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Town Foik Telephone Com
pany Installs Switch
board a Vaughn
Operated On For Appendicitis
Items and Persona!;; ol
tnlcrcst From the C-v?.
Walnut Cove, -luly 1. IT.e
fowii Fork Telephone Company
I,as installed a switchboard
in the Vaughn hotel, and have
then exchange in operation fur
local and long distance service*.
Tie Summerfiold bast* ball
{earn pl iyoti t)it> i.'ome team at
the Lai! Park here Saturday
afternoon, to the tunc of eleven
to two in favor of the Walnut
Cove boys The next game is
billed feu Friday July I ill
when the "All Stars" of Wins
ton will play a double header at
the park here.
Mr. R. L. Murphy went tu
Winsion-Salem last week and
bought him a Two-Manual organ,
to be i!'eel by his son who is
taking music lessons under Prof.
Loiighmsr of Winston.
Mr. I.(■(• Murray visited his
wife at St. Leo's hospital at
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Nunn
returned last Thursday from
Mt. Airy, where.they went to
attend the funeral cf Mrs
Nunn's mother, Mrs. J. D. Bliz
zard, who died at her home there
with consumption.
Mr. 0. J. Stone, who resides
on Route 4, was carried to St.
Leo's hospital last week where
he underwent an operation of
appendicitis. Dr. A. G. Jones,
his attending physician, accom
panied him there. The last re
ports were that he was getting
along all right.
Little Numa Marshall fell out
the back door of James & Co's
bowling alley Friday morning,
breaking his arm between the
wrist and elbow. Dr Tuttle set
the arm, and we hope he will
get along all right
Mr A. J Barker has bought
the interest of MrC M. Jones
in the livery business of Jones
& Isom, and Mr. Jones has
Mr. Barker's farm near
Mr. Natt Hedgecock returned
from . Winston-Salem, and tells
us that his brother there con
tinues seriously ill with typhoid
fever, we are sorry to note.
Mr. and Mrs. J Wesley More
field were in town Monday from
a visit to Winston-Salem
Mr. Lawrence Mcßae, of
Winston-Salem, was here last
Miss Mary Matthews, of Ger
manton, spent the day in town
Mrs. Norman J. Stone, of,
Winston-Salem, is spending a 1
few days here, on her return'
trip from Piedmont Springs.
Messrs. L. D. Hagne and A.;
R. Whetstone, of Newark, Ohio,
were in town Monday enroute to
Mt. Airy.
,Mr. A. E, Strode went to
I j Madison last week, to have some
|! dental work done.
j Mr T. S. Petree visited Dan
! bury Sunday.
1 Mr. J. L Mitchell and famiiy
spent Saturday and Sunday at
! Guilford College. Mr. Hob
Mitchell carried them in an auto
■ mobile.
• I Mrs. J. ('. Bailey visjted Wins
-1 ton-Salem last 'week on a shop
' ping trip
M'ss Kate Fulton returned to
her home at Mt. Airy las't week,
after spending some time here!
as the delightful guest of Miss,
! Jessie Vaughn.
i Little Misses Ruth and Nancy
'■Tyi.e, of Winston-Sdeni, are
; spending some time her.- with
! the Misses Rierson
Mrs Rob Cardwell returned
•'to her home at Mv.dison Monday,
II after attending the furrral and
..burial of her father, Mr. Ah:..
! | Lewolly n. at Meadows.
11 Mr. Will East ieft Sunday'
•I for a busines trip to Star N.
. Carolina.
Mr. A. E. Strode left Tuesday ,
i; morning on a business trip to
I! Charleston W Va., Hagersunvn
' Md. and other Northern cities
;I Mrs. W. L. Vaughn and littlei
Ison, Julian. ?pent Saturday and
j Sunday at Pine Hall visiting,
. ! relatives.
i Mr Matt Marshall and sister, ■
Miss Minnie Gray, of Dennis.
! were in town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II Fulton
, | spent the day in Winston-Salem ,
i Tuesday.
Base Ball at Walnut Cove.
Walnut Cove, June 30
' j On the local diamond here
last Saturday Summ'erfield was
| slaughtered by the walnut Cove
Reds to the tune of 11 to 2.
j Watking. the new pitcher for
1 the Walnut Cove Reds, allowed
18 of the Summertield Sluggers
to lay down the bat in the form
of strike-outs. The game was
slow owing to the extreme hot
weather, but the Reds kept it
i interesting for the fans the most
! j of the game, and only until the
ninth inning did our boys allow
11 any any of the visitors to go
; around and inspect the bases to
• j see if they were in the the right
| place.
' One of the features of the
| game was Robert Young stealing
2nd and 3rd bases on the Sum-;
merfield catcher and then in |
turn stealing back to second.
The Walnut Cove Reds will!
I play a double header on the'
; local diamond here July Ith with
the White Sox of Winston
The first game will be called at!
10 A.M. and the second at 4 1
P. M These will be interesting
games and a large crowd is 1
1 expected. I
) I
j " .
j Mr. W. G. Petree, of Danbury,.
spent Sundav at Lawsonville.
. If you are suffering with any j
I old, running or fever sores,
i ulcers, boils, eczema or other
skin troubles, get a box of Buck
! len's Arnica Salve and you will!
Jet relief promptly. Mrs. Bruce
ones, of Birmingham, Ala., suf
, fered from an ugly ulcer for nine
months and Bucklen's Arnica
i Salve eured her in two weeks.
\ Will help you. Only 25c. Recom
mended by all druggists.
DANBURY, N. C., JULY 2, 1913.
'i i
r ! The Slayer of Joe Legon at;
1 Ge.rmanton Seventeen
>1 Years Ago, Caught
in West V nginia.
Shtiiff Sl.-iu- Accompanied liyj
/Mr. I I:. Pttres, Leaves For
i •
BitiefieiJ —PrclMirfc T r I
i tot October Court.
' i '
; j Jap I'.van, a negro, who killed |
Jot* I t., on, white, at German ton,
seventeen :>..«ir ago, was am 4-,
edin iikuiicld, Went Vr ginia,'
this ! by Bald in detecti \ s.
H .* i* being held in custody until
the arrival of Stokes authorities.'
Sheriff W (' elate. aci'«.n;; »n
--ie.d by >ir 1 E Petree, of ter
manton, the latter going t* j j
identify the prisoner, left today
fo» Blucficdd, to ti>!. cliarg.' of!
; Evan
The detectives, who had in j
th«.ir possession a description of J
Evan, had inquired of the author-j
ities here if there was any re-1
! v\ard offered for tko murderer
Dr Sh.'te wired a negative
| answer, but ol fered to pay 'M
1 for the arrest of the negro The
! detectives then nabbed him.
Legon was stabbed to death in
; a stable at Germanton by Evan
; m the year 18% The slayer
escaped. Both parties were
1 about 18 years of aue at the time
iof the homicide Leggn was a
son of Edward Legon Should
the arrested party be the murd
erer of Le«on, and this is not
doubted materislly, it means
that Evan will be tried for his
life at the fall term of Stokes |
Superior Court, in October.
Sandy Ridge Route 1.
ij Sandy Ridge Route 1, June 30. |
i —Crops are looking fine in this'
i section. • I
The health of this community
, is very good at present.
There was an ice cream sup
i per at Mr Solomon VenableV
Saturday night,
i Messrs. H T. Dodson and;
i Roy Duncan visited friends in
Rockingham Saturday and Sun-!
i Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ward spent i
j Saturday night at Mr. S. H.
There will be an ice cream j
(supper at Rev. J. A Joyce's;
; next Saturday night, July 5.
' Everybody is cordially invited to
Rev. J. A. Joyce will preach
!at Zebulon school house next!
1 Sunday, July (i, at U o'clock.
The singing club Will meet
l at Delta the second Saturday in
| July and sing all day. There
will be refreshments on the
; grounds in the afternoon.
; Rev. D. A. Oakley will preach !
at Delta the second Sunday i
i night in July. Hope to see a
large crowd out.
Mr. S. R. Ward spent Sunday
! night at Mr. W. R. East's.
Quite a destructive wind and
hail storm passed over the Mayo
dan section late Saturday even
i ing.
There will be preaching at
! Buffalo next Sunday.
: Miss Pearl Sheppard Enter
tiin3 a Lai ge Number .!
the Young Friends.
the Oc liiion \i Mr. A, C Sht-I j
i ton's Stmd«> Was \-ry Kit
ioyri >ic —Personal and
; ill , July !. Miss'
: Ises :-!i j >:■> d : r,(! hrr-ihi ,IV r
Percy •. isiuo at rh i. uncle's,
'Mr. Shcppard, day
j and S ,
' Mrs. .**.i':dy I": uUly .:ini. iast
; Surds. night v/uh r- r-i.L v,
; Mra.l. r, 1
Mi* i':t.o I -iv.pj urd find
brithi i i'-ii. ij .Viin: .'••• v)ii:v saul
Agries R-.iL- j ! "unday.
! Elder A. Morton, of ifigli
' Point, pr .vu hed in Snow Cr- »i:
! church !a>t Wednesday (juite
I a large- m wd went e»ut to hoar
! him
! Mrs. I-'lora Cox returned home
i last work alter •pending sever-l
days in Lawsonville visitintr rr i
ativeS} .nul friends.
Mrs. J, P. Rhodes and -l.uig! -
ter, >'i.'; Lillian, visited ,\t Mi
Billie Riiodes' last week.
Mi3s '')nio Robertson spent
last Friday night with Miss
I'-Isie Sheppard.
Several of the Lawsonville
peopl • attended the ice avam
and photoplay at Hard-'
band school house last Friday
night They all reported a nice
Miss Bessie Moore spent
several days in Virginia last
i week visiting Miss Mary Ayers.
Quite a large crowd attended
! divine services held at Snow
| creek church last Saturday and
Sunday. The services were con
, ducted by Elder Lewis.
j Misses Annie l , Ethel, May and
; Rufus Ayers, of Stuart, Va.,
spe'iu last Saturday night at
Mr. Young's.
Mr. Fred Smith spent Satur
day night with his sister, Mrs.
Z. R. Sheppard.
; Mrs. E. C. Sheppard and
daughters returned home Sun
| day after spending two weeks
!in Virginia visiting relatives
and friends
Miss Bessie and Mr. Homie
Moore spent last Friday night
at Mr. R. M. Smith's.
Misses Sadie, Ruth and Mary
: Pringle entertained a few of
their friends last Saturday night.
Among those were: Misses
Bessie and Erie Moore; Messrs.
jCiabe and Charlie Hylton and:
Roy Martin.
Mr. W. W. Smith and family |
spent last Sunday at Mr. J. T
Lawson's. ,
Mrs. J. A. Sheppard and sons, i
Percy and Guy, visited at Mr.!
j R. L. Lawson's last Wednesday,
Mr. Homie Moore spent Satur
day night at Mr. A. J Ayers'.
Messrs. Rov Martin and
Evelene Ray visited at Mr. J.,
W. Lackey's last Sunday.
Among those who visited Miss !
Pearl Sheppard last Sunday |
were Misses Annie, Ethel and!
May Ayers, Isca .and Erna
Sheppard, Oberia Moore and
i [ Myrtle Lawson; Messrs Charlie!
| Hylton, Banner Young, Rufus)
! Ayers, Percy Sheppard, Fred, j
iand Wheeler Smith, Willie j
Moore, Jimmie Corns, and other.,
On Kst Wednesday owning a j
severe wind storm passed \
irhrousrh this secMon der.rur aj
great deal damage.
| Mrs. P. L. Lawson i-Jted at
,Mr I 11. L'wsori'. Iwst s uniay
During an eleetric storm last
>atuiday night ir.e lightning
i str i"!: y>. Hub . n- vv
' threshinj.' i i .cbin n: o ,
it fid tii bare.
A! tl'.e old ':ita' 1 ni>,( r,\
Mi A >bi-U- o'.- mjh-I. v !.'•
hi i >. yc?:rb fai';ily reun r.
which was attended by a large
crowd frw ! ..»itle H.'dg-:, S .;-rl
and I.uV/srnvdle j! 'i p;:.n; -.tli. r
points Ait';rr.')on iher: \
' preaching by lie 1 Winibish. of.
Stuart, Va •'ht day v i.» urn- to
be lenp remembered b;, *'.ll
Two beddings Here taifef
Early Monday morning Mr j
Frank Vernon and Miss Maty
Welch and Mr. Luther Tulbert:
and Miss Roda Welch, of Wal
nut C'tVi:' R'aut" •}, drove in Dhp- ,
bury ar.d secured licenses andi
were happily married at D I'O
o'clock by Esq. N. Martin at '
Mr. Martin's store. They were
accompanied here by the Misses '
Welchs' father, Mr. Walker
and two other girls who
the. Reporter failed to learn
the names. Before returning
home they spent a few hours
with the Misses Welchs'
1 Mr. John Welch, who lives right
near town.
Stoneville Man Shot
by Son-iif-Law.
I Stoneville, June 23. Mr. Jas. \
Pratt, who lives near this place,
was shot, yesterday morning, by'
his son-in-law, Tom Cardwell,
with a pistol, the ball entering
the abdomen and perforating
the intestines. The attending
physician states that the .wound 1
will prove fatal.
Particulars of the shooting are
I meager.
I I Later. Mr. Pratt was carried
to the hospital in Greensboro;
j Monday morning but died a
; short time after reaching there.
The remains were carried to
his home Monday evening for
I burial.
! Beware of Ointments for Catarrh!
That Contain Mercury
: as mercury will surely destroy the!
sense of smell and completely
i derange the whole system when
I entering it through the mucous
; surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on pre
scriptions from reputable physic
; ians, as the damage they will do
lis ten fold to the ge>od you can
I possibly derive from them. Hall's :
j Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.,
contains no mercury, and is taktn
internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of!
ihe system. In buying Hall's
I Catarrh Cure be sure you get the
genuine. It is taken internally
land made in Toledo, Ohio,
iby F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi
jmonials free
Sold by druggists. Price 75c.
i per bottle.
| Take Hall's Family Pills for
No. 2,05
i Miking C orn and Tobac. o
! at Oak Grove Lock
t'tvsli and Pmi.'jiaii:j.
i V\ 4! A Plcn-iotit to
Mr. L'illie fso>its Rev. I',
Oliver Continues to !m«
p T'J v v.
Oaii (• rove, June oi. We
' i; Rtirac beautiful h;»«
. ' ff.l'i i»» tin:; ■ ■ ♦icn i!i(- ;»
• week which caused the &ro\ wig
ropH of com and tobacco to kx k
1. • :.)• and p; omi:!ir»;{.
'1 !ie WiUrand his friend have
i wlcd ' vv v a p;.rt of lour town-
.■ 1 >-i lor rhe iasi few (Jay "',' and
'.saw large barns packed full of
and large -stack yards
i.'ii i'\ery farm, but the 0-.k
1 drove section ha:- the rreatcst
cu'.l" k for corn and t bacco
Ihe writer has sevn, tint its - rns
•.hat the he rn worms are deteni;-
1 mod to destroy the crop 1 ft bac
' CO.
Mr. G. A. Junt s wants to buy
a pair of bird dogs, i-.s !i has
| hoard th.t they can be trained
to worm tobacco
There w?is a st.prise birthday
;dinner at Mr. l'illie Boylos' last
Sunday. A large crowd attend
ed and all seemed to have a
nice time.
We are glad to ltarr. that the
Sunday School at Chestnut Grove
is progressing nicely. We think
that some of our good ladies of
fOlive Grove have tacked our
Sunday School to the wall to
await the resurrection morning.
Rev. P. E. Simmons, of Vade
Mecum, will preach at Olive
'Grove on Saturday before the
I first Sunday and also on Sunday.
Mr. Robert Boyles, who is
' doing a lot of sporting, took his
| best girl and went out on a
1 (lying trip a few days ago and
after they hat gotten out a few
miles from home the mule be
came frightened and ran away
and the vehicle being old shackl
ing suori shuck to pieces and the
poor girl had to walk back home
as the mule wouldn't toat but
one at a time.
We learn that Rev. P. Oliver
is still improving and we hope
he will soon be out again
Messrs. A. S. Marsh and G.
W. Smith spent Saturday and
Sunday at the Piedmont Springs
Hotel. They report a nice time.
Mr. J. J. Gentry and family,
iof Winston-Salem, are visiting
Mr Gentry's father, Mr. R. G.
iGentrv, on King Route 2
Mr. Sam Dodson. of Danbury
; Route 1, was in Danbury Mon
day morning on business.
When you have a bad cold you
■ want a remedy that will not
1 not only give relief, but effect a
prompt and permanent cure,
a remedy that is pleasant to
I take, a remedy that contains
! nothing injurious. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy
meets all these requirements.
It acts 0 n nature's plan,
relieves the lungs, aids expect
toration. opens the secretions
and restores the system to a
healthy condition. This remedy
has a world wide sale and use.
and can always be depended
upon. Sold by all dealers.

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