(ii JsLi 4 l-4 f f?.f$2 f ? V, WE'LL HEW TO THE LINE, LET T HE CHIPS FALL WHERE 'THEY MAY VOL. L HILLSBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, , MAY 24, 1888. , . V, v ; , NO. 42. 1 A federation of clubs and similar , soeleties in Paris has been formed with the object of cheapening medical attend ance. Adult members of the association pay forty cents a year for medical at tendance, and children twenty cents. ' ; The contract for the Peter Cooper ' monument In New York has been awarded to 6t Gaudens, the, sculptor,' ' who began his art work in Cooper Insti tute. The monument will cost about v $33,000, and the money is in the bank. It is a enrioui fact that while Queen: Victoria speaki "German in her home - circle, the present German Empress dis regards it In hers and uses English as . much as possible. Eogiiih is the jQrev side tongue of the Greek, Danish and Russian royal families. It has been figured ont by a statistical official that there art 81 criminals to every 1000 bachelors and only 11 crimi nals to every 1000 married men. From this showing he argues that matrimony restrains men front (prime, and ought . therefore to be encouraged by legislation and otherwise. , U v t :' ( The hay crop of 1887 was something like forty-Are million tons. For the put seven years the hay crop has aver aged a value of about three hundred and eighty-eight million dollars a year. The hsy crop exceeds the cotton crop in value, and Southern farmers are now paying mora attention to It than ever before, SPRAYS. INTERESTING FACTS BUIEFED FOE BUST HUMANITY. . - , .- if. i MOVEMSKTS Dr RELIGIOUS, TBMFEBANCB, MASOKIO AJ!D SOCIAL CIBCLEB FIREB, ACCIDENTS IBOVSTaiaj. FBOGRESS. Artificial flowers are going ont of nie in England and lace coming In at about an equal ratio. In .138? the value of flowers imported reached the enormous aura of $2,500,000, while la ISSfl this fell off to $1,550, (00. The increate la the importation of lace meanwh.ia has amounted to more than all these figures of artificial flowers together. , . ; . t Aa old man in Maytville, Ky., has driven a coal .wagon for thirty-eight years, and in that time it is estimated that he has delivered over 4,009,000 bushels of coal. In his declining years he can reflect that he has contributed to the comfort, and consequently to the happiness, of a vast number of 1Ij fellow beings, aai therefore has not lived In vein. ' ' ' ' ' Soma interesting facts and figure re garding the unfortunate exiee of . Siberia have recently found their way into print lteppea-s that on January 1 of this year, the total rubber of politi cal and other prisoners of both sexes in the provinces of IrKuuk, I'eneselsk and Yakutsk was 110,000. f the 42,000 were in fixed places of residence, 20,000 were employed on different public works and 4?,000 bad escaped confine ment and were living on ,thir own boot In WwUra Siberia tho nnrober of the escaped prisoners waa sti.I greater, a recently taken census of the different - towns and villages showing that the enormous proportion of ? per coot were missing. : ; The treatment which Sir Morell Mae ken'ie is receiving- in Berlin greatly ex a per ate the people here, writes the Englbh corretpondent of the New York Sua, and there is area some wild talk in society of boycotting certain Cenuan medical e parts settled in London. We leara from Berlin that Mackenzie is the recipient dally of many abusive and threatening letters." He is railed at in the press and ioeulte 1 on the bill board, Oay the other day aa olTen'lve cartoon was found potted on the famous Bran denburg gate, depicting the Empresa Victoria and Dr. Mackenzie, with the in scrintlon beneath: "The murderers of onr Emperor." The placard was imme diately torn down by the police, but no attempt was made to discover and punish its authors. The $10,000 cook who is engaged and will soon hold the position of "gastro Domical director" ia Mr. W. K. Vender bilt'a household, says tha New York lYm, besides being the , Inventor of recipes for producing appetite, and "plots" for taking them away again, knows ton wonderful nicety the anatomy oi a fowl or bird. He can curve one with a touch of refinement, and has aa ability to make a little go a great way, that it would be difficult to anrpass Take a duck, for instance, (iff go the legs ana wings In four quick iwmmw of the knife. ext the bna.t bone clean shsven with a perpendicular stroke and then a number of horizontal on. leaving as many slice on the dish as there has been dabes of the knife. Then the carcsss Is divided into so many nice look lag tidbits that each vies with tha other a trying to prove Itself the most tempt ing morsel of all If "If. Josef "get nred of bis small salary and limited quarters, ha can give lessons la tha art of ststhctM carving or turn surgeea. i . , '. , Alabama., t . f The ' Alabama Mawnle irrsnd lodire laid tho comer-stone ,of. Jefferson county courthouse, atBinalngham,Thurs The American Institute of Mining En gineers, President W. : B. Potter, of Bt. Louis, presiding, met in Birmingham on Wednesday. About one hundred mem bers were present, and many of them ac companied by their wires. President Potter said he had traveled from the At lanticto the Pacific, and nowhere else bad he found such inexhaustible miueral resources as in North Alabama. Last October Editor G. IL Johnson of the Birmingham Sunday Morning Star, shot a real estate agent and a po liceman, slightly wounding both. Ie was ' released On $4,000 bond, and on Wednesday bis case waa ciilkd for triut In the criminal court. , Johnson hod been in the courtroom alt the forenoon, but at recess he diiwppearcd. When his case was called he couldn't be found in the city. . . At Eoaley. six miles from Birmingham, Terrell Dardtn, a negro ex-convict, was shot dead, on Thursday, by Deputy Sheriff Jack Pasco. Pasw arrested the negro for burglary, and while reading tbe warrant the officer was knocked down by his pi i oner, who then started to run. Pasco got np and started ia pursuit. The negro again turned on Mm, and was then shot through the heart. Darden had lust served out a five years Sentence for burglary, and robbed a store at Pratt mince a lw days alter be was released. ' A collision took place at Muscadine creek, on the Georgia Pacific road on Thursday. The Atlanta bouod passen ger train ran into a west bouud ireigbt train which was leaving a aide track.' The freight engine was driven into a box car, splitting it in half. The pilot ot both engines were demolished, and the cab of tbe passenger engine was tofn off. l an baargage car was smashed, l ne in ured are: William Diunks, engineer oi pussengcr train, face bruised; B. IL Fill more, baggage master, lip cut and hip bruised. A. B. Dunning, express messen ger, nose smashed. Gaarcta. Augusta is to hsve a reformatory In stitution for children. Sixty acres of hud has been purchased for it Governor Gordon, on Thursday, par doned J. M. A. Stringer, sentenced to imprisonment for life for killing John Goddis In Lumpkin county. The Bute Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias met ia Atlanta. Tbe street parade of tbe uniformed division was magnificent. Mnyor Cooper welcomed them ia a spexh, and Governor Gordon reviewed them. On Moidny nL'ht, fire broke out In the West & Edwards buildinir oa Prror I street, Atlanta, and a loss of nearly $00, ! 000 ws sustained. Bain & Kirkpatrick, ! hardware; McDonald Bros., grocers; and Levi Conn, wholesale dealer la notions were the principal sufferers. On Sunday, a mob of several hundred young men rotten-egged the salvation Army ia Atlanta, and assaulted toe bar racks with rocks. Mayor Cooper has ordered the police to protect tha Army, and will hold them to rigid accountabil ity if they do not, so ha says. At a large gathering on Thursday night of Mitchell foot, O. A. It, of Atlanta, and their Northern friends, Prof. Thayer suggeted, and it was received with great favor, that memortd services for both Confederates and Union soldiers should be held on the same day. JohnW. Robert employed oa the tank at Iccvl.lc, oa the Chattahoochee river, was walking along the (State Rail road, wbea he wn atrmk by a freight engine and cut into small pieces. The Heart bad been separated as ii by a knue and was lying all alone upon a croastie. Her. G. IL rat 11 lo died oa Wednes day, at Ciarksville. after a lingering ill ness, lie was well Known and greatly beloved in Atlanta. At one time he waa tbe pastor of St. Paul's Methodist church la that city. He waa a prominent mem ber of tbe North Georgia conference for yean. Geo. II. Eddleman, a real-estate man, and Thomas Greahain, the yardmaster of tha W. & A. IUilroad, had a dispute oa Wcdncsdny in aa Atlanta restaurant. Eddleman complained that his book keeper belonged to too many secret so cieties, and spoke unkindly of those organizations. Gresham denounced him as a liar, whereupon Eddleman assaulted him with a cane, following it up with a pistol shot whii b took effect la Ores ham's stomach. The wounded man died and Eddli man was Jailed. ' virtlala. The diocmn council of the Protestant Ephconal church of the state, met in Staunton Wednesday. Frank May, working at a saw mill, near Port ifa-public, was caught by a saw Which cut off his leg at the thirb, en tared his lids and cut bis bowels, liver and lungs, and forced bis heart from the left to the right aide. He lived f ourteen hours and suffered intense thirst. The water he drank flowed out at hia wound In bis side. He wsa conscioua until his death. The doctors consider it most re m.u k able thai death did not occur im-mediately. tlarua. ' ' ' " " Phosphate beds twelve feet in thick ness have been discovered on lands in the Alligitor creek vicinity. , The state immigration convention met nt Jacksonville oa Wednesdav. and j adopted measures to attract reliable im migration to settle la Florida.; f f At a colored festival at Ocalo, Sunday a row occurred. Will Williamson shot and killed Matthews Lucius and wounded two others. The murderer, with his ac cessories, ' John Bellinger and Henry Fisher, were arrested, 4 . The western portion of Wakulla county is peculiarly adapted to bee culture, and niauy gallons of honey are annually sold by the people of that vicinity. No pains whatever is taken in the cultivation of this industry, the old. fashioned gums being still in use. Many of tbe citizeoa oa the upper Ocklockonee have from 130 to 200 hives. . ' Keataekv. In the "Derby" race at Louisville. "Macbeth," the winning horse, netted bis owner, named Hawkins, (70,000. A supplementary report was made on luursUuy on tbe investigation of ex Treasurer Tate's office, in Louisville. It shows that 418.000 taxes naid bv the Kentucky Central Railroad Co., has never been accounted lor, ' ( MUaaari. Word comes from O'Fallon that the water is now an unbroken sheet from bluff to bluff, except in the extreme southwest portion of the bottom. Busi nes on tbe Keokuk line is wholly sus pended, as an open lake of water reaches from bt. reter to neyona oia jaonroe. . The gap in Sny levee, through which the whole oi tbe Mississippi is bow pouring. has widened almost thirty yards. Sny basin contains ? 130,000 acres of fine fanning land, and it is estimated that fully 73,000 acres will be inundated. Of the submerged lands 80,000 acres are in crop, and the majority ia wheat .... The flood situation grew worse on Wednes dav on the opposite side of. tbe river, and it is now most certain that Indian Grove district will be abandoned for years to come. Indian Grove region is completely covered with water. No loss of life hs yet been reported, but the damage to property in the to di-tricts is known to be not lar irom ii.ow.wv. Maryland.' The General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian church met in Baltimore on Thursday. The sermon , was preached by Rev. Dr. Stricklcr, of Atlanta; Ga., moderator. The assembly includes sixty presbyteries, which are represented gen erally by one clerical and one lay dele gate, though some of them have two of each, ibe whole number is about one hundred and fifty, who are entitled to seats ia the body, ' , Nanh Carolina. 1 ' ! ' Information comes from the tobacco- growing counties of the western part of the state that two-thirds or more of young plants were killed by the recent frosts. , Vegetables and wheat ' wero greatly damaged at numerous points in , the mountains. The mercury went be low SO, and in one instance to 23 degrees above.'- ' - - AROUND THE GLOBE. WASHINGTON NEWS. ! HOW C0XGKES3 IS BPENDHJQ I ITS THO AND ENERGY. omen acts or the fresidxkt ur- frOIXTM EXTS AND REMOVALS WHXtt ' THB RATION'S ItOHBt 80ES OOStlP. , t CONGRfeSAlONAitf . ' In the Senate, the pension appropria tion bill was taken up, the question be ins on the amendment reported by the committee on appropriations to strike out the words, '"That ia all pensions to widows, payments ahall be made from the date ot death of tbe husband," and DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. In the Southern Baptist Convention, held at Richmond, Va., during a discus sion about Chinese missions. Mr. Joyner. J a returned missionary, said it was hi opinion that our missionaries to China? should dou their costumes, conform to the diet and manner of living of tbe Chinese, build churches after their atyla of architecture, and be all things to all men, and thus win their confidence and esteem. The speaker was earnest, ad vancing ideas and declaring focte not hitheito prescribed to this convention.1 The Chinaman is amused at the man ners of the foreigners and despises his dress and cuisine. He, (Joyner,) laudj Dr. McKay, who has gradually succeeded in China, by adopting vuioese "M?"""' to insert, "That all payments which have j diet building Cbine-e houses and lastly hereafter be granted but best of all, to the glory oi uoo ITEMS GLEANED FE02I TELE PHONE AND TELEGSAPH. OTEBESTntO DOTS ABOUT . TUB HOETH, EAST AKO WEST THB EUBOPBAH SITU ATION DO CG8 OF KIN OS AHD QUEENS. eaaib t'ara.loa Fire la Blarkvdle on Wednesday de stroyed twenty-four stores and resiliences. Total loss $34,550. About half a dozen vessels of the North Atlantic fleet will rendezvous at Port Roysl, arriving on Sunday, and during a week's stay will treat visitors to a grand sham 8,'ht, etc. Tbe yacht ciuDSOi Charleston and navannali will attend. Will Palmer and John Dammond, la borers on the CK.fi W. Railway, were arretted at Greenville on Thursday charged with riot and carrying concealed weapons. On last Sunday night, while thev were nasimr several citizen' houses. they cursed their families and fired pis tols. St Mark's colored Episcopal church. Charleston, has determined to maintain aa independent position. At a recent meeting of tbe congregation, resolutions were adopted expressing gratification that after thirteen yearn of patient effort, the constitutional rich ta of St. Marks bad been recognized by the diocesean con vention in admitting Rev. J. II. M. Pol lard, its colored minister, to membership in the convention without question or objection, "but holding our union in the church by our allegiance only to the bishop of tbe diocese under tbe canons and constitution of the general conven tion of the Protestant Episcopal church in tha United States, without reference to the diocesean convention of South Carolina or its laws." Buildings aggregating in value over fl.000.000. have been commenced to Chattanooga since January. Pension Examiner. Dr. J. L. GaMon, of Chattnnoosa, ha been removed, and Dr. w. T. IIoie takes bis place. Dr. n. A. Brinkly, of Nahville, was arrested oa a charge of being concerned in the uttering oi counteiieit money. Gov. Robert L. Taylr was tenonti nated at tbe Nashville Democratic Con vention, oa tho nunl ballut receiving 1,081 votes, the opposition casting 314 Henry Lane, a young man about twen ty-one years old, night-watchman fr the Lenoir Manufacturing Co., at Lenoir, on Monday, was struck by an engine and re ceived injuries from which be died. Thurwliiv waa a iml.t dav in Somerville. The crews from either end of the Tennes see Midland wire st work laying track just west of town, and to nearly together that it waa known early in tbe day that the day would witness the laying of the last rail. Tbe whole population visited the track la the afternoon and inspected tha systematic working of the large crews of men, and quite a Targe Dumber re mained till dark, when the last spike was driven, and Memphis and Jackson were united with bonds of steel Mai. O It. Ernrnt. Cant Dan C. King man and Col. William E. Merrill const tule the board that pass on the Memphis bridge. The westcra approach will be sln three-quarters of a mile from the bank of the river, while the eastera or Memphla approach will not be more than una nr loo left lontr. The atructure will ha enmnmed of ateel and the moat solid naaonrv. and will coat $2,000,000. Threwill be only one railroad track across tha bridge, and the wagon and foot-way will be of pUnk, a a level with the track. Taaa Tha new state can M of Texaa was dedicated Wednesday with imposing ctr- motuea. The cotton operativea at Blackburn, England, have gone on a strike. Three persons were killed and fifteen wounded recently oa the Santa Fe Rail road by the explosioa of a powder car on that road. " Col. James H. Woolford, who, during the War was in the Confederate treasury department, died suddenly on Wednes day of heart disease, in Madison, Ind. A volcanic eruption and waterspout hsve occurred in New Pomerania, New Guinea, doing immense damage. Many natives and three Uermans were uuea. The candle and elycerine manufactory of the Searbom Manufacturing Company ! in Chicago, 111., waa completely destroyed bv fire on Wednesday aitemoon. xoss, $130,000, . ; Twenty-five Crofter families, number ing 113 souls, embarked at Stornoway, England, for Manitoba on Wednesday. Pipers played dirges as the Crofters left their homes. . i' ' Tbe Prussian government ia actively watchinjr the strikers, who sre encouraged by the socialists. The police have seized 50,000 socialist leanets ana arresiea uur- teen persons. The Chinese ambassador boa handed to the English government a note protesting sgainst the action oi vno auinoniiea ia the colonies in preventing the landing of Chinese immigrants. 'Prof." Godfrey, an expert colored boxer of Boston. Mass.. baa challenged John L. Sullivan to a bout with the gloves. The colored man agrees to put the 'champion slugger" through. The National Convention of the Equal rtinhts nartv met at Dea Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday, and nominated Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood for president, and Aiirea H. Love, of Philadelphia, for vice presi dent Vice Admiral Sir William Nathan Wright llewett K. C. B., K. C. S. L., V. C, commander ot tne cnannei neex oi tbe British navy, died in Portsmouth, England. He had served in the British navy amce ion, oecoming a commanuer in 1833 and rear admiral in 1878. The statement made by Lord Wolseley, adjutant general of the Biitisb army. that lUO.U'iu men couia lane ana uoiu the night little isle," added to the state ment of Lord Charles Bereuord of the navy, that tbe navy was in poor condi tion, has created great excitement ia England. In tbe French Chamber of Depuret, M. Pyat laid on the table a bill providing that factories or worxsnops, wncse own ers spontaneously close r Vir doors against employes shall be expropriated and their works given to the workmen. Hia demand for urgency for the bill was re fused. Tha employee of Singer, Niraick & Co., iron manufacturer la Pittsburg, pa., have been notified that their wssjes will be reduced ten per cent oa May 88th. ...The Pottaville Iron and Steel Company at Pottsviile, Pa., has given six hundred employes of iu fish-bar rolling mill notice of tea per cent reduction of wages. A terrrible eiDlosion occurred at the powder house at Fratteville brown stone qurrry, near Stockton, N. J., on Thursday. One man was killed and several others were injured. A number of houes were wrecked and considerable property destroyed. The report waa heard twenty miles away. Three hun dred kegs of powder exploded. Tha explosion was caused by tha workmen dropping a aeg m powutr. The Leadville express on the Denver Rio Grande road, waa derailed while round!- long curve ia Browa'a can yon, loiorauo. ino cxprcu bum wag- gage car wero uucu v j,vvr wu In the canyon, and tbe smoking car was partially demolwhed. The day coach and sleepers turned over oa the track, but were only anenuy injnrea. The ewnpe of many from death ia re garded as marvelous, although many wet bruised. been, or which may under the creoeral lawn rezulatln? pen sions to widows in consequence of death occurring from cause which originated in the service since the 4th of March. 1801. shall commence from the date of death of the husband." The Senate proceeded to business ' on tbe calendar and passed, among other bills, the following: Senate bill appropriating $150,000 for quarters and barracks at branches of the national military home for disabled and volunteer soldiers. Senate bill for a light ship at Bashes Bluff Shoal, Elizabeth river, Va., not to cost over $80,000.... lathe House, Mr. Henderson, of Iowa, presented tbe conference report on the Cincinnati exposition bill and it was acrrced to. The House went into com mittee of the whole (Mr. Springer, of Illi nois, in the chair) oh the tariff bill. Mr. Nichols, ot North Carolina, favored tbe repeal of the internal revenue system. Other speakers against the Mills bill were Messrs. Romeis, of Ohio; Sawyer, of. New5 York; 8pooner. of Rhode Island, and Felton, of Colorado, and in favor of U, Laue, of Illinois, and Marsh, of Pennsylvania. The resolution offered by Mr. Test in tbe Senate Monday, providing for a se lect committee to examine questions touching meat and meat product of the United States, was token up after a long discussion by Messrs. Vest, Manderson, Cullom and Plumb. The resolution for tbe select committee waa extended ao a to make the investigation embrace the trunk line association, Central traffic as sociation and other agencies of transpor tation, and was adopted. The Senate bill appropriating $500,000 for tha com mencement of a boat railway around tha obstructions of Columbia river at Dulles and Ceblio Falls was pissed. Among the bills passed were the Senate bill aonronriatins tlO.000 for a public f- building at Fort Monroe, Va,, and Sen ate bills to psy various ciaimania tor cotton taken by Gen. Burnside for military works at Knoxville, Tenn.... The House met at 10 o'clock, and went into committee of the whole (Mr. Springer, of Illinois, in the chair) on tha tariff bill. Mr. Baker, of New York, spoke in support of tbe protective tariff. Speeches were made by Messrs. Farqu bar and Brum against, and Messrs. Wea ver and Russell for the bill. Among the bills reported in the Sea ate, on Wednesday, from the committees and placed on the calendar, were the fol lowing: Senate bill granting the use of certain lands to the city of St Augus tine, Fla., for a public park; House bill to authorize the construction of a bridge across the Tennessee river at Knoxville, Tenn.; House bills appropriating $100, 000 for a public building at Columbus, Ga., and increasing the limit of the coat for the public building at Charleston, 8. C, to $300,000 were taken from the cal endar and passed. The till to limit tha hours of letter carriers (House bid) was taken np and passed without d;scusion or division. It provides that hereafter eight hours shall constitute a day's work for letter carriers in titles or postal dis tricts connected therewith, aod allows them extra pay for overtime. The bill for tbe establishment of a bureau of ani mal industry wsa displaced from its position as "unfinished business' and remitted 'to the calendar. Houe bill to establish a department of labor was taken up, laid aside informally, and the pen sion appropriation bill waa considered. ....In the House, speeches in favor cf the tariff bill were made by Missrs. Buck slew.of Pennsylvania, and 6tone, of Ken tucky, and against it by Messrs. Hender son, Grant, of Vermont, and Seymour. The committee then rose, after further unimportant and minor legislation. One bundled and five aneecnea have been made oa the tariff bill up to tha present time. The speeches have occu pied ninety-seven hours and twelve min utes In delivery. Eighty-nine hours hava been occupied during day ses-ious, and eight hours and twelve minutes during evening sessions. married a Chinese wife, lie insiws u this sugsreatcd plan h the one Paul .prac ticed. Dr. Graves, from China, whohae been a missionary for twenty-five years, spoke, differing "from last speaker. Ht has been there a long tune, nnd his ob servations and experiences ore justtrja opposite of Mr. Joyner'-. He lost hia heoltb while trying to subsist on Chinese food, and for a while assumed the Chinese dress. It was a failure ; . also trying to live in a Chinese house , waa out of the question. If one is to accomplish any adequate work for .hia board, his statements refute substantially the effect intended by Mr. Joyner I speech. He knew of but one missionary A ,a mnrried. not a full-blood Chinese but a half-caste, with the object of win ning greater influence among those hea then. It was a total failure. The man left the field and returned t America. A FIEND'S DEED. ' Three weeks ao a tramp named George Cook secured employment on the (aim of John Sommers in Scipio town ship, Indiana. On Wednesday, Mrs. Sommers went to La Porte, leaving her husband, at work in the field and three children in care of Conk. On returning borne the mother was horrified to find her eleven months babo dead in tbe cradla and Cook absent Cook, wbo was chased and arrested, says be did not mean to kill the child, lut did so by shaking it, be coming angry at the baby because it cried and would not hush. Its neck was broken. NEEDS ATTENTION. On Vinccrar Hill. Morris Island, in tha harbor of Charleston, & C, the heavy winds have blown the covering of sand off the bodies of a large number of sol diers. The bones lie bleaching in the sun. KNOCKED 'EM OUT. The bulges of the Liquor License Court j of Philadelphia, Pa., rendered their de cision oa Wednesday in the cases of applicants ia the 82d, 231, Sitb, Jt3tu 1 aud 37th wards. Out of 631 petitions for license only 183 were granted. In tha five wards there are at present 1,024 aalwaaa. ClOSStP. Secretary Fairchild has approval tha design of tha new twenty-dollar silver certificates, bearing an excellent likeness of the late Secretary Manning. A cable message from United State! Consul Lewis, at Tangier, was received at Washington oa Wednesday, saying that all questiona of disagreement be tweea Morocco and the United States hoe been settled, and that he had gained all points contended for. Through Its chairman, Representative Matsoo, the House Committee on Inva lid Pensions oa Wcduesday reported a bill proposing to remove the rest nction apoa tbe payment of arrearages of pen tioa in the case of claims filed before the lata of tha passage of this act A a ealllng hlme-lf William Bhlp y, a oavtcS who ewaptd from Bine (Una Prison la 1878, baa lust urrixb.rl voluntarily to Head Kaapar ConDwighton, of that Imtitil tion. and aas beg a to mrrt out bis tea year Insufficient Tentilation. j One of the great evils of eivilizattaJ lia in tho crowding together of largo numbers of persons iu confined spaces. This ia especially the case with scboola aud with factories, but ia not limited to those instancee. It haa always been, known that each crowding was an- : . . . . . ta. healthy, but tue exact amount oi resulting is necessarily difficult to esti-t mate. i Very recently Brown-Seqnarrl haa proved by actual chemical analysis that the air expired by a healthy pt-rsoa con tains a poison, not a lnicrobe, but a dia tinct chemical poison. In factories, an usually arranged, there roust inevitably bo much evil done by the breathing of other people's breathe all day long, fix daya in tha Wftk. Brown-Sequord considers it a principal cause of consumption. The only remedy lies in effectual ven tilation, aud there can bo no doubt that :n factories, schools, and all oilier placea in which many persona live and work or study in confined apace, the ventilation ahould be much bit tor than it is. In anma I actoriea the air i so ba t that per sons nnaocustomed to It are rendered" faint Talucd at a High Figure. Tho Portland Oregoniitn aya.--A tnid aVaged lady, a new-comer, culled at a ml atato agency to inquire about soma land. She waa somewhat of an equea trinn, which the agent toon learned, and be tried to effect a sale in thin direc tion. After the usual quoUons about the gentle proclivities of tho animal for sale, the agent relapsed into deep il.oiinbt for a moment, as if c maidering some political issue, and finally said in a generous breath: 'Madame, if yon era injured in any way by that animal I will pay yon one, yea, I wilt guarantee to pay yon $1,000 and then h marked tbe figure down iu big black lettera. "Only a thonoaud, airf" exclaimed tha lndy. "I don't consider myself a Venn, nor on of tho Mui but I really thinlt I am worth more than f 1,000. In waf times acme slave sold for f2,00O, yon know. Now, cousiJering that it ia leap fear, couldn't ymt g-Jar.ink-e to pfj a -o-e-t-le morel" A Good Ret to Hold. Dumter "Prown wants to bet ma on hundred dollars that in ten years mora New York will have a population of over two millions." Robinson (evc.tadly;. "Take him up, Pumley, take him up, and let m hold the tnoncy.,'-B.a'. A Storm Tlrfeatetiln?. Dakota cflnntmj ihi sky from het window "tn afral.l. .'oho, that we are going to ha e an awful torra." Husband taniuu1t i "Ye, it look Ilka a reoular New York b'.izard.' Omcrrm have a'r-ndy traveled over 13,000 mile in twin-hot Tn,tlt. tiit Chisago murdarvrof Millionaire Siit'ii, but tan far not one raliablaclsw to his mave.nutu amo the night of the murdsr Us ytt basa dis aovarad.

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