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"Soie Mouth" Prevalent
Among Cattle In Stokes
—A Remedy Given By
Dept. ol Agriculture.
A number of Stokes county
people have recently mentioned
the fact to the Reporter that
their cattle were suffering with
a disease known as sore mouth,
and the following sent us by the
State Department of Agriculture
may prove of interest:
We are beginning to receive
reports of some disease that
spread over the entire -Mate last
fall, Mycotic Stomatitis, or Sore
Mouth and of cattle. This
is a disease c.xus:d by cattle eat
ing food containing irritating
fungi, which c ius. j d an inllama
tory condition of the mouth, ton
gue, nostrils, udder and throat.
The disease is the result of j
cattle eating food containing
irritating fungi. The fungi is
usually found on the grasses
during an unusually hot, wet
season, immediately after heat
and moisture being conductive to
its growing.
The first symptom usually'
noticed is a dripping of saliva
$2,000 Reward
————— m—mmmmm — ——————
To any man or set of men who will
cut from 2,000 to 4,000 cords green oak
wood for me by March 1,1914.
Timber two miles east of Winston-
Salem on Southern Railroad.
Will furnish house in which to live, and
will settle on Ist and 15th of each month.
Apply immediately.
Address, BOX 81, KERNERSVILLE, N. C.
from th) mouth; inability to
graze, sluggishness of the cattle,
r a slight stiffness of gate and in
; clination to lie down most of the
time. Upon making a careful
examination, the mucous mem
brane would be found inflamed
and red. or, if the disease has
1 progressed far enough, small
ulcers may be found. The first
porton usually affected is the
dental pad, which takes the
place of the front teeth in the
upper jaw: this becomes inflam
ed and raw, consequently, the
' cattle are unable to graze, not
being able to cut the grass
blades, but could eat feed
already cut. From this point, if
not properly treated, the infla
mation will spread until the en
tire mouth and tongue are in
volved, becoming raw, making it
impossible for the cattle to eat
anything. In some cases the
outer portion of the lips and nos
trils are involved,
i In milch cattle, there is a
great decrease in the milk flow,
heavy milkers may completely
dry up in a few days. Small
red spots may be seen in the
udder and teats. A tempera
ture of 105 degrees F. to 197 de
grees F. is frequently seen. If
| the feet are examined carefully
1 small red spots or ulcers may be
seen at the top of the hoof or
between the toes.
If the affected animals are on
pasture they should be moved to
some place where they can bo
properly treated and fed on bran
mashes, or other easily masticat
ed food and given plenty of fresh
water. In each gallon of water
put one teaspoonful of chlorate
of potash, The mouth should be
well washed two or three times
a day with a three per cent,
water solution of carbolic acid,
or creolin or some other reliable
antiseptic The cattle should be
kept in a dry, clean place, in
order to keep the feet as free
from dirt as possible. The fact
should also be washed several
times a day with an antiseptic
solution. One of the most im
portant things is to 532 th it the
cattle get something that lliey
can eat. If constipated, give a
pound of epsom salts dissolved
in one quart of warm water. If
properly treated, the loss should
not exceed one or two per cent.
Yadkin County To Work Roads
On November sth and 6th.
The Yadkin Ripple says that
the citizens of that county will
go out on Nov. sth and 6th and
put in some telling licks on the
roads of Yadkin county. The
county commissioners and the
Board of Education of the coun
ty have each issued proclama
tions to the people of Yadkin
calling upon them to go out and
do their duty these two days.
All of the schools of the coun
ty will be suspended on the good
road days.
Do You Fear Consumption?
No matter how chronic you
cough or how severe your throat
or lung ailment is, Dr- King's
New Discovery will surely help
you: it wy nA* your life. Still
man, of Malichite, Col.,
writes : "Two doctors said I
had consumption and could not
live two years; I used Dr.
King's New Discovery and am
alive and well." Your money
refunded if it fails to benefit
you. The best home remedy
for coughs, colds, throat and
lung troubles. Price 50c. and
SI.OO. Guaranteed.
A Good Fanner.
Mr. Charley M. Williams, of
Meadows, paid the Reporter a
pleasant call Saturday, and paid
for his paper another year in
advance. Mr. Williams is
pleased with the cash-in-advance
plan for newspapers, and says
that he thinks the Reporter has
done the right thing.
Mr. Williams is one of the
best farmers we know of. He
raises all his supplies at home,
including meat and bread, feed
stuff, vegetables, chickens,
eggs, etc., and does not have to
pay out money for anything
except sugar and coffee, the
Dan bury Reporter and taxes.
Mr. Williams is a good roads
man, believes in paying his
debts, and sleeping with a clear
conscience—and this is what it
takes to constitute a man
according to the old-fashioned
standards, and they are the
Hy the way, Mr. Williams 1
made a fine sale of tobacco on
the market lust we°k, averaging
about 2j cents. He has more to
sell, and besides has two good
porkers in the pen, which he
expects to get 800 pounds of meat
out of this fall.
Wood's High-Grade
Farm Seeds
Best Qualities Obtainable
We are headquarters for
Seed Wheat, Oats,
Rye, Barley, Vetches,
Alfalfa and all
Grasses & Clovers.
Write for Wood's Crop Special
giving prices and seasonable in
formation about Seeds for Fall
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
Wood's Descriptive Fall Catalogue
(lives prices and information about all
Garden Seeds for Fall Planting.
Mt.iled free on request.
Having t|ualiiied as administrator j
of the estate i>( ■!. Su-ihi >!»'
deceased, notice is heiv'n iiivtMi to|
all persons holding ci.i.m» against
the said J. Swain Morei.ld 10 present 1
them lo me duly :> ut h>>n t Jv- 1 t«MI for!
payment on or before i :.f iith day j
of Oct.. 1:>14, or thin in>ti- will la 1 '
pleaded in liar of their re, -very. All j
persons indebted to the «ai 1 estate I
are respectfully requested to make
Immediate payment to me.
This the 4t!i day of Oct.,
M® TaKe
Y __J Pain Pill,
I" then—
TaKe it
For Neuralgia, nothing la
better than
Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills
Used by thousands
for a generation
Those who have suffered from
neuralgic pains need not be told
how necessary it is to secure re
lief. The easiest way out of
neuralgia is to use l3r. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills. They have re
lieved sufferers f r so many
years that they become a
household necessity.
"I have taken Dr. Miles' Anti-Fain
rills for five years nnd they are the
only thing that docs mo any good.
They have relieved neuralgia In my
hend In fifteen minutes. I hav« also
taken them for rheumatism, head
ache, pains In the breast, toothache,
earacho and palna In the bowels and
limb*. I have found nothing to
equal them and they ar« all that U
claimed for them."
J. W. SEDUK, Blue Springs, Mo.
At all druggists—2l dOM* 28 cants.
Navar sold In bulk.
MILKS MEDICAL CO., Ktkhart, Ind.
Danbury Reporter Will Adopt the
"Stop" Plan, and All Subscriptions
Will Be Cash-in« Advance.
After a great many years' trying out of the old
credit plan, the Reporter will adopt the cash-in
advance system for subscriptions.
Going into effect December 1, 1913, all subscriptions
on our books not paid up, will be dropped.
The Reporter is assured by hundreds of its patrons
that this plan will be much more satisfactory than
the old way of sending the paper on year after year,
whether the subscriber orders it or not.
It is a bad business policy to extend unlimited
credit for small sums of money.
All subscribers who want the Reporter to come on
to their address may settle up in full, and in advance
by December 1. Otherwise their papers will be
promptly stopped. Hundreds are now doing this,
and by December Ist we expect to have a clean list,
and but few names dropped.
Please take notice, and attend to this without
1 z™i|
j ft' ■ 1 . .. %?
si.. "
: '
Exoells in Purity of Tone and
Durability of Construction,
Cataogue Free.
Write Department S.
Winston-Salm, N. C.
We carry a complete line of
Edison Phonographs and Re
cords. Write for catalogue of
new records.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
f In General Merchandise.
I We are prepared to fill orders large or small for
all kinds of dry goods or groceries.
You are cordially invited to visit our store
and inspect our stock and prices.
hagg and Nelson
Anyone needing Tobacco Flues,
see me. I will save you money.
W. R. Stephens,
Walnut Cove, N. C.
The (our designs of Cortright Metal Shingles as shown above are
made in any of the following ways:
1. Stamped from Tin-plate and painted Red.
2. Stamped from Tin-plate and painted Green.
3. Stamped from Tin-plate and Galvanized by a hand-dipping process.
4. Stamped from special tight-coated Galvanized Sheets. 1 ,
Each and every genuine Cortright Metal Shingle is embossed with this
Trade-mark, " Cortright Reg. U. S. Pat. Off." «
For Salt by
R. H. R. BLAIR, - - DAN BURY, N. C.
Constipation Lured.
Dr. King's New Life Pills will
relieve constipation promptly and
i get your bowels in healthy con
dition again. Jon Supsic, of
Sanbury, Pa., says: "They are
the best pills I ever used, and I
advise everyone to use them for
constipation, indigestion and
liver complaint." Will help you.
Price 25c. Recommended by all
WANTED—One lady in each
township to act as agent. Good
commission paid.
Greensboro, N. C
For Marble and Granite Monuments
and Tombstones, Iron Fencing
and all kinds of Cemetery
work, call or write
The Mouut Airy
Marble Works
W. D. HAYNES & CO.. Proprs.
Mount Airy, N. C.

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