WE'LL HEW TO THE LINE, LET THE fcKIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY, VOL. I. IIILLSBORO, N. 0., THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1888. NO. 52. The Briiish Onrernment is about to abandon-the island of Ascension, 730 miles south of St. Helena, which it ached in 1815, solely for the purpose oi preventing the possible escape o Na poleon. The new Orphan's Home at San Diego, Cal., promises to be one of the most im portant and best-endowed charitable in stitutions in the Vniou, , In addition to tho Home proper there will be an educa tional and technical school. Four cit izens of San Diego have subscribed $2, 000,000. and the city has given 100 acres of land in the city limits, worth nearly $1,000,000." -, - " i ' One hundred and thirty miles ot electric railroad are now in operation in this country, and nearly 200 miles more are in process of construction. ; TUo At- 'lanta Cvnstitution prophesies that "the electric motor will at some time do away with steam, and the many improvements now being made in the application of electricity gives room for the belief that the day is not far distant when such practical application of It can be made as to make it the general motive power throughout the world." W. A. Lyman, of Milford, Conn., It making the smallest possible specimen of an engine. It will be made with a silver half dollar. The boiler is to hold about eight drops of water, but with four drops the engine can be worked several minutes. When finished, it is to be placed in a glass ca three-quarters of an inch io dametcr and an inch and one-eight in height Some of the parts will be so fine and delicate that they cannot be, made without the use of a magnifying ghns. The French have discovered an an nexable island in the Pacific, declares the hew York: Time; and have straight way proceeded to annex it. Their ae qu sition U I'aratonga, wbich has an area of poasib'y fifty square miles. It to more ot' an island thaa some recent British annexations, since it at least caa and does support a population ot several thousand satires, who live ia those set ' tlemeata.' Itaratoaga W a leading ia'.and of the Cook, or Ilervey group, made very well knows to the world through the successful lalrs of mlu-ionariev who have converted a great part of the people to Christianity. The Mexican paper, Dhtri Ll lfoptr, tells of a large railroad contract for the construction of a road by an English syndicate, from Esperaora to Oaxaca, which was signed a few days since ia the City of Mexico by General Pacheco, representing the J!evico government, and Mr. Louis Pombo, as representative of the syndicate, by which the govern moot guarantees to the company 8 per ceni per annum of the net proceeds oa the capital Invested in the bailding of the road for terra of fifteen years: the total proceeds from the stamp revenue of the tste of Oataci to be appropriated to this purpose, as alto 3 per cent of all tlx custom house collections throughout the tntire republic . Bo vast have modern fortune become, remarks the New York a, thtt the term millionaire his taken on a new slg nificance. A millionaire nd longer means a msn who possesses one m Hi m of francs in France, of lirvi in Italf, of rou. hies In Russia, of dollars with us, but, according to the modern pht neology started by Sir Morton I'eto and James Mclleary, and adopted in F.ngtand and .v.. 1... H i. t, .1.. ...... . of 1,000,000 in England. $3,000,00,) ia this country, and 5100,000 francs in France. Following that standard, M. de Yarlgay estimates that out of a total of 700 tbr proportionate number of millionaires In the different countries Is: England. 200; tatted States, 10fl; Ger many and Austria, 100; France, 75; Russia, 30; India, 30; other countries, 133, ' i ' . . The Charlestoa Jfta CmrUr claims that CUflin University, located at Orangeburg, a C, is the model uuiver ity of the South for colored people. There were 10,000 people at the recent commencement exercises. The t'niver ity has seventeen teachers, fourteen superintendents and Ma studsnta. It ex coeds In si. a the famous school at Hamp ton, Va More than five hundred students actually pay for their own education by the work of their hands. In the curricu lum are six courses of study, with In fraction ia ninedifferent Industries, rep rented by nine special schools of agri. culture, earpentry and cabinet-making, printing, tailoring, shoemsklog, palnt'ng and raining, blscksmithlng, merchan dSsing and domestic economy. Tha Cniversity was founded by Mr. Clnflin, of Boston, but it U upheld iy South Carolina, which gives it b Inaaaial assistance and moral support NATIONAL CAPITAL WHAT THE SWELTERING PUB LIC OFflCIALS ARE DOING. PBOCEEDIM08 OF COJIOBEBS IMPORT AST ACTS OF PRKBIDEHT CLEVELAND AT" rOlSTMEKTS ADD BEJtOVALS, ETC. CONCH EHMIONA L. The Senate on Wedmsday resumed consideration of the naval appropriHtion bill, the pending qtiestiou being on the amendments striking out of tlw bill the item for the exprnte of a commission to locate a navy yard on the Gulf Coast The subject was discussed at gret length, Senators Call and Faaco favoring the amendment to strike out, because there was already a good naval statiou at Pensacola. Finally, the amendment to strike out was rejected. Yeas 10, nays 24. So the provision was retained in the bill, modified, on the motion of Mr. Itcagan, by including the Mississippi river. The clause now appropriates $13, 000 for the expenses of a commission ot three officers to be appointed by the Sec retary of the Navy to report aa to the moat desirable location on or near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, or on the Mississippi river, for a navy yard and docks for slipping.... After disposing of various private bills, the House took up and considered the bill to establish a United Slates land court and to provide ftf judicial investigation and the settle ment. of private land claims in the terri tories of Arizona and New Mexico, and the state of Colorado. On motion of Mr. Smith, of Arizona, an amendment wai adopted exempting Arizona frra the provisions of the bill, and the bill with the amendment wss passed 70 to 24. The Senate on Tuesday devoted most of its time to the consideration of the naval appropriation bill, especially that portion w hich related to the construction ot the new cruisers. Among the amendments reported and agreed to were the following; Striking out an item of $00,000 for expenses ot the commission to locate a navy yard near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and inserting an item of 13,000 for continuity the im- f rovement of the naval hospital park at 'ortamouth, Va. The roost Important amendment reported was to add to the item for the construction of three steel cruisers two of them of about three thousand tons at a cost of Dot exceeding 11,100,000, esch exclusive of armsment and cae of about 3,300 tons at a coat of not more than $1,800,000 the follow ing: "Also three gun boats or cruisers, neither of which shall exceed 1,700 tons in displacement, nor $30,000 in coat; and to strike out of the item the words, "and one armored cruiser of about 7,5u0 tons displacement, to cost not more than three and a half million dollars. Mr. Gray moved to amend the amendment by striking out the words "1,700 tons" aid inserting tbe words "3,000 tons" and in creasing the coat from $500,000 to $000,000 each. Mr. Morgan approved tbe committee's amendment except aa to the striking out of the provision fur 7,300 tone armored cruisers. This he did not favor, as he re garded these Urge Teasels more efficient thsn forts In the protection of harbors. Those amendments on which do special Tote was demanded was agreed to. A special vote was demanded by Mr. Mor gan on the amendment striking out the House item foracominiiAiun to locate a navy yard on the Gulf ct. Sir. Mor gan spoke in favor of the House proposi tion and against s riking it out. Without disposing of it, the bill went over uutil the next day,... In tbe House, on motion of Mr. Blount, of Georgia, a Senate bill was passed prohibiting the tran"iuisioa through the mails, in transparent envel opes, of matter, which would be prohibited if the same were printed or written on the outside of envelope Mr. llolman, of Indiana, from the cum mittee on public lands rep irtcd nd asked Imiiediate consideration of the Senate bill to extend tbe laws of tbe United States over No M m's land. Mr. Springer antagooirel this bill with tbe Oklahoma territory bill. lie contended that it wa just as easy to P'i the ter ritorial bill as to pass the bill, jut re ported. Mr. Springer was successful, and the House went Into a committee of the whole on the Oklahoma bill. Statesvllle, N. C, is to have a T3,O00 publio building. Dr. Murray of the Marine hospital set vim, atationed at Key West, bis been ordered to take charge of the yellow fc Ter arrangements at Manatee, Flo. The President baa pardoned James C. C. Inson and John A. C lssoo, convicted in South Carolina of violating interna! revenue laws. A pardon was denied Joseph F. Hernandez, convicted in Flor Ida of stealing from the malls. Written arguments wcre"precnted bj the Board of Trade of Spartanburg, P. C, to the IctersUU Commerce Commia linn, complaining of a diVrimir.stloi against the town by the railroads pis ing through the town. The Secretary of the Navy, on Monday, directed the dismliaal ot the following cadets as a result of the "Im.ina' court msrtial trials at Annapolis: Richard H. llgh, Misilstippl; George Sbr-pard Wisconsin; llion B. Bierer, Kansas, ant Charles W. Ljlc, Virginia. Senator Palmer reported favorably from the committee on education and la borthe bill appropriating f -iOOjooO for I Colored Exposition In Atlanta next year, will call tho bill up for action next we: k, or earlier if possible. Both he and Sen afr Brown have been telkiig up the bil considerably, and expect lis passage. Senator Talmer says be has no doubt but that it wi'l pais without opposition. Commissioner i. of Internal ; Revenue Mille r has made a preliminary report oi the operations of the internal revenue bureau, for the fiscal year ended Ju'y 80, 1888. Tbe total collections for the yeai were $124,329,474, as again-t $118,837. 801 for tbe previous fiscal year. Collec tions were made up as follows: On spir its, $09,808,150; on tobtcco, $30,602, 431; ou fermented liquors, $23,324,218. There wag an increase of 278,220,800 cigarettes, and 68,421,207 cigars nianu factured during the year. - , Lieut. F. V, Abbott, of the Corps o! Engineers, submits the following esti mate for the works under his charge for tbe fiscal year ending June 80, 1800: Im provement oi naroor at Cbarleston, 8.U., including Sullivan's Island, to complete, $1,323,000; for next year $730,000; im- provement at Wuppoo Cut, 8. C, for next year and to complete, $10,000; im provement of Ediato river, 8. C, to complete, $17,883 ; for next year $10,000 ; siikenatcuie river, a. C, for next year ana to complete, fs.uou. The committee on agriculture reconsid ered its action of last week in referring to tho sub-committee the compound lard bill and all adulterated food bills before tbe committee, with instructions to report by bill, or otherwise, in December next, auddcoided to report to ' the House tht Lee bill, to prevent the sale, manufacture or transportation of adulterated articles of food, drink and drugs, 'also a substi tute for the Butterworth bill, dtfinina lard, and imposing a tax upon compound lard, and regulating its sale, importation sua exportation. :f The crop bulletin issued by the Signal Ollice says: "The weather during tbe week has been favorable . for growing eroj s in the wheat and corn regions of the northwest." Reports from Kansas Indicate that crops hsve been considers- iy aamagea Mr bail, lteports Iroro Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louiai ,ana, Alabama and Mississippi, show that tne crop conditions bare been improved by favorable weather during tbe past week. More ruin Is needed in North and South Carolina, although in the latter state the weather was favorable for cot ton." The Senate bill to perfect tbe quaran tine service of the United States, wbich passed the House on Monday, and now only requires tne signature ot tne Presi dent to become a law. provides the pen allies of fine snd imprisonment for anj trespass upon the grouods belonging tc sny quarantine reservation. It makes the following appropriations for additional quarantine stations: Delaware lireak water, $75,000; Cane Charles, Vs., $113, 000; South Atlantic Station, fapelc Sound), $;w,500; Key West, $88,000: Stn Diezo H irlor, $33,300; Sun Fn.u- cico, $103,000; Fort Townsend, $33, 300. An appropriation of $13,000 is alio made for tbe gulf quarantiue, for merly Ship Wand. SOUTHLAND ITEMS. PABAGRAPHS, SAD, PLEASANT ;. AND TERRIBLE. . INDUSTJUAL PROGRESS TI1E EXCURSION ' FEVET: - SAlLliOAD ACCIDENTS-SUICIDES DEFALCATIONS COTTON REPORTS, ETC. RUSHINQ FOR LIBERTY. A plot for the escape of four hundred convicts at Pratt Mines, Ala., was dis covered several days ago, but the prison officials kept the matter so quiet that the fscts only leaked out on Wednesday At slope No. 1, about four of the seven hun dred convicts are confined, and there Is only one entrance into the mine at that plsceIt seems that one of tbe veins or leads at rbi slope has been worked until it was aithina lew hundred feet of tbe surface on tbe other jle of the mountain. Some of the older convicts, some time ago mining. The number into tbe plot was Increased, until nearly all of tbe four hundred convicts working in tbe elope knew abjut it, and aided in the work. Saturday, it is said, was the day set apart to force tbe tunnel through the mountain and escape. After all tbe con victs bael entered the slope that morning, the entrance was blocked on the inside, snd then they began to dig for liberty, the tunnel lacking only a few feet of completion, but the plot had leen lw t raved, and the guards were on the look nut. The obstruction at the mouth of the slope was removed and the convicts were driven awsy from their tunnel, and forced to return to work. The ring leaders were punished, and every pre caution has been taked to prevent an es cape by the tunnel route. Only three months ago five convicts escaped from Coalburg mines, by the same means, and only two of them were recaptured. MONSTER BARBECUE. Pearl Park, near Ncwnan, Ga., was the place w here a most notable gathering was he ld on Saturday, the 27ih anniver surf of the first bat.lo of M.inass, Vs. About 13.000 people attended, and a re union of tho 1st, 7th and 12th Georgia ans held. Generals James Longstrect, "Tigcn Anderson, I. M. H. Young, made spree he , tat tbe gems of the dny were by Judge Win. Lowndes Calhoun, I hi President of the Atlanta Confederate veterans, and Rev. Dr. Hunnlcutt, of the 1st Georgia Infantry; the bitter's (dvice about taking meant to solve the labor question we a thoughtful suggestion and was veiy favorably cenimcntcd on by the farmers. ' QUITE INDIGNANT. Seven hundred delegates of the joint convention of Engineers and Firemen to consider the Burlington road mat er, as- St mbled at St. Joephu Mo., in iecret a-siiofl. An enterprising reporter namca Hrplegcl was femnd ceineealol In the chandelier supports in the ceiling aod the ineligi ant delegates came near lynching him. conceived a plan to diir out of the mine. Others wre let into the plotwod tho convicts would work turns on their tun nel after completing their day's task ofktlie principal that some potent drug had , Alabama. - The neighbors of James E. Windham, the man who killed P. W. Bailey, at Oz-irk, on the 8d of July, were horrified to 'Ind him dead in tho woods. He had threatened to suicide, and tho deed was d 'ney r There were no marks of violence about his person, and the general Verdict wss that he poisoned himself by his own hand, beiug driven to tho act by remorse. fSeorala. ' The 85th Georgia infantry had a grand rcuuion at Conyers. Speaker Carlisle declined to leave Washington, D. C, to deliver a speech in Atlanta; ; .The 43d Georgia infantry held a re union at Ponce de Leon Springs, near Atlanta, and out of tbe 1,000 men that composed it, in 1861,only 13 were present The grand lodge of Old Fellows of the jtnte of Georgia, will hold their annual meeting in Gainesville on the 15th and 10th of August. Arrangements have been made to tender the members of the body an excursion to Tallulah Falls on the 17th of August. The Augusta Exposition received an implication for space from one of the biggest loom manufacturers in Massachu setts. The exhibit alone will cost several thousand dollars to place, and the six fancy looms will be operated by six blooming Yankee girls. William Gaines, chief porter at the Hotel St. Simons at Brunswick, bad bis bead blown off jn the cook room of tbe hotel on Monday while handling a gun belonging to one of the guests, who carelessly failed to warn him that it was loaded. Gaiues was formerly employed at the Kimball House, in Atlanta. The Columbus & Rome, the Eufaula & East Alabama, the Eufaula & Clayton, the Columbus & Western, the East Ala bama Railway Company, the Buena Vista k Ellaville, tbe Savannah & West ern railroads will be consolidated under the name of the Savannah Sc West ern. The capital stock of the Savannah & Western will bo $3,000,000, divided into 50,000 shares of $1,000 each. Gen. Alexander will be president of tbe new company. The Central paid P. W. Mel drim and his associates $10,000 for tbe name Savannah & Western with its val uable charter and franchise. Tbe Haines Normal and Industrial In stitute ia a boarding school in Augusta, and during the regular school teitn hhd 323 pupils enrolled. During this vaca tion there are only a few who remain through the Summer. There were f ev eral cases of sickness in the school, and as a preventive, the attending physician, Dr. A. II. Baker, directed the principal to give the children a quinine capsule every morning. This haa been done for some time past. Sunday morning the supply of quinine being exhausted, one of tho teachers was dispatched to a drug store for a new supply. The quinine was weighed out, placed ma vial and labelled by the cle rk and delivered to the custo mer. When carried back to the school, the drug was put in capsules by the prin cipal aud given to the children and one teacher. In a short time they showed peculiar symptoms of languor and drow siness, snd soon it became apparent to been taken and the children were poi soned. The drug was found to be mor phine, and for a few hours there was tho greatest excitement, as the scholars suc cumbed to its iufluence. ra Caiwllaa. Columbia Las decided to rebuild itt almshouse, which was wrecked by thq earthquake two years ago. The Ice Mission of Charleston, has dis tributed nearly ten tons of ice among poor people, so far, this season. Tho people of Columbia love their sleep. The Council decided to squelch the cries of street hucksters before 7 a. m. The river phosphate miners around the South Carolina coast have entered into a pool to put up the price of rock. This, of course, does not include the land miners. The production of rivet rock amounts to nearly 20,000 tons an nually. A committee was appointed in Charles ton on Wednesday to open books of sub scription for tha purchase of a steamship to run between there and Baltimore, The steamer is to bo built outright, with a capacity of 6,000 to 8,000 bales of cot ton, and to have first-class accommoda. tlons for 100 saloon passengers. t TvaaMM. I Ttia ITnnTvllla Cold Storaira enmnan !wiU discontinue business. Knoxville's old city hall building wsi isold at auction. A new building is to bt iTutup, i The Prohibitionists of Nsshville are maktnff an airirrcssiva camna on. and are jorganixing clubs In every ward and dis trict. ' Sam Watts, a clerk, and Charles num. .phreya, a married miner, fought at Coal Creek while on a drunken spree. The latter was shot through the body and will die. - Policeman W. T. Russell, who a week ago killed Jesse Bishop while, it is al leged, Bishop wss resisting arrest, was taken before Judge Shepherd on a writ of habeat wjmt at Chattanooga on 4Wednesday. As a result of the examin ation, Kusseil wss bela to ball In tne sum, f $3,000, which he readily gave. . . I'larlilB.. ,,, Twenty-four alligators were killed in one night by a boy at Spring Garden. ' The inland lakes in Voiusi i county are lower at piesent th m at any time during the past ten yeats. The catanillars are seriously Injuring the pea ana potato vines in certain lo calities in Pasco county. , A member of the Jacksonville military named Frazee refused to pay a court martial fine of $25 and was arrested. It coat considerable before the authorities would release him. The growers in and around Orlando have netted 50 cents per pound for white grapes. It is not improbable that in a" tew years grape culture in Florida will become one of tho - leading industries. Alachua county has a large acreage of vineyards. . There is a man in Pulatka who imag ines that he is a teapot. He is perfectly cane on every other subject, but nothing can convince him that he is not a teapot, and an earthen one at that. Ho sticks out one arm to represent the spout, benda the other to represent the handle, makes a hissing noise to represent the escaping steam, and then, if any one comes near him, is very uneasy lest they hit him and break off either his handle or his spout. The relief measures to be inaugurated by the Marine Hospital Bureau will in slude a house to-house inspection of the infected villages and the guarding of them for a period of ten days, or utitil tbe fever shull have entirely disappeared ; snd also the disinfection of all premises wherein the inmatea have hael fever. Guards will be immediately placed to prevcut the refugees from infecting other placet. Persons wishing to leave tho in fected villages will have to pass the usual detention period and have their clothing fumigated. Kealarkr. A boy named Linnell Combs, 11 years of age, has been sent to the penitentiary at Frankfort, for life, having murdered a three year old sister. H. W. Henry, one of the most bril liant young lawyers in We4crn Ken tucky, shot himself on Monday, nt bis residence, dying instantly. He bud been out on a political speaking tour, lie was only thirty years old. Narih C'arallaa. The trial .f Cross and White, bank of ficers, on the lint indictment ended in a conviction. Crass was sentenced to seven years' bard labor, and White to five years. An appeal was taken. Tho bail was fixed at $10,000. Ixaa7r "';-.'' -The first bale of cotton of the crop of 1888 was received at Galveston on Wed nesday. It weighed 369 pounds, and was classed as middling fair staple. It was sold at auction at 12 cents per pound, and wifl be shipped to Liverpool via New York. Lieut Flipper, the colored officer in the United States army, who was dis missed some years ago, and afterwards joined the Mexican army, has turned up at Jul raso, witn a story oi two oiei gold mines which he has found in Mexico, just bursting with ore, Tlraiata. The coroner's jury assembled at the scene of the recent collision on the NorJ folk Western Railway, rendered its verdict on Wednesday as follows: "We, the jury, find the Norfolk & Western Railwsy Company guilty of neglect in' lending complicated orders not easily' understood by employes of the company,: as ahown by tbe evidence adduced before the jury, and for its failure to designato engine No. 3, which would have pre Tented this collision; and it is the opin ion of this jury that the Norfolk & Western management should bo held responsible for the results of this disas ter." ' Gen. W. & C. Wickham, second rice president and receiver of the Chesapeake tfc Ohio Railway Company, died vefy suddenly at his office in Richmond oa Monday. He was hale, hearty and TigJ brous until 1 o'clock that day when he was suddenly taken ill He laid down on a lounge, and in leas than twenty five tninutes was dead. Tbe doctors attrib ute bin sudden demise to heart disease.' He til born in 1821, was in the Virginia Senate beforo and after the War. He was successively captain and colonel of the Fourth Virginia cavalry, and later became brigadier general in the cavalry arm of the service. THE WORLD OYER. CONDENSATION OF FACTS BY 'P30NE AND TELEGRAPH. , WON'T HAVE IT. . Mr. O'Connell, chief clerk of the New York Court of Common l'le.n, has lodged complaint with the authorities at Queens town, Ireland, in which he says his steps aro constantly dogged by detectives, anil asked to be relieved of this unwarranted survcilance. lie alleges that since h's arrival he has visited religious and char itablo institutions in Cork, and every where he has gone detectives have sliud jwed him. i - YELLOW FEVER. HBBBBBaaBBBa The brig Tencriffd, which arrived Sunday, at Lewes, Del., from Havana, lost two men .at sea from yellow fever. Two cases hive been transferred to tho hospital there, A Seasonable Hint Old Mr. Sharpley (leaning over the staircase In his night gown) "Mabel 1" Mabel (below) "Yes, papa." Old Mr. Sharpley "Just tell that young gentleman in the parlor that if he's wr itinir for the morninir piper he can get it quicker down town." Tttai Tat so-called civilized worlel spent ear in trying to break into China, now it ia making strenuous efforts to keep the Chinese from breaking out. BOMETHnia ABOUT C0HVEKTI05S, ROADS, WORKING PEOPLE, CAPITALISTS, KUROPEAS CROWNED BEADS, ETC. Soven thousand colliers at Port Pridd, Wales, struck for ah increarse of wages. A six-story building in Cincinnati, Ohio, occupied by Keyppcndorf, Ditt man & Co., as a shoe factory, was burned on Tuesday. Loss, $300,000. The Czar of Russia will return the visit of Emperor William in the Au tumn, stopping at Berlin on the way from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg. , Jumes Mason, an old stage driver, sa down on a 50 pound box of giant pow der at Redding, Cal., aud touched off the powder. Only 80 pounds of frag ments of his body were recovered. A receiver has been appointed at In dianapolis, Ind., in the affairs of the supreme lodge of the United Order ol Honor. When the receiver took charge, only $23 in cosh was found in bank. Stephen PhilliDS and Fred Newman were killed by an explosion of nitro glycerine at Lima, uuio. iney were oil drillers, and were mixing glycerine preparatory to shooting a well, when it exploded. The grasshopper war at Perham, Minn., continues unabated. Although over 10, 000 bushels have been caught, they are still catching them at a lively rate. Last Monday night over 100 bushels of them were caught in one field. Gen. Sheridan has so much improved in health since his arrival at Nonqnittr Mass., that it is believed now that he will recover, though he never will be com pletely restored to health. His treat ment has been a remarkable victory for medical science. A severe storm struck Sandusky, Ohio, on Monday. The wind blew a gale and the rain and hail fell in torn rts. Trees were uprooted, corn and other crops damaged and fruit literally stripped from the trees. The damage in Huron coun ty is estimated at $100,000. Fire on Monday destroyed the coat mining town of Roslin, Washington Territory, rendering tbe entire popula tion of 1,500, homeless. About 250 houses were burned, and nothing was left but the coal company's office and? depot. The Norfolk and New Brunswick He' iery Company in New Brunswick, N. J. j resolved to close their works immediate ly. They employ near one thousand: Hands, jonn u. carpenter, presiaenir ssys the reason for the shut down ia the stagnation of the wool trade. Jobbers will not buy goods. f A gunsmith, named Rudolph Sebic, was arrested in Chicago, III., on Wednes day, and is now behind prison bars, un der bonds of $7,000. He is charged with being the individual who furnished1 dynamite to the conspirators who intend ed to assassinate the three law officers most prominent in the Uaymarket prose cution. Fifty convicts were received into the Catholic church at the prison in Joliet, I1L, by Bishop Spalding. It was tho second time in the history of the peni tentiary that an event of this character has taken place within its walls, the pre vious occasion being two years ago, when Archbishop Feehan, of Chicago, con firmed 117 convicts. ' The old armory of the 11th regiment at Elm and White street, in New York city, has been used for commercial pur poses for some yeats, although still owned by the city. Tbe Lovelt Manu facturing company, of book printers and binders occupied wide gallery around tbe hall fifteen feet from the floor. In this gallery were five heavy folding ma chines and tons upon tons of printed matter. Thegn'.Iery was supported by wooden uprights resting on tbe floor of the hall. Under this bung heavy iro:; pipes in stock. On Wednesday the dou Lie strain reached its breaking tKtint and the northeast part of the gallery fell. The five folding machines carried down the floor of the main hull to the ground floor. Six girls who had been working at the machines went down with tliu wreck to tbe ground floor. One was killed Instantly, two were protected by debris which bad formed an arch over them and were unhurt; others were more or less injured, but none fatally. Over 200 women and girls were at work in tho building at the time. There's Xoste la the Heir." -HA What Caused the Vommotlon, 4,Bub. what's the cause of that crowd at the house over there fire!" "'o: the woman that lives there saw a mouse and she jumped on a chair and) yelled and screamed like the house wa afire all ovar." Aimtujr Btutt JvwyvilS

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