North Carolina Newspapers

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CHINA GROVE, N, C., JANUARY 7th, 1913.
VOL. 5.
. TV
r , just,
The Flying Dutchman and
the Wizzard of the Wind were
Salisbury visitors Wednesday
H. Sam' Sechler went down
to Kannapolis yesterday on a.
short business trip.
WhitX. Wilhelm is consid
eralily afflicted at the present
time with a carbuncle on his
neck. -
A. D. Sechler, Esq., spent
Wednesday- at Kannapolis
with his plug hat on and far
ed sumptuously on fried
chicken, etc.
. Col. Plucky Freeze has been
kept at home several days
this week with the ear ache.
C. R. Campbell, of Enoch
ville, spsnt Tuesday night
with John Weddiugton.
Jas. N. Dayvault has been
kept busy this week purchas
ing a cow.
Mrs, J. O. Templeton, of
Amity, is visiting at A. D.
Sechler's. '
Mrg. T. M. Winecoff and
chilpren, of Salisbury, visit-
)d at W. J . .b esperman's, rear
churqh, this week.
on the sick
f&he Grace
porhood, has
ipleted a new resi-.
Jd moved into it.
Fesperman, of the
Grace ohurch neighborhood,
'was in town yesterday.
r,:wn i
J mLa? knight with
;Mrs. Hols-
hoaser's son, T. C. Peeler,
who lives near Sumner.
J. M. Eddleman had a fall
oneday last week that laid
him up for several days. He
is now able to -be up and
R. A. Smith, of the Fink
and Yost school-house neigh
borhood, was in town yester
day. He went up to Salis
bury at noon.
A. E. Sloop, who lives in
South Rowan, was in town
yesterday on business. Mr.
Sloop has several fine Berk
shire hogs for sale and has an
advertisement cone e r n i n g
them in this paper. Read it.
J. C. Castor, of Rock Grove
neighborhood, was in town
yesterday on business.
Miss Mary Rankin spent
Saturday . and Sunday with
her parents, near Concord.
S. A. Weddington. of De-
rita, who has been visiting at
F. W. Bost's, returned hone
Henry Bost, brother of F.
W, Bost, of the Organ Church
neighborhood, was in town
J. E, Cline is having the
lumber placed on his lot on
South Main Street for the
new store building.
Arch Deacon Harding, of
Salisbury, was a visitor here
Mrs, F. W. Bost has been
kept in her room this week
with la grippe.
W. C Parks, a resident of
the Grace Church neighbor
hood, had a big chopping and
sawing party yesterday.
Harvey Lomax, a member
of the Hookworm Club,
has been accused of working
thirty minutes in the Wat-
kins broom factory. Of course
he will be reported to the
grievance committee who will
investigate ana suggest, a
.I C. C. Sechler. president of
Uhe Hookworm Club, left
Wednesday morning for the
home of John and Gal. Freeze
where a big chopping took
place yesterday. Mr, Sechler
is not accused of even. ins
tending to take part in the
chopping, butvit is rumored
he has other notions in his
J. M. Bostiati set out some
cabbage plants yes-terday.-
' ,
. H. S. Bostian has just com
pleted the cement work on
Robt. W. Gray's new resi
dence '
. H. C. Sloop was in town
yesterday evening for a shorty
M. L. File and family have
moved to Rockwell.
Jas. N, Dayvault was in
Salisbury yesterday evening
on business. . ;' .
Mrs. J.V'F. MoGraw, ot
Mooresville, came in yester
day evening to visit her pa
rents, Mr. and. Mrs. P. A.
Sloop Esq.
Rufus Yost and J. M. Bos
tian put up a neat smoke"
house for D. D. Alexander
this week.
Mrs. T. H. Kirk has been
at home with the" chills for
several days this week.
An Elderli Lady Quite III.
Mrs. Elizabeth Baarer, of near
Laudis, who Has been visiting hsr
daughter, Mrs. J. P. Horton, at
&mity, is quite ill with pneumo .
ma . Mrs. -Beaver is near I v i ov
years old, and thera ! -very lttle
hopa for her recovery
Site BSDoJLjfeb3aiv
ur;ignDornooa, a bod. an
Sim Beaver, ol near LirtcHi, a
daughter, who have been attheir
mother's beds'ide returned home
Wednesday. The doctor in at
tendance holds oat no hope of re
Membus of the Ground Hog Committee are
Somewhat Flabbergasted.
The ground hog committee has
not been ahle to get together on a
report. Each one seems to have
1 i . i i.
a pbt cneory aoout nis noguips
conduct on Sunday, February 2d,
and consequently, instead of a
good, strong statement that would
definitely fix tb) ground hog's
status forever, we have a number
of minority reportrs which seem
to be mere conjectures. The chair
man of the committee, Col. Lucky
Freeze, has been kept at home for
several days with a severe earache
and had not given the matter the
serious consideration it deserved.
Dowie Bostian was too much con
cerned about the groui.d hog found
at the butcher shop to give atten
tion to other matters ; but two of
the committee, Me?iarn. Sechler
and Kirk, had about agreed that
the ground heg was kept at home
with her young and tiid not find
time to come out, and. lastly Jonas
Kirk, announces that the said hog
is a devoted Christian and thought
it would be breaking the Sabbath
to come out. . This report is quite
unsatisfactory and of course the
weather is accordingly unsettled.
'tew Cabbaged
Chas. R. Campbell, one of the
admirers of the bu 11 moose' and a
hustling farmer of JSnocbville,
has done somethr ag out of the or
dinary about her- i, Saturday he
was in town and brought along a
lot of well-heade d cabbage which
he grew on his jfarm during the
last few monthB. This seems to
be a new record fox c abbagd rais
ing in this secti on.
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Rowan May do. Away WiMi Free
Plan Now i.t Use
The Rowan County Commis
sioners met in regular monthly
session Monday and held a two
day's session. A matter of gfeat
importance to the taxpayers of
the county was taken np Tuesday
afternoon and discussed. It
relates to the working of the pu
blic roads of Rowan. The beard
took under advissment and con
sidered the question of drawing
up a new road law or amendment
o the present law. Some of the
main features in tbe law consider
ed was the levying of a special
township tax. of from. 15 to 45
C3nts on the $100 valuation of
property and 45 cents on each
poll in each township to be appor
tioned the full amount peid in'
fox road improvement. This
plan would eliminate the present
plan of working the publio roads
of the county by . free labor. It
is proposed to copy, some of the
features of the present splendid
road law now in force in the neigh
boring county of Cabarrus. A
law is being drawn by the county
attorney which will be sent to the
legislature for ratification.
Clarence Shuman Sentenced to Death.
; Clarence Shuman, a well known
native of Salisbury who moved to
Hot Springs, Arkansas some time
ago, is under -sentence- of.' death
for killing his wife tliera last July.
He has beo tried and the supreme
court has affirmed the death pen
alty, of the lower court and the
execution is to take place or
about February 24feh. At?
will be made to'bbtain a new u
and should this &il the gore
will be appealed to but neither Cl
Any one wanting a nice lot of
ground hog pigs are requested to
call on or write to Chas. R. Camp
bell, route 8, China Grove, N. C .,
the only ground hog fancier in the
Thoajfits on the Twenty-Third Psalm.
The Lord is my Shepherd, why
should I fear?
He oareth for me with tbe kind
est of care.
I shonld not grow weary, despond
ent, or faint ;
The Lord is mv' Shepherd, I
shall not want.
He maketh me in His green pas
tures to lie;
I should thank Him for this as
the days go by.
He leadoth me by the still waters
To Him I should ever give hon
or and prais.
And when I am sin-sick, He
maketh me whole;
The Lord, in His mercy, re
storeth my soul.
In the paths of righteousness for
His name's sake,
He leadeth me, and no other
should I take.
Though I walk through the valley
of the'shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for He giveth
me breath ;
In life, or in death, wherever I
The Lord, in His goodnes3, is
ever with me.
Thy Church and the Bible forever
should be,
As Thv rod and Thy staff to
comfort me.
In the presence of enemies, a ta
ble is spread ;
He clothes me and gives me my
daily bread.
As long as I live, for "Christ I
should toil;
For, it is He that anointest my
head with oil:
With gifts of His love, every day,
every hour,
He fills my cup till it runneth
over. .
Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me
All the days of my life, and in
I will dwell forever in the house
of the Lord,
If I do His commands and obey
His word.
.By H. C. S
China Grove, N. p.
Miss Ivy Fejktf' daughter of i
Mr. and Mrs. H.i J.;;t Felker, of
China Grove, and ;! John Seymona,
of Coolaemee, .WarBi' married at
Cooleemea Sundajf afternoon.
The marriage 'of Miss Edith
Eagle, daughter o Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Eagle, I of the Harris
Chapel neighborhood, and George
Honbarger, sonof Thomas Hon
brger, of China Grove, took place
at the'pirsonage of the Methodist
church, Saturdiyjnight, Rev. H.
II, Robbins, offiqiiting. They are
at present at., the home of the
bride's parents', but may make
their home in ChSua Grove.
Paul Crawford Bernhardt and
Miss Minnie 'Catharine Props!
ware married Sunday, February 2,
1913, at the residence of Charlie
Blackwejder, at 4 o'clock p. m
in the presence df only a few in
vited guests, Ref. C. A. Brown,
pastor of the pride, officiating
The bride is J In accomplished
1:3.-1 " . '
young lady, antt the groom is pop
ular as is evidd
rjced in the fact
surveyor of Rd-
that he is court
wan. rneir injure nome win uu
at the homestefI;pf the recently
mi f I c 1 ill 1
deceased J . 0.
Bernhardt, father
of the groom,
of St. Paul's
I the neighborhood
K;L. Church, near
Palisbury, N
C. ' These young
38t of friends all
lem a lonsr. happy
people have
of whom wishj
and prosperoa
Presbyterian Charts Organized at Stony
flint. .
organized, at J
J f
L. L.
to re
ft, no mat-
ittedly bad,
He will b9 as
sailed and his motives impugned.
That's why conditions that every
body admits are wrong are often
allowed to continue, for the aver
age man, no matter how honest
and earnest,: doesn't like ti b6
made a target. Statesv.lle Land
mark. Concord Boys Arrested tor Car-Breaking.
Clarence Honeycutt and Walter
Gray "were arrested by the police
last night on the charge of steal
ing goods from a freight car. A
car was entered while on the side
track here Saturday night. Goods
were missed when the car was
opened at Charlotte and tbe local
offioers were notified. The pDlice
heard that the two young men
were selling goods and they were
arrested last night. They were
tried at the Recorder's court this
morning and plead guilty to the
the charge. Thay were bound
over to court under a bond of $200
in default of which they were com
mitted to jail. Conoord Tribune.
Deatness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they can
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cure deafness, and that is by con
stitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused by by an inflamed condi
turn of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tabes. When this
tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound, or imperfect hearing,
and when it is entirely closed,
Deafness is the result, and unless
the inflammation can be taken
out and this tube ' restored to its
normal conition, hearing will be
destroyed forever, nine caies out
ten are caused by uatarrn, wnicn
is nothiug but an inflamed condi
tion of the muoous surfaces. -
We Will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any case of Deafness
(caused by catarrh) that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
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dftt V
o r if theW yffl
s a hard trvc
News of Interest to Our Readers
Air Over the Coonty.
On the afternoon of February
13 the meeting of the Ninth dis
trict, K. of P. will be held in
this oily. This district embraces
the towns of Salisbury, Spencer,
Concord, Lexington, Norwood,
China Grove, Albemarle . and
Thomasville. J. M. Boyette, of
Albemarle, is district deputy
grand chancellor. Several of the
graad lodge officers will presen
on tde ocoasion of this meeting
and will explain the secret work.
Rowan Ruperior Court will con
vene next Monday . with Judge
Whedbee on the bench. Judge
Whedbee is making a splendid
record by the manner in which he
runs the court and by seeing that
all who deserve punishment get
all that is coming to them. It ie
hoped that his coming to Salis
bury will mean a decrease in
crime However, Judge Wned bee
will be here only one week a? he
and Judge Justice have mad an
exchange of courts for the second
Two bouses were destroyed in
Spencer Tuesday. The fire start
ed in the residence of J. 8. Mc
Neil and later thit of W. R. Riel
caught fice and both were destroy
ed as there was no water in reach
which mads it impossible for the
firemen to render assistance. The
owners savedmuoh o their furni
ture'andousvhold'ortects. F-W- Wagoner, a former well
known and successful jroung Row
an unty farmerj who removed
to Efland, Route No.: 2,flaib fli;
wne?9 I19 purshased a farm, cam?
. Mil oaturaay. ne came aiter nis
smbther who will make her future
lpmwith h,im. He reports that
it lfSBting lonjr fine on hisi
county farm.' Mr. Wagon-i
arm upon wniou so resiae snouia J
he decide to again make his home
in Rowaa. He returned yester
day morning after spending sever
al days with friends and relatives
in this county, his mother return
ing with him.
Rosewood camp Woodmen of
the World at a meeting Tuesday
night elected delegates to the
head camp convention to be held
in Asheville the second Tuesday
in March. Messrs. Whitehead
Kluttz and M. Eller were elect
ed delegates and Messrs. Dave
Bradshaw and W. L. Ross alter
nates, r
The State Baraca-Philathea
convention, which last year met
in Salisbuay, will meet April 12-
15 in Charlotte, the committee
having selected that city. The
Queen City will no doubt enter
tain the young people -in royal
style. ,
Miss Mary Henderson left
Wednesday morning for San
Francisco from where vhe will
sail on the 15th of this month for
Japan to spend a year, with her
sister, Mrs. Lyman Cotten. Miss
Henderson will spend several dayB
in California visiting numerous
places of interest before sailing
for Japan.
There will be another meeting
of the members of the Rowan
county Farmer's' Educational and
Co-operative Union in this city
Saturdav to complete plans for
the establishment of the. Union
Warehouse & Trading Comoanv.
mfi,a nnnAnt-
ing the business will be adopted.
It is expected that this will be
largely attended meeting. State
Senator T. D. Brown, will come
up from Raleigh to be present on
this ocoasion he being one of the
leading members of the union in
Rowan county and one of the
number instrumental in tne es
tablishmect of this warehouse
company. More than $3,000 of
the stock for the warehouse has
already been subscribed.
The u. u. K. xL. are to nave a
great time in Salisbury on Thurs
day cf next week. A large num
bery of .candidates will be on hand,
many of them coming from Char-
Turkish . CommaDder Will Not Sorrento
Wbile one Soldier Lasts. .
London. Feb ,4. The Turks re
main on the defensive at Tchat
alja and Adrianople The Adria
nople fortress replies only feebly
to the Bulgarian bombardment
and apparently no attempt . has
been made in the way of a sortie.
The Turkish newspaper Tanin
asserts that Adrianopk' has suf
ficient provisions for four months
and other Turkish representatives
deolare that the fortress certainly
will be able to hold out for sever
al week.
Official qnarters in Constanti
nople breathe a. spirit of great,
confidence in the new regime and
declare the condition of the coun
try and the wintry weather pre
cludes serious operations along
tbe Tchatalja lines for the pres
ent. "
Meanwhile, diplomacy has made
.) ete4 forward since the resump
n oi hostilities and the Porte
is mad- uo- further communica
uu either to the Powers or the
ri.uuld it turn cut that Adrian
pje can res ss for any consider
able time, diplomatic negotiations
re likely to rejnain at a stand
still, although in the European
capital? a settlement by diploma
cy rather than by arms ia still
hoped for. - ; y : "
There is no confirmatiou of the
reported occupation of Scutari' by
she Montenegrins - . m1
Shukri Pasha(the Turkish com
mander who; iik'def ending Adrian
ople is on8of the most determined
officers of the Ottoman army. He
has declared that he will not sur
render the forfeas until the1 last
of his soldiers has been killed.
Castrd, formed president of Vene
xuela," who is waiting under bail
in this city a hearing of the Fed
eral Court of his efforts to come
into the United States, in spite of.
the ruling of Secretary Nagel, con
tinued today to spend his waking,
hours in his hotel room overlook
ing Central Park. The General
received several visitors.
It was announced tonfght that
General Castro will be the princi
pal spaaker Thursday night at a
meeting to be held in an East
Side hall under the auspices of
the "Citizens Castro Protest Con
ference." nothers Can Safely Buy
Dr. King's New Discovery and
give it to the little ones when ail
ing and suffering with colds,
coughs, throat or lung troubles.
tastes nice, harmless, once used,
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ford, Niagra, Mo, , writes: "Dr.
King's New Discovery changed
our bey from a pale weak sick boy
to the picture of health." Always
helps. Buy it at all Druggists.
lotte and other neighboring cities
to learn the mysteries of this clan.
W. C. Rose was a ploasent cal
ler at The- Record office in Salis
bury, one day last week.
Andy Bryan, who shot and pro
bably fatally wounded Tom
Furry, or Ferabee, ina Negro
settlement east of Salisbury last
week, wast given a preliminary
hearing in the Rowan County
Court yterday morning. It is
Ross is being held as a witness
An NeSroeB
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stop work it staggers you. I can't
you say. You know you are weak,
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tone, streugtn ana vigor to your
system, to prevent break down and
build you up. Don t be weak
sickly or ailing when Eiectrio
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first dose. Thousands bless them
tor tneir Rionous neaita and
Btrength. Try them. Every boV
tioKuautoDu w aiaijr. juiv
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Mrs. Amanda Beaver,, widow of
Edmocd Beaver, died in her 51st
year about 12 o'clock last Tues
day night, at her . home about, a
mile and a half south' of China;
Grove, after a few weeks illness of
a com plication of diseases.- The ;
funeral servioes were conducted
by her pastor, R9V. 0. A: Brown,
at Lutheran Chapel E. L. Ch'urcn,
at 11 o'clock Thursday 'morhingi .
after which her body was tenderly -laid
to rest in GreeVLawn ;Ceine-;
tery. . - -;-. . "Xhi- 'zJ' i-r
Ollie Syjvester'tneifcnr-year-!'
old son of Mr.v And Ytb: W. A .
Bostian, who'reside at the old
Aohenbaok place just beyond the
northern limits of , Salisbury ac
companied bis ' father to the barn
Wednesday if ternoon and .knock
ed a pitch; fork down-, against a .
horse which kicked him near the
h east and caused his death. The'
little fellow-, -was carried the.
house, a physioian was called and v
efforts were made to revive himtv
but death soon ' foliowed.l The?
funeral wis held yesterday after? ;
noon,- Rev, ; C.", A.f G .Thomas
. fficiating, and the "intermaat was ;
in the'eemetery "as' OalvarySapvt
tist Church near Ellis' X roads i
Mrs. Bettie Fespermau,
had been ill for soma
time with
Bright ?8 disease ad paralysis,
died at. her: hcn West Came
tary street altftrarv, Wednajp
day afternoon, ..Mrs.; Fdspernn
vas 42 years old, 'ther funeralfvas
conducted by 'KevJohi WvMoore
yesterday afternoon and the in
ternUnt was in Chestnut Hill
: i..
Stater Antl-SiiooslUigne
After listening to a number of
addresses at its sessions in Raleigh
Wednesday and Thursday, the -
State Anti-Saloon League adopted
the following:
The State conventionof the
Anti-Stoioon League, embrscing
the temperance . forces ; of ' North
Carolina, assembled in Raloigh .
January 29th and 80th, are grati
fied at the rapid growth of tem
perance sentimeat throughout the
the State during the past two- v
years and look forward with
brighter hope than ever before fed
the extermination of 'the liquor
traffic in North Carolina' by the
complete enforcement of our pro
hibition law, upheld, as it is, by .
a healthy public sentiment, which-
is becoming more ' and more pro
nounced each year; therefore be
it resolved: '.
"1st. That we heartily endorse
the Webb-Kenyon-6hepherd bill
how pending in Congress and that
we appreciate the resolution
recently unanimously 'passed by
our Legislature,' giving its en--
dcrsement to this bill. '
"2d. That we earnestly reoom
cueud the passage of a laV limit
ing the quantity, , of intoxioants
imported into the State to indi
viduals to one gallon at a time
and not mole than two ; gallons
per week.
' '3d. That we earnestly reoom
med the adoption of -a blind tiger
search and seizare law. . ..
''4th. That the transportation
companies be required to keep a
record of - all liquors delivered in
the State and that the signature
of the consihee shall be shown
with each delivery, which record
shall be available, as evidence in
5th. We congratulate the peo
ple of North Carolina on thV
growth of sentiment of the law
and the ready response of the
Legislature?, past and present, to
this growing sentiment, and ap
preciate the offorts of the judioia
ry to carry into effect the.prohibi
tion law with firmness and jus
tice." . . .
J. A. Hartness of State sville
waB re-elected president' of the
League and a vice preiidens was
elected for ech congressional dis
trict. T. H. Vanderford, of SaU
isbury is the vice president for
this district and W. C Dowd, of
Charlotte is vice president fcr the
ninth district. Havdsn Bart . nf
jlsyloraville is a member of the
1 6X80UtlV8 COmmittaa nf
I J League.
Tit pat -

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