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[Drastic Changes Take Place,
1 In the Public Educaiion
al System.
'\nd Leaves Stokes County Alone ,
, /
, to Bear Its.Burdens of Taxation.
In a Sense. But for Our
Good —Compulsory Law
In Effect—School to
Open October 1
and Run Six
* In accordance with laws passed
Iby the last legislature some in
teresting and important changes
i are to take place in this county
'soon with reference to the pub
i lie schools, and taxation. At the
impeting of the board of county
commissioners here Monday these
matters came up. when the
Superintendent of Education,
f'Prof. J. T. Smith, submitted to
the board the estimated appropri
ation of extra tax money which
, the people will have to pav in
order to bring the schools up to
the status required by the State.
This appropriation will amount
to 15 cents on property and 45
cents on the poll. Previously
th® State had paid this money,
i bi:t now the county must bear
its own burden and must increase
K i;- allowance for the education >t'
t!v "ohi'dren in order to bring
i e \'• l v .'l'oui up to a four-months
o 'i : ■ ' when we do this, the
S vi 'urnish the cash i"
'V ; : »onths longer, thus
rgivi:; " . ■: strict a six-,ninths
school In • on to t! is iunox i
tion. •.. . " mak *s ;t the
d'.i'y i " as- a whole
to p•" ' 1 i choi .1 taxes.
T!o:s *Stt v • • must hear
*tl ,vp n • rh schools
[at King. .v nit Cow
iand I'ii- ' ; i  ay yon
look at it. : is ;• ii "dship
on the do;. ' - .i • : ii :• ■? no
high sdrul-. iiut at i.igh
schools, AU •*!«! of KC1IO:I| .TO
in the county may havo twitioi
free of c'nir while »rh ■"• t h
jtricts who wish t« come into the
advantages oi' tin'high s-hools
may do so. by compiyirg wit 11
, the State's requirements. as King.
Pinnacl •, VV dnut Cove and Pi re
Hall have done.
The new compulsory education
law goes into effect immediately,
J and Prof. Smith informs ih-»
Reporterthe that law will req.iir*
* all children of Bto 12 years of
age to attend the publi" school -,
from the beginning of the term,
for a peri>)l ot' four months
Sickness, living more th in 1 1- ?
miles from a school buil ling and
severe storms, are aniontr the
excuses that will relieve a elti .!
from complying with th— law.
but the discretion i left wi'h
a district suparintendent, wh;
must pass on such matters, ■
and whose duty shall bo to pros
ecute those who fail to obev.
the new law's provisions. In 1
case of sickness, the child must l
have a physician's certificate.
In order that the full six
, months term may be effected,'
[ Much Sickness Around
Meadows--Other News of
; Interest.
Meadows. -liine 4.
Will, the son of Mr. Ben Smith,
fell from a tree and broke his
: arm Sunday. His arm was set
by I)r. J. W. Neal, and is get
ting along nicely-
Mr C. E. Neal, who has been
! spending a few days at his home,
| left for Winston Thursday.
Mr. Peter Mounce. who has
' been ill for some time with ap- i
I pendicitis, is some better we ?re'
glad to note.
Mrs. Rosa Covington and I
friends, of Winston, spent Sun
day with relatives here.
Master Lee Cromer, who has
been critically ill for some time
with peretinitis is improving
William, the little son of Mr.
R. W. Sands, had the misfortune
of getting one of his toes mashed
off while playing with a bicycle
last week.
Mr. Robt. Neal spent Sunday
with Mr. Joe W. Neal, ofMi/.pah
Route I.
Mrs. A. L. Lewellyn and little
son, Alexander, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
! Mr. Alex Lewellyn, who has
been sick for some time, is no
better, we are sorry to note,
i Mr. -I H. Neal, who has been
complaining with rheumatism
for the «>nst week, is some
. bettrr.
Mr Robert Neal. who has
been in school sit Whitsett
't «iitute, r.'turned home Wednes
day with his diploma.
The infant child of Mr K'dri ■
flicks hs>* boon hot : s hot
ter (it this writing.
Mr lim M. ;thews, who !i;.s
been coniinod to his boil with,
mumps. is some better.
Mr. Ollie Hicks, who has beer
sick for the pu«t week. is
up again.
Mr. Obe Young and familv, of
Danbury Route 1. spent Sunday
with Mr. J. Wm. Morefield. Mr.
Morefield has a very sick baby, i
Mrs. J. W. Neal and daughter,
Thelma, attended the Salem com
mencement this week.
Mrs. Hattie Simmons, who has
heon visiting her father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cole
man. has returned to her home
at Winston-Salem.
Oil Mrs. Biddie Glidewell,
who has been low for a fe\£
weeks, is improving rapidly.
Mr. Percy Wall, who has been
in scho-.l at Tinsley Military
Institute at Winston-Salem, has
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Pari Wall moved]
to Kn.r last week, where Mr.
Will is in th* liv.-rv business.
Mr. nnd Mr.; W. R. Stephens,
of Walnut C>v >, Sunday
with hi s m >tlv»r
Dtisv middlings. Doyba Mer
cantile Co.
Summer dress goods, send for !
samples. Boyles Mercantil» Co.
. I
i the schools will open a good deal'
| earlier this year than formerly,
and the first Mond ty in October
will probably b* fix»l by the
board of e lucati >n for the open
ing of the public schx>ls.
County Commissioners
Decide On September
I As the Date Of
! Meadows Will Have the Highest
and Danbury the Lowest- No
Levy Arranged to Take Care
of the Extra School Cost,
Which Will Probably
Not Be Necessary.
j No bonds for road building
Jin Stokes county will he issued
until September 1. This de
j cision was reached by the board
lof county commissioners, who
'were in session for two days
here this week, fixing the new
tax rate and attending to other
matters with reference to Stokes
'finances. A number oi citizens
appeared before the board with
the view of inducing them to
issue the bonds now, according
t> the former order of the board
,and the pre-re" a nged plans.
Mr. Chap IVv'» '.einier, chair
man of the .rd. was warmly
favorable t i >» idea of issuing
i now. and .g forward the
iwork, but the other members.
Messrs. Fagg ami Owens, took
the view that it would be wiser
to wait until September 1, so
that when the interest on the
bonds becomes due, six months
! after their issue, there may be
the wherewithal to pay it. It
was argued by those who wished
immediate action that delay
would mean no roads for another
year, while it would seriously
I dampen good roads sentiment in
I I the other townships. They m-
I sisted that more than nine
j tenths of the people were in
i favor of immediate action.
| Banks with which the bond
, money would be deposited would
i gladly pay interest from the
> date of the deposits, while many
persons would pay their taxes
before December 1, Moreover,
an act of the legislature could
be secured at the next meeting
lof the General Assembly to
allow the Sheriff to collect the
road taxes* earlier, in order to
r.v»t the interest dues. The
commissioners could hold hack
enough of the funds which they
would have in hand from the
proce. is of the bond issue to
mot-t t interest payments that
might mature before the act of
the legislature was secured, or
if ueeess. rv, r, any event the
•commissioners could borrow the
money if they needed it. But
after cansiderat.on, the majority
of the commissioners declined to
take any hasty action, and on
■the ground that future trouble
might be avoided, as the same
►difficulty might, be met with
year after year, the bonds run
! ning not for one year but for
;30 years, the decision was made
■to issue the bonds on the first
of September. In the mean
time t»he township commissioners
can go ahead and make neces
sary arrangements about the
surveys, letting the roads to
contractors, etc., while the at
torney for the commissioners,
Mr. N. O. Petree. will proceed
to have the engravings made for
. the bonds, etc.
No arrangements were made
by the board for taking care of
the extra school taxes which
the people must pay in order to
bring the schools up to the four
month period required by the
.! State. It is probable that this
[will not be necessary, owing to
the natural increase in the tax
able property of the county,
which will meet the new burden.
The general tax levy was fixed
the same as last year, while the
special road and school levy was
arranged as follows :
Special School Tax.
Pinnacle district, 30 cts. on
property and 90 cts. on poll.
King district. 30 cts. on
! propety and 90 cts. on poll.
Walnut Cove district, 30 cts.
lon property and 90 cts. on the
; poll.
Mtn. View district, 30 cts. on
property and 90 cts. on poll.
Pine Hall, district, 30 cts. on
property and 90 cts. on poll.,
The general levy was the
same as last year.'
| Road Tax.
> I Crop Prospects In Stokrs
County Were Never
Brighter at this Sea
son of the Year.
i Nearly All thi? Farm.-ri arc Pin
, ishinif Up their Plant Setting
—Corn is Loakin; Fine.
; While t'le Wheat Turn
out is Exp;ct?d t-> Break ;
The l?ect»rJ— Hay an J
Oats (ioi:d. \ efeta
11 hies a Little Hn:
i Plentiful, an J
i Fruit About an
i If present pr wp?c'.s continue
( j some ten or twelve weeks.
, ! perity will be rampant in Stoke*
r county this fall.
Crop prospects v.vre never
■ brighter at this season of *he
» (Jood showers ar.d tin huiulv
; tob:teco-planters, which now a!-
• most all farmers own. haw «• •:-
> abl j d the tobacco grower.- P set
, out something like three-fourths
? of the supply of plants, whip I' i«
j - i '• impel* supply this tiyif. The
• .low settings are doing wvli. am!
r many fields hive beer worked
I on* or twice. Mi re lertili/f:
■ ivi.- I>v-i n .is-.ti by a fourth t!*.:•. .
ever latere, tvi.h ~n sea s
the crop ijiiii-iiii
I! : .. ■
, | oats are
: late but o.u'is! i'i'.r v.m. .;m
is about nil a\ eratrt
The wheat cr >. i - .  • -
largest and best ii I: Ii- •
the county.
I Taken all in all, ira •
plentiful this fall. I .
farmer : ilends ari •
i stuff to l>: injr it in.
i lied Shoals, Jui; Ila
i health of this commmity i.-
i at this writing.
( j Messrs. J. G. H. i'itcheii and f
'\V. M. Flynt went to Walnut
'Cove Monday on business.
The wheat crop in this sectio;
1 is real good and will soor be;
. ready for harvesting.
Tlie ice cream suppu at
Gideon Saturday night was at
tended by a large crowd and was
' enjoyed by all.
Mr. John Bennett is confined
I'to his room yet. we are sorry
to note.
There will be an ice. cream
. supper at Dillard next Saturday
night, June 7. Every body is
, cordially invited to come.
' The Sunday school at 1 >avis
i Chapel is progressing nicely -with
1 about 4> on roll.
There will be preaching at
Davis Chapel next Sunday at
i 11 o'clock.
Those who visited Miss Borchie
Dunlap Sunday were Miss Bessie
I Martin, Messrs. Claud Rhodes.
, Elma Flinchum and Rober Flynt. •
; Those who Visited Misses Sadie
l and Bessie Mae Flinchum Sunday
[were Messrs, Russell Reid. Hard
I James. Everett Lawson. Rober
, I Carey and Fuller Flynt.
I Mr. C. Davis called on Miss
| Nannie Pitzer Sunday as usual.
> ! A. Y. (I.
II Sauratown township. :*•" cts.
: on property and sl.ll. on poll.
Meadows township. 4u cts. on
: property and #1.20 on poll.
* Danbury township. cts. on
property and $1.05 on poll.
The Etude Music Club
Meets With Miss Petree
The Etude Musical Club, ac- \
cording to adjournment, met
with Miss Sadie Petree Friday
evening, May 30. I
Guiseppe Verdi was the com-j
poser studied, and after the re- 1
ports of the Treasurer and Sec-|
rotary the following p ogramme
>cas effectively rendered :
Piano Solo - "Quartet from
Rigoletto Yerid" Miss Mary
Reading —Robert Joyce.
Piano Solo—Kdith Fa^g.
Instrumental Duett—"Crown
of Triumph,"- Misses Janie and i
Agues Martin.
Reading—Miss Mamie Cul
I instrumental Duet—"Triumph
al March from Aida"—Verdi, j
.Misses Mary Taylor and Mary
I'iano Solo— "Meditation,"—
Miss Raynor Joyce.
Reading —Miss Janie Martin.
Instrumental Duet - "In Testal
Arra;.," - Misses Sadie Petree
atui Mary Martin. '
I'iano Soio - "II Trovatore,"
\ e:_'ii. Miss Nell Joyce.
Trio .Misses Mary Joyce. Marv
an i Luna Tavlor.
\ ocal Solo Miss Mary Joyce.
After the programme 'lie mem-
U-r- were given fifteen minutes
f« a contest which had been
prei a red by the committee. This
' •!;' est consisted of ten questions
and the answers to which wetv
"lit na'">.'s ».f musical composers.
T»ie prize w is awarded to Misses
Marv Taylor and Mary Mar
I'■dicious cream., garnished
• vst: strawberries, and wafers
• then S 'rvod by the hostess.
T ie next ni"eting of the Club
ii! be June 1'!, at the home
'• At die Blair.
Marriage at Dillard.
I I'." 1 -!l'.||. |l|o.«t
• I ' •••'• - - 1 1.1 1..>
i : . 'i 'I I 111 . 11l I M i»!» Alvi>
1• ■ »i! - i i r.'ii' i ?*»*! ft
I ' ' ... I -I
.• . !
> I . : • Wll.i" : •' ?
.. Til • ...lit I|is
-p 111 \V' .
• i ' II I :i I'll I
\> ■ . i • \ .
i 1 • . I
i • !.. • ; 111 •« ••! i ii ■; ■ i «i •;
- i i i 1 •!• r i\ I-.I • . \
1 M ■ i :•••■• • - 1,.i
rll \ oil • i i .-■• HI
I 1 •iou-i i :iI, .. 'n '• , .u i.
!. Wi ll; v* - . . > I; 11. h
.. '! I.y till •'
I iII to Mi. .-i in I • - !' \| ~ i l:i
'■l! I\ . 11. I '.'trii l- 11| .i I j;.i 11 . I
-'I on spent uikl;l.\ .-i• Mr- 11. it
i i i i- i'V.
Ml-ses Minnie nml |: j« ■ ■; ■!h-im
ml In-other. liei'iilil. Njirlil .'mi ml.i'.
.it'li-riiooii with tholr Mi>
P. II « arter. IS.
It' you are suffering with any
old. running or fever sores,
ulcers, boils, eczema or other
skin troubles, get a box of Buck
len's Arnica Salve and you will
get relief promptly. Mrs Bruce
Jones, of Birmingham, Ala., suf
fered from an uglv ulcer for nine
months and Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured her in two weeks.
Will help you. Only 25c. Recom
mended by all druggists.
Error Corrected.
I n the last issue of the Report
er Mr. S. A. Smith advertised
that his son had left home with
out cause, and forbade the public
to harbor the boy. In setting up 1
the ad. the printer made the
mistake of giving Mr. Y. S.,
Smith's name instead of S. A.
Smith, the father of the boy.
The readers of the Reporter will
note the correction.
Wonderful Skin Salve.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve is
known everywhere as the best
remedy made for all diseases of
the skin, and also for burns,
bruises and boils. Reduces in
?i limitation and is soothing and
healing. T. Sossaman, pub
lisher of News, of Cornelius, N.
C.. writes that one box helped
his serious skin ailment after
other remedies failed. Only 25c.
Recommended "by all dealers.
No. 2.029
i Claude Hutche.rson Arrested
and Placed Under SI,OOO
Bond Charged With
Popular and Attractive Daughter
; of Mrs. I.ula Hutcherson the
Woman Concerned—Pro
found Sensation Cre
ated in the
A sensational affair developed
at Sandy Ridge last Sunday when
j Mr. Claude Hutcherson, a popu
lar and well known young busi
| ness man of Madison, wasarrest
iedona warrant sworn out by
]Mr Ben Tilley charging the
defendant with seduction of Miss
Ciar.i Tilley. Hutcherson was
brought from Madison iii an
automobile by Officer Walker of
j Mayodan 'oven a preliminary
; hearing before Jus tic of the
Peace  • A Hutcherson. the de
fendant was placed under a bond
of *l,(i(i(i, which was signed by
several of his friends.
Miss Tilley. the allege I victim
;of Hutcherson. recently gave
birth to a child. She is a very
attractive and popular young
lady of Sandy Ridge, and is a
daughter of Mrs. I.ula Hutcher
son, v.ho was formerly Mrs.
Tilley. Both tht* parties
concerned belong t.. prominent
s .if Si'.o>v C;v ■!;' ••.vnship.
Mr Hutcherson w...' form !y R.
F. i> carrier of Sr.ixly Ridge
'»•- 1 "ii ;.s Miss I'.il-'V able
i" . M- i ,u r i.o:r.e th «. i'endant
..11 • iv n a iurtlivr hearing
Justice W . K Wi!l:>.
• M-ui'tiu promii. 'in.oand
iiu pop ilarii* of th ■ ];arn •: con
ivP'-.'u. I lie all'air i iis created a
•rofoun.i sensati' n throughout
.he Ridge community.
Cultivators. Bo.\les Mercan
tile Co.
Sews of Gideon,
Gideon, June 2 —Mr. Walter
Mitchell, Jr.. and family visited
iat Mr. W. J. Flvnt's Sunday.
Among those that visited at
Mr. W. M. Flynt's Sunday after
noon were: Mrs. B. J. Martin
and daughter. Miss Annie, Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Martin, Mrs.
Bobbie Dunlap. Misses Berchie
Dunlap and Avis Dunlap and
Bessie Martin: Messrs. Elmer
Flinchum, Chud Rhodes, Robah
Flynt and Robert Carter,
i Mr. and Mrs. H. C Martin
■ visited Mr. and Mrs .T, F. Dun
lap Sunday.
Mr. Fuller Flynt carried Misses
Quincy and Myrtle Shelton to
Buffalo Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith
visited Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
Hawkins Sunday.
A large crowd attended the ice
cream supper at this place Satur
day night.
There is to be an ice cream
; supper at Dillard Saturday even
-1 ing. Everybody is invited to at
j tend.
Messrs. J. G. H. Mitchell and
IW. M. Flynt have gone to Wal
nut Cove on business this week.
Terra-cotta for well?. Boyles
Mercantile Co.

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