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Vol. ,
VI 11'. No. 158,
?.,a were; entertained
Whole NO. 1 537
irt Daily Hud
Paly pc
Crsc and
IT to Uu financial
t his frj.c; ch va3
. who have heard the
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the campaign.
member, though, to
; one s;;j before that
ad from a 52 per
aai.fc $21 ptr capita,
lor the Populists the
iice silver drift in, the
cratic p:irty, aud Claimed great
fa it. The speaker is young
: iia-nc is peculiar for
, .aaation.? rath- than his
tec the tariff but
We was strongly
Kinlpy idea r.-f
and the island of the YTtat
and he asked "Thy don't ; on
J aV.l CI
au )
iCAi iLV 3 r PILCH.
Mr. Dockery. was introduced as
the Old War tiorse of the Pee Dee.
After some words of gieeting to the
fkuplj of Cabarrus he referred to
cue rct money question. lie said
it wad not a political question at alJ,
that it had been unwisely thrust
into politico. He declared himself a
lupubiieau as eyer. He only placed
hiiiiovlf where he coulu wield the
coid for free silver. H3 declared
that the Republican party had been
the real friend to silver as he could
aiiu would prove beyond the possi
bility of denial. He quoted ex
tracts from speeches of many lead
iLij liepuolicans against the demon
etization of silver in whose company
he was in Congress and showed that
Republicanism had changed and not
lie read from President Lincoln
i 1SG5 that while, the rebellion
wis being closed in upon he saw
who uiead that corporations were
gin? up and that the wealth of
-i.d v a 3 btfinsc gathered into
It seemed
a. . of the few.
prjt.utoy Lcea
i- .s II lii X
SLup t
y important industry m ihe
, it 13 reality now
trood authority th:t
7 York could in 21
wheals of in
y wouiu say
you charge us a tariff higher than
the price of our goods."
He declared his aversion to the
Kepublican national platform. He
liked the money plank in the Demo
cratic platform, but hked that of
the Populist platform better, so he
would roost on the P puiist limb
till free silver w.- - realized, then he
would return to the Republican
ranks and work wherever they put
him, but until they endor ad free
silver confound them. He neyer
wanted to be Governor, but when
pressed he consented to run, and he
hated lifce the d 1 to be cheated
out of the election ?s the Democrats
had done.
He addressed the few colored peo
ple who he said hud been tcld not to
go to hear him, and warned them
against voting for Daniel Kusselh
He Baid he was a dangerous, evil de
signing man that would never for
give an injury, but would indulge
his spite as ha had done in calling
the negroes savages and thieves and
other vile names and declared they
ought not to be allowed to vote. He
was not surprised that Russell would
not meet Guthrie, or Watson or any
body else who would tell on him.
He did not see how building fac
tories would help the colored man.
He said the first vote Guthrie
cast was for Bishop Hood, whom he
praised most highly and said when
ever Bishop Hood was in his neigh
borhood he always kept him in his
'--trS"" Aty a a;' 13 i tj "
For Infants and Children.
' O
a to
ilal the raa rtiou that in
a i ' 2 ' k n 1 ' r"' r cy t ' '
d renewal a point th?;t
:ed it a question. y -
. Vir he. : i;f mi;-
,)y 0.A the -. y
. ceih-aC fii3 -'- . :
tnid in curnnfc ::io c
J. i. 1 .
Til fiv
is ca
. m fr.w ....
11 r. Sims JliO Ktritiliiilou.
e 1 to a populist of Republican. CaldJ
cgmriHt the Id c- well made a miserable effort in try
a tar'lf. He had in or tn dfpnd thp racnintm.-. n,i v,,-.
party, but Mr. Sims finally squeezed
the admission from Caldwell that
the resolution was strictly partisan.
Just what Mr. Sims meann bv bis
attack upon his party and the o-
who designed the resolution, pizz'
them very much. The fight 13
amusing and to the disinterested on
lookers and followers of the canvass
the daily performer is amusing.
Mr. Sims was asked if he would
not run aa an independent candidate
for SherilF, and in answering he
stated that he would let the public
know what he intendeded doing on
Friday next, Oetober 30, in lo. 11
tion drawn
! 17 --q con fen nee
73 -mi 3 curn-pticiously gotten lirtior
--'''.;a unTsre to President Grnnt;
:-: :-e lA J.iiia A Garfield : :
ij i: cii'ccti to demoaec:z3 silver.
H:1 held up McKmley in the bad
-lit of denouncing President Cleve-h-Ld
about lowering the price of
vaj thing but money and now
eKiniey 13 on the same line..
lie said he knew McKinley7 per
tciiuily and liked him, but that he
l:d not ha;e back-bone enough to
iVil over in a mud hole. He touched
up ' Jeter" and quoted him as say
ing 1 am in favor of silver and be
ve it should be restored to its
former dignity. He" had changed
ld:e if by miracle, but' the speaker
ought it was not by miracle but
: -.. t' e IV
. ( ' I I. .
' - - . -3 lb-
' a, 3 caused Mr. Sims and
j'.u' ;,r. :f -.r'y '0 v.'.zz
::ce, the Sheri3: claiming the re so-
3 CO
.1 uo
Inl You Ever See a Cake Walk? Those
Yoiintr Folks Who Eijoyel Ihe Un
usual Sights
At the palatial home of Judge
and Mrr. W J Montgomery, on
North Main street, their accom
plished daughter, Miss Mary Mont
gomery, entertained a host of
friendd Thursday night, the occas
ion being a cake walk. The par
ticipants in thia novel amusement
were : Misses Calaway, Emma
White, Lizzie Young, Fannie
Young, Willie Richmond, Sallie
Erwin, Isabelle Richmond, Mary
RamBeur, Mollie Dodson, Janie
Richmond, Nannie Cannon, Ida
Dodson, Addie Cannon, Mary Mont
gomery ; Messrs. Edgar B Sherril),
C A Pamplin, WalterThompson, R
K Black, Holland Thompson, R L
KeeslerC L White, L M Marsh,
Ed. F White and 0 R Montgomery
Mr. and M-p. J P Allison, Mr. H
S Purytar and Mr. C A Pamplin
were the judges, and at tho con
clusion of the walk it was decided
that Mr. Walter R Thompson and
Miss Sailie Erwin were the most
graceful, and "took the cake." Prof.
R L Keesler and Miss Mary Mon.
gomery woq the booby prize a pu ,
Mi 3 3 Isabella Richmond got the
penny, and the ring fell to the lot
- Mr. Ed. F White.
Dr. and Mrp. W C Houston. Mr.
B Sherrill were also present.
roty, v hi rli by
that haa cverjgv-)mery as a hestess.
,--.., 4-,1 rt i--i.r i .
rad highly enjoyabl.
i'ti i s'lir. a ?.5i s i;a.a;
JJ an old cooter like Mark Hann.
e said if free coinage is not good
-cw was it good six months ago
when Pntchard and his followers
wre setting the woods on fire for it
m the Western part of the State.
He said he was in favor of a pro-
reooluo'cn reads: "The conference
eoraiLiluta' dem.inds that no IVpuiist
or Republican can be elected to any
cfilce who will not enthusiaaticaily
vork for the co-operation ticket and
who will refuse to giye employment
to members of the Populist and Re
publican parties when he has it in
his power to do so, but gives said
employmenr to members of oppos
ing parties." The resolution is
signed by M H II Caldwell, J B
White, M L Buchanan, J W Boger
and W C Coleman.
At the district school house m
No. 4 township Thursday a fiery
discussion took place between Sher
iff Sims and Morrison Caldwell.
laxative B:
rt 1
'ar?e i ao
lets. All druggists refund tho
monev if it fails to cure. 25c. i
Shot r. luillet ThriMiu'h " Foot.
Tiiraactay afternoon Ma
Thomas C Johnston and Fr
were handling a flobcrt rifla th. t
was out of fix at Morris it Son's
hardware store, when Master Fred
was shot. Tho had the gun in
his har" raid sighting at cer
tain spot on a h rre1 ' a target and
at the instance he pulled the trig
ger Fred raised his loot between the
muzzle of the gun and ba.rel. The
bullet penetrated the foot near the
little toe. The injury is pQ1nful
but not serious.
Bncklen's Arnica naiye.
The Best Salve in the world or
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe
Sims says that the resolution was! Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all
intended as a thrust at him because
he employed Montgomery & Croweli,
Cemocrats, as his attorneys, when a
Populist lawyer was available, and
that he gave employment to Mr. M
M Gillon, a Democrat, in preference
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay reqni-ed. It is
guaranteed to give statisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box For sale at P B Fetzer'e Hrng
Dr. Miles' Pain Pills stop Headache.
bometimea ai
arpAintly dea;
iiin may be r
vived ir.ay he re
Fti?citated. Sor.e
times it is ofter.
f"j hard to tel.
pVraOT 1 1 whether the mat
JrsiM dead or alive.
'"CiyffM of People
jy, , a y who hive beeu
buried alive. A
man mist be cpn
pletely lead befo:-e
hope should b?
abandoned. It used
to be true that
when a man found
he had consunip
tjrtrt, he g"ve up immediate1'. Consumo
timi was considered a necessarily fatal dis
ease. It was considered incurable. Assoo;
as it developed enough so that a physiciar
could decide that it va reall- consunip1 ion
the patient s considered as good as dead
Years aro, r. Pierce fonnd out that con
sumption was not incurable, that it was noi
necessarily fatal. He not only found hiis
out, but he found out a w iy to care con
sumption. He introduced his "Golden
Medical Discovery." The " Discovery '
will cure oJ3 per cent, of all cases of cr, re
sumption if it is taken according1 to direc
tions. Consumption is a disease of tht
blood. H i caused by impoverishment of
the blood, and by the existence of disease
pferms in the system. If the body is per
fectly strong and healthy, and the blood
perfectly pure, germs are easily thrown off.
If the body is weak, if the tissues are in
capable of much resistance, the germs find
a resting place and develop. That's the
way consumption begins.
The 44 Golden Medical Discovery M
searches out the germs, forces them out
of the system and cures consumption and
other kindred diseases of the throat, bron
chia and lungs. No doubt about it, no ques
tion about it. It has dor.e it in hundreds
and thousands of cases. The "Discovery"
s sold at drug stores.
The People's Common Sensi
Medical Adviser, in plain En
glish, or Medicine Simplified by
R.V. Pierce, M. D., Chief Consult
ing Physician to the Invalids' Ha
tei and Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N. Y., 1008 pages, illustrated
68o'ooo copies sold at $1.50. Noi
sent, paper-bound, apsoluteli
free on receipt of 21 one-cen;
stamps to pay for mailing only
Address Ihe Author, a abov&
Help TV a tit eI -rem al'.
810 to SIS per week to M n rr
Women lor easy home work. No
. ks or canvassing. K.j t a j i.i . -ence.
Bcza fide cila. 2v ca .
Send stamp for work r.d 'a:
lnrs. E. Herfr-ian, 21 ?o-h S'xth.
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. i 31
J F U. ley hai the- old .c...
Ft nn M u t u ai 1 ire I s i ; k; l C .
pany. Thoy write iYe he: ic
on earih. The
least cost. Seethe contract bffa
taking irsurance ah tire ' .d vn'
dent in&Jiance,
jit. T
The Mo."nn A VJ:-t;t ti'i:
The guarantee of rl o
is broad enough to cover nhi;:ot .y
kind of ailments and t ?M-:r-- tbf
most exacting rider, but tne 'ire
must be drawn somu nt-rn, and Idoi-f
gan & Wright are tjymg to
known to riders everywhere that thu
guarantee does not cover
resulting from the r.rrying of anti
leak preparations meile tbe tire.
By having as much air as posaibid
in the W. & W. (pnek-npair tii&
before putting tl tool ; 'he
puncture, and fol own g the few.
other simple instruction in vp
alogue, a permanei t repair cn hf
made in two minutes, at the road -side,
without removing the tire from
the rim.
Dr. Mlles'Plfiti PiUsnre guaranteed to stoj
Headache in minutes. "One cent a dose,v
Walter I.. Main's Circus.
For the above occasion at Salis.
bury Saturday, October 24t,h, and
Charlotte Monday, October 26th, the
Southern Railway will sell tickets
to Salisbury, at 90 cents and to
Cbarlc'te at 85 cants for the round-
trip. Tickets on sale tay of the
performance, limited day after per
formance, but are not good on the
vestibule trains. Passengers will
please be pr pared to make their
own change for above tickets.
1 'IV
- km
l !
ff A 1(
k 0
No doubt about it; we are bsttor n:.d to
Die ex 3 you in Clothing than we have ever
oysr Suits, lates
Children's Suits,
and best. .
We guarantee to rave yor'moneT''.

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