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, the Event of Interest as Bulle
tined by Wire, Wireless and
Cable Foreign News.
In his annual report the Postmaster
General recommended an amendment
to cheapen and enlarge the parcel post.
An amendment for the popular elec
tion of Presidents was defeated in the
Senate, but only by a vote of 35 to 32.
- The Senate debated the proposed
one-term limitation for Presidents, and
Senator Martine declared that Mr.
Wilson would not be a candidate for
Gross sealing frauds were laid
bare In a report by a House commit
tee, and recommendation made of a
suit on a $500,000 bond for restitution.
President-elect Wilson has invited
his classmates of Princeton, '79, to a
smoker at Chevy Chase Club, Wash
ington, March 3.
The Presdent and Mrs. Taft enter
tained in the White House at dinner
in honor of the Speaker and Mrs.
Champ Clark.
Former Mayor McClellan of New
York has finished his first term as a
professor at Princeton. His class has
petitioned the university authorities to
keep him there.
President Taft, Yale, '78, sent fra
ternal greetings to Augustus Smith
to commemorate the later's 97th birth
day. Mr. Smith is the oldest Yale
graduate living.
In the international skating races ai
Christiana, the Russian, Ippolitow,
won the 5,000 meters event in 8 min.
43 4-10 sees. Mathiesen, the Norwe
gian champion, won the 1;500 meters
in 2 min. 22 1-10 sees.
"Jim" Thorpe, the Carlisle Indian,
who was crowned the world's greatest
athlete at t. the Olympic games at
Stockholm and has been stripped of
his amateur achievements because he
has confessed to playing professional
baseball, has signed with the New
York Nationals.
Bescher of the Cincinnati Reds is in
a class by himself in continuous base-
jrunning feats. He buus led the Nation-
alj, League-' ini
years, his' totals being as follows: 1909,
4; 1910, 70; 1911, 80; 1912, 67.
Young Joe Shugrue, the New Jer
sey lightweight, provided 6,000 fans
in Madison Square Garden, New
York, with a big surprise by taking
the measure of Leach Cross in a hair
raising ten round bout. Cross was
Mra T"lo1nTi Trnv Vnnlrpro NP "V
Is the mother of twins, born 32 hours
Mrs. Meddelena Ciccone was found
guilty in Newark, N. J. of murdering
her husband with arsenic. Her daugh
ter, testified against her.
"Certified pure" water must be used
on railroad trains and steamboats for
drinking purposes, says the Interstate
Commerce Doard in its latest edict.
The West Virginia Legislature
unanimously ratified the income tax
amendment to the Federal constitu
tion. .
Prosecuting Attorney Gunter of Ai
ken, S. C, said h hadn't the "least
idea of convicting F. O. Beach" on a
charge of attacking Mrs. Beach.
Park-in-Pines, a winter resort hotel
at Aiken, S. C, and Savannah, Ga.,
dock property valued at $1,500,000
were destroyed by fire.
Cipriano Castro, ex-President of
Venezuela, was released from Ellis
Island, New York, under $500 bail on
a writ of habeas corpus by Judge
President-elect Wilson announced
that het expected to have ten Cabinet
places to fill, instead of nine as now,
as he expected Congress to , pass the
measure creating a separate Depart-
xnent of Labor.
A board of naval" officers will con
vene at the . Naval War College at
Newport to determine, what prompted
Commander Frank Marble, a member
of the college to shoot himself in
February, 1911.
'President Taft has signed a meas
ure providing for a $2,000,000 Lincoln
Memorial to be erected in Potomac
Park, Washington, D. C. An appro
priation of $300,000 will be asked of
Congress to start the work.
The North Carolina House passed a
bill to hold liable to a fine the person
who gives tips and the receiver of
Supported by 36 Democrats, 46 Re
publicans and one Progressive, Wil
liam McKinley, Democrat, of Chicago,
was elected temporary speaker of the
Illinois! Legislature, ending a dead
lock which lasted 21 days.
- The Sulzer inquiry comiriission for
mally charged former Adjt,-Gen. Ver
beck with diverting $155,000 of New
York State funds, and the Attorney-
General was instructed to act In the'
Doctor Robert MacArthur, head of
the World's Baptist Alliance, has
tendered his resignation as pastor of
the Tabernacle Baptist Church, At
lanta. Fifty delegates from Western Indian
tribes will urge President-elect Wilson
to appoint an Omaha Indian, Thomas
L. Sloane,' of Bender, Neb., Coinmis
doner of Indian Affairs.
The annual ' dead letter - sale .lc
Washington netted the United Statei
$10,861. 1 - ;r
The election f Senators fey the
people direct, was favored by.tb.e-Ne
vada Assembly and the Idaho Senate
. Chinese, Japanese and other Orien
tal athletes have - gathered at Manila
for the far eastern olympiad.
George S. Legare, Congressman
from the First South Carolina district
died in Charleston.
N The City Council of Philadelphil
voted to reduce the price of gas to 8C
cents a thousand.
Lake Superior is frozen over from
Grand Marais to Duluth for the firsl
time this winter.
The five members of the family ol
Major Harris, Richland, Iowa, died
in a fire which destroyed their home
After having a monument erected
for himself, Joseph S. Smith, a farmei
of Greenville, Ga.,' committed suicide.
Mrs. Eleanor F. Smith, aged 92, died
at her home, Newton, N. J., from
Newark Bay is frozen for a half
mile 'off Bayonne shore for the first
time this winter. -
Abraham Oreleck, a merchant of
Providence, died of heart disease when
his automobile caught fire.
Henry and Walter Robinson, broth
ers, were drowned - near Providence
when their boat was overturned.
Panama Canal officials say that de
spite the great land slides in the Cu
lebra Cut, they will turn on the water
at the appointed time.
President R. T. Millner of the State
Agricultural and Mechanical College
at Austin, Tex., expelled 400 students
for insubordination.
Swift & Co. have purchased four
large poultry and produce companies,
thereby extending their control over
the produce business of the West.
The ordnance department will be
gin work soon on the new cavalry
sword. The long straight blade will
replace the slightly curved sabre. .
Mrs. Annie Dobkin is suing the Chi
cago Cubs for $25,000 for injuries sus
tained when she was struck by a foul
Governor Wilson conferred with the
Democratic members of the New Jer
sey Legislature on the bills he has
recommended for passage.
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Nagel decided that General CSpriano
Castro must be excluded from the
United States as an undesirable per
son. Thomas J. O'Connor, a young civil
engineer, fell from the top of a steel
tower 125 feet high he had just com
pleted at Arlington, N. J., and was
Edward I. Church, teller of the Ber
gen & Lafayette Trust Co., Jersey
City, testified that he had made resti
tution of $4,598 embezzled from that
A hot iron falling into a pit of oi)
caused an explosion which started a
fire that destroyed the rolling mill oi
the John A. Roebling's Son's plant at
Trenton. The damage is $100,000.
If the requests of the suffragettes
are responded to, features of their
pageant, to be held in Washington,
will be one baby, one convict, one
beautiful woman, and one male imbe
cile. Samuel H. London, who for sevea
trtrit.,t9nthycnrB has studied the" social evil herjr
and abroad, told the Curran commit
tee that 100 policemen assist "white
slavers" in keeping their victims in
subjugation. He said the "white
slaves" support 6,100 men in New
. The shortage of men in the British
navy is nine per cent., exactly the
same as in the United States service.
Baron Ilkeston, member of the Lib
eral party in the House of Lords, died
in London.
Desidiare Arias, the last of the revo
lutionist leaders in the Dominican Re
public? has laid down his arms.
Piano players in London moving
picture houses have organized and
will demand an increase of wages.
The average wage is $1.75 a week.
Business houses, residences and
shops of the United Railways were
burned at Merida, Mexico, at a loss of
Fifteen women and girls were fined
$10 each, or seven days in jail, for
wearing projecting hatpins, in Ade
laide, Australia.
Lieut-General Jenkher Jacobus C.
C. den Beer Poortugael, aged 81, inter
national jurist and author and several
times delegate 'to The Hague Confer
ence, died in The Hague.
The Porte instructed the Turkish
Army to fire no shot till the allies had
attacked, and ordered the peace en
voys to stay at their posts till hos
tilities were resumed.
The returns of the French succes
sion duty department for 1911 shows
that there were 359,113 estates worth
5,761,000,000 francs, making 666 mil
lionaires in French money and 42 mil
lionaires in American dollars.
The Cunard Line hasasked the Aus
trian Government for a concession
for a steamship service between Tri
este and Portland, Me. A similar con
cession is held by the Canadian Pa
cific. '
' The Assize Court of Paris con
demned the manager and edjtor of La
Bataflle Syndicaiste to five years in
jail and to pay a fine of $500 for
printing an article urging the assassi
nation of King Alfonso if he should
come to Paris.
Lieut.-Gen. Kurloff, commander of
the special corps of military police,
against whom the charges of negli
gence in connection with the assassi
nation of Premier Stolypin have just
been quashed by imperial order, is
soon to be appointed Governor-General
of one of the Russian Asiatic
A 'rebel leader demanded 2,000
goats from a Mexican town to feed
his soldiers.
Suffragettes in London hurled lead
slugs stamped "Votes for women"
from slingshots, and at Birmingham
they tore up the turf of golf links.
Chancellor Lloyd-George announced
the Liberal party would work for the
emancipation of the land from "an
effete and unprofitable system."
Lieutenant Smith and nine blue
jackets have been lost from the Brit
ish cruiser Perseus. They were
-watching for pirates on the Omar
coast of the Persian gulf.
Farmers Educational
and Co-Operative
Union of America
JlattnsEspedal Moment to
the Progretthre Agricohnrist
Hope is the best- doctor.
Ground grain goes, farthest.
Tomorrow is the best day yet!
A good old two-foot rule: Keep your
feet dry.
It is better to be poor and well, than
rich and ill. .
Yesterday is hopeless; today is bet
ter than tomorrow. '
The folks who think themselves
"big bugs" are often humbugs.
. Some people have fine stock, and
yet by careless neglect invite loss.
Throwing out money with a scoop
paves the way for almshouse soup.
Few men love the tax collector, yet
everybody does business with him.
A neat letter head is a standing ad
vertisement of a businesslike farmer.
It isn't the size of the present we
prize, it's the fellowship in and behind
It is better to live in a cabin with
your wife than in a palace without
her. j
If you want to keep hired hands
don't let your son boss them too
We can save ourselves from a good
many worries by just walking around
These are the days when the short
horse is too frequently curried neither
soon or late.
There is no better measure of the
worth of a man than the uplift he
gives to humanity.
It is easy to preach, but not so easy
to teach, and the teacher must know a
lot more than he teaches.
There can't be much "sunshine in
the soul" when one goes through life
sighing "This world's a wilderness of
Co-Operative Organization at St. Cath
arines Ships, Large Quantities of
Fruit to the West.
The St. Catharines. Ontaria. Cold
Storage company is a good example of
a concern organized as a joint stock
company, yet working steadily in the
direction of true co-operation. This
society was organized in 1896, and has
a mechanical cold storage plant val
ued at $13,000 and a working capital
of $2,000. A part of the capital was
secured by mortgage on the property.
The debt has been entirely paid off by
the addition of new members who
took stock, and by applying the divi
dends on the stock to this purpose.
Working capital has also been p:
vided. " The society is now endeav
lng to effect an equal division
shares, with each member holding
worth of stock. To do (his it Is traa-
ferrlhg stock of the old members hold-
ing more man wis amount 10 new
Ing so much. Thus the society will be
conducted eventually on a one-man-one-vote
The company . ships to all parts of
Ontario and Quebec and to many parts
of western Canada, the shipments con
sisting of apples, pears, peaches,
plums, cherries, grapes and an in
creasing quantity of other fruits and
vegetables. The sales amount to about
$75,000 annually. The society handles
supplies for its members and others.
It handles fruit for non-members, and
sells supplies to them, paying over
one-half as much profit per dollar as
it returns t& members. The Bupply
branch is a very important part of
the business of the society, as it
handles all kinds of fruit packages,
spray pumps, and other machinery,
ladders, etc., seeds, fertilizers and
spraying chemicals. It has now be
come the temporary wholesaler for the
federation of fruit associations. In
1908 the supplies amounted to about
$27,000 and in 1900 to $40,000. The
society charges a little less than regu
lar market prices and then rebates to
members and to non-members buying
through the association and selling
their fruit the same way, the percent
age of rebate depending upon the
amount of business done with the so
ciety. Help Our Cotton Growers.
The Farmers' Educational and Co
operative Union of America are mak
ing an appeal for the use of cotton for
bagging. At present jute is used gen
erally, being a little cheaper than cot
ton, but the millions paid by Amer
ican consumers for jute go abroad,
while the same or a little greater
amount spent on cotton fabric would
go into American pockets. Jute is
raised mostly in India
Cotton could be used to advantage
in place of Jute "for holding grains,
sugar, salt, coffee, beans, potatoes,
meats and many other articles. It
could also replace jute in rope and
Solve Matot Problem.
' Because a man gnjws good fruit is
bo indication that tie is selling that
fruit for . what it is really worth. It
is one thing to grow the fruit, and
another thing to sell it. Co-operative
marketing associations solve the mar
keting problem, and enable the grower
to get full value.
Disease Preventive.
The man who keeps everything neat
and clean about his hog yards is not
very apt to have trouble from cholera
or any . other disease, provided , of
course, that he feeds good, clean
Keep Boar by Himself.
Give the herd boar a penr by himself
and grain enough to keep in gcod condition.
Aimsto Affiliate All Organizations for
: Action Along Lines, of Country
; : ; Life Questions. : ,
The objects outlined by ; the. ., new
constitution adopted by the Farmers
National congress in New Orleans, are
to affiliate all societies for action
along lines of .broad country life ques
tions; to aid in establishing state and
local organizations devoted to country
life; to secure co-operation among pro
ducers; to aid in general and vocation
al education of farmers., and to further
the passage and execution ' of laws
which 'Will promote country life. .
This constitution provides for two
kinds of membership. Persons may
become annual members by paying an
nual dues of one dollar; after attend
ing one annual meeting, annual mem
bers may become life members by the
payment of ten dollars, or, after at
tending four annual meetings they
may become life members upon the
payment of one dollar. Associations,
institutions and departments may be
come members and send delegates up
on payment of ten dollars for one dele-.
gate and five dollars for each addi
tional delegate. Organizations with
four to eight thousand members are
entitled to two delegates each; eight
to sixteen thousand members, three
delegates, and one additional delegate
for each additional -sixteen thousand
Each delegate has one vote, but in
dividual members from a given state
are to pool their votes and vote by
states. Each state delegation is en
titled to' as many votes in jthe annual
meeting as there are multiples of ten
thousand farms in the state. There
being something like seven million
farms In the United States, this would
provide about seven hundred votes
from all states. It is believed that
there are about fifteeu hundred coun
try life organizations which may be
considered by the council eligible to
membership; with' the additional dele
gates from large 'organizations there
may be approximately two thousand
delegates representing organizations.
This means a possible delegate body
in annual meeting with between twenty-five
hundred an3 three thousand
voting delegates, f
Besides the usual executive officers,
there is a council made up of one
member from each state, and this
council elects an executive of five
members chosen from the membership
of the council. There is also a vice
president for each state, who is chair
man of his state delegation.
It is expected the individual mem
bership will be rapidly increased to
thousands, or even-tens of thousands,
and also that most eligible organiza
tions will adhere wf Uiin a few years.
This will provide an annual budget of
some tens of thousands of dollars. The
congress will of
e have its an-
nual meetings
xpected that
these will
ore techni-
of A
jj' ?
nual ri
der tJ
There is a ft ian for audit
ing the accounts 5ae congress. The
constitution may be amended in either
of two ways. Upon a year's notice,
it can be changed by a two-thirds vote
at the annual meeting; or. after dis
cussion, at an annual meeting, it can
be amended by mail, or by return pos
tal card vote, within thirty days after
the annual meeting.
The new constitution was made at
once operative and the old officers,
who had been elected for a two-year
term, were retained for the ensuing
year. The president is C. F. Sanford.
London, O., and the secretary is J. H.
Kimble, Port Deposit, Md.; John M.
Stahl of Chicago is legislative agent
and W. L. Ames of Wisconsin is treas
urer. Provision has also been made for a
committee to investigate an efficient
warehouse system for all farm prod
ucts, with a view to securing adequate
and inexpensive warehouse facilities.
Other committees are being projected
Planning Home Orchards.
A farm orchard for home use only
should differ as to the varieties from
a commercial orchard. .
In the latter three or four varieties
is enough, no matter how many acres
you may plant, and you select these
for proved bearing qualities and size
and keeping.
For the home orchard you aim for
variety, something for all seasons. You
want a few trees of the earliest. Some
of the choicest dessert fruit, even if
tender in tree and not very produc
tive. Before selecting consult with your
nearest fruit grower: Take his ad
vice rather than that of the traveling
Dress Poultry-Properly.
Poorly dressed poultry goes begging
In the market, while the supply of
choice (fancy) stock is not sufficient
to meet the demand. In shipping to
market, all dressed poultry should be
assorted according to size and color,
in order to secure the best returns.
Small. poor, scraggy birds, half
dressed, bring prices in proportion.
. Surplus Fsad and Profit.
In feeding the eairy cow it is a rec
ognized fact thata "certain amount o!
nourishment must be used to keep up
her body. Whaty's given above this, li
it is tne rignt xma. goes to produce
Best Qtmpost Heap.
The best oCmpost heap is the ma
nure of horses, cattle, sheep, hogs
and fowls, i All such should be' saved
x. r
l LUnLLu n IIUIilnliuL -
Auction of Old Michigan- Court
house Brings Up Odd Story.
Building at Berrien Springs Once
Owned by a Young Widow Who Was
Woed and Won by a Chicagoan
r 'n an Odd Place.
Berrien Springs, Mich. The old
Berrien county courthouse at, Berrien
Springs, Mich., connected with which
there is an unusual Chicago romance,
has been advertised to be sold under
the hammer, in order to satisfy an in
debtedness that has been hanging over
it for 'some time.
A Chicago minister named Flavlus
J. Probst once married Into the pos
session of this historic structure,
which was erected in the early 30s,
and which at one time was one of the
most extensive marrying places in the
middle west.
After the county seat was moved
from Berrien Springs to St. Joseph the
courthouse and the Jail came into the
possession of Mrs. Julia Allen, a pret
ty young widow of the former county
seat. She became a member of a
party invited to go through one , of
the big Chicago water tunnels, and on
this trip, so the story goes, she met
Mr. Probst, and before either of them
had again saw daylight they had fall
en 'in love with each other, he pro
posed and she accepted. They were
subsequently married, and took up
their abode in the jail section of the
old county courthouse, where they
spent their honeymoon and lived hap
pily for some time.
Then came a ripple in this odd sea
of matrimony. The wife set up the
claim that her husband had hypnot
ized her into deeding him the court
house property, and there was a suit
to set aside the transfer. This suit
hung in the courts for some years,
and it had many of the angles of the
famous Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce case in
Dickens' "Bleak House," and people
began to say that there wasn't much
chance for Mrs. Probst getting judg
ment until the day of judgment or un
til the old courthouse had rotted away
from the ravages of time. But a son
of Mrs. Probst by her first marriage
ultimately effected a settlement, and
again the building passed back to the
ownership of Mrs. Probst.
Berrien Springs at the time the old
courthouse was housing the govern
mental business of Berrien county en
joyed as much distinction as a Gret
na Green as St. Joseph since has taken
JO 'f
Old Courthouse at Berrien Springs.
to itself.- Lovers paddled their ca
noes up and down the St. Joe river,
stopping long enough at Berrien to be
married In its quaint old courthouse.
Children and grandchildren of Michi
gan, Indiana and. Illinois, pioneers
pledged their troths within its shad
ow and were joined in matrimony from
its crude bench.
The people of this section of Ber
rien county say to this day that St.
Joe boosters stole the county seat,
and long after Mrs. Allen had. ac
quired the old buildings the promo
ters of the big dune overlooking Lake
Michigan-evinced genuine regret that
they hadn't carried the historic old
building along with the books. '
Up to this time no one knows just
what will become of the old south
west Michigan landmark, but among
the possibilities is the chance that
it will pass into the hands of the lo
cal lovers of history to house many
different objects that tell of the early
day and of human struggle in perma
nent settlement.
Boy Rescued From Suffocation in
Sleep by Firemen Whose Quarters
Are Across the Street.
Chicago. The life of Nathan Kap
lan, son of Frank Kaplan, owner of a
saloon at 506 West Chicago avenue,
was saved by the barking of a fox
terrier when fire attacked the build-
The boy was asleep in the rear of
the saloon when fire, started by
crossed electric wires, attacked the
barroom. He was rapidly becoming
unconscious from the smoke when the
barking of the dog was heard by Lieu
tenant Frank .Stift of engine company
No. 14, whose quarters are across the
Upon going to the saloon, Lieuten
ant Stift and Pipeman Oscar Fugate
found It filled with smoke. The bark
ing was becoming - fainter, and they
broke down the door. In a rear room
they found young Kaplan unconscious
and carried him out.
A "still" alarm was sounded, after
which the two firemen rescued the
elder ;. Kaplan, his '.wife and their
daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth,
from their apartments above the
Sells Whisky for a Pie.
Conneaut. O. It cost Sig Hahn. a
Conneaut druggist, $1,400 to sell
about an ounce of whisky to a wom
an who came into his store a few
days ago. ' ,
The woman, a dry detective, asked
for enough whisky to make a mince
pie, and the druggist complied. The
detective at once swore out & warrant
for his arrest.
Hahn was tried on four counts and
pleaded guilty to each, being fined
$150 on each count. He was also as
sessed $800, Dow-Aiken tax by the
Miss Duff Writes Interesting State
ment For Publication in the
Benklf of Women.
Webster Springs, W. Va, In an In
teresting letter from this place, miss
Agnes Duff says: "I had been afflicted
with womanly trouble for three years,
and felt weak all the time.
My back and sides ached so, I al
most eot nast eoine. '
I had used a great many different
kinds, of remetlles, but they failed to
do me any rood. . v
1 had heard of Cardui. the woman's
tonic, and decided to try It, When
had used the third bottle of Cardui, I
felt like a new person entirely,
gained both in health and weight.
. I Draise Cardui toi my recovery and
good health, and I feel sure It will do
the same for others, as it has me, If
they will only give it a trial." "
The above letter ia an earnest, frank
statement of Miss- Duff's opinion of
Cardui. She has confidence in it, be
cause It relieved her. after many dif
ferent kinds of other remedies had
failed, 'and she believes it will help
you, Just as it did her, if you will give
it a fair trial.
We join Miss Duff in urging you to
give Cardui a trial. It cannot harm
you, and, judging from the experience
of thousands of others, is almost aura
to do you good.
N. B. Writ to: ChatfanoOM Medicine Co
Ladieft' Advisory Dept., Chattanooga, Term., for
Special Instructions on your case and 64-page book.
Home Treatment for Women." sent in plain
wrapper. Adv.
Watered Stock.
Two old cronies had been sitting in
a cafe on. Cortland street one Saturday
afternoon for several hours and were
pretty much the worse for their
lengthy tete-a-tete.
. "What is your nationality, anyway.
Jim?" asked one.
"Well, I'll tell you, Bob. My father
came from Glasgow, so you see I'm
half Scotch"
"And the -other half seltzer,
jniess." put in his companion.: Satur
day Evening Post.
Made Him Suspicious.
"Did you ask your, girl's father for
her hand in marriage?" "I did."
"And he refused you. I can tell by
the way you look." "No, he didn't
He Eave his consent." "Then why
the peculiar look you are wearing?'
"He was so darned willing." Houston
His Status.
"Is that druggist well thought of in
the community?"-
"Sure. Isn't he a pill-er of the
Take the Old Standard GBOVK'S TASTKBSS
CHLLL TONIC. Too know what yon are taking.
The formal Is plainly printed on every bottle.
bowing it is simply vnln' ne ina iron in a tasteless
form, and tbe most effectual form.
For grown
peopietina couaren. su cents, aut.
" )' Accounted For.
" soXfew- women look well-
in a steamer cap?"
"I guess . because it's a handy cap."
, :
Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
tionlays pain,cures wind collc,25c a bottlejkdr
It takes more than a soft answer to
turn away the book agent.
Women Are Constantly Being Restored to
Health by Lydia . PinkhanVs
. Vegetable Compound.
"Worth mountains of gold, says one woman. Another
says, "I would not give Lydia E. Pinkham's. Vegetable
Compound for all the other medicines for women in the.
world." Still another writes, u I should like to have the
merits of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound thrown
on the sky with a searchlight so that all suffering women could
read and be convinced that there is a remedy for their ills.
We could fill a newspaper ten times the size of this with such quo
tations taken from the letters we have received from grateful women
whqse health has been restored and stuTering banished by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. ' - , . .
Why has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound accomplished
such a universal success ? Why has it lived and thrived and kept on
doing its glorious work among the sick women of the world for mora
than 30 years ? ' ; .
Simply and surely because of its sterling worth. The reason no
other medicine has ever approached its success is plainly and sim
ply because there is no other medicine so good for women's ills.
Here are two letters that just came to the writer's desk only two
of thousands, but both tell a comforting story to every suffering wo
man who will read them and be guided by them.
Iola, Kansas. ' ' During' the Chan ge
of Uie I was sick for two years. Be
fore I took yo or medicine I could
not bear the weight of my clothes
and was bloated very badly. I doc
tored with three doctors but they
did me no good. They said nature
must have its way. My sister ad
vised me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and I purchased
a bottle. Before it was gone the
bloating left me and 1 was not so
sore. I continued taking it until I
had. taken 12 bottles. Now I am
stronger than I have been for years
and can do all my work, even the
washing. Your j medicine is worth
its weight in gold. I cann6t praise
it enough. If more women would
take your medicine there would be
more healthy women. You may use
this letter for the good of others."
Mrs. D. H. Bbowk, 809 North Walnut
Street, Iola, Kan.
(UOttdDEHTULL) LYHPf. MASS.. for ad vice.
four letter will be opened, read
by a-woman and held In strict confidence.
Bt Cough Sjrap. Tutu Good. Um
la tima. - Bold fcr DnggiMM. -.
m t M
IJ.MM.llUiLiJill.UJ.liTC J21 l
. " Think -Before you Speak.
it thou thinkest twice before thot
speakest once thou wilt speak twice
the better for it. Better say nothing
than not to :' the .purpose. And, tc
speaTc pertinentlly, consider both whal
is fit and when it is fit to speak. In
all debated' let truth be thy aim, nol
victory, or an unjust Interest; and en
deavor .-to gain rather Chan to expose
they antagonist. William Penn.
To Pop Corn.
Very often corn will hdt pop quick
ly, even over a "very hot fire. If you
will put " the corn to be popped in a
sieve and pour cold water over it, not
allowing the water to stand on the
corn,! It will not only pop quickly, but
the. "open, kernels will "be larger and
lighter and more flaky than they oth
erwise," would have . been.
The days have been "short" because
there's less time In them and time is
money. .
Query: Is a bride self-possessed aft
er her father gives her away?
fv.. No Opiates b Saf For Children
at long as they last
Begnlar (I SJH values sold two for CL00
. 60o ' " three 1 LOO
u -260 ---. su "1.00
Delivered, parcel post, our expense.
Money must be sent In advanoe. We guarantee to
please or money refunded upon return of ties in an
unsoiled and onused condition. Give preference of
eolordeslrad. Tbe Alpha Co., Germantown.Va.
Hie Man Wn.0 Pat the
E E s pi FEE T
Look for This Trade-Mark Pio
lurc on the Label when buying
The Antiseptic Powder for Ten-
Traae-Mar. der. Aching Feet. Sold every
where. 25c. Sample FREE. Address,
- no appetite. Indigestion, Flatulence, Sick
Headache, "all ran down" or losing flesh, yoo
fast what yon need. -They tone up tne weak
stomach and build up tb flagging- energlea.
Opium, Whiskey and lraa Habits
ed at home or at Sanitarium. Bonk
sudict lire k. H.wnnr
Aarenta Wanted
; V",
Articles tbat sell. SaA ,
Supply tJo., nox 4l, Hvmieistc
(TARBACnl PLAKTS-TS eenti ser thousand.
Rot Our Scod Caf
umvirre Best liarden or Fields ee
ra.L. wiLLti sbtu UU Augusta, Ga.
Cabboae Plants For Sale
We ffrow line stoekv nl&nta ann iwtfncr mi main iinA
of Southern Railroad, can deliver quickly and at a.
low rate. . We guarantee every shipment and send
cultural directions If desired. Farly Jersey, Charles
ton and Flat Ixrtcfc (1 per 1000, 6000 and over at We
per 1000. Special prices to Union Afrenta and dnalers.
W. L. KIVETT, Hlsh Point, North Carolina
Elkhart, Ind. " I suffered for 14
years from organic inflammation, fe
male weakness, pain and irregulari
ties. The pains in my sides were
increased by walking or standing on
my feet and I had such awful bearing
down feelings, was depressed in
spirits and became thin and pale
with dull, heavy eyes. , I had six
doctors from whom I received only
temporary relief. L. decided to give
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound a fair trial and also the Sani
tive Wash. - I have now used the
remedies for four months and cannot
express my thanks for what they
have done for me. Mrs. Sades Wn
LUJfSttaa j axnes
Street, Elkhart,
and answered
AHen'&L lott rise attire core ChruaK:(j Ice ra.mue
Ulcers 3c Pofnlou Ulcwrs. Varicose Ulcenjn-
wuou yivvntoivivunM u unn, n UMinr Ml.. .
(KM. .
. J. P. AI.I.KN. CepW AU.8W PauL Mixta.
;- . :..5:
; -':' '. -
- i
i ft.

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