NATIONAL CAPITAL. WHAT THE BWEITEEIBTO PUB LIC 0FFICIAL3 ABE DOISG. PBOCBEDISOg OF COITGBESS IMrOBTAHT ACTS OF PRESIDENT CLEVELAND F P015TMK5TS AXD BXUPYAtS, ETC. ' 1 CONGRESSIONAL, ' After the parage of several bills upon the calendar of minor interest, the Sen ate oa Thursday passed the House bill supplementary lo the Pacific railway acts (with amendments). This is the bill passed by the House oa the third of March, requiring the Pacific railway company to construct, maintain and oper ate telegraph lines, and to afford equal facilities to all connecting telegraph lines. Mr. Chandler modified the reso lution offered by htm on the 15th of June directing inquiries into the election of Senator Gibson, of Louisiana, and on motion of Mr. Blackburn, the creden tials were taken from the table and placed on file. . The resolution was laid on the table. . . .In the House, on motion of Mr. Dibble, of South Carolina, Sen ate amendments were concurred in to the House bill authorizing the coadcra aation of land for aitvs for public build ings. Mr. O'Ne l, ot Missouri, asked unanimous consent that Tuesday, July il.t, be set apart for the consideration of bills reported from the committe on la bor, and be withdrew it after some de hate, and offered a resolution which waa referred to the committee on rules, as- lnln ttia f I J-.. T.,1 ttia oral. lideratioa of labor bills. The House then went Into committee of the whole on the tariff bill, and Mr. Springer made a long speech in advocacy of the bill. After a short and. - sharp exchange of courtesies between Messrs. Reed snd Springer, the discussion and considera tion of the bill In. committee ot the whole closed, and noon motion of Mr. Mills it was reported to the House with lavorabie recommendation. The Senate proceeded on Wednesday to the consideration of the Senate bill 'I 1UV IVI U1HI1VII lail UI1I1PBIUU UIM W . Union of the state of Washington, to be composed of the present territory of Washington and a part of Idaho terri tory, and after a lengthy discussion, ad journed without voting on tbe bill.. Ja the House after unsuccessful efforts , hsd been made by Stablneekcr, of New York, and Burrows, of Mhhigan. to -se cure edUdJcraiion of bills for the erec tion of public buildings st Tonker, N, Y., and Kalamazoo, Mich., the House went into the committee of the whole (Mr. Springer in the chair), cn the tarill In the Senate, among the bills reported and placed on the calendar were the fol lowing: Senate bill for the donation tc Tampa, FUl, of Fort Brook military reservation at that place. Mr. Walthall tiffvrcd a rt solution (which was agreed to) calling on the Secretary of the Treas ury for information as to whst steps had ueea taken lor tbe removal or tbe nation al quarantine station front Ship Island, ilisa. The Senate then took up. and after some discussion, passed the bill to piace Jinn u. rremont on lbs retired list of the army as major general. The vote was, yess 29, oars 21. The Senste thi-n resumed consideration of the bill lworidina a fair adjustment of accounts vt laborers, workmen and mechanics em ployed by the government under the eight hour law. ...In the House, Mr. i . ? i . . . . . uwoirou, oi Illinois, irom loe commit tee on military affairs, reported a resolu tion calling on the Secretary of the interior for in formation aa to what action he has taken with reference to officers of the army and nary who served honorably through the Mexican war and whose Dame have been dronned from the rtlls. The House then went into a committee of the whole, Mr. Siirinccr in the chair, on the tariff bill, the internal revenue feat ure of the bill being then rending, At the evening session, dills were passed for the eitablishment of lifht houses, among others at the following points: Gull Shoals, Pamlico sound. North Csro- Unas Chesapeake bay, -Great Wicomico river, Virginia; Psmilco Point,' North Carulins; lo, appropriating $73,000 for .tie construction ot a revenue cutter for eberoo, a . C. . I ohi. TjC Police Department bus just com Pitted a census of the District of folum, bia. lis report shows that the total pop ulation Is 2 18,157; white H3.C33, and col ord?J,52J. Among the nominations sent to th Vi-nnta nn TiiMitav. irorn Ihs tan follow, ing of Southern in'ercst: John E. Bacon, fl Mouth Carolina nnw rhartr A 'sflnlrp til be minister resident of the United State In l'arana anil t'mmia. fliarli-a I Srntt, of Alalwnis, now minister resident ana cousin general, to he envoy rxtraor- unary ana minister Plenipotentiary the United States to Venezuela. The daugbtcieof Senators Colquitt and rc csentuige have been appointed ptibll - school teachera In Wiliinn Tli.t object in selecting these oTitlont Is ssld to be fur the purpose of Becking training in the best rrctllstnl anil nml lUmiiifh schools In the Union, in order thai thej might return to their respective states, and, by teaching, endeavor to improve me present systems 01 public schools. Ilie sundry civil spproprlstlon bill ap propriation uui reported to tho Senste on iuesday, has been increase!! by the Sen ate committee from 2.1 non rum tt-r . COO.OOO, but is still 0,600.6o0 teas than me estimates. It exceeds last year's bill rly $5,000,000. The bill iocrestsor new provision for public buildings JsckioHVllle, ria., $30,000 SsTsnnah, m-imMD ITEMS. propriations for lighthouses: Crooked river la., f 40.0UU; Bt. Joseph's romt, JHs., 33,000; Bushes Bluff Pool, Vs., $40, 900; Tanquler Sound, Vs., $25,000; New Port News, Vs., $23,000; supply steamer Atlantic and gulf coast, (additional) $33, 5U0; revenue cutter, (additional) $45, 900; revenue steamer for the southern coast; (additional) $55,00". A DETECTIVE'S SHOT. Wash Middlcton, the noted Bald Knobber ot Taney county, Mo., escaped from Forsyth tail last October, and fled to the mountain fastnesses of Newton county, Ark., saying that he would never be taken save. J. h. Holt, aaetective from Colorado, went into northern Ar ansas for a season of rest among tne mountains of that wild region, and Lear log of Middlcton and the $000 reward. once began to plan lor tne capture oi the outlaw. The detective disguised himself, putting on a suit of very ragged clothes, and shadowed Middleton as close! v as possible, seeking an oppor tunity to "get the drop" on bis man so that he might take him alive. There was a picnic recently at tho head of Buffalo river, ten miicssoutb ot jasper, mewton county. Middlcton and his two sons went to the picnic, all well srmed and on the alert as usual. The disguised detect- va was on the ground also, watching his game. Holt resolved to make a Doia venture and openly face Middlcton in tne crowd. Middleton soon became sus picious of the mysterious movements of tneraggea stranger wno iouowca mm everywhere through the crowd, and told bis sons that the man meant mischief snd instructed them to decoy him out of tbc crowd and he would kill "the sneaking thief. " Holt kept closely after h:s prey, however, and Middlcton, seeing that he could not ect bis . man out of. tne crowd, turned suddenly on the detective and demanded his purpose, saying at the same time: "I have made up my mind to kill you, you sneaking thief." In an Instant Bolt's pistol wss glistening a few inches in front of Middleton's face and the words, "Hands up; you are my pris oner " told the fugitive outlaw that his su-picions were well founded. Although Holt had the drop on his man. Middle- ton's ritrht band, instead of going up. srrasped a revolver at his left side, and the detective tired, the ball entering the iheek about an inch below the eye, pass ing through the brain and coming out at tho back of the head. Middleton fell iifelesa to the srronnd In the midst of a crowd surrounding a lemonade stand. So quickly was the fatal work that the report of the detective's pistol and the falling of tbe slain outlaw were tne nrst intimations roai me gay picoicaera, noi over ten feet a wav. bad of tbe aoair. PAEAGEAPHS, SAD, PLEAS AST AXD TEEEIBLE, . INDUSTRIAL PROGRESS THH EXCURSION FEVEB RAILROAD ACCIDENTS-SUICIDES DEFALCATIONS COTTON REPORTS, ETC. Alabama. . V Ground was broken at Bessemer for the foundations for three large furnaces, which are to be built by a strong syndi dicate of Southern capitalists. There sre rumors of the inauguration of Indus-, trial enterprises wbicb will cull for tne expenditure of over $2,000,000 within the next twelve months. Benton Vines, a well-to-do farmer, and for several years a member of the board of county commissioners, committed sui cide on Tuesday by cutting bis tbroat with a razor. He lived on bis farm, a few miles from Birmingham. Vines had been in bad health for several months, snd recently resigned his position as commissioner. Flarlaa. The annual camp meeting of the M. E. Church, South, will open at the Atlantic Camp Grounds, Pablo Jieacn, on August 15. Fifteen carloa-ls of steel rails-have been delivered for the Sugar Belt Rail road, and the work is progressing as rap idly as possible, a large number of hands being at work. There will be no state encampment of the militia, as it has just been discovered that there are no tents, the same having been used in the late yellow fever epi demic in the southern part of the state. Pensacola has at her docks a new Ital ian steamer built on a new principle. She has two compartments, one forward snd one aft the engines, with thirty-five foot hatches. Her net register is 2,400 tons, but she can carry 3,800 tons of coal on twenty-one feet draught of wa ter. Her name is the Benicia, and she will load with pitch pine for Venice, Italy. The house nf C. C. Singleton of Camp bell was atruckby lightuiugon Thuisday, almost knocking out one ena ot tne bouse and passing through it in several r.r Mr. Singleton wss ttiuck on the band, the fluid passing thence up tbe nl down the body and leg to tne end of the toes, burning and tearing his clothing completely tesring up one of hh )- A-en hi - s ran viu uau u dress torn off and burned from head to foot, raising some Urge blisters on h a body, and a little girl was severely wounded by a large splinter being driven through her leg. ' Iallaaa. The Time Democrat of New Orleans, had an interview with a prominent Free Mason of Mississippi, to the effect that Lodge No. 58 elected a liquor dealer ss a nember, and that the grand master sus pended the charter of the lodge. This action has created much excitement imons the members of the order,. Mfanlaaipiri. Hon. Pat Darden died on Tuesdsy at hi residence in Jefferson county, after a prosecuting attorney sat, and took a chsir abort illness of flux. He waa the most beside Dawes, wtth whom he began to prominent granger in Mississippi, having chat in friendly manner. Then it wss been the grand master of tuat organiza- developed that Wilson was not an cngi- tion since io-o. x a ncvicu neer, not a Brotherhood man, and not master of the national grange at Boston even Wilson. -His name is John Mulle- four years sno, and was re-elected at the can, and he is a celebrated pinkerton dc last national meeting. He was a gailan tective, and not only is this the case, but soldier during the War, commanding one it appears be has had the confidence of all jf the best batteries in the Southern the prisoners and their attorneys. Super- ymf. Nanfc Caratlaa- Twothirds of the tobacco plants in the western part of tbe state have beef killed by recent frosts. Durham county Is bothered over a sur- e treasury, a nprove the roads of the county. HE WAS AN OFFICER. John Wilson, one of the prisoners who was arrested with Brodcrick and Bowles, as an arch-conspirator and as a Brother hood engineer, at Chicago, HL, at the hearing on .Wednesday, coolly left his seat in the group of which Brodcrick and Banereisett wire nemoerf, anu waixea over to the side of the room wbere tre intendent McGinn, of the Pinkerton de tective agency, who wss on the witness aland, had the alternative of an awkward refuad to answer a pertinent question con- rorntnir Wilson, or erase the latter to . . . , -t .fl 1 I SSUmiMU COUDIT ia u u . ' . ; V" . v.. improve tbe roads of I a motion ana quivaij 'iwg mnm ta the side of tne prosecution. When the commotion subsided, Supcrin dent McGinn related tbe circumstances oi Broderick, of the conspirators, throwing a mysterious letter out of the car window at th tlma of the airest. and the subse quent recovery of the letter. NOBLE ENGINEER. A north-bound fsst express train on the Louisvillo & Nashville liatlrond, col lided with an extra frciubt acvrn milts south of Birminchsm, Ala., on Tuesday, Tbe force of the mllision waa terrible. Engineer George Nichols, of the pastco ger, and lrtmsra Winism .;ummings, of the frcicht, were instantly killed aud burned tinder tbe wrcca. t iremao Thomas, of the passenger, was fatally in jured, and Engineer William Austin, of tbe freight, received severe internal in juries, Conductor Callahan, Baggage- master 11 ail and express Messenger Loot were severely bruised. A doiea passengers sustained slight bruists and cuts, tut none were seriously injured, Both engines, the baggage car and six freight cars were broken U pieces and piled thirty feet high on the track. The collision occurred just around a curve, and the ensinea were close together be fore tbe dancer was discovered. En irlneer Austin Jumped at once, but Nich ols sounded the alarm and appliod tbe air brakes, and. dying at his post, saved the lives of his passengers. lie bsd been on the road ten yesrs, and leaves wife and one child. Tbe collision was caused by Engineer Austin, his watch being twenty-five minutes slow. TERRIBLE MORTALITY. A volcsnlo eruption has occurred at Uakmatos. In Japan, by wbicb 4UU per- tool were kiUel spd 10.QQO. lpjured. A census of Salisbury has been taken. It shows thst the town haa 4,139 inhabi tants, an Increase since 1883 of 733. Work is slowly protTessinir on the Wilson Short Cut Railroad. They want to get it to tbe Alfordsville & Let-sville ltoaid during July. Charlotte's tsx rate for the current year has been fixed by the board of al dermen at 83 cents on the $100, an in crease of 13 cents over last year. Tbe altrnsl corns observer at Hatters report the German brig Anncm, lad n f. t . . . -it a. . a ........ . wiiu lurpcoune, ami iHiiinu inns om Dah, Oa.. to Glasgow. Scotland, ground ed on Hatteras Shoals. The vessel will probably be a total lot s. The crew baa been saved. Senator John H. Reacan, d Texas, in response to an invitation from Col. L. L. Polk, has consented to attend the Iotrr-State Farmer's Cotton Convention in Raleigh in August and deliver sn ad dress on "Inter-State Transportation and Ita ftatall'rtN (a A ivvitf-lilliira The North Carolina State Guard Is now in annual encampment on Wrightville sound, eight miles from uuniingion. Every company in the state Is present. Tbousandsof civilians and soldiers throng the enmn and vicinity. Wilmington is in a flutter of bunting, the buildings be ing handsomely decorated. W. A. Pott. Jr.. of Washington, who was to have been hsnged for the murder of Tsui LIncke, In June, 1888. succeeoea in escsnlnir the sallowsby taking poison. It will 1m remembered that ho was to have been hamred. He took morphine, and when thought to be in a dying con dition, wu respited by tbe governor un til Tm-utat. on Monday he took poison igala. It'is not known how h procured it, as be wss under strict death watch. Physicisns attempted to counteract the effects of the poison, but he died a few bouts after. ' Arkansas. ' '' David Ferguson, county clerk, J. R. Rocks assessor, and N. W. Michem, at torney, who were run out of the county during the race trouble between the whites and DiacKs at juanoo, bad an in terview with Gov. Huges, at Little Rock. Suits will be brought against all whites who comprised the mob, and there is a possibility of still more serious results growing out of the matter. Caarala. , ' 4 Gainesville rejoices in new electric ligh3, the same being turned on by 8uirintendent Wade, of the Thompson Houston company. 'Ncv-' has been received in Atlanta that C. Ci Nelson has,been treed at Trenton, Ont., almost opposite Rochester, N. Y, The depositors in his bank will prosecute him to the extent of the law. A desperate effort was made at Fay ettevillo, Ga., to lynch a colored prisoner who was held for attempted rapo. It took about an hour to batter down tbe jail doors, when the victim jumped through tbe crowd and escaped in the uarKoess, Judge John W. II. Underwood died suddeuly of heart disease at Rome. He had been in feeble health for some time, but his death was unexpected. Judue Underwood was about seventy-five years of ago, and was one of Rome's oldest citizens. Capt. John Kecly, the well-known dry goods dealer ot Atlunta, who was selling out his stock preparatory to going into tbe banking business, died on Wed nesday from blood poisoning, tbe result of an old wound received in the buttle of Bentonville in 18GS. He was born in Ireland in 1840. On tho news of hit death all the dry goods stores in tbe city were decorated witb mourning emblems. and his funeral was one of the largest ever seen in Atlanta. Taaaaaaea. The streets of Enoxville appear to be so unsafe for females at night, that vigor ous measures will be adopted to correct lawlessness. A disastrous fire visited Fsyettville on Tuesday. The Elk National bank and other buildings were bjirned. Four per sons were prostrated by heat. Reuben Hobbs, a well-known citizen oi McMinnville, was kicked in the head by a horse, the skull being frightfully frac tured, and from the effects of which the sufferer will probably die. A .man named Hawkins cot into an altercation in a saloon in Chattanooga on Wednesday witb a colored man, who shot him through tbe bowels, from the effects of which he will die. An explosion occurred in the Athens court house. Jim Thompson, the county register wss d ing some denial work in his office, when the yulcanizer blew to pieces. Thompson and a Mr. Fairing ton, of Calhoun, were thrown down and badly hurt. C. O. Johnson, division freight agent of the Kansas City. Memphis & Birm ingham railroad, left Memphis suddenly. At the same time a pretty type-writer girl, aged 17, who was employed in his office, also departed. Mr. Johnson was a prominent member of the Catholic Knights of America, and a member of the board having charze of $130,000 belontr- ing to tne oruer, ana Kept in a Memphis bank. On Kettle creek, in Clay county.- there exists considerable feeling over the kill ing of Tom Taylor, a white man, one of the party, escaped from jail at Franklin, Tenn. He passed b the house of an old negro named Zcke Coe and demanded his dinner. While the dinner was being prepared he got into an altercation with a negro. In the row one of the negroes drew a knife and cut Taylor which re sulted in his death. Vlraiat. The corner stone of tbe colored Baptist Seminary was laid at Lynchburg, by colored Masons. Five thousand persons witnessed tbe ceremonies. The institu tion will be devoted to the higher edu cation of both sexes. It is the first in stitution of the kind in tbe state, and cost $50,000. The outlook for the corn and peanut crops around Petersburg is discouraging. This condition of things is due to the recent wet season, followed by dry and cool weather. The oat crop ia poor, and farmers assert they will not get their seed back, and this is particularly true oa to Spring oats. Mucn 01 tne tooacco wnicn wu planted after the recent rains caunot develop proper site before tbe farmers will be forced to cut it. Cotton is wanting in size. A sudden flood from a cloud-burst over wbelmed Wheeling, on Thursday, and in a short time swept away tne Baltimore Ohio Railroad bridge with a number of people on It. The river rose three feet lo fifty minutes. The National road trains, coal chutes, houses ami an are gone. 1 uo Wheeling and Elm Grove road was swept away for miles, and the road covered with six feet of water. Over the river the ruin is even worse. Tbe storm last ed less than an hour, Howling the streets from house to house. Nine persons liv ing on Hill Ruo are known to be drowned, and hjuses on Caldwell's Run are gone. The loss in Wheeling will reach $50,000, tQd the damage lo crops in the country UfcarfuL ' THE WORLD ,0VER. CONDENSATION OF FACTS BY 'PHONE AND TELEGRAPH. BOMETHIHO ABOUT CONVENTIONS, RAIL ROADS, WORKING I'F.JPLE, CAPITALISTS, EUROPEAN CROWNED BEADS, ETC. ANARCHISTS ARRESTED. 1 Three Bohemians, John Ilereck, Frank Chepcck and Frank Cbcbawa, were ar- ni . - ill . . Til .1..... rested on l ucsaay, in uiuougu, iu.,;uuik id with being concerned in a plot to kill leveral judges and blow up the Board of rrade building. About twenty deter mined murderers were in the conspiracy ind they were at a certain hour after, midnight to bo at tho homes of Grinnell.l iray, Bonficld, Frank Walker, General Stiles and otuers, prominent in we pros ecution of the anarchists. The dynamite was to bo placed beneath tho houses of these and the powerlul explosives were to be touched off simultanuusly. In ths houses of the three arrested men numcr- weapons were found and enougb ayanmite to blow up Chicago. It 11 stated in this connection that tho th ee men were present at the Haymarkct meet ing and H. II. llroncck pmcurea iu dynamite and bomb from a friend of the house who was present. When asket' what he had done with the rest of thii stuff he replied quite readily that he had tlirOWn II IDHI VUU Hi in ujov that the stuff found was the same given him on that futal evening. llroncck and Chebawa were intimate friends 01 uwu Lingg, and both were arrested after ths Hamurket riot. PROHIBITION. THE CHINCH BUG. The secretary of the Board of Agri culture has received information of the action of the farmers of Crawford coun ty, III., who have resolved not to raise any wheat, barley or rye for the rcxt three years, In an effort to exterminate the chinch bug. These farmers will ei art their influence to this end with thr ! 'armsr of, adjoining cpmjttfS. , The Misslssirroi prohibition convention, at Jiitkson, was called to order by B. T. Hobbs, of Brookhaven. Judge a. u. Priton was elected chairman, and E. L. Martin and Rev. J. h. Campbell were chosen serrt taric9. About 250 delegates,' representing forty-five of the seventy-nva counties, were present. There were very few negro delegates. A letter from Bishop Galloway, advising against an electoral ticket was read and had the ef-j feet of preventing such a nomination. A rtsoluiion that the slate legislature pass a state prohibition law was adopted... What is intended to be a national organ ization, designed to work ia opposition to the prohibition movement, was char tered under Illinois laws in Chicago, 00 Wednesday, in the name of the "PeN sonal League." The corporators arc well known Gtrmar-Americun citizens of Chicago -T'ldge Couch, of Waterloo, Iowa, has decided that ginger ale "must go," in the cases of certain saloon keep( ers in Buchanan county, who have been selling ginger ale, which contains 8 pet cent, of alcohol. It was claimed thd drink coutained so little alcohol that ) heavy man would have to drink a large quantity to become drunk. A PRISON CONGRESS. Thomas W; Hall, a heavy dealer in wool in Chicago, 111., made an assign ment Thursday, liabilities $150,000; as sets, $130,000. Tbe Russian government will take measures to compel the use of the Rus sian language la German preparatory acnoois in tbe Baltic proyincea. r' Geonre NicholL alias Geonre Gcbcr- hcart, was arrest'd at Quincy, 111., in the act ot placing a tie on tbe track of tne Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. The Pope in a conversation stated, that he does not intend to leave Rome. He expressed regret that his last note to tho insn ciergy in regara 10 uie pouueni sit uation should bave been misinterpreted. t c t j 1 f rklm 111., discharged one of their porters, and their magnificent buildimr was destroyed by fire, entailing a loss on building and occupants of nearly $300,000. They sus pect tho porter set the building on lire, John Mackey has disposed of his cable to Jay Gould for $11,000,000. Negotia tions have been pending for some time, Mr. Mackey originally asked $12,000,- 000, but Mr. Gould refused these figures snd finally offered $11,000,000, which was accepted. ' .The cane fields in Cuba exhibit a good appearance, and unless some untoward event occurs, the crop of sugar will be a large one. Seven hundred cigar makers ot Havana are on strike. They asked for an increase in wages, and failing to get it Stopped work. While repairing the Catholic school house at Latonia. Ohio, on Thursday, the foundation gave way and the building fell, killing John McGuire instantly, and fatally injuring James McKenns. There were eighteen men working under the building at the time, but fortunately the men escaped uninjured. The work of bailiffs ensnged in niak ing evictions at Kilrusb, county Clare Ireland, is being obstructed by the pop ulation, who have cut all the bridges be tween Kilrush and Kilkee, and taken other measures to delay the progress ol evictions. Chapel bells are toiling to warn the people of the approach of of fleers. The captain of the steamer Alamadea, plying between Sydney, New South Wales and San Francisco, has agreed not to employ Chinese in the future. The new act regarding Chinese immigration has received royal assent. It prevent! further action by the Chinese, and pro vides that all Chinese leaving the colony, ; except those who have been naturalized, shall be subject to the act. A train on the Burlington & Missouri, consisting of a half dozen cars, wss de railed at Gibson, Neb., by an oostructios placed upon the track. While engaged in assisting in tbe work of putting the cars on the track, a watchman claims that he saw a man light something with s cigar and turn and swiftly disappear. Hastening to the spot where he had stood, the watchman says he found a bomb with a fuse burning, aud by prompt action extinguished it. ' A fleet is assembling at Constadt to meet the emperor of Germany. The fleet consists of forty war ships, among tbcm are the ironclad, Minin, carrying the flag of Admiral Popoff, and the Duke of Edinhurg. carrying tbe flag of Admiral Tchikachoff, and a frigate car rying Grand Admiral Sveltana and' Ad miral Lazareff. Only a small body of Cossacks will keep the quay, but all around the cositc, for a distance of one thousand meters, troops will bo con ccaled behind trees and hedges to guard It securely. The disruption of the Association oi Manufacturers of Iron and Steel fuils has begun at Pittsburg, Fa., and it is stated that it was only a question of time until the organization ceases to exist. Within twenty-four hours twelve firms sent in their resignations and every mail is in creasing the list Tbe association was organized in 1883 for the purpose of ar ranging a yearly scale of wages with the employe and not to regulate tho selling price of iron, as has been erroneously stated. Seventy-one Prnis, employing 100,000 men and representing $7,500,000 capital, belonged to tbe association. A meeting of the grievance committee of the Brotherhood of Engineers of a l roads in the United States wss called to meet at Chicago, III. When the meeting waa called w uruer, wmj ww 1 ZLrZ2rnZL7t W 9 riMr wto .to hi. dinner. "v" . 1 . "rr, '."r: and fell dead as be rose from tun table. wen very ivuHyu....riv "i'' Another Went to alwnwell sml never tbe opinion tast mere wouiu not . general strike. The meeting was called, said one of its members, to vindicate the order, and not to interfere with tbe "Q." trouble In the least. The following was psssed : 'Resolved, That we hereby ex press our condemnation of lawless action and destruction of property, and that tbe exercise of power by this order will bt At the session of the National Prison. Association held in Boston, Mass., th secretary read tbe lists of all persona registered, numbering 169 ia all. This is the largest attendance ever known at a prison congress. Tbe states represented were: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut. Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Slarsacbusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and tbe Provinces. A discus sion arose on the O'Neill bill presented in Congress, and ex-Governor Bullock, of Georgia, said that the O'Neill bill would compel the aband mrAent of the whola system of leasing convicts in voguo in the South, lie predicted that tho Southern members of Congress would vote against the bill when they saw it would compel tbe support of the prison srs in idleness. Worry. Worry is the can of more tronbl than any other one thing not excepting alcohol. For it Inula men to murder, suicide, embezzlement, insanity, drink, family rstrangcmontu, quarrels and bus iness difficulties. Worried people can not make good bargains; their judgment become bo warped or twisted, through dwelling too long on the same Bnbjtxst; with those subjects they are no clearer at the end of their thinking than the were at the beginning. There are mul titudes of deaths every year attributed to regular spocifie dmcaa, as typhoid fever, drsppjwin, consumption and bi'iirt disease, which have for their eaiwe worry. Worry induces sucli a condition of txxiy that it readily receives tho germs of dia-eaa. To one who was accustomed to worry, friend said, who avoided worry as much as posaiblo: "What would yoa do if yon atnpped every time to consider the possibility of every act. I know of a woman who walked carefully across a smooth carpeted floor; she- fell, broke hip ioiut, and died iu a few days. I rowd to protect the innornLn An Infallible SaffjaarJ. HJggini ''Wonder what kind. ot . .Lf. .'II k... t A.w Wli.i-inal'1 Wiggins "I expect a fair, clear day." Biggins "Then why en esKh are ion tarrying that umbrella and mackiutobr Wignins "So that it will be certain to be a fair, clear day." Lfu Wit is a lover like a kernel of eornt Because he tares white when he pops. woke: another rode ont aud was killed." Thus instance after inatanco might be knentioned for every daily act, if we had travelled or read much or met many per sons. , Occasionally wo meet people who can truly te called born frctters; they fret at everything, and seven days and seven bights svarecly give them time rnmiqli during the week to do all tho worrying they are capable of doing; as for any one living with tli-m, it is their worst pun ishment that they have to endure them selves. We daily meet faces that show the re mit of worry; they are s.hukh1 and wrinkled and full of iinc. The should be a warning to tut. If the time and strength spent in worry could bo ttw.l in self-improvement and lictiefiting those near us, there would be many ehangpa in every community.

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