nuisDoro necoraer. $ ill . : ... , .- r C. E. PARISH, frowistor. Esters it tht froet Office at HilUboro . m sseond claaa suUtsr. . "'.TBRMS v' '' ' $t.OO PER ANNUM. A L VTA r (J ; .,V flf i C.E ASTEK'TISIITO AT MTISfQ KATp?. , If yon want it to pay advertise in the Hillsboro Rbcobper. . - , 1 ' . You will find the Rbcobdkk Omoi ou King street, in the brick bnildtOg ovar Mrs. M,.I Taylors mimwjrf store. Come anuses oa. . , . The editor of tbe IiOoiuni w uot re sponsible for the yiews of correspondents, not anything of a peraoual character calculated to offend my one be inserted, if known at tbe time. .... ...!!. " THURSDAY"" JUNE 2S 1888. ' " MS V UHV WVH W fcWWVWW W W V . repord. ; v , "j Thnrmn, whd iris.8e!ta U "ta-gjt-. est form of Dep)o?racyis wonderfully .and pwaliarljT EtTonjj in Indiana, and the Democratic parly of that State in ami in Hi n itnnnrt .: f ' I- ft-w-e IIBUllUIIUal 111 UU BUUUril J - I. LiVl I'll urapb of the Democratic nationaUJcket iu Indiana in November is certain. The IIou. II. U. Bunnr our .candi. date, for Congress, wtH beta HijlHboro n' Tuesday of .Court-August 7, and address the people." AlJ w ho nnt to beef a.Ojd speech, ode they can ap preciate ;a'd '.'enjoy, should come out and hear Captaiu Biiu'n 'on tie beck iou.refWred to. . , Tbe name of Allen G. Thurman, as llt.T. W. Strange, of Wilmington, this State, said, in seconding biettom lua'ion at the rJtLouis convention,' in sy nony ni . tor virtue, honesty and patriotism and we wi readily .believe r.t&angee farther, statetnetft thai the -thought whiefct suggested hie name to the convention, was an in spiration from on high!" V - ' Our thanks are due.t')'tho Hon. Wjllianj II H. Cwles for -a copy o! b.ia speech on the tariff and internal reveuoe, delivered in the national Hew of Representatives on tie 11th (4 May. I' tenor is indicated by the .root to the author has placed ou the jtle-page, "A tariff for revenne only, nd revenue olIy by the taiiff,. Thin is the doctrine-believed in by meat of f.h aortb Carolina iJwnoerats. '' " See oofm i f; 0" . Mebane,: the chairman Of the to pship executive cHimittee; ia another column. The pbject in TiaV i. to form a Cleveland and Fowle Clulj. V i.earneatly nrgo all tbe DctnoersUs in' the township to jta:n oat and, form a rousing club, one arboMi power and iix-luluesa for good rill tee.t tn tte coruitig" ctfopign I)iDicrtic'aeiid4y now ia more to be desired lluo rever. We have ainjoyed its blessing for some years; jet its Meanings continue. We acknowledge- the receipt, from the anthor, ot a copy' ol the speech oi I tie Hon. Toepb )V heeler, vt Alaba ma, on tho tariff, delivered in the House ot.Hpresentitives.ou the 4'b and 5tb of.Jlay. We' note thai th geotleaaaniu reftrnng to tbe amount ofinterpa1) revenue abylmhed by the' Jlepnblicaus wbi'e they were iu the pnbampered qooToI t4 every bragcli of the .government, ahows bow the Jlepnblicans have always been r-nloua ana ready to relieve the wealthy and .lot the poor from burdensome and vexations taxatku." Thanks to Mr. V better lor tbe lonoeut. , ..iscoxsisTExar. "The Democratic party has foiled complete! o .relieve tbe peopleol b tardea of unnecessary taxation by reducticp of the iurplu. 1 be Republican party pltd itself to corrett.ttwinequauiiea of tbe tariff and redoot tU suiplos." .VkWicqj tfotimol Platform. , You d do.jou? Ptay tell as how and when, More than three months go lie petnocraia in Coogreaa in trodncpd till known W tbe Mill LilL'the ol.Wtof which was to reduce the surpLisand lower the tanfTduties m imported gtNds. Nearly all the JUpaU;ca,n,tnemberin Coogress per ienj!y longht the bill ii clt by inch, and by CUbutering and farlimeiit ary taotios 'jjave, delayed and pre veufed U passage' and yet yon By that your party ia ta favor of eqnal izirg the taria and redntinir tbe sor p!u ,0h, ho!, Yo.n are p aweet set, loe ipuwisstifl csy tbey sre lbs mnit man s jriendiuid some bt them ride into iiffioe cn tbe shoulders of the Knights of Labpr.ttiiming to le the poor rnan'f friend (John Nichols, lor instance), wtiefn Vjr their platform tber favor Ihf high protective tariff as it is, that taxes jtha rich man's diamonds 10 per cent and Li fine silks, velvets, etc, 20 per cent. and the poor man's blankets and Winter clothing, shoes, rata, etc., :u per cent, s And yet yon M the poor manV friend. , Awy with such, friendship; we waot it not, . It is like tbe spider's friendship ir th ily. t We'if take ho spider in onr'a, My all such shallow pretencea be OMiioupded and over, whelmed by e everlasting ,,con glbmeration." A Judge. II ed would any, "It i a fulijo u'legalion ot a wib Mstiitg frtd." ;j ';'"rr " ' .V CAPTAIN W. K. PAItRISU We see iu the Durham liecorlert ff the 23 1 inst.,a communication 'jft'U''u uiey'irig this nonriei;;iit a caudi dattt'for the legislfttaK " 'As 'Durham and OrHiig Vtte together tt mem bent'oi the legislatcre, it may nt be amiea' in iih to heartily second the ulxive iioruiniitionl',. ' i v It was our pleasure once to be a collengue with Captain Parrisli iu the Cnernl Aexembly. .We- can vaaseXl together iu' Orange on the sum, ticket, snd we know of onr own knowledge that man in runge sIchkI higher or bad the conGde.uce ot the people to a ; greater extent 'i hair Captain Tairish.'-; lie id a tnjri i;f fine sense, and while Jri Jthe;GeuerriV8,. ambly wsa ' always 'at., his p wt aiid ever looking to the besl imerebVuf hia' cmtitHwitann;;i:;. . fA tannW himself, he iii thnroughly identiHed ivilb, I ho farminjf interwttl of NlHh .Carolina and. we tlijnk'we' caii say with coniidena that the n)in iiiiHi'.ii of Captain - Pani-lii wi!( ' be heartily endorsed in '.Oi'auge cott;ity. irmwEASHToTioiiT. Qiv 'Monday bist the 'Republican National Con vin I Jon, at Cl)i:ago, on the eighth ballot,' nominated leiija min Harrison, ot iH.iiana, jia the can didate for president. Tl; ti.niii-e on the sixth ballot had received 231 votes, and on the seventh ballot 253. On the eighth bullet his vote "was 544, cr considerably ijiore than 'a ma jority! Ivi I. Morton o Tew York, was nominated, on the fiiMl ballot, aa the candidate tor vice-prfnidetit. Jo the cdoontaiii (for tbe couveutiou was a large one) latored for a' week and brought forth two Kttje moutis'. General Harrison is "a grandson of General William IJenry Harrison, ot 01d Tippecanoe mul Tyler too States in the Hard Cider and fg Cabin campaign of ISI), ajid who live! but a month alu-r h was in aanrattd tub olljce. Mr M-rtV" a New York banker, wiih a large bar'l" of money, the tind f grease the RepublitMua are au fond ol using when tjie public cr some one else than themftblvea fnrnisjies'it.,:' Most of the jWniocrotic congies meu who have beent interviewed ou the snbj-ct say they do not think the ticket a very formidable one; and the Republicans iir Waxhiiigton are "rep resented to. Ia aa Utt aa indigo" over tho UouynHlioiia. ' ! We tLjnk General Harrison wjll live less time in the Whitn Houetbatii bia distinguiahed ancestor did in other wf .js, that be will never tn tbeieatall; for if Grover Cleveland, in 1&S4. could beat the' "Plumed Knight," ot national fame, what is to stai.d in the way ot his triumph iu 1888, with bia eminently wise, bonest and economical administration 'still before the people? The Repunlican convention did well in otte regard, and we give it the due nted of praise it deserve in that pr' licnlar. It forever S(joelcl)ed tbe aaibi tioua hope of the prince ot tbe "visit ing statesmen," the corrnpt trickster and the "bloody shirt" South-hater", John Sherman, that he might become preside ot the United .States. This of itself was good but the Chicago convention even did more and gave lo ine country as us leaaingcauuiuaie a man who record ia such ou the Chiijene question that California and several other I'ncific Coast States must tiecensiirily go with the Democracy.' For this we say: "Well done, Repub lican convention! ywu have our hearty thanks.' - .' ' TIW TARIFF The Democratic national platform of Dis4said: - i, t .t Tbe lieDKSTatia party is pledjad to re vise tb tariff in a spirit ol fairoeas to all iriteresta. hnflicient revenna to psf at the ezoeiuietof ilia rderal KumnineuC tcommioiUjf almtuia!crt. ibcludiiig pen. aimi Interest aal prioriMl of tha pablie debt, can be g-t nu et our prnt system of j taxation iritis C'tatoia uHiaa taxas on eaier iaiartei articles, bearing heaviest oa artuurs ullHXWjf sua bmrmj ligultM 04 nrU tit (f mtmttlif. We, therefore, tlwune ti& mbute if tin ytmaU tariff, Bnl, siibict to tli preceding liauM'ioD", we iteiaaud that Fed eral laxitioo alinll be excliinivel fur pnblio orpof, sul shall not exceed tha D.U of tlte guerbueut muk'mkiillf wlmMstered. The Democratic tiatioual platform of USS says:- ; , Tbe Denwralia party of the TJoitsd KUtr, ia na toual eoofuntsn aaMmbltl, ruewa Ilia pleilga of Ha fblelajr to tha Detuocialie fiitii an1 ra(Iirma tbe pl-Uforra adopted tiy Ha reprMiiativs In tha coo Vetitioil of IXH t. itml ttuturtm Hit ,r.m w prtufi If I'ttiiiUM Ctttela-4 in kit hit unnwd wmmwt lit limgrts at a torrtii inter; prtlotiom i th'd ptiiVufm upon 0nqwtte rf Pirif. ' It aba enitonss U a effort of our DeoMieratie repreatatives (a . Cot (rre to sircars a redaction of exoeasive taxation., . 1 IUcry Walterson, the editor of the Louisville (Ivy.) Coidier-Journal, and - .JT.I t. vnainnau vi iu uuiuTuiiiee on rssom; tionf at the recent St. Louis convert tion.'and who is also one of the ablest of low tariff advocates, said, when the naiiuiBiJ platforra was reported; ' V Here 'is "a'ofatf'orm npou wbicli Deino- erata enu ataud . withontj feelinj that fhev fVQ away frornbtroe 1 ia a declaration of principles which Uemocrata can kuI- serlie without looking aronnd tna comer. It embodies a atatemeut of facts iuoontro- yortilile. It delocalizea the canae o( reform Miid civps s Itmuuiitfa which fuitv t auoken1 - t ... t.. T .'i J i. MiKe in new iibi wjt nmi in mn uii aetta and in Texas" Ita fait is set in t riy'it direction, and ita eye look npou tbe riaii g and iut the settiug ami. An infant sou of Mr- and Mrs. JY. J. i'og'tjf (formerly of HHUbwoAed; iVtr-pimitaiKMiga, TeuiiT.'on the "20th just at the age of atant six mont hs. Pied,'at his home, in Little Jliver townstiip, on 'Monday .' evtoiiiui;iast; '5tJb insf., jn the vighjQr-first yfarfof hls'age, Win. J. Gray, esq. He was a pruiniiciit and Jisetol .citizen, tunj greatly admired and highly esteemed by those who. knew him. lie will be greatly missed; " "' ' COilMITTtik MEE'riNG., : liVm'emWrf otrthe tyfutriemo are. requestea m ingej. "ii: ''Mfe",ri ma'a'-olSoe m. Hiliatwo.fl; t4 flifciock mi'init-Monday, JolV' jRWaMtesa ot irnporttfiice will be it ts'fleMred'tlmt eyefy meiribef 'the coinniTttee. shall be preiit 'jThe cliairniaii of each township exeqiitive oiwiiiiiiitee is invited met with the Cbairmiiu' Central Democratic' t!xe!B tiaaa I .iifklintrtaaaa ' - FA KM Ells' ALIJIANCEP Notice. is. hereby given that there will be a meeting'ot tbe County Alii-aiu-e at the Court House iu Hillsboro on Friday next, July C" A fiiii at tetidauca ia requested. J ' Jous K. HcenES, President.; ; Hillaboro, Jut:e24. 1888. BARNUI'S: CIRCUS; i ... . i Greatest Show on Earlli, ' . . i-: . .- -. ' i .- li Not Qonunrj Here July 4, bnt if you waul any kind of Dry Goods," NoHous Boot, 8hots, Hats, dps, w Urnceriea,' Hardware, Qwkery, ( Drags, Candies, Cigsra, Jew ' e!ry, or anything nanally . ' kept ia a country . . ..... store, . J U3T D 111X0 US YOU R M OX E Y. V ; OR GOOD BARTER, and get what yon need at the' lowest cash tpri4s. ebave closMloar bOokx. soil will, tiht o)-u ,ihf m U eharge one eenta'a worlk aOVIKIilT, ricu irr mih r wuuer. If yon owe auytkiOK. rest aoanrmi tlrat we won't get .mad if yoiij pay up; for we need uioney. jmiJ nel it onw.'- .We ran and Will sell food a low down for' ths "almiKbty dollar" as anybody. From lliia raUi ou we will rnn a "raeket atore," audit yoaliave only five cents a can get tbe worth of it here. If yon want credit, we can offer yon no indnemen.t; if yon have money or barter come on. . , Itpecfnl'v. THI2 COUNTRY RACKET STORE, Cedab Gbovx, Ji. C, Jone T2. ms. - c. s. cooLey & SON, lUUfCrACTCIiCKS or ASD DKAERS Ilf FURNITURE, A BIG STOCK OX HAND, i' ASTD AT THE TERY LOWEST CASH PRICES. . Bureans, Wabxtnnila, Tables, rteilateada. Tin S'afea, C'liair. Mat traces and Spring-, Hod, bottom, in en.lleM variety and at all prices, ' Furnitore of all kind and rejaiirej to order at short notice. HEPAICIXO OpTlXE FURXITCRE A SPECIALTY, At tbe lowest prices. ' COFFIJsi'tASlyW'CkEli i in all sizes and styles, and at all prioes. A BIO STOCK ALW ATS OS tUTfb. '; - All nndertaking entrasted to nnrenre wilt bssttenld to promptly and with;Utjj'stehA A hearse, as usual, free to patrons. C-I on or address , C. 8. COOLEY A SON., J.", j " HILLSCORO..N.O., ., ' ; notice: ""i Having uoytxl into my new bonaa, oa rav old "its, on Tryon street, opivnite ths Cunrt Il msa, I Ukw pleaaore in auuouncing to the publio that I HAVE OX HAND - ';. A LtRRg LOT Of - .1. Old Corn, Wheat and Rye Whiskies, :;; of fis pnr4 sn best kiola. Also all Other Klrttif of Fine. r. Pare Mquort. ; If yoa need a pnr"srticlo(l uietisina aae, sail on ms. 2RAEL .TURXEK. JnTrtASfiBo. S, fi, Jims 2. ' .T j CIw,Ty navf ng this dsy qaalifi.'.i aa tha adminis trstor of the late F. Wilson, I here- by notify all persons indebted to said estate to eoata. forward and pay tbe same, and those holding elaims .agaiost said estate to ptDaeflt them to tbe andersigoed properly snthedliAOed on or befors the 9ih of Jane. 1889, r this notice will 6a pUsul in bar of Uaiif ripovery. This 9th Jane, 1881 i ' i... w ? Wiwoa, AdtninistraloV. liquor tit f; ":j.v notice. - '.Tlie njidersipned; liaving this any nnali fied sshoadruiuiMtratrixof the Into Jiuucy Audeiiion,' hereby" hotUles'au persons in debted to said lent ate to come forward and pnj., iu? njimtv anil iuiw iiouuug ciiuiua HKsinsf say ettjte to preacnt them to tbe nmlersicned, itroiinrly snleticaited. eu or Imfore tha; 23d day of June. lHHl). orthis.i Ddtn-s aill be plead in bur of, their Vecovery ,Tbis22d Jniia. 18K8. , . . , -',t .s ,i Administratis. MKOTICf. Fursnant to an order of the Snnerior Court of Orange county, North Carolina, pi 1 case futilhd 'James Warren and others, rx txirit; I wilt, on the preniiaet.. on FRIDAY. THE127TH DAY OP JtJLY, 1888, i$ at pnblia snuiiou, 10 the liigheat bitiavr. S certain' tract of 'fainl, Ijing in Orange eiinnty afwreaiu'd. adjoining the lamia, of John McUrackin',Siibeanit.Uall and other, eontainina; :aore, more- or less, and known ss tbe Nelaou P. Hall plaite, . , ' Tesmaof sale Pue-third of the pnrilmse money to. ue paid eiisbr one-third , iu six months and the remuing one-third in twelve mooUis, The'prinjhaser will be reqnirel to ifvi'R per cent, interest-bearing liud for tlfe 'deferred puvioepts, and the tyla wdl l)HreSBrvcd antiialt tW purohaaa money is jat(l:v mi. liViW .4, i. . This iina Hit iwihsh.. - F. K. WAriltEX, CommisaiiMier. . . X0RT1I CAROLINA. . '.. Ou.saa t'opli7X!ci,",," Court, .4 1-' 18U Jane, ItkSS .. George IL Hobbs and others 1 - .' svsiust I , John W. Hobbs, Martha Ter- j ' . ry, E. N. Perry, Lizzie Hub-1 bard-nud j--? Uubbsril, - beirsst law of JamesHubls, ( . deesaaed, -and' Jonathan j . E . Hobbs sod Mary Demos, j TUia is a oivil pio.iitiug couimenced by the plaiutiffa, aa heir at law. ot tha lule Eiizatietif-Uoblw, sgiiuat the defendanta, aa s!ao:' beirs at law .of the same, for the psrtition of a- certain tract of bind in Or auge connty auong the said tetiahta in eomnson." -.:,''.' .- The said defendant. John W. Hobbs, Martha lVrrraud ber hualaiiid E. JS J'erry, Lizzie Hubbard sud bt r bniband Hubbard, Jouatban E. Hoblai aud Mary Demos, are beieby commanded to be and appear before rue. at my offioa in HiUaboro, on tbe 13th day of Anguat, 1883, to plead, answer or demur to tbe complaint of- the plaiutiffa. or jndgment for tbe relief de manded in the said complaint will be ren dered.. . - . ... . AVitneas Phide Jokes, clerk of ths Sope- ' ' ' riordairi for the Onuty of Orange, at ofllce, this 18tb June. 1888. , FKIDE JONES, . - . Clerk Snpenor t'onrt. - .tl.. HATTIE I.. TAILOR. ," (AlherCUSimd) f. IS bow receiving a '. : . LAKOE bTOCK OF HEAUTJFUI Millinery Gopds. ECkWEAR, " " :rr : .v . kotioss. : :-.. .-i JEWELRY, i Also.agreat variety of WHITE GOODS, ,- White sud Colored DltE-S-H UUCDH. -Novelties in . EM I'.KOIDE It J ES, CUFFS, COLLAl'A Isocy YEILINUS. tHovea ke. , LATEST ritjle of HAIS sud U0XXE1S, snd everything nsuaily kept in onr hue. We bare made SpccLd efforts, and will have alt tbe - . . . LA 1 EST 6 1, Tf L E S la everything. Allot which we will sell LOW. Cohjb and see ue. I will give yon liARUAINs.' Mrs. M. L. TAYLOR. : Msreh 1588. tf ' A.. W. Gkiqak,' , R. W. Wixsto.1, - 'GUAHAM k WISTOX, Attorneys at Uw, .OXFORD, X- C Trsctices in the Comities of Orange. Durham. Ternon, Granville and Csswell And in the HnpremS Lonrt ang. II ly, JATHES JI. MAS0X, AlTORXEi'AT'LAW. " ' i '' Ciurru Hat, N. C, Traetices in the Ktate snd Fetleral Conrta. t'ollco ion of Claims and Revenue CVes a specialty. War taxes piVl on Ian, pt Secoted. i tiend receipts. Nov. Idlf. itflDIESPrill X Tear Owa IrtBar,at Burnt. , TkymMiftnTxhlit. t(mf maoldvnrf. , fcr tnr to. fmrk. . Tmt lwMqMl ' , ,l twh, HrtrbttMM, Atooanl to pMkas ' or far V-mitf at Calu.A tMa-Mlay OwlttM. , ' Jpatf aaautanwkWHDat; Waolon, 1umm by. T. C. ELLLS, UeoL Merchandize.' . . Ceilar Grove, N. C ; ; J; T. Shaw, Watchmaker and Jeweler, - ; MFD AXE, x. a stcH V-' I IVl. C. HERMDON Cc CO., Wholesale and Retail Vri-..-.-..j), DEALERS IX' FUR HI T Dl E. WE KEEP .THE LA01GEST STOQK JTIIS STATE, AND SELL ss CHEAP as any House in the tradeVoiiTH or S0UTIL W A L L V A P E U, ' WINDOW S II A D E if & e, BABY CARRIAGE"in Abundance. UNDERTAKING IX ALL ITS BRANCHES. HEARSE FREE;;, Corner Mangmn and PaVnsh Streda, ' '' : -v. ir to vs . 1 ; : e tvttiiii i n, r ..r. 1 May 83 6m. ' ktANVracTUtiKD T ' DHRHAMJ NC i' r'"-- .vl 1 J '(.i11 t'iO..';: fJORTH-WESTERN SLEIGH- .CO,Vl?& ' MILWAUKES, WISCONSIN 1 ; - . : u. s. a. : ' . ; , ;:'.;:v:r; t 2Mca, $20.00 7. 0. B. v t ' ft.-- .. .- . , , f - w-v t i:-vr J '.- .--:--V v I. e-. . .... :i:ty ,v '. t-.i." k.'T . ' a YANKEB CART, No 0. ' f3 oira. Rftu rrtile In Qy 'sre Cart, fKs'i 09 g'l tht kctee me, Ma, and rrt'J donkcij. Saqoy i Aint gpt no horse iroliafl Just ss hmber s whi n wa Start Rides as enroot a tmooUi ca Tanks uoodie Ua-d 5f - " I 1 - Rides M enwot ss imooUi can. b, - .4 a requiar vanaso notion, . (xeqrge Laws, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IX FIJRNrR3 Oall kinJa A fine and CHEAP lot of ... IDSTEADS, ' MATTRASSES. -CABLES, CHAIRS, , : SOFAS, LOUT'iES DOUBLE AND SIXpLE SIDti DOARDS, SAFES,' etc, etc. : I also keep on band A LARGE LOT OF COFFINS AXD METALLIC BURIAL CASES, 'of all sizes, styles and srices. I WLL SELL LOW FOR CASH. ' Repairing of furniture done on' short notice. UNDERTAKER. Horses and HEARSE, and caref ul drivers, will give prompt attention in town or in the country, fber of Charge. CEORQELAWS, March 1'89 6m. . ' Hillsboro, NOTICE. .,.. , . - Having qnslifled as the administrator of ALBEUT F. FACCETT, deceased, oa tha 2.1 day of May, 188H, I hereby notify all persons indebted to Mid rstste to corns forward sod pay tb asms, and those having elaims aga.ost said estate to present than to tbe undersigned property sntbenticatad on or bsfors tbs Slat dsv of Msy, 1KH9, or tbi eoUo will be plead in bar of lIHr rseoverv, JOHN K. 11UQIIE3. Adm'r of A. FFsuoett, dee'd. s Msy24 Ct X can sell yon '. Vatctscs, Cleeka sia4 Jewelry As CHEAP as yon can bay asms quality good snywhara, - ItF.PAltUNU csrcfnlly done. Any psrt of a Watch, Clock or piece of Jewelry csn He replaced at my bench, aunt and ss CHEAP as tb Cheapest Ail work ssnt throngli tbs Mail or Express shall Lavs prompt attention. . Yours on time, April JW 88,ly fJUAW.' WHISKEY. - - . a . . , I am now MANUFACTURING a PURE srticls of CCKXAXD WHEAT WHISKEY, Thai 1 offer tor SALE at the following pri ces: Corn, per gallon, il.S(X Wheat... - 12,00. 'I only Mannfactare PUKIJ WIHSKEV Ms;l ly open Furnaes hes't, being ths heat process knowa for PUMlYsod FLAVOIt, Utartsd tinsiuess Jaunnry lltlt 1870 With only VJH.W ' Mr- Witrmn's 80a Cored Tobacco at COS T. . . JAMES A. CHEEK. : April 19 -88 If. . tfillaboro, N. C. , B. M. OA XT IS. . AT'fbHXF.r-AT.LAW, ... " iriLLiqionot x. a Turnam In Orangs sntt adjoining eoon. lies. Prompt attention given given to col lection of elaims. Ofllce ia Court Hons ia OUb-e Istely occnpled by A. W. Grahata. AprUW, 88. ij. , BUGGIES,; ; WAGONS,: ' '. ' " ''-''.' ,r . - Fertilizeii Boots & .Shocs CLOTHIXO,, ) : 1 v 1. .'jfonoxa, DRY GOODS, : ! . ' CLOAKS, GKOCEMES HARDWARE,; LIME, SHINGLES,. ' STOVES, EVEKV JHIXJ YCH. WANT AT, LOW ' pni c ES., At WEBB'S; Sept.2a'o7. . .-' PEDRO. -. ' w TnKeslebratadbl'A.Ms(t7.iClt .TW Uirgeat in ttns Ueolioo, Sa lormsHy wa ed by MesAra Vsmemn, and Jlst-k wll sa bs fonnd at ny Ktablea en nuts Korik ot HilMwro. ' TKptfAa&lUUUUI, UsrcblSm f llr.Jr.S.SPUKCEON, , t. -. . . t ' DEN T.I SI mmgmx. c Office next door to Dr. ficker's Vnt SUira. Open eiery day. Jan. jonji w, cirj4itf THoa. err;? QRAHAM ABUFFI. '. A iroqsErs at la nv ; ' lililtboraN ? p rrsctlo in the Conntiee of AWnart DwrhsovUnllford, Hooking IVrson snd Oranaa.- " . . " ; Atao-latlia 1 Federal Courts at B andOrM nsboro. '"" ' ' 1VEMUEL LVNCII,. Watch Maker g Jeweller, l'srticntsr sluntioa is paid loth reps11" Ins of ri Wefs . . auk-JEWXUY and CLOCKS, seUr re. ilrt. it will psv yoa to have ;onr rdT nicely snd promptly, as 1 n s""---j man besides tnya!f, Dd will se h work i dons uesUy. Ard m

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