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    Business Builders.
Advertisements inserted under thi.
head at 5 cents a line for each insertion
scribers to pay their subscriptioi.
SLIPPERS for Children, La
dies and Men at Hall's.
CRIMSON clover* German mil
let and all kinds of seed for fall
sowing at Hall's.
WHIiE and Black Mercerized
Waisting at Hall's.
No better line of China, Eng
lish and Domestic Earthenware
to be seen than Umstead's,
Hickory's China Store.
Ball's or Mason's fruit jars
and salicylic acid in good supply.
The Hall Co.
MONEY TO LEND in sums of
$5.00 to $200.00
Address H.
Care of Democrat office.
Season good—sow peas, plant
second crop Irish potatoes oi
good fall crop. Variety of both
at Hall's.
WANTED—Fof U. S. Army, able
bodied, unmarried men, between ages oi
21 and 35, citizens of United States, oi
good character and temperate habits,whc
can speak, read and write English. Foi
information apply to Recruiting Officer,
15 West Trade St., 1 liarlotte, N. C.; 4c
S. M»in St.,Asheville, N. c.; Bank Build
irg, Hickoiy, N. C., or Glenn Building
Spartanburg, S. C
Tin and Enameled Buckets,
Pans and Preserving Kettles to
fit your fruit crop; money saving
prices. Umstead's.
Our imports of English Earth
enwares are arriving most daily
now. We want you to see them;
they are the latest and best
things made by the best manu
facturers of England. They
were bought at the right time
and place to save you money.
• WANTED—By Chicago wholesale and
mail order house, assistant manager
(man or woman) for this county and ad
joining territory. Salary S 2O and ex
penses paid weekly; expense money ad
vanced. Work pleasant; position per
manent. No investment or experience
required. Spare time valuable. Write
at once for full particulars and enclose
self-addressed envelope. Addi ess,
134 E Lake St.,
Of valuable Real Estate on Wednes
day, Aug 22th at 2 p.m. We will offer at
public auction the following valuable
real estate known as the J. H. Brunspro
perty 1 lot containing house 75x153 feet
1 vacant lot east of home lot 75x133
feet, 1 vacant lot adjoining it 73x253
feet and another lot east of this the
same size, also 1 vacant lot lying south
of ihese 80x150 feet, four of these lots
face Link street and 1 facing Mrs.
Sloops property, these lots will be sold
separately and then as whole terms one
third cash the balance in six and twelve
months at legal interest, this property
is two squares south Post office. Sale
will take place on the steps of the
First National Bank.
This July 17th, 1906.
Pony hurts little girl.
Little Miss Kate McComb -was
very painfully hurt Tuesday
evening when a little pony ran
away with her on his back.
The little girlwas sitting on
the pony at the gate when it be
came frightened by a dog, and
ran. Katie had no control of
her horse when it threw her off.
painfuly injuring her about the
eyes and dislocating her shoulder.
Dr. Whitesides tells us he does
not think there is any-permanent
injury sustained, and &he is now
getting on very nicely.
Col. Thornton has recieved a
letter from his surveyor whc
made the survey of the power
and plant on the Catawba Rivet
writes that everything is satis
factory and exceeds his statement
of the value of the power etc
when he was in Penn.
Thos. M. Hufham, Esq., spent
two days in Asheville this week
on legal business.
J. T. Miller and Robt. Ros
borough, of Morganton, spent
Sunday in Hickory.
Miss Virginia Stover, ,of
Greensboro, spent a few hours
in Hickory Monday.
The masons are laying brick
fafet on the two building now be
ing put up by Setzer and Russell.
Miss Mary Wilcox, of Ashe
county, and Miss Lillie Jones, of
Happy Valley, are visiting Mrs.
W. A. Hall.
W. H. McManaway, of Char
lotte, is here visiting his cousin,
Mrs. M. A. Mingis, on Brook
ford Ave.
Mr. Chas. Hildebran and Miss
Dollie Teague. of Brookford,
were married by J. T. Leonard,
Esq., last Saturday.
Claremont College opens the
next session September 18th,
Prof. D. W. Read, president.
See ad in this issue.
All services will be held in the
new Presbyterian church after
next Sunday. SeaU and win
dows are being put in this week.
It is our observation that a five
horse power automobile will de
velope fifty horse power in a
twenty-five yearold horse if the
two meet in the road.
Mr. Frank F. Smith, who has
been on The Democrat force for
some time, left Tuesday for La*
noir, where he will run a job
printing office of his own.
Editor Hugh Long, of the (ias
tonia News, was in the City a
few hours Tuesday. The Demo
crat was very much pleased to
have him call on us while here.
-Presiding Elder, Rev. J. H.
Weaver will Dreach at the Meth
odist church next Sunday morn
ing and evening. Conference i
will be held Monday a. m. f at 10
o'clock in the church.
Mr. A. B. Little has returned
to Norfolk after spending two
weeks vacation in Hickory. His
brother, Leopold Little, went
with him. He has also accepted
a position in that city.
Rev. J. L. Murphy will occupy
his pulpit next Sunday night af
ter a rest of aft w weeks. Sun
day morning he will preach the
sermon in the ordination services
of Mr. Milton Whitener at Cono
Mrs. J. F. Watson, who has
been living at Hickory for some
time, was taken ill there last
week. She was brought to
Statesville Saturday and taken
to Billingsley hospital for treat
ment—Statesville Landmark.
The Rev. J. H. Wilson, D. D.,
recently Lutheran pastor in Salis
bury, will preach in Holy Trini
ty Lutheran church of this place
next Sunday, 29th inst. The
public generally are cordially in
vited to attend this special ser
Rev. C.W. Tray wick left Tues
day morning for Beuna Vista
where he joins his family. Mr.
Tray wick is now on his vacation
and will be absent from us for a
month. Mrs. Traywick and
children have been there for two
Mr. M. A. L. Yoder brought
some of the largest and nicest
peaches to town Tuepday that
has been on the market. There
was only one thing lacking and
that was the quantity. Mr. Yo
der says they are very scarce,
and he only has a few more for
his own use.
Rev. J. L. Murphy went to]
Stanley Creek Wednesday where j
he performed the marriage cere
mony of Rev. Milton Whitener
and Miss Viola Peterson who
were married at the home of the
bride at 4 o'clock the same even
ing. Rev. Mr. Whitener is well
known in Hickory, having as
sisted Rev. Murphy in his work
here during ail of last summer.
Ed N. Hahn, of Chester, spent
Sunday in Hickory.
Mi«s Jessie Newland, of Le
noir is the guest of Misses Mun
Mrs. W. A. Kerr and Mrs. T.
E. Odem have gdne to Mocks
ville frr a visit.
Mr. A. Hutton left Tuesday t~
spend a few weeks at his old
home in Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Blackwel
der are spending a few days in
Asheville this week.
Miss Lizzie Leach is spending
a few weeks in Winston and
Mocksville with friends.
Judge Councill and family ex
pect to go to the mountains about
August Ist for the summer.
W. L. Brookflhire after serv
ing his two year term out in th* l
penitentiarylhas come back,
Mrs. G. C. Bonniwell,' of
Braidentown, Fla., is here visit
ing friends for a few weeks.
Friday, the 20th, Miss Lucille
Walters, who has been visiting
Miss Grace Patrick, returned to
her home at Roanoke, Va.
Parker and Son have bourht
out the West India Cigar and
Fruit Stand near the depot. This
was run by Olin Marshall.
Dr. and Mrs. Stephenson, of
Huntersville, spent a few days
last week with their brother-in
law, Mr. E. A. Cooper, who is
very ill.
A young man by the name of
Robt. Powell got the ends of
three fingers cut off in a plaining
machine at Hickory shops Mon
day. • ,
C. T. Morrison is spending
several days in New York and
Philadelphia. He is there buy
ing the fall stock for The Morri
son Bros, Co.
Miss Mamie Dixon arrived
home Wednesday after a few
weeks visit on the sea shore. Her j
friend, Miss Florence Pearsall
came with her.
. They will scrap even at Brook
ford. J. T. Leonard, Esq., tells
us he had_lhree cases before him
Saturday. The fines were from
2 to 3 dollars and cost.
Messrs. J. C. Morrison, J. F,
Misenheimer, J. L. Moose, Steve
Groober and C. L. Green, all of
the Morrison Bros. Co., spent
Sunday at Connelly Springs.
Mr. P. M. Dellinger was in
the city Friday. Mr. Dellinger
has been given a two weeks va
cation, and he and family will
spend the time at Waldwaid
Springs, Tenn,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Aiken have
reached Asheville and expect to
come to Hickory to visit his
mother and brother before re
turning to their Western home.
Mr. W. H. Matthews, district
deputy for Woodmen of the
World, is here in the interest of
that splendid order he repre
sents. Everybody should be a
That was a jolly good crowd
on an excursion from Newton to
Mortimer Wednesday. It was
made •up of all the Sunday
schools of the place. The crowd
seemed to be under the special
care of Messrs. Ed Schrum, Jno.
Yount, Milt McCorkle and Sher
iff Boyd. *
If you lose anything you are
apt to find it if you advertise in
the Democrat. Mr. W. A. Hall
lost a mileage book of the C. & N-
W. Ry. here July 4th, when
there were thousands of people
in the city. He put an ad'in the
Democrat and his book was sent
to him from Granite Falls a few
days ago.
Thursday, the 19th, Mrs. E. L.
Shuford entertained two parties
of six-handed euchre at 9 a. m.,
and at night in honor of Mrr.
I Neil Clark and Mrs. Lieut. T.
; Mott. Mrs. Marvin Sherrill
■ gained the prize. All cut for
: the consolation prize which Mrs.
Walter Martin won.
At Academy of Music.
Mr. J. Leon Williams, the
laugh artist and fun maker, will
give a recital here assisted ) y
the Southern Symphony band.
Monday, July 30th. Come out,
have a laugh and hear good mu
sic. Benefit Southern Sympho
ny Band. Reserved seats 35c.
Admission 26c, children 15c.
With Miss Shu ford.
In honor of the H. G. L. Club,
Miss Mary Shuford entertained
about 30 young people at her
home on Morganton street last
Friday night' from 8:30 to eleven
o'clock. The affair was a de
lightful and elaborate lawn par
ty. The decorations consisted
of a beautiful and extensive ar
ray of Japanese lanterns which
made a dim but beautiful illum
ination on verandas and lawns
where the jolly partv enjoyed
the hours of the evening. Re
freshments of cream and cake
were served, and the young peo
ple bade the charming hostess a
reluctant farewell. '
The picnic season is now upon
us with the usupl accompani
ments—fleas, mosquitoes; grass
chiggers and gnats. But there
is bushels of fun in a day's out
ing, anyhow,
Your home paper comes to vou
as an old friend and neighbor,
telling you all the home news
while the large city daily enters
your house as a stranger. A lo
cal newspaper*is absolutely nec
essary for local news.
The Public Invited.
A special meeting of the
Woodmen of the World is called
to meet in the National Union
hall Friday night. Mr. W. R.
Matthews, of Charlotte, "Special
district Deputy" will be present
and explain the object of the
Woodcraft. The public is espec
ially invited. J. H. WILLIS,
OUR || Organs, Organ's! ■
SPECIAL SALE || car ™ o,Bans a
Just closed has been our great- ! | We wi " give special prices for the I
. .. i t t m next ten days, as we are compelled
est success, not alone we had j 2 . , * u/ .. ■;
' . - t ,K to make more room. Write us or call ■
greater bargains than we have i M at our store, and we will show you the I
had in the past, but because nicest line of Organs and Pianos ever
the people have learned that j 1 shown in Western North Carolina.
when MORETZ advertises a jl- 9
bargain sale they can come !j fj 1:
with a purse full of Coin H The flom'son Bros. Co. I
knowing they will not be
disappointed.- j
My house has been loaded jwith jj
temptations that was irresistable and jj ■ -
the people who have missed this sale j S '
have missed a treat seldom offered j i 1
in a p.ace the size of Hickory. But I fl
REMEMBER that we will soon be j;
ready to put on our new fall dress, ;!
and must make room by cleaning up
all summer stock. We will make spe- ?
cial prices on all light weight goods .
or wears for the ,;| j s the one that serves
NEXT THIRTY DAYS . most people well.
Come right on expecting to find great jj
• bargains, you will not be disappoint- > '
ed. I
——— The Hickory Banking &
Must be sold in 30 days. Sale going on now
• at Hickory, N ■ C.
This lot consists of different kinds as f( Hows: Babcick Pupgics tn:d £wries with rutler
and steel tire. We have eight different kinds, Tic-en Jones, Enger, Jewell, Rend, Rock Hll
Old Hickory, Anchor and several other makes.
We can save you money. Don't miss this
You wiH ha-e more stuff to select from than ever before. We can suit anybody. Ccme
and see us. T emis: •' ash, Xote or Mortgage.
The Henkel Live Stock Company.

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