V A VOL. I. NO. 18. LINCOLNTON, NORTH CAROLINA FRIDAY, JANUARY 189G. S1.00 A YEAR. DEMOCRAT. J , .,1V i m County Directory. Member of Legislature : J. F. Reinhardt, Reinhardt s. County . Officers : C. H. Rhoaee, Sheriff; G. A. Barkley, Cleik of Court; Jacob F. Killian, Register of Deeds ; D. L. Yount, Treasurer; J. Tho's. McLean, Coro ner; O. C. lomptjon, Surveyor Hulls X Roads. County Commissioners : H. E. Ramsaur, Chairman, Lincolnton; D A Coon, Reepsville ; W. L Baker Hulls X Roads; J E Reinhardt Iron Station; P A Thompson Denver. County Examiner : L. A. Ab ernethy, Machpelah. Tows Directory : S. W. McKee, Mayor, Lincoln ton; Miss Eva G. Sumner Post master; S. K. Cline, Chiet of Po lice, Lincolnton. A SECRET SESSION. DEBATE. SECESSION CNOVENTION OP 1862. The following paper was read be fore, the North Carolina Historical Society at Chapel Hill at the No vember meeting, last year: Roanoke Island was captured by an overwhelmingly.Union force on the 8th of February, 1862. Hat teras had been in their possession sjnce the 29th of August of the preceding year. -- All the counties of the State bordering on Albe marle Sound were exposed to their res due ran off to the swamps. A " .er hu departure they returned to heir cabins. This conduct was for two reasons. ' Firstly, they wc:e afraid ot suffering in the up cocutry from cold and want of foo 1. Secondly, they had hopes of eni .ncipatiou, as one of them can did y admitted. The slaves of his brcUier had behaved ic a similar ma iner, and doubtless such was tb ; universal feeling. Will the cc rrention do nothing to nave the we 1 1th and people of tbece coun- Co;uwallii marched through the land? The Whigs Ireiled those wh took protection aa traitors. iter th waiter What would yon do J . I lyner: Under tnrat ofdis hoi. r to wife and children I might sp? k the word of submission, bat I w uld stel my beirt against tn l. What one dees under du ren cannot and should not be chrged against him. I . Speed said that be had been info med that the statement ot Mr. Pev grew; in regard to one of the .'Ihe remedy is to remove thine!' mentioned is denied by him. C. E. CHILDS. Attorney at Law, : Lincolnton, N. C. Work intrusted to his care will be promptly and carefully attended to. Office on Main Street. O FINLEY. Attorney at Law, "Lincolnton, N. C. Practices in aft of the State and-Fed-era) Courts. prompt attention given to all bnsiness. Office in -N Jrth State Hotel. lieutenant-colonels, and other of fice: of militia, could not b foci L Ii- expressed the opinion that nej;-) men walking about and re fns it g to go home should be shot. B. A. JUSTICE. Attorney at Law, Lincolnton, N. C. Practices in the "Courts -of Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Gaston, Catawba, Cleve land,! Rutherford, Polk, and in '. the Supreme and Federal Courts. Office in North State Hotel. raids. t - : On the 22nd of February, 1862, Ulpt es by mifitary force. Individ- He Irad heard no muttering! of Mr. Wm.H. Fettgrew, the delegate ual . cannot effect such removal, tret on from the common people, from Washington county to the Tbcy have not the means. bu, ia heard them from the chief convention of the State, usually. There is disaffection to the Con- meu When there was a demand known as. the Secession Conven-' fer rale cause. There am I'mon for her services, colonels and tion, appeared in his seat and m, , , woo railed at a friend of his asked for a secret session, which f01 amoving his family. Another was granted. I was one of the ha I been met by men with shot delegates from - Wake county and gu who threatened tc drag him took rough notes of the ensuing 0u of his vehicle in order to de debate and will givo its substance, tan him in the conntv. Ho hud I will first briefly describe the her -d that a meeting of justices ot Utr ltiarew explained that speakers. .. th. peace had been held in Tvrrell r Satrthwlle pjionderstood Mr. Pettigrew, a brother ot the county, who had decided to foldlhlm WDen he 8Poko ot Union men. distinguished general, J. Johnston their arms and submit to the iuev- Ue ild not r"fer t. 1,19 old di Pettigrew, now a minister of the itable, and also not to Drerait the rinnioua between the parties but Protestant Episcopal Church, wa militia to leave the -county'; and to 1:1080 wuo aro D0W disloyal to then owner of two of the most further that if tne SUte endeavored the Confederacy. beautiful plantation in the South, to prevent their remaining neutral Mr Woodfin: The proclamation Magnolia and Belgrade, .large in they would appeal to Roanoke Is- of F'oMant Liucolu presented Uie ; i-l" - 111. . t.l 1 area, xeruie.surrounaea DyBwamps land ThPaa rQnlntinna xvnr 18SU3 wneiner we wouia tisisi in yet healthy. His numerous slaves opted not from dislovaltv to the lDe 3UDjuKat,0D tno Southern were most kindly, treated, religi- Southern cause, but from fear of POP1 or be-tubjugated ourtelrs. ously trained, contented and hap- tr enemy and love of their homes. Thi8 convention did uot make the "" "1u bcbsius me closed by an eloquent appeal T. F. COSTflER - Offers -his professional service to the people of Lincolnton and sur rounding country. Office at resi dence next to The North State Hotel. 10 4-'95, ly. I DENTISTRY. Having located in Lincolnton, ST. C, I offer niy professional services to the people of the town and surrounding, country. I am prepared to do all kinds of dental work, crown and ferfdge work a specialty. Nothing but the best ma terials used and all work guarantied! Prices reasonable, terms cash except by; special, agreements Office nearly opposite poetoffice. DR. L. B. FOX, Dentist. 11-22-95. ly. DENTAL NOTICE., m. a. w. Alexander win te a his office at Lincolnton, June, Au RQst, October, December, Feb ruary and April. Will be in Mt. Hotly, Ju!y, September, November, January, March and May. Patronage solicited. Terms cash and moderate J F.-P GAUBLE, WATCHMAKERS AND , 3WLER. py very deliberate, polished, earnest for some measure of felief. and most impressive-, . . xr ,r Mr, Jp enner Ji. featertn waite mem ber from Beaufort county, was a bornorator. . Thejnost eloquent speech I heard in: that bodyof great men was from him He was one of the leaders of one of the strongest bars in the State. asKed "Can the gen tie in an point out a remedy?" . Mr; Saterthwaite. began by stat ing that he had said some time aj?o, oirtir fall of Roanoke, that our eastern section is almost sub jugated. We ought to have cour ace to Ionic on fhft darlr rWIo of tho Mr. Kenneth Rayn&r, delegate L;ctnre We mav ba anhliiiraied. from Hertford county, had been We Q ht to torm ' w f T". -I . icr years a conspicuous pouucian. whafc we 8nall do . 8Qch eyent MC, ' We Bhould unite on some plan, but . .. J dia not believe tnat tns-measure appear excitea Dy-anger. " Ummon,? kv Tr Pit; Dr. Rufus K. Speed, of Eliza- wak a ood one. - In the'ttrgt place beth .City, was such an impressiveJiti.s.trsEttacticable. jri thtsecond speaker that he was selected by the it. injurious, ,unwiae, dangerous. Whig party as candidate to be Would the upper couuties aeree to elector-atrlarge on purpose to meet I have these t blavea settle among the .Democratic orator, h. (iraham them ? 1 hey would be afraid Haywood; The slave-owners of "the" east have Nicholas .-WrWoodfinj when a p'o more- right toi be aided in this boy, rode into Asheville after meal manner than the poor. It would on a. mule bareback. By his ener-1 wrong to leave the. non-slav- gy and talentahe rose to be a lead- folders exposed to death and the . - ! . ' it ''. A fPI er of the Buncombe'bar and after? aesirucuop 01 meir propri.y. ine wards State Senator ' Yram JBun- authorities once had power to pro- -i" TT - . - i '1 " 1-4 ntl ntiaf f 1o Tr1 Ilia Tliof TVMTftr 1 tt coin to. ma speecnes were areayg Thew wa. an early divi.ion in the strong but his pronunciation of ltgone forever, he feared, but , 0n thi. Jine, Graham, many worast was strange evep o i y . y y i r r Badr, Saterthwaite, etc . against etj xur.iw.iiwtcvwuj.. I A , T.,fr, T: 11 A etc. Ihe contest lor oovernor oe- revolutiqn. He aspured Mr. Pettigrew that the west will rupport all slav. will put them to work on railroads and in the cultivation of fertile mountain lands which can be bought for .from eevenffive cents to one'dollar per acre. The subject here dropped. No action was taken by the convention. I add that Mr. Pettigrew and many others afterwards removed their slaves into the t-entre and west ot the State where thoy fouud employment at remunerative prices. lhse so removing were known as "refugees." Mr. Saterthwaite' tiring up at the "supposed imputation that 'Uniou men" were more disloyal than secessionst shows a feeling which was quite strong with many who opposed secession until after Sumterwas fired on. They thought that Presidont Davia, Governor Ellis and their party generally, re garded them with some degree of suspicion or at least- lacking in ardor for the Southern cause. affectation The convention was m an x- He. was' sorry to hear Mr. l'etti- TWO FOR ONE. " BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT . WE OFFER . . . , scribers Tetfewiog and pay ing in advance, we send E AND FARM ONE YEAR FREE. timent each party however, unit iug i'. the avowal. of hostility to the i storation of. the Union and detei nination to fight to the. bitter end r independence. I.i Id furtrjer that all the speak- . . . . era toe mregoiog aiscupsion are fceedmgly gloomy framebf -mindJgre !hat:e had heard of tween Vance and Johnston was because, the easy, 'capture , of the Union men wiling. 10 suomu w (he f .gnlt o( thi 1, OI ien. TT . m t -i Y I kfaAtrA I alarAti I ml CT Tti Ti uaicnes repaired. Anything in tne -i xxw v ir - Jeweler's Itne done with neatness and Iana Diaae H certain tnai wasn- l fc"WDJ " . & 1 dispatch. QLve meacall. an95-ly ington and Newbefn wouia not be the Union party Deiore tne warj more fortunate, -and all eastern a 1 p"wu iu)bi North Carolina would be speedily Soutiern cause a -any- others. overrun; It is impossible forme Lool at the battle fields and you to transfer to vou the impression will ind tem. Both parties have made under-these circumstances errec iu judgment. Let us draw by the intense earnestness of the no d stinction between secession- r. lifttB s nd Union jnen. We should HOrn6: antl - Farrn WoodfiD, were : in constabt dread tea on any- imputation that T v - , of hearing news ot ruined homes Unicn men will give up the fight. In combination with bar paper, for . 1 , Tl,,,. l-.f in tfin move : . . . .. I huq me ueserpiou ot meir.BiaveB.i - . .v S.J O... Mr. Pettigrew began by. stating the-will be the last .out. We Being the price of our paper that he had left his home at the sho ilu pass resolutions of ympa- alone. That is for all new mercv of the enemv. . It was his thy nd endeavor to mauce me subscribers, or old sub- intention not to return to the con- Cor federate authorities to send vention as long as there was dan-1 troc ps to protect our people. The ger of invasion of his county, but! troc js have been all withdrawn I fron TTvdft countv. There are I T- J r At- c 11 n.KJ... rn in Haanfnrf T hAv Kill cy, had begged him to resume his not imain four hours after the seat with the view of obtaining ene r.y comes, buppose tne enemy Tl ere mutt be something to Pniident Clevtland bifdet lh gla i or.of his great office. With out i . psrty following, without pop ular ty, be nevertheless appears abb to make things move pretty mu: t as be like. I have noticed thin eculiar fact. The mn who vie ? him from a little distance do not 1 ke him. but almost invsnably the lien who get near to him, who galtt hu confidence and friendship. beco ne his devoted admirers aud follters. It has ben o with ill the Men be hss had in his cabinet. with who hat en brought iut- .ntimato relations with him. If 1 1- re is a single exceptiou to thi lule, I do not know it. Mr, Cle-i land is not brilliant, and be is n v "magnetic, at Mr. Blain was He Is as simple and straight fort i rd as an old reliable cart hore Br what means he un-cun'-ctously binds men to him ap pear to be a mystery. No one U able toexplain it, I aiked fevers) of hi cabinet ministers it they could ditcern the secret, and thoy Confeised they could not, though thoy nil admitted the fact. In certain circles this Cleveland idol atry is termed a sort ot felichitm, and Mr. Cleveland bimtelf itcalled a 'scred whit elephaut," but whether this ii fair or not, the fact remains aa I have given it, and it is a fact which has had a tremen dous influence upon the history of the United State. In the cabinet Mr. Cleveland showa his ixuliar character in a striking fashion. They tell me h is invariably iu good humor. When tho ministers atmbl he usually has a joke or cheery word for them all. After" basin has been taken up he t inclinHl to be rather serious. lie is alwa? iu . a earnest. Ho encourores tr.e cabi net men to otTer tbwir opinions freely. One of the newer minis ters told me that when he first wit at the council h felt like kropine still." He wa3 too modest to join in the discussions. Hut tne first thing he knew, the President was asking questions aud drawing him out. Mr. Cleveland likes frank ne and plain t(ieaking, and it not averso to the expression ot opin ions contrary to thoe entertained by himself. He is suspicious of the man who invariably aglets with him. Ho invites argument. but in nine cas:s out of ten, I am told, acts on his own belief, unin fluenced by the discussion ''He is patient, good humored, csy to gt along with, and treats us all as bis prsooal friends slid a mem ber cf tho cabinet, ubut he holds a tight rein, too. We always know who is master. At Ihe same time, Mr. Cleve land's weakness is as a leader of men. This seems a contradiction, but is not. H doe notknow how to ween his circle. The vry small number of individual who get n ir him are deTOtd to his in terei t - The greater circles out side i )pear to be drawing farther He has almost as with a magic I Tho Nmall Coll wand rallied the country around In a rcnt uuaUr of & bimlf on the Moo roe doctrioi is- American Unirtrsity Maixia, sue. Strengthened and etnbold- (Sew York), Prof. Tcrna, cf etel, be starts out once more to Bucknell University, calls attra drivj tht Ue publicans Into com- tion to th rapid incrrajing dt-a- pliaice with bis will, threatening itn of distinction bttvta ccl- rtfo al with tb penalty ot popular leg :nd univenity in Aotrica. txe ration. The Republican are Ht o civt extirtjoa to sets afra d be may succeed. Aftr be-1 tior thai have finished with the ILe- lat-tt pub icans, many think h will driv nit own party into nominat- I th ing iim for re-election, and not a I inc few tmocrats aro farfol tht he it p ii'g to succd in thi a!o At i rr rate, it is Mr. CleTrtand wh. having the fun thi tmur, and t the various l!eputdi'.-n, . . ... ... Irn -'rstic and roDchstic tr-ntl I ;. w " I Ir far- of or. wou Of A dead except Mr. PstUgrew, who,!f dm all the tim As a narty havi g left the University ot Ndrth Car j na 58 years ago, is stUI .do- iDg i :tive and eflioieqt work in the can of his Master, universally honc ed tnd beloved. Ktxp P. Battle. ' TI.m Grand Lodge of Maions met at P.- leigh last week. Dr. F. M.. Mag-? was re-elected Grand Master. page' agricultural journal I some protection. It was a cause of sho lid come, what must the peo made by tarmers for fari-1 regret to him that members spoke pie do?. They will giye up. We erJ. - Its Home Department 0t adjourning the convention. Let should not expect anything else. wuuuviou 7 infl npvftr viAid,- if hpoton i at. nBtirnr.pme a man witn wiie mu vuh- retreat from the seashore to the drea. The enemy comes up no hills: from the hills to the moun- mer.ns of escape. The alternatives tains. I are death and dishonor to his wife. WQhincrf.n nnil TWaII rA in. OT Submission. What Will hb do? solated. He ordered his slaves, Mr. John C. Washington, of Le ordinarily perfectly obedient, to be noir county: 8tnd up for the ready? v start witn mm away iromtooutni unequalled. Its Children's Department, conducted by Faith Latimer, is entertain ing and instructive. Renew now and get this great agricultural and home journal v . FREE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! Marion Butler is making two speeches a day now. He made a two hour's speech last week. He danger of capture. Only, five ap-1 Mr. Rayner: What did our an-u regarded at Washington as a .... . mmm. I . T- 1 1 ? V - ' . pearedat tne . rendezvous, rnece8ter8 in tne iwyoiuuon, wueu nuisance. S'Jiae one favors Gen. W. R. Cox for goyernor. Others say Dorgiton' is the man for the Dem- TT 1 A tl ocrf-t to name, now auoui new deiroi? lead i Mr. Cleveland has been a failur because be has lo tact. He hasti deenemie instead offriinds of all Mit this little inner circle. Net V any time during this terra has In had a party behind him. Itjhe l.ad started in three yeai ago to b c nciliatory, tactful, vieldir.c. pefau sive, b could have rallied his j sty about him. The leaders were sger to meet him half way. Tho oen who had opposed hU nonrr atioo were willing to capitu late 0:1 any honorable terms. Mr. mar. f Congress. They ar all won. -ring wber "the old man t goin : to break loote nxt. - Wash- ingt u Uorrtspondent ChiTisolty Tim -IIerm1d. Tho Trnnnvnal. TI v looming into importance vf the Jouth African Krpubhc. for merly called, and even now rnorr commonly called ih- TmnvaAl will cu it hilory to U inquir 1 into. (1) After the tjattJe of Water loo. Kngland had thintc prvtty much her own war, and named her own trm with the panuh, Krnch and Dutch. Th later had mad a wttlemnt at the capv of Good Hope and this ahe demand ed and got (and Mauritiue alo). The Dutch cdonit, or Hor. wen? never plrd with the Kp- glih rule and nnted tU inter ference with thir dealing wifh hir nativ rvant. In 17 a Hjtlv of the Ho'r lft the olitj v and wut up into thti wild region of Natal. Thi the BntUh an- DfXtnl in lstl. Thru th ilwr migraffnl again and titablihtd th OmngM Yt-f iat; thi th Ilritih annexil in IM. but mi much trouble fntuwl that th Kn glih nllowrd thi t u m J- )ndent Dutch tatf. In ISM an other migration of thf IUr tojk place; thy went into a nw wild country and etllM it and namd it the TranvaAt ; thi i north of tho Orange Frvt State; it wa an independent tate until lTd. About thi tim? th Zulu, an African native racw of unuual fighting capacity, ihrratenl all the cotonie. and the Tranvaal Her were willing to come undr the dirvctien of the British. When the Zulu had been beaten they wanted to W independent acain ; thi waji in 179. and in ISsO they were mi diatified that they broke into rebellion and invaded Natal. The BritUh had -Teral conflict with tb- Tranval lioer and at Majuba Hill were beaten. It wa deemel right to give them their independence, only their traniction with foreign nation were o 1 carnal on by the Kn glih Ca e Colony ha for it highest oflice Governor Robinon; the prim- minister i Cecil Rhode. Begit nmg in October lat report were tirculated that a raid wa to b nx- d on the Tranvaal to over turn he government undor the leade hip ot Dr. Jameson. Thi Was Umptd, but it wa repelled and t good many killed Govern or Kr J?er, of the Tranrraal. wa eomrnded by th? Germnn :n peror K?d this ha angeml the Briti'h whr? armpatbie are with 'Dr. Iim.M a he i called. It i predi :i?d that war may break out at a ieult between Germany and Engl nd. N. Y. School Journal. aueh needed, amist the ptica now cwmlrg to lt so .nd ktdJftly niade, that r-eit ir.ititution of leara ell a of merchandise -is rilj lhebet. Ore of tb fa!!ac:e of the t:r in va f extrcli: g h t. daa:. pr- prli.ct.. Af'r the t ucem f f h- S'aodard -ij?ir, f.r tiaa:j4e, it -rn that the e?atHhmtr.t -a?it;c factory .f iVrwr.xJl i: 1-e irfectly fraiiUe. Mr t hile the actual university i c .:r.g more and mre to coa fine i rlf ta it own legjtjrnate f;eld f pol graduate work leav ing tlje matlrr inilitatiojiS the Colle- prorlv JakitJg to dw the undergraduate rk itho-t 1 t:r.g brought mt d.mpetitia with the unieriti And thr the mailer inUlutio are Tho pdpers are telling about the efforts of Populists' leaders to as certain the attitude of their party in various parts of the State as to fusion. Coi grwsman Shuford has intro- givea as nrt on lit, and vducatioo al fcilitir of advanced grade once mors tend to diScte then--Wf- throughout th- wbole oca munitv. For manv mfi thi i the direction f tsrtnal gruwth. (1) It bring th appliancr of hijhtr education within ar rwtch of aXL (2) Thi re:li tntluencw of higher institution of learning upoa the erhoil of elementary grade is ad war tf a character to tinrulate thie x:hod to letter wnrk. (8) The maller coilrge briT.ga uto fulb-t play lhi finest of th Cae humauifiiig ftrlr mrolred iu rdlg9 w-ial life. Kach tudit i known hr all. timulat-! try all, retrained lv all. Many of the nhtlet influence for good in a cdleg are to f found itnui tho rtl lv the tudenl up on ine another bng, that is, a the .amf group pur a the m&i tudie, and aro thu trouht Icr- g-lher in cla frtmi !av to cay for the. four r f the prescribed cour-. (hi the contrary, aa ha oftea tj-nwti i-jinled iut, in the ery large chool. and ejciatly here the elective vtem prevail, each pur- je hi ciures without special re lationship to other, fjts hie-owa way, gradnate. and deja.rt. with out having formed any tpecialtief, and without having trra influeac ed in anv rcial way, haviag worked for the mct part coder tutor, and having had little or oo actual personal contairt with, the m-n w ho ciy the university ita reputation. Or if influenced, it ha bc-a ratht r negatively by having hit individuality intaifed in the way tf that relianc upon !f whic : nan au'picion and de2 rnv 'other; in which cae the prmci al motto mut b: Coa- i to the death a death- for life. ur? no one wxuM prtead extreme lyrical aatithee; nted will work ite!f crt .', in antral experience. 20 cn will der.y that the i artrallv :her aad of the nature indicated, h the sjaller collept huoy tkem up. Ncr caht rft until they r ab!e to :n tb bt way the fall of prescriptive dicipliae xsea petit trug Of -lhat her" :o t- tef pr?ci C the:, they iwc: mems Clev Oind bad only to say tne word , fc "JTi-T Jl. .k rv I neoee-rr to prepare ytraag and they would have gathered th li of th United States J $ women for actual aad about him a substantially united i which will make an income tax I succe4ful caiverity rork. f Dem,racy. But he did not ap pear to care whether they did or not. He made no effort to .cad them, but tried to drive tb?m. He beat t Jem with the Sherman law repeal cudgel, but they turned the tablet oo him with the tariff. To-day, as a lradtr of thought and not of meo, Mr. Cleveland if showing bit tremendous power. constitutional. Of course, it will never be adopted. Hair Hair Reaewer is pro couaced the best preparatioa Read Ayer'i Almanac, which made tor uucenicg vae growva o. ..H..tMMt -a Urn a -r.n I th heir and restoring tnat waica )UU( Ukt" KJ I " . and note the wondartul curra ox I hlMJ w wt,-mi rhenmatiim. catarrh, acrofula. .uttu' mtmmm .iUtY hn-1 B'ood and nervri are very cl mors and sorea, by the use of ly related. Keen the blood neb, Aytr'a Saraaparilla, the only Sar- pure and healthy wit Hood'a aaparilla admitted at the World's Sarsaparilla and you will have no fair I trouble irosa ncnrrastif ;

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