T V- THf : LIHCOLN : DERftfeMI I ' t) BLTSHED EVERY FRIDAY I BY tut .Lincoln Democrat Vys. Co; ' Chas. L. Coon, Editor, i : c. 11 y J. Gasq ue. Local Editor;. Si.l'scripiirn in Advnrxe. . a Montis 1 .... . 50 -;i I;ree Months - -a total of - nine. 'Since then are reported as fearing extreme A NKy Y-V:$ HTQIf Y. Tbe telegripb wlr od lu t e aeven eountv names Have disau. chains. Itev. Dr. Fuller, the T .Ualla.1 8Utr wooW g tr ui..l lUr reared a follows: Bladen county learned -editor of the Churc h Miv'! . was at firnt IMhain. In 1779 Standard, has written in dfiiunei- - WoumU'tl lVtfl Bute, named alter the Earl of ation of what he call an auto-. .m.1m. IJote, was abolished and its terri- cratic episcopate. It is said that 25 One IncJi, " minion $1.00. ..-aeral discount madeo.: contract ...UvertiBf nicnts, ?'-'r thn. ?i'x or v-relve, months.' Apply to Henry vorl 1 Nome Ling Ilk" Qfi" u ti t-- 4 Ho d'.H I'nU tor tbe 1 ti t bow!, sol eaatlj, jet ptoM. and 1 nioleiillj. job printing, tory divided- into the two now 1 he constitution proposal is a long Th'uk of mn Uh freabli ai counties, named after the patriots' -dep toward the prelutirul typ.j of imtHtf! uiih tint 1 hat) been cnt Franklin and Warren. In the ' Kpiscopacy. Dr. Pulton buldly . tT only lorry- igli hout-s crab same year the county which borojsavs t':at the propped changes isf on hand hc-1 a n-ra distance) the name ot the royal Governor j '-bi-at ; l' tie- :!" I I. 1 y- that of four or five mile la vrl wnUr lo Tryon was divided, and the new "tin d-vil him- I: d-x i-. ii . . lu-t t idrat nnd bnlh b a acb- count i wero named in honor of Ur: ;.'. i v:l f. .r . .-i-nu e-v in 1 h ' : d , and men to Ifeedom ! 1 1, 1 1.. i"i...i r ,1 !?:. .1 ..., .. I . . i.. 1 1 Tint don lv two Yi'Ontti j t:ch'of these 'has since been bu-Viv follow if th. u i - a.l.ipti.t i-:. . f '". 'ho e.cb a let: uu the II rut i l.iiiix.i .,.,w..i!;' v.t . i.. ..nr . d.-v ' Wr,!rr:ir,H balll, in after another roval Governor re-! .ju instittit ion-, w hitrli w is I. vise 1 x lM . - .. - . I . tinned its name till lyl after tnti'i rvi.uirv at:o. u.-n- t vf i - l l!iru !i. mid aiit rat ie r i- 'al 'pieopate n-rtrd on its ruin. Th'Te will Immi proposition LiootUs iruwi cbuflv ou ! tiota of the river li(rU dI Ku yhratftt. Organ,. Organs! 1 I I i.ivc added a litre It of li t; v , , ... . - . "... r f t li H.o bir l fftlliog out"'1 tuioiio , ibe vUuda o tt- t -knit .wiiiauliAtloff tid oli N oil, ! bt trmedy and hum j I .1 am 12 IV t.i s 1 1 air uciiccr. Gnsriue at -the Democrat office, r advertising i'fit-s and estimates : Involution, wlion it was divided 1 mte Lenoir and Glascow. John- : -.-nrr jrtz. ston and Martin, though they also ,J Whit'v. of Ibe S. vt i Wive. im inC apiece to my big litu " MJRNITHiR:!-: O I ! rlfnO M ! r ' C II !! I 1 III II l - f !rtl ... t. f- ; I.J, Vl 5 !. . jr '.-'r .it ti r ! . . f . 1 1 f -' n i , r "t " ' 1 . i i. N-wsprfj n rircoUte "l2,000,C0i)f- . t(iOc'in" nnmmliy. : Orsmtifl :ire iM Voi.d. r'l ate l! rurer ace - ,,n iitnnonl : 4 ti.l.i.y. IJui fM :t.o the hAnU 1 wt ; 0j. rim l! l'. m.i.,l ;;'-r !. t k ' , ii i v. ri:. fl r m!v f..r .v i o i;p".:i.M'' Ct.ale '.er,'o MK-. en:-, ! Pnpiti'l, 111-r,t- ' oil r ' I . I to elnumt' th" l in m- t 1 1 i I'i vtc-1 r. : Vye are prepared to do your Job ; yore the names of royal Govern- . lilting in nice stvie.. Send us ; ore, continue to do eo to this dav, !-.iiscopai ChureL to tl f rirwork. " .Scitinlaction miaran- ; prob.abiy because we Imd Kepub-j Jat liulic ('hurcii. It will b, r. -t d. ' - : : lican Governors who were named :i;e:ube.red that during the t U: ul . ". " ' .Mrrtin and Johnston. Glasgow,; A'jira simibir movement va- !.:: :)Ly TOIn.X V,., O'T IS.. .1895, namej ajter the Secretary of State j :n the General Convention that oj-. ; i i: ! u..: t il ! r I i.- ! i at II " . o J. - f. 7 i in ,t. i 1A A li it V .- W s I eraielon, nameu aiier ine oecreiary oi oiain .n me vieiii.'iui .oiieoiiou inn, -. ii, upon disc.ivory ot frauds perpe-1 pamzed the Episcopal Churc!iN in ! . .. ..fI ; Ha,.t ,:i. uated by him -upon ttie State, wss : hv Southern C'onfetleraey . Tt-; . ( ..vll,ff p , T ' i:tit:li s- s-'i C-:.e :' (i(:!iU;t aiii tr.Iiie au' -fie, chaiifrnd toi ( ii'ene in 1799. In at 17? Cumberland county, named ' ; Thomu i i , . . . ! . i i : i . a 1 ' e ''lid U ' a I I.v Mrini im..- At kiu-on of l iii- va v . tiuat alii dfj'. aii(i M'Jt.'v , dn ausk upoi.i tit v '. mi ; - i'A', m-'ioii pi'tca ara ' r iuj.-hj' Wiibib 'tie tendrils u-'e-: twine, A'ih tuning 'tiReter ii-us-ie -Vbrti de dew v,;a au je viue. " f , (he t-iiiiiate a v de ineio-i Vin tie climate f tv di co e, h'lej inauet-iz each tJei - i i t'ji'e ni dn t:uoit, i:o n-e i'i tall- i i' after the bloody victor ..of Cullo vJe.n, was changed to Fayette coun ty but it was chanf.'d back to Cumberland th next year. in 1S4G Folk county was created. In ls4S it was abolished. Ai'i- r i id he I io-.-,- of North Carol im. -Wilraint ' : .re;l t his cll:t!i'rr.- A t u-j. r. Uv. h. i ( if P.y.n .111.1 , Ji seven years it was ;i-r:un r.-est:b 2 1 3 ar IZelim Tr:iinet ly i:y d AVJieti drih free jr'ofts out ter ride, Why, de atoou shines ou tie nigger Au' de melon goes insiae. C, de nigger an' de melou Is plqnteieoua io d&Souf, An' de melon fits de climate As it tits de nigger's mouf, W'ile de- seed slide out de cornders An-d rine pokes in his years, .: As de joice slides down his briskets An de red core disappears. pem was w'lte folks in de gyarden Dat efe apples ; tell you why jf de debbil wanted niggers i lie could ketch 'em on de . fly, Am? he need'a git no sarpent, Fet to lead Vrn iqto sin; 0o could, lrerch 'em wid a melon W'ile de juice was on deir chin. O, d& roayin' years am scram ptioas, j v An dechowder'a radder nicer 1 An' de pojipm, brown an tender, Fills deilfecce er twice, . Or de 'flimfii6bf in December, - Nicely frosted, dey is I'ar, But a juicy watermellioa Alius seems ter git right dere ! A. T. Worden. 04HJJITIE WHIUH HAVE DIHAI'l'EARED. .7 titnf s trrmt Were and Are Hot iu A or -li Carolina- , Unlike States, which , are bov- er-in and indestructible, and :' v ro creators of the Union, ?coun- t s are the creatures of the'Legis- j;lhiurevand can bo created; "abol- l ished pr'.j'e-estnblished at will. A; stars have disappeared from . tl.- tpiiet sky, so on our roll . of ; ouidies names once siiope which h.ive.disapiVeared forever. ; "Like tlio lost lle.iad Seen no more below .-e Ui iOG5 the country on both es of Atbeirnrlo Sound'r was Med into Albemarle county and t on the. west bank of the Gape r into Clarendon county. ut 190 both side? of Pamlico " r Was erected into Rath county. -ie thre"e AloomavbVBath. and . ebdon were thus the A, B, North Carolina ji'istory. In -1 the country north of. Albe U? Sound vjs divided into Car- lishcd-in lS5-". In the case of Mi lis vs Williams, 33 Nortn Car olina reports, the Supreme Court atiirmed the power of the Legis lature to abolish any county at, its pleasure. Thus 1G. counties' named have disappeared : Car teret. Berkley. Shaftsburv, Pam ticough. Wickham, Archdale, Al bemarle, Bath, Clarenon, Pelham, Bute, Try on, Fayette, Dcbbs, Glasgow and Polk. Carteret was 'afterward bestowed on another county and Polk, after an eclipse, wTas re-established. As to merely verbal or literal changes, Duplm named after Vis count Duplin, has in the friction .Edgecombe, named after the Earl of Edgcumb, has materially changed its orthography ; Forsyth, which wasnamed for Col. Benja man Firsythe, who fell in Canada in' 1814, has lost Us final "eM in rolling down the years, and Cleve land, named for Col. Benjamin Cleavelarid, one of the heroes of King's Mountain, has by degiala" -tivejenactment lost the a." Among the numerous changes in tne names ot towns may be noted Wilmington, formerly Newton; G reen vilie, once v Marti nboroogh ; Fayetteyille, formerly Campbell .toaand Gjrws:- Oreeks ; Kingston republicaniza by droppinerthe.4'g," Hillsboro, at first tChildsboto ; Coilipany Shops, now 'Burlihgton and-Salisbury, established as Cor bintwi; in honor of the obnoxious land agent of Lord Granville, ..Eraupis Corbin. T.here have been similar chauges. in the names of othef towns. - Townsliips were first established in this State in 1SCS. but already changes in the names of these have been frequent. Probably the most singular has been in Halifax county, whose classical chairman of the county commissioner? dubbed the eiht. townships tirs: ilto t.ovemnif ill for I'se In Tiino o! War. Five bikets of homing pigeonr J.")0 in el', sent from the war de- p.trtnent in Vrth:uton,jo the x- pre8 tflice at thi.s place, werf re l eased, fifty together, at interva'a ot? fifteen miunteo beginniogat G o clock Suoday moruing.-. GgfacBv bird are being trained an4&jigbi tbe lay of the conn fry so aVfo.be ready to carry dispatches in cisV Wiir should occur and railro.id and teh'graphic communication with the capital be cut off In thii, our gor ernment is following the lend of th European countries, nearly allol which are especially heayi'y armed. France and Germany set great value on th i r mode of commubicatlob. There even dogs ot cerlaia inledi . " X gent breeds have been found ser viceable as dispatch bearers and are trained for that purpose. Paris, while invested by the Ger man army iu the winter of 1ST 0-71, went for ..months without tiding from the outside world, except inch as were brought in by homing pigeons. Diapatcnes were carriea oat by balloons, as were tbe pigeons to be released' at needed. - By an iogentoas contrivance very fall and complete communication was thus kept up Tbe dinpatch was print ed, photographed ic miniatore, foped and -hermetically sealed in a quill and securely bound to one ol tbe tail feathers of the pigeon. Bj tnts means one bud would carry Id Ht least as much matter as wonld till a page of tbe News and Obterr er, ana perhaps a great deal more Comparatively few birds fahed to gut throngh, although. I-uenevo the (Icrnian' made oaro attempt tc Rtep bm '.cph i'i iaeu ! rIch vt the specie-- i; i r, .t : i crMintrir( v.h-re ;!.. sp -it' it h.Wk- ):" ; ' vliif.-il Ui . ih -;-:d -erv.-r. . ; .Vti.tt ue.xo.l l-r ho V I' i I'ri.- k ;i-i I w --it "V -. .ue you going V' Wnshtiigion "How f ' Don't know, but some. way." "You may have my cnfeen, and beie'a a corn-pone. It'i the beat and sll I h ive with me." The Con federate was Gen. John lb Gordon, fue Georgia Senator. When Gor don. was at Mudison lo 1894, and spekp, there were in his audience a great miuy ftoldiero, bat noue who. w:itchel Uiui more, closely or m- lyed bim belter tbau a couple of !d men, each of whom had a leg pieced out with wood and cork. When the ppercb done whs tCwo two men pushed up through tbn crowd salutedy took the general by tbe baud and tbaukeu bim for the canteen and corn-pone be gave tbem thirty years before. Gen. Gordon remembered tbe Incident, and tnree rioldfer beJd a bappy blaoand gray reunion Chicago 1'lmea-tier aid. IT " il l K - f t tiii tut i ! f l I ti,. A l II U. it. I" H III 1 ;rjjrk i. t i-' iift-i j il i.- ; f Il l-C IU idlKl) tut : ud.b-.i.ii:;i c -fin I ; I V ie ii r li.:n Iu Nortruy a Uw jrovnlei that 'o pert-otj ihall rmlticd to cut .la u a tree unless be plants ttree saplings in its place. 1 A SPECIFIC La Grippe, for GoIrJ Coughs, ' AVER'S ItEUulOX OF TOE GOV F.HXOKH. An Iutereatlnir CtanvAM AmoDg ttie Stale Kx- r- S5 c rented -truri:t, Aiv:cii , H ibn - t PepK. uhr.-,!!.', rrolita that tl?n only " 1 pcrnv.nrrt 'cn-e f.r th-.'ir t-jyuiiiu: ii i bi having i-.CnigAao, OoWf 7. Ot .the 8Ute Governors lo tba AmerlcaaCnioo. tnirtynine. era avowee beiiercxs io religion, twentyaioe are pio fessed Christaios, most of them are regular attendants at worab:p and vast majority are co-itrlbu'ors to 'he'expensa of religious work. A careful canvass ot tbe subj-ct made by the Tmes-Herald diocloaes these facts. Responses were ob- UaJoeu from lortyrthreeof tbe State Goveroors and three ot. tbe Terri torial e xecuhves. s OI tbe State Governors, one, Mr. Cujbenon, of. Tex t, defined to k lino his sefitlmfnts, awl "do. one woold speak for mm, j another, iv. Evans, of South j Carolina, fileil to respond. Among tbem tt:eif an ten- Preby remans, . five Oo'tgieglioiiMisty, flve JJpicopa 1 :ftnj, four M'Ohndrsts; three tJnl aiiji.Kf out I'ptUtoiie-Chrftitutn i.d . i-wi uiiconiticted with i nioi: C'j-ni. .xln us. Ol th-s rix . (i. o.i not a tmait'chfii fu fa. vnu:.iu ttai or&nirmioni tevo. d'oid ie.iirnn et victH teuuturly i it- e t. trnly. Tn rd hin 'yu- o:ii. a' t ii d ltti,D.,ei. AND LUNG TftQUBLES, CHERRY PECTORAL, ; . i j Two year au, X Lad lU gllr-f anJ it left toe with a amzii which riv tue no rtit nlitt jf -laT. Mt IajoIit, pliftichtu prrscrib4 forvtua. cUaojilb . the tc edict o a often aL fwuod tba ' thlDpa I h4 takisa werV not helia ,,, 14 Al i ' Hy Ti:t:- r f i d-ree ; fioi CMti V.mco'n C : o Ktp.rlf prt ceediu "I lleliint r mlni'r t (ktowal nud O. C. On uiao nf YV.de.Kn I Coriiu -.-. ;ered bv the Crk ol ,.... blatuV 2-51 ilij ol S. p . I . will at Mit Court llms 'Joaoiyatih na Mi ii'Ux of JJor. lNy., el Ut i. in j. bidder at publtc 4i in n, of tand Th ti tiding o ! " belate W.i.ir H. uOe . half iM'fr Jot in 'tt frtnrej ot the loan ot L - . ; :K:C4 aJiniig th- i;uii: o me Wuicb H Bitua't-d n : - llHllC boure, 4lml !! l.ili viueti lull real in ubotlK-r . . 'qtrsrsot' ali town ;di.-. CTo4 Ibn ntrrtt (tun. t! r l "aturd fo! ) on bich t wi bUck- cat lb bop -lc 'IU.- i.i.i.r undivided bull Is own 4 by J. t. COtuej. Tim of a tli v. i i l.. declared at time of pale. !h: j;a ol 8rpr. 1835. N. 51. De linger. AdiaV ol W. H. CoriiutI'. L. B Wetmore, Atiy. 0 l-tr. I. i . t t 1 ! t.'i I.M 1 . J .- .n t. li t H 1 In f NOTICE. .f . J . hI I i.i - I.- t r ..1 . : . S I. I :. : '1 f i I t I . I f . K l Ht lcU :j ulc b fx giTtn thi tt . -t Ut , At "U i wtiii! Ai rVOTICh loctej u-c t-u abd Itai aU r.. U-dJ. lor C im fairt 0- tH.t;irlt fcr .fv j H lital t H'al ., LMV m..hv;u.: .if rtsehl t c liiL J 1 t IW-ta I . to, bat, ta irM of hi atten.tanre. I go . no tMtur. Finailj. mj hjuUn!, tea.U ing on Jay of a gentleman who had ba4 tha Kjlpp and we mreil by UIr.f Ajar'a Cherry Pectoraj.-ptxtctiml, tu tsa. a bottle or thl medicine, Wfot I bad taken half of It, X tf at curet. bava uad tba IVctoral for tuy cbtklrea and Iq tay famtlf, whaoevtr wa tart ceaded It, and Ttrava "t&ktuX It a arifl foreolda, oongba. and lung trouble "- XCJ01.V Wood, Nortk St., Elk too, MJ. IC, rf :tbt'ftil-r-w- W i-tcl'tl i. : ot tbatr tie-j 'IIImc "lH- '.Jtaa-i n. . n.t.r f tn U t.ucttr. Aug. VANU SALK. I-. A kt. etr i nr I' b obntvin4 tl-tM rttidrrrd iL ' u rtaYofS-pi. l.rorauae.'i.r ,l,lh : .c at lL"ncltitt', j Ojtctr. nc-tr.r-er. . j -, .oMy, Ju'T. Hept't.dr. ovit ' . .!'. uaty, llafrh jn.l V KtnhirenJ.ri'i-.l lerw . and mrdrritf In A.tMaJ fl. TV1--.S I Hvcrs uucrrv recmrai tit.'rtl I I- W' tkit..liu. . 1 ti ' erili .iaD' r. , ! ill ou . Sji. 1 v NOTK'K A ft tit trtltti rTb 101 tarwxC A, MtUig a gqul ex npuV tbcpaity'l rmf bautlrd aaW In mlrr rrt: nf IS rt- -i-i.JU fbe ate Wlllr ... t - t.. - T yraii3e, awl have orgamzHl a wide awake8 Hm. oerat'e Club, and aie gettlD. fi-ady lor a big DaiooraU . rally, Hun cnubo Iihh lat last jer try uojj 100 uajonty, nnd tt wide awako DemJ- Otratn ar b termlnrd to pat Hun- tomb? at fh r.f.id of ibe Demo cratic column cr.xL year, J'bev are worKtns mT to that f.Q(. I . 1 bra is thA v. ,v to uin. Cbulotte ew8. thtr, in-ilatnng tn vi th trrtl talt rlw'Ul nctc ..f ,f.rt.;n c-u A - lke. p art; on tbe lermn Of nl e r:; li A I'i Lt' Z i vlk f e -ti Befkely and '.Shaftesbury 'j iiicts.- I11.I6S0 Carteret was Vn ..igtnl to Currituck, .Berkley lie- j . " : "I J . ' . . 1 ' - ' in i ;t4uoi;uiK ana l erquinians, j .4 JShafbburV was fe-named i tia, CaltMlonia. Bueharia, F-.r ;ii- i. I'nlmvra :i.m T?m:d;v; A -5 1 l-u-.t.. - - - - . . . . i . - jk m - - - - - ... m . 1 . part oft?;..nvvlv crt 1 rUUT t&lQQCA 'bio AlctLu.be-, thuv PrO Al. trv"111 t. raila7 tmo4 nw, .o, mi... ,.n. .... J v-.......k l '!S'--M::-;Ui..u.lsf. one I detit- at Coney "Ubtud -i rniih, k 1 ; 6 " TT -jbiC iLnl'Hn iit;didif-it .pttH'. I ,iKW.09t OOn.tKtU M e,.rr t. i;ico:tc:'"oiN s'iwi nifli'itrii1 tis?ns of tho bo'i.v tlejwri upon tlio rr, . ' - . . v " . j ' . ,M ra,nrr a i puTi.v 01 tne Dloou. '1 ,r rho a wor d . ,r""' y- . - . . . ... . . w - -P -- ot commissioners, moro lysine, ; in.owa the suadard Mood rurnlei is -1"' -M'd..t .Liwmh. r.rH Wi'lUm has chang.id theae names to Litile-bra;ra . - I Ji Kulf., of OMcvuiiU D.tuicl v IL !f .n WoUi,, TToiir t.,.i.. ! rfS eK 'et IuhH:.K8; .ami rarrmrsly eiioiirh. Walter Clark, m ChnsUun Advo , .;J W (jL L Gor,.runis U() aftKH, lh ' J : cate. .r ' 1, i m mi . 0 1 07 Irnif J et , J ifa- 4 -k l?ilvjl 15 Zr t oil COlA e-LU fuX. ' . I - - - - r - " 1 xri . r . rjk. . . i .aiJVV Uitt 301 Iiniittiiit Olinioli! laiin. j- t B a icl u'dh ae Sirwi ol Mib-feirn- ' liowan. In -1722 another pre-: ;iVict further south wa named v i"terel, which iu '112'J became ue , present Carteret county. Jith comity ; was divided into Hyde, Wsckm,' Pamticough- and , Awchd'alerreciuct8. In 1729. when tltti j government was transferred j by the Lords Proprietors to the Ki;g, the precincts became coun ties; the names of the last three ahove mentioned being changed, and the counties of Albemarle, Bath and Clarendon- beirtg abol- ( bdted. Thus as early as 1729 thrpe counties had been abolished and 7 :the names of six precincts em bryonic counties) had been altered ; Tib1 General Convention of tht-l Protestant Episcopal Church met i on Wednesday at Minneapolis. It is announced that its .session ;-will probably extend to three weeks. There are nearly G00 delegates. In the United States there are fifty three dioceses mid eighteen mis sionary jurisdictions. There are' eighty-one bishops- and 4,593 min isters and 590,000 communicants. It promises to be a very important, perhaps a very stormy session . It is given out that some of he ultra ritualists will move in solid body for some foundation changes. It is announced that there will be a very bitter struggle" over the new constitution. The conservatives And therefore it is tho ouly truo and ol Jm&.Ux Pit.j I mu ''trTT 'O&lTXG&l .nt jAdu. ooiih D.t,ot. .cted atock of ' the riPTVPi firm nml ai rr.n.i rwlre 1 1 iy I j . (. ttl'M' , t s ; - P icesuits prove every ' word wa hava eaid. Thousands of rolontary teatl ni on id La fully establish th fact that 9 c.- pariila i in uuu 1 11 ii Bjf Sure (T f fQ to Get Hood's yg MI have taken Hood'e BaiiaparDJa for ocrof ula and the result la that I am 7 l at eleop, mental vijor, a pood appetite, t ,la' J l!d, KetJio.v of-Oklahoin perfect digestion. It doeaall thU, and ',ilnl tTriaou Oartlf , chntl nMlj cures Scrofula, Eczems, orSalt Rheum '. CtiOCtaw 'jttrtn iu tK5 IadJAOr . andaUother blood diseaea, becaoM it .rl' .Oovi'.Mt rtorj, of NlwOtV I . Makes ' irtpri-aideiitTn'i pindnlaft-; TdfLtsy'tii C ure Blood Oev.mor Budd, of Oifo, la ' J R OCERlF'V9i reply, itaiibQhaaU&vVelfainn- VUCnUwO, thinf mv K.ll-.... U If f. ' " I wj wriircn in ino OuatfrvaUOQ parents are not' be-ievert, aud he was broocbt up ait, IreA think at. ' Governor Oat ei.-ot AlatmrW he is net a member of any cborcb 4 oj aTh TL. . inMii ntibriftbi?liiuA unit'lL. t mJ pcrmanenuy cured." Cutrua. IL 1 TTirww ,MIOTnjrr k j ItoTsoy, Richie C. H.t Weat VtrglaCi '. Tbe Ut itarians -rpGfeenbalff1 Hood's Pills cure all Uiar ijia. b,tJL cuBaeaiB. uotrtUl ol Kaji I. A. Vf- REEDY'S. CaJmxIa U ,Ir, Samuel widC'lnUlrvti.1 Ist.onltij i-- j ; :-forJlrtjoric, tnrp. -.i. Iiiiir I p: V araMuU ll ;.tr --'it . curv JiArlii m a ..: . 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