, - . .". . " .. 111 -.. 1 '.' ' ,!pr . I" . ' WE'LL HEW TO THE LINE, LET HE ,CHIP8 FALLV WHER THEY MAY. - VOL. I. IIILLSBORO, N. 0., THURSDAY MARCH 8, 1888. NO. 31. NATIONAL CAPITAL INTERESTING DOTS ABOUT OUR UNITED STATES' OFFICIALS, Abaat tfc Whits llsnss-Armr NTT JMallars-Oar Uetailos With Oilier jUr f .YmJ f " J J "CONdllKRSIOIIAIj." Ia the Senate several petitions and re monstrances were presented sgnitist any revision of the present tariff or any legis lation tending to cripple the industiic of the country. The dependent pension , bill wu thon taken, up. Mr Wilson of Iowaj moved anUraeudmctiuo bert the 5 words 'from iufirmitles of agc,""o as to pension all ex-soldiers guttering .ffiom Infirnil.ics of age," or from mental or ihysical disability. In tho debato which took place on the amcudmcut, Mr. Plumb - delivered an eloquent eulogy on the army, . referring particularly to the fact that when the War closed, , the army t could have placed one of lis leaders at the head of the government and could have dic tated its own terms, but had asked noth ing except to be permitted to disband and return to" peaceful pursuits. Mr. Ycst delivered a long srech say iug that j ; ; , of the 2,300,000 men enrolled as soldiers during the four years of the War, there, were app atlon from 1,200,000 for 1 pen sions on account of disability, Such military execution, he said, had never been known In tho history of the whole world. The Confederates had thought that they had poor powder and ordinance stores and yet making due allowance for the effect of climate in producing disa bility, it would appear tliat one Confed erate soldier, half-clothed and half-fed, had disabled three adversaries.... In the House, Jlr. Holman, of Indiana, from the committee on public lands, reported a bill to secure to actual settlers the pul lic lands adapted to agriculture, and to protect forests on the public do main. Ordered printed and recommitted. Mr. Dockery called up and tho House passed, the bill relating to postal crimes. It provides for the fine and Imprisnnme nt of any person who gives false evidence as to the character of nv publication foi Jth purpose of securing its admission to the mails as second-class matter, and fur the punishment of persons forcing ot fraudulently changing money orders and postal notes. Euloyies ispo.1 Into Ucpre aeutative Moffat, of Michigan, were then Jpronounced, ami the House , adjourned. Tu the Senate, the resolution offered jhxtweck by-Mr. Hoar to continue tin investigation of last session into certuin 'J' Jeycnts alleged to have taken place in Texas (in the petition of Stephen Hack worth and others) as reported back from the committee on contingent expenses, was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Kiwlis. the Senate bill for the purchase of a site and the erection of a building for a p-st-office, United State court and other gov t e rnment Uses in New Orleans (not to ex ceed in cost l,800,u00) was taken from ;the calendar and prnwed. The Senate , , , , j then resumed consideration of the bill ' grsuling pensions to t x-oldicrt and sailors who are Incapacitated, from the 'performance of manual labor, and pro viding for pensions to dependent rela tives of deceased soldiers aud sailors, the ..',,, question being on the adotrtion of Mr. t nil's amendment mak'ng the bill applv also to those who serve 1 in the war with Mexico or for thirty dar in any of the llndian wars. The amendment was nirrced ito. After drbite by Messrs. Teller, Hoar, Blackburn, Itlnir and Manderson, the bill . went over without action, and the Semite proceeded to executive business ... In the Houso, Mr. Guinea, of Virginia, from 'the committee on war claim", reported a ' bill authorizing the secretary of the treas ury to settle the clulms of certain states and tlte city of Itn'timore growing out ol money expended for, military pttqioms during the war of lteferred to committee of tho whole. In the , . , nioroiiig hour,, the house resumed, in i I 'tlio eommiHee f- the whole, considera tion of the bill for the organization of the territory of Okhdioma. Mr. Ibirnrs, .of Oeorgia, pive notice that he would, at ' 'A 1 the projier time, offer a snlwtitute for the , . appointment of a commission to uegoti- ' ate - -witu- Indian territory witu view to opening tip that portion of the territory, :ying west of the 8tn tneriil ian of Inncit nle,to white sett lement. The House then went into committee of the whole, (Mr MeMillin, of Ten Besses' in the chair), on public buiMingi end . , . mensurra. Tiio 1400,000 appropriation " ' 1 for Oinuha, (reduced from $5o0,000),was passed. Kills were a so agreed to lucres , lug to 9100,000 Um lilnut of . the cost of the building at ( ha rieston, S, C.,ftppro . . printing 1100,000 fur an interstate build . Ing at Tcxarkana, 1 1 00, 000 for a build 4 f -i Ing at Colnmbus, Go. Among the memorials and petitions " i presented in the Hcnnte and referred were the following! To repeal limitation to the act granting arrears of pensions; for tlte passage of the per diem rated service . , pensiuu bill; against the repeal of the oleomargarine bill; to place suit on the tree list: of the Chkaab board of trade, 4 protesting against any , legislation that . W I wfruhl deprive cti.eti ( of Jlhe United ' 1hte of UiUiU AlTerecl- if the Caua- , ., dinn railroaiU for the transportation of ' -American products free of duty under ,. bonds. Consideration of the dependent iiension bill was resumed. In the course of debate it was dcveloticd tluit under the a . . . 1 inn, as it stands, there can ue nogrnumt of ttensloni accordins to tho deurce o . j disability, but all alike, its bcnelleianea will receive (13 perinotith....l'n'lcrtlie can oi states, a large ipimiicr ol Dims ana . resolutions were Introduced In the House, nnd referred, among them several bills Jurresaiiig thVnouiit of petition grsutcd tinder tho existing law for various degree .: t ' 'of disability; also onn by Mr, Mrowcr, of . , . r , nwia Carolina, grsntlnjj amnesty tor an .! J f. :.)', I ,, I- offenses againbt iutcrnaf revenue laws, committed prior to February 23, 1888. ooosip. j Secretary llnyard is to marry Mrs, Fol som, the mother of Mrs. Cleveland, the rresiucnvs wire. ... : . t The expenses of the Entrlish. commis sioners in the recent tisherius negotiations at Washington were $17,000. . $ An order was issued for the discontinu ance of a number of signal service sta tions. Pcnsacolo, Flo., is the only one discontinued in the South." ' i The Secretary of War hat directed thai tho new United States army post at At- lauta, lift., be called "Fort llnncoclc," in hoiior of the lato Qen. W. S. Hancock. The Senate has confirmed the nomlna-J tious, of T. 1, Moreno, United Nates Mumlial for tho Southern district of Flori da; Commodore Ghemrdl to bo reai admiral, and a large numberof naval and military promotions; and Kiln Lewis, to bo postmaster at Gallatin, Tcnn, ' ' v The will of tlus Into W.; W. Corcoran was offered 'for prolwte." The grcatct iiortion of the estate, which ia valued at 13,000,000, is bequeathed to his three grand-children. The sum of $1,000,000 is left to the Corcoran art gallery, the will statins: that a million and a half had already been given to the institution; and $50,000 to the Louise Home, a half mil- lion having already been devoted to it. ' Mr. Clements appeared before the river and harbor committee in tho interest of the Coosa and Oostanaula rivers. He asked for an appropriation of $97,000 to com plete the improvement already begun on the former, and asked that survey be made and estimate furnished of the amount necessary to remove all obstruc tions in the streams. For the uostsnsnia now he asked an appropriation of $200,- 000. In the report of the Commissioner of Agriculture, considerable attention is de voted to the subject of farm animals in the various status. The State agent in South Carolina reports that live stock are in a normal condition, and there is a marked improvement in their care and keep. In North Carolina stock-raising is beginning to attract tho attention of progressive farmers, and the result has lecn the importation of some fine stock. The cattle, horses and mules are better fed and boused than formerly. In Geor gia there is a tendency to increased care in the breeding and general care of stock of all kinds. Owing to the effect of the adoption of what ia known as tho local option stock law, there ha been an abso lute, reduction ot tbe number ol cattle, but complementary to this result the vnluc lias been increased. 8TILLFIRM. , Tfc. .! lk B. l. BallrMa l arlUi"-t-',s',s irkiusw Twenty-five engineers from tho Head ing Hailroad arrived at Chicago, 111., in flwrge of Finkerton detectives, to take the place of the Uikers. Dispatches from iioints on the tnnin line and branches of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Ifcdlrosd are all of the same tenor. They show that the movement of freight trains has ceased, no attempt In that dlrect'mn lemg made by the company. Passenger train are being run on mauy of the lines, but with great irregularity. On some line men cannot be found to man the engines, and even isenger trnfflc has been blocked. The Brother hood of Kngincer remuin firm, and the men at the throttle were a a rule bop hands, master meclianirs, yardmen and other of little or no cxi-eriencc. As a result, the running of train was attended . . ;m, utir Notii-c-s have been Tostcd at all the lending pt.iut notifying I lie atriKcra iuai urn j i--v work at once they may con aider thcmsclvc d iwhnrged from the comny' employ. There is no report that any coniJerablp tium 1 t , have . complied with tho order, .pi.. . -r;i mi i lie flilesiro. Bur- lington & Quincy Hailroad will be ended noon according to the latest dispatchc. C. E. I'erkins, president of the rosd, per- it-.-... t I Artluir. chief of the enrfnecrs' Brotherhood, and reached a rated. It was with an agreement that they .i i.i imt1iir amin. and in a friendly spirit resume consideration of 1Ua UIUICUIIT i-nv " - Its men, and bring, if possible, matters ... . ,.,,!,. ir n.i muiiiullv satisfactorv con- elusion. The only persons present at the meeting besfcies Messrs. rrrKinamiu aw i.... ri.ii.r Knroeant. of the firemen. mm , t. i.binaa tirlvnfs apcrptarv and a stood tliat the latter person, whose name IS Witllhel'l, was IO ini'u ui'ureviiiTOn- i. i.nntnrt ttiA meetinff about. HIVIIIUI ---- . 7,, , One hundretl and seventy-five skilled en Plnecrs arrivod from the East over the t- .nn1 inwlpr enntrnet with the Burlington roal. They are Knlghta of Lnlior from Reading, 1. - A GREEN HAND. " " , A d'spatclt from Rock Wand, 111., aay that pncnger train No, 1, on the Chica go, Milwaukee & St Paul road, was run Into by a freight on the Mcndol branch of the ('Men go, Burlington & Quincy, at Kat Clinton, a mue soum oi iiuon Jmwtlnn. The Milwaukee enirine and mull and exprcs car were all demolished and the baggage car turned over. r. u. WelM.lin, of that city, wa probably fa tally injured, and Tlioma Moniion was ...:.H..ii hurt. Both were on the Mil waukee train. In tht "Q" engine cab were the engineer, fireman, conductor and Bird Wester Jieigrisi. i no inner i n t.,M1 fuinll hurt. The car were riled up all over the track and the telegraph ail liroVen. : Blame for the accident i laid on tho "q" engineer, a green hand, who lost control ol in cu- gine and dhl trot vp n me crossing. VOllED DOWN FACTS AND FAN CIES INTERESTINGLY STATED. ieeMeata tmai and ea-New Entrr- prlMt-MMleldea UrllgloM, Tewiieranee d HwsUI AUlterS. . . , Plans are on foot for a city hospital in Athens, UaV" ' " ' f . Firhteen 'oersons escaped from tho Shreveport, La., jail. : . t I Geortro W, Barber, of Milwaukee Wis., hns bought a large tract of Bnrtow lunds in ueorgia." . v The thermometer at Lynchlmrjr, Va,, recently registered eight degrees uIhivo xero the coldest of the wiutcr. ' ' , Nellie mouiunoot' to tli-matuory'f 4lio lato likiuop fierco will be erected ui Sparta on the 1st of next Scptemlx'r. George S. Haines, brother of Col. II.' S. Haines, has been appointed superiu tendentof the Brunswick & Wistorn Railroad. , The ninth annual commencement of the Southern Medical College took place in Atlanta, Ua., in the presence ot nn Immense crowd. ' Peter McCartney, ft veteran counter feiter, has been arrested in Kew Orleans, La., for passing one dollar silver certifi cate altered to fifties. Norman Lawshe, a son of Col. Peter Lawshe, formerly of Gainesvilk-, Ga., committed suicide in Atlanta, by rfioot hg himself in the head with a pail ir rille. SOUTHERN GOSSIP. ? The East Tennessee, Virginia & Ceor- gia ltailroad Company ha contracted with the isirmingham bridge and boic worxs for the iron work of a large carshed and passenger station at Rome, Ga. , ., . Dr. W. II. Tutt, who has recently re turned to Auaruxta, Ga., and is building a handsome dwelling, offered to put his valuable residence site in as f io.uuu in stock of a Summcrville hotel company. The Georgia Midland announces a re duction of rates between Columbus, Ga., tnd Atlanta to 12.60. This is about one dollar less than the present rate, and t . i means a war ociwccu me ueorgia aim land and the Central system. The wagon and oxen that were confis cated by United State ofiicen a few days since at Anmston, Ala,, witu a Keg of illicit whiskey, were stolen from the stable of S. Kelly by unkuown parties and gotten afcly away witlu A convention is in session in Atlanta, Ga., to effect a permanent union of some fifty Congregational- Bletbodist churches, several ' Free Protestant Methodist churches, with the Congregational churches of Atlanta, is one tliat will at tract attention throughout the South. The Georgia railroad commhision, at its meeting, issued a circular which will haveihe effect of bringing the cent into general circulation throughout tbe state, lor alter the urst day oi amy aurauroaua will collect exact mileage for passenger fare, thus creating a demand for the cent Tho Presbvterians of Atlanta, Ga., are discussing among themselves various Clans for establishing in that city a I'res yterisn college. The idea seems to be to establb-h nt Atlanta a Presbyterian university of the South of such high character to attract patronage from other states. Revenue Agent A. II. Chapman, and Deputy Collector Colquitt, assisted by two Al.-ilmin deputies, made a raid in Fraukltn and Monroe counties, Alabama. They seized nix Isrge distilleries, with six still and fixtures, aud destroyed 102 fermenting tulis, and 11,000 gallons ol beer and other things. Dr. John J. Davit, once a citizen of Carrollton, Ga., having practical medi cine there a nuraU-r of years ago with Dr. W. W. Fitts, was accidentally killed in Cas conutv. Texas, where he has been living for a nnralierof years. lie was out hunting, nnd while getting over a fence he fell, his gun was discharged, the contents lodging in hi head. A msn named N. II. Ripley, hailing from Hartford, Conn., passed n forged check on J. L. Hmmpson, furniture denlerin I.ynciiimrg, a. I.ipley claimed that he wanted to buy largely and se lected $1,200 worth of furniture nud gnve a check on a Hertford bank for $f,-' 6(K), which was cashed by the First Na tional bank. . . , The dynamite factory of the Dixie Powder Company, located five mile from rn..u ionium. Tmn.. was the scene of an explosion, wiAh resulted in scnoiw in jury to George M. Vcrry, tho sniieriiu tendent and one of the proprietors, rcr ry wanoldcrlnglnatln funnel used In tin Mi-H-hliro. when the red-hot iron come In contact with a small quantity of nltro itlvcerine, causing it to expioue. A fire broke out on Second avenue and Lincoln street, Savannali, ua,, in a itnnMn tenemm.t owned bv J. 8. Collins. I'hnflnmeisurcad rapidly and destroyed the two tenement, and communicating m-iih fcdincent structure, consumed a cot tarn occupied bv Collins himself, and an unoccupied grocery. During the prog ress of the fire, firemnn J. J. Conalb fell through tho floor of a burning building and wa undiy onusou. P. A. Brvnner. a drummer represent ing tin Celluloid Novelty company, of i; w luin, ! ... Planters' hotel, at AngustA, Ga., with brains and blood over his face, the pillow and the sheet, and a Smith & Wessou pistol In hi hand. Blood wa congealed, iwinif that the shooting hod occurred the nhrht The coroner fonni' $1.1, a silver watch and a diamond scarf pin on !h dead liody, but no clue to tho cause of Bynner' mysterious death. 'A curious complication ha arisen in ft murder case ponding In Lexington coun ty, South Carolina. Dixon Addy was convicted of manslaughter in killing Jo seph Bwygert at a - political? -barbecue in 1880. Ho appealed to the Supreme Court and got a new trial. When the ense was called up at Lexingt ton List tweuk : it was discovered that ths indictment and other papers were Wst. , Tho ae .cannot be tried witluiut.the indictment, nor caa a new. indictment be written out until a nolle prosequi be entered and written on' 'the old paper tself : i ; n're tf t , ! FLORIDA ITEMS. Work on KlKshuee's'"" new Eoisconal Chureh'will be.begunsooi5.i,.i;M. Willis, of Main-ha purchased the R.'M. Miller place it Altoona,,CL. U. Bo ird, o Arcailio, thinks oi starting ft hack line to run from that place to Fort Myers,;. Work is to be resumed and pushed light nlong on tho Florida Midland Bail road till Kissimee is reached. . . .p.' M. Berlin, of Orlando, ha assigned to L. M. Auld, of that place, with assets of $1,230, and liabilities of $850.,., It is generally con ceded that there are mora ornnge blooms on the trees in Polk county now than there ho been in a great many years be fore.. ..J. I). Brownlie, of Sun Diego, Cal., is at Hmnsoffkce purchasing ornnge trees for parties in California . The re cent ruins have filled tho creek nnd branches in Gadsden county with water, and some of them have been impassable. Little River has been on a boom, but no bridges have been washed away as yet. ....The starch plant and grist mill be longing to C. K. Duttor, and located at Seymour, one of the convict , camps. about ten or twelve, miles south of town, was destroyed by fire. . , . The Casino at Huntington is to be used as a school house.... Charlotte Harbor desires to be . incorporated.... The Sparkman grove near Oraiigi City yitlded 700 boxes of orange from 200 tree. . . . The Ocala Rmner makes the statement that a year ago Mr. F. B. Jordan, who owned quite an extensive nurseny and grove near ucaia, ouerea tbe s.imo for $10,000. He found no purchaser. Since then he ha cold $11,000 worth of stock, estimates fully $10,000 more in sight, besides the ten-aero grove, which is dcing splendidly, and is not half as anxious to sell the property as he wag a year ago. . . .Marion' tax collector give bond in the enm of $30,000, and receive about $700, out of which be pay all the expenses of his office, etc. . . .The Gover nor has appointed Messrs. A. IL Wilson and Lewis D. Marzoni to be inspectors of timber, etc., tn and for tho county of Escambia ..... 8. B. W. Stevens, near Fellowship, lott two of his horse in one day recently, both dying in a short time after being attacked by an unknown dis ease.... The drill in the Ocala artesian well has struck a fliut rock, on which it can make no impression. Dynamite will be retorted to. The water basin is about completed. It will hold 200,000 gallon. ....ft Aew lor it capitalist is erecting a duo building 40x00 feet, two stories high, at bilver epilogs rark. : HE VETOED IT. Governor Green, of New Jersey, has vetoed the local option high license bill. The governor fays his objections are prc aenttd in obedience to constitutional di rection, but with no idea that any reason whkh csu be urged will have any effect upon the final passage of the bill. The bill (lasiillcs licenses with three grades for Uwus of 8,000 and less population, between 8,000 and 10,000, and 10,000 and ilmve. The license feet are graded nlio--$100, $130 and $20. ProhiM'ion, he soys, interfere with personal liberty, depreciates the value of property and de stroys nn industry in which millions of money is invested and thousands of citi- r. ens employed. DEADLY BUNS. . George C. Palmer, baker, was sen tenced to six months' Imprisonment at FhilHitelphi, 1'ay on an iudictment, charging hun with adulterating cakes and buns made by him, and to three months on another bill, charging invol untary manslaughter. Frederick Schmidt, another baker, wo sentenced to six months for adulterating his goods, whilo the charge of involuntary manslaughter against him wa postponed, these con victions are the result of tho "chrome yellow" caws, the exposure of which re vealed the fact that this deadly jjolson was being extensively used by a large number of baker snd confectioners,' and that at least ten death had occurred among those who had used richly colored bun. WORLD- AT LARGE PEN PICTURES PAINTED BY A tOUrS OP ABLE A U TUTS, ' MISSISSIPPI SPEAKS. The following resolution relative to Irish homo rule wa adopted by the House of Representative of the Missis sippi Legislature: "Resolved, by tho House of Representatives of the state of. Missutftippi, tho Senate concurring, Thst the people of said state contemplate the contest for home ruin in Ireland with that commendation and sympathy which en out from tho hearts of a free people to those who are struggling for that liberty which is an everlasting human right, to eral Witu all civilised society." WHAT CAUGHT, HIM. Third-class Fireman Hammond, who is running an engine on the western divis ion of the Hannibal & St. Joe, stated he was $400 in debt and must work. The llrotlierhood of Engineers' committee offered him tho amount of his indebted nesa and three months' pay if he would quit Ho wa Inclined to .nccept the protosition, but when the superintendent offered him $1,000 and ft life-time Job ht took tho engine. ; . ' What T( UIp a N.rth, fcact imi WM nnd AersM Ik Water-Tke t'aiulag Us ' reas Mara. Snowstorms of unusual severity are prevailing in northern Italy. . a lrj i : . A slight shock of earthquake was felt at San Francisco'. ' " ' ' ' The Porte1 has rejected Russia1 sugges tion that ,Tur,k!-lb troops occupy Bulga- Th Gloucester, Muss., Council has passed resolutions protesting against the. iwidly, at Fishkill, N. Y., from bronchi tis, complicated with, whooping-cough. Disorders in St. Petersburg have becu revived. Students hissed Hector Vlud hilavoff Whilo he wiis delivering a lecture. Surgeon at San Reroo now take a gloomy view of the Crown lriucc's con dition, owing to the depression exhibited by him. The village of Voltorta, in the north of Italy, has been half buried by an ava lanche. ' Twenty-three corpses have been recovered. . ? M ir O'Brien, of Cork, who wa sen tenced to fourteen days' imprisonment on the charge of assaulting a police sergeant, wo released. Five shares of tho New York Sun Pub lishing company, par value $1,000 each, were sold at the New York real estate ex change for $3, 350 each. George II. Clark & Co., hat jobliers,the .oldest, and until recently, the largest in business in New York, suspended. Tbey recently claimed to be worth $100,000. The roof of ft nearly completed hotel at Kansas City collapsed and crushed through eight stories to the ground. One workman was killed and about ft dozen injured. . - Dispatches from Massowah say King John, with Rasslul and ft lnrge army, is advancing upon the Italian, and that the advance gi'ard arrived at Osmara to pre pare quarters for King John. A panic was caused in a Jew ish syna gogue in Warsaw, Poland, by a false alarm of tire, and in the struggle to es cape, four women were killed and six teen other persons seriously injured. The trust investigation was resumed in New York City. The envelope trust and storage trust received brief attention by the committee. The committee is in dai ly receipt, they say, of Information of in numerable kinds of trusts, the latest of which appear to be in the glass and match trades. A strike of the furnace omploycs of the Edgar Thompson steel works, in Pitts burg, Pa., against a reduction of ten per cent in wages wa inaugurated. All the men quit work, and the company is now banking the furnace.' A protracted struggle is expected, as the masters are determined to make no more concessions, and the men are equally firm in the stand they have taken. The Union Square theatre, with all it contents, in. New York City, wa des troyed by fire. The Morton house, ad joining on two side, was badly damaged. nnd the Star theatre was in imminent danger for some time, but it received no damage, except to its interior decorations from smoke. Five firemen were injured by falling timbers, but not fatally. The Henrietta company had finished' rehear sal only n few miuutes before the fire broke out. The Union Pacific fast train, known as the "Flyer," collided with a freight traiu atCoho'n, Neb. The engineer of the "Flyer'' wa instantly killed, and eigh teen people wounded. The freight, which wa pulling into ft side track, truck the third car from tho caboose. The car w.ts loaded with licnxeln. The entire cur was in flames. Engineer Michael Powell, of Cheyenne-, who was running the "Flyer," stood at his it and was crushed to death. Another great fire, involving a loss of a quarter of a million dollars, occurred at Buffalo, N. Y. : The chief sufferers are! James E. Curtis, gloves and mitten. 47 and 40 Exchange street; Bickford Francis, leather merchants; the ticket ofllces of the Michigan Central railroad, and the offices of the freight agent of the same mad, the RrprtM newspaper, Mat thews aortiirup, printing and titno- grnphlc work, ths Empire fast freight line, the Buffalo upholstering roinjiany's ofllce, the paper ware-rooms of Richard It. Thompson, and the. Queen City shirt manufacturing company. As the steamer Julia, plying between South Yallcjo and Vallcjo station, Oil., was nlKHit to start from South Yallejo, sho blew up. She had alioitt 70 persons on board. A majority of the passengers were below deck, s it wa cold and fog fry. Those on deck were all blown over board. Some .were killed by being dashed against the wharf and others Were drowned. Altogether 40 persons lost their live. The vessel took fire al most immediately and burned to the wa ter's edge and sunk. The steamer burned iH-trolcum for fuel. 5 Tho probability ia it will never tie known how the explo sion occurred, but the Impression pre vails that it was a petroleum tank on the steamer that accidentally took fire and exploded. This same steamer, In 1800, blew out her boiler hi ad, killing eleven persons. - "" . WINS. t T-pntjltfkt counties in Michlgn have voted for prohibition tinder the h m.i nnitnti l.w. The first county to go 'wer I Washtenaw, which voted by ft majority of 1,640 against prohibition. I i nt .1 SOUTHERN PROGRESS. r Psriorlei, !!( IUIIU. Fertlllaar Warfcs. Car Hhapi, Public Building,, liio. A eomnnnv la belncr formed to start n cotton factory nt Evergreen, Aia....'W. ' '' T. f'nnn X'. t' (vmtiuiirilnttv slur lull a cracker factory at Milk'dgcville, Ga.... ( 0. V. Shepperson will start the mnnufac- ' " lure oi clothing at ixumnbtw, uo... . Philip Dohn & Sons will erect a now f ur nitnre factory nt Macon, Ga...,W. H.'' Walker contemplntes establishing ft soap: vav.-sj factory at Jacksonville, Fla ... There ar .., prospects of ft shoo factory being started"' J lit T i-nolil.iit-rr Vn VfTnrts urn hcinff ..' ... .v ... ....... R, ...... ..... , --- madu to start a cauniug factory nt Char-, r !.,.... W v Him, !u! liitt i.f ft enm. pany lieing fprmed to start 1 fertilizer r factX)rvat.lluleik'h.H.U... J-Jiort aro tin. mulo tii" ns.fniiiA fl Tlittnti til ill minT trt Oreensboro, N. O. ,k1m srf reixirted that a clothe Pi u faepiry-will f 7 IK Hianeii ny coucu tx aura, v't N. O. . . .The Bessemer, Alabama, Cotton Manufacturing Company, capital stock $200,000, has been incorporated to build a factory .... Isaac Stephenson, of Wis consin, nud others, havo purchased 50, 000 acre of piuo timlier lands in Louisi ana ...It is rumored that tho spoke nnd hsudlo factory nt Calero, Ala., will prob ably bo moved to Annitou....It u re ported that C. E. Price, and others, con template erecting an ico factory at Talhi a It is renortcd that U. W. Wadleigh, of Boston, Miirs., is negotiat ing to establish a tannery at uausncn, AU....T. 8. &F. A.Crapp, of UFay . oitA In.l , vlll move their saw mill and sash, door und blind factory to Talla- lioosa,-tia. ...A bulklmg to cost f ao.uias is to lie erected for the Macon, Ga., public library, nnd work is to be started at once. ....J. W. Moon, of Muskegon, Mich., : will start a factory lo mauufactura ico chests nt Fort Smith, Ark.... It is reported that the Chattanooga Scale Company, of Chattanooga, Tcnn., arc ne gotiating to move their works to Cnrters ville, Ga. . . The DeFuuink Springs, Fla., Lumber Company nre adding a furniture factory to their mills.... N. G. Old & Sons, of Fort Wayne, Ind., are contem plating starting a branch siiokc nud han dle factory at Charleston, W. Va . . .The real estate agency is raising money with the ultimate view of starting some kind of a factory nt Favctteville, N. C Vf. C. Scott, and others, have chartered tho Mutual Loan and Trust Company, capital stock $.j0,000, to deal in and improvo lands about Birmingham, Ala... .Eighty thousand acres of pine timbt-r lands in Arkansas, Mississippi nnd Louisiana, hnve been purchased by A. O. VanSchaick, of Chicago, HI., nnd associates. .. .The Mari etta & North Georgia ltailroad Company contemplate building a branch road from Slarietta to the Georgia Pacific Ifcnlrond at Austell ... .The Waco and Brazos Rail way Company, capital stock $1,000,000, has been chartered to build ft railroad from Waco, Texas, to Cameron. . . . W. J. Giiilin and W. O. Temple, of Elizabeth City, and M. J. Sawyer, of Camden, have organized the North Carolina Pine Lum ber Company to deal in nnd develop tim ber lunds. ..QUASHED. The grand jury of DcKalb Ga.,uperior court at the present term found four true bills against Maj. J. W. Green, general manager of the Georgia railroad, for run ning freight trains on Snnday. The bills of indictment were framed under section 4.ST0 of the code, which provided thai, "the time of arrival, according to the schedule by whk h the train or trains started on the trip, shall not lie later than 8 o'clock on Sunday morning." Mai. J. it. (.umming, the Chevalier Bayard of the Augusta bar, appeared in behalf of M.ij. J. IV. Green, and moved to quash the indictment. Maj. dimming contend- ol that no offense was charged. Solicitor- General Candler said tliat be was not sure iluit this special act wa constitu tional, as it simply applied to the Geor gia railroad. There will he twenty -five or thirty true bill found at the text term against thia corporation for running ireigni traic on tsunuay. HI8 TRAGIC END. Edmund Fitr.gcrnld, a one-armed Con federate soldier, went to Charles D. Mc Cord's law office in Augusta, Ga.. a short time ago and got him to write t the executive for litanks on which to write to make application for the pny allowed by the atntc to a innimedsoliliir. Sir. Fit.- , gerald was also ft consumptive, and ha hail several severe hemorrhages. While the application was being filled out, the client expectorated cvm! time, what looked to Mr. McC'ord like tolmcco juice. Wishing to prwerve hi carpet, Mr. Mc Cord called for ft enspidore. Mr. Fits gcrald rose from his scat ss if to ex pec- , tofate in the fire-place, when ft peat tor rent of blood gushed from hi month, nd he tank to tho floor and died. ," .a NOTED DUELIST DEAD. Cot. E. B. C. Cash, the famous duelist, who killed Col. Win. M. Shannon, prominent lawyer, in ft duel in August, 1HD0, and who subsequently, for ten days, defied the entire power of tlte st ite to ar- ' rest him, died at his home In Chesterfield . county, S, C, of paralysis, aged 08 years. The iwopla ot the M-ita con demned t hi duel so severely that shortly after, the legislature passed the anti-duel-1st law, putting dueling on the Same foot ing as ordinary murder. The Cash-Shannon duel was, therefore, the lost which , wll probably ever be fought in that ,Ute "HELD UPP' An cxprcrs train on the 8t. Louis, Ar kans.1 ti Texas Railroad was wade the ibiect of an attempted robkry at King- land, Ark. The robbers smashed ia the doors and got away with $.'0,(WD. , 1

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