North Carolina Newspapers

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lied lift
ton, Iw
County JMreotory.
Member o? Legislature: J. P.
Reinbardt, Heinhardt8.
.' " County Officers : C. H.
Rhodes, Sheriff; G. A. Barkiey,
Cleik of Court ; Jacob F. Xillian,
Register of Deeds ; D. L. Yount,
Treasurer; J. Thos. McLean, Coro
ner; 0. C. Thompson, Surveyor
Hulls X jRoads.
County Commissioners : H. E.
flsmsaur: Chairman, Lincolnton :
j) A Coon, Reepsville ; "W . L Baker
HtlliS -A- -It UttUD , V -M-t MOUtUOiUb
Iron , Stati on ; P A Thompson
Denver. .
County Examiner-: L. Aj Ab
ernethy, Machpelah.
Town Directory:
J oliniiy f Opinion f of!
Grandmothers; are very nice folks,
Tfcey beat all the-aunts in creation,
They let a chap do as he likes,
And don't worry about' education.
I'm sure I can't see it at all, v .
What a poor fellow eVer could do -4
For apples, and penuies and cake,
Without a grandmother or two.
Grandmothers "s peak 'softly to nia," "
To let a boy have a good time;
Sometimes they will whisper, 'tis true
pother; way hen a boyvants to
climb: .' s
115 Xoll nt CSottysslmi'tr in
t.l&o Charjfw of I'cudor'w
Brigndo, lit III lft-
rentM Never liio-v. o 1
Ycnrn After.
and Moody commisatnn, on which ijv , wav what ha U-com of
was legible oiilyMJnhn CV ofUhoJthi old Democratic dtrin- of
Grandmothers have muffins for tea,
And pies, a whole row in the cellar,
And they're apt (if they knew it in time)
To make a chicken-pie for a "feller."
r, vrr nrT7 "Rf t: l. I . - , .
vv . xueace, mtrym, jiucoiu- And if he is bad now and then
toa; Miss Eva G. Sumner Pob- And makes a great racketing noise,
master ; S. K. Cline, Chief of Po- They only look over their specs,
lice, juiiiwunA'Hi. i Ana say, "Ah, these boys will be boys.
r , 1 - 0UOJLI5 Let the children be happy to-day,"
UlTPUUiVtD AMn ItUtlCD Then look for a while atthe sky. ". ,
WMbnmnitn anu jtntLtn. f i And the hills that are far far away,
Watches repaired. Anything in the Qute ofteQ n n twilignt mes on, '
t.m or'a Imp nnnp with npntnaa unrl v,. hiluivku.
dfflbatch. Give me a call. 11-15-95-ly iuuiuuiuwwuj ijmu, vrjr ion,
a o inemseives, at iney rocK oy me nre,
Offers hi"a professional service to Aaln W .topping to think,
the people of Lincolnton and snr- W'U find a hot tear .n h.s eye
rounding country: Office at resi- Tovknow 7'11 eoe th,e ;
deDc next to The North State For grandmothers all have to die.
II ,1 - 1 A.4'Q 1 ir I T U7iH tVioir nrmlfl atov hrp xnrl Tirn V
For a boy needs their prayers every I
night, . , When the campaign opened in
Some boys more than others, I apose; j 1863 no soldier was more daring
Such as I need a wonderful sight. than vounjr Caldwell, and he was
A Raleigh letter to Ihe Rich
mond Dispatch sometime in 18S7
told the following sad story:
One of the romances of tho war
has just developed here, in which
ono of North Carolina's Governors
figures. Governor Tod R. Cald
well during tho war resided in
handsome style in the quiet little
town of Morganton. Of an old ami
honored family, he was proud and
had but one object of intense af
fection his son John, a handsome
lad not twenty years ol age. Jn
the winter of 1S92 this only son
begged to be allowed to go to the
army. Entreaties were of no avail,
and his father and mother at last
consented with tears, that he might
join the Army of Northern Vir
ginia. Mo enlisted in the Thirty
third Rogimeut of North Carolina
Infantry, in Lane's Brigade, Pen
der Division, A. P. Hill's Corps
State Right, individual liVrly,
a rvVftiuTriirt a uMo fuivign
jHjltcy, and thu like? If the 10 to
1 buniuf? iii tlu htif of lKnHm
cyf we ! puly to 4n?&nuj a fu
nral pnioion to bury thor.
Wv Jnupt a ri'vival aluti th
naino. Major Cowtan oxpreueU a
desire to return thiscommitliou it
any relatives of tho dead aoldior
could fx found. The commission
was fonnd to lo that of the long
ost John Caldwell. Yesterday
he commission was sent to Mrs.
Caldwell, und this McKxl-sUincd ru,,i which tho father marlM nut
and torn pico of parchmeut ag. If S-ntnr Harri jl-
sho writes, all there is on earth to icy prevaiU, wu nuttder what will
remind her of her dead sni rorbctmiu of whuhi mmiy IWm-
years she cherished the hore thatl cratM. H d not pm t nl
her son was alivo and n some prs- u- at all
searched for him, through tho in d.irabh it mav !-that .ur itit-
lluencn of Governor (now Senator) lical im houKl nit l tlrawn r,
Vance. It ha required twcntv-b4'toiml th iu ar i
rnnrrm (n Bnrth ! h f rim onnititf ftioiial and it ha al"ut
storv. At the same time the com-L
In tht Uiii?
lo)int to tht titat th South and
tlalvrtou Nr.
Kntirvlv oirrt
f tho dav. "Grt a nmto on
nut Texa only, but t trry Smthrrti
town and Stair. Thrtf rl p
tht Manufartuivr Htjrxl ad
clri -l Irttt r t the s-vrrnor ut
arh f Southern Stat, rtcliiig a
tantj-l r!ib' fr r-jly, atVin.;
each tn iLh- wi-uld favor trying
t itiduo State t noaV a r:n
jrliniv display at th grat
raltitnr Kniti"n f 1,17.
Only un (itrnir t)at-. f Ala
luiii, ha tal ti th trubl ffi
ti akn l"! ihr r-viit f th
h tt r. and 'Mir iamjl fvlurn u
vh!- 'ill ! a tlal 1.
Jut I "Hi; a tin pint pr !
fill th" S-tilh fail t rTh any
thilii llkr lh dhpnHnl t
ihu uieiuiu- .1., ... , , , ,. r ir... I
a k. a m m m m m m mm w m mm m m m m at w a
mls-ionwas pent her she was first Li!..t if ih..v v.r Ifihir!, u natural a.ivanta-mti
made acnuaintM with the facta In. Unni? hot. r f .Hd and Will th jr-nu.r pl-
. i .1 r n.i J : ic?i I tnmtir rf -t..r" f rtr fK Vf . m I rI urn tnr fAtntl rfi lil
mm vtuvr-riiur .aiun t-1 1 iu 10 i --. ... , - ,
and Middle htate-. Th-v mavl Mannfcturr l,t.
and douhtl havome thing in
. a
common witn t!i r.atmi anai lltvuTrr Crivi.
Middle Statr. but tlut m which
thrt i- no common intrrt i- Thcr ar manr record wlio
tWtfn them -O much OVrhadoL(m rmaii. nndr ih nld imt.r
thM-j in winch thor 1 that it i
Charlotte Observer.
IVc)t mid CntunuMit.
The Frtvetteville Olwervu contin
uallv IiowIh alnmt Cleveland winh
t; c rmci Fra sat ilia 2Xcaxl
r resident CtevcLaafl.lSOX.
At tho clo of tho Cacti yx
crld Jon SO, ttera Ltd
tn cointU under tht ccapuUcry
ilvr coinax act t2O0$SQla
ilvcr dolUrs IOIIO of wLItb
wratn th bands cf tho rc;!t.
t)n ih-a TJHh day of Jcat, llii.
thr fcaJ t-n ciDd t2?9,TtvT;
and of th it lS5.vj9.naj vaa in eir
culatioq in coin, and 1X0,7,273
in filter ccrtificatrt, for U;o r-d-mptin
t f which tilrrr dollars to
that amount wrhld rT tb RO
crnmcnt. :
tin th hli dy rf Norernbof,
1 . 11 1 ijajir.i bad !n reload.! cf tb tilir dolliri
were actually ij irtoUti'Mi, ard
f.'-M.lltG in m lif.eata.
Th rWrurr ricr.rn wends tba
tci(mfi r. lb further co ictt
cf tilvrr.and in torh mtsnisia
tin I "arntly ccmcor.
For further valciM infur&aU&a
and timly rrmmndatioOi I aak
o careful attention of CoojfftJi
uany iiow,h a.H,ul r.auu W -u- u, m wiucii m-re m inai u , fc he fun, u f a fT, f tho Srrtarr ;,rL
ingn third term. All th ills that impoH-ibl.. for tht-m iv.r tu aer- f . ' . ,t . .
Democracy U heir to nr charged "V l H'Hc Hicv that -Pt an4 d 'r Wvll- r ...,. 31
. 4, , t ... . . would do luttic' t tb &outh and that tbo (ollowin iroin t micioor
Having located in Lincolnton, N. C,
I offer my professional services to the
people of the town and surrounding
country; I am prepared to do all knds
o dental work, crown and bridge work
a specialty. Nothing but the best ma
terials used and all work guarantied.
Prices reasonable, terms cash except
by special agreement. Office nearly
opposite postoffice.
DR. L. S. FOX, Dentist.
11-22-95. ly.
upiuuio uiu sMierriu. Aiierin v'k:i ..r..,... l,-l i .t ..( tr.r.
ing to provi. in a two column mil- tw nmkingprrgr-. in tho Jv.uth ,1Pn,' . ArU,ricnllnrc and llota-
tonal iftjt wiwk hum, Vieveianu waAiauu auncuuun i inir mam
just waiting to
jdency again, thoO!wrver ta:
nr in tho North Carolina tol
How to
t:n at e.
soon promoted from the ranks.
puuc. In May he was made a second lieu
tenant for his gallant and merito
rious conduct. Ilia reniment went
It may be that some young folks into thQ pennvlvania camnaien
do not consider it very important At Gettysburg he was present
10 learn me ruiea lor piaciug com- aud in the holto9t of tho Gn
The record, tht-refore, warrant the
delitHratstatfment that thf Ireidrnt
i not only unworthy of thf confidmre
of DtnocrnU. but of hi Mlow mm.
Very soon
once. I mean what I say.
J. K. Clink,
i f Tax Collector.
Dt. A. W. Alexander will be a
Axid from thu low down abu
and gall of the above, the world
know that the Ktateinent not
true. It would l in order for th
Observer to tell ii why it i that
North Carolina in not in love with
Democracy jut now. The anti-
Cleveland crowd are mi tttrong that
they fnel like showing all who don't
agretj with them the thor, aud yet
we havw Hepublicau rule in the
State. Whv?
mas and other punctuation marks the afternoon of Jnlv 3df 1SGr,t hia
to tneir proper places, nere is a reffiment BwertuD in a slono with-
story which shows how great a dif- . fif. u f thft FHierai linM,
The Town Tax Book is now in my, fftrfince tne rloce Qf a comma can . 4 i
hands for the collection of Town Taxes " ;'r . e , weni cioseryeh ana uayuiiow nem
for 1895. An early settlement will save make m the meaning of the w,ords : cr089ed Suddenly tho line moved
cost. Don't wait until your property A Prussian school inspector ap- .QoV i;Hla vMn p.ifitrll
ii advertised, and then get mad. Igive f u u back a little. lonng Caldwell was
you this timely notice. Those who owe peared at the ornce of the burgo- neverBeen alive after that momont.
.ervoorunl was at the front when the
to accompany mm on a tour oi in- backward movement becan. His
spection through the schools. The father used an tbe influences of
, i i 3 I
burgomaster was out oi sorts, auu mouev and pofon to find the lost
was heard to mutter to himself: 80ldi' bnt unavailing! v. The
ffflauBu.wuoaa-jfuw- " authorities refused to allow the settM !ma n -Vound mon-v"
iorf ine inspector bam uutnius, ,raveg to be opened It collid not firmaIld H..pUblican. It in-
Hnt iw.ifpd his time, and with theit . j i.4i i . . . .... . ... .
hia office at LmcolntOD. June, Au- r "7. , ' ue Bsceiuioea wiwuwr u . ucau rw tlml National uuu money
Bn.t. ORtober. December. Feb- unwilling nurgomaster imji oui Qr rH and U0 matter became n,,lf flirm wollld iM. ai-fttroiH. It
- - mm it his tour. At the first school he mnBf tA;i.iAnf mnr.
Hollv. Jnlv. aftntember. November, announced nis wisn to see now tainties. Under tho strain the
' J T " I , A. Ui
..!. ......I. I tfuliiMt rv I ti.a itiit nat TV ilifiTtlv nr
linn inn iii wm i ,.",,....'.. -..w - - . .
maireciiv ot iM5 ii-iiiiin tnir "
it-opl and will nmaiu for alcmng tho prop-r Vx rf le-w a
gmxi while to com. tlmington I tr really gro.
tar. I Tho roots f tr and plant of
tlh v.t Di.l v..ii Utit I nil kin.W. havo at thir extreme
th. Republicans earn ing Kt-u- lit a protrliv cap of older ma
tuckv and Maryland? W .nc t'-nal to guard th groamj j-oiiil
I m, ,
thought tliH Republican party w in lit paia throush the toil. Th
tH-tional. but iti en-ping might v f-nl growing .int I under thit
che houi. dav. ullcap, whcr eolN ar- mad to
to hear thit South and V-t talk tho tp and to the under prl of
from the Alliance. Th- Star ha 1!ia cap to repair it wat from th
lurulifl tin rat ln r lute. Hut drive
I '
on 1
The Charlotte New fay it want
u free silver nlatform. Itcall at-
- i
'.Hero i th- financial plank of
the National Demcratic. platform.
udopteil at Chicago in
Ctot.Il ASH SlLVKK. We d
ouUtd Th t-le otTic tl the rt
it to atorb water from the,tn
which the plant food if cIiwdTrt,
and the only part ot any ro.l lhat
du thii work of abrbt n it a
narrow xoim of the yfung-t rrd-
. January, March and May.
Patronage solicited. Terms cash
and moderate
Ii rt !ne ili-f.-nt to Irt tliee al-
minds of tho father aud mother 1 su,l4ny Kepubliran tatr makr a
were nearly overcome. I he father, j,atform that plea? thtrm. anddi-
punctuation was taught.
40 never mind that", said the
bureomaster. e aon t care ior i i r. onrrnn- tlt... n.-mmrailo tate. uti a
o UU1UIV UUlOllIK VJ ki.u oviiw", ii-- -
i. .i -i a :.. .1.1 .-.tiirf miiiH noittreticht fur Iennicra
iomaae any one 10 uibuuuh mv -e ...
Is the place to get a nice piece of
AlVmeats found in a FXRST
see us. Market prices paid for
hogs and cattle.
Edwards & Sherrill.
11-22-95. ly;
commas and such trifles. "
Tiif h inflr.Ae.tor sent a bov to ey.but result in nositUe in iH-m-
r- .. I BOn 8 name, HUU Vliw icmuio nuij . .
xne uiauuuttiu, nuu yj - wag never alluded to, even by tne
to write: ''The burgomaster of th
R says, the inspector is a don
men ne oruereu mm , . 10p0 n-rr.U r t ... V. -..,1r !..,. mnrh eVerV
a- r k. k n w- ftH... la & u a. i a n i - - a
Ll . m I - t Imm r-tfal fill
iiounce the Republican l-gilatioii 1 .
known a the Sherman art f 1.1 Thi. Prl t. cver-1 with thou-
.l.i Atulft ot micrr.rir liair. whieii
It l' III' ti i j (i i unnimi t.i.., ........... ....... .
nlat-1 with ixeibilitie uf danger in the Ar no numrotif to gi a vri-
future, wtiicli niiouiti make nil oiv-v M,j.nranr. i,, tht part
ita Mipporter, a well it xl r. haifi . al! lh( wof k n(
author, anxioim for ita p-dv
eal. We hold to the U.of au-or.Mi.ii. . o-j
gold and -tlver, a the standard and new oiu n pr.lucl the
tmifiev of the ciiuntrv. niul t the ri- tntrat a further into tie
ciimge nf both cold ami silver I fo .nal t,0 at.rption of
without diriiniimting agamt . u ukn u in ffrh ,
either metal or chargbr mintage,
but the dollar unit of ruiuacv ,,f m-ow-rpwi-o. f..
lH,th metaU mud 1- of equal in- j aixori aiiyliimg, out remain a tne
triimic and exchangeable value, orlchannel of communication lj-twn
Iw adjuAtetl througli intniatioual 1 10 rool hajr and tn? .im. The
mill watr. laden witli the fo!
from the il, carrif-t up through
lie vouuc iat wood to the lcarc
spose the comma, placing it after
R and to insert another one af
ter inspector, and the boy wrote :
"The burgomaster of R , says the
inspector, is a donkey.
V hatdomtt proui .. me p..ur ; a 'nrtltf or hv ,uch safeguard
plea MaMacnueiw, uui Pui. ""' ,,,.: -hnn ,.,,ir, th0
i .. . .. . . ... I ll H ....
InlS71 Mr. Caldwell becarao aroiinainme nr,u..t,.. v..- maintenance of tlv paritv of the
Hrwornnr of th State. Two vears V,,rth (Tnroliiia ii Reimblican at two metal and th equal iwer of I - - - I ... .... .
.tir.1i MVnrv tlnllAr at all time in tne
l t . . i ... ..t .
a.lrll.r Wn from II vd U-e.. . liver Miiitm Would Wallt 1 nntl " " . --V
J. C. Morrison, Jeweler,
official gained
value of commas and such trifles."
DEALER IN wr "r.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, given oy tne rnnwra xvegitc4, v.
-AND - V Brooklyn , See if you can tell what
ftfflA7TCT HT A ttRj iafATnafter with them: "Aman
InWes you' to inspect his "stock was killed by a railroad car running
at Fotd & E lam's, opposite Bap- into Boston supposed to be deaf."
tiat church in Shelby. He has a man writes : "Wehave decided
r5? to erect a school house large
dies and Children's Rings. Go to offivfthnndred
himlf: you want your Watches, enough to accomodate five hundred
Glockaand scholars, five stones high. A
t! a J eeoeraphy has this: "Albany has
eweirv ttepaircu 7 - r :dred inhabitants, aii
Iufirst-class style and workman- gtandirjg th their gable ends to
guaranteed. rnces to , , , 0n a certain steam-
-uc tunes, ms vvotk opeaa .10 , . .
Prai rrtxA thrnnirh I boat this notice wa8 -pnuieo. .
maU will hate nromnt . . attention. 'Hereafter the tickets - shall be
iq. 27.95. fwftntv five cents, uniiaren uau
nrice to be bad at the office:"
newspaper, describing -the doings
of the convention at Oleveiana,
...l 11.-. 1 m t tii 1 iliit m11 turner cur-
countv, was elected to tho Legisla-h,er to have in making a frvo silver rt.ficv nftu U kpt at par with
ture. and came to Raligh. Somo ti,itf11nii W have alwav thought and Vetbvmable in mich cin. We
..-v V.:m nlrrVif t Vic en, ! . . i I...,-.. .. ! iniit litMiIi till liollCV a etectal-
uut) iuiu uiiu uud iuv Mv " I IT maue llllle imeieiiiu nvn i - 1 ----
ar,r tho Aih RnnnoaedU, '. 1 ' l.V neCearv for the prot.tlon
It is probable that the refractory wy 7 VTTrfr" , . -- . the farmer, and laboring cla
acial eained a new idea of theh aod mystery of Job . CaM- Sut.,viU, Mascot, one. of the flr.t and met defenct-vie
wen. in nwi uay buian uaiirv lrt,r tinin of umtabl nmnv ana n uuc
l 11 IU Vtl i UlUUl Iir;i3tnvviii3 . -
- -M .
on the Uovernor ana tola mm we f Wnmineton uat,n8 crr.
. . m w - ' - - - v -
trutn at last. -Lucas wasinau-i , . ..-. I ThU i mir ditniiH a tu -ilver
. . s . i- -r iltnat "sounu monev innw.ii .
other regiment and had observed , w, una:4 itl tU Democratic and gold. TI.h 10 to 1 bu,me-
young Caldwell's brave bearing as ,. ;;it. . witlti, ruvid. for a toUl disregard of
v m mw v BaaBBk aa aaama a aa a.a a.aa
tV. trorc noar ritrAthpr. IhttlR t I . . r
I,uuj nui. uu. v - . -w - - -
IlriU of a d-preciaU4 ail
tluctualinj ccmtK-y maitalwaji
fall mit bfatily u;n th roor.
vtatilonot prodoco for tbtaclvea
but for otb ri. ard ato ar tbei
for comprlle! to psrrhaM with
th-ir ti-i fverrthin lbr cat,
drink and w-ar. Ibrir tr- ill
rrtnain tUtionarr, or st ,-t thty
will ri-? flowlr ail at log isUr
vaU, while the pneeaof if nce$
ti- t ( lit ate ltabla to fii a4-d-olr
from day to dar tb valoa
of the currency chance and coa
opintly what may aprar to Vm
a fair rale of c.mrcniaticm at lb
Umo a Ulir coatxaet ia mad raty
prove t t-rrty inaJjuat los
f..f ih laVr it trforrml. Tta
lalorrr cannot protect Liclf
;aml tlucloation in ilia price
ot rmmoditi-. for be cannot por-Ij.-i
at wholrtale wbeti price r
luw anl kp out of tJ: taarkt
wbn pnc-f ar high. 110 tacit
bur dav bv dar. and b mutt I -ay
out hi rarnii c. htfT their par
chaing jfjwrr le great or S3 all.
Th employer cani-t a ford to
prumii-!iighr wam adranca,
tau with a dt pmmlinjg aLd
tluctuatin currie-T b cannot po
iblr furt lU wliat the pne of bit
prrJucU will ! any tiot in tht
future. Tbei the laborer it lit
ricttm f two influence, nilbtr cf
which he can jccetifallf m:tU
He moil accept whateTar waet art
ojlrredby bit employer or CO with-
a at m . ft.A
out work, ana n? noi pay wcai
evr prx are demanded in lb
market or go without food. 5rr
urr John tt Carlii'.t at Louiinlle.
Th? leave, undr the influence o(
iunthine, ai.d at no oilier time.
take in the carton di-oxid frem
th air, and by mean of green
matter they contain deotidiie it,
rejecting part ot ihe oxvgeu and
with th carbon make up the ma
terial tor constricting all the rarU I The Kmghtof Ijalr ia frcuioa
of the tr. Th leave b evapo-1 ai Vahirii;ton favor Cuban Icdt-
rate a lnr nart of the water ukn 1 rwndnre.
61 4
HBy virtue of an order made by the j j . "The procession was Very
uprior (Jourt ot Lincoln , uouniyiu n j ' -i ,ila Inner as
tbe case of J. N. Sherrill et al vs. "VVal- fine, and nearly two miles long, as
r Sherrill a minor,'! will, at noon, on a 1 te prayer of Dr. Perry,
Monday the 2nd day of December 1895, J"8? r? P, , J Q , .
on the premises, sell to tbe highest bid- the -chaplain. aei.
der at public auction, one hundred and
Jwenty eight acres belonging to , w N Cleveland, a brother
the e8tate of the late Mary G. E. Strain ; Kev. VY . J. oieveiauu,
of the President, wno lives and
&eun at the . present advanced bid 1 preaches at Ohaumon, Xiew xorK,
c iu ine aDOve cause. . Aertua,v 1 , .. . , 1 ";u ,:a rn
one : third cash ana f balance tn 1 hasleen in trouble With his con-
H1 initallments on tax' and twelve 1. . . Tamnerat'and
tbi tiirKiPurchaaer iiay He 19- a b9morat.a?a
if SE?00118 his people are Bepublican. Mat-
ion vv. Va3 o" , , - .... J
0. .T A.VnrniT.Com. I A u . Koan flfitt.l Art nOW. ' anu
L. B. Witmore, Attorney.
terrible moment of the repulse he
had seen young Caldwell shot down
while seperated from his meu and
fighting,hand to hand, a New York
soldier. After hearing this story
and the further details of the buri
al ot Caldwell by Lucas, the Gov
ernor locked himself in his room
and was all day-in tears., lie never
told his wife of the relation by
Lucas, and told it only to. his pri
vate secretary.
A few days ago Major Charles
W. Cowtan, of New York city,
wrote your correspondent, saying
that he had in his possession the
commission of an officer in a North
Carolina regiment, which he had
picked up on the battle-field of
Gettysburg. His regiment, tha
Tenth New York, held the line at
that point just after a terrible
charge by the North Carolians, in
Which one fair-haired and boyish
officer was brave in the extreme.
Maior Cowtan had examined some
if the dead Confederates who so
thickly strewed the ground at the
works, and near ono found a torn
this wav
the principle nuiiciated alove.
11"t rxt t Iw. alllllar
it ha. truly come tothU. In the dero- " . .w T
.lir-iuirt that thee people Proro- unit 1 wholly Uiaregaraeu wnen
r - . . ,,.
... I n vtttn it Whenever anT I tt 1 u nrrtnlwi a law.
up by the root, thu crndenfi2
the plant forl. Th miteral
thu formed in the laboratory rf
the leaf i then int in all direc
tion wher growth i tring on.
down bteen th bark and the
Oklahoma want to be adoitU!
a a tUte.
The Attorney (i en-fa I of New
York. Hancock, hat rendered a de
c:ion acainit the: Arcricaa To
rl , ? 1 1 1 bicco CoraMnr
M ... .nn Mk. W a T I mwm III alB.. k. n. W m m 1 mt u
pari iuwjkm v r Hjuareiv ou iiv4 i
a m M 1 ... 1 C I "
it, it had better ria ue ironr .1 or J( fc mt-au we ar a
will most certainly tiavc to go out to
T?ntlil Iran nil
liii4iiie(. I
." ' . 1 1 .1 A.
IJutourimpreio.iina!ueeii uiav v Knt Fnlltir.
I the Democracy went out of busi
. . . i i I :
ness in lS'Ji in .ortn arounai Tilo
K it tbecbt to
I 1 .1 te. t A IMlt
l 1 I t TV. . i . . 1 I IP" HIT lU(UWTMViUTHi Wl " . v . -
ana nan; aiKe. ioe uinrnii i
formed br the leave, i carried to cn tru.t tn imi iu.
th mot remote rootlet, for all th I Corlelte and Kitiiimmoat will
growth of root, a wH a every I probably Hght iu Mexico. Good!
other part i due to the material I the prut fight :in tht Loilrd
f ntniffieturtr Record .imilated bv the leave. The! gute will be few in tb fctsra.
rell and good !
with a free coinage flag at the mast- copjeM nn article frm a Texa new- iap water that gxt up through the I Wrj c Whitner aji ba woald
head. We have had no "sound LaIW r-lating to the viit of the ,ap wood i erode ap, and none of L. ' . h . ' nal: 0O lor th
money" Statesmanship in North kVw England cotton xnanufac-ht ever ccroe down again, except I Dmj(jeoCT Dy n rartT. Ita bad
Carolina a vet, but. the Democrat- Kurt.w to Atlanta, and then polite- , formed material for growth, bo . . ljJ1. way w wcrajj
. ... . 11 ikk . n I . ... . . 1 : ....... H I. .1 u mm nnail - . . . - .
ic party H in uirgraceauiuif eouic. jv uut forclniv puta wu cuuum. i0ng a io?n v" - l tK ;n v he would take it if it
m. m - m m m m m
It is possible to suffer defeat under rum, "Why didn't Tuxa exhibit tre thu ftp water ti co:ng up ana vrn hRJ however,
the 10 to V flag? The Mac6t',iu development, progreM and re- bjg evaporated into the air. In 9
talk U too cheap. lurces at Atlanta, and then they tree that retain their leav dur- benalor II.U .. to so ooth.l
In the light of recent election re
sults there U no hope of Democratic
success in IStW unless we can succeed
in so organizing the bimetallic Demo
crat as to secure tn the national con
vention a plain, distinct and unmU
Ukeabledeclarationinfitrorof tbe free
and unlimited coinage of both slltcr
and eold without regard to the financial
polities of any country, and therefore
. at
t appears to me that we snouia re-
... . .
t .lfv m m t a 1 w ivi mrm I 1 ' I 1 1 nrm mrn
COUHl nave irrii e... Ii:,7t- ..t .d th on fTMHU
. . - . fl .IT.V IIIILIU w I
terpreted into modern -nSll,,0-nlrr On other trc there art
The Kaitern Field Trials art la
w.mld indicate that le talk about :r mnT 1Dforbire hain in win Iproreii at Ncwtoa. P.Lomlltnl
uatural resource and anion; eoer-hcrf new ones being produced atlaod othr noted sportiata art tD
sffnrt to .how that Texa oona active kwui c attendance.
"MV . . 1 1 1. . m in infup annme ccntlefous
niu-h onnine for the non-ii" - ' . . t . i
reall naa opening i ... Itrwa make no root hair, hot ab-
aip inii nnunaani oni)uuni
luwi a
aaM - A.-t W at. - Bv
iponuniliei - . . .tirfe onte I i iai ii r n, cay rea, o oaca
1 . .laorb bT the youngest luriace oniy. i t K -nrKwt-
fortheinvestmentof capital wouldlThe ijeaihatspcoetup inpringlUM.of Ajrr llllr Vicr. All Urn a
ttmet th earnest attention of! tmi down in fall it an old top-r-l Utao that nature rvsirr to&aae
: ...i, Wl rWe mow Utition.-W. R Majsey, in N. Y. ' tfe. ULBAA-
double our effort to seeure.uch organ- . aJt School JoumaL t! FP J F?-
ixation."-Senator DarrU, Tennesse.1 readily than flaunting bombast. 000001 eratm
peace reigns.,

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