V . . ' - i i . ' ... .. . . - .. . . ' - , . iii n" jll" j! 31 v. 1i J Vol.l. 003L.T3SI50I10 IS". C, .TIXTJXSSVY, JULY lO, lOT. V .t . , DAILY MOENING STAR. W. WIIITAKER, Editor and Proprietoh. (Office opposite the Southern Ex, Office.) - terms : i 1 1 Delivered to town subscribers at '23 cents i per week, or 8 00 per year payable in ad vance. Mailed to subscribers at $8 00. I ADVERTISING : fOne squarej first insertion r. ..75 cents. " " continued.. 50 " I Ten lines or less constitute a square. To monthly, half-yearly and yearly adver tisers, special contracts wili be made. DAILY MOKNOG STAR!! JTIXTTTJIfcES ALL NEW it - . PUBLISHED i, 1 f JeVERY MOEjSTING EXCEPT SUNDAY 5 cents 2 cents cent j MAILED TO SUBSCRIBERS AT . 88 00 PER ANNUM., DELIVERED TO ii r : r ?! AT SO cts. PER WEEK. You get in every Number tlie Latest Telegraphic Neirs, .. including: the Xcw York, . Wilmington and Ncwbcru Markets. WE CLUB THE STAH! with IE3XOIili:ST,S , . UNRIVALLED MONTHLY MAGAZINE -FOR $9 50 Per Annum!! ! Ill OUR THE STAMP ACT, ON'E OF THE TAX LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. ' Acknowledgement of deeds ..Exempt Affidavit 5cents (in suit or legal proceedings,; .... i-icuip.. ' Agreement or Appraisement, for each ; . . . t i. eaeei or piece oi paper ou unu iue same is written,.... Scents Assignments or Transfers, of mortgage lease, or policy of insurance, the same duty as ou the original instru ment of patent right Bank Checks, Drafts or Orders, &c, at sizht or 6n demand, Bills of exchange; inland drafts cr or der, payable otherwise than at sight oron demand, and any promisory note whatever, payable on demand or at a. time designated (except bank notes issued for circulation, and checks made and intended to be, forth with presented for payment) for & -mn not exceeding $100. - 5 ' For every additional hundred dollars ,or fractional part thereof. 5 cents Bills of "Lading vessels for ports of the. S United States cr British North Amcr- ica, ' t Exempt Or receipts of good3 on any foreign ports, iu cents Bill of Sale of any vessel, or part there of, when the consideration docs not exceed five hundred dollars 53 cents Exceeding $500 and not exceeding si.ooo, ei.oo Exceeding 81 ,000, fer each $500,frac tional part thereof. 50 cents ' Of personal property other than ship or vessel. o cents Bond, personal, for payment of money '. scc Mortgage. Official $1.00 For indcniifying any person for the pay nient of any sum of money, where the money ultimately recoverable there upon is 1.000 or less. 50 cents Where 'the money recoverable exceeds $1,000, for every additional $1,000, or fractional part thereof 50 cents Bonds, county, city and town bonds, railroads and other corporation bonds and script, are subject to stamp duty. Sec Mortgage. Of any. description, other tllan such as are require 1 in lc- 1 gal proceedings, and such are not otherwise charged in this schedule 25 cents Certificates of doposit in bank, sum not ' exceeding one hundred dollars ' -.2 cents Of, depoAtinbank, sum exceeding one . -hundred dollars. .5 cents Of stock in an incorporated company 25 cents General 5 cents Of a qualification of a Justice of the Peace, Commissioners of Deeds or No-. tary Public j r-i'iv a-ch of records ' i'-nicortnin prtpr"r arc on C!? V-A -V.v.lu4-P Cannot iVantl iwrc iOirt5on of lar ;Vl ;'or Uso; ,j Of bii fh, marriage and death vn (luuiiucuiioiib or peuooi tdacbers Of profits on an incorporated company for a sum not less than ten dallars and not exceeding fifty dollars 10 cents1 Exceeding fifty dollars and not exceed ing one thousand dollars 25 ccnt3 Exceeding one thousand dollars, for ev ery additional one thousand i or frac tional part thereof. - 25 cents Of damage or otherwise, and all other certificates or documents issued by any port warden, marine surveyor, or other person acting as such. 25 cents Certified Transcript of judgements, sat isfaction of judgements and of all pa pers recorded or on file. 5 ccnt3 N. B. As a general rule, every ccrtifi- . -cate which has, or may have, a legal value m any court of law or CQluty, tateStftn?cio" to etaniptU aaa con vcyancc. , j - ', ' Warehouse Receipt, for any, xod, wares crmerchandlso notothe e provided for, deposited or etOTcd,.yiy public or private ware-nouscj . txece ant; $500 in value, 10 Exceeding $500, anl not t:?r!ins $1, 000 ; 20ccnt3 Exceeding $1 000, for ever rt t litioral 61 000, or fractional -frit tkcreof, in in excess of $1 000, i l lOccnU For any goods, &c., not 0- J 'tri.e provi- ucu tor, stcrea or ue'l,..r4 in any cents GENEKAL OKDEItS. llEADQCAKTEna SeCX)XI MlLTTABT DISTRICT, Charleston-, S. C, Mat 30tii, 1SC7. General Osdei, -No. 22. S I. Any citizen, a qualified Totcr according to the requirements of the Act to provide for A. 1 - - T A m. . inc moro emcicni povernmeni oi me retei States," passed March 21, 1SC7, and the Act supplementary thereto, paoed March 23rd is clligible to office in th provisional rovcrnmcnt of North and South Carol.i;v. All rcrsons appointed to oCce will be xeiu;red to public or private waraZiO.vior yarl,25 cents ' take the oath prcscribc.l by the Actxforc3iJ, and to tie the same duly eubiCnl eland sworn, with the Post Commander; II. All citixens assessed for taxes and who ehall have pai l taxes for the current year ore qualified to tervc as jurors. It ihall Lc tic rniYETTsl J AS. II. iT (CORJCEJt Or EAST CXJfTn T1NCT ST5 'L. . IN. i'i:iVETTf GOLDSBO, tp, IV. O. the guaxiti: r4 rits?j i.egui lAxumcr.u wi Jcr otner legil proccs, :by vhich L iy suit is . comyiencod in any. co'Lri'r? record, , either cf law or cuiT, x ' . 50 cents Wr'ts or criminal i-roCr-L?r.cd by a c.: it not of record, ' . .'iTthu nir.cunt ilaitoil C100 or vvcp ... . 50 cents Upoii every conftv.-i cX jvvent or coin ov it for ?U'J crir?er txeept in .53 ccnt3 cases where the tax fA-Trtt h;U been raid, Writs or other process, trtv.fiom jua tices courts or ether cokj"-; of Inferior jurisdiction, to court of 50 cent i arrants ofdistrcs, when. fr.c amount duty of the proper chil Seers charged with proiding lists of jurors, to proceed within their several jurisdiction, without delay, ond. as certain, the name of all Tjuali5ed pcrj-vTU "nn I f lace them cn the jury li.-t.t and from such rc vicJ lists r.li jurors shall be hereafter rum moncd an I drawn in the manner require I bj law. - III. All citizens are cllirriblfi to follow any i licensed calling c:atlovmer.t cr vocation, cub- - r . - i l . - -9 r i .i 1 a i . I a.- i. . : . i l . i' vi i nil viamiri uuc3 i.vi v -' c lv7v,0 CCU. 3 1 JCCl to cucn luii'ai iioi rxuiai.uus nsraaj w When the amount exceed; l JO, 50 cent 3 1 prescribed by municiplc or other competent Insurance, Marine, Inlinf and Fire, authority, not incon'istir.t with common right Tl DRY G (IDS 1 GROCERIES ANDi;Ar.DVARn! bc where the consideration l aid for the . insurance, in cash pr5u:i a notes, or both, doc3 not exceed $li .10 cents Exceeding $10, and not exc rJing $50 50 cents Insurance, Life, when the iraouct in sured does not exceed 25 cents Exceeding $1 000, andnc exceeding . $5,000, I - 50 cents Exceoding$5 000 $1.00 Lease of lands or tcnOjita, where the rents doe3 not exceed; tZrfl per an num, - 50 cents Exceeding $300, foa e.c,V additional $200, or fractional parT:tercof,in ex cess of $300, x 5( Perpetual, subject to starnvdnty as a 0 cents Clause ofjguaranty of pajindi of rent in corporated ct indorjcdJliits addi tional. .Measures' CXCCCt.1 Exeepflin O ' i, Mortgage, trust deed, bill fTales,or per sonal Lona tor tue paynui; of money exceeding $100, and jrf:? exceeding $500, . . Exceeding $500, for. evea- ; additional $500, or fractional partLicreof. in ex cess of $500, , CO conts Pawners' Checks, r 5 cents Passage Ticket from the United States and the constitution and laws cf the United States. The bond required as tecurity thall not exceed the penal turn of one hundred dol lar!. One or more euritics, being citizens and worth in the aggregate double the amount of the bend over and above just debts will be sufficicht. IV. The mayors of cities and other munici plc and town olUccrs, and all sherifij, magis trates ard police forces arc required to le vig ilant and efficient in maintaining order : and in the discharge of their duties they will U ; Large StOCU of 5 .V ioxovrO' nnrrtrnrn t nri I t t site cnisn'aTJj hotel II cs Return, if ftr ctantity not ding 1,000 bushel?, J 10 cents ing 1,000 buhels j 25 cents 50 cents I 5 cents 5 cents Is I' JOB OFFICE Complete, ivitii the Modern Style of isplhy Type, and wc intend to turn out At liviiigr prices oiily. 5 cents r. k . Jivu.Ji , r -...4 ...... rrnt. t , -T yoii, .im. v-, ri more n'l ! n ' ; . . 50 cents m-i w v-. vvvuii- i;t.-w Fda every additional $50, or fractional part thorcof, in excess of $50. " $1.00 ge:;eital kemarks. Revenue Stamps may be tjmkI iniscriminatc- ly upon any of tlie matters tr things cnumcr- nca in scneauio 1;, except proprietary and card stamps, for which a rcial use has been provided. Postage stamps cannot la hscd in payment of the duty chargcablo on inihmments. It is the duty of the makc -of an instrument to affix and cancell the stani thereon. If he neglects to do it, the party ir whose - use it is uiaue, may narap 11 uciorc 1113 USCU but in expected to co-opcratc with the military au- tuoritics. - V. Poet Commanders may summon to their ni l whenever the ordinary means at their dis posal shall not be sufficient to execute their orders, such of the civil officers and as many of the citizens within the territorial limits of the military toet as may be necessary: and the neglect or refusal of any person to aid and assiii in 1 11c execution 01 me orucrs 01 iuc commanding officer will be dccmetl a misde meanor punishable by such tin: and imprison ment as may be imposed by a military tribu nal, approved by the Commanding General. VI. No licence for the sale of intoxicating liquors in quantities less than one gallon or to be drank on the premises, shall be granted to any person other than an inn-keeper; the number of such licences ehall be determined and the fees to be charged for each licence shall be prescribed end collected by the muni GOO s 1 I lie and Fancy J) SI -1 will rcipiirc a fctamp duty of 5 cents no case can it be legally usvqwithout a stamp; and if used after the 30tn tl J July, 18C4, and used without a stamp, it ca;i,t aifcrwards be ciple or town uutbontics and af propriatcu cx-1 clnfrrtv ttt tho cr.cfit zZ tts r-?rr? If rr l&ion thall be fdul drunk on the prerdsce Subscribe TO THE ONLY DAILY PAPER BETWEEN Petersburg and Wilmington, AND I j IVE wberIn and b aeeigh j I THE G OLDSBORO MORNING STAB. i f?- J " ' - . i " 1 jlt is a Real Eivc Paper Up tlie times in every particular. il J: i ' 1 r j! - v " s to Check, Draft or Order for the payment of any sum of money exceeding vlO, drawn upon any person or other than a bank, banker or trust company, at . sight cr on demand s . , 2 ccnt3 Contract See Agreement Urokcrs 10 ccnt3 Conveyance deed, instrument of writing ' whereby lands, tenements, or other reality sold shall be conveyed; the ac tual value which does not exceed $500, ' 50 cents Exceeding $500, and not exceeding $1.- 000, $1,00 Tor every additional $500, or fractional part thereof, in excess of $1 .000, 50 eents Entry of any goods, wares or merchan dize at any custom houses, not ex ceeding $100 in value, 25 cents Exceeding $100 and not exceeding $500 in value, " 50 cents Exceeding $500 in value, $100 For tlie withdrawal of any goods or jncr- chandue from bonded warehouse, 50 cents ' Guager's Return, if for quantity not ex ceeding ouO gallons, gross, 10 cents Exceeding 500 gallons, " 25 cents Power of Attorney to sell or transfer stock, or collect dividends thereon, 25 cents To vote at an election of incorporated company, 10 cents To receive or collect rents, To sell, or convex', or jent, or lease real estate, . .$10 For any other purpose SOcc .'j Probate cf Will, or letters of aduiiimtra- tion, where the value of both real and personal estate does not exceed $2, 000, For every additional $2 000, or fraction al part thereof, in excess of $2 000, 50 cents Bonds of executor, administrators, guar dians and trustees, are each subjected to a stamp duty of $1 00 Protest upon bill, note, check, or draft,25 cents Promisory Note See Bills of Exchange, inland Renewal of subject to same du ty as on original not el Receipt for the payment of any sum of money, or debt due, exceeding $20, or for the delivery of any property 2 cent3 Trust Deed, made to secure a debt to be Etaroped as a mortgage couveying es- ctlectually stamped. Any A.il ore upon the part of the maker of an iu.'mmcnt to appro priately ttamp ir, render hlx liable to a pen- a1t3.ru two iiunurci u;i:.rt' 1 1 : fcuit3 arc commenced in lyiy States by oth er procc?s than writ, vi2: warrant?, publication, petition, &c, I fchich case the?c, u.i the ordinal proceed, : Ivcrally require stamps Viiits of scira facias arc iibject to tamp duty a3 original proccsjea. The jurat of an aCldavit, tilcnlcfcrc a Jus tice of the Fcace, Notary Pulfc, or ether oCl ccr duly authorized to rake tldavits, is held to be a certificate, and subjif to a fciamp duty of 5 cents, except when takt : lin suits or legal proceedings. Cei-tificates of loan in wh!; there frhall ap pear any printed or writtrJ evidence of an amount of money to be paid ia. deman 1, or at any time designated, arc su1 jc. to a stamp du ty as Prcmi-or r Notes. . . " - The assignment of a inert r.ge iseubject to the same stamp duty as tha; imposed upon the original instrument; that I ty. fur every sum of five hundred dollar Pny fractional part thereof, cf the aniouf t secured by the mortgage, at time of it3 a?sj Ti-nent, there must be afUxed a stamp or stamr.'rdcnoticg a duty of fifty cents. 1 When two or more person join in the execu tion of an instrument, the tt laps to which this i insirumcni is uaoic unucr 1 i law. mav be af- 25 cents ILnxcd and cancelled by one c' the parties. in conTejances 01 real ea 4ic, tnc law pro- vrdcstliat the Ptamp aClxel $1 00 'cist answer to the Qm j. (7orn f the estate on intcrcl: conveyed. tamp i required on njiy warrant of at torney, accompanying a bailor note, when such bond or note has affixed thereto the stamp or stamps denoting tho dujf required, and whenever any lonj or rj;e is kccurcl by mort su est ther randum or the value or delomination of the stamp aOxed, should be jnnio upon the mar gin or in the acknowledgexarst of the instru ment which is not stamped. where liquor is soM the licence may be rtvok cd by any magistrate. The tax imposed by the internal revenue laws of the United States is an additional charge, and does not excuse the party from the observance of local regula tions nor exempt him from the payment of tucn uincr licence ices as may oc imposcu oj municiple or other competent authority. VII. All contracts hereafter made for the manufacture, tale or transportation, storage or insurance of intoxicating liquors hall within this Military District bo deemed and treated as againet public policy, and no civil action, guit or proceeding for the enforcement of any eucU contract ehall be entertained ia any court. VIII. In public conveyances on railroads highways streets or navigable waters, no dis crimination because of color or caste uhall be made, and the common riglt of all citizens therein thall Lc recognized and respected. The violation of thw regulation will bo deemed a mLdcmcanor and render the otndcr liable to arrest and trial by a military tribunal to be designated by the Commanding General, be sides cuch damages as the injured party may ! sue for and recover in the Civil Courts. . , IX. The remedy by distress for rent is abol ished. Vi'hcre lands are leased cr let out for hire cr rent, cotton corn or other produce of the same, when s evered from the land, mav be j impounded ; but the same shall not be remov ed. Ami cotton corn or other produce ro im poundfd, uhall be held as tecurity fur the rent or hire-so claimed, end may be sold in satis faction of any judgement for the same: Pro vided, that any unsatisfied claim for labcr be stowed upon the cultivation ftf such cotton corn or ether produce, ehall in no case be postponed to any demand fcr rent cr hire ; but to the ex tent of cuch claim fur labor, there shall be a lien on tuch cotton corn or otfier produce, hav icg preference over any claim for rent or hire. By Command cf Maj. Gen. D. E. Hicxle3 : J. W. CLOUS, Capt. 33th U. S. Infantry, A. D. C., & A. A. A. O. livens PaT op Gold?boko Goldsboro N. C, June 7, 1867. To Daxiei. CtGDHh-, LVi., M.VTOR cr GoLDSBuno. N. C. Sm: Maior Commanding Poet of Goldi- ' all .;; . f i I ' Who leal ivith ci ;.-ct the wortli of thelrnme POLITE fy ATTEKIIVE C LEEKS ! il. ' 1 ; EVVITED TO ii LdLi AT OVTZ r f - ; 1 ; 1 spton, boro N. C, directs me to inform you that Par. M, tiencral Urders o. 32, dated Head Quarters, 2d Military District, Charleston, 8. C, May 30th, 1FG7, nuliiScs nil existing li . mm cences lor tne saie ox intoxicating liquors in quantities lcs than one gallon, and to other X'.ize, lui one Siamn uu t ia reouirei fin t 1 . , 1 . .r..n ch papers, such stamp duty being the high- that thia oiler be enforced br tho VJt!1 am- rates required for such h-struments. or ei- i.r.ritir r.f n,. fnwn 1 ofthem. InEuchcasda note or memo- niwf,.!ir 1 . " r Dcmorcst'sITIoiittify Magazine, and the Djlilt Morning Stab will be sent to one address for $9,50 per year. Snd orders to the STAR" OFFICE. lour Ob'd't Servant D. B. WILSON, 2d Lieut. 40th U. S. Infantry, Tot Adjutant 4 LL K1.DS of Plain and Ornamental JljL lYintir.g, Cards, Circulars, Hand Bill, Posters, Pamphlet &c, cxecute-1 with ncat nc and di.jatcU at TUIS OFFICE, lifter OFFICEUIOUES b'UNKISE Hi 10 o'clocli it IVlBht. !! NO ON V ; HALL mum iMt& q q t WE CUJ.HNTZE I SATISFJ 3 .3 CTION. i 1

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