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    --11. No. KM.
ii:,rf4.r,y 'o.iror.oe-i.arSe !
.is TJt tal'islni Tlirce So-
r. ii !l smi1 Jlr.s. Sinitli
v-irtli (Quarterly Confer
- Kortst Hill station was
' ,j . V pnreonnge Monday night,
t'fidl :ir(l boill& Present lre
uJ.tMT yja, r J H Scroi gs was pres
,ni Ci!uhict d the meeting.
.c -v? a large increase in
' . by profession and
u. There are three mis
v l v ' :fv! in this church
v Sunday School Mis-
V.r.. ;- -L"v'ty, the Woman's Mia
7 "r c.P,-.;.rv and the Juvenile Mis
'.' .J- ,c:ctv, all of which are
" :, v? t work for the Master's
T:,e pi'richeri salary of
... j H : it 'ill p'dd 1U full.
' : i-o 'v.T'or-y school, cf
' ; . V A St on e 1 3 s u perin.
. ,. !: unch rf the Forest Hill
, reported t. "being in a
.: anditicn.
v v, 7 .7 Smith, the pastor in
; : d It! 3 gratituue to
. ! e:rd for their kind and
, : ; pcrf ivu hiru. lie
1 ;)cvtr ct ru-d a congre
; : ; he loved better.
01 iil'V.
7:i'y at Fore.: liiil, and
i 1 ;:)' reluctantly gne
7 ihe members of the
1 v ere re-eltcled for the
., , ..o had tie ell tri'.ns
e .ting adjourned,
: Mrs 7 K. OJt:l
.4 -f :"r.eard's a ener-
' them to partake
, -J W iiiCi it.'. .
:t :;'-e Dnvyers a
U iiU.t;
, . d .
. r. ! -;
1 t
.- ! :,ih.b!e r-
r r;nr.:!..v,
!'.e rr
r i.d i'yh ci
..? ty
- .-? i .-
; ' i. 'J ......I. i. .
:d t'- l': -
a': a
I 1 if
.v:;:h.. Standard
o: rd are legal tender at
. ha! or face value in p vv
- d-l-ht public and prevate,
' ".rd to the amount, ex
'itherwise exprciialy stip
iu ti,e contract. Sudsidiary
i; ic'-al ender for nmounta
- W 1 0 :a iir.iy one p yN
U2 i v. ( j of the act of
. .:JJ, ara leai tender for
Tl If.
" -'-'dr, public and private, ex-
: -v; ..u ctaor',vise expressly stipu-
-he contracr United States
notes are legal tender for ul debt? I
public and private, except duties
imports and interest on the public
debt. Gold certificates, silyer certi
ficates and national bank notes are
not Jetral tender, but both classes of
certiGeateu are receivable far all
public dues, while national bank
notes are receivable for all public
dues, except duties on imports, and
may be paid out by the government
for all salaries and other debts and
demands owing by the United States,
except interest on public debt and
in redemption of the national cur
rency. All national banks are re
quired by law. to receive the notes of
other national banks at par. The
minor coins of nickel and copper are
legal tender to the extent of 25
Our Male Itanli.
The North Carolina bank state
ment for the past quarter shows 28
national, 41 State, 17 private, ;ttj!.i
G savins banks. Total, 92. Loans
and discounts aggregate 513,241,855.
The paid .up capital stock is fo,a
405,044 ; surplus, '1,(12, 440; ti?di.
vided profits 5551,491 ; national
banknotes outstanding, 075,000;
individual deposits, $S,942.1SG. The
total resources are 810,497,273.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. Ali druggists refund the
LLionev if it fails to cure. 25c. ml 4
'.'.he lip.-itipg habit will ronr the
! r': orient i.-voe er turn:
Mif I T I
rr!'-h; n. Al! the cold !
::!, iip pj-Ives " 'd glycerine lo
tions introduced upon the toilet ta
;de v.ill not remedy the par-shed,
v'cd due to a con-
t -. v TVI V: 'T r)rCC03.
" r P 1( IK 'V';Tr":''V T:''t 'A'cr I
;:e f a c bun 20. (.' irli
f- r ril lv ;.! :ic ixto this u?iv nrao-
?h a froiish Vii'.ty that
i ; ; :rtj ihrr.i to aw v-MX tn-.-ir U ?i-
i - t
1 t.rv ro vivifv th m bv
! r H'.orjt." vitll
r u ''.:-:.' h:nvi.-ver,
. niGUtll k:-0J it
3 i
;;om0i! roo.n -tui p
..I -:!! the ch.rm of
.. ""-J-- r:rf "r.
T''.-:i a letter written by Mf.v. d .
- I.':- .d:-'ui'.:. , V:,,-...
w.. . .rd-.ded to ir.nho uds cx-
.;'.):nr.ion:iur ix. .n-i!;' i-nt
r-:,.-o;-7-, ;-h the rruithi vr.-re aUm'-;it
, "i tha casa of wny.
V. ;:s ,or,tor of the Bap!ii;-1
hv;- ;'t :-".'.ve.s Junction siie v;as
'.-'it o.-jvrj. pijoumorii:.
:--v.-cv:.u..-j Of iOO
I::..: -i
h:v:ril ii hbo eoiJd not s'trvve
; A i'riertd .re-coiiitaontiea Vl
.-'a K --'. Dieotiory: it was tpiiek
iCiZer Dir..f..!' .ore .:.t;'rv.'r.r z--Soe
ind SbOO.
CP O rvmm ...
S's the Ivlethcdist Kecorder :
t4Ths man who religion -dy closer :vs
eyes and asks GodV bitiDg upon
the morning meal and then growls
and grumbles at his wife ail the
time he cat3 because the viands are
not quite to bia epicurean taste,
should either take something to re
gulate his liver or indulge in a short
season of private prayer to regulate
his heart."
COlll), N. C, TUESDAY, OCTOBER, Ml 1896.
tuc iicacii k- Puoi..
The reception given last myht at
the St. Cloud Hotel by the ladies of
the Episcopal church'coicplimentary
to Mr. and Mrs. E C Beach was a
most delightful affair, though the
parting of the morrow cast ita gloom
over the party at times, fur the
Beaches have so endeared themdeivts
to a host of friends here that their,
departure is a great sorrow to many.
Mr. and Mrs. Beach received their
friends in the north parlor, and
evinced their appreciation oE the
compliment: of this charming recep
tion by their cordial manner and
happy faces. After the formality
of the greetings were oyer the party
was greatly enlivened bv ,n informal
"cake walk," it being agreed that
whoever "took the cuke'' should
present it to Mr. Beach to Cirry to
Lockhart as a souvenir of the sweet
ness of the evening. The "walk"
created great merriment Little
Mi G!a Brown added a charming
rccUvtl to tne success of the evening,
which ended with a cn.-irade, ''Fares
well' wbma was charmin-ly ten
dered by oar local talent The re
LchLuentd were abundant and Ue-i
licious. The hours wer? from 8 to
10, but Tuesday heard seme last
words spoken.
Electric Bitters ig a medicine
suited for any season, but perhaps
more generady nodded, when the
lar guid exhausted feeling prevails,
when tho liver is torpid and slug
gif h and tho need of a tonic and
alterative is felt. A prompt usd of
this medicine has often averted
, .on:: an vjcinars lacal i:-i;io.if- lovorn
i f i i -
i u ::jeuci!)o win nc.x more uii;-
' t I , ,
:re! V 1;.
c'uiriteracting and f.-e-, ingtlie as s! esii
i tne mai.'irr.i' 7
-j .i. i : . .Ait? I
yields to .l-1''- i.-c iii: ti rs. f,0e and
Si 00 p- r .....jitio at Fe?A
'Sr. Tr li ivf.i; tis.
Tr. L J F-ril, vi'ho b;- f :r dm-
Caharrus county and who v.t.s nom
inntful by the Dmocraiic oiip
convention for re-elec'ioc, h:
clincl to accept the r omiritio. I;
h;!-te:(i tho K'nii !o ", m ? dit-r;
f 1 111" . . 11' T
n.::ie of William
i . . .
! :s a couiuii li for a n;; rubor rd -fdection e-'-uid
huve been agreed upon.
'.Ucr 1 1 ; ;i ti . i'1: is : :. .n::.y
r. Ii' tho liv?r is v.). K. th.o
i is O. K. IT;s Mor-d in b'-t
- in-
r-ii;(iv ;:,e. n m ;ict ititoiiieir
. I ?.-.-, i-.-nilv i;r-':i tho ou tions
.f the1 Yo'J :J1 k-iv wliat to
. o .
. t 1 v.
You ;av- i:i;..ivn it (or years.
is iiunions
jdv, i- il-'-.ihtor-
' V
I- :.o' : 'vnf, ----" V n v ?
For years you and your fathers
baye found it of sterling worth.
It is and always has been put up
only by J. II. Zeilin & Co. Take
none but the genuine. It has the
Red Z on tho front of the wrapper,
and nothing else is the same, and
nothing so good.
Sometimes wh
the lr;st spark of lift
seems almost extin
pruished it is fannec
into flame aain t?
prompt, vigorous ac
tion. It is a mistak
however, to put ofl
action too long ; an
other mistake is t
despair too easily
Both these mistake!
are made in dealing
with disease, par
ticularly with con
sumption. Itisneg
lected at first unti
someone names it
Then the nam
strikes terror to th'
'mind ; the nature o:
the d'ease is mi sun
derstood : It is i
blood disease, sc
tL-d in the lungs. I:
it set;! d somewhtu
eNe t !i c doctor;
would ! 'e it a di;
ferent name : scrofula, kid::: disease o1
vrhct'n it settles. ' It is reallv all oiie dis
tas:- blood-and there is only or.
cure: and blo(d.
A:ui - vdancenf good. rich. red. blor-d
irt h. c:rculution, cures every otic of ti cm
Com pl.-.i. its, consumption as well as the res
if it !ias mi gone too far.. It is on this trut
physic -logical principle fully proven by'ex
perience that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medica.
Discovery cures Consumption find all othei
blood diseases. It tones up the blood-mak
iug trg;;i:s to produce a fresh supply i
healthy, red blood ; this carries new nour
ishment and life to the wasted lung tissue
cr an' other tissue that is affected. II
drives out the poisonous disease - germs
vhieli clog the skin, liver or kidneys. It i?
simply a question of purifying and building
up wherr there is anyth left to build vie i
the "Goi-k-u Medioai I'iscovery" will in
fnliibly r-:i!d .:ul cur;. It cures cr-scj
-. ' '.ors declare " mcr.rrble." Tha'
word has lest its meaning since Doctoi
r:r-:,-i:'s w,v erf'ul " Disc-verv."
'1 he plain -ud :.-p-.-fu! trut V a'lr-ut (lisr-
Shown in the li -ht of the ht.-( science of the
cett!!ry m Dr. Pu-rct-'s Comtnoa K--.;se y-v .'-.t j
Adviser. It is a volume of il-cS pag- .- ; iih.Mr;!-"1 !
It also contains h tiers from many who have h.-i?L J
resetted front consumption. This rcrr.'U hjok it
., it v.i j.c:ul :-i ctte-cent statnns. fo cover cr;?! i
Cj mailing o to World s Ui.iptu.'juiy Medi-5
When in need ol jiro ItisuinncQ,
call fe.ncl sf'o us, or -viito. Vv1 lepre
eent only firatciaE s fion'6 and Tor
rd.f?n companies.
Ilespe jtfudy,
r: 0
10-. 1': i'h'l : ; ?:u 'd ri c ppo'ts j
Vi Aft'
iing - ai
Iro "doubt about it; ytb arc b
olepe you in Clothing! I thnn v
IVi oil 'Cl Qiilt
OiiilcireB. 3j
fe gtiarantee to
,1 w
9 A
nnnBTP .
g i 0 e I f i i i
Whole NO. 1.540
lleli Wnnlod-Fcniiil
810 to $18 per wtek to Men and
Women for easv homp work Xn
krtu .
I '.AlJt' lAr'4i"
ence. Bona fide cfter. No catch.
Send stamp for, work and particu
lars. E. Kerrman, 213 South Sixth
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. col
J F Hurley has the old uliab.e
Fenn Mutual Fire Inaurance Com
pany. They write the best policj
on earth. The mot cWirable at the
least cost. See rhe contract before
taking insurance also fire aud acci
dent insurance.
The Sloryraia tV Vri;;!.' t iiiwr rt
The guarantee of rhe u tire;.
j 1S broad enough to COVrr uiUH. 3t o ,j
kinU of ailments anil to fanyfv
, . . ,
i rna3t exacting riU- r. nut ,m?
miidt be drawn som r.eir, -ir.d Mor
gan & Wright are t.-yn g 10 make it
known to riders ee, j where ..-;;t iha
guarantee does no. cover . m.-'jea
resulting from the U,:r .f i'
leak preparations iiiu;y
By having as much ;:r ;-3 jiusaiolb
in the M. & V. . .:ck-rq-.dr tire
before putting tl: '-rd ;;;to the
nnncture. and foil .... i: e fetv
jOCUer bimpiO mSTi: e C.U.-
j'doglie, d MWKVJ-l- ' ;i..r h:-.
j 4 . t , ,
UJUue lu 0, at .tie TOtUl-
"i t'.e
i ?iue. Without i'o L'OviuiT "C2ke iile from
i r ritll
2 i a is- '
v' 'I-- J-..
"... v.-
W: C ) w O lJ tf
save you.!'mc:ie'r.
- fOOiiliiSEud,

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