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;m. No.
Whole IStO. 1,518
.; Monti of I iicsdny Last
v, .: Ill Over Hie Nimny
riirrs Appalling.
( I'
i y ... i. -
lev V
. , , ' U, Ga,, Sept. 30. The
. . -t' rdav's storm so far
The body of dipt
Murra, of the ill fated
Turner, which was
r in the Savannah river,
: 1 to i.iy, wedded in a train
ir. w;.s brought to the
icv.u tug. Liter the
.-e oi' the deck hands was
the United Stat en r-v-.!
r Tjl-fe, which has been
f duty since the storm sub-
J 1 : es MoClure, a passenger
':: :-rr, ai.-d tv;o deck hands
! mi& Fannie "Jacksoc,
, 'io was injured by a falling
oiunviile, died today. Ri
- ", colored, 75 years oid,
1 u ruler a roof, died tonight,
i rj u red have all been re
moved to the hospital or to their
berate. Five others are fatally in
jartd and will die. The fatalities
are likely to be much greater when
reports have been received from the
Sea Islands. The damage to ship
ping is heavy. The Bteamer Gov
ernor Sn fford, which left Beaufort,
S. C, for Savannah Tuesday morn
ing, went ashore on Daufuskie
Island and is lying 100 yards high
and dry inland. The steamer Star
went to ber assistance this morning,
but has not returned. Much anxiety
is felt for the tug Cynthia, which
left here before the storm with a
barge in tow for Brunswick.
The barks Cuba and Roeeniut,
which drifted from their moorings
and went ashore, it ig believed may
be saved. The schooners Island
City and B D Metealf, which went
ashore on their way to sea, were
damaged. The bark Kylemore broke
away from her anchorage at quaran
tine and is lying against a training
wall half a mile away. The loss of
small sailing vessels is heavy. Up
wards of 20 are reported ashore in
the marshes and creeks and on the
beach at the mouth of the river.
Moat of these were small coasting
vessels plying between Savannah and
neighboring ports. The full extent
of the damage and the loss of life
ill not be known for several days.
The centre of the storm passed
east of Savannah and struck inland,
north of here. The damage on the
South Carolina coast is believed to
fce heavy, but so far little loss of
life is reported. The rice planta.
tioD3 on the Carolina side of the Sa
vannah river and along the river
est of here suffered heavily. The
nee in the fields was little injured,
being coyered with water, but the
storehouses and mills were wrecked,
and the rice stored is a total loss.
Ihe plantations on the Ogeechee
and Altamaha rivers on the Geor
aide also were heavily damaged.
The damage in the city will prob
ably exceed $1,000,000. Hardly a
wilding escaped, and thousands of
hnses are roofless. The work of
clearing away the wreckage from
the streets went on all night. The
parks are pitiable sights. Tall trees
e torn Up by the roots or are
brokenin two, and he m swaths
Bcros3 shrubbery and flowers. The
rui- is complete.
historic Bethsada Orphan
j iuuuueu oy ueorge Whit-
a century and a half ago, seven
m in the country from Savannah,
was heavily damaged, but no Joss of
life occurred.
Lighthouse deeper Ev.-m-j reached
j the city in a boat late tbia afternoon
with the first new3 from Tybee
Inland, at the mouth of the hUvui
vah riyer. The storm there was
severe. All the hotels are damaged
and the pavallion3 of the Hotel Ty
bee and South Ead Hotel, both
.1 irge structures, were carried away.
The Chatham Artillery Club house,
at the south end of the beach, was
unroofed. The ccitages fronting
the beach for a distance of four
miles are all damaged.
Brunswick, Ga., was wrecked by
the hurricane. The property loss
is estimated at between 350,000 and
5500,000. The loss of life is four,
so far as known.
A special to the Morning News
from Burroughs, Ga , says : The
the buse gave way before the tree,
which crashed in on Mr. Trice, his
wife and little son. Mrs. Trice who
h:id ju3t retired v?as caught by fiy-ir-g
timbers ana crushed to death.
M Tries and little eon, who were
Better than either is a healthy
liver. If the liver is O. K. the
man is 0. K. His blood is kent
sitting near the hre nkee. wfrs 1 A. . .
I PHI PIliriTT litr otnl o-- into intnt hr
viui. llllj (U1M n U 1 11 LllltVJll '-'J
knocked to the floor when the hoube
gave in, out their injuries were only
slight a' d they managed to fiod
their way cut from under the wreck
K?port8 from other points in this
State and throughout the South tell
of deith, injuries and terrible disaster.
and patiently upon tho questions
of the clay. You all know what to
take. You have known it for years.
It is Simmons Liver Regulator
A Few Honrs .Stop.
A part: of the court t3r-shaf ting in
Mill No. 4 at the Odeii factories got
out of running gear thia morning,
baseball boys had a gcod scrub game.
causing the machinery to stop for
several hours. The shafting was
storm started here yesterday at 10 soon mended and the mill started
o clock and lasted until 1:15 o'clock.
The trees were blown down in the
roads and woods. About ten houses
in different places are blown down.
All tb.3 stacks in the rice fields are
down. The new Ogeechee Baptist
church at Shiloh,'and the new Epis
copalian church are blown to the
ground. Three lives were lost and
several persona crippled. The loss
is estimated at $00,000. Every man
had to leaye his house and go out
into the open field to save his life.
There has never been such a atorm
here since 1854.
Fitteeu-year gold tilled vatchrp,
Elgin or Waltbana movpDionts
Ladies or Gents, siz-s 511.-50."
Quadruple Plated B-ikirg D;h with
Porcelain Dish inside 66 2"),
cheap at 810.
Quadruple Plated War
(Pitcher, AVaitr-r and Cup)
07 O-
Childrens Sets, Knife, Fork and
Spoon, 15 cents, while they
Bon-Bon, Glove and Har.i;!-oTchief
I Boxes "a; anv old pricu.''
IRogerVDouble Pi., t,
S2 40, formM-y -S4 .jU.
v Charleston S. C.J Sept. 30 Spd
cials to the Kews and Courier from
Beaufort fcay : Witbout premoni
tion from the Weather Bureau,
which the people of Bsaufort have
had reason to expect would apprise
them of an approaching or impend
ing cyclone or hurricane, Beaufort
was suddenly visited yesterday by an
almost as fearful and destructive a
cyclone as that of August, 1893. It
Citne in all its fury about 12 noon.
Dnring its continuance for one hour
and a half, it equalled, if not rivalled
in intensity, as long as it lasted, its
memorable predecessor.
Richmond, Va., Sept. 30,The
most violent wind-storm ever known
in this section burst upon the city
last night about 9 o'clock and raged
for some two hours. The wind was
accompanied by rain and the blow
was from the south-west. Trees
were uprooted, fences blown down,
windows blown in and houses un
roofed in every direction. On
Broad street the roof of Jacob'
clothing store was blown in on some
sleeping children, and one of them
seriously hurt. The Second Baptist
church was damaged.(
The same story of the storm comes
to the Dispatch from all over the
State east of the Blue Ridte. Barns
and small outhouses were swept
away, trees uprooted, residences un
roofed, wires prcstrated ana general
wreckage prevails.
Tuesday's storm carried terror and
forebodings of danger to many
homes last night, says the Raleigh
PressVisitor, but to one humble
cottage it carried death. A sad and
distressing story comes from St.
Matthews' township near Garner.
When one of the strongest blasts of
wind was expending its fury, a giant
oak gave way to the force of the ele
ments and fell on the house of Mr.
C N Trice. The weak timbers of
For years vou and vour fathers
up at r.ooD. In the meantime the have lound it of sterling worth.
Mftyor Fores Dies Suddenly .
Oq Monday evening, September
28, B F Forest, who conducts a mer
chandise business at Albemarle and
was Mayor of the place, died sud
denly. He was at his place of busi
ness about 6 o'clock when he was
ately retired to his home where be j
died within less than an hour. Mr.
Forest was a highly respected citi
zen and figured prominently in
Stanly county affairs, having held,
from time to time, various offices.
Identifying film.
"Uncle Tbeophilusy. what is ai
egotist ?"
"He is a fellow that listens in
tently when he is talking to yon and
never listens at all when yon are
talking to him." Dotroit Free
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only by J. n. Zeilm & (Jo. Take
none but the genuine. It has the
Red Z on the front of the wrapper,
and nothing else is the same, and
: nothing so good.
For Infants and Children.
ic et
''Everywhere I go I don't bear
anything but McKinley," said Moo
dy, who has returned from his
mountain fastnesses.
"You remind me of the drunken
man who had a pail of water poured
on him and thought it was raining
all over the world," said Bedding-field.
Only a few pair
O .1 i
f PMj'd Gold
2 2-5.
Solid Gold Stick Pp
low C'.l.
o. and be
Sterling Silver Ciu
I:L risers, 45
Dirt Ton Ever
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not, get a bottle
now and set relief. This medicine
has been found to be peculiarly
adapted'to the relief and cure of
female complaints, exerting a won
derful direct influence in giving
strength and tone to tbe organs. If
you have loss of appetite, constipa
tion, headache, fainting spells, or
are nervous, sleepless, excitable,
melancholy or troubled with dizzy
spells, Electric Bitters is the medi
cine you need. Health and strength
are guaranteed by its use. Fifty
cents and 1.00 at Fetzers Drug
A Wayne, W. Va., special says:
Burglars last night entered the
poorhouse and carried off three
hundred dollars' worth of clothing
and other valuables. Jefferson Ful
ler, who was staying o'.er night
with the superintendent, lost a gold
watch and every stitch of his clothe?.
Help Wanted.
Agents wanted to sell Macintoshes
and Robber Clothing, Tires, and a
full line of Rubber Goods, ( Part or
all of). Free samples, and prorecd
ground to workers. Factory P. O. !
1371, New York. j
Every citizen of Concord who Intends
to burn coal during the comiDg winter
will save money and trouble by purchas
ing from us. We will handle the best
and will deliver anv onantftv in an v Dart
Of the city. , Youi orders are solicited
lacbslier I
Five-Dollar Syrup Pitchers for So 50.
Sterling Silver Hat Marks 20 cente.
Solid Silver Thimbles 25 cents.
Five-Dollar Pickle Caster $2.50.
Sugar Shells, UA 1,J 50 cents.
Souvenir Spoors 20 cents.
These goods must be eold and now
is the time to get your. Cnristmas
presents at J their value.
Headquarters at Black elder's store, on
West Depot street. 08
We want to Beat . .
. . the "Record for July
We are determined not to spend our time and energy grumbling
about dull times. We will pitch in and make times lively. Now, in ot
der to make this incoming month the biggest July we bav ever had, we
are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to make them hum.
We are going to do away with Stickers. We will make Movers out of
them. Here goes:
About 60 pre of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Reed's m kes, all
small sizes, 2J, 3, 3 and 4 that we will fell at $1 a pair. Not a pair anions
them but cost $2 and over. They must go.
NO. 2, About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, some
patent leathers, some tans, some tine dongola pat tips, all to go at 75c.
They cost from $1 to $1.50. They must go.
NO 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxfords, all Zeiglers, tan, gray
and black ooze and fin kid, sizes 1 to.4. All to go at 31. Made to sell at
2 and $2.50. They must go. W
NO. 4 About 75 prs of Ladies OxTords and 1-strap Sandals Zeiglers.
Bay State and Padan Bros., all to go in at 81.25. Call for them they
won t be here long. They must go.
NO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50c.
NO. 6. FOR MEN: A lot of Tan, Goat and Black Vici Kid Oxforde.
at 81. They are 81.50 shoes, and are fresh stock just bought them.
Womens Solid Leather Shoes at 65c. Womens solid Leather Pebble
Gram and Glove Grain Lace and Button Shoes at 75c. These are $1
shoes, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button shoes, made at
Alexandria, Va. Solid as any shoe in the aarket, regular Si-50 fchoos, to
go at 81. Mens Fine Satin. Oil Shoes, lace and gaiters at 81. Thfy are
regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy Engii&h Ties, everv-davhhofis. l.m Snhvi
as leather can make them, Big job in straw hats at 10c, some of them
are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads and retail them at wl h sale
prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge Coats at just half price. V . Have
everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goods. Everytpn up
to date and at pricesthat can't be beat anywbeie in the State. ( i i! and
see samplesjof the free Crayon Pictures we are having made for oui us
tomers' JOB Twenty-five suits of finelAll-WoolSCassimere in'Cutawa Vock
bmts, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4.00 a suit.l They are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.0(fl9uits,
ball on us and see these and otherjattractions.

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