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    Vol. IX. -No.
Whole NO. 1,420
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Ilu IS -Torino is Mio in;? Hi lis Into tUv
lloppt'rKtliiealion ot 15 1 i
IiiUiron CoiiiniNorj
Hills of All Sorts.
In the Senate the most import new
bills were to prohibit 'he printing
and distribution of false and fraudu
lent election tickets ; to repeal the
act concerning delay by railway in
freight shipments ; to dtlme lard
:ml butter and regulate their sale;
to abolish the county board of educa
tion are reduce the salaries of county
superintendents ; to incorporate the
Piedmont Stock insurance Co.; to
compel railways to pay taxes; to
amend the game laws so as to pro
tect growing crops ; Lo :uake educa
tion of blind children compulsory ;
to faciliate the trial m causes and
reduce their expenses ; to extend the
term for building the Cane Fear and
Northern Bulway.
At the House session notices of
contest were filed by Pearson against
Monroe, -from Wayne; Kewson
again o Winborne, from Hertford;
Hodges against Harter from Baus
fort. The chief bills introduced
were to allow county officers to grye
bonds in security companies; to re
peal the act establishing the Naval
Reserves: to provide for Supreme
court reporters; to establish Criminal
and Superior courts, and establish
courts of oyer and terminer; to
equalize tax assessments; to provide
for inspection cf illuminating oil; to
license physicians and secure their
payment for services, to give notice
of application for pardons; to abolish
the State guard; to repeal the act
m regard to uniform taxation; to
relieve members of volunteer fire
companies; to amend the charter of
.ewbtrn. After long debate a re
.-. o 1 u t i o n v,' f. i a ; 1 o n t 1 I allowing the
Secretary of State to return to public
urintiLg hidderg their b'ds and $500
checks, The Mil to require com
missioncrs to reduce the bond of the
sheriff of Pitt county to sixty
thou?M;d 'Ihiri c.'iPed a long
its taking occasion
as on ver'r rdav, to attack the
of eOuiitj vtnunent.
party complimentary I
A hunting
:::,"of Durham, -cut
h-,r:?-!.r.r this uf'-r-
' .
neon to z
J lie - I
the rabbits a round. I
is com no? d of the fo!-
)winsr vo
g people :
i r.
' 5
v li tic n
in u el J Ervin and
Richtnfi! d Montgomery.
After v !
ev! nirr ... '
The pari.
y .,':):! to tr."- e.r! v
5 j
' i -litful lunch
took with them a war: on
(to haul 1L: !
teen hounds.
rI i I 1 ' i V
Each member of
the missionary
society of Forest Hill church las
the privilege cf inyitmg a friend to
participate in the tea drinking at the
church th'3 evening at seven and a '
nair O'ClOrk. '
'I lie A ntiit orsiiry oi tliv II i;;- .Suoi in
Wliit-Ii Vit i'.'.on SI'liiry mid Of Iters
Were IiO'?ieI I'p.
Todoy fJan. ISth) is the 3Sth an
niversary of the big snow etorm that
iell in Piedmont North Carolina.
It is remembered by the old in
habitants a3 the Big Snow 17 inches
deep on a level. It was court weeK
in Cabarrus county, it commencing
on Monday, Jan, 18h. It was then
that Dr. Chas. Harris, who had been
her 3 to court, had frozen to death.
He was on his way home which was
at Cox's mill in No. 2. He got off
his horse. He could not make it
any further. He kept walking
around a big tree until the cold overs
came him.
In this storm the trains on the N.
C. R. R. had some tough experiences.
Both the East bound and West
bound were snow locked, for fiye
The East bound train stopped at
Jamestown and crew faired tolerably
The West bound hung up two
mile3 west of Durham had a terrible
time of it. Cuts 50 feet deep were
full of snow andj the train could not
push through. -
They were near a countryman's
house. He did aU he. could for the
comfort of the passengers, - On the
Monday after, the snow storm the
wind blew terribly. The cre7 set
about to provide a enow plow and to
work its way back fo Durham.
While at this whistles were heard.
Tt was three engines plowing their
way through the cuts coming to res
cue tbe train that, in the absence of
a telegraph line, no one knew where
it was. The engines would take a
running stait on fills and levels and
go dashing into cuts to push a vay
the snow. Sometimes it took re
peated efforts to get through a cut.
As far as is knrwn there are but
time men now liying who were on
either one of those trains. They are:
C W Bradshaw and Frank Snyder,
of Charlotte, and J W Mehaffey, of
Concord Mr. Mehaftey is the only
living one, now known, that wa3 on
the Weat bound train. He was mail
agent, now called postal clerks.
It was (he custom up to a year
ago to have annual dinners in
remembrance of this day, but the
nuinlerhas gotten down so small
tV't th j ruru vers are not capable of j
devouring in one meal the fatted
vU't sve iin
uwa? ft 3 W
otsxl' : Hole-
Fred Wade, son of 0 C Wade, of
Troy, Inst his eye in a peculiar math
ner the other dy. lie was attend-
ing schi and the boys were Generat
ed froui the girls by a partition runs
i i n :r through the school room, but
in order to get a peep at the girls the
'."J73 hv. bored a hole thiongh the
Vhl!e young Wade had his
ev: liicd o the aueerho.'e in order
to re
tbe cl'iecl:
of his affections jabbed a hat pin
through the hole and hit the boy
in t tye. The injury was purely
accMenta!!7,:he girl having ben er
gaged in idly jabbing the pin
thiongh the hole when Mr; Wade
put his eye there. The eye has
been tal en cut by Dr. Battle of Hal
eigh. Stanly News.
To A!i Wlioits Jt 'lay Concern.
I have authorized Mr. J L Soger
to collect all fees due me and give
receipt for same. Respectfully,
Mr. 91 ilo'imii I ntroi'iiros a Kill to
Amnal the ninrtcr urroucord.
From one who is prominent in
Populistic circle? and who knows,
the Standard learns what the amend
ments are to the charter of Concord.
First, to elect the fown commis
sioners by wards and not by the vote
at large.
Second, to pay the policemen a
salary and the fees to be turned over
to the Treasurer.
Third, to relieve those citizens,
who live in town, on the suberbs,
and whose lands are used exclusively
fur farming purples such as
Winecoff's, Mrs. Ileinst man's and
Dry's from payii g town taxes on
the land.
The report the boundaries of
the wards are to be changed is a
mistake, at least, such is not in this
bill we are told.
ihc Tlimved.
"You know, Mis Caruthers has
been very cold to Charlie,"
"He addressed her last -night."
"Well, that broke the ice and. she
is now-, warmly attached to him.
. t'-ir for Hcn!ttcle
As a remedy for all forms of
Headache Electric Bitters has proyed
to be the yery bes. It effects a per
manent cure and the most dreadedl
habitual sick headache yields to its
influence. We urge all who are afs:
llicted to procure a bottle, and give
this remedy a fair trial." In cases of
habitual constipation Electric ..Bit
ters cures by giviug the needed tone
to the bowles, and few case3 long
resist the use of this medicine, Try
it once. Large bottles only Fifty
cents atiFetzer's Drug 8 ere.
Shall It lie Increase!
Editor Standard It is said
that the prcsen t Legislature will be
asked to increase Concord's taxes
from 40 cents on the $100 to GO cents.
We, as citizens, will have to bear
then increase and I move that a
citizen's meeting be called to con
sider this matter. The question is:
Shall our taxes be raised 50 per
cent? What do the people think of
this proposed change? Citizen.
A Special Invitation.
A cordial invitation is extended to
the ladies to visit tae Art Craio
Studio and fee the exhibit of crayon
You will be aslcrdahed at the
work of the ppils. You will re.
ce-ive more attention if you ck come
in lu.fa.-e one oVccV, c.s I am busy
teaching after that hour. You are
welcome however at any lime.
Artist A Miller.
Fr(ur I'lfly Years
Mrs. Winslow's Sootlr'rg Syrup lias
been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while ;w;th;n , with perfect su
It soothes the child, oftens the
gump, allays all pain, cures wind
colic, ami h the hst, rf medy 'or
Diarrhoea I; will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Sold by
Drucgiata m every part of the
world. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Be sure and askfor '-Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrnp," and take no other
kind. mw&w -
. Bta
House to Kent.
Four room dwelling house on East
Depot street next to Mr. Sapp; apply
to J. W. Caxnon-. dlmjlO.
T. C. WILLIAMS CO., Rickir or.d. Va
For sale by all firstsclass dealers.
. - - - , M t MM , imi1llliiiiiii,i.,MM.i. I
50 IW I
jiTii mt mi . ' lw n iijmii 'i-' '
High Orad Tobasso
A Ncrftpo Vltli Iiilosi,
1 We learn that Mr. W W Williams,
one of the best farmers of Franklin
township, was painfully hurt yester
day, On Saturday he bought' two
young Kentucky mules at the sale
at Mr. E,K. James' siabJes,
ned tbem home. Yesterday morn
ing he went' iato the stable where
one of the mules was secured and
unfastening the halter attempted to
tike him out. The mule was very
wild a&d began to rear and plunge
as soon as Mr. Williams approached.
In the scramble Mr. Williams was
thrown and trampled by the mule.
He received several biuises oh the
body and the hoot of the wild ani
mal ; truck him on the side of the
head, cutting open the flesh to the
skull for a distance of about four
inches. While the wounds are pain
ful and cause Mr. Williams consid
erable su filling, they are not con
sidered of a serious nature Salis
bury Herald.
51 14 All Art rraao.
The progress of tbe pupils ia Art
Cr;do ia wonderful. They draw as
good portraits after only two lessons
as we ever saw done by the old sys.
tern after a vear cr more of prac
tice. The class increases daily.
t --
The IVst Sahe in lite vvorla for
Cuts, Bruises, JSort-p, Ulcers, Salt
Bheitm, Fever Sorg, Tt.tier,C happed
Hands, ( hilblains, Con s ai-d all
Skin Erui'tioue, and uivcly cares
Bile? or no p;--y npured. It ii
guaranteed to give s,itijtVjiieu or
money refunded. Brict 25 ce nlsr pe
box. For sale at P. B. Fetr's Drug
i JMorth Carolina,
Superior Court
) Cabarrus County.
J. P. Coodman, tt. ai., heirs a.i law cf I.
K. Klutz, vs T- U. trapp, Tobias Keist-
ler, et- 1.
To the Sheriff of Cabarrus county :
You are hereby commanded to sums
mon G. J. Goodmanand Ely Goodman to
be raid appear before the Judge of our
Superior Court to be held for the county
ot Cabarrus, at the court house in Con
cord on the 0th Monday before the first
Monday in March, lbti5, at which time
and pla'ce they can, ifthe3Tsee fit, make
themselves parties, plaintiff or defendant,
in the above entitled case and take such
action as they may see fit to take with
regaid to the matters involved in said
Clerk Superior Court.
December S, 1891 Cw
n, yv.T
And now is the time to ava 1 your
selves of bargains. This is no old
gag we mean business ard the
nrst to con-e wi:i?et the cream- u
a a
few pieces cf All Wool
Dress Goods
word 75c wholesale we rlTer them
at 10c per yard. We have one-half
press Patterns
jthat are worth 1.00 wo cfTer at 65c
per yard. We have the best piece
Jsm Etc oes & Krsdbi k.f? t'r r.
ever sold in this town price, 1.25,
!we sell at 75c p r yard. We have a
black 14sinch Henrietta Surah,
wholesale price 75c, we bed I at G0c
and all our winter poods m propor
tion. We have a giand bargain to
offer in Misses and (jhiJdren's
a $5.00 coat to go at 3.75 and 2.50.
A small' lot wholesale price $2.00
and 2 25 to go at $1.25 each. A few
at prices that suit everybody. Now
don't fail to see our stock of
We have some special burbling to
ofler and guarantee prices- Will
ot. be undersold. The- old nd.igo i.
this: ''Seeing is believing " We ?ay
Come and see; Glad to -t ycu and
will interest you. Truiy,
mm mm mi
Cox(-oitD, N'. C.
J M. OdLL, President,
L. D. CoLTitAXR, A-i':,'.
V ii o i nil .
pd; ooo
J. M. Odell, i). F. Cannon
Flai King, VV. Can . :
i r. ii. Odbll. W. IB i T' T v
The following valuable
! property is" offered for sale, private,
which is located m tne norcnern
part of the city ou the east sidfi of
Forest Hill:
One two-story, 7 room houje,
f;ood well, stable, orchard ard out
houeea , one two story, o loom i'ouic
and on 4 room house on St. Charles
street, and one store house, on Mam
street. This property can b..- bought
on easy ter:r?s, which will be made
ou application.
Address W. P.. Shealey,
Lincoln on, K. O.
or W. L. Bobbins, Concord, N. C
r ' S3 f ' is r A
0 li 1 1

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