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    Fannie Gillespie Gives Damaging Evidence
Against Her Husband, Nease Gillespie
At the Preliminary Hearing in Sal
isbury this Morning she Said
she Heard Nease Saythat ''Old
Man Lyerly Might Cut his Wheat
but Be.Oamned if he would Live
to Eat It.!
Chief Miller Testified to the find- I
ing of the Lyerly Axe, Under!
the Lyerly Porch. There were |
Blood Stains on the Blade and
Handle Other Testimony at
To-day's Hearing.
Salisbury, July 21. —Hardly less
sensational than the evidence of lit
tle Henry Gillespie yesterday, was
the testimony of his mother, Fannie
Gillespie, at the resuming of the pre
liminary hearing this morning in the
Lyerly murder cases.
The woman stated that on several
occasions she had heard her husband
say that "old man Lyerly might cut
his wheat, but he'd be damned if
he'd ever live to eat it."
The woman stated further that she
heard Jack Dillingham tell Nease
Gillespie that any man that treated
snother like old man Lyerly treated
him (Nease Gillespie) he deserved to
be killed.
Mr. R. M. Cook, to whose home the
Lyerly girls carried their little dying
sister, the night of the tragedy, testi
fied that he heard Nease Gillespie say
on one occasion, "I will get my wheat
or I'll get old man Lyerly, one or tne
Chief of Police Miller, of Salisbury,
testified to the finaing of Mr. Lyerly's
axe under his (Lyerly's) porch.
There were blood stains both on the
blade and handle of the axe.
Mr. R. F. Thompson testified that
he went to the home of Nease Gilles
pie and while there asked little Hen
ry where Nease's axe was. The boy
told him where he could find it. He
went as directed by Henry and found
the axe just wher9 the boy said he
This testimony is about the most
important that was given at today's'
hearing of witnesses. The investiga
tion is still on and it is believed that '
the State is securing evidence that|
will certainly incriminate at least
two of the men incarcerated in the
Charlotte jail.
Sentiment here has been very
much the same as on the day the
negroes were placed in Rowan jail.
The large majority of the people be
lieve the negroes to be guilty, every
one of them.
All seem to think that there is no
c'oubt as to the guilt of Nease GiUes
rie and Jack Dillingham. J
The Decision in the Case May Not Be
Handed Down Before Autumn.
Pittsburg, July 21. —The decision in
the Hartje' divorce case will probably
not be handed down before autumn.
The conspiracy charge against
Hartje', Wlesnons and Hooe the coach
man, will be called Wednesday.
Mrs. Hartje' expressed herself as
not at all alarmed over the report that
kidnappers were laying plans to steal
her children It is thought the plot
is the work of persons who want to
hold the children for ransom.
Fever at Annapolis.
Annapolis, July 23. —Typhoid fever
developed among members of the new
fourth class at the naval academy
nnd three members of that class are
confined to the academy hospital.
All three were taken sick aboard the
jractice ship Severn on which they
with about 100 other plebes recently
mailed for a practice cruise, but were
returned here for treatment.
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Fireman Harvey M. Smirley
Crushed Beneath His Engine
Salisbury, July 21. —As a result of
the derailment of an engine and four
freight cars, about three miles from
this place last night, Fireman Harvey
M. Smirley is dead, Engineer L. V.
Lucas is badly scalded and Brakeman
E. M. Parker, has a broken arm.
The dead and injured were of the
crew of extra freight N«. 91 that n
been sent out to Granite Quarry to
bring in several loaded cars. The
train was returning to Salisbury
when at a point three and one-half
miles from the station the engine
jumped the track, turned turtle and
four of the cars followed it.
Fireman Smirley was caught be
neath the ponderous machine and
bis life was crushed out.
Engineer Lucas had a miraculous
escape. He stayed with his steed and
Henry Gillespie Says his Father
Killed Mr. and Mrs. Lyerly and
that Jack; Dillingham Killed
John and Little Alice. Two
Axes were Used.
The Wife of Jack Dill'ngham Held
the Lamp while Her Husband
and Nease Gillespie Brained
the Sleeping Occupants of the
Lyerly Household.
Salisbury, N. C.„ July 20. —The most
sensational feature in connection with
the preliminary hearing of the evi
dence in the Lyerly murder case today
was the testimony of a little negro
boy, ten years old, Henry Gillespie
by name.
This wee, bit of a child told a story
of brutality that would have done
credit to one of his color of twice
the age. He recited in a straightfor
ward and convincing manner the hor
rible plot that was made in Nease
Gillespie's house the night of the
In beginning his story the boy says
i that John Irwin, alias John Gilespie,
and his father, Nease Gillespie, met
at the latter's house at nine o'clock
the night of the murders. They talked
over the matter (that is the killing of
the Lyerlys) and shortly after nine
o'clock Nease Gillespie and John
Gilespie left." They returned at 11
o'clock and while sitting in the house
went over the details as to how the
four Lyerlys were killed.
The boy states that his father on
entering the house remarked "By God,
we have killed old man Ike Lyerly
and his children."
Gillespie, who was talking to his
wife, said: "We met Jack Dillingham
and his wife at the branch. We went
on up to Ike Lyerly's house. I killed
old man Lyerly and his wife, with my
axe, and Jack Dillingham killed Alice
and John with old Ike Lyerly's axe.
Jack Dillingham's wife held the lamp
while we were making way with old
man Lyerly and his family."
In explaining, what kind of lamp
Jack Dillingham's wife held while the
'horrible deeds were being committed
little Henry Gillespie said that it was
one of these cb'irch lamps that hangs
on the wall. Continuing his story the
boy said:
"Papa said that after they liad
kilod the Lyerly's they threw Mr.
Lyerly's axe in the branch and wash
ed it off and that they also washed
the blood off papa's axe."
Before leaving the house Henry Gil
ilespie said that his father said while
talking that night that after killing
Mr Lyerly and his wife and children,
they set Mr. Lyerly's bed on fire with
a match.
Nease Giles Die told his wife that he
was damned glad they had killed them
and that they did it because old man
Ike Lyerly had not toted fair with
them about that wheat deal.
Continuing Henry Gellespie said
that all the time that Nease Gillespie
was relating the incidents in connec
tion with the murders John Gillespie
was in the house and heard all that
was said. The next morning Nease
Gillespie piled all of his clothes on one
side of a path leading from the house
and throwing some straw over them,
set fire to them and burned them up.
John Dillingham's clothes were piled
on the opposite side of the path and
with the aid of some straw from a pil
low case, were also burned.
I The boy says that the next morning
: bright and early he went to the home
t of Mr. Manlius Walker, who lives some
Esowel Complaint in Children.
I During the summer months chil
i tiren are subject to disorders of the
i bowels which should receive careful
j attention as soon as the first unna
tural looseness of the bowels ap
pears. The best medicine in use for
bowel complaint Is Chamberlain's
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Shuford Drug Co.
was thrown some little distance from
the cab. At first it was thought that
his left arm was broken. A later ex
amination shows that it was only
wrenched. His right arm is badly
Brakeman Parker, who was stand
ing on one of the cars that left the
track, had a very severe fall. His
right arm is badly broken and he re
ceived other painful but not serious
The accident took place on what
is known as the Norwood branch of
the Southern Railway. The cause
has not been determined.
Brakeman Smirley, who met such
a horrible death, was a resident of
Spencer and is survived by a wife
and one small child.
The train that came to griei last
night was in charge of Conuuctor
Ellis, who escaped uninjured.
distance from the Lyerly home and
there related to him the details of the
crime as told by the father the night
before. He says he told Mr. Walker
the same story that he told today. He
says that there is still blood on Mr.
Lyerly's axe, that they have failed to
wash it off so that it cannot be seen.
He also says that he saw the blood on
the bosoms of the shirts worn by
Nease Gillespie and Jack Dillingham
the night of the murders.
The hearing this morning begun at
11 o'clock in the office of Prof. Kizer,
Superintendent of the County Board
of Education of Rowan county. The
preliminary examination was conduct
ed by Solicitor Hammer assisted by
Hon. Theodore Kluttz and Mr. T. C.
Linn. In addition to a number of im
material witnesses the three surviving
members of the Lyerly family, Misses
Mary, Addie and Janie, were present.
Each of these young ladies were ex
amined and their story v/as the same
as has been published before. They re
cited the incidents, horrible as they
were, the night of the murders and
there is substantially no change in
their evidence.
Mat. Webb and Mr. J. G. Lyerly
were also examined but no material
points were brought out in their evi
The hearing to day was for the most
part behind closed doors. Only about
20 people were admitted to the room
during the progress cf the examination
of witnesses.
At 2:30 o'clock the examination was
still Jn progress.
Was Door Keeper of the House Dur
ing Carlyle'c Term as Speaker.
Washington, July 23. —Col. Samuel
Donaldson, door keeper of the House
cf Representatives during Carlisle's
term as speaker, died suddenly of
heart failure in this city. He was
53 years of age. . Donaldson was well
known among politicians throughout
the country and at the time of his
death was assistant sergeant at arms
of the Democratic committee. He
was born in Nashville.
Will Probably Have Little Effect on
Stock Market.
New York, July 23. —The death of
Russell Sage was probably less a
factor in the stock market which
opened heavy than the dissolution of
the Russian Douma.
Persons conversant with the affairs
of Sage said he had comparatively
little money out on loans and that
his death would hardly disturb the
local financial conditions.
The Duty cf Parents.
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Officers of Ancient Order Chosen —
Indianapolis Plaoe for Next Meet
Saratoga, July 21. —The Ancient
Order of Hibernians completed their
national convention after electing
the following officers: President,
Matthew Cummings, of Boston; vice
president, John E. Reagan, of St.
Paul; secretary, James C. Carroll, ol
Columbus, O.; treasurer, John F.
Quinn, of Joliet, 111.; directors, P. K
Moran, of Washington, D. C.; Ed
ward T. McChrystol, of New \ork;
Dr. W. J. O'Brien, of Pennsylvania;
Rev. M. J. Byrne, of Indiana, and
John T. Kelly, of Milwaukee.
The ladies auxiliary elected the fol
ic wing: President, Miss Arona
Emelia, of Scranton, Pa.; vice-presi
dent, Mrs. Mary McCarty, of Massa
chusetts; secretary, Mrs. Duross, of
New York; treasurer, Mrs. Dally, of
Indianapolis was selected for the
next national convention.
Is placed on All Cumberland Presby
Nashville, Tenn., July 21. —Judge
Childress of the Circuit Court granted
an injunction restraining all those who
claim to be still Cumberland Presby
terians, from interfering in any way
with the services, property or judica
tories of the Presbyterian Church, for
merly known as the Cumberland Pres
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Seaboard Air Line Railway.
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Reunion, New Orleans, La., April 25th
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For the above occasion the Soutl*
ern Railway will sell tickets to Nevt
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points. Tickets on sale April 22nd,
23rd, and 24th, with final limit April
30th. The origina 1 purchaser may
secure extension of final limit until
May 21st by personally depositing
ticket with Joseph Richardson, Spe
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nor later than April 30th, and payijr
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General J. S. Carr has selected thb,
Southern Railway via Atlanta, Mont
gomery and Mobile as the official
route for his "Annual Confederate
Veterans' Special," which will consist
of first-class day coaches, and Stan
dard Pullman Cars to be handled
through to New Orleans without
This special train will leave Raleigh,
N. C., at 3.30 P. M„ Monday, April23rd,
and will reach New Orleans about 8:30
P. M., Tuesday, April 24th. Any one
may use this special train. Berth rates
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lotte $5.00. Two persons may occupy
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