dayvault, sister ot the Messrs
Dayvault of thiscity. Immediately
after the happy nuptials, Mr. and
Mrs. Barringer left for Washington
City to spend a week. It is very
likely that the happy couple will
reside in Charlotte when they re
turn. To the couple we extend our
heartiest congratulations and best
Fire Bt I lie OUell Mill.
About 3;30 o'clock this (Friday)
morning, night watchman J M Per
kins discovered a blaze of fire in the
dye room, and immediately gave
the alarm. He was not long in gets
ting assistance and putting it out
before any great damage was done.
Not manv of the people of the
town knew lof it until after day
light, although the fire bell rang for
a long time- The firemen reported
at their halls but were unable to
locate the fire, seeing no reflection
and hearing no cries. A runner was
sent to the mill, on a horse, but
when he got to the scenes the fire
was out.
The damage is very small; origin
is unknown.
Tue FatterNon Mills.
In several weeks the G W Pater
son Mills will be running on full
time and to its fullest capacity.
The mills have contracts now for
all its production, day and night, for
the next six ironths.
The report going the rounds that
the mills had stopped etc., is a lie,
not a shadow of truth in it or
about it.
Eyery cotton mill in Cabarrus
county is O. K.
Married rhrtatuiiut y.
. Mr. A D Wilson, son of Dr. J R
Wilson, and Miss Fannie, daughter
of Capt. J M W Alexander, were
man led Xmas night at the home of
toe bride, Rev. Lancaster officiating.
A wedding supper was served, and a
reception giyen the next day at Dr.
Wileou'. Many friends extend best
wishes. '
Killed at Snltsbiiry.
Section Master V G Adams and
his three assistants had started for
their home four miles north of Sal"
isbury, Saturday night at 9.30. Just
as their dump car reached the main
line it met No. 35. , - "
' Lee Carr was instantly killed' and
Tom Johnson was terribjjr injured
There are no hopes for hia recovery
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Ii
C. F. & Y. V. TO BE SOLD.
The Baltimore Plnnlor tue nhIg 1'rc
rails Both the Seaboard and
Southern are Rlrfacrx.'
Baltimore, Dec. 23 The bond
holders of the Cape Fear & Yadkin
Valley Railroad met this afternoon
and discussed the future cf the
property and the plans of the Balti
more and New. York holders for its
disposal. The meeting was very ex
citing and tontinued more than
three hours. About 100 persons
were present.
The Baltimore plan contemplated
the sale of the road as a wnole,
while the New Yorkers insist that
the three divisions of the road npon
which three 6eri:s of mortgage bonds
known as A, B and C are outstand
ing, be sold separately for the bene
fit of the holders of the respective
securities. It was agreed that a ma
jority of the holders of the three
series should be necessary . to a de-
A majority of the New Yorkers
endorsed the New Yoik plan, while
the Baltimore holders of the B and
C series were in the majority and
the vote as a whole was in favor of
the Baltimore committee's plan, the
total being: For the New York
plan $040,000; for the Baltimore
plan. $1,519,000.
Propositions were received from
the Seaboard Air Line and the
Southern Railway Company for the
lease of the road under the Baltis
more and New York plans respect
ively. The fight will now be taken to
toe courts.
A (luiet WiMlUlus-
Surprises are customary along
about Christinas times, but no eyent
was more surprising than the quiet
home wedding on Thursday evening
cf Miss Esther Ervin, the second
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. J R
Ervin, of tbi3 city, to Mr. S T Pear
son, of Morganton. For a long
time it has been known that the
above mentioned couple were to wed,
but at that time it was unexpected
by their scores of friends. At ?
o'clock last evening quite a number
of friends and relatives gathered at
the bride's home on Spring street to
witness the affair, which was
solemnized by Rev. W C Alexander
of the First Presbyterian church,
immediately after which the bride
and groom left on an extended trip
Miss Ervin has ever held a high
station in Concord society and is
popular with everybody, while Mr.
Pearson is a prom nent and wealthy
citizen ot Morganton. They leave a
host of well-wishers, who hope for
them the choicest of this life's bless
ings. A Terrible Explosion.
Tuesday evening at 4:35 the pow
der house of the Smithdeal Hard
ware Company of Salisbury ex
ploded. It had in it 2200 pounds
of dynamite and 23 cases of powde? .
Two boys, George and Ira Wea
ver, aged 18 and 14, were using the
powder house as a target. It was
during this that the explsion oc
curred. The ground is torn up,
trees uprooted and splintered and
the grass for hundreds of yards
around shaved oft. George was
killed right out ana Ira is terribly
The windows and sash in all the
houses of the neighborhood are
The boys were advised not to be
shooting at the vowder house, but
intoxicated with Christmas they
heeded not, and the last shot was
the one that did the destruction.
Like Bill Arp. '
The head of this establishment
did not eat any green corn, but he
spent his 'Xmas like Bill Arp did
the time when he had the famous
"Midnight Corn Dance." AU is
quiet and serene now.
But every desert baa an oasis or
two. In this connection he wants
to thank his force for the pleasant
surprise they gave him for a 'Xmas
present. It was one of thof e "per
f ectly lovely" gold pens, with pearl
staff. It was with one injunction,
howover, laru to write a more
legible hand.
Thumb Blown Oil.
Lon Bost, a 13syear-old colored
boy of the town, while fooling with
a fire cracker Monday night, had
the misfortune of having a thumb
blown nearly entirely off, the crack
er having exploded while holding it
in his band, . -
t Jfe:. a 1 :T S U a
So. 6 Tonus!::;, firms
Mr. "Jacob Moose ia in feebU
Mrs. Julia Eudy, nu aged lady, ia
very sick with--bronchitis.
Mrs. Keith azZ daughter are visits
ing at Mr. C W Keith's, where they
peihups Vrih tj end the winter as
they are both' iu lecllo health.
The many friends of Mrs. Will
Goodman will bo glad to learn that
she is improving, after a severe
Miss Lou ArmSclJ is visiting at
Mr. J J Baringcrs, 'whtro she ex
pects to spend the winter.
Miss Louisa- Barusgcr," has de
cided io attpud school at Mt. Pleas
ant. Miss Mallie Liopard, expects to
enter?Bchool at Newton after the
Christmas holidays.
Mr. Davis Barrier Las moved into
his E3w house at I'iuer town and
makes quito uu addition to the
place. Mr, Eli Lantz Las also
moved near where Llr Barrier lives.
We welcome Mr. G A Fisher aid
family amors ua and hope they will
make tLi.3 their f a:ure home.
Cur neighborhood Las for the past
few wcek3 been dii-tuibe J by tramps
that cluiia to be ila f go beg
ging to earn iiiiir ',: :; 7.
Mr. Rob; it Safrit nad Mr. Clay
Louder Lnvu tuovt d their machinery
to Mr. J ;J 2:aiI.-i-:i-3 vi Lero they
expect to pi t up a rhep and be to ceco.uTi'cteto the public.
Tve wish t'itui success.
Mr. Jacob LUcr.rd after a few
days amc:'g riativea hus rcturued
to Davie couii'y v.-Lora he Las been
attouiBg scLol, Lccoiupanyed by
his sister and Mr. J E Faggart and
A J Lippard, they expect to spen
a week hunting birds w wish"
a Cue limo.
Tho hammer an. I tao saw addeJ
quite a cheerful look to a certain
widower's Louse the rust week; look
cut eirl3 nest will be some one to
superintend h.inschold affair. X.
arpi- I In l.v.viii;;ioii.
Mi3 Mini:'? Eisner, daughter of
Mr. William Either, cf Mt. Pleas-,
ant, wa3 umrritd Tuesday, Dec.
24th, at the home of her aunt, Mrs.
Wheeler, of Lxic'on, to Mr.
The brid;tl party passed througli
Concord en route to Mt. Peasant.
Looking for itie Seedy,
Roy. J O AlJorrajD, of the Baptist
church, spent Christmas Day in
quiring of physicians, ministers,
policemen and oiLers whetherthey
knew of any needy families iu. Con
cord. Ho, himself, went in sections
where sufferings were more likely
to be found if ia existence at all.
From all the information obtained
and by his own ro; search,
only one family in - t 1 could
be found. Tbia 1 l il no
wood, no uio :ey, ni . to eat, and
in aaauioa two c is or me
family were down -ickuess
rncye OI Willi J:;VT m - : v . , VJ"
This is a ldmar 0 snowing
were 6000 souls sr itlicred ton
gethar and whore bai 1. tco, do
not exist you know .. -.iliedged
that Local Ootiou would ruin the
business of the town.
From LuGrippe.
Dr. Allies Nervine Restored
One of Kentucky's Business
Ai-vV'sv' Aien to Health.
No DISEASE has ever prosontod so many
peculi.trit.ics an LaCcinpe. No disease
leaves Its viot. so ocbilitateJ. useless.
jlepplrss, nerveless, as LaGrlppQ. '
Mr. I). W. lliltoat state apen't, the Mut
ual ife Insur.iDP.o Co., of Keutycky, says:
"In l:vs9 aud ''. J I had two sete attacks
of LaQrippe, tho l:wt one attacking my ner
tous system with suoh sevor:1 y that my ltfo
was doapaircd of, 1 had not sk-pt for mora
than.two moniV.t except by the use of nar
cotics that 8t;i7e!ind mo, but (ravo me no
rest. I was only conscious ot Intense mental
weakness, asojizinj bm'.ily pain and the
fact that I vas hourly srowiug weaker.
When in t his coi.diUorv. I commenced using
Dr. Miles' BestqrattTa Nervine. In two days
I began to itnprqve and la one month's ttma
I was cured, mu.;.h to tbe surprise of all who
knew of my condition. I bavo'boen In ex
coUunt health shico and have rocomir"ndd
your reroedlr to jti.-.ny of my friends."
Louisville, JjliJSv., 1 P. W. Uiltok. 1
Dr. Biles' .vtvs 1ksloresnd&:

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