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Die Daily Standard
. ' I
81 Y JAMIIS T. t'K.
are supposed to represent the in
t 'rests of the vhde town and, us
such, the whole town should have
the right to say whether he is a
: proper man or not
Professional Card.
as oru Kits i s'.
The January Fourm I1113 several
pages devoted to North- Carolina,
from which the following is a brief
extract :
j "Few people realize thfit North
! Carolina is more than o 0 imka in
j length, or that if New 11 a in pa hire,
Vermont, Mai-oaohusbtU3, GcnLeoti---!
cut, Rhode Island, Delegare and
New Jersey were all made into one
Ter ie, for regular adveruscmenk Suto, ii would lack over o,000
square milts cf being as large as
Noith Carolina.
"Fifty nine per cent cf it? surface
is forest, and it Ojmbiiids within its
The Standard is published cveiy
day (Sunday excepted) and deliver
ed bey earners-
a ti:s or srBscnirTiON
One c-ar 1
Six months - W
Three months 1 00
One namth
Him!1" copy
A 0 VCU T I.HIN O 1 ; A TF.S.
made u-aown on application.
Ad.Uaa-s all eommimications to
Con, oru, N. C.
limits a greater varie'.y of climate
tjuk nus-A aaMas r.v fsv-..i KA-afi;v. ! than a!iV OlUer 'Mai e in tie. t.) lllOll.
I have located in Concord for the
practice of medicine and surgery,
and respectfully ask the public for a
share of their patronage I may be
found at my office at any hour of
the day or at my residence at night
when not out professionally, and
will gladly respond to all calls
Office under that of Montgomery
& Cro-veli. liespectf ully,
rj J. K Smoot, M. D.
Stock M Bond
CONCObD, JANUARY, 1 18tO.;"xcept California, being eenii-trop-
j ic:d along the so, and high and
1 :,() & F2 Feral Street,
Stocks, Bonds and Grabi bought and
fold, or tarried on Margin.
mountainous m tile wed tern por- j K.Send for explanatory circu,
nun. , lar on 'peta 'at ion, also week 1 y mar-
ini, usioii atlair we are tmving t.If is ncll v ullKr;U se Wrh as j Kel (.ttor. (Krte) '
i? Lvgb'ators is a gem. It's nice j.. timber, and has hot only a corn- j : .
tsi. .t n oun'i'
i.i make a earumo ei.
Tne md thai presided for let in
cat lie.
l i)
:ne pi lining to the io esU,
eteiit State boaid of Agriculture!
but a (bologieal suney of National 1
jame which has tliroca.b it1', abie
1 1 a ' !; You Head Thk
:v-spoi:t bidder, lias taen reneaieu ; tJ tt,u,:jCl . ,,f l5r:h
: ..i-.wijg tn ' usual iaanner .-.jljafiin:J trough. tvv- rA mi! lion
This morning '?
i ; i ' .
I li i .
t u 11 !'0 to u
. ' ; i
eeii in.1
:ivd throu'."1. rl ' i . e print: :''&rt ' . , ,1 i. . 1 1,.. r.f ! naper polIi.--,;j'; in INu-asvlvania
0UU O"
.d bv no limit.
. , r . -, l . ! v . l i ( i
1 wi
e 1 i n.ui :. 1 he 1 j --g i 1 atuie
Vi - i I f Pi i Sn.,.,lKi, m of i.u),;. i.i.i. 4 ti.5
coiariiiiei.:, :...,. y tin:-, wh: it . li:nH ,rii)ii,; .iM ... .. , ;. v v(f
"'- ... j j . 'oV-i-'tv, iu)i.e.-; ;:,'Vri ?i)'-i:t and
i v. mi i ii -mows
11.. hU!!Wv:r!:". !;" v u
! i;. vt blanents,
j i reatm;,' piiuac issuer
i c-lesi a:-id bt i-t hc ;.-.
IvJwrth (';iroina r.! 'M :..'h in 1 ::.".);,! )i".vs) .:pei .
in the
ln: a:'-
' .:i TV :
; . i . V. - i .
;NOW t ii
.... i
Hi J J
io rc. ne.
l i: n
ne hano
1 liIC Ct Uil
x.T.a i . i .
iWi .1 LM 1 1 e i i . t J Mii i i : ; i
- " "l"
tiie ii.'c .-t p.aii ',;tn.i
D ' ? i 1
,,f Tin: 'Jh'rs aims to b:iv f c v:r
. v i
iaVe be. 1 1
are l.r.
i:b!e e ;::;;.K
; v-lu : t St : ). dee.ri viitir it, and
1 ! ) a, ;? ; ;iA 4ii
; -nil
J tan ntjvvspap'-. r. Spteimen oopieH of
'any edition will 1.- sm.t, jAee to any
; on-- sendii; t ' . i V address.
7 yil'lUe
I .1, ill t) , ,
, , ! m a it it: i.v
:ie :;iW na: neea reeaieu,
1M I
in-.- ; . ;;. i i-:a.'-i j.u'.v, oil.ou pr annum;
! i'i f. . f,
: l i t . 1 i ! 1 I I ' i ' Mil f ! II; til ' 1 7 V I 1.1'"
j U.l,
till rpl ;','(
: -non!',; Ss: .-
:.:.;: v n, : v,
and thus p-reu-nt ' dil by tbio .'giisimt
.v ii i lug j'i.-.t lio v maCtl i ii tne in.e ia
1 1
a! , iiaii'lsona paircs 1('.S volumnr
UliUvI I,
.ni. aaj v.
We h.
:a t o .
. , . e 'i i. 1 1 Hi: v. ' i e io; - a i
o;d law than lav tiic ne:V lau
tl'aantly illmdratLul. 2.00. .ci nil-
; nuiji ; Daily and Sanduy, i.a j
' an.i'.ii.i; .Vt oa a per motith. W-a; kr- '
! iv ' diiiea.. ;f1 e.-::i.K a var, Addrts.- !
, aa a.a i cia
in-' tent one
1 (A '
re i Oi
:i i tret to be perfectly fail jacba a.o wa
Tlie J-'-pr.:
fought the
2 ' i ' v . ii . " j .rm
the Alliance con ietimed ; hu : ii;t !odt'C--d a bill to ?a tv.
! 1
u i-nu v.veryloay wantwu a change : la.w pavinir i)en?ao::s :o w on n tied
a .a
! fi Ml
u (iuM.. v oi.ii m. j a'.e . 4 i i ?, . i a ' i c
. ' i V I 3.1
, , : a r a. - ' I i . . . .. ' - i . ... I
' '. - . -' 1 u t at v.ii k. . . a a. a ti.,. , iil . "a i
er-V'le. I cms) draws a pension from the
Thi.: (a'i . h-is been knocked in the; Yankee tide.
head . You see the animns. Hey slapped i
To let i" oat to a partisan at a pro-, a negro io as dooikcepet in prcf-r- j
U', entire; y too big. j euce to a v.-o uncled Confe-b rite sol
di' r, and new this hair-brained,
nat row-soultd man froiM Wayne
I wants to obliterate the law that givts
In ano her column the Standard j cacb mounded Confederate soldier a
piutj t;-a proposed changes in tbejbm.lU pensiou.
chlIt'-r CI Joncord Without giving He'3 a Populist --No Imo:rat U
t:.e liita lull CGDudeitioii, the j iena enough to attempt such a low,
oianuaru is oi tne
i ii i: A.u t;. i:u i .
op:mo!ijci03h act.
theill IS fJml Kr fho Sniu '
-.- .VWU .i..
to requir- Dry, Mrs. Ileiustman Ainui3Sov.
art! oi'ars, who live vv on the! A faaionist member has intro
.MA N L'l'AC'rUUKILS or'
now that one of
yropea' aad just
tiuf;trn.; ll
-, i ...
y mis
f , . . - , . . , . i , , , , I d 1 1 c c d in 1 1 e N o r t h Cavo 1 i n a Le e l s -
Uxaa o .:. ;he land which is used euJ hUure a UH 10 rf'dllcc tbe amount of j
UreW io: iimmg pnrp,, SiUeS, nM.,.L,. r ,: .
that m inany caunties the fubionist
oflicials elected at the November
thuir b-:; g inside of the incorporate i
limits la-. y have, no moie advantares
ihaa Ova -an
'ifl'l II a :y-
sbanged. we said months ago that
the people ought to be relieved of
paying town taxes on their land or
sice sib: ydks shouhi be constructed
thre and electric lights put up.
Quite a number of our people are
in iavor of the policeman being paid
a nalary and the fees be paid into the
The proposition to elect Com
miasioncrfj by wards is a partisan
measure without any benefits at all
b.dng derived. The Ccmniissiocers
election were unable to secuie
1 1. .
to reduce the bonds is in klMM
tV.r- V4,rfiri(1 i ?rn iifl t'ill ijAvro f , I "
encourage financial delinquency on
the part of the officials. Under
Democratic rule county credit in
North Carolina has been re-established
and maintained, and for the
sake of th. ''loaves' and fishes" the
fusioni3t cannot afford to pass any
act that will tend to destroy this
credit. To do eo is to invite speedy
condemnation and ejectment from
power. Baltimore Sun.
oi m km
Four foot wood .always wanted
best pricoE for mlup. Wo invite an
inBDectionIof ad2 the ocdaI we
rj TT7
R A H K h , 1
L'dijs drry Kib combination suit, vest
and prints ni;pb Ue-a-r he-r T'" cents r suit.
Tv.ili- Marino CoHon pants 1') cen(3.
uver l,n:o yanhs Hanibiiig'. '.() of vvliicli
has just arriv -.i v, .aa brought in under tip m?v
tarill' S cents per yard.
Ellei alie Cambric vanie as Lonsdale ) only
tv, cents per yari.
We b'ad iri Hosiery o cents up to -lo. Job
in mitssaa and youtbs 15 hick Seamless llibbed
Hose, vole oc, our price Ihc Men's tfood
weiubt seamless (Ternrin lalbrig.ccau Sox at 12 j.
Turkey Reel Table Damask at 20 cents per
yard. Counterpanes Iroin 0.5c to 2Jj$ each.
Good Ginghams from 5 cents up.
Boo&s at one half rice

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