ft FOURTH YEAR, NO. 38. HENDERSON, N. C, SATURDAY. AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 297"l9l TWO CENTS A COPX TODAY'S NEWS TODAY. TVTT-TvraT-o rT AcenrTATOn t-t- 7TZ " IIGMAEUS 9 - AGR 4 NEITHER HAS PEACE FEELER BEEN SENT TO ANY OF ENEMIES Chancellor Tells Reichstag Main Committee Gov ernment is Free To . Negotiations. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO BELGIAN PROBLEM Says Imperial Government's War Aims Were Clearly Set Forth in the Reply Sent To Pope Benedict. (By the Associated Press.) Copenhagen Sept- 29. Ger many has not renounced Belgium and has not been in communica tion with an of her enemies, ac cording to a speech of Chancellor llichaelis. before the. Reichstag main committee, says a dispatch received here. The Chancellor is quoted as having said: "A Liberty deputy correctly stated that the attitude of the Imperial Government as regards its war aims was clearly explain ed in my answer to the Papal note. The peace resolution of July 25 was mentioned in this reply. Moreover, I declare that the statement, that the Imperial gov- id eated with this or that hostile government and that it had in advance renounced valuable con quered territories is untrue. I declare the- Imperial Government has free hands for eventual peace negotiations. This also refers to Belgium." EEICHSTAG SOCIALISTS ASK GOVERNMENT VIEWS Copenhagen, Sept. 29. The majority socialists in the Ger man Reichstag have interpelated the government concerning offi cial support, of the Pan-German agitation and the Fatherland party. The Socialists also made interpolation on reported govern ment interference with the right of assembly. FIRST AMERICAN GIVEN WAR CROSS IN FRANCE Picks Up Bomb From Airplane and Throws it into liiver oust, us it Explodes. - i (By the Associated Press.) Paris, Sept. 29. The first Amer ican soldier, to win the war cross with the palm is John McClain, of Dayton, Ohio, says the Paris Herald. On the night of September 18, a German airplane flew over the vil lacP in which he was and dropped bombs. One fell within fifteen feet of him, where a number of persons were standing. Notwithstanding the warnings of those near him, the newspaper claims. Private McClain dashed out 25 othe road, picked it up. and tmrled it into me nvo. ed Is soon as it hit the water -It sent UP a column of water, and no one was hurt. 1llcru on Stock Exchange In DeacTeSe Six Points Above M i day's Prices Offered. (BY the Associated Press.) J York Sept. 29. Tho price pJy Bonds continued to move -of Liberty Bonu Qf VTnz on the stock market a lot "So soli at 100.31, a new high t etlnts above yesterday's High at early jnorning Berrice at 6unrtdavl0S Sunday school at 9:45. 7Sf mornmg'sermon at 11 o'clock. M -Walton will preach the DENIS GERMANY HAS ED TO GET OUT OF BELGIU VIENNA COURIER TO POPE DIDN'T SUPPLEMENT (By the Associated Press.) Paris, Sept. 29. The diplomatic conrW who brought the Austrian reply to the Pope's peace note to Rome, did not brlnjr the supposed supplementary outline of terms touching upon the evacuation of Belgium on certain conditions. "The communication, adds a 1 Lav as dlspach from Rome, "aaa then be considered as non-existent." A -dispatch from Berne given out by the Wlrelesa Fre la London on September 26 said that Germany had agreed to evacuate Belgium on certain conditions. It was in the form of a verbal com munication made by Foreign Secretary Knehlmann to the Papa! Nuncio at Munich. TWO MORE DEATHS ARE REPORTED IN AMERICAN FORCES (By the Associated Press.) Witeliingtcn, Sept. 20. Tvo more dctwiis amon; American troops abroad were announri-.i trtay by the Wnr Department reported from General Pcrshiuj; Itenlquartets. Private V. C. Sullivan, of an infantry regiment, died Septem ber 22 of spinal meningitis in the line of duty. Benjamin Haywood, a steve dore, died September 24 of hnrt dl.-cuse. His next of kin live in Savannah, Ga. m cashes President Fills Three Vacan cies, and North Caro linian Is Not There. WOOLLEY PUT ON Virginian, Oregon Man, and Massachusetts Expert Pro posed to Senate for Places on Commerce Commission (By the Associated Press.) Washington, Sept. 29. The fol lowing were nominated by President Wilson today to the three vacancies on the I. C. C. Robert W. Woolley, of Virginia, for the term ending December 31, 1920. Clyde B. Aitchison, of Oregon, for the term ending December 31, 1921. George W. Adeson, of Boston, Mass.. for tfiz term ending in 1922. Four-Cornered . Fight For Mayor In New York Is Now Very Likely. PLANS IN MAKING Fusion Leaders Frankly Admit Mayor's Defeat Was Due to Bungling, Which is High ly Pleasing to Tammany (By the Associated Press ) New York, Sept. 29. A four-cor nered contest for mayor was assur ed today when it became virtually certain that Mayor John Purroy Mitchell would mak3 th race for xrayor following h& defeat at. the Vtanfla of William M. Bennett. Leaders In the fusion movement which was responsible for the may or's election four years ago began today to make plans for his re-elec tlon. Fusion leaders frankly ad init that Mitchell's defeat In the primary was due to bungling, and that the situation created one that is pleasing to Tammany Hall. PAIR AND COLD SUNDAY NEW WEATHER FORECAST Washington, Sept. 29. Generally fair weather with lower tempera tures Sunday, followed by. a return to normal, conditions about Tuesday or Wednesday, are" forecast tor the week beginning tomorrow. TRAV S NOT NAMED lilllTCHELL, BEATEN, MAY RUN ANY WAY 1 BEARING REPLY HAVE WITH HIM ABOUT BELGIUM ELEVEN FATALITIES LT OF GULF HURRICANE j Schooner Capsized In Sis ter Like, Louisiana, and Six Fishermen Are Drowned. FIVE ARE KILLED IN FLORIDA TOWN Mobile Passes Worst of Slorm With No Casual ties and But Little Damage Because of jWami try. tetVd Tress. (By tfte Assocta Mobile. Ala.. Sept. 29. Becau of warnings Issued, this section of tho storm area passed through the climax 6f the hurricane without a minimum of. damage. No loff of life had been reported. The damage along the waterfront was slight. Taking advantage of the first warnings of the approaching hurricane, shipping sought a safe harbor behind a twelve mile island. The river was clear of all craft long ciore the gale struck Mobile, and t the river front this morning It was said not a boat had been lost. A three story building occupied by the Chamber of Commerce and the Cotton Exchange were destroyed j by fire, demoralization of the fire alarm, system giving tho flames a t-tart. The damaee is estimated nt S300.000. Five Killed in Florida. Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 29. Dothan, Alabama, reports that ad vices from Crest View, Florida, a. station of the Louisville and Nash ville railroad a few miles west of Pennsacola, say five people were killed there. Schooner Capsizes, Six Drown. Homer, La., Sept. 29. A shrimp schooner was capsized in Sister Lake, about 25 miles south of here late yesterday during the terrific wind storm and tho owner and fivo other fishermen were drowned, ac cording to reports received here to day from a point on the lake. A number of fishermen left here today to try to locate the bodies. This was the only casualty reported In this section. 12,000 METAL WORKERS IN SEATTLE GO ON STRIKE (By the Associated Press.) Seattle, Wash., Sept. 29. Twelve thousand metal workers struck to day to enforce demands for higher wages and use of eight hour lumber. OCCUR AS ARESU Two Tar Heel Elevens Start Gridiron Seasons (By the Associated Frees. ) Atlanta. Ga., Sept .29. Clash es between Auburn and Marlon Mili tary Institute at Marlon, Alabama. Davidson College and the Nary at Annapolis, and a double-header here with Georgia Tech facing .Wake Forest, N. C, and Furman. S. C, will constitute the major card ot the opening of the football season for Southern elevens today. Tech will meet Fnrxnaa probably "Slush Fund" Spat Is Started Anew DKMAND KXI TLSIOX OF HKVATOR LA FOLLKTTK (Ilr the AocUtl lYr.) U"hlnton, SrpU 20. A communication from the Governor of Mineot and the State PablJc Kaicijr Com- inl-4n requesting the eipul- slnn from the Senate of He ator LaPollette mm prmeat fJ In Hie Senate today by Senator Kellog, f MJnnc- ota. and referrt by Vice- Ireldent MarsLaJ o the committee on prl t llcgeand 'Iwtinn. KERENSKY DEFENDS HIS REGIME IN SPEECH AT PETROGRAD MEET """"""iaaa Tells Democratic Congress His Government Had Saved Russia In Its Darkest Hours Crowd Hisses Solider Heckler. (B ythe Associated Pre.) I ctrograd. Sept. 2S. (delayed). Premier Kercnsky took the inula live today and faced coldly what may bo the supreme test of hi poner. At the very beginning ot the democratic congrc$ called by tho Maximalists to question his power and perhaps to demand o new government, tho Premier accepted the challenge. lie told the con g r- s bis regime had ved Russia tin V darkest hours. i" jYjriittepl ftli Id'.rsud lt the hackler to Tt iiS?ouv!at . In vt ui;H.t rn d c -.'x M. Kercnsky !a a t; ch referred LOSSES OF BRITISH DURING SEPTEMBER ARE TOTAL 104,593 (liy the Associated lrrM.) lon.1..!,. Kept. Hrltih cuMi.:ltlc fHiiieil during th tnr.tli f September tlallotl lot.."!), t'.Mdctl as foltou: 0:hter?s hillrtl or dlctl of wound. kUI; mm, tK.302. OlTlcrr. vtoumtct! r iuioins. 2,131; men, fU'oii. The heverlty f the fighting; in Mliich the IlritUlt lur tcen en agetl during September I liidi eatel not only by the total ea ualtle of mort than lOl.CKKl, but by comparison vith th Ausut flgtireis vthirh verf 3ilJU. The total compare favorably, how ever, with the figure for 10IO, tho thin! month of the battle of tho Somme, when the caualtlo were 110310. CAPTUIti: Gr.ItMAX AIRMAN DKCiaitUS GUYMlMIIIt KI I.LI ID (Ily the AfMoeUtetl Ire.) CanadUn Ileadquartent In lYmner, Sept. 20 A Cier man airman brought down and taken prisoner hut nlht Aertetl that Guynemer, tho famous Prrnch airman whono wtiereabouta lal lcrn unknown lnee bo wa. mla lnR several days arrta ttiat Guynemer wa-s kllle In a flglit with a German maehlno He was buried Jut behind the front line. rls tin the double btll at Grant field this afternoon. Coach lUlsman Is planning. It Is said, to send his strongest combination Into second game with Wake Forest, reputed to be the most powerful o fthe Jackets two opponents. Several smaller colleges will open their games In parts of the South, but the majority that bare sot can celled their seasons' on account of the war will not begin their sched ules before next Saturday. . i (By the Auoclaled rrvg. Wahlnglon. Sept. 21. The Gtr. ti.in sluth fond wrangle Woke oat ajrala oa the floo- of tie l!cc to day by the prestation of a letter by Chairman Iou. of the Rule Coomlttee. froa Secretary Laojiac declrin the State DcpartReat ba4 oo eldenc that woald connect any member of Confrrw wl;h the nt of the moaey atked by Const Voa Berntorff of hta coveraatet for the influendnt of Cos err tlai a dftciaratioa of war. Secretary Latulag wrote: Ia rctpect to your loqtjSry oter the telephone today a34rHM4 to the Department, lb eg to Inform yoa the Department hat co.eUac that could la any way connect any Congrentman with receiving any ot the money pokea of by Cooa Dera tortf. to tho revolt of Crnrrl KorfcUoS and dtclartd: "I protected if, I drJrojrd H; I i Informed from the Wjicoici; cf Its exltnce." When the Premier d-Urtd ttn the existence of !luU resulted dis cipline, a voice la the r$l?ry crlM out: "You are the rrcat rr.i!fef worker ct the country." Prom a bedlam that brefce !oe. a Tele Iroca the i!ocr chalk cpe! the hackler to arUe. A itatoa Ifck ca!J.-y aroc a r j l?r Krenky AIL KING PROPERTY 1 His Attorneys Answer By iiail Contempt Summons By Judge J. E. Boyd. GIVEN MRSMELVIN It Was Charged Means Slill Had 5CO.000 BclonicjT to Dead Woman Defendant Held in Jail at Concord. (Ily th AMoeUtrd Pre! Grrrnboro. Fept. 25. All e3t of y.r. Maude A. Kicg heU by Gi ton II. Mean, now In Jill at Con cord charged with )aylos Mr Klex. havo been turned over to Mr. Miitio Mctrin, tiller of the dead or,a. It l claimed by attorcey for M-ar In an icitr by mail filed today with red era I Judge Jaror II II 04 In rrione to contempt proceed inr lnued acalntt hia. It waa charged thai Meant u;i retained ICO.ooO betoecics to thi King elate. Mean waa cited by Judge Iloyd to appear In hi co-jrt Tuesday to how why he hoal4 not he held in cootcnjpL He ai on able to come beau of being hrlJ in Concord la Jail. TROPICAL DISTURBANCE GRADUALLY DDIIN1SH17G (By th AMoclatrd Pr.! .Waahlngton. SpU 2 The trop ical disturbance this tnorol&g 1 central over the Interior of outb?ra Alabama with decreased Intemit Storm warnings are dUpUya! ou the Atlantic coast from Fot Monroe to Jacksonville. c i:inLL KTitiKK is os TlIIttOtT AncixTixn (Dy be Aawoclated rtr .) IloemM Ayre, hpt. 231 A gmrrml revolotkaary strike .throoxtoiai Argmtlo wm dcviaml today by th aauurhlsUe workmen, tb Uike to loci ad e all saloaa belonging to their federal km. Tho aocilUUc workmea'a aaloma have rrf oxJ to oia ta the axaovemeot. MEANS TURNS OVER BIG EVENTS PENDING ON WEST FRONT Air of Tcmcncit Pre vails At News Sourc es Are Cut Off. FRENCH SECTOR . IS VERY QUIET Only Artillery Activity East of Verdun i Noted, But is Violent- (By the Aocitl Pre.,) riU Marshal Half U rxtrtse! Ucoslc la hU di?atca tc-'ay frca h DrtiUh froat la rra&c aa4 Cl glaa. -Notticg to report eitepi th ntaal actttlty oa both :ir It tie rtfcc f It, The warat&c yrteriay frea crt"er ccrrei ;-czi'M t ti front ttit cothlsg t4 - ' 1 ! from iltux for th tis. ; c. t4 la t&U c&Btla. it . txt i r c! ttzt,f i:h i tili'y tf iie rvr&! tj Jti:;!.-ry .v.rr rot en tt ;-:t rt &l otrg tto poitj:;ii-, Ti.e U.ieti l :. Ve is,r.j4j'a tig attar, , ar ta t ico oft far It li-.t-Mng cf atctrr c "cit c;otc;t." 1-. I r. a&4 ttrre tavr I r. ro a r r s; r f at tari fVlPfr, Tc t.tjit:itj. tC-3 I llAl It rl t..a IrR tr tho feit.es i o:y ta tfCic l to eotrr t,p t c w dJ- poUJca cf t f;lris: t tt uzui the? Ian t r-tf il' 1. Copirath- n-it tfvi!t oa the Tretch f.--t fj-jj- mi'Mrr t la actir r.i cf 'r4iz, tll cf tt la ;or, b tcr. tl." gtjn trc rftri t i zi pha al t;ct!. Iar ?c TK 1 tiw.4' 1 . - a :trf t! wr r- c ;o: lti-. rrit;h lr mil n 1- oitr I ir l ar r-rortrd to -rlrv tier.!,t dit.ar" If rH in tt!- articiilirly cn t- stnsai? TWO GZUnAirAlV.TLASZS shot dow:; by eeitish ,u (aUi!iic l'.-tir n Another IIM Otcr Vt!ttx-rff liar Ins I rH-) Nut.l. Iord c. jt. Z Tfc.i C-rr. t s!f;Iit. Mrh lX. rt in ll c?cht' air rail 01 r fTjhjk! Kag. Iarl fcrfw t-ft.art t! c- liatti- ffr ri;r t.T J, fill r.t. i:r. Joyh i.k&i rttifr, ti;.cp cf the lUl'ifb Ii.wr. il oJT.tUt at tt frttr- at 5t. Joaa'a cburh al Vil!Urstfo Fofciay tr.crt;tg at II o'clock. MAY REOPEN CASE FOR MEN IN DRAFT Provost Manhal Evolves Plan to Aid Those Un justly in Service Illy tlo AxUtr4 trr 1 Wahlsrtoa. F;t. 2). A dlbod of relieving bar!5i!; la t nbcre taea ko boal kat ba rirartM bare ba or4rr4 to re-p-jrt for military rtk cr bate a trr4 canf ba ba prernb4 by Protect i!artal C-aral Cro4r. If a lxal r ditrlt toward bl'.ev a csaa ba ba wrwcgfslly eoselt trd. It may r;n tie ca 03 Us oa IsStiatlre at4 rwoke tie form er actloa. If a oaa alra4y ka eattrrd bi service be may b dtkbargd oily by army oncers. Another rails provides that tboataed of alUacc who rcitrt4 for the draft Jese S arl wbo slae tba tdate have declared tkeir I&lea tloa of bcomlsg cltliess are cow declarsd egtble. WKATIIKH ITJtttDCrr. For North Caroliaa: Ra:a.. toslgbt. Saa4ay fair txcrjl rala la tbe ortbai j-or- tlo a. Cookr ta the eaat portion with ccrtitait w.a2s Uo3!rg strosf tils ar:r- cooa or toalgtt aal sbUfi- lag Sosday. 1 ( SI L

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