6EC0ND PAGE HENDERSON DAILY DISPATCH ir on't Pav FOR A PRESCRIPTION AND THEN HAVE IT To get the best results the physician needs a skilled pharmacist who knows how to com pound prescriptions with absolute accuracy. That's the kind of service you get here. Let us convince you of this by bringing us your next prescription. Prescription Druggists MAI CI Phone 112. CHRISTIANS MEET WOMEN ARB IN A GOOD TIME TO BUILD IF YOU ARE GOING to do any kind of building or repairing at all this season now is the best time of all. Weather condi tions are favorable, the price of material as low as it will ever be, and we are pre- f- ared to make prompt delivery of all sup plies. IF YOU NEED to repair your farm fences we have an abundance of boards, posts and everything needed &fr that purpose, and now is a good time to do it. IF YOU WANT ANYTHING in the line of lumber, lath, shingles, doors, blinds, sasLj2jouldingrr glass, limeK cement, brick, i F KANSAS CITY, MO. ITALY GET REWARDS Ten Thousand Delegates Scarcity of Machinery and HENDERSON DIRECTORY Expected at Convention There October 24-30. Labor Induces Govern ment to Offer Prizes. (By the Associated Press.) Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 29. Ten thousand delegates representing EVANS BROS. MARTIN L. HALL S FINE COFFEE. DiffercntGrades and Prices. Good to the Last Drop. (By the Associated Pre.) Rome. Se:i. 9. The Ua'l v,i lr. is try of Agriculture has jutt com churches of the Disciples of Christ, pleted the award of 12.713 prizes Full Line Fancy Groceries, it is expected, will attend the Gen- to women workers on farms. In Prnrnn j r . q eral Convention of the denomination Italy, owing to the scarcity of arri- 4 roP a"a .v:ouJlC.?U4 cr" which will be held here October 24 I cultural machinery, the lack of la-1 Vice. IUICJC Delivery, to 31. I bor since the war has been felt morel ,u. . . . . The great aim of the Disciples of I than In any other country, and this tLtrnUNt NO. 251. Christ, according to leaders. Is to lack has had to be made up largely 1 t A At- 14 A t m I L afthA. A k A HA JAAK I A ik A I M W A unug aocui me unincaiion oi an 1 oy iub use ui uihh wuur iu uortfV DADVPnp Christian denominations, 'and this fields, helped by boys and girls tJUl r ARKER 5 EXTRA vear deleeates from other rellffioua I from elcht rears upwards. bodies will attend the contention to I In March. 1916. In order to en- WkDlJAGt. SEED. discuss ways and means of extend- courage these hard-working women ing the unification movemtyU. I th eDepartment of Agriculture an-1 tor making tike cabbage for the Among those from other denomlna- I nounced a series of awards to be I later. Ato Parker Ultra TunJp uons wno wm attena tne contention " ?"wlBir W for euUu Turtdt ud Yos rn ttat txttlLir Wtki Cloter Srcd, new U the' , ... n nrnm; waai Tw The Standard Garage AUTOMOBILE REPAIR ING. All Work Handled by Mea Who Know How. Full Line of Parts and Ac cessor! cu PRICES REASONABLE. Phone 636-J. THERE'S MORE TO IIATINC THAX THi: Cf.tu. families that had done the best. The ChariM p. AndPnnn nf th Fnirn- awards for the past yea? hate Innl""' th."TfAV" s been made. Some of them consist tlL. Itje ad Wheat M. II. Woodrow. of St. Louis, Henr I of diplomas and medals, other of M. Beardsler. Kansas CitT. and the I diplomas and money. Iter. Charles M. Sheldon, Topeka, representing . the Congregational The total shows 73 gold medals. 5.739 gold and sllter medals. 2,845 sllter med- church, tvo'llef. Robert E. Sder. nd 2,223 ,fu of money. er ff i l .a A a aaaa.sav New Ypfk, president of the Presby terian'Board of Foreign Missions, and a delegation of laymen and clergy, which was appointed at the Presbyterion General Assembly at Dallas last May. Other speakers on the program The Ministry's report quotes the reasons for awards in a large num ber of cases. As example, the fol-l lowing are selected at random: Paulina Bendinl. widow of Bor- go San .Donnino. After her fite sons had been called to the army. See W. W. PARkER, Rexall Druggist, UtM cook at IGRESHAM'S lncindAt h Upt. PrinV n rmn ne remained with her three grand- - - . . , . - . . I sons ana lea orparw, ikfii onf 10 twelte. She managed cot only the uitirg, tjtc., we ha;e itraad-f or Jrou, with quality and price as right as right can be. (4 nderson Brick IupdIv Comuaiiv Albany, N. Y., presiednt of the American Christian Contention; the Rev. S. Guy Inman, New York, sec retary of the Disciples' Commission on Religious Work In Latin-Amer ica; Mrs. Florence Miller Dlack. Louisville, Ky.,; and Daniel Poling of Boston, representing the United Societies of Christian Endeavor. The Church of the Disciples of Christ, also known as the Christian Church, has a membership estimat ed at 1,500.000. It draws its members principally from Ohio. In diana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois COOL OFF WITH A SHOWER BATH AT THE Iowa, Oklahoma. Missouri. Kansas. rhUdrcn, the eldest only eleven fcmily but the farm of ten acres, besides fifteen head of cattle, with out outside aid. 'Maria Guatarrl of Sperllnga: In the period when hartcstlng was most necessary and labor scarcest. the first woman to come forward 1 1111 DAKDLK JnUr. and work In the field, setting a p!endid example which had great e'.fect. "Roja D'Argenlo of Atelllno: Her husband was called up In May. 1915. Although she had a family of eight Try It- rW tim Uf. Texas. Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado. Washington, and California. ears old, she worked her farm of I 2 1-2 acres thoroughly without al lowing her domestic Interests Jo tuner. "Catarlna Clmadamore, of Ar.- ... A A A zo: Alter ner nusana ana inn GEORGE WYCROFF. Henderson, K. 0. Official Watch- Inspector Bcaboird &ncl Soalhcra Haiiwajs. OOE1 rrEST-OLABS WATCH KEPAUIINQ. MR. FARMER MHSSSMSSMtMN Wc have in stock Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Feed Oats, Ship Stuff. Flour, Seed Oats, Rye and Clover, Com mon and Rock Salt. And Our Price Arc Low. CITY GROCERY SAVE MONEY. i ISIIII SEEKS NEW TKEATY TII T1IE UNITED STATES Toklo. SeDt. 29. The N'lehl fClchl I ..n;.i -.A . . I iridic ri'ldui l M u; lain vi . j. f n i . i . c t f m t claims that Viscount Ishll. now in wllh lhe aId o( a 70 car o!a sran!- All CrnM briendid line o ,,. nn.1 n fim&!( rouslrm car-1 WATCI121S. CLOCKB AliD - I tied, out ail The farm 1 Htr hrct- JEKLEY. nn;ttie crop. or. J loo.?, att-ft me 7atcli KtpilrtJiTl" 0p:U nnu.naii on n iana oi n acr win out idccttlup the care of he tt're smi.ll chlUrcn." the United States, will seV a revisior; aeTeemenrr or- arrange c. coiivenUou or undcrstan:ng rAn' cerning the Far East with vi'w to preventing any misunderstanding in the future. a Mexico Han llounlry TrouMc. Mexico City, Sept. 29. A boun dry commission has been appointed ' by Mexico to surrey and map ac 4 curately the Itio Hondo which forms the boundry line between the Mexi can territory of Quintans Roo and British Honduras. The river, it I said, never has been accurately j mapped. mij. By fcatlcx j oar c!l pilr4. Nw ose i;l ; dollar till, ati j-i cs t ti oU oa ca4 to .f n vii for but Unit. HDIl TIII3I Itl L.T.HOWARD S. SQN 4r I Tlx fto- A Il.nf' CHICAGO OFFICER MAY CHECK FOOD HOAHDINO llerlcrt Horr OfTrr Vrlry Vrt HrtMik I'lacr lit l'tt AImlnl trntlon'A Vrk. FRANCIS A. HA CON DENTAL SURtiKv,... till ppir rnwL GOOD GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK CHAINS GULF GASOLINE. SUPREME AUTO OIL. WASHING POLISHING GREASING STORAGE. A FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES. HENDERSON GARAGE & SUPPLY COMPANY GOODYEAR SERVICE STATION GARNETT ST. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE (Ily th. AMoclalrl Pre.) Chicago. Fcpt. 2. Vcley 11. Wtbrook. flrl deputy nupcrln tendent of police. I cnnUlcrlnj: to day an offer mule to hltn by Herbert C. Hoarer. Fr.lcral Komi Adminis trator, to check up rn hoardinic and holding of ft,rd. Wc '-t brook Is Mftlns In hl pri--c:it t-npicUy through a temporary ROpoi;:trnen: t:a! by Chi f of Ia lice II. T. Shriller. MISS ROTH BACK HOME FROM LOCAL liUaflTAL Mlsa Jessie Iloth was reraorcd to her home Thursday afternoon after spendlnj; more than three ctk at Sarah KHrabeth honpltal whll re covering from wound he reeeltcd when she was hot by Autln Green on Garnett street on the afternoon of Bepember 4. She i greatly Im proved and Is abl to sit up In her bed. It waa announced by the fam ily, however, that the little girl till could not receive visitor. Mexico Ha Hum Guard. Mexico City. Sept. 29.Dodle of "Home Guards" have been organlx- ed in Vera Crux and other tlates to oppose bandit raids. A. W. GHOLSON, Jeweler and Optomctrot, Henderson. N. C am duly Kesistcred and Li- RMtacs rtot um: i i , :u : censed to examine eyes ands fit glasses by the North Car-, DR- CHAS. HUTCHISON. olina State Board of Opto-; Surgeon Dent:,:. mctry ; Over Kemer-MrcNV.:r Dr;:. EYES EXAMINED FREE..L. s.t.oru: ! i hone o5o, riendcrron, .i.i. Fairview Farm, TTie Sanitary Dairy FOR PUFH MILK AND CHCAfl. J. B. yVL-lHIW. Prop. I'HONC 2SU if OYSTERS iu:ci:ivi:i daily and wtrf In any Hjle. Alo 11M la boxe to take bome. 1! I CENTRAL CAFE ItcfHSerwn'a Ilrt TUco to lUt. J. r. JIAXIIXTII. Prop. Member Ctwunber Commcrrtv Split Dry Pine Wood Cut Stove Weed Lengths PHONE 14! J. M. PEACE DR. L. V. HENDERSON, Fpeci! altrtilioa c1 Tj rbe a4 It rj ti- thom: .a 12 . )WeHavea Strong Pull j with erery ona "who one baya onr aanltary wrapped brad. Oor qoare daal oetbodt appVa! to eTeryona. W ttrlre to pleae 70a. knowing that If w tncced 70a will recommend tie to your friend. Tnafa oor bt adrer Uaecnent. QUAUTT 8CBT1CS Vhitmore's Bakery llakera of vMHBoiai IlrtmA- aad Old. -j Ill X 1 1 ANNOUNCEMENT Wo wth to axmoaar that Mr. Joel T. Cbratlwua t f ' touted with tho Cltifcena I Wit 7 A Loan Cck, aod will U tutt In our office on Garnett mrret. We ! kit m liberal abare of your boiDr Oar pf-rUiUn will be reflected In the prompt and eOcleet way la whkh tuimlle Ilmt i:tat Iamraee of all kind. Collect Votar IVat and Nrcollate THANK YOU FOR ANY BUSINESS YOU MAY TURN OUR WAY. CITIZENS REALTY & LOAN GO. ! SAY If you have something you don't want, or want aomethinff you haven't got, try Want Adj. i . .1 n

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