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    .-; ' . oil W
Whole NO. t
, : ' :; VOTERS.
V .vr.s of Cabarrus
- n - j niriii cf the IVo-
v . ; vV.t .;irus, 1 desire to
i ;: ,r Xe and National
r Is Chairman Uai. W
, in my safe and that
,, e hi veu electors pre
: i ( mocratic and Popn
:n wit: Locke Craige
... ; : i i).ivi?, eectoraat'
; i llovland, of the let
,,. f v LYeunan, of 2nd dia-
I1 ns, cf the 3rd dn
' ; . .P. 7, cf the 4th dis
y;;;;i:uji Meiritr, of the 5th
l) F Keith, of the Oth dis-i
'I'L-.-o V Kiutrz, of theTthdis
... . YVrk, of the Sch, aDd 11
of the 1 c h district. This
.. . ticket which I shall have
;i i very precinct in the
' !ui :: is the ticket for which
,;-:vt:u,- IVpuliat will vote. As 1
.,1 in my eppeal m the Vestibule
juctobcr x'Sth 1S9G, to ecrath Dem-
i;rat:0 cket'vs ia to elect McKmley
d I aiin vv-arii Populists not to
defeat Irvi-.n by voting for only
F.'a':?t (rhetors. I make this
:;v:;ai plea b: cause it has come to
through an official
t.-i ;!::r i-'ied by Chairman Aver
v-: Chairman Manly that bogus
t:;i:ts are being circulated which
coLin only the Populist electors.
Ihis is a scheme to defeat Bry
m by playing upon the pr-ju-cf
Populist.?, but this movement
:i a l!u; ublican side-show. There
;i lo patriotism in it, but it is
a:ciher "game of politics," which I
rrpdiats and denounce as unworthy
i asy man who claims to be a
Pqu'i-L The people cannot be
' by any such scheme. Let ue
b- true to Bryan by giving him the
:;n electoral votes of North Caro
! - Mf-f:r.isoN Caldwell.
a Pu
W-i Pirtv Ex. Com.
Aj Chairman of the Democratic
"ve Committee of Cabarrus
I rec;x-ctfully call upon all
' :"hta ;:i i others who desire
' '--f r.Ir. Prya-u, to vote
- ' ''re ?.! rcroRAL ticket above
' : 1 u . 1 none oth:r. If any
.;-e. at ary of the voting
v- !-;. i.p.y cf the above dec-
( : -:e are spurious
r t A B Youi G.
!.); i. Coin Cab. Co.
. v !
ii P
t a
. i'outte, Druggist, at
! i., s'we: To Dr. King's
i onso iny life- V'as
. ;iipo and tried all
. i ;, i-des about, but
. was given up and
tiive. Having Dr.
.'.a-ovt-ry in my store I
' 1 e a lid began its use
Ui hr-r dose began to
i u-i after using three
t: aud about again. It
v-ei'.-ht in gold. Wo
: ro or hoase without
I': eo trial at Fetzer's
x o i i ie v oters of Cabarru
County. i
G. E. kettler, of Concord, has had gotten up and distributed to!
points ail over the State a one-sided ticket, that is, one that has on it
only the five Pop electors. He appeals to the Pops to vote this ticket i
Claiming that the Deraa have violated their contract to take S-waU!
down when ho and every one else knows that no such contract e- ,
isted. In proof of this statement is the fact that the Dems and P ys
through their Executive Committees have fued on the electoral ticket ;
and made a solemn compact-to vote a ticket composed of five Dems, five i
I ops and one silver party man. As further proof I refer to Maj.
Guthiia's card below and also the fact that Senator Butler has tele
graphed to epveral persons in this Slate that these tickets being dis
tribnted by Kestler must be suppressed. i
Chairman Manly and Ayer both say this is a scheme of an enemy of
Bryan this is true. ' I
I therefore as Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of
. . . . .1 . .... -w
Cabarrus county earnestly appeal to all Democrats not to scratch any- j ear' ldvstf
thing where fusion has been agreed upon but to vote the Ucket c.s j protfilr, f uJu
J3w i
1 sSy
brtijhten r mother a
daily ortres ntid :u-p
her to be stroncr, capa
ble (I chfciful. It
is'nv right for mnth'-o
to feel the bur-leu of
life frrowir,'' !;javjef
nd bt avier t-a.r bv
ir becp.uso of chit j-
neanr.a: ana civ. la-n :r
ing That shows sonie
thing: is win tig: in the
mother's physical con
dition. There i. some
unnatural weakness in
her delicate organism
vliich (lisoiiriii fit. s h':z
for raotherhoo ii .
When tlii is wtcti
everything is wnv,
A woman's physical
life is wrapped up i:i
the special organs of
her sx. When the?
are v.-'lond to hi;.tii;
and stiv-nc'ih the win it?
w o m a n o e c o ni r a
strong. Dr. R. v. ri.rce i-f
has made a life-stnt.v of th;;
A of it o.
J F Flnrl-.y h -i f !
fenn JViurual Life Jlui
pany. Thf-y write the
on earth. The cio?t d;?i
least cost. 8ee the con f re re
taking insurance al?o tirt
dent insurance.
Tito 3Ioran V V.'rfIiT
The guarantee of tbv
is broad enough :o cov
kind of ai'mtritd a:.'! :
most exaetirg ri-N :,
mubt be drawn om"wh:
g?m & Wright p. re tt y
u t I
known to rn'er evcru here t m.:
guarantee uof ''t
resulting frcrn fii"- c-
leak preparations
named in the card below from Chairmen Manly and Aver and be not ' women. His "Favorite Prescri
tofina: health and :'.: v?Xc By having a.s ruueh
Chairman Cabarrus Democratic Executive Committee.
Raleigh, Oct. 30. It has come to our knowledge that a ticket in
circulation purporting to be the Popuii3t ticket, headed "Straight Pop
ulist Ticket,'' on which are only five Populist electors. Wo desire to
state that this is a bogus ticket, gotten out by an enemy to Mr. Bryan
and one who desires his defeat. The undersigned, as chairman rf the
Populist party, has duly sent out the regular Populist ticket to each of j
the precincts in North Carolina, where there are Populism voters, which!
ticset contains the eleven electors presented by the Democratic and Pop
lists parties, to-wit: Locke Craig aud Robt. B. Davis, electors at large;
Ralpn Howland, of the "first district; H. F. Freeman, of the second dis
trict; C. R. Thomas, of the third district; W. S. Bailey, of the fourth dis
trict; William Merritt, of the fifth district; B. F. Keith, of the Bixth
district; Tbpo. F. Kluttz, of the seventh district; Tyre York, of the eighth
district; R. D. Gilmer, of the ninth district.
As chairman of the executive committees of the respective parties,
to-wit: Democratic party and People's party, who have jointly presented
this ticket as the Bryan electoral ticket, we respectfully call upon all
Populists and Democrats and sll others who desire the election of Mr.
Bryan to vote this ticket and none other.
Chairman Democratic State Executive Committee.
Chairman People's Party State Executive Committee.
Special to The Observer.
Raleigh, Oct. 30. Please announce that any ticket which bears
only the names of Populists or only the names of the Democratic electors
has no approval at the People's party headquarters, and i not the official
ticket. Please say Tor me also that all of the People's prty tickets are
at their destination and will be at their proper pUoes on election day, all
reports to the contrary notwithstanding. HAL. W. AYrPR,
Chairman People's Party Executive Committee.
I egain repeat the warning that you be careful to read all the names
on your ballots before they are deposited in the ballot-box, and I do so
the more earnestly because I have now before me a printed ballot en
titled "Straight Populist Ticket,7' which has printed on it tho names of
only the five Populist electors, when it should have the names of the
eleven Bryan fusion electors. Thi3 ticket has already been issued and
circulated to deceive and mislead the voters, but by what cuthcrity or
whow I do not know. Is this a scheme of Mark Hanna? Remember
that trite old saying that ' Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,"
and be watchful. W. A. GUTHRIE.
Raleigh, N. C.,0ct. 30 18.
Raleigh Correspondence (Muni-IteO'-servct .
' "Senator Btu;er leh-graphed to ihr- persons in the Sta'- faying
that tbef tickets nwu be siiniir'-'-ed n-.d prorr ones :?'-ed."
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M. & V
vtr e '
: ' i u X e
1 c.:
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T 00
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- t. 7 OP ihit!
ill i
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1 1 ii
an 0
.!, j please
No doubt 'about it; we'are'.bstter fixed lo
yoiii'in'LClothingllthair.wa have e''
m cith
, 1
' vr-i
1 1,1
ip, n noaithy
is O. 1C. ii i
Mo " )r' kopt
linn )orib'.;'., a;id ho
and act intelligently
' V VV.mtMi- -female
r rveek to Men and
. r v home work. No
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11 1 ' , .
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1 : 1 e
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IS - AND. - Fii

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