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The Place of Serving Refreshments for ' A Movement on Foot for Another Lare ? Te Albearle correspondent
the Concord Rand Changed to Caton's nnn.n , , ? wienanowe UDserver says:
' Hal 1 Inste ul of On the Lav, n.
For 0r nitv Tears
Mrs. Wihslow's Sbothicg Syrap has
been used for orer fifty y ears by mil
lion nf Tnnfhfiwi fnr fKotn' AT?11 wri
4 'One day .this week a f ellow ; whlle t6ethi m,. perfect traccess. It
Cotton Factory In the Northwestern
Part 0fT6wn All Plnns IfctYrtftim.
It has been decided by the pleted. " j wno nas Deen working m one at j soothes the child, softens the, gnme.
lady managers that the refresh- Though the movement hase cotton mills here bought a.
suit of clothes from a firm on the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will
ments will be served in Caton's been started only a short wHile A. . , . relieve the poor little sufferer iminedi-
, , . . , , . , . - , , - - j tnne. Hearing that he was ately. Sold by drngristB ;in every part
hall tomorrow night instead of plans are bemg perfected for an- n -- fo' leave town the of tne world- Twenty.five pehtsa bot.
on the lawn at Mr. Jno. C Wads- other cotton mill for Concord. S , , fei BS rare andv for Mrs. -Win
. ! salesman who sold him the suit slows Soothms-Syrnp." and take no
worth's residence. 1 he movement has been talked v- -4. --u I other kind -'
Romombor those refreshments but a short while hut stock has ; derks followed . tho sentieman
-ices, cakes, creams, .fruits, etc. already been subscribed by num-; anfl locatei him in a strip 0f
sold for the benefit of Ders - our most prominent busi-; od . comDelled him
ness men for a large cotton mill ! t disrob th n and there with.
You assume no risk 'en jot
buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. M. I
Marsh' & Co. will refund your
money if you are not sntified
after using it. It is everywhere-
admitted to be the most success
ful remedy in use for bowel com.
plaints and he only one that
never fails. It is pleas" tit, sate
and reliable.
will be
tlip Onnoovrl hnnrl
On account of some of the to be built n what is known as ! t - furthpr eeremonv Tho i
mger people, the doors will me luisenneimer property m tne fellow had to stay in the woods'
1)0 open at 6 o'clock. The band northwestern part of town not 1 fov some little time untilhe could ' IS tllG IHOSt COIQT)letG tO t)G
"1UUUP) L11 auiu anu um uinnuuu mm. aispatcn some one to nasn House !
furnish music for the audience Mr. Robt. E Gibson is one of for more rags in which to!
while they wait and eat. the principal promoters of the envelop his person. This is a'
it is requested that the differ
ent committees meet in the hall
tomorrow afternoon at 0 o'clock, subscribed and paid in on the in-
Please remember the time and stalment plan, as was the stock ' PERSONAL POINTERS.
tho place tomorrow night at in tho Cabarrus mill.
Caton's hall.
The children of the Presby-
P!n Fiithor Loses EverythiK J Fire.
Dr. L M Archoy has received
MiiTowful news that his father's
house in the countiy, near
Union, West Virgina, was burned
r the ground. Only the Satur- j contribution in pennies and other
day before Dr. Archey was there small change amounts to $10,000
and viewed for the last time his j and for this sum, the Triggs ship
old home place where he had ' yard, at Richmond, has con
boon raised. The can so o f the ! traded to build a river boat. It
in our city. A visit to qui
nw enterprise but -numbers are ;new.wa, of collecting a debt but demonstrate the fact.
assisting him. The stock will be a very effective one." w miwv
thing that's new and up-to-date in
the most popular Novelties are
now on display. We have received
Bis Work of Hie Little Folks.
Mr. Jno. L Rendloman,
Salisbury, is hero today.
The new Dog Collar BeLt is the
Mr. Jno. B Sherrill spent;
j v . ; . Ci 1 i T J i m i r "V ma "Tf-- f i
terian Sunday schools of the moimng m Duibouiy. 1 anOtlier SJlipment OI XjaQieS JKeltS.
soutn nave suceeaea in supplying Mr q q Richmond spenV
a missionary boat to ply the rivQ this morning m China Grove.
iers of Central Africa. Their! ,
lc&s handsomest belt yet introduced.
-Miss Madge wadsworth re -,They are in Pat. Calf, Brown and
turned to Charlotte this morning.
fire is unknown. Nothing was
saved, not even his father's valu
able papers. They only escaped
with their lives. Mr. Archey,
after living to be 90 years of age,
is thus so unfortunate as to see
his old home place razed to the
ground. Numbers of valuable
deeds, mortgages, etc., were
To Take (. hargre in the Bank.
Mr. Jay Harris, who for sev-
ral months has been in the Ca
barrus Savings bank learning
work, has gone to Albe
:::arle where he will be the book
;er in the new livings bank
:. :. Mr. Jno. C Leslie will
!:? f- shier. We regret to
Mr. Harris from Concord,
. 'is a man of worth and
iiuracter and will be a valuable ,
' ' 'v.- n for Albemarle.
'!'''i!i!trle to JIave a Idge.
All arrangements have been
n;pMod for Albemarle to have
i I':.ii;i!ts of Pythias lodge. It
'ill be instituted next month.
Tiie work of instituting the lodge ! Presbyterian
will be a flat-bottomed stern
wheeler, patterned. after the craft
that plies the Capo Fear between
Fayetteville and Wilmington.
After it is finished at the Rich
mond yards, it will be taken to
pieces, shipped to Antwerp 'and
the Congo, then by rail to Stan
ley Pool, where it will bo.rebuilt.
The trip up to I.uebo. about 800
miles will require 16 days. Above
Stanley Pool there are 10,000
miles of waterway open toj such"
a boat from Stanley Pool, up tho
Congo, the Kassal, and Lulua
rivers, are 1600 miles of banks,
with numerous villages and a
very large population to bo
reached. An object to be at
tained in the transporation of
mission supplies, without costly
dependence upon others.' Then
there will be free intercourse at
will between the mission sta
tions. The boat will bear the
name of Samuel N. Lapsley, who
gave his life for Africa, Dr. D
W Synder, who left Flordia sev
en years ago as a missionary to
Africa under the auspices of the
Mr. Alfred Troy and wife
of Liberty, are visiting their son,
Mr. C T Troy.
Mrs. B F Rogers went to
.Charlotte this morning to visit j
her daughter,
Mrs. Jno. Yorke.
Mr. Jno. A Sims returned
home last night from Iredell
county, after attending the meet
ing of the Presbytery.
Miss Sallie Sappenfield went
to High Point thisc morning to
visit her relatives. She will also
visit in Loxington.
-Mr. "Kid" Sloan and wife,
of 'Charlotte, were hore this
morning on their way out to No.
5 township to visit his relatives.
Supt. A N James and wife,
of Mt. Pleasant, passed through
here this morning on their way
to Charlotte. 1 Mr. James has
gone to Philadelphia to attend
tho meeting of the Spinners As
sociation. Mrs. James will visit
her relatives in Charlotte.
church of the
,e done by members from j south, is in Richmond look after
urd. -Salisburv. Norwood, i the building of the boat. Char-
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Pcald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the "world, will kill the
pain and promptly heal it. Cures Old
bores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Bcils, Felons,-
(Jorns, all Skin Eruptions. Best
Pile cure on earty. Only 25 cts a box.
Oare puarunteea. Sold at Fetzer's
.tJBlaek Seal, with heavy metal
trimmings and the regular padlock
attachment. They can't be beat:
far superior to anything ever
shown. A few swell novelties in
Elastic Belts with cut jet trim
mings at 50 and 75c.
The best line of Leather Purses
at 25 and 50c. ever shown.
Cyrano head Beauty Pins an
Cyrano Chains are here
a good assortment of Enan
Buckles. Fine Silk Opera Bags at
$1.25, $1,50 and $2,00.
TT 4 f i
Charlotte and Lexington. It will ; lotto Observer.
"J'lanize with twenty members. !
If the dress reformers succeed
in abolishing corsets, the dear
'r. Herlfcrt Cook U Wed.
C.Lrds are out announcing the girls havo U() staying quali
'!iMrriag of Mr. Herbert Cook, es Gft
-not Mr. T M L'ooK, to Miss
i'rv Moore, daughter of Mr. J
iA M Line
' iiiesday evening, Sept. Gth.
A startlinc incident, of which Mr.
J Moore, deceased. Both par- ilin ni,vr Phiiiinhia. was th
live lit Forest Hill. The subject, is narrated by iiim as follows:
'ivuiony will take )lace at the T was in a most dreadful condition. My
!--uie s lionio at 8:30 o'clock on wus a JCu, cj.cuu.
tongue coated, pain continiuilly in back i
and sides, no appetite gradually grow- j
;, xi-z-i.T rrr- Iott -v Anv Thrpp nlrrci- i
' l.tH'itUi In Nowtmi. ' ciang iad glxen me UP. Fortunately, a
:r. Press Freeze, who for a i sriend advised trying Electric Bitters:'
h has been relieving a phar- to my Kreat joy and surprise, the
. , , , -i first bottl-3 made a decided improve-
ui Albemarle, hasreturned . ment 1 continiie(1 their n,0 for three
11 ! ii ii!0 near hero and will ' weet8f and am now a well m au. I know
'"-1 XhnAr. mnmiiKT tnlro ' thav saved my life, and robbed the rave
a arue: store lor a
a p h iV, 8 ,
We have been btrictJy in it for tho
We are expecting every day another
i .
P 1 ft
'.-e oi a drug
nf H.n other victim.
t y trv them. Only oOcts., guriateed, at
Fetzer's Drugstore.
m s,
Car of Furnitaire,
Cat of Htoven, Car of Spring-, and las', b:t n(
least, Car of Chairs.
It keeps us moyin,: bat wa 'covers, you knov, and if you
will keep your eyes on the south ast corner of the fiist page of The
Standard we will keep you posted follow our instruction,
d) the rest. Come -ind see if we doa'r.
P. S. L'ke the miller of '-Id ve serw in turns. Look nt
th n'ce pictnres until we can serve ycu. Fell, Harris k Cku
;ui;ui in Newton.

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