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    :r ' ) V""
)-:h nf.w v.s:ay:-: hill.
; I 'iijv ''?! tin ?IH,'h!!l'!'V
;r ?I To Ac('iHmtM?ato Vivo
h. .! ;.rns- About Oi:c Ii:m!rel
: '.'v, i h-Fic Jliu ds to i5o Em-
Tho liicjcle Ne:ro I'sin-M. I Workman the T:w liailn;.:;'. I
Quito a long while ago a no- Messrs. l-JEPiirish, j r Dryamij.
gro purchased fi'om Swink &' E C Parish, of this county, are 1
White a bicycV
in or t ra ire f o r 1 1 ? e
am J. gave a
7avmont, a
at vv-'it'k in South Carolina on the
grading of a now railroad
part of the mortg:u:o being on a ! now ruaa runs lioul Urrs cmss
eror, he hn.l mi V,,. f, fCia,; ! inr on the S. W. & C. railroad,
I on it
new v.av mill pm(j in Rowan
Mar.ufac'tnrinsr Co.
bo a real thing and will be
'. , ' g off every day hundreds
.mis of cloth. The building
finished and hnnds are
.racing in the machinery,
mill Xo. 5 and stands
, : :r of the present row.
large building with a di
ion of 127 feet by 2:30 feet.
Uvo-torv building with a
". At the south end of the
giving the mortgage ho gave his
name as John Harris. By some
means the sellers found that
there was something wrong
about the matter and they had
Aleek Itartsell, who lias a repu
tition for recovering bicycles,
to investigate the matter. The
negro was found but his right
twenty miles south of Spartan-1
burg, to Lockhart's Shoals on
j the Broad river. The road will j
I be about fifteen miles long when j
completed. ' j
II n r s
Hit I UttW.
? t -?
ktJ) ft I' .
r f f .
.,j j ,, t , ; .
Ull( L'iU
wm mm
'City of Rome" Strikes an leoherg.
The recent collision of
name was Lij(
John Harris, and
and not
no crop
'City of Home'' with an
brings forcibly to mind one of
the many dangers to which j
transatlantic navigation is -ox-1
posed. The weather was foggy
The predominating ESiZLLIil?' of this risess
Roods stock is the vastness cr theassortniGnt,
There is hardly a taste that c?n not bo suited
because the variety embraces every stylish
weave ana iasnionaoie coioj
Fine assortment" ;of
L ne
joci,,,,. hins land. He was brouirl
v..i.inin.l.-r of tho to Thursday ni.clii.
e:;!1d boiler to hu - - j and a rain had Just coa.od fall- gOOdS CrGpOIlS m black
.s. ano a!--o tile siasnor " ,tl" ''iUl,"Iuuv ; n j -a i .tr-x-f
Mr. I . ors as wen as tne new u-cniMaias
. . t - n i 1 1 . -1 ?
rr.,4n i i i i1 i n inf . i ( inn wis
i . -i i:.. .. .. i ii l ih( !() ( i ii n r r- v. in x
f uuiuuiiu is one room anu '
be tilled entirely with looms.
V ;e hundred looms will be
placed in it, giving ample room
Rowan county.
Jiimes Deaton J)it s Suddenly.
les. These will oe in the On Thursday evening shortly
i 1 1 3 -ft - 1 vi" -s -s ."" r .-
slowed down to quarter speed. ! dill tt UtJiy JJ1 lUCti liVl
Shortly after this a massive berg $1.50 TOOT Vard.
lnmnorl mi nvov tbo bniv of fho '
48 c.
loomed up over the bow of the
liner and before the engines 1 jlt--- dlW,
the Queen City Printing Com-
J i -"IT 1 t ' i f
The dimensions of the boiler , IKlu.y m "arioue, aiea at nis
' homo on Brevard street. TTe
w men win uuuuun iwu
'died shortly after roachinsr his
i. on 4-..4 r 4i,n i home and was well when he left
. UV OU 1UUI. ill int." t;iit;uii;
nam. with dimensions of 30 bv i his work that afternoon. His
i -st ivr r-i t x t
; -!',' -. i. will be placed a 200-1 muuiei' iUrb- 1U Lr L'oaion, ana
Mower Corliss engine To :Sistor Miss Jessie Deaton, of this
uf the engine room will
; : ( the slasher room where
.."d machhierv has been
hasea -one lor sizing aviiik)
place, were visiting at his home.
Ho leaves a wife and one child.
He has two brothers living Mr.
Harry Deaton, now editing the
t i m: i
Hie other one for 1 AUUU1L'SVIUU ieoii-i imos, anu
I t,,i: i i- i -i
This room measures U1UIU JlUUUi W11U b empioyou
: )
t)" "0 feet.
This Wvt hundred lot of
s & Crumpton looms that
if placed in this large new
.nr. wliich Supt. Coble will
:n the hands of Mr. E D
! means that about 175
livedo will be uiven em-
i i'ut on tliat hill, which
w average of live to the
will necessitate the
:?ig of thirty-five houses,
h this addition Mr. Robt.
Me. suoerintendent of the
-nils, will
!.10 looms which is more!
in Birmingham,
In Caton's Hall Tonight.
Tonight the Concord band will
furnish music in Caton's hall
while the good ladies, old and
young, will have prepared ices,
creams, sherbets, etc., for the
people wdio attend. It is expect
ed that a good crowd will turn
out and the band will carry out
its part of the program. The
doors will open at (5 o'clock on I
into the water again.
Fortunately she sustained no
damage beneath the waterline,
the only marks of the encounter
being her crushed figurehead
and a bent bobstay.-
Mr. S. J. Lowe, of Charlotte,
is here today.
Mr. Jno. AY Cook went up to
Greensboro this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W R Odeil
spent today in Charlotte.
Mr. J L Crowell went to
Lexington on a busines trip.
Mr. Jas. L Kendall, of Cas
tonia, arrived here last night.
Mrs. E C Earnhardt went
over to Charlotte this morning.
. Mr. Percy Jones, of Nor
folk, arrived here this morning.
, , i -i t -r . - could be reversed she strnek.
toiT of iho building the o o eioc c, uas. Beaton ot , f t Our fall Silks and Vel-ets are
n to bo used as a laro.thls Plac. who was working for bf. llta sual ,tc0 ' kArA lrl oil thftir hntv- Tn.fFAt.r.n. siUrQ t.
uio vessel iniaiiy .suuuig oacii ,X fZ i rA -i X , J "
U', you. anu woe- per yaru. uur line 01
Waist silks at 48c. 75c. and 98c pr yard
are beyond description. Velvets in almost
any shade desirable.
Drt ss Linings
This is a department much neg
lected by many merchants. We
can fill every little want. We
handle the very best qualities
such as we can reccommend and
guarantee as to color, etc. All
shades of Oriental and Near silks
at 15c. and 25c. yd. Percalines,
Selicina, Wiggin, Haircloth, Oan
vas, both linen and cotton, Crino
line, Buckrum, Elastic Duck, ar.d
anything else you want in th e way
of linings.
Fannie Strieker is
spending the afternoon in Charlotte.
At last the carpenters are
j ii i
account oi mo younger emmren. i t? n i WAnricAn pfn
- 1 vu v . v.. it uum.'j', v i ' i : v - rv r i T Tl H
i The music will commence at 8 ville. fl is reo-ist ere l at ihe' i .OAn P.hRTl MR H 5 .17" A HAP
ililV HI I H I IllO . , - ' - -oW fl Nw' XSfe Ai. tu'U.O.A t VW f TiX IN.
o'clock, uome out and Help tlie ai orris noiei rouay.
:;ny other- superintendent j cauSG
o- State lias. There are
.'oiimanios in the State that -
I'inn' looms but all are not
the supervision of one
Four Marsh alls from Concord.
Concord will be represented at
the coming State Fair with four
of our young men. They are
Dr. Robt. S Young went over
to Charlotte this morning, lie
will return this evoninc.
preventive against fire
- i1 pump has been placed j
ii'." building, which whenj
!!iances admit, will throw;
am often inches in diam-
Will often cunse a horriblo Burn,
Scald. Cat or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Messrs. Joe and Frank Cannon, Salve, the best in the world, will kill the
t T-t i -j t 1 1 t- i pain and promptly heal it. Cures Old
and Earl and Luther Brown. gores Fe'ver slOTi ulcerSf Bcil8f Fel.
They have aceeptod the invita- i ons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best
Jf lie cure on eariy. niy cis. a dox.
throughout the store.
ana winter stock oi urv .xooas.
i w r
Hotions, etc., are in and we h
you to look over our -autumn
rxire pruaranteed. Sold
at Fetzer's
ITT1 ? S
7 a. ii 3i
immi) is never
in case of fire and at
Mr Luther Saunders and '
) family and their visitors, Mr. and j
Mrs. W. R Payne,
: v pounds of steam is al-; tho afternoon in Ch:
. on at eveiy hour from the Payne, who is visiting Mr. Saun- j
ii once starts, including ' dors, is the ex-treasurer of Bun- j
ators, Mr. and j p
are spending j L'nan 1
mirlotte. Mr. ;
ays. Three such pumps as
are on tlie grounds remain
i!e only in case of a lire.
' a lire occur three streams
!! ';M'ies in diameter each
f h.- turned on at once, bo
; th? aid of hydrants, four
: -eiag .!i tlie grounds.
; combe county
i hers of Concord 'Lodg 4
T if
ot ivinias ai1
A startling incident, of which Mr. ,
John Oliver of Phliladelphia, was tho ;
subject, is narrated by him us follows: '
T was in a most dreadful condition. My
! !iin was almost yellow, ryps sunken, ;
toiiLTue coated, pain continually in back j
and sides, no nppetite jxrjidually grow
ing weaker day by day. Three physi
ciniis had given me up. Fortunately, a
sn'end advised trying Elcctiic Bitters:';
ie TiXT Vv
1 n il l .
0 U
and to roy great joy and surprise, the ;
' to meet in Castle Hall lirst bottle made a decided improve-'
' - o'idock i)rom)tly. 1 ment. I continued their use or three ;
- . of importance ' that weeks, and am now a well man. ; I know
c-t ever" ivWl,pi,01. ,v;n thoy saved my life, and robbed tne grave .
i i ) 11;H1KbL1 Ul!1 of another victim." Xo one should fail f
vied tonight. to try tiiem. Only oOcty., guriateed, at '
C. L. WlflTf-:, C. C. Fctzer's DrugiStore.
i I I
Wo have beea strictly in h for th pist three
weeks. We are xpecting . veiy 3?iy another
Gar of Furniture,
Car of Stoves, C:u of Spiiii;:?, and last, but not
least, Car of Chairs.
It keeps us moyin but w: m movers, you know, and if you
will keep your eyes on the southeast corner of the fhst page of The
Standard we will keep you posteJ follow our iLstmctioD, ve will
do the lesfc. Coa:e and see if we dou't.
P. ;?. Like tie miller of d l we siv - in tu . s. Lok at
'the uct pictures until we can serve cu. Bell, Harris k Co

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