U Ltr.. 0; , m m i mi in v 1 h 1 1 r r r 111 1 ill 11 1 1 11 'i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ." .-. ' ... I .):.:.". I. . 1 si t ,7 I 1 l-V bnriV I -Br"."""aaBBBBi a. j. w 1 1 1... 1 1 13 BiUC I sail 4 J 1 IsistSUUViG 1 .tdWI tt4in WE'LL -HEW -TO jTHEjJ.tNEi LETTHECKIPir'' FVltHEftE TH E Y ' ; M AY. K(! '' tow'rb j I ;i iM If .11 1 ! I I:"" -- j,'1. i... .-...I ... .1 i I. J.iA I ...... ct1 11. a ,..-...-;. The last penny of "he htlOOoTwhlclt Buffalo proposes to give ai a prize to the' "maa"who fnvei1t fewlMetaoliod of Jjarne&fiog tho immense' water power oi " Niagara has been tubicrlbed. anjthracU -'eoal fdr tli ' paH year is put at 34,400,000 tona la round numberi, exchniv of local ta'e tiO toinm tnft colliery consumption. NATIONAL CAPITAL. vf . V. 1' ii T "t a Jan itvrri INTESESTI1T0 DOTS ABOUT OUR 3'p Abvnt Ik Whit iUaae-Aray Navy Alniler-0r KcUllaa WllhOlhMT : oinnnri in nuiMti i . if f tZ . I . it t BOit Thai total or,ls30, Vita wUIcHJlijuej i i- - ... . . : . , - 1.-, -a Vo "u uie tkntttc, mefwaire front the Prea I 66 compared, waa 83,130, illfnt with .wportB fro .ary r?,08!0? t0D,'f i(Tliin?rt ffcff1 i rta1 rlative t0 the invltatton of the im- I H H''")111 ,ncrtlria o petcentlowy ipaialMJcrman government o thf United iA 11 Vftl'iliow'upa liolalVf 80,120,000 tona government to become a mrty to . the International Geodetic! Ansociatioif. CoWnel George I rerkina, Treanurci of the Norwich and Worcter Itailroad, .. ia the oldest rtiilroadb01(:i:ii in the Uiil- . ted States, and probably la tjie worj J. ; JIo U ninety -nine ycara ' bid) ia aix feet two inches in height and stand si itraight as mnny men of Pi!;l fVlonel Perkjnt ia the only surriver of tho pas icngers who ."teamed down the Hivlfon in Fulton's pioneer steamboat, the Cler mont, on Iter trial trip. -t : . Among the many expensea that Wall atreet brokers have to face tvery year is the item for fjowera witlr which 'thef trijjhtca'aiiJ adorn their ofHees in the Metropolis. Winter and summer, spring and fall, huge bunches of exncnulve po stesare kept on litmd in many of the at triutire ottices. rerkonec tjjat tha average expense for an office U $10 a day. At dusk the oHiee boys and lesmer clerks divide the flowers, and who knows but ! some tndr heart has had one or two , ecatitie 1 Uat'rcouiVing some of them? lata dttails of the C'hinew food makt the story one of the mot terrible ia hNtorj. rWhst( wa t beantifal, pflpijloi ili Ir'ct of Mi,W0 square miles is now a rolling sea. At leait S.000,003 people are homelest and aWlute'ydetl fute Of the barett necesarietof life, , while it is thought that 'the lost of life r O Jwillrc acb, 70, 000. Everything in the way of figures is as yet, however, pnre speculation, with the cLancci of a total morta'ity far greater than, the preaent """'estimate. Court and loudness circle ia Pekin, Canton ,and otberj centres, "nre doing nJf,ln!iifi fotrarjo fops with thedissstcr. l L e new Industry in the South, which ft f j- ink -been noted, derelopt another use for p'ne needlet beiides that of iread . big- en arvinttie odor from tha filling of a : ' ; V II i VoiU Oae produrt of then Bfslll Is a remarkably strong oil, claimed to pos sess valuable medicinal properties; an other is pine wool, which i blenched, rf dfTed and woven, this wool being a fieory v. i)rown mMft poMcwing a plesnnt odot which give it value asainoth dnitroyet when employed in the form of rarpct lining; aol .to tlieie la to be added an other product msde from this wool, vix., a strong, cheap matting, adapted for ' ' ' haUs, stairways and offices, j a hundred descendants in siWrs-tJian 1 man as 1 Milwaukee of SJartiu Kroeger, the oldest mia in Yiim!nh receive 1, their aged relAtf.e at aparty reuatDn'tvrently. iff is 1 1t years old and a nathe of, Prussia, lie waa a resident of Slilwaukce front 'v I 1P3( tjiitij tira yeara ago. Ilia eldest son 'is 78 years old, and he bits great grandchildren 33 year .oil who have r r rckil.rf.TT file looks as though ha we're & . 'I k. t . ... -I'.l. ...Ai - is clear-hesdAlan.lull an old there 1 ia Wisconsin. He can sea very well without glasc Iiesr er foitly, and ha an unimpaired memory. He was ia-tiia wsgoa train of Kapoieon's army to it invsnion of Ituia, and tells many a remintsrenre of the campaign. 5 I ,! The American CkHwbr ntml to the (act that New Zealand ia making a prae tlraletfort to eompf in with America 111 V i"rl,,),mT offhrcse to tho.Kuglish market and add: Advices from New 7enUnd.'ste Uit in the provinces of O t)tac and f O'tthland alyon tiers are ''over twenty chwse factories operating already,' turning out-each 'seamn an average of fifty or sixty tona of cite, t and capable of donhllng tha prnddctlan In the other provinces thm' ire also seyernl factorio . in r ipVration ;' and, Vjf I'MlltiOn a Ict. extensive" scale, tha total yield frftm both tha nortl and , f. .middle ' Uland fr tha season endiug r. v July lt J, estimated at abmit 1500 bins ,",,' chocse. m lp to test year a market w as found for tho whole ontjut la Ke Zealand and Aut alia, but this year the , , , Tfo'Iufer are looking to Kngtaud for market for their surplii chece. , ft will probably be soma time before there is an t Important factor In tha r-ompctlline with , ' Atneriraif tw, but it will be well f ttitr rVesciimkei lo" be fore waweil that , 1 1 1 tlnr may endeavor,' by, ru,)vifr Im.ko ::-. end 'sjnallty, ''to " atill cdmutsad tho ,11m en mar kcU."i , , l , , t r I V trail relative to the invitation of tho! Bol-1 gwu government to participate jo the industry at Bnwlels in M.y iftxt, wero vwW'f twtl iirmeutea and referred to the 'committee "P0" l'l? Maxwell, J Shafted on fon i-'n wladomi Mr. Hoar, from the ciimniitfie on privileges and elections, jv Mirted a resolution authorizing that com mittee and any sub-committee thereof to Continue the investigation (ordered lat sewion) Into events alleged to have taken place in the state of Texas, and set forth in the petition of Stephen I luck worth and otliem. Iteferred to the committee on contingent expenses.. ..In the House, Mr. Wilkin, ot Ohio, from the committee on banking and currency, reported a res olution culling on the Secretary of the Treasury fur information as to the number of steam owcr presses lined in plate print big in the bureau of engraving and print ln;f. J. D. Taylor, of Ohio, introduced a bill to change the common lnw of mar riage to the customs of modern civiliza tion by the emancipation of married women in the District of Columbia and territories. Referred.,, The House then went Into rriinmttlee of the whole,, for the consideration of public building meamires. Bill were passed providing for buildings at Charleston, We4t Vir ginia, Alhntown and Lancaster, Pa. Among the petitions and memoriuls presented to the Henate were the follow ing: For the erection of a government building in every town of 3,000 inhabi tants and over, and the usual nmuberof etitions from the Women's Chritina Temperance I'ulon in fnvor of prohibi tion, and one for the better protection of women. Mr. Uutler offered a resolution, wbieh was agreed to, directing the Sec retary of War to report aa estimate as to restoring quarters for troops at Fort Moultrie, h. C, and to placing the fort in the highest degree of strength for de tensive -pnrprtws.""On motion of " Mr. Daniel, the bill appropriating 150,000 for a pu!)lic building at lloanoke, Va., v-nstak'-nfrfya the ralrndarand pased.. . Among the executive comsnuniealions Uld U'fore'the House by tbe Speaker, was one from the femtiiry of War In response to the ISoulelle battle Hag resolution. It was referred tolh.cnmmittee on military affairs. On motion of Mr. Yotler, ol Ohio, a bill passed, authorising lite con airiKiion of bridgea over ' Mry's,r tilla, Little Jntllla and Crooked Hirers, in Georgia and Florida. Under the call of states, a number of bills and resolutions were introduced and referred, among them one by Mr. himmons, of North Carotins, for the apportionment on tbe lis of illiteracy "of 105,000,000 among the states and territories for educational purposes. Mr. Crisp's bill- authorising the Et Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Hailrwvl to biUtd Widges over the Satilla and ht. Sr.irj's Hivers was unanimously KiMsetl by the If misc. W. W Corcon oosrtR i mono sretardel as serf. nly ill, and may nut recover. , 114 .The inrsetit Congress will undoubtedly pafsahitl authorizing the buildiug of srvernl tCW shtpa of sr. , I CoBgrn:ia vi.-'-lx Candler Las in cbnrgea bill for the appropriation of t5.iXJ0 for the establiehinir of a govern ment (Mice of any at Gainesville, Ga. Mrs.CjrIile, who went to Wichita, Kans to nurse her-son, who i ill in 1 h:it city, has liei-n smnmoned back to Wadiiagton to attend upon her hunband, the rtpnikcr of the House, who lias had a renewal of hbj illness. , , -j ' Tlie rolleetlon of Jtriisi n-venne for. th first seven months of the Ureal jesr ending January W), IWS, -apgregated $;i.0ul,:i;ii. an iucres!e of 5,351824 over the collect ion during the corres ponding periiNl of the last fiscal year. . Kef. i. ft Prfctv wdored, president of Livingston College, halilmry, N. C.; baa reeelved a lettrf fnau rVcreiary Bsyard, iufurmlng him that tha President hoe ap pointed bin mfiiWer resilient and cona-ul-freueral of the United Htates in IJIwria. JijdgoCripp apieret Wore the com mittee on bsrUrs in the Interest of the OiHittgeei tlOeiee and it he Chatta-boiklri-e rrvi There are bills now I. fore the committee asking lor a ao.tHKI i'Ui h for the lnt tha mtU-r.' , The Houm commiltoa on judiciary l re (M.lvrijtonportwitha favoralde recom. mi n-latimi, the bill re pealing section 1218 f tlie lleviwl HtHfue, wlii h render In rllKibla to any position In the I'nlted Mates army, airy j rson mho hs served in any chink it bi tlie military, nsvaijOr civil acrtlce of the Coiifnlerate Plates, ' Mb rmuees E, Wlllard, president! of tbe Women sCbrtstlan TemprsBca I nlon, and Mr. Ikckenliemler, chair. nun of the legilstive committee of thst organisation, made the principal argu menu for Ihe PUlt DMrkt of Columbia prohibliion bill, claiming that prohibit ion was apsl'to ftf enforcement at th national espi al, and, that publie senti ment demanded it, - ; There is trouble Mween 1ha Vnlted Sl.le and the g-rveromrnt of Moroeeo, uro Ina out of the arrest at Mangier of a two, ami fitMt.ouuror . ' ...... S. Morocco, bjfrde of the PreMdent.M.:r'.n JQjJJjr fiJAKCIE3;.n,., In the United gtatea nbreine Court I ', -i J 1 t,, ie rbtpf Jnit! ihiva notloa 5 tliftP triart. T' ' "i - " - il.-itsa nf hmlfti.iiiB f thf eaxnrt I Seel.teBlaaa wad W'lHmSw would issue in al.t rasea decided previous ly to January except tnoee in wnicn petitions for rehearing are pending and those docketed and dismissed .under tha' th rule. In view of the . f actf th , the. petition for rehearing has been, forwarded (but not yet re&ivd in tke i alaxwell Preller murder case, , (Hnghj M raelut a'salnst &e state ofMlssouri.) the issuance xif the mandate in that -ease is postponed. The effect of this will be to nut ir. tue present ine execution 01 we semqcKT, the United Btatea consul, orlo recounize u f' lontrer the treaty rljrhts f v Americsas in fc- bis dominions'. 'Two' United States men, I . nf-war are on the wav to the connl of II. ,OiH)ff -1 iaViai;itr.l' "'SgrTCT n NO. 3pn DOWN Katsi briars NnlrUlu--aiilir1aaa. IVaaaruM JSe4 if la AtuMera? J . Anukaown-mlscrennt chanirea,'1M lb:h.ot the. Pent Itii-Jbiilrowd ,tjek j iHiwrt-n 1 euiasson jinn iiirwcomouve 01 an u nfldtas badly tlfrn: court. 1 FL0EIDA ITEMS. n Gadsden's county roads are to be im proved . . .'. DeLand's aitesian well is now uown 435 feet . . .A revivals nowjoing on in the DeLoud Uuptist church.., Mr. John Hohlen, oi Orlando, will plant six teres in tobacco this season.,., Mr. Llew ellen, of Boston, shipped 40,000 tomato Id ants last week to Gainesville and Ioch ie.;. .The Cocoa people are very indig aant over the fact that express iackager for their place are put oft at Rockdale .... The pear trees roundabout. Archer are blooming nicely. Ovej three hundred trees In that section will bearlhls season. ....The duplicate portion to the part f the ,Snford post-office fixtures that were lost in the fire have arrived, and the office is now ling put in fine shape. . .' Hawthorne has Farmers.' Alliance. , Ly W. Fennel was elected president; W, J. Waits, vice-president; H. K Johnson, secretary; J. K. Tompkins, treasurer; W. CJohuson, thaulalu,!. J'eusacola send a petition to-'Washington asking that a full corps of officer be scut to the Pensa cola Navy Yard, and that a school ship be stationed there for the training of young men in the science and practice of seamanship..... The Guluesville Record warns its readers against parties traveling in Marion and Alachua counties claiming to sell connscated goods, aui making false representations to l rope in the com--uunities where they travel. It ia taid they are sharpers, and are fleecing and swindling many of the country people. , . . The Arcadia rjuck growers are receiving good returns from the vegetaldea they are shipping off . .. .lhe farmeralnthe vicin ity of Aroadia talk of organizing a club for their mutual profit and protection . At the hurt meeting of the AW atalners, A. If. Williams was chosen1 president MLhs Mnltl Arnold vire-presi-dent, and Soab Kinsey aeeretary i..Hev. Mr. Keeley and wife at Palatka from In dianapolis, t IneV and ; the fol lowing evening some .one entered theit apartments there and stole $33... ..At the Orlando armory the other night, just be fore the drill began, Captain i Shine, in behalf of the'comiiany, presented toCapt Allen, of the Kentucky Military Institute, an elegant gold watch .. . .A, little Cuban boy named Pominquer, the son of a wid ow was found drowned in the bresk water at Fort Taylor, Key West.... Governor Perry has requested the reslg nation of Sheriff II. D. Holland, of Du val couuty, in conietjiieuce of the escape of George 1L Carpenter- Governor Perry bolds that Carjieuter's escape displayed a laxity of official duty that be could not overlook. ;..Leroy is to have a Si-room hotel.... About two-thirds of Orange county's taxes have been paid. in. .. The .Waldo Ice fsetorV wijl liegin operations in alwut't fortoiglit;.". .'James Barrett, of Silver Springs Park, hs twenty twoacres planted in oats and three ia rye ..A Lutheran Chun h has been orgauir.ed at Martin Station, among the Pennsylvania colonist ...The Ocsla Grace Episcopal Church Is being enlarged and Improved, and a new tower will be added.... It is stated that the Tavares, Apopka & Gulf Railroad will notm resume construction atiuthward..;.Th J.. T. Si K. W. itail road has purchased the steamer 8. V. White, now on the Indian River, to.be run a a mail boat between Titwsvill and Melbourne. ,vHunn Lnttwhan, wlio ho a handsome place in Alachua county, near Earlton, has S.500 gniie vines out in hi tinevard, S.000 in a nursery, and over 10,000 cuttings et out ...St. Cloud immense sugar mills will atart up, and continue operations until the present stock of cane is used op. iAt St. Cloud there ia about one thoussud acres of cane now nUnted, and hundreds of aYre around on tbe lake shores. Next season the acreage will be vastly increased., ' , WHAT A BOY FOI'KD. Near Granville, in the npjier CiiiiiIkt land country, Tenn., a reuuirknlile dis covery has been made by a small boy. in a little growth of hickory thickets he found a skull lying in th hmdtcs. A jury of Impiest was impaneled, and after proper InveKtigation, tin y rendered their verdict, which was, "The deceased came to his death from mison at his own bands.?11ie tinfortnnnte body had on a blue flannel suit, good shoes and hat. In bis coat pockets were found a pearl han dle knife, i tombVase with fixtures, sev. end bandkerchiefs with the letters "R. 0,1 printed with 'Indelible Ink.? and iMltie thotit half full of strychnine. Also a discharge from the Union army, dated 186a, and giving tha name and de. script ioa a follows: "John Milter, five feet nine inchea high, complexion fair, and light hair.", There waa a receipt ia the book showing he' had iwid his d tie in the Grand A"7 of the Republic post, at Ksston, Pa. To substantiate the belief that he was poisoned, it is a fact that tnanv dogs In that vicinity died about the middle of last July, ami tue. ihiici now mil m iuo im -1 - j ---. i -- - - - . Mrtcrrlih llobrew under AmoTK-sn pro-1 s toat me wiv vui ng i- tection; ind Jlie.jtful fit the eultaa aoned body of the deceased, rcpre itenjf itirf .anrala)tulrthbll Mlofltf td'mannfnt'drra pcifti ry and n Targd suit) ..WOULD- AT VMlk- il.aWuw lawtua ! i. s ...:.. mat a . - r' .-? i'ir ! a PYftf,JPWtVXlVi TATVTTTi RV! p-ireigni ira van - LUiVCIJSflX .AftliSIA I ,TU1 oa jjfcjrujerr.jtn iftlv af tl New,k Orleans, La., Cotton Ivxchange.iwas flis tui4 tt r alio 6m- Haonert, who was under the' vreasiirer of JhejExhaigo, lsid jcrpUaadwities. c. ji.Aate. a. pronuiicnf, preaquer 01 CiktaBbfiH fcflh1.? conVmilted suicide by drinking rhifikey Into which, he liad 1ut some poisonous drug... No cause in :nown except his melancholy feeling for weeks previous. " ' ; The grand jury of I)eKaIb sufwrior court has found four iudictmeuts againnt MaJ. J. W. Green, general manager of the Georgia Railroad, for runniug freight trains on the Sabbath day Inter than the hour allowed by law.! j A report made by the authorities of the North Carolina penitentiary show that there are fourteen hundred and ten con victs, of whom two hundred only are in prison, nearly all the remainder, being at Tlie switchmen and yardmen of the Georgia Pacific Railroad, at Birmingham, Ala., about fifty, in .number, struck against n reduction of, wages,. The com pany ordered tt redaction of twenty-five cents per day in tha wages of tho men, and they refused to. work. . . , "' The frame building of Asbtiry & Son's gns works, at Greenville, 8. ' C., caught lire through the carelessness of A colored man.- The fire burned rapidly, making a blaze which illuminated s the city lor sounres from the fire. The prpix'rty was nninsnred. The town .will prolmbly lie without lights for several days. ' Poris mountain, which is situated about five miles from Greenville, 8. C, pre ten'ed a grand sight, the whole mountain 1 icing covered by forest Jres, , It is re ported that the tire is rapidly nenring the residence of Colonel I. F. Hunt, but as yet no damage has been dotieVyond the burning of tree. AlioiTer In a sbiuKle mill at West Mil-, kille, La on the Texaa & Pacific Hall- road,iexploded, instantly killing t'liarksa Hill, of Toledo, Ohio, and John Stephen son, Of Beamftont,' Texas, Wh white, nd Srvrncmr Bonk. f fl:irrfiemltie. La., coloretl. Thirteen others were seriously hm-u.a -a A 11 The Augusta, Ga., F.xpositlorl director elected John W. Ryekman, who is , now there, general inanatr.Mr. Ryekman has haT considerable fxperience. in that5 Hue. He was conni-cted with the New Orleans, KnnsssCiiy, Louisville and At lanta exposition, and is recommended as an energetic gentleman. 1 t r Montgomery,1 Aln.. boa a sensation in the, mysterious disap)iearauce cf John Winn, an agent of the Singer sewing ma chine company. Winn left Montgomery some weeks ago or more, to g- Into the lower part of tlie state to collect for the machine comnny, having in his posses sion $3,000 in mites. . lie has not liecn seen sinco. j 1 'J . IQ'J A special meeting of the sfat board of agriculture will lie held in the next ten days. It will inakl Jarmngesiient fw earning on work at the present farm, and will also, in connection with the truMeet of the Agricultural and Mechanical Cob lege, arrange the finaLdetoil, as to the work on the building of the college some, what, H may 11 begun the !rJof April. 5 Both Houses of thej,ellatiire ot .Mis sissippi have passed a bill providing fot the tensioning of the, , Confederate soi-j disrs and sailors of the state who Imt a leg or an arm in the service, or were In capitated liV wounds for msnual labor, and who need such nid They are to be allowed $:tO a vesr.' The provision of the bill include the nmnnrried widows of soldiers who were killed, lnd the dililcd colto-ed servant of soldier. . , , j WVI. Chamlicrs, (now In New' f oik, telegmpha to Montgomery, Abt, that tlie line for the proposed new railroad be tween Montgomery , and 'Maplesvillo is now lielng located, to ascertain the cost of building the rood, and if the estimates submitted by Mr. Chambers are verified, the Knst Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad Company will Indon the bonds of the Great cirtheastern, and the road will be prodied through. . . , Tlie Alaliaina Supreme Court aflirmed the decision of the City Court ia thecal of Yellowstone Kit agaiust Hon. F, C. Randolph judge of probate. Judge Randolph minimi Kit to par Ik ease tax of f-173 for iieddliiiu medicines with music. 1 Kit paldjt Witter protest, and entered suit in the City Court to recover, and Judge Arrington decided that hewa not a jieddlcr and entitled to J-mwre. ThcTesso wa ppcnled,Mdl again (de cided, in Kit's Ittvor. 4 f The British Wk Crown' Jewel, from Orsn, Africa," filldladelphla, lamlrdat Delaware 1 latskwater t. tiaster ami crew of tlie schooner Fdwsnl t. Tnulane, of Snmer's Point, N. J-, which wasalmn doned watcr-loggsd oa February 12th in latitude lengitwbj -U10. The Taulane tfle4irwnt tli.fUta river, Georgia, on February Btlv for New York with a cargo of lumlier consigned to the Hilton tmiibcf comjiniiy. iStio sprang leak and was suWiptenlty almndoned, F. Y. AmW., f tho Alabama Stat Land fjompanv, at l?irmijluimM- tlx; dej adanl In two dsnuige auits grow, ing put of, aland trausactto. . Sooi time agoAnucrsoBotganiitcda comjiany and sold to the company a large tract of land, Narlk V an4 Asraji thaTateSM'riis'Caaila) K r ir vmnf faatiii Hlarai. Ot Ti " i-; :r. r ! t vjaja Arftt" toil l J WVRflbhafrt 4tfnntaetin,wineri''and: a'TanM sum I t -. - ' was paldmiamUriltfAl Broffa. W J.'' VfVZZJJ'lZZ R. C.yrsjtfddorWcirfTOopo, tkho- jngJtljat.MwJliiatott4itMJie landy , nVuoiiTb'ff " . xit.tv had novcrnwteriidizejiLji-j lejiit "'tV . . . ,1 -.---- utds'fc.'-b e'ii .n-iti' -'. t-"1'" r unr roula Are Klllea-t'hatchea. Banks aa llotrla I.al4 l.aw-flr Addctf so la lk llarrfra-Oihii'can. . out 0 0 dock in, Uie k in. tlm nffp ... ... ......... . -a. . .-. . AniH terno.cn a iit.nirujvvM'MWd'iBasoM atiMtity! fotuid amoftH rksibuf oMOfi taatitilblisVs.! . v - ; l.i wr . ruouilv.' . . . m kl ! I . t." Count Cortl. bdelv Italum AmWakdaJSftai .'5aTU-w" atLondoKTIiM 'ofTemt nlTectiiighlel"' m'a-., ,Ti '""li" hfart.Kfi!'a J tSrk . ZAL A TOtdown 'ltl. uu. faiy, yttUu Tho train warehouse of J. S. Smvth Jt ,Co., at Chicago; Ilk, was burned. " Loss $100,000. ; 1 . Aerrific earthquake has occurred in the province tif'Yunnn, in China. Two thousand lives are reported to have-been lost. Mueller & Gogreve, liquor dealers in Cincinnati, Ohio, have failed. Tho lia bilities arc $150,000 and the assets 110,- .000. ' , The recent rate war in the West is es timated to have cost the conipanle en gaged In it nlioHt .$3,000,000 in , two weeks,- , ''" ' " ' ' j The Rodgers & Sliddon Ironworks, nt ihidgewntcr, Mass., were destroyed by llnv Loss $73,000 to $100,000. Iusur mice $40,000.' f Joseph Pulitzer, the owner of the New York IfWW, is threatened, with total blindnes. Mr. Pulitzer has lately been confined to dark rooms, and has recently gone to Santa Barbara,. California, . The followers of Dr. McGIynn propose to start a newspaper In New York to op jmse Henry George's KUtwhird. The new publication will le. called the nnd the office will be in the TrOnme build ing. A lionib was found nt the Philadelphia & Rending Railroad frt-ight house, at Shamokin. It contained several pounds of powder, and wastilaced closely against the wall of the building. Tlie fuse bad been lighted, but went out before reach ing the powder. l4, , ;; , ; ; H Maxwell, the murderer of prellcr, in jail at St, JaiuIs, Mo.; has made a loug statement pnr;irt'mg to be the true story of the crime. It isSiibstnnti:illy; the snnie tut the story he told on his trial, that Prel Unconsented to be chloroformed fu order to havj.aa operation jierformed. Reports from nit parts of the Schuyl kill, Piii, region indicate that there are fewer men working at fhe miifs, in con sequence oniieVM,w,i trouble arising lie cause of the Itesdinir comuany'a M!renn- "foiy refusal to take back all the old men. as swkitiiib!rMoot by tbe Corliin-Ix-wis sxtlejnswtwMMi j 'wtl '' Fire in the cargo of the French steamer fjincervitle, flt Havre, from Ni-w Orleans, Iji., broke but fit the fondinld Iieside the bulkheads, seimrating the starboard bunker from the hold. On lieing docked she will be immediately filled with water; 3,500. bale of cotton were injured bv the re. . t. , t, stl. .: t'The London Stmitnrtr disctvwfng the poaUion in uroie, says: With so mnny fri-mls as she now has why should Aus tria yield to RusHiiHi menaces! We ini ogine Jhat nnollicml wegotiutions now in tirogress, will make it quite clear that if Russia formally rc-oM-iis the llujgnriau question, the result will be either a fresh rebuff or war.. , ' . .,-.5 -, - ' Ti i-iiir- -t --11 11 1 'Ut- TDK I.ADY WOX. s im- Fn-nen. a litirltls" resimtMbu widow lady, w ua resides in the western eiburlis of Jli'iitoincry, Abu, created asen.ition by publn-lv cow hiding a young fitsa unuied bates, who runs a grocery store in t the neibliorliood. i About n month ngo Mrs. French went to4 Ihitfs'a store and found him selling lhpior to tier son, Millmrn Johnson, a fait young mau, and it seems that he gave no luted to her instructions. 'She went to the store and found her son amf Oates gambling at a game of cards. She covered Oates, and with a cocked pixtol in one hand, ahP wielded a cowhide with the other 'and gave him a drubbing. She also scooped in all the money in the pot and put it in her pocket, saying that it wa her' any how . : i- WOO MI'IIOKHRI lft M. The man wlio asnioted at the murder of Millionaire Snell, at Chicago, III., by standing watch outride while the resi dence wa being .rubbndi behind the nrlaon liars, and tbo notice' have alreailr flwd a full confession. It shows tbiU ' the nutrdim is young William II. Tas colt, a ana of Col.,J. U, Tascott, a weal thy manufacturer ' He and Tascott went lo tbe umsc together,. Tascott went In side leaving his comrade oa the sidewalk. After the murder waa committed Tascott finrried out, graped his companion by he arm and logrtherlherwenttoTHS COtt' lodgings on West Madison etrotrt, w here they remained several hours. . f 1 1 11 -) 1 - j, I,, . : vDANQEROU3 BRIDGE. 1 Tlie Oconee bridge, at Milledgevttlc, Ga., wai the scene of another fntol acci dent. ' The recent rains hsd caused the rivet to rise about aixteen feet, and logs and rafter were twept rsiiidly down the stream. A loan named Mornn went out on the scaffold and with a long pole was trying; to keen the rafters from the briW. f In some wsy he ht bis Imlnnce and fell In tb stream ami was drowned. 1 lu re cru to be fatality about the ' Oconee bridge nt that place,- Ja the course of funstruetkm several men have bmt ttn.ir five and a half dozen have been t rioiitly injured. ' lttit pit .tiitfl tlif'tl par tied away the third and foiuth stories of thu Mt. Vernon iiiill.' -FromMhere it swept on iu a path live hundred yards . wide," "Tho Methodist church elL e Just a few minutes before 250 people left tho .Sunday -School rooui.j. The Commercial house lost its third story. Nex4he wind struck the county courthouse, and ren dered it a heap of ruins. By raro luck, however, the county records were saved. Crew's block, on the south side of tho square, is leveled with the earth,' and un der it was found the body of John Crew, the owrier Of the block, formerly of Chi cago. The roof and second story of Strat um & Co.' hardware store .was blown nwuy. A large two-stury brick school uotwe did not withstand the 5 terrible shock auy better than tho smalleett bouse m tiie track ot tlie cyclone. Tue largw two story frame house of George' Ward was picked up ami curried about twenty feet, and left unhurt, while the two bricit buildings within ten feet wero left in ruins. The loss cuunot be estimated, bub not less than a million dollars worth ,o property has been destroyed by tho cy clone and tin: in that nt-iL'tiborhood, Tho-' sky bus cleared, and no clouds- give nnys rt:...Ai.... .I-,- .... iiuiiuimiu m tup iiiHiisirous cionn vi u few hours ago. It is growing colder, and. many homeless people will suSer if tho weather becomes severe. . ltijxirts are coming in from tho ftun- try, aud the storm seems to have swept everything for mile. Incalculable loss of life and great suffering will follow, un ' less outside assistanc e is given to .Mayor O. H, Hafnell, who will give it to the proper committee. A meeting1 f ' bnsi uess men was held, and commilUtea op- poiuted to Care for the dead and wounded, ? and to protcrt property as much as pos- siblc. Manyieople who escaped wttlt q their lives have nothing liesides., MH1y i are wulkiug the streets with aO lifneto goto. The north side of the coitrtiiocise. i square is injrtfed consfderably.' 5To build- s uig were wrecked except l!ward"& ' Struttou's. The wounded are being cared I for by the physicians in the. best possible manner. The railroad shops were badly ' damaged, aud a great nutubvr of homes destroyed. The people are out door who , lived in the track of the storm, l he dead , and the,, dying are scattered throughout ' tlie city. All tho doors of the rcmuiuiu , ! houses have been thrown opcii to the lc fortunate. 1 ' a Threc-fonrth of the busimss portion of the city is ruined fiuaachilly. The public tqnareU in the center of- tiio tow A. Tha coaithouse is in the center of tin? squaro, The school buildiug is in the northwest part of the city, and all the dwellings' in ' " that iart of tue city, are destroyed,, aud tha ruins of some are still bum ing. In all, five hundred buildings are destroyed," and many others injured. . The dead are noV lieing gathered at the supreme court house, which lias been converted iuro it -4 hospital for the dead and woundedrThis building is also damaged, but tiot cri olislv. The last reKirts show twTcnty-nine dead and alsmt 100 injured, some of whetu will die before morning. Later reports say two more have died. TlM'ynre ddy . Mexey and Mrs. Colonel Cooper. ; A uunrlier of men who were struck by falling timbers, and whose names cannrit be learned at present, era reHrtcd badly Injured andllvlng. The storm wat pre ceded by hail,- but 'nut more .than five - minutes eisjisecj until tuo nariui deatsoyer had swept over the doomed "town. It came from the south est. The buildings were wrenched and twisted, aiid then dashed Into pieces, total wreck. The storm i passed little south of the city hall, missed Joe Chance's house, swept away the third and fourth stories of Mount Vernon mill, and destroyed nearly every bone from the mill north for a space of about Gfiy yard. The entire west side of the square wa ' . wrecked. The county hone woe struck and the building rcdm-ed to a nmssive pile of ruins. Tlie tlcrki . have worked , into the records, and they are tared, R. E. Ryan escaped 1 in a manner almost incredible. Hewn "tending by J. C. Murmy, in Crew' block, ami told him to run, but Murray , rcrnsloed and waskillcd- " . t .. - " , 2iw's t osFprtttTB ttrt-Ma?. Over three hundred Confederate retc- . cms Hirtieiintcd In tha cavalry reunion Held, in New Orleans,. La.' Interesting -nddre a were delivered by Gens. W. H. Iwksoii.' J. IP Chalmers, Rev. R.!!., McKeiu a nd cithers, aad ocms written for the occnsiiin by Mrs. Mary AshUy Towiiwnd and Mrs.!. J. Nicholson ('iVarl Rivers" wero read. A permn aetd organiMt'on was effected, with Gen. D. le rt preldent. It w.is the first general awemlliug at the Confederate wvalry ever had la the Mississippi Valley wir. ly for purposes of pence, anil It con litulid the most diittigiiihcit gathering f Southern soldiers since tlie close of -the War. ' , 0 ' i 1 1 Johnston Township, Ohio, a eon of John Williams aertdentiv .til in front of his fa-tb-r, who wss eutting; wood. H s head wa Si!it open Sn4 b Is dual.

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