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COM-ORD, JSEPI., 21, 18S.
The campaign speeches thus far
bad a measure of mildness
and couservativeness about them
ihat gives pleasure to those who
love peace and unity, though tbe
icntirnent be the opposite of that of
many of the hearers, but it remained
for soiinbuiy to give Walter R
He:;:-' . chance to come in our
r-rdst wit'' atulf that was surely
hwmi..., .a:; to every Populist of
; ; ,sie. He be&an by as
i he would not be abu
! e u c hibt credit for
:; it he said, but we were
:.iy und. Ci-ived.
. o-d aj-ilht I. niCi:rir
Vi ! C ; 00 ItS he
if hid magnanimity does not ex J State were not second to the free
s lyer issue. Think of i ! rom
?! r
ceel Henry's.
He told of how' far Vauderbilt's
$202,000,000 would reach, if in sil
ver laid side by side or upon each
other and made not a single argu
ment out of it unless it was what
could have been 8 id with equal
itnpressiveLess in a few" words, that
the policy of souebody gave rise to
such conditions. Of couise Mr.
Henry would not abuse. The Dem
ocrat8 abuse, he says. Butte speaks
of tbe Populist's marching: over toe
'.dead and rotten corpse of Democ
racy." Mr. Henry afftcted to have regard
for the feelings of Democrats in the
use of the term "Stat2," then went
on using it in a way most uncourt
eous and Fuid the Chicago conven
tion had h t o : t a the silver plank and
the income tox plank and the mn
to stand upon the platform of the
stolen planks.
A V .J 1
. i-lil C-C aiiU iirptt Oil-
id i!i it abue rebound d on I
U Iks Mr. iknry to a
faiuis the nid'tt ;1 w or li
the end of the war to 1870 the State
was uudT R-publicau ruie, and we
had the Holdon.Kirk disturbance, a
loo'ed aud bankrupt treasury, with
North Carolina bonds stliiug at 18
cents on the doilur and general dis
content and alarm. From ;then till
'95 we had u reign of peace and
quiet and successful stale n'erprises
that could well invite the envy of
any bta h. Democratic supremacy
guarantees the same today. Is free
silver a sham with Mr. Henry or
does he not appreciate good govern
LIU nt ?
We repeat our regret that Mr.
Henry should cane and thrust so
much obj ctionab e matter in his
speech which he knew rhere was no'
cha. ee to 'yewe a reply te. Wc in
vite him or any one els to turn on
ail the light, but we want nothing
mitie.idujg to fur; her array man
Hr. Henry do;-s not seen; v know agaiiir.t man wiivsv interests are
that Democrac is not niudo of cuch ! i i; t;ca!.
c-.-'Utrarines3 as to disapprove of a
tiling just because the Populists ap
prove ;c. V, e would fi A a&ham; d ! f.x
not u in ye it i ol h
of the party if we du
pu!j ns own con vic'io
forms without iv'i-renee lo the itw&
s into its plat- j T,
: iVilh r
i ii 'it A v. v Free
To ad;.r.i.-e om iroOv's we will
;'bcoluteiy f rei , one box
v (.igara, one.irohJ ring and
i!e houle of Pcelei's Pain
) . . ' i 1 1 e t-, ;.i.:-g us tH'ty
CcOl'o o
lie iry
i , but loo
? -
, 1 "
of any faction that
ar.mes to cii:i ui -io; i.
Mr. Henry hv '..- Pouuhiiii
poison to Democrat.', an th
Br van was a big itose for o .
.1- j
pocsnmpiioas task of
K a line to which Dem
.o eon:-' or he w
j (iod ht'd leave
ah it , p, i, i ! ind of Populism we think is c
. e iiiu. lie caia ne ciiu 1
i i J .
V- f
: itjx 1, K iriicfv.iie, .N. C;n 1
think Mr. Bran
1 1 '
r uic elixir, oat r. uenr
i l)!o
t convention
y, ti.'v-y ; lu t'r .w the
: etty iighl. A Pv'pulist . m
iLi'L-t give tmploynivi. t to a
JV line I ,
cilbe but forever. ; ttd to ive 1)tiilCrivat li-.-nbiicar-
i v.
it is in
: : t pa'-;
ucd everybody el so f'pam-3
It -i i
ire si.iit red irom for over two
any ,
hour Saturday evenip-r, if
.3 p;itiioiism in it. i J"L uis moain ;:ir:
h'cd fought ihePopu-jdoM as some;seeined to do.
uo c., as over rg:;ih-t c ' ioyn g an
indi -.i-luril whom he niighi: li!:e bet
ter aio. who might suit him belter
j :f .:or h i;: dividual ou v iotin
f re
iO L L
Bridal utr, till ne
Ilr. ITnry Suid n. e
. .. t ; V
id tii:ii principle
. r i
a a
st: re right and he was j national banking g, s-cm, ;,sif it wi re
I , told of his ovn foolish j ful1 of enl without ai:y great (
l'j .that is characterisiic : amonnt r,cod. borne men wiilj
n when he said in :J'2 Gnd fll;ilt Wlth tbe rtad that nour-l
v.-uuld put a bit of Pop ishts them. The national banking j
. in a hole 100 feet deep j system will be reforme.l or abolished
U the hole with dirt and v.-ln: never our patriotic congresmea
r-t to grow on the dirt ! belieye they have found a belter sys-
were to graze on the I tem- Many suggestions have been
ould not eat the mutton, j m"da but no agreement has yet-been
i it over with the pitia-1 reached. There are too many like
at he was a muttonhead : Henry and ourselves that do not
lei nri Bm
it the tirm; and some of the audi
ence choeied him.
'r He e'aao-td that the Democratic
hip ha 3 a pirate crew. In the in
lerests of all that's grand, noble
knov how to make a better system
of finance. Mr. Henry would have j
us believe that Aftlrsr bewail !
changed from a gold bug to a silver-
ite because Cleveland woo id not. gi ve '
.md good in the party, that makes j Sewall's son an appointment.
)f-j m'ri i reality, we are glud Mr.
. . ; . oi one of the crew.
ii.: .u .he wheels of this gov-
: "ere running dangeiously
nef.r ; ution. This may be only
Ico ulc, hence such vile harangues
x ' . . y'a ought to be avoided
1 le was severe in his strictures of
oo'ui the Democratic and the Repub
lic ; .rdes and claimed, great
thirga that the Populists had done
in ohaoiag Democratic policies.
T' e speaker was very entertaining
in his description of 50 very wealthy
sneii i;i New York engaging in a
tOO feast when the poor were
tjnt.side and suffering. Such things
are too often true and it makes the
heart of every good man ache with
regret. But such has been in all
age3 of the world and probably
?dwa3 will be and we ourselves
.cannot have an unusually good din
ner without being liable to the
same reflections, but on a smaller
acale. Many a man listening at
Mr. Henry works harder than he
and suffers privations that might
crjtalize in enyy toward Mr. Henry
would spoil that columny in a hurry.
Heshotved an immense array of Gg
ures on his wall canvass to prove
that the financial system had
wrought ruin, and in hia tyrade of
Sewall he said that Sewall was the
worst of a protective tariff man.
Now if the financial policy of the
government is the cause of all our
ills, as he would have his figures
prove, then why speak of Sewall as
the worst kind ofa protective tariff
man? What has the tariff to do
with our troubles if the gold stand
ard has caused them all ?
He was fondjof. literary and hi3x
toric flights and found Cleveland's
parallel in Nero. Let such as Henry
reflect on a noble, man!y, honest
and patriotic official; it seems to
gratify Mr. Henry and does not
hurt Mr, Cleveland, It was rather
amusing to hear him call the gold
dollar a thief, as much as a pirate is
a thief. We think everyone of us
wou!d be glad to have a bushel bas
ket of the thieves of that kind.
He got quite impressively ia earN
neat when he said the issues in the
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":"T' ",rrT-T 7
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