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HiaJr To Probably Open a It 1Uacks a Man n (ll'e Neighborhodd
.re There -The School isoys
Miss Ella Powell Dead.
About two years ago a lady
named Miss Ella Powell came to
Charles 1. Ayecck for C jvernor.
The people of North Carolina
will in a ' few short months be
For r Filtv 1
Mrs. WinslovV Soohii f-vmp has
been used for over iilty 2? ears by njl
lions of moila-is fox their ehdchtfi:
while teetJiiaagr jyith perfect M.ccesai
ilieir Pun -Persons!'. .
T1 c. n1orj i to Missouri-Other IVetrs.
feasant, Oct. 10. Mr. Written for The Standard.
and - i s. J as. P Cook were the Organ' Church, Oct. q
,f Prvntiim Cook today. ux Luuiiuum uu. a reru'ar
UVJ'. - ' - " 1
arid Bites Animals A Profitable Move this place from Virginia and j casting about for a suitable man soothes thV.chiiii mqIivlh he
was an operative in one of the
cotton mills here. Some time
r governor of this izii.a State, s allays all nyv..JUrJ md eoh.c, nrd'ts
. , c . ; the best neneyr Jiarrho Itvn1,
Here are numbers oi true ana : relievo t'h'ft unnrAitiiA fvr
mad dosr scare last i?..;n. i
n,. ronf. "Rlfiir of Charlotte, ino- in st hefrvm ii- .i J'l ': was the result.
jvv.xv - , - . j.,, Uciyii'in, as ijv.
'i nere are numoers oi true ana : rel evoth'ft n,nr.itHA .vr i,m.,4.
ago she was taken sick with -tried men all over the State and !at.ejv- .SoJktotfwts ievvry irt
a 1 1 -1 j ! 1 n ' of the world. , Xvejtit.Y-liy co.its a bo I-
typhoid fever and despite all the p0Ople would be delighted to j tie. Ba umaLa 2& -.fw'Vrs
care and attention possible death honor all of them. But if there ET8 Sp)9S uw" jana Ituke bo
She died Tues-
ii ne man among all these who.
passed through hero today on his Mac Wilhelm Was feea)n;? he was ' dar n1ht at MrR- Richardson's j yQ Saul of old, stands head and
AiiLvifl nr. Riair attacked by a mad doo- Th at Cannonville. She was a chnnlrlnrs ahnvo bis fllnws that.
will r-bablvput a stock of drugs !aP.on Mr- Wilhelm could r young lady and had no relatives ; man is Charles B. Aycock, of
il' J 1 0i iioia 01 Was. a p-oode h
1 ., , geiwotaoi Was a goods box. and:hAr Tho funoral was nreac Leu ' -i.3... t
in th,. old Cook & i'oii Duiiamg w:th that he managed tota G m -"- - P-
: i, ,.,wninrfl the dog off. At. Mv niwui, i?i xvev. j.
-ler'S tne aoff hit, a p.nw- ah -Trr, xcimiusun.
by Rev. T W Smith at Mrs. i ho has throwa himself in the
4 - - I,u' Yates' it bit a calf. The next we re interred in tho cemetery.
in s
in C
,,i i ,,e loft for his home. hear of it is aTioCe;
: ,tK'ord this morning, where it was killed by the fi renian of the : A Bell
. accepiea a pus-uuu a xvvyv.ixc,i roiier mil is, wiLti a
ovuir in one of the cotton pieceofwood.
mills in that place. j Mrs. Mary. .Roberts, -of: Mis-
Mr. Eu.rry Fo-,1, son of Mr. L sour. vitij tivos and , Tuesday ho..3. Mr. Let-
1) r V I. WiJU IfUrt uwu -r jl mo
Roberts is a daughter of the lata '.ford is known in iany States as
thickest of the fight, and when
ever there arose a Goliahin the
rrmlrR c? tVin nirnnciti rn Avr'.rti'!.-
Aver of tjpiritiia!:sn. 11 . , ' ,
has been the Dav)d to do the
Mr. Geo. A Letford, who each business for him. If the wishes
year v'sits Concord once in tho the vQters Qf thiS6ecliOQ have
1 -T--T T1 T" IT O I
interest 01 H 1j JUCKien VO. n71 ,vrrht. in DPTnnoratir ffHXJ
ventions, that matchless cum'-'
:0 . 0 V. tcr.o?i
r . 1
; rooa 'In ligiit colors for,
go w.n sr. 4cl r e? sing
TiJiiocnpr arm 1 rnf mv'il
feve" is getting along very Ch'?stoT)her Harlow, and travellinsr sniritualist and1,. -0 a,.,...
. . 0 ; varu'iiuau, u. r. xivcoch, w-nt o.s . -- -
, ,V ,,.."'u u,f?an cnurco. numbers of places always iook 1)e lhe nexfc governor of ,?H QWXlOgS -,extta
S.n..- -'f tho College students -A',M,"t ,"'rty years ajro Mr. Har- forward to his coming, that 1h.-v e. Lexington D'snateh - -iU 1 . .
lad.iu;,. a ionv time last night . fe may have him to spend an even-, "' Wlllle tiie
P ( If vl 1 iv A I . Pi II V'l'li . .HJSV
at tho :;pense of one o, tneir 7)ul);r aT1(js gooa a Tiroa( ing, giving some demonstrunon
f.Olow.s. A certa'n young the- is b.j'lt ard a stniiori locntod of his spiritualistic work. Mr. j
olrn, ..agc-rs'o.d a raid on a on his land. Around tins a town
TiotM-r.v (Kiting ear patch. The 5s bl1;1' Mr. Harkey rea-zes
, . i . 'onsulnrnblfi ivpnlth bv Qpllr.-io-
w . give a anu -n a snoi'i , ,
cor1'! be seen gathei
1 1
W ;
the "pw-n
cor1! ii;st in tlie rai'Oi"
(;;!;. Tl-e iisvird piiol shot
" ' ; and away wont tho
A nen next s.-eii, ti.e
i.logno was s1-;;r.i; og in
ureen oi.1 -1.
V'l11". with one small
What next'r
Mi.;s ida Allen, of Durham,
who har :t:on vistinig rvl;ss Jen
nie Skenii for the past few days,
has l't'Uir'.ed to her home.
Miss P'usy James, :o has
been vsiting relatives in Rock
Hill, l as returned horn1.
M's 1 Uaache McAllister, who
with iheuina-
as oi'i
t ism,
S : i ' ( 1 ' ' ) T
! ! I t'o ' i MIT,
I heir A t.-oiml 3Ieeling Ilthl.
The stockholders of the Con
cord Telephone Co. hold their
annual meeting Tuesday night.
The officers of the past year
were re-elected, which are as
follows: Dr. W C Houston,
i 'reside; l; Jno. P Allison, Vice
President; . L D Coltrane, Sec
retary and Treasurer; Dr. W H
Lilly and N P Yorko, directors.
Theoth r officers of the organi
zation ai- also director. The re
port of business was gratify
ing to she stockholders. ,
Miss TCfno Kluttz, orgrr.i'st al
O.gnn church, has secured a po
siTou ;n the milb'ney depart
ivo.n't in G W Pink's new depai-L-meht
Arthur Host, who al tO'led the
school nt Ch'na Grove for two
and a half months, is at home.
He says he came out a f un
fledged M. D.. (mule driver) as
he has been driving (plowing) a
mule since he is at home.
Comrrnmon meet 'ng at Organ
church fno fourth Sunday of this
month. Preparatory services on
Sat j:day at 1:30 p. m.
fell" stripe? and
Letford has had quite a number i , -Mor Means reiurnedhgme Plaid Bect.' - "Tiiey are
of interesting experiences while - w ,j0-d uahTISt . V71irlt ,VOU have
Ai-. a-ia Mrs. vv u fuQ'-iflw
in cir - rf spectators. He ;s a
firm be iver in this religion.
From! lie Village of Glass.
Written for The Star dard.
Glass, Oct. 22: Rev. W-B
Oney preached a fine sermon at
Center Grove church last Su:
dscy. There was no preach:ng
at Bethpage.
The Southern Railway has ' day) at press time.
heel dor,Jg seme wr-'ko-iour de
pot th e J a s t f cav d ay 8 .
SoTie of the'pup'ls in Mr
Hammond's school will graduate
Mr. and Mrs. L Q: AYtei-mr-.r,
of New Yo araejtp-,1
IjAIIII 1VI11V 'I 111 It uwi i -...
Dno nf Mr. Jno. S Turner's
sons had an experience last Mon-1 D B CoUran.e .r.etuedfW'fe aealO "shOiaTaf
1 lnnnrrl! D Oil 13 t ll S III Ol'H ' U g , 1X0211 , .At
dv Avpnrno a iler leaving iiere i . o
with a new wheat drill. The
team ran away, breaking the drill
slightly and came near dragging
him. He saw m time that one oi j
the drills were gomg to hook
him and quickly gave a kick,
which broke the drill off. It was
a fortunate kick.
been looking !c' -and'
i very 'mod e r.& 1; &y-,
lalarg;- assoiimei; t of '
Mr. JS Wiikinsps,; travtl4fie"8C'e'-UaeCl g-OQ.Cl3i
?g a-eat for tuo,. JoueY tmvf . xV. ..n
anv Co., is here todav. " , t 3UltmfS, etOm tild '
Mrs. W G Iiosha,rnerj re-v styllSll "t)laids at 7 I- 2o ki
Cctton Slightly OPT.
Cotton has been up to 7.80 on
our market here within the last
week but it is off slightly now,
the best bringing 7.60 while
most of it is being bought for
7.50. One hundred bales were
on the market today (Wednes-
tuvned homo last ,nigxht.. Iron1
C'lar'oie, she went to
allav.d the bedsde'oM'ss Julia
Gray. Misi Jutia-' was worse
Monde y but reyitved-jDOn-siderably
That is the way all drnsgiyte seil
Grove' Ta-steless Chill Tonic for chills
and Mfalaria. It is simply Iron and
r i t: j Quinine :n a tasteless form. Children
m a few days. Do says birds QYeit Adalta refer it to bitter, nan
are right plenty ih":s year. lea tint Tomci Price. 50c.
Miss Carrr'e GUlon is visit! Jg :
m Rowan and wi1! return home
two miles north o!. this place ' T10S6 'siuudy Dutchmen
Sunday evening, but no one was
seriously hurt.
A meeting will commence at
Bethpage church on Friday be
fore the fourth Sunday.
War Seems Inevitable
To aU human appearances the
last, 7-av of hope that war in the
rni l.'jii i a v --
x nere was a ntue cuitmg aaa.r , - .s to bft averted has
Mr . ' i -mr . . i ... . . . ! -1. X U.JOI v -
in1 jiurjrarei jicuui neus.
Today, the 11th, Miss Marga
r3t McCi'J, who sovas months ago
visited Miss Janie Ervin at this
place for some time, will be mar
ried in Raleigh to Mr. Wm. D
Cdrmiehael. Miss McCall is a
' harming young lady, very pop
ular av.,: -ell known in different' this week.
)artsufUio State. Mr. Carmi-1
chael is a prominent educator j Dining the ciyil war, aB well as;manCls is that British troops
anil has been connected with thp!irj our late war with Spain, diar- xh sr- is shall .not
i Fresh IF; !
1,1 & urn r
s r Anu i t
have taken the aggressive " and
'seat io the English pracL-ca!
j u'.vmatum that na .ned 5 o'clock
today (Wednesday) asiho period
at Vv'hicha compance would be
Miss Maggie Brumley, of For- ' considered a )ractical declara
est Hill, is visiting friends here ' ion of war. It is hard-y siiV
posableihat Great Britian w,!!
accede. One of the Boei e-
Darham schools for sometime.
Converse Gets .S"Ui),000.
The In I) E Converse left
rhoea was on ot the most
: Africa
instances it became chrome and
tee old soldiers still suffer from
be landed on any pa a of South
i u;
You aeaume bo nvk whn yon
f his estate to the col- it. Mr. Dyid Taylor, of Wind buy Clmraberlain'u Uoiic, Chopin
e founded. Thus it ! RicVe, Greene county, Pa., is one j antl Diarrhoea Rnedy.. xvi. ,L..
vrse is thn fortunate! these. He uses Chamberlain's Marsh & Co. wm reoird your
I'..' !ir (wdrn. tu1 ni.rrhnAa money it JOU ai'O Dot SH t - dt 1
i i 1 1 ! i
lr. Ulio em ami UiMrrhnpa raou
Remedy ana savs he r-ever fonnd I after i:smg it. It eyery wnere
1 night, j such ovc.k rt-iiei
as deal and bv li . L. Iarsh -C- Hn
; was (long with;- i never tail.-. It 4s t-?ast'.nt
l Jr 111 Si
stylisli plaidsat 7 c
10c tip to- 25o. yr
. II I . I - : I . w . I j t . r - . . . - .
Press Package oi ne vv
Taffetas in black ar c!
, , V .. .
colors, They may be
Must What you -"a,:
pur , dress goods and
are replete -witii .the
newest novel hes- Al
ways s;lad to
new goods.
H.L Parks
attresse 1
Worlds of .Mat-fesses'm stbcQr.and a of l0Q(m ,t.!.e
way. Like Zeb VaiicVvhUi-eyall Matieressr- .
good but some are. fatter ?han others. ' See our. uuy;.L
Felt, Acina Spring lc:" Sea Moss, I'uie i - v
Curled Hair, CoUoftV'Co.Ioa aV:d Husk .hist bin oy j
mean.l-tivt our Rlco-Sraw w:vh cottOirtvp, tbe Ma. ,
for-;h--miHions. We., have-; Mattre - J . par'- C'pn-
it L ior sale ; M remedy in use 'or, cau..;
d.. Brniist plaints and the -niy or-c:
f01 .Leis coining- -Don't fo"fet us.-'ye ;are unjorvnng. a
solid car of Beds todaySofia c.r of-';olV":ngs; l-st week.
We are at.yqur soi'V. ,he-; look al " of
C'a'pets. Wo are. agents J . .1. Vff:''-'f'ri :U-l"ol'st
Manufacture of theTniteu vfUth S'' 1 wAJmjyo
i'.- me. ?Phoao pcdoi;cJ. l.:o";-:''
.,i.iiiiih ti

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