WE'LL HEW JO, THE. LINE, LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. ; ;-,- ; - vol: i. niLLSBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1888. NO. 47. REPUBLICANS MEET TO NOMINATE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. TUB flALL BE&UTIFUI.LT DECOIIATED 6AVKLS l-Itr.8E.NTKD FHKO POCOLiW : (PEAKSCOL. FRED, OUAXT PIIEHEST Before the Convention assembled, im mense crowds visited the grand hall in which the National Republican Conven tion were to meet to choose a presiden tial candidate. At the apex la front of the chairman's desk was a gilded American eagle, and beneath it a por trait of Washington, ' On the right of rhe chairman's desfc was plaster bust of Gen. John A. Logan, in heroic size, draped with an American flag. Danc ing from one of the boxes a-, the right was a large painting of Logan's charge at the battle of Atlanta. On the face of the north and south walls of the sudito lium, framed in festoons of Urge Amer ican flags and surrounded by a circle of electric stars, were portraits of Lincoln and Grant, the designs Wing mammoth in proportion, and form two of the most striking details of the decorations. Flashing its parti-colored brilliancy full into the face of the audience and delegates, pended an American shield, formed of different colored electric lamjm. This shield, its horizon of stars, its strip of the Union, are all pictured out and nut in a basso relievo of light by flashing jets through red, white and blue globes. At points of exit and entrance to the ball, which dip like great wells into the audi torium, are tho nation's standards, planted at either side snd draped so as to hide the rough boards which torm the staircases of these avenue to the con vention, of which there are sufficient to empty the place in case of accident, in three minutes. ' The Boston club planted lis magnifi cent banner, five feet long, just bebind the stage and it proudly Coated, bearing in letters of gold upon a field of blue, the sentiments which appear to be upier most in the minds of the delegates. The banner is inscribed: "Home Market Club of Boston. American ways for American workingraen. American markets for the American people. Protection for Ameri can homes." This banner is marked by the delegate as they come into t b hall, and by spectator as they gather in the galleries and balconies. It was cheered tune after time. toe artangem eat or ablegate' scat was made to alphabetical order, begin ning with Alabama, on the extreme riht aisle, through the two big states of New York and Pennsylvania together on thi front, facing Washington's portrait on s Cine! of the chairman's platform. : The aine, Massachusetts. Minnesota, Ala bama, Arizona and Dakota delegations had front seat. The Ohio delegation was directly back of the New York neat, while Missouri, Iowa and and Illi nois are on the main isle near the center of the space reserved for the delegates. The space reserved for the District Columbia delegation, was designated by a white banner, marked in black letters. This U a conspicuous departure from the general plan of Toting delegations, tho situation of all others lemg designated by a blue silk banner, lettered in gold. A significant view was the open space of empty aeats In the Virginia delegation. N ' The doors were not opened until all ol the inferior arrrangements were complet ed and the crowd was kept waiting un til two Urge bouquets of cut flowers snd a floral shield were being nailed upon the chairman' desk, which bears in Greek letters thi inscription: "Jarnca A. Gar field was nominated from thi desk in 1830 and James G. Blaine was nominated from this desk in 1884." Chairman Jones, of the national com mittee, came upon the platform just be fore the convention wa called to order and brought with him two handiome oak gaveU, one merely poliahel and in tended for bard pounding. The other is more pretentious affair, intended as a gift to the temporary chairman, is richly chased in gold, and ha engraved upon its several gold bands the names of Washington, Lafayette, Grant, Lincoln, Garfield and Login. Precisely tt 12.30, on Tuesdsy, the gavei of Chairman Jones, of the National Republican Com mittee, sounded sharply upon the ma hogany desk, and the Republican Con vention of 1899 wa formally opened. The hum of conversation ceased throughout the vast auditorium, and tho buzx of expectation gave place to the Impress! v silence's the chairman Intro duced Rev. Frank W. Gunsauler, of Plymouth Congregationat Church ol Chicago, who openol the proceeding with praver. At the conclusion of the prayer, Chairman Jones announced that th srereary, Mr, Fesvnden, of the na tional committee, would read the rail for the convention issued by the national committee. Mr. Jon'- made an address, and Mr. Thur.ton, the temporary chairman, thin announced a long lint of secretaries, as slstaataot secretaries, eergcants-et-arm. etc., tor temporary organiMlionv After the reading of the list of o3U wsscoin pletnl, tho bands tru-k up a medley of national airs, which was warmly received by the audience, and a the air turned Into "Marching Through Georgia," the atscmblago caught tip the refrain and the chorus of many voice resounding throughout the hall. Gen. Fremont was presented to the convention, Fred Doug la made a speech, bouquet Were pre sented to Mine Rachel Sherman, daugh ter of the Ken. Hherman, and Sirs. Thurs ton, the wife of the temporary chairman of the Convention. . Virginia presented a contesting dele gation, and at one time it looked a though Gen. Mahone and Capt, Wise would com to blow, Estee, the new anti-monopoly chairman waa given a reception on Wednesday, on taking the gavel that for unanimity and heartiness was not exceeded since the Convention first opened. One of the most interesting minor occurrences of the day wa the presentation of a gavel of silver and gold to the chairman. A great bit was made by the addition of another gavel notable as coming from Galena, the home of Gen. Grant- Reference to the old commander early atruggle With poverty in the little Galena tannery, brought down the gj-cat audience at once. deck to be cleared for genuine business, the weary flummery of useless points of orde over the right of alternates began, The only relief was a night session. . At ts t'ii) p. - m.- when the " cebvention was called to order, the auditorium was uncomfortably crowded and the air In tho ball was stifling. Chairman Estee announced that tho limit of time for spcakingwas 5 m:nutes,and that all speak er would be calkxl to order on time, ex cent in the presentation of presidential candidate. Mr. Wellington, of Mary land, offered a resolution tendering, on behalf of the Republican party of the United States, to (he German nation its ympatly in this hour of her bereave ment and deep sorrow, caused by the death of her ruler, Emperor Frederick of Germany: "We tender to the German people our heartfelt sympathy in the double low they have recently sustained in the decease of the great man under whose reigu Germany has become a unit ed nut on and that other great man his liberal minded, peace-loving and . noble .on.'' Adopted by a rising vote. Mr. Dixon, (colored) of Maryland, offered resolutions of respect to the memory of Grant, Logan, cx-I'residcnt Arthur, and the lute eVnutor Conkling, which was lso adopted by a rising vote. Col. Fred Giant and his wife, accompanied by Mrs. Potter Palmer entered the conven ts, and, walkisg through one of the delegation aisles, stepped upon the plat form and took scats iii the rear of the stand assigned to them. The convention at once recognized Giant and cheered the distinguished visitor. Mr. Hallo wcll, of Kansas, moved that Gov. Fora ker, of Ohio, be asked to address the convention. The motion wa agreed to and Governor Foraker wa introduced. The committee on credentials, made a trKrt:n the nineteen contested cases a follows: From third congressional dis trict of Georgia, the committee recom mended that It. R Wright, Jess Wire lxr.y, F. II. Craig and O. F. Gonder be eech admitted to a sent with power to ct one-half t.f one vote. From the fifth district Louisiana, David Young and W. J. Y II. From the third district or South Carolina, J. R. Talcott and F. I. Mix, delegates, and L. C Halsey and llenry Kennedy, alternate. From the seventh district of Tennessee, A. W, Hughe, delegate. From the third dis trict of Maryland, William Fairly and William Johnson, delegates; Charles F. Riehl and Isador D. Oliver, alternates. Frm the third district of Massachusetts, Frank L. Stephens and Jonathan Bourne, delegates; Samuel Fessendea and John II. Abbot, alternates. Frcm tbe District of Columbia, Andrew Gleaaon and Perry II. Carson. In the Virginia matter, the Maboncitc were admitted. WHAT CAME OF IT. Notwithstanding the urgent entreaties and protest of the widowed empress that no autop-y should lie performed on the body of the Emperor Frederick, the new emperor, dbrrgirding the ap peals of h s mother, caused a post mor tem examination to be made. The post mortem has revealed the fact so long de nied by Sir Morell Mackenzie and other stirjeons, namely, that the molady with ! ! l . 1 - I . - - . M ' . J wmi ii mo inie rnirnr wiw aiuiruu is a. cancer in its most malignant and incura ble form. This being the esse, Emperor Frederick wa dcbaired. by certain cliiue in tbe Prussian constitution con cerning princes afflicted with incurable maladies from succeeding to the throne, and according to the b-ttcr of the law LI acre in wa an Illegal act. Not only tho Icgnlity of certain act of the late emperor are alout to be called into question, but even the rank and po sition of hi widow a dowager, are se riously compromised, especially a re gards her appanage and title. MONEY RECOVERED Cpt. Linden, of Pinkcrton' detective force, ha arrested Express Agent Unix r, of Bunbury, Pa., for stealing (f -.19,600 from the Adams express company, jAugmt 20th, 188. The money worshipped from Philadelphia to Shnmokin, to pay th empires of tbe Mineral Mining Com pany; $0,000 was In gold and the re mainder in notes done up ia packages of $1,000 each. The money wa found re cently In Ruber' house behind the par lor mantel: $11,000 wa tnbsing. and and what wa left had not been taken from the original packages. STANLEY 19 DEAD. Advices from Zanzibar to the Pari Journal DeAtti say: "There 1 little doubt but that Stanley is dead. The families of peiaons who accompanied Che expedition have worn mourning for scv cial weeks. It Is believed that Tin pod Tib has taken revenge for Stanley's hav ing thwarted him in his effort to continue the lav traffic. WHO WON THE PRIZES. Genera! Carnahan received the report of the award of prize to the Knight of Pythias la Cincinnati, Ohio, on Mon day a follows: Hastings, Mich., first; Kokomo, ltd., atrond; Terr Haute, Ind., third; Fort Dearborn, Chicago, fourth LocMcl, Elgin, Ills., tiftb; Mi ami, Of Toledo, Oh o, sixth. WASHINGTON NEWS. HOW CONGRESS IS SPENDING ITS TIME AND ENERGY. : OFFICIAL ACTS OF TUB PRESIDESTA? POOTMENTS ADD REMOVALS WHERE THE HATIOK MONET GOES GOSSIP. CONGRESSIONAL, - In the Senate, the motion berttofor'a made by Mr. Vance to reconsider the vote pa-sing the resolution to amend the act of June 13, '83, changing tbe boun daries of the 4th collection district of Virgiuia, waa withdrawn. The Senate bill appropriating $50,000 for a public building at Stanton, Ya., was on motion of Mr. Daniel, taken up and passed. Mr. Frye presented a petition of the "Constitutional Defense Association of America" against the ratification of the fisheries treaty. The Senate then took up private pension bills on the calendar and pvscd all of them, 03 in number, inclu ding one giving $13 a month to each of the two daughters of Maj. Abner Mor gan, of the revolutionary army, and one fora soldier of the war of 1813. ...In tbe House, three-quarters of an hour was spent iu an effort to displace certain pri vate pension bill which bad been made special order for the day, and their con sideration was finally postponed for two week. Tho House then went Into com uittee of the whole on sundry civil ap propriation bill. That part of the bill relating to special agents was made tbe occasion fora political debate. At it' evening session the House passed bill authorizing the construction of bridge over the following named rivers: Across Halifax river, Dajton county, Fla.; Mis sissippi river, ct or near Natchez, Miss.: Tennessee liver, between Bridgeport and Sheffield, , Ala. ; Coosa river, or bridge across Onaiansula and Etowah rivers, at or tear Rome, Ga. ; Flint river, in Geor gia; Oeinulgce, in Georgia; Tennessee, at or near Lamb' Ferry, Ala. ; Caney Fork river, between Rock Island and Carthage, Tcnn. ; Mississippi river, at Slemphis, Tenn.; Oconee river, Laurens county, Ga., and several others. Tbe business on the Senate calendar waa taken up on Tuesday upon the fol lowing bills, among others, were passed: House bi 1 appropriating $30,000 for the construction of a graveled or ' macade mized road a mile and a half in length to tho national cemetery near Newucrne, N. C. A bill to further provide for the disposal of the public lands in Alabama was reported and placed on tbe calendar. It seta apart the proceeds of the sale of public lands in Alabama for the use of the state, to be applied in tbe discretion of the state Legislature exclusively in promoting technical education. The House joint resolution authorizing the loan of tent and tent equipage for tbe veter an organization of tbe Society of the Army of the Potomac at the approaching Gettysburg . reunion was taken up, ex plained by Mr. Hawley, and passed Mr. Townshend, of Ulinois,offered a joint resolution, in the House, authorizing tbe Secretary of War to loan tents and equip age to tbe Society of the Army of the, Potomac on the occasion of the Gettys burg reunion. The resolution differ from that offered on Monday mainly in referring to the "survivors of the battle i f Gettysburg," and not to the 'two armies." Mr. Kilgorc, of Texas, ob jected, but Mr. Burrows, who had ob jected the day before, having stated that the resolution was unobjectionable, and should be passed, he withdrew hi ob jection, and the resolution wa passed i.nanimously. oir. Secretary of tt Navy Whitney will soon retire from President Cleveland' cabinet. ' The comptroller of the currency au thorized the First National Bank, of Talladega, Ala., to begin bualses with a capital f $50,090. . . The pott -office department announces that ' inner registered sack exchanges' have been ordered between Jacksonville and Ocala, begiaing July 2, daily except Sunday. There are 14 silver watche belonging to South Carolina soldier who served in the late War, now in the keeping of the War Department, wulcn can be had dj proving ownership. There i a good deal of Interest In the Naval Appropriation bill and the feature relative to a navy yard on the Gulf Coast. f-1 nf rnurw stands the first show as she has the prestige of having already a yard and the finest harbor on tbe coast. There is evidently to be a strong fight In behalf of a poiut on tie river above Mo bile. The Treasury Department has decided that the cost of granulating imported rice is a part of the value of goods, per m. Tills action overrule laeciaimaoi rrrtnin initiorters that the cost of granu lation is a non-dutiable charge., It wa asserted ia their behalf that the rice waa imnorted in a granulated condition, ana not in entire grains, because the advance duty imposed on granulated rice amounts to more than the duty at the specific rate prescribed for rice imported a grain. The House Committee on Commerce ha made a favorable report on tbe bill for the construction of a light-house on the hlirhlnnd to the westward of Crooked Itivcr in Florida. The original bill waa for a light on Dog Island, but Vice Ad miral Rowan, In a letter to congress on the sublet. aid: Th amount named in the bill ,$10,000) is sufficient for the es tablishment of the liaht Rut the board is of opinion that the bill should be so mended as to permit of the erection of tbe light "at or near" instead of "on" lion Inland, as it nnv be found that it will be better to pise the light on the mainland a little to tho westward of Crooked River. Postofllces hare been established at Christmas, Holme county, Miss., and Triton, Lawrence county Miss, Star ser vice bus been disconunuea in Texas from Richardson to Frankfort, and from Nevada to Royco City, Mail messenger service has been discontinued in Texas to Ben Franklin, Delta county, Texas, from the G. C. & S. F. Ruilwavi Special ser vice has been discontinued in Texas to Gibbs. Dallas county, from Grapevine and to Brausfordj Tarrant county, from Hi-ilford. The following lounn-class postmasters have been commissioned : John Brigs. Manfred, Ark. ; Moses C. Gresham, Pcerson, Ark. ; J as. A. van, JToss Bluff, Flo.; Isaac L. Saids, Tiiton, The weather crop bulletin, Issued by the Signal Office," ay: Generally throughout tho United States, tne weath er during the past week has been the most lavombte ot tne season lor growing crops. While all the crops have im proved in jNebrasKa, tne conditions up to date have not been most favorable fur the corn crop. More rain in portiona of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and ew Jersey would doubtless improve tne crop of small grains, gras ana iruit. The weather has been favorable for har vesting in Kansas. Arkansas and Tennes see, and conditions favorable for heavy wheat yield in tbe Smoky Hill valley of Kansas and in Tennessee. . The weather has been especially favorable for the growtn ol tne cotton plant tnreugnout tne entire cotton region. A windstorm (truck Chattanooga on Wednesday, and lasted for several min utes. The air waa so thoroughly filled witn dust tbat it wa impossible to dis tinguish any one across the street A number oi trees were torn up oy tne roots, and sign were blown a long dis tance while the wind wa blowing. Mis Clara Moffat as arrested in Clarksville on the charge of forgery and brought to Nashville. It seems that she had passed herself off a Mis Ella 31c- Writbt and collected three checks signed by Mrs. Martha McWright, and made payable to Ella Mc Wright, her daughter, the checks being lor t'iv, w aud f -o respectively. On reaching Nashville the matter was compromised. Jos. P. Rose, transfer clerk of the Louisville & Nashville railroad at Jcllico, was shot and killed on Monday, by tbe accidental discharge of a pbtol. Two white men and a negro gambler were "shooting craps'' on tbe railroad track. Rose wa sitting on a rail looking on. A large revolver dropped from the negro pocket a he was playing and was dis charged in two chambers. Both balls went through Rose bead, killing him instantly. V. S. Stevens. V. M. Barrett and J. B. Etormi are under arrest at Corbin, Ky., for swindling the merchant pf Knoxville. Stevens and Barrett con ducted small (tores at Loudon and Cor bin, Ky.. and would order large ouanti- ties of good which they would never pay lor. Alter their game bai been discovered they brought Storms into play and had good (hipped in bi name. They also had good chipped to fictitious name at (mall stations near Loudon, and then hauled them several mile in wagons. DISARMS THE CHILDREN. Officers Go Through ft Baltimore School and Find Many Revolvers, Precisely at OulO o'clock Saturday morning, the pupil in all the male pub lic school in the city raised thtir eyes in pleased astonishment as a bine-coated and brass-buttoned pdioeman cob-red the school. The entrance of an oflker in a achool-room always cause a ripple of excitement The astonishment would have been far greater had it been known in each achool that at the same moment an officer ot the law waa just opening the door of every other public achool. Of eonrse. each boy wa wondering what other boy wa the special object of tho omoer a coming, and were a as a general lurDiise when it was eventually dis covered that every boy in the school waa to be aubjected a to his porketa and desk to official inspection. By pre concerted arrangement between the scliuol authorities ami the Police De partment an officer wa detailed to visit every pnblio school at tne aame nour. The object of the mova wu to make a earch for pistols, ehngs, mistuV. and neb other weanon an are forbidden in the school. There have been finite a number of cases in which trouble baa been eaused br such weapon In posses sion of school bora, and the authorities have been fully impressed with the con stant danger in which large number of scholars are dally placed by the practice. Tcaibers have been very watchful in the matter, and boys carrying pistol have been severely punished when discover ed. There was some uncertainty as to the extent to which the practice prevailed among the schools. Some were under tbe impression that the practice of curry ing piatohisnd slungnhots prevailed very largely, especially in the sontliwratera part ot tne city, me inveaitgwuoii, however, did hot mo ont very much. Very few pistols were found, thntikdi the Search was thoroughly made. Only two or three pistols, so far as known, were confiscated. One of the colored school contributed a razor blade, a lm and a lungshot--riitior Amencin, fAUmau vlnevar.llst anMriniU ma troutilatrom Vine iliei Thrillers t ritnin grount, unit unn'b-r it -, ro.it rot, h apneomt to ait In the wnrk of iWrii.-tKHi. This new comer ts well knows In Hoiitlicrn I'ranee ami ai on pi M"lttpf ranran. It esl! onlv on km lanl an I In frlil wbn caul ration hat bnn imu'.vcWkL SOUTHERN SPRAYS; INTERESTING FACTS EEIEFED FOR BUST HUMANITY. MOVEMENTS IS REMOIOU8, TEMFEBA5CE, MASONIC AND SOCIAL CHICLES JIBES, ACCIDENTS INDUSTRIAL PROGRESS. Alabasaa. ti lllon. mlnpr. At TTcnrr Ellen uuu m'vui - . . j - Mines, fifteen miies irom nimuus"""', nn Mnnitnv Tro tiiklnT six ounce .. " J r- of laudanum. ' Alien' suicide wa on ac- etfunt of his mother-in-law. n. r.i,.niiA t th tiiw town of Shef field, st the foot of Mussel shoals, in the northern edge of Alabama", islublasfand doing well; another is to be started July 4th, and three moro oy tue nrsi umuuuiu nf Hntmhfr. nrovidcd raw materials for them can be procured. . "r'' GMrala. Stone Mountain and the country round about it suffering from the depredation of a gang of burglar. Hull a dozen houses were entered hi one night J. H. Eddins, of Cleveland, S. C, formerly a policeman in Atlanta, went to Atlanta to be treated for a throat trouble, and dropped dead in a drug store. Citizen of Marietta are rejoicing over the success of Mr. Clements in securing an appropriation from Congress of $5, 000 for tbe street running from the pub lic square to the .national cemetery. Ten thousand persons from four coun ties, assembled at Palmyra, Lee county, bunday. to witness the baptism oi con verts in Fowlton creek, by the noted col ored preacher, Wallis Warren, who num bers his followers by thousands, and his baptism by hundred. Bev. 'William Coolson, a - prominent Tlnn(!of rtManrtof nt 'Piimi1 Itir lnnnfv BkV piVI UVl VI A HMIUIUij VU J f was found dead in the wood near his residence, tt Villa Rica, on Tuesday. He walked over to tho postomce oiler his mail, and took bis gun. lie was found on his lace dead, tbe gun beside him. The jury of inquest held an in vestigation, and after examination, deci ded that the cause was heart disease. An accident occurred on the Macon Ss Covington Railroad. Five negroes, belonging to Powell & Davenport camp, were excavating a cut, when the whole embankment suddenly, and without warning fell upon the laborer, burying them beneath the enoTmous weight. A squad of workmen in the neighborhood rushed to tbe rescue, ' and succeeded in digging the unfortunate men from their perilous prsition before sny of their were dead. -Kaalaeky. ' A freight train on the Newport News & Mississippi valley Railroad weet through the bridge over Green Itivcr, at Kockport, on Sunday. Lum Coleman, a brakeman. was killed. Engineer P. Car roll, Conductor J. C. Comptou, snd J. G. Love, yard master at Central City, were seriously hurt, but may recover. Nutb Carellaa. At a meeting of the executive commit tee of the State Horticultural Society held at Raleigh, it wa decided to hold the next state fruit fair in that city on tne em ana via oi August next. The formal opening of the Sea Coast Railroad, connecting Wilmington with the Ocean Beach at Wrightville, took place in the presence of over 1,000 per- Tn- .. : i j uus. uc niTcr bjmhc wu unveil oy President Latimer. Tbe road is of great uupuruiuca vt n uuuigi.ua. The crop report for June, as made np from the report of a thousand corres pondent in every county in the state, is as loiiows, one hundred being taken a the estimate of a full crop: Wheat, 83 ; oats, 91 1-7; corn 87; cotton, 78 8-4; to bacco, 83 5-6; rice, 03 1-7; sorghum, 80 1-8: spples, 60 1-4; peaches 66; hay, 93; clover, 00; pcicuts, 80. SWraih Carolina. The King' Daughters, of Charltston, re doing a great deal of tflcclive wutk among the deserving poor. Fire at Yorkville, on Sunday morning destroyed the dry good st re I 1. M Dobson & Son, and gutt. d two brick building used a stores. The total loss is about 130,000. W. E. Sswyer, a prominent eitir.cn of Aiken county, committed suici te on Wednesday night. Ilis dead body wa found banging by a rope from a joist in an outbuilding on hi own premise. He had been in very bad btalih for some time. Much excitement exists at Union in consequence of tbe discovery of an at tempt to lire a portion of the town. Coining immediately upon the recent de structive conflagration there, it excite the beliel that a systematic purpose ex ist to destroy the village. vlrflnla. . . The bodies of Charles Mayo, a tele graph operator, and Lee Makely, fireman on a train which was wrecked bear Pope's Head Run. were found buried btneatli the engine. The li-t of de d to far as ascertained at this time, is as follow: Dead Edward Hantzinnn, en pineer; Lee Makely, fireman s Charles llayo, teiegrapn operator, aou u. i. Port, baggage-master. A passenger train ran into freight train on the jummonu, rrtaencas- bunrh & Potomac Railroad, near Hun eary Station, on Saturday, resulting in wrecking a numocr oi ircigm ". t.w gineer Boweo, A. Q. Berklilincr, mail aornt from Wilmington. N. C, and Charles Tinslcy. colored fireman, jumped from the psstenger train. Bowen wa lightly scratched, Btrkhelmer's thigh wa broken and Tinslcy W injured tu ternally, probably seriously. AROUND THE GLOBE. ITE3I3 GLEANED FROM TELE PHONE AND TELEGRAPH. 1KTERESTI50 DOTS ABOUT THE HORTH, BAST AND WEST TUB EUJlOr-EAH (ITU ATION DOINGS OF K1NU8 AND QUEENS. No foreign officers will be allowed to .i . . .... attend iiussian military maneuvers uus year. Mai. J. C. Tibbctt. city tax re- nvor nt T.amHsrt vi iln .T ia filinrt. in his accounts. lie has disappeared. Ex-Warden Reed, who attempted sui cide On Monday at Minneapolis, Minn., t - i ..: l . m.,..;!,!. in in UBLILT bUUUlUUU IUU UIA1 IJVOSIUIY : v - recover, Detailed account of gale which oc- . Cflrred on tho coast of Iceland, show that 400 frsoeh fishermen were drowned, thirty vessel having been wrecked. At the Pennsylvania railroad locomo tive (hops, at Altoona, Pa., on Wednes day, a locomotive weighing 110,000 pound was built in J6 hou'ra and 53 minutes. Three of a gang of fourmen. who were laying gas pipes in 82d street at Fonrth avenue, ew York, on Wednesday, were killed by the caving of banks of the ex- cavation. The fourth got out alive. Seven coke work of McClure & Co.,: in the Connellsville, Pa., region, shut down on Monday on account of a strike of the employe against the discharge ot a woman. About 3,000 men are idle. Emperor William has telegraphed to President Carnot, of France, thanking him for bis message of condolence onv the death of Emperor Frederick, , and expressing tbe hope that the good rela tions now existing between France and' Germany may continue. The supreme lodge of the Knights of Pythias in session at Cincinnati, O., acte'V on the Pennsylvania case. The ap-( nroved the action of Supreme Chancellor loward Douglas in suspending the grand, odge, and agreed that the grand lodge' charter snouiu do resioreu conuiuouauy upon their complying with the orders of the supreme chancellor heretofore hn sued. Thomas Joseph Conden, member of the House of Commons, who was impris oned in Cork jail for offenses under the crime act, was released on Wednesday The appeal of John Dillon from his sen' tence to imprisonment for violation of the crimes act was heard and sentence! confirmed. Mr. Dillon was taken to Dundalk faiL Lord Salisbury, on Monday, introduced, in the House of Lords a bill to reform; the constitution of that body. Ths maaeaiM nmiviHI Tlilt I1A mnfW than ttlfTA UILIK'U 1 V UVB.. WW ... life peers shall be appointed yearly, those to be drawn Irom the superior courts, rear admirals, major generals, ambassa dors and privy councillors; the queen also having pow er to appoint two others yearly not so qualified. A change .has occurred in the plans ef the sgents Who bought out the franchise of the Gatling Gun Company. They in tend manufacturing the machine, both in Hartford, Conn., and in England.. The work at Hartford, therefore, will not be closed. The new Gatling com pany which Dr. Gatling has organized at Richmond, Va., is for the manufacture of guns with a tensile- strength hitherto unknown. Puyverdier, of the Paris GauhU, and M. Ransom, of the Paris Martin have been expelled from Berlin, Germany. Puy verdier wrote from San Rcmo a state ment reflecting upon the present German emperor and empress, which appeared ia the Oauloit and London World. Ransom, after talking with a Russian staff officer in Berlin, wrote letters reflecting on the German army. Fire broke out on Monday afternoon in the Baker home at Dubois, Pa., and owing to the high wind blowing at the time, it could not be controlled until it bad destroyed the whole business portion of the town and several hundred resi dences. The lots is put by insurance agents at a million dollars. An area, a milo Ion? by an average ot almost half a mile wkl; is complete ruin. Blackened wall and pile of coals is all that is left of one of the most prosperous town within a hundred mile. Three thous and are homeless and destitute, aud in need of immediate aid or they must lut fcr. ' TERRIBLE AFFAIR. On Wednesday, Mr. Josephine Morike, a Polish lady, residing. In Alleghaney,; Pa., administered a dose of strychnine to' each of her three children, ged respect ively 8, 5 and 3 year; then took a dose of the poison herself. rtarlaa. Burglars are plying their nefarious oc cupation In St. A'ugustine, and Seems to succeed in escaping the vigilance of the police. Articles of incorporation have been filed in the clerk's efiice, at Kisslmmee, for the St. Cloud 8ugar Belt Ruilroad Company to extend ftotn Kiisimmce to Runny mede. ".-tv MlsMMlpph ' The dead body of a man was found on the Louisville A Nashville Railroad track, at Mississippi City, with tie head lying on th rail and the skull crushed in. The body was identified as that of a carpenter, who ha been working at Gulfort, lie had been there during the afternoon drinking. A flash, ot whiskey wa found on bis person. It Is said that In Tlnc from bis palam to TVrtminitr Alibey, ths B'hop of Ixmrfoa ponMbttililinptbnoteltoth lirior InUf n in which the emnmiionrr of tiie Crtiiirli of KnalaniltiavjinvwtM tmH funds of th Church tJ tiie silent el t M.

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