THE : LINCOLN : utlOCRA'T. iT-- - - Chas. L. Coon, fcditor. S. G. Flnley, Manager. 18. By the way, all tho Populist A PRI 'JDPL-: OF JEFFERSON Froo Sltvor Passed iho Sonato. 1 What Published every Friday at LincolntW, N. O , by The Lin cols Democrat Publishing Co Subscription : $1 00 per year, strictly ca8h in advance. Advertising Rates: One col umn, 1 year, Jpuu.uu; 1-2 column, 8d.00: 1-4 column, : less letter. And while we ora to think of it, -the Judge brother "ha g ue Pop" siuce the Judge 4efc Nonh Cartliua. We saw the letter and then the flop," bo we take it tli at Walter's letter did the work for hi brother, who it Bill Day' law partner. nonare ara CT J i' t'l.rk'a! Sm tnm-n nevi r tire of telling i A TtHe wi reacneu on toe oen- j a a w w '- - . j- v that they are JtnVroiiinu :at last raturtlay on the benato Democratic papers - Th distin- HOW IS THIS? For the benefit of thoee Popu- TH.AN 1-4 column, $5.00 per inch, lists who say that thy Democrats From these rates there will be haVH uo ideafl aurf 8tan,j for notD- NO DEVIATION. n. . aj-vm n ssn enniuli lug, n;ijuuw iiuui a twcui ojracvu f Republican beuatjr leller, por- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1896. traying lhe tate of things in the Republican United State Seuate: Patriotism is a much abused what I complain of is tint on term. Some one ha said that it rhis side of the Chamber thb ma- is the last resort of a fool. We are jority of the Republicans are abso- of ai,fl0 nf thia tprm lately without a policy, ou have . - t Tj not got any, you nave uoi aareu to by a reference m the Progressive. havTnnv tui vmi not have "uished founder of Democracy laid down the principle in bit first met sav:e to Congress that we should have no national dtbt. We wish to make the point that the green backs some papers profess sucb great love for is a national debt,as well as the bonds Mr. Cleveland has been issuing. The policy ad vocated in some quarters of ie-ia o .. i. : ...... t . i 1 - r-J Numerous amendment were of fend, but rejected. Seuatar Hut- liiitish Papors said In n I. 1 f U I I ' Tl n .,jss.-e.. Send your Job wofK-io The Democrat ibli-httnc th- opinion- of liv , J Ulg it reiiu British prt in lb3, jit sjou i as lhe Mouro LKrrtrm- was an- ' oouncei bv thj iftsidnt in hi lerot North Carolina oflVretl an j ui-txe. Then tho Bi tish w;o amendment 'to pay outYilrer in ! Prtnligioiulv rnoviKi nd flf !y rdeemiuK greenbacks, whether . trin. ?ct u!y.thr,v .. ' yer aco ib-ir soi'tf u a HtlLrr there was any parity Utwen it . 5lfr.WIS frotn their d fUnt and I After much de- 1 and gold or uot. bate the fulloving substitute was paRrd by a vote of 43 to 35: That from and after the piastre suio the greenbacks when re- act the mints ot the umteu , , m.t rii States shall be open to the coinage deemed is serving notice that you ., . u n i j . . , . e of Mlwr, and there shall bo coined want aataudin' r-atioual debt of dottrjl of tho weight of four bun many millions. The fuuding of jrw ,riCi twelve and a half graius this debt in long time bonds aouldl Troy of standard silver nine-tentbi ld vpntnnllv to it? Davment and provided by the act of Jsn- consequently to the titne when we "rv ,Slh- Pon the same , ; . J . . , . . truis and subject to the hmita- ! should have no national debt at lious an1 nI0viions oflawrecu- all. Those who are not in favor ja ,R lue coinage and legal tender Progressive. -"anS vou wiH uot he thia cau moke ver Pr quality of gold ; nd whenever the Farmer of last week to the "patri- one now' Ycu dare not redeem showing of their adherence to the iu coins nrein proviaeu icr snaii otic'I courseofMayorW.E.Foun- the greenbacks. That you know principles ot Jefferson. They ffiV ZX?EZV ii i : r v .1 i . . . !" - ...... .jm. .w wouia anoru you reuei . iou uare eliould suggest some way uy wnicn .i mailIier tain, of Tarboro. A man need onlv die to be praised A Demo- .a. crat need only desert his party t become a patriot in the eyes of some people. Some two years ago the Virginia legislature passed a law making it a misdemeanor for any man to - y-x . w m m m a a m. m a a a h a a k a rw ba k m m in r ia u w b m h not go before the public in lbUb thi natioiiai debL he Greenbacks oiu,, o'Th.iih- rfrV r with your candidate on that kind . rt akrtI,i,i ,i,ttTM...rl .K.ll .ti. aplatform. You know where ...,?...... .Lr.l .iU.r AlUr- .n nr.r- vou woo d land. You would be stop taiKing aoounuosw woo . landed where the Democrats were its pavmentas if they were itepuo-r t r,? " Cxl Y'Z .ul , , . , , i . , , I of section one of this act, trom the lanuea ai me jubi eituuuu uuu lc2ng. mere is no use 10 uowj i -i 1 : 1 about contraction and bondhold- authority of the act of July 14th, ers. The Bimple fact is the greeu- 1S1K), entitled Au act directing backs is a debt It must be naid. the purchaso of silver bullion and Then you ask how? The Populists lhe ,8V of i7 . u v 1 1 for other purposes," that klfl Ml 11 1 I . tde debt alone. v ny win so-caneo vvuich represents the seigniorage Democrats take the same view of I or profit to the government, to wit : Tho diffrence between the cost of the silver nurchased under this where they expect to be landed now it we do not make some such blunder as that. You are afraid to loiter around a female school for d that. the purpose of flirting with the How will Popul'sts get "ideas' school girls: Richmond furnished fusing with Republicans, then? V A rot ' naaa f 1 "W i rl Vior How o T i-! 7, COL. SKINNER MISTAKEN. on oMv fQOAOTfl Co1- Harry Skinner, who reiire- this question? , , r .1 , .i aents tlie nrst district ot tnis estate ine inai or tne onenoer me com- j plaint was promptly vuhdrawn. The teachers now insist on repeal ing the law. You cannot stop scran things. by law! in Congress, lately introduced a bill with a number of "whereases," among the number tba following: Whereas the salaries of all gov ernment officials and employees Now that Butler and Pritchard were fixed and based upon prices TEACH THE DUTIES OF THE act a,lt iU coinage value, and said CITIZEN. I silver dollars so coined i hall be We find the following in the wonTfcW lu.uin,u xr , i c i it i rru- I expenses 01 me uovernmem; ana new lor ocuooi jouruui. iuis for the purpoe of making the said extract tells its own sad tale. seigniore immediately available for New YorkCitv intends hereafter use as money, tho Secretary of tho have entim a free coinage law "d conditions existing prior to lu ucuiauu "u ttFF"v'W1' , . " u7 m.w .uy nave gouei. a iree coinage law Unshin to b able to read and directed to utue s ver certificates through the Senate, we call atten- : - ; write the Enslish lantruaee. to aciinst it. as if it were alreadv tion tothe fact that the House is lhe present salaries ot all Con- k now somethine of the nurnoses coined and in the Treasorv. largelv Reuublican as is also the gressmen and a great many other Gf the constitution of the United Section 3, That no national bank NpnofA Tf th TTnna Ham nnt government officials and emploveea States, and know how the countrv note shall be hereafter issued of a give us free coinage, the Democrats were nxed by tne act, Known as fu ; w -j - "77"""" 7 win nave a point against tnose "- ---J --- D. " .VMJ asked : "What is the Declaration outstanding of denominations less Popuhsts who insist that the Dem- 1De aemonetizauon 01 Qf Independence?" ,4To celebrate than that sum shall be, as rapidlv ocratic party should nat be given silver, according to the Populists, the Fourth of July." "Why is as practicable, taken up, redeemed . - - - T?U 1 O "1 Q TO I 4 k n 1 A. A-rvl vn 9 t linn I n ....nil a . . I r.i n . f nowpr hppniiap ir lariivirlpH ncrmnar were cuuuucieu uu jreu. xs, iao. i luuu wy t-3icuiuicui wctouso u wu;7ii;vi auu uw uuici ui iru I -a 1 a . 1 i - I V A OTX a- Mm A O flVtf a-jVAltAfr Vm I 1 1 1 Ok ak A 1 K A 1 A M A V IMaftltJ-iMA itself on the financial Question, popularly called "tne crime ot lis T""S -- " ! u: m ... WBere is Republican unity? The 73." rur. House will now swallow free sil- now drawing a salary fixed after TnaPnendenee ordered them to de- the Currency. i .. . . - i i i j - verl thaP'cnme 'was committed,and,ac- corate the graves of those who Section 4, That the Secretary of cording to Mr. Skinner s own argu- fought at that time. Who the Treasury shall redeem the I . a, . I W . a, 0 . - For the benefit of the flickorv ment.fixed and based on conditions passed the constitution of the United btatei notes, commonly " llIAJCi.A0 lin t! A I.J 11 ll- t 11.1 Mercury, who considers it a sin occurring alter the striking down Lun wa 1 T " Lf8n" ,ea KreenoacKs, and a so ine 01 silver, come rrouuiiBi siaies- o4;;9' t,rn..iAn. r k. t..i i i.u nuu itau IUQ VUUOIUUIIVUI I pi U I 13IUUD Vli iUv IK VI W UI I 1 1UJ , man should study history a little "Yes: in small books." 4tDo vou 1S90. when nreaentiHl for rdemn- carefullv before they ak I remember any of its parts?" -"'It lion, in standard silver dollars or not to allow a person to use what ever text books in the public; schools he might desire, we would more eall attention to the fact that the Congress to enact an error of fact eaid that everyone here should be in gojd colo, using for redemption fusion legislature did not. fix this info law fr?e and everyone who came from of said notes either gold or silver matter so that it could be gratified until later- on. The legislature passed a law making county pdop- aV? A 1 T n 1 1 M . 1 tiou oi oocus an-1 j 1:1 2 l j j os sible. And that is as near "indi vidual liberty" as the' Salons of 1895 cared to go. If the Mercury wants its own adoption 't will have to hare a new law passed. -In the meantime, we would suggest that you obey the Jaw as a good, citizen should and not "cuss" us about this matter. We cannot help you any. You ought have appealed to Csesax when yoji had a chance. Letter writing seems to be the occupation of the Populist Sanhed ran these days. A short time ago the Butl er-Wood correspondence came out; Only last Tuesday morniijg the daily papers told us of Mr, Butler's decree. In the in terval ; between these two gathng gun reports, June Fortune and Ed. Kestler fired off some small guns. We sympathize with the average Populist, because he does not know what to do. But we only wished to remark that this correspondence in wnicn 1 opuusis are now in dulging, ought to make every Dem ocrat in North Carolina heartily f 1 A J 1 A f sick or our oiaie piatiorms since 1890. Why ponder to sueh crowd of spoilsmen ? The honest Republicans- Qnht tu repudiate the combination, and we believe they will. Judge Walter Clark has been in .Mexico some time. He has been writing letters back here telling what a good place Mexico is all because they have free silver down there. W1 have not read all he has written, but' we have never seen where the Judge says any thing about whether an American dollar is worth two dollars in Mex ican money or, not. Maj. Harper of the Chester & Lenoir Railroad said such was the case while he was down there not long ago. We should like very much to know how this matter stands and why it so A WARNING, We clip the following trom the I ate." Progressive Farmer of last week : We hardly ever find out how good a man is until you read his obituary. Senator Liudsey, of Rockingham county,however, is an exception. lhe moment Le sug gested the idea of Populist-Democratic fusion in the State, he be came a hero in the eyes of certain Democratic editors. The man who proposes a fusion between Democrats and Populists "a hero in the eves of certain Dem ocratic editors 1" The public will. a. no doubt, remember and indulge us a little while we repeat what has often been said before, viz , that there are so-called Democrats in North Caroliua, who are in sym pathy with the principles of the Populist party Those same Dem ocrats have conceded and conceded again, to Populists in the hope of gaining them over to their Democ racy. Tho above quotation tells what the result of the courtship has been. Tde Farmer makeo sport of those Democrats who are simple enough to lake Lindsay's suggestion. But this reference to certain Democratic editors remind ed us that the only way for Demo crats to treat Populists i9 to charge them with error and prove the charge and ask- them as honpat men td return to the fold. We can not express .in language strong enough our detestation of that pol icy which would try to gain con verts to Democracy surrender of principles, or by co-operation so-called. Tho3e Democrats who have followed tha vain phantom of gaining Populists by makmg Pop ulists of themselves justly merit ridicule and . condemnation, and they serve as frightful - examples and a warning to all that pays to have political principles and to believe and defend them in victory as well as in defeat. other countries." "What is Con v ess?" 4,The people elect Con gress and Congress elects the Sen- Asheville is to have a morning paper. John P. Arthur is to be ands, no difference which way it , editor. It appears about the 10th. An Englishman was asked: "What is allegiance?" 'Tocomo to a free country and swear oil from the crown of England." 'Have vou read the constitution of the United States !" "It wa read to me by mychildren who are being educated here." "How i Congress constituted?" "The as sembly and senate makeCongre." 'Who elects the senate?" 4The legislature at Albany." "How long is the term of th president?" "Five years." "Who presides over the senate?" "The presi dent." "Who declares war on behalf of the United States?" "Well, England at present." The public schools aul all secondary schools should supple ment the history teaohing with work on civil government. Maj. Finger's book will answer thiapur- coius, or both, not at the option of the holder but exclusively at the option of the Treasury Depart ment, and said notes commonly ralied "greenbacks, when so re deemed, shall bo reissued as pro vided by tbeaot ot May 6Jt, $16. Senator Dutlor's tfanlfosto. Senatcr Butler has sent out a circular letter again. This time he recites tho fact that the People's Parly will nominate at St. Louis oa July 1S9C a "patriot' for president. Ho details a good deal of history tbat the Silver men haro been making and calls on all North Carolinians who oppose the gold standard to jolu the "People" a d help to nocciaate a presiden tial candidate who will favor the 16 to 1 business coder all circum- stance. Mr. Butler takes tbo ground that the eleven electoral wir-likeathludu in lfVOI. '!!... trmcts would maku cduutu -r t-i of lhe Mieugr. Tbr haw nothiog but endorsement ntid in-dic-to what a rult tbrv is l--tn Cauuinc, th Pnrniirr hi 1 nd Salisbury, tho Prrmitr tu 1VG. v toskr a IfW snort rtrc: . j London Couri-r, l)rc;nl-'i 'J 'lhe question 01 incindipcn d uce and recognition ot the :vuih American States may nuw twcoii-sid-rrd t s at rest. Grrst Britain has, as we have rcpvatcdlv shown, acknowledged their indinduc d facto; and the United Sttr, their ticarwt ticichbor, have not only acknowledged it, but hao given a bold and manly notice to the Continental powers. Af ter so clear and explicit a warning, there is not one of the Continental powers, we supj.e. tbat will risk a war with the Uuitc-d Statn a war in which not only they cjuIU not expect to have either the a d or good wishes of Great Uritain Vut a war in which the good thc of Great Britain (if tho did not chooso to give more cthcieni uc cor) would be all ou the ido of lhe United States. Q London Mormnc Chrmicle same date: "It is worthy ol the occasion and of the people destined lo occupy so largo a rpace in the future his tory of tho world. What contract ltfn th manly plniuuc of this Stnt pa per and thf MachiaVvlUrn and nypocracy of the declaration of the manif-Htoi of thv Gvvni menU of this part of tbf world! This union of Franc- and Lugland in the gnat cau of American independnc i atio;br strong ground tor exii-ctnis: in continuation of the hlrHtniM n Jeace, and, consequently, an im provemu it in thv public crHlit of nation." Bell Wwklv Mi--M-ns:T. l7tb December. 1 f 221. aid "We have long, verv lo:r'. nnt.- cipattHt that th UnitM int- would thu siKnk, and it put nn end at once lo all r.ppr;h-nii $ as to anv attempt bv the nllioj dvjots ujiun S.uth An -erica, for how, can thv d -;ot r-mb! any navy, which i-.r r:i in ! can nu-et the American raw. the South American t.uvv. uIm. manned anil commani-d by Am ican arn:i ami American n-v.i" officers?" Tho LiverjMMd Advr!i-r .4 -out in geneniui tribui" a" V . give but n glunpe of ihv c r ',: . indorsement in th brc . whr.t i odttateful ti John Pull now. Wilmington Mewno r. child can become a good citizen without the knowledge thus to be acquired. votes of North Carolina must be pose. We regret to see that that j cast for a silver man. To this view, book is so little used in the public it seems.tho Republican politicians schools in this locality. Why not are objecting They sy : "Divide teach current history and civil j the electoral ticket, if you want us government in the schools? No 10 heln " Thero nro ilmoo hn predict that Butler will havo to re cede from his present position as to tho electorial tjeket if a fusion of Republicans and Populists is to be affected. It is all very inter esting to read about this arrange ment of the forces of the enemy. Democrats can rest assured that 1 there wilt be co-operation again this year. The spoilsmen in the Republican and Populist parties control matters and thy will see that some arrangement is made by which tho offices are captured. Congressman Sottle has a negro, who acta as his private secretary. We suggest that the Populist Pre? a record this fact and add their comment. The Penitentiary made a profit of $20,000 last year. There are 1,237 convicts now at work on the various farms. Supt. Leaier has just made his annual report which shows careful management of the State prison. The Coroner's Jury holding an inquest over the body of R. V Murray, at Claremont, Catawba county, returned this verdict: "We'decide that he came to his death from heart failure, caused by protracted drinking, probably hastened by the blow." J. W. Setzer struck the "blow." The gang charged with the mur der of Bonner at Aurora, N. C, have been found guilty of murder iq the second degree and sentenc ed to 80 years in. the State prison. Judge Hoke presided. Court last ed three weeks on this case alone. HAND-BILLS. POSTKRS.1 LKTTER HEADS. ENVELOPES. STATEMENTS, BRIEFS. DONE IN FITST-CLASS STYLE. We Duplicate Prices of Any Reliable House. LINCOLN DEMOCRAT PUB. CO. ONE PRICE OAS Our Litif of Lndi.i U:,.. ? V. . very much broken, run! m r- r 1.. mluci th pric- grnt!y p.. STORE. V hi!.- D i 1 5 .1 X a-i ? & 5 Ui 1 Lsl 9 on band Drawer. - ri j-r - ' ; r :t ... . j-r " - "2- ci jf-r jir. ' I 5 rim jj Skirt- . - . l't crt Cbidren- Whit- Dr - vrv fine tt $! .; a i l. V Jenkins Brothers. rtackst Store. 1 ir 1 u . Chil drLi 11 l't I a 4 Phlltul-lpliin hr.d a .i -J j J, i. tlr Imt !?uti!a7 nun in Pnid!i! Hnrnni no: a cati'v fr ; r. C40 V- I !! V l a5..".' iX)TMlN(;, CLiiTIILXG. E. R. Chapman, hi r i I t-. annr tjuestion nlel l-stn by the Suat Committ' vh:h v.n investigating llie cujar ira". f; z j u f bern ent-nod to jaii for l?f d.iv and a fln impnL . lit- I j." yr '4cc f r viur ir.otiot a 1 I V--t! ! ( I 1 Witilrr Wi-!i! !. - ." v n 1 jj i CapU V. E. McBee has bwri made General Superintendant of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad system. This appointment gives general satisfaction. Cant. Mc Bee was formerly connected with the Richmond and Danville R. It. before it became the Southern. Ex-Scretary Bayard, nt pr. --nt our Minister to England. 1 und r fire in the Hou. Th Koreitjn Relation- Committe ha- d.-cidl to report a resolution lo the H.u censuring Mr. Bayard for his ut-t-Jianco in a o)iwch at Kdinburg not long iuQf. It is said that if the resolution pa-.-. Bayarvl will resign. We hop Mr. Barard will never resign for getting cnurl bocau-e be aid wm? bad thtng about Protection. Stay on and talk again. To those living in malarial districts Tutt s Pills arc indtspcnsiblc.thcy keep the system In perfect order and arc an absolute cure for sick headache, indigestion, malaria, torpid liver, constipa tion and all bilious diseases, TutPs Liver Pills ILtfllrrriLH C3M tl-AlaJ tai 3 Mor-er ia ... lrt l-hrict-, kii J I aiw. lli albl ri tai dii. mam vita a O- ct lis mbmotmim rrx fr. ta, mmmV'JZ Cur aW1 a . . j - le lh- !! Suils.ouc au . '.a- at a j m-i your they Us!. T!i i- s j of cur Sl'xV of Wiut-r C',,- 4! rr. So if you ct! g-itins Two IM1- nri:i It Is not our faolt. o a b-1-. : fjne PaiVs prjo cr cThtr, m A Pys Ef try r 1 :f vi3 t,t tif S for tn in::.? Respectfully, J. L. KISTLER. TO- CLOSE OUT BY BUSINESS I WILL SELL FOR CASH ONLY. MY ENTIRE STOCK CiK IRV ijoi IiRUsS .i.KHW. JKA.Vf. BLANKETS, N11TK1NS. !!.l:lWAP.K At -ah r i! rjosTclet. No jjod chsnr Every thus p,: chsnts will find it to ih-ir intrrt to rrjbr t,.- tbir Uk thts sI Mer-frcsa JI r ! This is an apporlunitv Uom and adjoining counti-, in br c-U f,.r xhu ib.r nJ. Thos whoowtf rno by note or account nu t rf! ii..-f - - m www m - m m 9 w ft s 1 mw m Respectfully, J N O. L. COBB.

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