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    Vox-. XIIL-No. 129.
Whole NO. 15US
W 9
a k7i 1,1
vl to the top now with
! LV; ;oo(ls. Everything you
J::::: iu tbe way of a new
dress from a 3 cent Calico,
(finrli-ms or PJaida up to the
liiiwlsotnest line of
ft ? i H :;'
, J (J 1 I-. A
hji ki U- a
v i .if
1? ft
tymzz Goods at SI. 00. per yard
in town. The styles are abso-
Ihtely correct and the price is
Two hundred Pairs Blankets
:it all prices from 75 cts to
per pair. '
A Yountr Ladyrs Aislile Rrohcn and Xommntioits 3Iade at Their Conven-
Piolrude TEiroKti ttiet tion The Sheriff's Place Reft for
the L' cues
I'll I lire DealSi
'Mies Hattie Carroll, a young Ja.dy j The Populist convention -of Ca-
of Poplar Tent, Cabarrus county, barms was called to order by Mr.
was escorted to the city by a gentle- I A F Hilferuan and Dr. S A Grier wa3
man friend yesterday to.hear Bryan. 1 Iua"e temporary airman and xr.
I hey spent a few hours with friends ? A Pitts and. J JtL lJorton were re
in the city, an d then started home. quested to act as secretaries. Tne
As they were nesr Neweh's, ' the l"fferent! editors were incited to
boree attached to their buggv be- sst; J xlhe organizition - was made
came frightened and ran away. ! permanent.
misa varrou was mrown out and man uamwcn, uuairinn ci
Bncklen's Arnica Naive.'
The Best Sunve in the world for
Cut3, Brni3aa, Sores, Ulcer,V Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe
Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cares
Piles or no pay requi-ed. It is
guaranteed to give statiefaction or
monev refunded. Price 25 cents per
b ox For sale at P B Fetzer'a Dreg
struck 'the ground with violence, i conference committee, m ede a report
Her right ankle was so buaiy
crushed that the broken bones pro
truded through the flesb. Sbe was
conveyed to the home of Mr. Frank
S Neal, where her injuries were at-
icaucu iv uy ur. v m .ruarr, 01 mat I
neighborhood and Dr Misenheimer,
of Charlotte. It will be some days
before she will be able to leave Mr.
NeaPs home. Charlotte Ooservtr.
and a number of -resolutions - were
offered s.ud adopted when the foU
lowing resolutions were made :
For Coroner M 0 Walter, unun
imoss. . "
For Surveyor M G Lenfz, of No.
7, by acclamation. '
Cotton Weigher R Biggere,
Treasurer G E Eestler, by unit
Concord Flour and eeu Store.
"Fenix Mill" flour, millfeed,
bran, un-al and chicken1 feed, kept at
Lore building on West depot street
and for sale oy
b24 f G G Richmond.
Mies Carroll' is the daughter of ! voe-
Mr. S L Carroll, iler many frinda
in this city learn of the terrible ac
cident with regret. ;
ii s - Pants
'from ;7. -cents' to 3.00,
Twenty-five dozen Men' s
Work Shirts that originally
sold for 4.0 cts have been re-
A f.rovolted Clergyman.
Eey. Dr. J G Mason, a native of
Jonesoro, Tenn., who is now a pas
tor of a church at Metuchen, N. J.,
was in the city this morning, and
was landed here by some misunder
standing. He was very much pro
voked, too. The reverend gentle
man waa traveling on a clergymen
rate ticket, whicn was- void on the
vestibule, althouth the passenger
caxe from Jacksonville Friday
without any kick on the part of the
conductors until he reached Char
lotte. He was put off at this point,
o 25cts. Ten : dozen and after demanding his valise,
which wa3 checked through to
Washington, he discovered it to be
badly used upj the lock being broken
off and otherwise damaged. The
.in ' 1-,'- t crpntleman was verv much mortified.
sola ior tv ceuis iivy p
been reduced to 50 cents. The not only at being put off and treated
ivality can't be matched for very discourteously, but because he
would not reach his home and con
gregatiori until Sunday morning,
very much tn his displeasure. He
did not blame the conductor that
put him off the train, but his heart
was turned against the ogent at
m that
toe pries.
ezIOO Boltsti
Hitter or ueeas w M vvea'-
dington, bv unit vote.
Cojuty Commissioner J LStflf
ford, on 2nd ballot; E P Deal, bu
let b4llor.
For House of Representatives A
F Hilem-iD, by a uuft vote.
For the Senate John A Si ma,
unanimous. '
Take laxative Brorno Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the
money if it fails to cure. 2oz.
liel Wanted lemnle.
S10 to SIS per weekto Men- and
Women for easy borne werki No
books or can, efpefii
ence. " iBona fido cflrr. No catch.
Send Btamp for work and particu
lars. E Herrman, 213 South Sixth
Street, P liladelphia, Pa. c31
Notice of Seizure, f I
Seized ! near Concord j N, C, on
the night of August 31r, 1896, the
following property for Violating the
Internal Ptevenue Laws of the United
State?, to wit: Two small bay
horses one two horce j wagon and
harnear-, about 15 gallons of whiskey
and four empty kege, supposed to be
the property of Jacob Hartsellr
Notice is hereby giyen to any one
clai nine: sid property to give notice
in the form and manner prescribed
by Jaw to the undersigned at hie
oiiice m Ashevilie, N. C, within 30
days from the date hereon, or said
property will be declared forfeited
o the Government of the United
States. ; " 'v
By Sam L. Rogers,
Collector 5 h District N. C.
1 R. S. Harris,
' Deputy CoiTector.V
.Stockholders and Directors Sleet. -
Then? will hf i meeting of . tba
stockholders aud also of the direc
tors of the Concord Southern Rail
road Company, held at the office cf
W M Smith in Concord, N. C, on
Tuesday,,29th of September, 1SSC.
at 11 o'clock a. m , when and wbfie
all parties interested are requested
to be present. J W Caxxox,
'El A3! Kixg, x
JNO P ALL1S02-7,
D R Hoover,
W M Smith,
Directors cf Concord Southern Rail
J. F. H "CTR LE Y.
Office over
H r.
j lov,
.per yard.
n , . , i Jacksonville, who told hin
aviII go at the extremely , '
uice of 15, W and 25 cts there wculd be no trouble.
The Discovery Saved Ills L,ife.
Mr. G. Cailloutte, Druggist, at
Beaver vilTe, IU., says: To Dr. King's
Never uaye we been so well discovery I owe my life. Was
! lixfd in the shoe line as at
I. C. forrell Director and Secrctatry.
The Spartanburg (S. C.) Dily
Herald of Tnursday lust contains
the following concerning a native
Concordian, Mr. D Curum Correil :
"The stockhold rs ot the Spartan
burg knitting mill met yesterdav
and elected the following directors :
Dr. George Hemitcty L M Gen ry,
Warren Du Pre, O
After which the
and elected the following officers:
J J Gentry, president and treasurer;
D C Correil, secretary.
C Correil, J J
directors met
i'U-;v lit.
st -Lot s
'10 cwnt
We have the cheap-
you will find any
taken with La Grippe and tried all
the physicians for miles about, but
of no avail and way given up , and
told I could notlivo. Having Dr.
King's New Discovery in my store I
sent for a bottle and began its use
and from the first dose .began to
7 TV'"f fT""
fi 1
. u
Every citizen of ConconlVbo intends
to burn ctal during the... roming winlcr
will save money and tjublf- by purchas
ing from us. We Awill. handle the best
C O . 3L !
K L Craven is now receiving
the best Jellico Lump Coal,
Also superior Hard Coal, igg
and Stove. Prompt attention.
Free delivery. Orders son
licUed, ' j
and will deliver any quantity in tiny part
of the city. Youi orders are solicited.
Headquarters at BlackweMer's store, on
West Depot street. i. 08
get better, and after using three
& - bottles was up and about again. 1
is worth its weight in gold. We
sold so fast. White won't keep store or hoase-without
u: i, , it. (iet a tree trial at reizer s
:'lHU5 till r 11 h. Wfl V T rOTYl i)U LLS tv cm.
1 J . JJrug oiore.
ul io L.7h. i)nr house IS
now full up ;to the top and we
Better than either is a healthy
liver. If the liver is O. K. the
man is O. K. His Hood is kept,
pure,. his digestioa perfect, and he
can enjoy life and act intelligently
and patiently ' upon the questions
of the day. '.'You - all know what to
take. ; You have known it for years.
It is Simmons Liver Regulator
still get new p-oods dailv and
Avi11 li II the basement. We
'Vai;t your trade this fall and
V;ill sell yon ' goods very low
h ()Kier to get it, You loose
.onty to
aiake a purchase
seeing us.
A SatI SIsht-
A sad, heartbroken woman with
four small children passed througn
the city last night Irom Ashevilie'
to High Point. It was the family
of Joe Jackson. "What has my
husband done and what haB become
of him?" was the queiy of the bro
ken-hearted woman. When in
formed; by the local reporter that he
had been taken to Statesville for
trial she wept and exclaimed, "I
have no one to help me." 1 The
voungest child was three years old
and one drl as totally blind.
Salisbury World. '
i'j ; v,,.:ri ' '
For years you. and your, fathers
have found it of sterling worth.
It is and always has been put up
only by J. H. Zeilin & Co. Take
none but the genuine. It has the
Bed Z on the front of the wrapper,
and nothing else is the same, and
nothing so good.
- I want every roan and woman in the United
States interested in the Opium and Whisky
habits to have one of my books on these dis
eases. Address B. Al Woolley, Atlanta, Ga.,
Box 282, and one will be sent yon free.
We Want to Beat . .
. . tlie Record for July.
We are .determined not to spend our" time and pnprgy srumbliBg'
about dull times. We will pitch in and make times lively. Now, m oii
der to make this incomiag month the biggest July we hav eVtr had, via
are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to ujhpp iLem hum.
We are going to do away with Stickers. Wre will make iluvtra out of
thera. Here goes: '
About 60 pre of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Reed's nike?, all
small sizes, 2J, 3, 3J and 4 that we will pell at $1 a pair. Not a pair among
them but cost $2 and over. They must go.
NO. 2, About one hundred pair of Ladie3 Fino Oxford Tiep, eome
patent leathers, some tans, some tine dongola pat tips, ali to uo at 75c.
Ihey cost from SI to $1.50. . They must go.
NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxford?, all Zeiglers, tar. gray,
and black ooze and fin kid, sizes 1 to 4. Al! to go at $1 Made to 3ell at
S2 and $2-50. They must go.
NO. 4. About 75 prs of Ladies Oxfords and 1-strap Sanaa's eiglers.
Bay State and Padsn Bios., ail to go in at S1.25. Call for them they,
won't be here long. They must go. ,
NO. 5. A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50c.
NO. 6. FOR MEN: A lot of Tan, Goat and Black Yici Kid Cxforda
at SI. They are $1.50 shoe?, and are fresa stock just bought them.
Womens Solid Leather Shoes at 65c. Warners solid Leather Pebble
Grain and Glove Grain Lace and Jiutton Shoes at 75c. These aie SI
shoep, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button shotp, made ut
Alexandria, Ya. Solidfas any shoe in the market, regular 81-50 thoeg, to
go at $1. Mens Fine Satin Oil Sbo'es, lace and gaitera at Sh Ihey are
regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy Engash Tiey, everyday fchoee, 1.00 Solid
cLs leather can make them Big job in straw hats at 10c, some vf them
are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads and retail them at whoh sale
prices. One hundred Mens" fine Serge Coats at just half price. We have
everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goods. Everything np
to date and at pricest hat c an't be beat anjwheie in the State. Call and
ee samplesof tne free .Crayon .Pictured we are having made, for our cus
JOB Twentyfive suits of .fine All-WoojCassimere in Cutaway "Frock
Suits, sizes 34 to 36 'lor 4 "00 a suit. I IThey are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.00,jsuit8.
Oftll nn tin nrtH bpa f Viaspi anrl nthTAtlrKff innfl"

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