North Carolina Newspapers

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r ,
VOL. I. NO. 20.
S1.00 A YEAR.
.11. II II
- - 4
Offers his professional service to the
people of Lincolnton and surrounding;
country. Office at residence next to
the North State Hotel. v
Surgeon Dentist,
) Lincolnton, N. C.
All work guaranteed, nothing but
heat materials used. Prices reasonable.
Terms cash except by special agraement
Office on Main Street
12. CHI1L.IS.
Flag of
Attorney at Law,
Lincolnton, N. C.
Work intrusted to his care will be
promptly and carefully attended to.
Office on Main Street.
"Gen. Foster was temporarily ml wn wercr driven in an ambulance t"!
command and it was by hit orders ; tbi bouse ot the Spots wood family
that ho fcever required it If any but now used by the United States
oca thought he was ready to attack Army, andpladedm a' roomoti the
him after being in bis lines ho was second floor td spend Alio night.
welcome to come on and try it Gov.'stanley bad reWotly ar-
MnjorRufus Tucker.iof Raleigh; from California, having bocn
had passed under a flag of truce to ap;.ointed "Military Govern ot" of
Newbern a month or so before this the Stalo by President' Lincoln,
and made tbe,entire journey on his Ut wag W greatest h'prthCar-
ownhprie.. ...... olina's sous;., was .,a jcadv in tbo
The true condition ofrnatters Whip. Darty-r-beiog frequently
was that Gen. Burnside had been elected to lb Legislature and sery
Troops, and Oapt. Theodore J. ordered with Gens. Parker and ing neaf ten years ih thft United
Hughes, formerly commissary of no to re-inforce McClelland in I States Congress, " it was the gen-
the regiment and afterward purser Ylrgiaia, beveral regiments, ar- eral expectation tbstbe would sac
To Newborn Undrr
Oa July 4th, 1862, as first lieu
tenant Company K. Second North
Carolina Cavalry. I was in com
mand of the picket on the Dover
Swamp road from Kiuston to
Newbern with headquarters at the
Merritt House and our outDost at
the Ten-Mile House. About 11
o'clock a. m., Coi. W. F. Martin,
Seventeenth " North Carolina
Carolina bank noire fur some one
in 'Xcrtcrii,to UTe-ent tn a refo
geeM kinsman at High IVtut, and
lock ny receipt for thoaame.
Bre.tkfftat over; we got into the
ambulance; wore again blindfold
ed, and when we taw the light we
were at our picksts at the Ten
Mile-House. V. A: Graham, Mo
Pclah, N. Cm Charlotto Observ
er. '
Attorney at Law,
. . Lincolnton, N. C.
Practices in all of the State and Fed
eral Courts. Prompt attention given I cand of the escort
to all bnsine9s.
Office in H rth State Hotel.
No doubt your many readers
would like to hear something from
this corner of the world. IUio
of the Advance during moafnf hor nvius: from Morebead City d urine ceed Gov-Graham Governor nf ina muJT d the ordtr of
I . , . . . .. . I I l J rr. , . . .
life as a blockade runner, arrived. tno aHernoon, were marched by in I the State in ' 1849: but on account ,wo oar- no timers are rawer
catrvine commnnicatinna m1r order to make the impression on us I ofdissension between himself and onuUoJ still with, farm work.
flaeof truce"to Gen. BnmBideJ that the troops at Newbern were Hon. Kenneth KavneWaUo a :Drom- owln lo rimr iftoogb
commanding the United States oelure-norced. 1 was surprised Unent Wnig of this time) his nom-l " 7 . HUW k'wi
forces atNwbrn. T TpmwatpH I to sae a- good many white straw ination was. defeaUtL He wsa ro-1 ,,uw,n ,n mir iinaa
Col. Martin to procure for me Der- t8 woi 'by tbe meri. Gen. turned to-Congress-in '49 and M or lolhr ain c cotton crop.
mission to accomDanv them, and curiae reniarKoa to Uen, hoiter anU afthe-closeof the term in ISM . . w'- -.w...
with this expectation took com- aa a regiment passed thatbs would 53 removed to' California to prsc-fnir how
After dinner maKe tnose. lellows tnrow nway I tict- law.. Ho was the liepublicaa omco me nouuays are oter iners
(about 12:30 p. m.) we started: a ,heir 8traw at' which : Foster candidate fotGovemor of Califor- it0 iuil a, the lines
corporal and two men with a whitft 8aiu ne wouia ao. i ne generals not in-lo. w iuu irouuer. whdhdiib, wm
Attorney at Law,
Lincolnton, N. C.
handkerchief on a pole as the "flae wero uot aa courteous to us as the: To resume mv narrative: Sun."4 lH3n MCidantly tbot at i la
'- I nn - ' ' - - . - I 1 . I , f, 1 . - i - - .1.. . . m
of truce" Koine about three bun- Queers of leeses grade had been. Der was turniaLed ua m our room. WIQ aboul nnstmss bTtieores
dred yards in front, the escort Thev 8m 10 be ina Dftd humor. An hour . or so. afterwards Gov. CIav U "proving, it ii thought
aboutfifteen men and themes- Anf nad heard from Richmond Stanley- called and spent several 1,0 wm Rel we" t,JtlD-
Practices in the Courts of Lincoln, senders following. The advance and ther news may have account- hours. I had kri6wn him before I lniel C. Shufoxd, who had a
toSf SffiWrtta was halted at Deep Gully, nine ed for & ,. . A .OBTwi'lKiy.fttb- ! "k. of .boo
ana a naif miles from Newbern. oaiutes on tne jbourth of July If r s house. Ha lnouirod about iwonsimas, nss so improveu ios
bv the Federal outnast. Th enr- were beine fired freouentlv. Gen. manv of hU old inmi? Jnrfrr. ho csn strain walk about in the
poral advanced and exnlninftd the Burnside remarked to me:' "I I Rc:Vm Wnd Hadcr. Mr (iilmr nt Ihouse.,
object of the mission. The Feder-UnPP8e you' people do hot burn I others; and desired , that I should The chicken jiox, that had bn
1 InSJ A,r. .U l i ii onr nnir rf V. . 'Cstr. U f f 1 O I . .1 v" ' i ' V v f . I fr T till Vvlru-ifn m f er (K. Vt t Irl rn
mo iaiu uun u iuo pJUUKB OU tile I wnuoi uu mei vuiuiuiKUiy I I Bay IU lUeui po HSU MUjuirea ROOUU .
it ta barn them. I remarked ljhim tha.hi I3.lbc ; PuWc t'hpol, hss about
SuDreme and Federal Courts
Office in Jorth State Hotel.
Dr. A.-W. Alexander will be at
his office at Lincolnton, June, Au
gust, October, December, Febru
ary, and April. Will be in Mt.
Holly, July, September, November,
January, March and May.
Patronage solicited. Terms cash
and moderate. ,
Watches repaired. Anything in the
Jeweler's line done with neatness and
dispatch. Giye me a call. 11-15-95-ly
bridge across the guilty and we U replied, MNo we save
passed oyer a half mile or so to the on those who- are attempting td I Inends were surpri&edito iee himl plyi out-
resorve picket force. Here we deprive us of the privileges of the I lb t is presentpositlon ebdeaVoring l sioce Congretsman
waited until the commander Fourth of July to tubjugate tho State, lie laid bt ! bea ip at th Cspi-
cou Id communicate with New- Ho remarked to Col. Martin,that ( he aa come for what he believed tal tistf stiver is on a boom for
bero. In due time permission he 4ihad iust returned from a triD to 1 j thb best interest of the peo- 80a roUtivcshave formed a
was received to let the "fiag of Nc rth. and that vou could hardlv pU that 1 knew he had not taken jSyxcicato and havu put up miw
truce" proceed. Col. Martin had mis the men absent in the army, the- lace for the salary attached ,tore atBlackbum. .Dlackburn is
meationed me as accompanying Th is not the case with you." the. ?to; that he had always been not-! for its jufr fsctories, which
him, and he and Capt. Hughes in Co!, iuartin reDlied no. and that itlab1' to make more than a support aro TJn bT e nttcnys. inr
his bugzy and I on horseback pro- Bee cied to prove what he had of-1 and was in nowige dependent on nate tree sbopt ther? and run
cee;ied to the headquarters of the tei heard said: that Northern th ubhc;. that there was a largo Mr' 1 machine nvcry day and turn
Federal outposts about six and a pe le were stovme at home and Ur-J n element in the State who oul 1 boul oodral gulloni
hal: miles from Newbern. The sei cine the foreigners to do the had never becomo loyal to the I Pr ' nY " lTl7 aro an in oprtiou
1 . I -.1 mtmm - . . i
sergeant assumed command of my fie .tme. Gen. Burnsido reDlied: I Cor ederacy ; if he found he could lfi.fl u na nwi nty to nave any
be t no benefltho would leavo. I cie i-ic ngnis in tut nine viuae?
Domocratlc Popultst Fusion.
Mr. W. U. Lindaay, ropulltt,
nator fmtn Ilockingham county
and mtmUf cf the national xu
ivi Mmmittrr of tb PormlUf
party, writM th Ralegh Kwa
and OKarrr th-foU?wirt UtUr:
The Pivjdo'a thirty atanda rrsdy
to ru-operat tkta yrar with eithr
tht R4ptablican or Democratic par
ty oa a distinctive line of prin
cip!e. To the majority of pro-
fcsd politicians the ofHewrs are
all principle only wba tbev
a m- e
unng iuo. iUfiup0 any plan u
terfvcted( a.i a mtmUr ot the na
tional iVp!V party cummittr-.
I wian to make uterturtM thus pub
licly and aUie buard tu the Ircn-
lt ratio lrty t I thi Mt, aa I
have tmce befure thruuch Ul-
tr Wfklv.
Thf liaaia of pnicipl t tocb
aa Ui prtv na at uir ttm in-
W 9
culatrd atd tor ttat rirat) it m i
transition quite ry. Theprinei
pki are the :
1. The if)dvlndrnt Coii.4iC f
eilver ua rtual Una tth ld.
Z. Tlie guvrrnmvttt -all nut it
lue iaper fur the tanks aud thai
iMUe it on moncv ana vvcrv
dollar ahall im vual in the ey
ment f all dht htcrfon"ard.
Tlue are the easy terror e pro-
ti and in order to carry vu
me' nurierto iemt ratio pnnci
ple. e proi tu t up an lrc
to ral ticket plrdgl to v..te fur a
man for Pr-ident ho i publicly
h-ard ai oftra that lb Isaocra V-
ic party, ia u fatr cf tie vary
two artiole cj faith that he lays
doe n aa th tjais of 'co-orra
lin." that naturally, if he be-
r what he baa rrad aid heard
be ran a no rra-aon why the Ds
ocratic and the IVpuliaU partiea
should tie oppoeing rwch othar or
fighting for the aae thisjs
through eparate organ itatiaeK
Mr. Lindaay 'apka ca fair."
Ilia two p repositions are brief aid
easily uode ntod and it ha ta
declared, mrer and over, that the
DmtTacy favors; we be
lieve that th North Carulxaa
trarch of it di-r. All dec!ara
tion after th als are, ee are
tjld. mr tnattrf dtail. TLea
U the f!r. the lrxocrata
are t vi.l fr Lb I'pulit cadi
dat- fwr e!tr a:d all the other frm Stiatr atd Owver
nor dn ,$ cor!able are tu be
diTldd muiLatdv ttra tie
Populute and lmraU. We are
Mhttf.d that Mr. Liudtey
t- jul aUut thu matter; indeed,
K Xtr Hie a ruati ehu La be
otme cnTinc4 that thir
attanlial dit!ricw bla
lhee ertir etd ; L thit,
cau erv if j rv hy thy h(ii
rnt grl lTlhr. He eU aaja
that "ftoi it the titue lo clulltt
Jt;dr avel." Of octree th;t
con $d ration rd acUoa are vrged
th Mitnmar.t eUtatst
Th Ubfrvrr hat r part cor let
m the matter t ut rrntlrrata h
and genemlly knon to fav.r thee- hoM lh xh lhp u9 A
, N-xt. the iVmocrate tak? choice
of U'e ntxt ofllce. e;ihtr S-nator
or Governor.
ii-n au?roaT cown xr. unr.
tor Jirru rtiutc:atd m h:a perch"
at Morranton tat Acrztt as.4
h:ch he wtnl tark frcrra at the
ilv r rrivrntir at RaJrith ta
September that Drnjc-tra'.
the DmocrlM tint cho;ce throch Lhntsld go to whatrvrr party tiny
all th tjt ofT.ctt and drt-Khink H givr thm fr t;lver .
men?. tht hald;lv itchtif tht-.r
T.; cor.ffr:or.l ditrict then I rare Snatr-r btr.e-y' prryc;
hal:, com? rn cch relation a tio? Charbitt OVrrr.
mo cxredint: and shall V &
men and returned to our camp.
At the headquarters we met Col. jfer
Mix, of the Third New York Cav- tw
alrv, the commanding officer of a 1 ot
"ot at all, but it shows the dif-
xe in the populations of the rep ed that I did not sa where be
sections and the impossibility I foi d his union men ; that the'son
e South's success. Success of i dger, Orobam, .Gilmer, Sat
is a granulated flour and there
fore takes up more moisture than
ordinary ROLLER FLOUR. We
guarantee every uag ot w nne whom I have forgotten. This was coi Id happen for the South. When Kc: in the army and they were in
Kose npur to be up to tne standrd. the week of the uSeven Days' I s oi in a bad humor, I wish the
Deleware regiment and another wc Id be the worst thing that ter: waito aud other old Whigs
thi ecession convention ; that Jo-
Fights" around Richmond. We So ith would sncceed." Col. Mar-1 siali Turner, Jrn who had bn tho
received our mail for the week by tin replied that he wished he was principal "thorn in the flesh' to
Col. Martin, containing papers I in a bad humor all tho time. I th secession Democrats
giving accounts of
whu these lactones are in full
blai . i - . . .
nry BlscVburn. tbe-poeimse-
ten .3 resigned, and S?tn ltitchey
iiif r occupying the chair. At
Uu.l Jill Postonice. HudiaillJL- Co.
hat erected a new ftv mill in ad
dm ) i to their cotton gin ana are
I & i'li? out a t?rat deal of lumber.
in tne I - " - 7
the battles; At out this time Generals Foster, Legislature of '5S and 'CO, was my I " -
which, it will be remembered.were Pa ke and Reno came in. Thev canUin and then at home oa sc- T
I have the largest stock : of New all in our favor. .Col. Martin had we :e all in bad temper, and we count of wounds received near .J,h Opening who wss on a
MtisicALlNSRUMENTs thst has ev-L ,A . . .4, u. V' v--t ii i: x.-.ia Vint from Arkansas lo see his
rbeeninJORTH Carolina, such UAUU6ul' BOVCrtti1C8 wuumiu Bp.m an nour or so apaiung.- cioviu. c u.- rofheri
m.a A rrrrrvrr a tto A nrnxTT k xia Miw.l UUU WB KttlUBreU WUUl WO CUU111 UtJ-IDO D6 OD8 OI US. Wnenever ODDOr- I UU. IUIUL UiBJO M UJUtU wijivu
in Catawba county has
. t . .iif.
tt'tvtb WVm ra HiMTna VTrwT txto fr.ra fltartina trt ornr t)iaiTruvl nowa fnuitn (Tap nnnU rJola onma- I SAf.timpnt In TTV th ntrl WIN I ICQ OOQ1B BKIIb, 5
an ftl Organs, and any with us. We distributed them thing about the late battles in tiou of the State, but he bad been his real estaU bero to U it. oit
thgelse tnat is kept m a first am0ng the officers and spoke of Virginia. Gen. Burnside expressed assured by those whom he thought ent-r, of Hickory, tor 14.0 Ptr
olass Musid Store. Prices lower 4. , , , . , . . , , f .t.. .v. t.,L . iLoder hss bought the small
the papers. Aiter a halt of half I prosecution of the war, even to the I east and the west.
an hour we mounted an ambulance I arming of the negroes if necessary I Col. Martin remarked that he
and Col. Mix, who was to accom-lto success. We were surprised to I wai surprised to hear Gen. Burn-
pany us, informed us that his or- henr this as Gen. Burnsido was side express himself in tavorof
ders were for us to travel blind-1 represented as opposed to negro arming the negroes. Gov. Stanley
than ever.. Orders by mail have
promt attention. Addejas
! W..Xu.Lowe Newton, N. C.
Home and Farm
In oombinaUon with oar paper , fur
" S 1 . 2 5
Being the prioe of out paper
; folded and requested us to tie our
handkerchiefs over our eyes. Col.
Martin remarked that he preferred
for Col. Mix to tie his as it might
come off at some time when not
soldiers. During our conf ab.Gen. I replied that he "must bo mistaken ;
Bumaide turned to me and said I that he had frequently talked with
rather sharply : "To what com-1 Gen. Burnside on tho subject, and
mand do you belong?" 1 replied : 1 be was as much opposed to it as
"The Second North Carolina Cav-1 you or I, and, as for myself, when-
desired and have the appearance airy." "Yes," says he, 4 you are ever it is done I will resign and go
of his acUng in bad faith. Capt. the fellows who are shooting my wbenco I came."
farm of Adolphus Weaver. John
W. Prop it has sold a part ot his
valusblo lands to nis son-in-law.
W. H. Irc for ten dollars por
acre. u. M. loder surveveu it.
The juiople around Grace church
have taken aome atepe to encloec
the grave yard. The wire ia al
ready bought and delivered, but
the posts are not made yet.
James E. Wilfong ia now erect
ing a large new barn.
ing in advance, we send
M. fMa ii i va m rwm 1ft ti f f si ni
pvkuw ' ilB- vco MvM 4, ... Auout lue time me "coioreui,.i,i tti n.v;,i v,J.r .11
same view, and Uol, Mix tieo: an la man wishes to tignt let turn come troops" were "mustered in" GoV. him wbo has paaaed over hia 97tb
uui VayM..uD, - D""" bun ley resigneaaua iei line oiaie.cliriglmig We found him enjoy
alone. That is for all new A drive of an Hour landea us at auu uui uu . WM uuuw- x d0 not kD0W however, tnat tnsro Druttv hvllllh for hia ad
subscribers, or old sub- Uen, Kqrnstdes' neaaquauers in lU4 A was any connection Deiween tne VEnaHj a Kt We aaked bim bo
. i f s m. MH av -v a An.t e- r evar trnu a a
scribers renewing and pay- the Tryan rajace, wnicn some oi mu au m uU tw0 events. ha WM Cviliuil muUSZ, 9 answer
; i 1 Mr,- A will TApnllArt Aft hav- are coraDlaiuing of it.7 "Ilere-I Ann
,vui vi... i - . - i -v-w,. .w.- Mi: "rruiiv wen lor a cdid oi mr
. i i.i ri m j I .x 1 il I . is-nnf o - o r rf f a nrAVA I . . . 1
ine been nuni Dy wov. lryon uur- . o F.w,w covered gome one was in ine mue .M t iftt i;VMi timnFb r
" ...... ,1-iT i c : V I . - .. I j
ing his administration as Koyai 11 1 iosb uvb or Bu mcu wUe. yuu room connecllDg lne one we were administration from John Adaxaa
Governor. It was now about half lose one " 1. answered; . "That 1 wit5 mother, and tho door was down lo Cleveland. There are but
Aa Af. lonlv nroves that our men are the I n.i,ki i:itiA ; r Karl . ....
Fa0(,Tvv.wB. i ' - . ... -ipusuvu a mimv ( I lew now ltvitur wno cau f av una
ter reading papers brought ny uoi.i dcbi bbow nu wueu vuoy uu ui anything we might say. we con- mu.i.
Tft A MTV A Tllf I .. 1 " rf. 3 I 4.i mrr wvnn lit. V v. n r ilnvn tnal.. ... ... 1 ft . 1 I
xiwmxii awu rAiua uaioi Martin, astea n we nau any qhwb- ws"1 i sider this as a orescn oi nospiiai-i n1TiSB.
page agricultural journal I papers. We told him we had giv- game, while yours miss.' lie re- i jyi and expressed ourselves in
made by tanners for farn en them out at Col. Mix's head- plied: "You do, . bey 1 . with a I vigorous language on the subject! John. L. Sullivan, the Pugilist,
ers. Its Home Department Quarters. Col. Mix afterwards touch of the "dry grins." I said : and on Yankees m eeneral. and the recentl v fell oil the rear end of a
conducted by Aunt Jane, is I came in and Gen. Burnside said to I "If you do not like this style of I experiences of the day. If what! car on a Rock Island and Peoria
unequalled. Its Children's him he understood he had some 1 warfare order your men to stop and I was gathered 1 rem our convert-1 traiu near Springfield, 111., aud
Department, conducted by late papers. Col. Mix.eaid "Yes," ours will." .' Cjtionwas reported it is not pob-l was jrhape fatally injured. The
Faith Latimer, is entertain- and he would send them in. Gen.) v w iirnBBPd aAreaaioxf. States' I lithed in tho Records of the Ke-1 train was coin at the rate of 0
ing and instruct! ve. I Burnside made some remark about icrhta - Federalism! war. Ability iol I bellion. I miles an hour.
not caring particularly about it ; fte South to maintain the contest, .On the morning of the 5th.about
was but a poor attempt to campaigns already fpught, veadersr sunrise, we went across tha street Thdrwple Ulieve what thjsy
d his desire to have them eto.,ut in not a very gentle toreakfast. Gen. Burnsidecme vYnow thai it ionei't
Kenew now and get this I , .
great agricultural and home I conceai
J speedily. manner. Governor Edward Stan- in Mid asked for roe. l wennnto i. . d u- curw dU.
FREE ! Gen. Burnside apologized tons ly came in fbtft short? while and Ua adjoining room and bt gava meUAt. That is why yon should pst
I ...... . I J ........ I 1 1 J J.ll. X7V. I 1- tlwl
SUBSCRIBE NOW! I for our blindfold ride, lie said i was very About duiri several o.a. w,uj -
nca:'.y lyjiially ditid a pne-
T legislative and wantr tick
et ell tVdtmtlv div..1-d a
tor ' ch p jr
T - -arc the prj;iriHia! w nu'c
Tb .t-al amount t th csl
mz : :h elrctcral ticiei f,.r
Pep ;lit candidate for Pr-idt.
for ' nndr!-l that the Ini
crt :? Candidit at lat ill l
nun-.rnmittal. It the D-:njcrt
ic pt rtv take Ui SuatoTe hate
the Governor, and theu the Dern
ocra::c party taki the tirat hute
o21c -r undrr him, and o on hon
estly and fairly. Thi it all plan
ned ubiect to the will of the
peoj le.
Ot core, I knov that all
work a"to prtie o-ojrratirir
has beiU aecretly done, and no
man knoeg what ia being done ex
cept the inner circle. U'e are vi
olating all political practice in
making thee overture in a pub
lic manner, but I do not think it
wi to concral th things (rm
the voter erh?n they make no aac
rific of principle. There could
bo averal more item placed in
the State platform on which all
are cgrd, but we itieiat on three
on which tne national tarti are
not agrwi. Again, we come hold
ing thw olive branch of iace, and
at a time, prospectively, when the
party cannot be a looeer thereby.
Now ia the time to coOtiUer on-
idr. act. If anv leader of the
Uemocratic party, or any oi me
SUte executive commitU, wiah to
bring about a co-ope ratioa oa the
line propoeed, Ut them coramuai-
with roe wiUi their ultimatum.
and thev ahall Ua heard in the
councils of the Populist party, all
in strict conftdance. .
W. It. Lis&say,
Member of Nat. Com. P. P.
It is to be said in the first place
that Mr Lindsay is to be com
mended for hia frankrea aad di-
rctneae he dca Dot propoee a
da.rk Untero confervnee to any
body, but make his proposition
openly, through the columns of a
ncwapapcr. It is to bo said agaia
tliat be has reasonable gTOTxad
for noaking it. Ua has rvad aad
yrvThoy Should Co.
-r t Al!i. Ga.
r t0 ". P
rr Vf tm, I rid.
lt Wrmd, !!,
' --;it i linr. Pa,
i Pe-ruhar. M
Pan.a Pa
.ud to Grataa U.
r to Star Uitv, Ark.
P . Mimtfi lu Aroma, 111.
At.. ntlt to iWtille, Ird,
Tiam toGrubtowa. Pa.
Pa:Ara to Iej;t, N, Y.
Stuall ma to UifCT, led.
W'i lowers to Widow, Ala.
Brokers to Sttkvillt, N'tv.
Old Maid to Antiquity, O.
Levers to pcxfiville, Mkh.
Hunters to Ir Trail, CuJ.
Your ladiei to Bari, Va.
Huckit-rs to Yellville, Alk.
Cobblers to fch Heel, N. C.
Politicians t IJuncotaba, N. C.
Th U.ya to Midway, S. C.
Thueiphiita to Mystic, Cuaa.
Tu;-ra to Urandy Stati&a, Va,
Phrician to D toriowa, Ga
Puixle f.ends to Hidd3eril!e, Oa'
I)njmnr to Modeit Town, Va.
DrugUia to PaUam Lake, Wis.
Political orators to i: tun Vows,
Newly marrird couples to HiiaJ,
Thrv-Card.moate taa to Trvck-
urn, kv.
Looad FourCuilty Msa
Ralxiuii, Jaa. W). The trial JL
three white taea aad toe befTa
for incendiarm at Kiaatoa bate
endi in the acquittal of all ci
the defendant. The vrd;ct is a
great tupriee.
The Uial occupied eifht dajs.
The defendants were charged with
having cauted raaay aad
great loea of property. The de
fendants prvparr4 at best for a
mistrial. Vbea the terdict was
anaouxxred the Judre to the
jury: "You have the coaaalaUa
of ku owing that you have t-rr,ed
looe four vry guilty taa.M
8u;a Stnator Jamrs M. Mtw
bernf, ex-presidtat cf tht EUU
Fanaer'a AJliaa? was prraldsst
loftht jury. Ckailcttt UUerrtr.

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