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JOHN D. BARRIER &S0,. :T'; r
Editors and Proprietors.
Editorial Correspondent.
The Standard is published
cryliiy (Sunday excepted) and
delivered by carriers.
v.aye"i :::52o
Three months 1-W
One month
.'in'le cDj'
Weekly Standard is a
four-i.aRH, eign.-columu paper. It
I - a I-, or circulation in Cabarrus
tl aav other paper. Price SI. 00
annum, in advance.
'IV is for regular a jvertisemente
j ii-. 7 !.i;jwn on application.
' u- --3 all communications to
Concord, N. C.
CONCORD, IEU. 16 1896.
Our pruiufciUoiii to furnish the
uome 8lq F.irm as a gift, with
Tn:: Standard, is wkbdravvn, and
we will furnish Home and Farm,
3ricc oO cents, wit a the Weekly
Standard, for SI 25; Leslie's Illus
trated Weekly, price S-i, with the
Weekly Standard one year or
Daily Standard 3 months .'for $3;
the New York World, thrice-a-week,
and The Standard for $1.65.
To this we aope to add an ex-tt-Lvied
list soon.
The question of free deliver? of has received such attention
laLt the Poatoffice Department de
(.tr&uned to make some experimental
tests. Hon. Kerr Craig, being en
LLtia3iic for the system was ec-rtrd-d
a field of e .iment. He
!:cfcd China Groye township in
I3w:m county. There are two car
ri;ii at $175 each who ' consume
:ibout four hours each day in de
li faring the mail.
A few neighbors generally cluster
together and have their mail left at
the house of the one agreed upon.
If there is a crank out of cog with
hie neighbors they try to suit his
whims and leave his mail at his own
houde. JNo one's mail is delivered
to him if he does not want the con
Ysnici'ce. Post Master Deacon, who
is in hearty sympathy with the
movement, has added greatly to
i4lii2 ae experiment a satisfac
tory teat and' is of the opinion that
the increase in the amount of busi
ness done thrc the mails will
compensate for the expenses.
Thi,-, !oo, looks like a long stride
but when we look back a few years
fid dse how we have come up from
-aome half dczsn postoflices in the
county with mail ence a week to
a'.o"' three times that number with
daily, tri-weekly kLd semiweekly
mails, the leap will not look so
.great after all and if it should not
pay in postage it might and proba
hlj wouM piy largely in making
curs a raading people.
,a 9 m n am -
The Preass Visitor thinks that the
nexs legislature will surely provide
for four months school. .That will
be well enough as far as it , goes but
if they are going to do anything for
the schools it is to be hoped they
will return to that better '"ipy of
having the State board to select the
books to be used and have some uni
formity. Ateacher .wiil dq.ta. much work
in ;Jthe Echooiroom in tjbree . months
With p'roper,jor;unifonn,.booka os
can be done in four months without'
It was no small burden forj f acher
to get all the right bind of books
when the selecting bourd was one
body, but now that the State has 96
selecting boards the airea-jy over
burdened and bewildered tencher
can expect a good deal of vorry to
control the matter w yrcu ap;: :;
indifferent to the best intere.- of nt i
The legislature must fu'I di,-. '.. o.
its t?it,di'Jwt opporLua:Me-j to v.c-fit I
the free-rchno-s Tne Starp if ir
does not undo the uuuoiug ot the
legislature of '05 wi'h regard to the
section ( f book?.
Tr'e Seahoar-? rc. t? buy a'
vai ovt- rv ten t:: i I.m irs
tfr.i and place vprn ?t i: p-r'ab't-
person tc test ha rapacity of our
So-jtliern Boil for nr:a- ::td crops.
This 8et'ine? to us to be an indea as
jrand a: it isunirpn, and if suc
cessful, which burlly admita of
doubt, vre know rf nothing better
that itcuihl do for Southern deveK
A Household Necessity .
Cascarots Candy Cathartic, the
most wonderful medical discovery
of the age, pleaeant and refreshing
to the taste, act gently and positive
ly on the kidneyn, liver and bowels;
cleansing the entire py.tpm, dispal
colds, cure.headache, fever, habitual
constipation and biliousness Please
buy and try a box of C. C. C. to-day,
10, 2-5, oO conts. SMd and guaran
teed to cure by all drugg sts
The Atlanta Journal saya ' the
Committee of the whole of the lower
house of the legislature voted to ap
propiate $1,000,000 to the school
fund instead of G00,000 as before
and that the Senate is apt to concur.
This will give Georgia eight or nine
months of school and salaries of
good teachers, and will p'. ,o Geor
gia on a level with the foremost
educational r' tea and set an example
worthy of emulation by other Soutl
em States.
Don't Tobacco Spit ami Smoke Your
11 fe Away.
Ifyouwantto quit toba-joo lin
ing easily and forever, by madei
.11 j 11 r I
wen, eiroug, magnetic, mil oi new
life and vigor, take No-To-Bp? the
wonder-worker that m.-kes voak
men strong. Many gnn ten pounds
in ten days. Over 400,000 cured.
Buy No-To-Bac from your own
druggist, who will guarantee a euro.
Booklet and sample mailed fie.
Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chi
cago or New Yurk.
Notes from the Orjrnn,
Geo. O Kluttz left last Monday
for Greensboro, where he goes to
superintend the dyeing department
of the cotton factory at that place.
Mr. Kluttz has been in the dyeing
department of tbo S?lisbuiy mig
for more than a oar. Ila t pent
several months last sutnriier in
Massachusetts and New Hampshire
gathering up new ideas in dyeing.
II M Fisher has moved to his
father-in-law3, Mr. N Bernhardt, in
No. 5 township.
Mrs. Crissie Bost is visiting her
niece, Mrs. Jno. L Randieman, in
Li taker township.
The missionary sain at Organ
Church last Saturday amounted to
$18.29. The weather was a little
threatening in thtj morning, and
only a few oi the members turned
Mr. Jacob Goodman, of No. G, at
tended the missionary sale last
Saturday. He bought a large cake.
We understand he is a widower, so
look out ye widows of Cabarrus.
O. H f-f ache and UnETTMATTSMrcllevea
Dr. Miles' Nerve Piasters.
Old Sarsaparili
Thjat's Ayer's. The same old
sarsaparilla as it was made aud
sold by Dr. J. C. Ayer oO years
ago. In the laboratory it is
different. There modern appli
ances lend speed to skill and
experience. Eut the sarsapa
rilla is the same old sarsapari. :a
that made the record oO yc::"
cf circs. Why don't we belr
it? Well, we're much in
condition of the Bishop and tne
raspberry: "Doubtless," he
. 7 , -. , - r .f t.ive inal j a
1-:t- berrv. Eut doubt!
lie never aiu.
don t we better me faisa--We
can't. We are using the
c.Tn old 2lnt that cured the
Indians aud the Spaniards, li
h:;3 not been bettered. And
since ivc make sarsaparilla c
pound out of sarsaparilla
see no way of improvement.
Of course, if we were mald;
some secret chemical ccinp: :u: : 1
we might Eut we're
We're making the same old
saprilla to cure the same o! I
cisc3. You can tell it's the
same old sarsaparilla be
cause it works the same old
cures. It's the sovereign blood
purifier, and it's Ayers
i tag lis Willi,
The Southern Stock Mutual F' :e
Inn r-:ice Company of Greensboro,
N. C, is hacked by many of the
we..;tL"eat and best financiers of
North Carolina. It paid last season
a dividend of 20 per cent to its policy
hollars and is in beer shape than
ever before.
Concord agency in Lore building
on West Depot street.
Concord, N. C, Dec
e ;:theni Express Comoanv wi'A
a ;i;ctlon, at D. P. Dayvault's si
.ii i: three hundred freight ;
g on hand six months and over, on i
ary 9th, commencing: at 100VI;
ss c.-;!k;l for, charges paid or 'other.,
d 01 be-fore day ot sale.
. in-
u kr
at n :
M. SADDLER, Superintendent.
Pre nipt attention given to all
buoines3. Ofliee in
Morris buildins
oppodite court house.
Physicians and Surgeons
Office No. 3. Harty building, ops
posite 2nd Presbyterian church
Charlotte. N. Q.
I want every, man and woman in the United
States interested in the Gpintn'and Whisky
habits to Lave one of my books on these dis
eases. 'Mtcs3 B. M Woolley, Atlanta, Gx,
Mjx 21,2, i.d wae wiii bd set you tree.
ootftt-oo i c a
teii Bel
I HE i
Well, the offer of 10 per cent, moved the
China and Glassware. The money we took
in by this special order is already invested in
more Christmas goods and on the way. We
expect $800 or $1,000 worth of Christmas
goods in, in time for Christmas but will not
have any more China. Come and see us; we
can save you moneT
Very Respectfully:
t i e

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