VOL. I. HILLSBORO, N. ft, THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1888. NO. 50. I Holland reclaim aa average of eight (acre per day from the aea and the aalt water ia no sooner crowded oat than cb bage ia crowded ia. ' , In the tea yean, since 1878, 876 per aoni hare been killed or maimed or seri ously hurt at crowing of the Reading ' railway ia the city of Philadelphia. ' At Fisk Cuivorsity, Nashville, Tens., ground ha been broken for the first ;gymnaium and mechanical laboratory for colored people the world has ever aeen. . Tbe merits of newspaper advertising, were well estimated by a prominent soap man of Philadelphia when ho said that he confined kis advertising to newspa pers "Because the man who docs not read the papers does not use soap. It is reported from Cape May that it the Government cannot be induced ta build the proposed channel from Cape May to Atlantic City an effort will b sasrle to raise the money by popular tub wcriptions at the two resorts during the summer. The people of the Pacific Coast v taking considerable interest in the Mel bourne Exposition, which will be opened in August, though why it ahouM beheld in winter is not clear. It is exptcted that there will be a very creditible ex hibit of California products at the Ex. position. . j A priioa revolt, which was not quelled without much bloodshed, took place re cently at Damenhour, Epypt about twelve mile -om Alexandria. Two (risoners in the jail who were under aentter of death, aided by eighteen other convicts, managed to make their t-r ape from the prison. The police at nce started in pursuit, but before they could come up with them the prisoners took refuge ia a mosque. Here a des- erate fight took place, in which fifteen of the prisoners were killed and two were wounded, while the police had foui kiHed. The Taos Valley of Colorado and New Mexico is about to have a boom. A company will soon irrigate the eutirt valley. Uvs a recent visitor: ' The beautiea wf the valleys of Southern Cali fornia itre much extolled b touri-ts as welt aa by the Inhabitants. Taos, how m, discount anything in the Golden Estate. The climate is much more de lightful, and tbe enemies to vegetation much fewer. None of the destroyers of fruit which are common to California are found in the Taos region, and I can as sure you that watermelmons picked there two years ago are good and fresh, and flt for the table at the present time.' A orrrspondent of the rhiladeldhis Mgtr suggests that the court of the new City Hall in that city should be embellished with statues of eminent rhiladelphJant, after the manner of the I'ffizl a. Florence. He suggests, as ap propr'ate subjects, William 1'enn, Ben ljin Franklin, Benjamin Ru-h, Ben jamin West, Bishop White, bUphen Girard, John Fitch, RoWrt Fulton, Robert Morris. I.lnl!ry Mitrrsy, Dr. Kane, Charles Rrorkden Brown, Thomas Buchanan Read, Bayard Taylor, Henry C. Carry, 1. GalUudct, Horace Hinnry, Vke-l'resident Dallas, Dr. Hayet, John Welsh, and others. f !, Boulangcr, the fleeting; idol of the volatile French, is dese rib d by the Boston Ttaktrriit aa "an off-handed, rather open-hearted fellow, who likes to please, delights in rendering services to tte matter whom, is charmingly gallant to women of all ages and rank, has an elegant figure and handsome face, a winning smile, sits en horseback like a cnUur, and took wbea he was in the amy as much enjoyment out of his fine belongings as a child does out of iu Sunday clothes. He was rcsl'y pictur esque oa hi black prancing horse, sur rounded by his stall. The rank and file adored him; for why? he gave them clean beds, lavatories, me tables and plate, tumblers, knives and forks. For who had to spend three year at let ! the army this was a gwl deal. Before the time of Le Beau General they fed almost tike hogs, each eating out of a tla can, with his fingers or penknife as best he could. The beauty of the thing was that this change cost the taxpayers nothing, it being dipped o(! contractors and their patrons. Wilson didn't like itj hut Benlaoger didn't care. Boulooger Wl car cither whether influential HWcians took, when Is was war minis JWt bad part his refiuat to tame col- strike by sending a military 'we to their black country to drsgooa torn. Whta th colliers wer starving, Boulanger telegraphed to the soldiers to ,rtar their victuals with tbeo. I don't tWk U did this to wla "popularity, but rely from kind laapuls." NATIONAL CAPITAL.1 tfHAT THE SWELTERING PuB IIC OFFICIALS ARE DOING. rROCSttbWGB OF CONqHKflg ntr-ORTAN ACTS Or PRESIDENT ttEVKfcAi& -AF-fOlNTIIESTS JlHS) MttOVALS, ETC. CONG bes.hiomaL. On Thursday the 'Senate fea'iavery sxciting senirion in discussing some pen on vetoes bV President Cleveland. In the course of debate Mr. Blair, of New Hampshire, and Mr. Butler, of ouA Carolina, i;ot into an excising wrangle v. . . In the House,. Mr. Ford, ;f Michigan, from the committee on military affairs, reported Wk a resolution for tlm . pointrnent of a special committee to investigate we attegut evasions of the contract labor law. . The balance of the day was spent iu the discussion of the tariff bill. The Anfinns VSn. ing before the He-Sate on Wednesday, Mr. CVktill rrficuled the scare about dano-ei of waV as farcical. The bill proposed'an Appropriation of $180,000, 000 for a sys tem of fortifications which the grand cbildrc snd great grandchildren of thi teecut generation would never eee Hied, ie argued that earthworks could be con structed in a few weeks, aod wan then ksked by Mr.Siewart where the guns to arm them Would be obtained. To this he re plied that he favored tbe encouragement of steel works that uld be in a condi tion to build the guns... Ia his opening prayer trt House chaplain alluded to M. llaudaU's illness, snd invoked Di vine blessing and protection upon the sufferer. A conference was ordered oa the land forfeiture hill, and M.c&r llnl. man of Indi ma, Stone of Missouri, end Pa V son of Llinoia. went antiotnti'ri mn. fcrees, Mr. Hatch, of Missouri, sub- mitteu tue report oi disagreement oa the agricultural appropriation bill, sta ting that the point of diuwrceuicnt wai th Ornate amendment making aa appro priation of (100,000 for sorghum sugar experiments. Mr. Rysn moved concur rence in thn Kf-nstrt nmnmltni-nt H pointed out the benefits which had ac crued to the agricultural interests of tbe country irom former appropriations lor SOri'tima enirritneiitji. inil li mnimArA r i ' - tliat still further appropriations, would resiui suit greater goou. Alter fur ther debate, Mr. Ryan's motion to concur wss agreed to yea 128, nays 98. This completed the consideration of the bill, anu ii sianus aa nnaiir nassea. Mr. Randall's condition still excites the apprehensions of his friends, but there is a alight improvement in his con dition. Senator Pasco, on Thursday, introduc 1 a bill to pay Salvador Costa, Duval :ounty, Florida, (950 for the sloop Mary Law tense, destroyed during toe War. The supervising architect of the Treas ury Drpsrtment has postponed the selec tion oi a site rr tue public building at Tallahassee, Fla., until after Congress tdjourns. The contract for the construction of the public building at Augusta. Ga, which was swarded to u. w. Corwtt, or Wash ington, for (91,000, provides that the building shall be completed in eighteen months. Work on it will commence in two weeks. The number of bills introduced in the Senate so far this session, exceeds that of any other Congress during its first session, and falls only aout two score short of the number introduced in th rtenate in the two sessions of the but t'ongms, which surpssaed all preceed ing Congresses in this respect, Judpe John V. Wright, of Tennessee, Rev. W. N. Cleveland, brother of tht President, and Cspt. II II. Pratt, super intendent cf tbe Carlisle Indian school, will constitute a commiion to nrgotist with the Himix Indians fur a diviiion oi their reservalion in Dakota and tbe sur render of a part to tbe United Hates. 'ol W. P. Cralgbill, engineer inchargi of the river and harbor work In Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Car olina, submit estimates for next year, at follows: James river, (100,000; hsibor at Norfolk, Va., (KiO.ooO; approachet to Norfolk harbor. (10i000; Currituck 8oiind, tte, (20,000,; New river, Vir ginis, (iOi'JJHJ. The House committee on msnufacture at the meeting on Thursday decided U continue its investigation Into subject ol trusts. It will shortly report the evi dence so fur taken in the muar and Standard oil trusts, and will then, in all probability, within tha next tea days oi two weeks, begin an Invettigntioa ink the whiskey trust. Senator Dolph, from the committee on foreign relations, on Wednesday rcpoit ed favorably the bill to rot ibit the com ing of Chinese laborers into the United Htat-s, reported in tbe House by Mr. Belmont, chairman of the committee on foreign relations, as substitute for all bills More the committee relating te Chinese immigration. Senator Daniel on Monday Introduced a bill directing tbe head of the Interior department, commissioner of agricul ture, United ftatw fish commissioner and Secretary of the Smithsonian institution to prepsre suitable exhibits for the Vir ginia exposition, to be held at Rich mood, , beginning October Sid next. Twcotr-flve thousand dollar is appro- Eriated to defray the txpenses oi tue it ibit. Commissioner Obcrly. of the Civil 8er vice commission, has prepared a special statement to show the difference ia the records msde by men and women who have appeared before the commission 'or examination prior to entry into public wrvice. To the Surprise of many, tbe adits have carried off the honors by an ncreused percentage. Many of tbe heads f departments are opposed to the em ployment of ladies, and they had Wed hat the showing would have been jest lie reverse. SEVERE ACOlbEMf. ix press train No. 53 left Orange Court House, Va., south -bound, on time at 1:5C on Thursday morning with Conductor U. P. Taylor, Engineer Wat&ifts and Fire man fel'.y. About two miles south oi Oruhge is a trestle known as Fat Nancy 'I trestle, on the Virginia Midland Rxil road, and hi one of ,the higbes oil tut road, being fifty-uine feet above the cTcr.k. Train 53 was on time, uridct C. P. Taylor, and moving at a slow htte having been flagged. The engine had crossed wbea tho Smoking-car went through tbe trestle, followed by the mail, express, passenger coach and sleeper, which drugged vne engine into the eta era' wreck! The light went out instant ly, and total darkness followed. Cries for help aud screams of young children added horrojr to the terrible sctme and people living in the nfcghborhorid hurried to offer amstHtice. The engine went down, the pilot end foremost, thus com municating no fire to the wreck. All the lights were extinguished in the fall. As soon as the accident occurred, the engi neer, who was but slightly injuied, walked buck . to Orange and telegraphed for asssistunce. C. Cox, of Alexandria, of the engineer ing department of the Piedmobt Air Line, waa instantly killed; 11. 6. Wbit tlogtottj of Greensboro-, N. C postal dirk, lived ten minutes; U. C. Bright wed, of Prospect, Prince Edward county, Va., postal clerk, lived until he reached the hospital; W. B. Parrott, of Albcr marie county, postal clerk, badly in jured; J. Q. Webtand J. L. WaltbAlh, of Washington, D. ft, postal Clerk, badly injured; Louis Jenkins, of Lynch burg, postal clerk, slightly injured; Pot terfield, express sgent, seriously injured; Z. Jenning, of Lynchburg, a passenger, internal injuries; C'apt. C. P. Taylor, of Alexandria, who was in the car next to the smoker when the accident occurred, was hurt about the bead and one leg was injured. Tbe total number of in jured are estimated at about twenty -five. It was one pt the passenger coaches in the middle of the train that ran off the ttie track, causing the accident. It broke down tbe trestle, dragging back the mail and baggage car and engine, which had passed beyond the point where the trestle broke, and pulling tbcin down to ruin it Tbe train is always well loaded l" suse of the through connection it makes be tween Boston and New Orleans, August! and Atlanta. Ou an average it carries between 130 and 300 passengers. One of tbe sleepers was destined by White Sul phur springs to be dropped nt Chsrluttc ville. This car, however, was the Inst ol the train, and remained on the track. TH13 WOULD OVER. DISTINGUISHED MAN DIE8. A. T. P. Garnett, a well-known phy sician of Washington, D. G, died on Wednesdsy night at Rchobeth Beach, Del, of heart failure. He had been severely ill for several day and was be lieved to be slowly convalescing. He left Washington for the seashore on Wednesday morning for the purpose of recruiting his fsiling health. He was born in Virginia in 1830, was graduated in medicine at the University of Penn sylvania in 1341. entered tbe United States navy as assistant surgeon the same year, was promoted to surgeon in 1848 and resigned in 1849 in order to accent tbe professorship of clinical medicino in tbe National Medical College of Wash intfton. He married the eldest daughter of Henry A. Wie. At the breaking out of the War he left Washington and be came the surgeon-general of the Confed erate army. He was the family physician of Jefferson Davis and of all his cabinet officers, and accompanied Mr. Ifcvis sfter the evacuation of Richmond, and at the rlose of the War he went Iwck to Wash ington, and was agsin elected professor in the medical college. Recently be was elected president of the American Med ical Association. TWO VIEWS. ft.. Wtira ttf Varllmroueh ar- rived in London, England, on Wcdncs. .1.. Hha mrdiallv received bv her mother-in law, Lady Randolph Church bill, and other memhers of her husband's -..). r..a War York authorities how ever, ciaim that the Duke of Marlborough' wss guilty of bigamy in marrying mrs. n.mmerlev. under the Code, and he will be indicted. FAVOR CONSOLIDATION. VAmtum nt taut Brotherhoods of lo comotive engineers, firemen, brakemen and switchmen, held meeting at St. r-in.,,1 itinn . for II e rturooee of taking steps looking to an amalgamation of these orders.' The sentiment developed war favorable to tneir union, anu isnwi utifK th!a TMirnose will be held in Minnespoli four weeks hence. A Callnary Affray. a ran Jr. m Eo Look here Co Tee, I've settled ton before, and I'll do It now!" Lift. CONDENSATION OF FACTS BY . 'PHONE AND TELEGRAPH, SOMETHrSO AuOTJT COHVEHTIONS, RAIt- JtosDtij wohniNd rtooptEf capitalists, , EtROPEAN CROWNED HEADS ETC. Gen. Diaz has been reelected president of Mexico. tiro destroyed nearly all the btiSineS! portion of Suisun Cal., on Tuesday. The rate war in the West still contin ues, auptber cut in dressed beef rates liaviiig bceti announced. Gem Bdulangcr, in an oration at a banrjuet in Paris; said be hoped his sword would return to hint before another year had passed. The British gdvernment has Instructed Sir Charles Warrenj chief commissioner of poliocj hebCcforth to suppress Butur day meetings in Trnfiiig.tr sjuttre, London. Advices from Rome state that the re cent meetin? of Iilsh hitihhns.' whihh ecmed to reopen the Questions closed by the Papal rescript, surprised and dis pleased the Vatican. i The Bethlehem, Pa., Iron Company will start up their rail mills under the new Kale, which reduces wages from five to twenty per cent, and guarantees contin uous work until January. ) A dispatch from Rome to the Chronich says Cardinal Moran is about to ' go to Ireland by order of the Pope to urge tipori the Irish bishops more complete jbubmission to the Vatican. : A motion was proposed in the French Chamber of Deputies, to confiscate prop erty in France belonging to Orleanist Erinccs and use tas proceeds for the rection of an asylum for tbe aged. Farmers along the line of the Lake Erie & Western Railway in Indiana are breatiy alarmed over the appearance among their cattle of the dreaded Texas fever. The farmers fear the scourge will become general. ' Fire destroyed the lumber mills owned by H. It. Mora, at Alpena, Mich., on Thursday, and communicad to over 200 other buildings,cau'ing a loss of nearly half a million of dollars and rendering 1,300 persons homeless. Charles M. Kittridge, a private banket pf Denver, Col., returned from the mountains on Wednesday after a vacation of ten days. He discovered be bad been robbed of 10,000. As Arthur White, confidential clerk, has not been seen since last Thursday, it is thought he has ab sconded with" the money. The Chicago, III., newspapers are en- f:sged in a war of rates. A fortnight ago he rimes, which has been selling at three cents, red. iced its price to two cents. The Tribune followed with a cut from three to two cents, and including its Sunday issue. Tbe Dully Xevt, which has all along been a two cent paper, cut Sown the price to one cent. Charles H. Wright, for eleven years assistant superintendent in the mailing department of the Detroit, Mich., post office, was arrested on Wednesday on the charge of purloining money from the mails. Inspector Smith, who made the arrest, claims that Wright has stolen letters ever since he has been connected with the postofflce about thirteen years. Patrick Joseph O'Brien, Member ol Parliament for the north ' division of Tipperary, was, released from Tullamore jail on Wednesday, his three months' imprisonment for violation of the crimes set having expired. He was immediately wnvcyed to Kilkenny jail, where he will serve another three months for an offense of tbe same kind. Chairmen Hog and Murphy, of tht Locomotive and Firemen's Brotherhood, have been arrested at Chicago, III., on a sharge of conspiracy. The much-talked of circular, In which Mr. Hoge isalleged to have requested tbe brotherhood men to hire themselves secretly to the "Q" roads, and then disable the engines, is said to be the basis of the charge against Hoge. Chairman Murphy is charged with being an accomplice. An important decision, involving a new point under the prohibitory liquor law o." oa, has been rendered by Judgo i'belps, of the Burlington district court, l wo years ago a saloon keeper, whose place of business was enjoined as a nui sance, appealed to the Iowa supreme court, and after filing a super sedeas bond, continued the traffic. Recently proceedings were brought to have have him arrested and fined lor con tempt of court in continuing the illegal traftic, notwithstanding an injunction. 1 he saloon keeper at once closed up and lhers will follow suit, as they admit that further resistance to the law is nselct. The water that have been sweeping the valley of the Slonongabela and the waters of its tributaries for the Isst CO boars, are again falling intu their natural -banncls. From Pitt-burg to tbe moun tain fa-tnesscsof Randolph county. West Virginia, towne have been ravaged,, manufactories inundated, boats sunk, bouse and growing crops have been ! vastnted. The losses entailed by the Bond wilt not fall short of (3.000,000. a large proportion of which falls upon the people of the couitiea of Monongahela, Marion, Taylor, Hanison, Lewis, Bar Dour, Upshur and Randolph, in West Virginia, In Pennsylvania, the losses are in the counties of Allegheny, Washing, ton. Westmoreland, Fayette and Greene, the heaviest being in Allegheny, Wssh Ington and Fayette. Lou! Strobl, young man tbout twenty-three year old, was arrested at Topck. Kansas, on tho charge of selling and offering for sale for $1,20, rontn vane alleged to be for counterfeiting gold coin, bat which, in reality, only brichtens a genuine coin, although giv ing the impression that it was spurious. in Snaps me wuvuiuu icbcwuics a bummi clock, being round, with a handle about six inches long. The face i four and one-fourth Inches in diameter, and the instrument is about two ana tnree-iourtns inchea thick, opening exactly at the middle. Tbe owner pretended that it ras a counterfeiting machine,, and was trying to sell it a such when he was ar rested. On opening the case two oickle-plated cases, in each of which one lirlit of the stamo necessary to make $5 gold piece of 1887 is cut. SUMMER SNOW8. the weather throughout England' is abnormally cold. Snow hss fallen in the suburb of London, and the peaks of Skiddaw and other mountains are cov ered with snow.'. It is the first time snow is known to bars fallen in thst country in July. fL Ntfrik CrsfllsM. Abbeville has voted to put in a thor ough system fit ewersge,to cost flOO, 000. fttftb tarallnst. The' slate board of agriculture will hold a Farmers' Institute at Laurens on July ?6-27. The Common Council of Charleston . decided to permit the ice cretin saloons to remain open on Sundays. The delegates from the various sub alliances of tho Farmers' Allimce met in seciet session at Florence for the purpose of perfecting an organization of a State Alliance. The attendance was large, so large that Burringer'i Hall was filled to suffocation. 'Ihe enthusiasm of the del ega es was unbounded. A temporary organization was effect d. The Farmers' Alliance is, comparatively speaking, a new comer hi South Carolina, but since Its arrival it has spread and increased with a rapidity nnpaialleled in the his tory of any organization of like character in the Slate. TaagMsr. DuritJg a storm on Wednesday, two negro men took refuge ia a barn on mile from Chattanooga. The barn waa struck by lightning and one man killed and the other stuoned, but he recovered in about two hours. During the administration of Got. Taylor, 217 pardons have been granted. Many of these, however, were never in the state prison, or any other prison, but were pardoned after being sentenced to fine or imprisonment before this sentence waa executed. Jane Allied brought suit in the circuit court at Chattanooga against the Nash ville, Cbattanunga & St. Louis Railroad, claiming damagea in the sum of 20,000 for injuries received on the night of June ISth. The plaintiff alleges that in get ting off the train at Whiteside, she waa thrown into a ditch and landed on a stone, which caused injuries so serious that she could not be moved for fourteen day. Deputy Marshal Spurrier, of Nash ville, has arrested an old man ot more than sixty years, koown as 'Humpy" Pennington. He is of immense build, but has an unsightly physical deformity that baa given him the name of ''Humpy." He has been running an il licit distillery ever since the Wsr, but has never been arrested before. The rifle that the old man carried was one that was carried by bis son, who was killed in I feud about a year ago. Vlratala. ia Alexandria, used as an infirmary for old colored people, fell on Thursday night during an entertainment lor tnc oenentoi the home, precipitating the crowd to the lower floor, and probably fatally injuring Ihe janitor snd breaking his leg and oth erwise injuring rix or seven women, all colored. In February Iai, Rawlins A Rose made a sale of the old Libby prison, at Rich mond, to William H. Gray of Chicago, 111. The mice to be paid was 133.300. On Februrary Stb, Mr. day made a cash payment of 13,825. Tbe other pay ments were to be made in a x, nine and tcre months, or sooner, at tbe option ol tbe purchaser. Gray afterwards dif posed of the property to a Chicago syndicate at a considerauie auvance. i nere ia rea son to believe that.no mre payment will b made, and that the Chicago syn dicate will tell the prope rty at auction. A Story tr Kaiser Wilheln. While opon a bunt in the neighbor, hood ot Ootha, in the year 1M tha Emperor, thea Prinoe W illiem, visited tbe celebrated or (ran factory at Panlin telle. After explaining the lutricacioe of the works, the owner sex tod himself at an organ to piny a piece for tbe guest whom he did not know. Fin ling a very attentive auditor, ha asked the i'riuew if ha could perform npon the iiitrnmnt, "A little. he answered, taking Lis place and won surprising the man with the richness of bis selections, ending with the popular melody, "Heil Dir an sriger Krsnz." Excellent!'' cried the organ maker at it finish: "your talent is great, I can recommend yon toermr-ilion aa organist.' "That," answered tho Prince, yott mnst give to one more worthy, ainee I already bae a position which I cannot well resign." "May I ask with whom 1 have tbe honor of speakingr rontlnned tbe mannfaetnrer. tntueU at this rrfuaL "I am William, l'nnrw of Prussia." "Abf your ttoysl Jliglmrw, what a pity! Tb profesin kmc a tal ented disciple." "leu, my dear master," added the Prinoe, giving his band in farewell, "bat fiod divide talent and position aconrding to his wisdom, and maybe I shall yet make aometbing out Of mj proioseion. SOUTHLAND ITEMS. PARAGRAPHS, SAD, FLEAS ANT AND TERRIBLE. UrDTJSTBIAI, PROGRESS THE EXCURSION) FEVER BAJLROAD ACCID EKTS-SUICIDK DEFALCATIONS COTTON REP0RT8,KTC. AIkShu. ? The 2nd United States artillery, iff charge of the Gulf coast defense. Lava teen ordered to Mont Bano, near HaBbW rille, where they are now encamped, j Oscar Cooper, a wealthy young plsntet living uearTown Creek, Laurens county i waa shot and killed on Tuesday by Steve1 Binford, colored, a tenant of his farau The negro wiylaid and shot him frool imbush. Cooper leave a wife and twd children. William Willis, a young white man employed as a flagman on the Mobile & Montgomery Railroad, was killed in- ituntly Tuesday, by being knocked oil the train by a low bridge at Fort Deposit. Willis was a young married man, and! bad been married only a few month. Fimaa. L. W. Vanhauloverhaatecn appointed postmaster at Brevard. W. O. Jones a most estimsble young man was drowned near St. Augustine, Several Cuban tobacco planters are mak ing arrangements to plant near Lake City. ! A pension has been granted to CIar n., widow ot John H. Scott, of Zell wood. Starke had a big fire, in which Dr. J. L. Gaskin's mills were destroyed. Total loss sbout $10,000. The American Press Brotherhood, of Jacksonville, will make an excursion to the Cincinnati, Ohio, Exposition August 1st. Tbe Executive Committee of the Flor ida Horticultural Society have selected Sanfordas the place of tbe meeting of the American Pomologies! Society next February. Tbe artesian well sunk at Sarasota, ia a grand success. It has a depth pt 400 feet, a ai-inch bore, run 150gdlon per minute, and rises 2$ feet above tide. The water is very pleas-rot todiink, with a scarcely perceptible trace of sulphur. ; I Rev. R, 8. P. Allen, while swimming 1 Saddle creek, at Klssimmee. was Irowned. The body wse embalmed and! arried to Orlando for banal, no was ne of the first settlers of this place. Hi inenAd the Ki-simmee river for navigv tion aud ran the first steamboat. Gmils. Mrs. Ann Walsh, a respectable and t derly lady, living in the southern por tion of Augusta, felt ia the canal on Thursday, and was drowned before dis covered. She leave three children, all grown. Col. B. W. Frobel died at Monticelld after an illness of four weeks. He was! 68 year old and waa born near Alexau-t dria,Va. He wss a naval officer until the War and resigned to enter the Con federate States nsvy but was transferred to the army, serving a an engineer offi eer. At the time of hi death Col Fro. belwss diet engineer, vice-president and general manager of tbe Macon Covington Railroad. amstkr. Tbe large training stable of William Rue, at Danville, was burned on Thurs day night. Thirty-three head of fine trotters were incinerated. Tbe total toss will be $79,000. Some of tbe trotter were entered in Ohio and New York races. Laalalaaau J. B. Carpenter, a notary public, has gone to Mexico. Suits were filed against him for turn aggregating $20,000. It 1 thought that there are enough creditor to swell the amount to $30,000. It is understood thst in most cases the money was placed in his band for investment. Marylaa. The Furniture Worker' Co-operative Association assigned on Wednesday. The bond of tbe trustees was $50,000. Within the past two week nearly 300 men have been discharged from the Bal timore & Ohio railroad shops at Mount Clare. Last Saturday, 115 wen were dropped from the different department. The discharge is due to tbe recent sale of the sleeping car system to tbe Pullman company, and general lack of work, MlMaart. That portion of Mitsonri known as the home of the bald knobbers, Christian, Taney, Barry and Ozark counties, is striving to surpsss former records. Du ring Ihe last two or three months it i es timated that at least S.000 head of cattle have been stolen in Taney tnd Christiao ewoties by tbe bald knobbers, uplouders, a they call themselves. By tbe spreading of tbe rai on a fifty fo t trestle ten miles west of Cameron, on Tuursday, the Chicago, Kock Island and Pacific construction train with seventeen mm on board was precipitated to the ground, a distance of thirty feet. The' fireman, Richard Jones aS killed out right. Engineer Wilcox wss scalded and died a few boars later. Brakeman CummingV feet were crushed, and hr also received internal injuries from which be will die. The boycott against Burlington can was put into effect by switchmen of Haa ss City. Wabssb and Chicago and Al to officials notified th Burlington com pany that they would continue to receive cms uual. Shortly before noon on Wednesday about twenty-five striker mid an assault opon C. A. Scanlou, a new switchmen, and brat bin in a terri bl manner. George Sbeebao, a striker, thea had Scanlon arrested for flou:Lhisg a revolver, aod said th aassult wss mad la sell-defense. .

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