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r;i!iMi;.:r;TiAM, AIh., .Oct. 10.
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nrt ' r eft .-;t . Ccncord. ISho
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A' j):tretib!iry c tlu d in Dr. j
, rtrd after Fens hours foandj
!t't'' tv ia her inp, vho she I
J. r.-V, Andrew ('rier T,veut to
.rr:fd.)ur to icferia Dr. Grier, w!io
;:;tj meeL sirdur Tn the
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For Infants :.nd Cliildren.
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to ii,u- ;iA- it).
i 11A;o r.ndn Stiuduy. Dr. ;u,d Mrs.j J F ilwrl.y hai the c!d letibh
Itrrier and otlv.r near reli-es car-c iVnn AM"tual Fire Jl.lslir:inCtf Uo:ii
'. d at once.
All wm.q 7rinp fnr fli.o onfForinfr
7; bv her doctors j 1?nt,-n that Physicians and attoiiN
.vt -VvA ihat the t. - ?:".piff --'a could do, but r,f no
f:i- recover v, lA Ai"r" .
Mfj. .AAller was 53 years of age
and lr-ives only on child, Mrs.
Louis M Turner, of Washington
City, who was telegraphed for on
Sitnrday r-sd since, but word did
not reach her until this morning
vkxuv. Thev wrire wo Iv.t
jon earth. 'J A' :. ueidrale at tne
v A I C V
: t .:'; s.A Dr. Kiuir's New i-i-j-1
vy r.vr-l her life. Mr. Thcmr.s
, . :Aoric;a St. Saa Francis
: 7 f.orii a dreadful cold,
'"',7;i: eoneumptioii, tried
witlicut us- It (;veryliiui else then
lr-"7 r hcAtlo cf Dr. King's $ew
r ::-r::Av tharkful
It h chp!i results, Of which these hnsbfind if
s:: Ae, A:rA prove tv,e wonder-! ?-, .-
about 10 o'clock. Mrs. Turner's
of this medicine in
1 m As. Freo trial hottled
iA Dn- itore. Recuiar
:T':t t hi 3 borne in
t-:.:-A,:ivuh Mr. Boy-:.Ar-:A
AO yoarA
;e 7;.d hoea ;:ick only a
v:io of rrabria. His re
cr:! onveyed to Lower
:; 7; county,
' ' 1 " "T :t ,'( ;
hnsHfind is in the Government Li
Jiey. W 0 Alexander conducted
the funeral service from the First
Presbyterian church this (Tuesday)
afternoon at 2 o'clock, sfter which
the interment took place in the citv j
oenv-tery, j
Hon. II B Glenn vri1! fp-sK l
the conrt'house in Concord, torn or-!
row, Wednesday night, October '
Mih, at 8 o'clock.
Hon. Lrnke Craf.e and Hon. R B j
Divi8, electors at-largo, v.-ill ppeak
at the p'ace on Friday, Oc-
least co,t. a-, the contracn before tober 1G:b' nt 1 0 cIock V- m. 3 H
taking iiisur:ir ce liread rcci- D"t everybody come out and hear; M W
dpnt. inmr:?'!,'1.:'. thefte most f-xollfint. Knp.rife-prfl.- IB . 6 9
The Prolii!if iouisl C'aiiy.'iss.
Itinery of the Prohibition candi
dates fcr President and .Vice Presi
dents, Joshua Levering ynd Il'e
Johnson : ilr. Levering vi 1 speak
at Durham October 11, mornicj:;
High PoiuA Oct. 14,n:7h:; S.di?
buiv, Oct. 16, niumino; Cnarlotte,
03C. 15, at nvhz. :i r. JcAnson
will speak at Croiirboro O.iy,
these most excellent spertkera.
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morning; linleiyb, Oct. 19, niebt; I X HI Jl '
Greensboro, Oct. 20, monmu; Sfli. I IVfllU I A'
bnry, O.u. 20, idAoTOei,; li f:K(rv, 11UH lHUlllIil S
(),A. 21. rnnrr.inrr- AsfH'V'7" O-'.t. 21. O
- Cannoiss -
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Oct. 21, morniner; Asheviile, Oct. 21,
at nieht. til
Mr. P A Correll, Jr., of far of! Or- 1 hC c "L
na visit to relatives I i Setter tnan ciuuir is ;i nuaiuiy ,
.. ! liver. If the liver is (J. lv. the
No doubt about it; we are better uxc:d
00LB ! please yon in Clothing tba.ii ta7C havo c ;
While :iq
pure, his digestion peri eel, ani ho ,
can enjoy life and act intelligently j
and pationtlv upon the questions , p
Arb-r 24Ai, r.nd
Ad ' dl
! 7--
o- and to
''-u round'
da "7
v7- , 7;;ated d::y f-uter per-
;-- :-;07 ;-.;re not good on tae
lt,tI,;t1;11 b dug. Passengers will
: r-M-- u Ao make their
' v 7 for above tickets.
- -inn -- w
cur trooda we will
. . A clutely free, one box eold rinff and
jrk bottle of Peeler's Pain
CetV r to ev' r3' one sending us fifty
,'3, PUY packing and postage.
Eit.r AxdErson Medicine Co.
Kos 1, Kernersyille, N.. C
'jty-f.-jr.? i?..' . ; ; '." . '...L u.,'!. " A
gon, has been on
Qere Ior bUC:J "tman is O.K. His blood is kept i
Caiawoa county recently no rr,or a
t-.-v ,AA motive lady by the name of
AA" "RoAA. Uon-ennUitv of and pationtlv upon the ques
'm:-Pm ied to exist and a mu-; of the day. You all know what to
:;..;,f r,Un, n,,. I take. You have known it for years.
iU-!L : it is Simmons Liver lieulator
Convinced that tlvA mysterious m-;
fP.ier.ce that biings us together in
--An "'A n-lationa had sealed them
to be bufb-nd and wife and from
the 7erv nature of the cape that Mr.
Correll must soon return to his Pa
caIo horns they concluded to forego
that usual wooing, spatting and
reconciliation and enter at once in
to the married state. They were
united by D Clapp, of Newton, on
the 7th inst. and will soon speed
their way to the west, carrying with
them the congratulations of many j
i i
8 T7- V n "
iJUVb U3till;&, itLJtob
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the
money if it fails to cure. 2oc.
For years you and your fathers
have found it of sterling worth.
It is and always has been put up
only by J. H. Zeilin & Co. Take
none but the genuine. It has the
Bed Z on the front of the wrapper,
and nothing else i3 the same, and j
nothing so good )
- i o
and best.
We guarantee to save ycii'nionev.

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