North Carolina Newspapers

    'J1 J:!
Entered in the Post Office at
Subscription Cash, in Advance.
year Sl.Aj
mouths 4,
4 unnths' Q
Rut as of Advertising.
Oueincb, one time. $1.00 ; 25c
for each suhsequeu insertion.
Two inches, one time, $1.50; 50
ieriti tor each -nusequent insertion
Tlrreo inches, one time, $-.00
75 ceuts for each subsequent inber
tion. .
Four inches; one time, J.oU
81.00 for each subsequent insertion.
Special rates tor one-halt and
oue- fourth column ; also, for any
advertisement continued longer
than two months.
"One of iue keasons the liepubh
can patty held ou to trie government
ao long was because w hen they were
in power they honored by anoint
merits those who honored them at
elections. Iu this particular they
rvere consistent. It the Democrats
elect fall to carry out this same
principle of justice and r gut, they
'v.ll tjieatly impair the. prospects ol
future success. The point aimeil at
is a Democratic administration from
I p to bottom. The Democrats
haye placed Democrats at tue helm
y tbeir votes, now let those elected
;,now their sense ot appreciation by
placing Democrats in the appoin
tive offices. There is no sense in
placing a weapon in the hand
of your enemy. There is
i:o sense in allowing hiai to ietain a
weapon, if it is no trouble ti bav it
tak'M) from bi'u. If the Democratic
doctrine is right and if the I)emo.
cratic rule is what the country
ought to have, then let us have v,
Democratic administration through
out. -secretary Smith' Policy.
Secretary of the Interior Hoke
Smith recently outlined his future
po'icv to a representative of the
New York Herald, ac.ordmg to a
published interview in that paper.
He said that as tar as pensions were
concerned the existing laws would
bJ honestly administered. Those
entitled to pensions would receive
them, and efforts would be made to
prevent, the payment of pensiot:
money to the? who hud used cor
riiDt means of obtaiuing it. The
'pension lawyer1' is to be iguerec.
as far a possible.
Men with au aptitude if not h
genuine lor mechanics will rill the
places in the Patent Office aud the
uusiuess of this department will be
ms promptly completed as possible.
Concenjin;.' forestry, no 5 timbe'
will be allowed to be cut on ttu
public land to benefit corporations
merely or even large private enter
prise but there must be a resuitaut
public beuetit.
The Indians will be fairly tieated
;.'id no uudne advantage taken ot
fhem. Theie wlil be no maudlin
s-utimeut about the administration
of their utiaiis, however, and no ex
tu privileiiges centered upon them
simply because they were wronged
?n the eaily days ot the republic.
Altogether, it Secretary Smith sue
c-eds m cirryiug out his policy, as
o ai lined in the Herald, he will have
n j-uccesstul administration of
A pai tment. Cfuir'otte Outtrii)
Clarion Hutler in CsiIkhths.
The passing through Concord this
mottling of a number of well known
'thud par tv men elicited inquiries
which revealed the fact that they
weie eu route to Mt. Gilead, wbeie
M i' ion Butler ha-. an appointment
to speak. Mecklenburg' John
irpnugs Davidson was in the passing
column. Mar ion is going about the
S afe speaking to the corpse.
Charlotte yews.
liat the I'eople Ntionlfl keep
lit JJiiuI.
The peopie of North ( aroiina
tdiould always keep iu mind tbat
the Third party leaders are not
Democrat?, hut are as much opt03
el to the continued supremacy of
the Democratic partv as the Repula
1 cans themselves are. Wheu Ma-
rion Butler and ctsers ot that per-
suasion go through the country ad-
rlressirifi the peopl.-?, they should be
recognised &s apostles ot discord
whose chief buainesa it is to irritate
their fellow cdizens against the
Democratic party, and lead them off
t) play the roV. in future elections
of assistant Uepublicaus. It seems
1 to us that while the Democratic
parly fhould seek to induce tin? re
i turn to our ranks ot :bo stbstautia:
voters who at the lft election turn
ed away horn their ld party, ye:
j th'e who have earned all the trou-
. . 1 l . ..... I V ,,,..
tile o:jg;:i to oe,o u
Cleveland Mitenienl In
lire Confidence.
By Southern Associated Press.
Washington, D. C, April 21.
The authoritative
statement ot Mr. i
Cleveland yesterday in which be
announced the present and futuie
policy of the.administration relative
to the use of gold ieerve, has taken
i the edge oif of the excitement thr.t
followed the act of the Secretary ol
the Treasmy in dipping into tit
reseive fund. If there has been any
danger of tluancial flurry that dan
ger appears now to huve parsed.
Under the interpretation of Mr.
Cleveland's statement the reserve ;s
to bo treated simply as fo much
cash in the treasury, and whether
aggregate rises or tall a few millioi;
p-r day,, becomes a matter of little
ronsrquence ; consfquentlv very lit
tle interest was manifested to-day
at the Department in legard to the
financial situation. Some offers oi
trold were received from iue West
and accepted, and Treasurer Jordan,
at New York, it was reported ha i
also received a considerable amour: t
of gold certificate-. Up to noon the
Treasury wns not advined as to the
extent ot gold and shipments fcr
Mr. Leech, director of the UuiteJ
States mint, a recognized authoriry
on finances, said to-day : "I look
upon the statement by the PresN
dent as a plain and forcible au
noii!ieem"nt ot the (bder miuation of
the administration to maintain go'd
payments at all hazards, and it the
suppiy cf erold at the disposal of the
Treasury should at any time be ln
saflicient lor the purpose, that the
credit of the government will be
used to secure the necessary am
unt. As such it will go a long way
towards restniin? confi fence and
aveiting any finanfia! diffi 'ivty."'
ITntler Ynotli;r rs'anie.
The present political situation in
Georgia makes timely the ancien-;
adjuration that "Unceasing vigi.
lauce is the price cf liberty." In
Geojgia, and in the south, liberty
cm only exist under Democratic
rule, and it that rule i to be pre
served the patty cannot afford to
reiax for a moment he alertnesn
which has been its safeguard :n tbe
The Third party ig not dead, auc
its leader,in spite of honeying wordt
from certain soruces, are as vigdan';
and vfiiomous as ever.
The party is bobbiug up under
new and different names in variom;
auctions. In South Carolina, or
ganizations are beiug formed o:'
branches of what is called "Tbe In-
dustiial Legion.'' The ce' concerr
has headquarters at Omaha, Neb-,
and the name of "Paul Van Der
voort, Commander-in-Cluef,'' ap
pears conspicuously on its printed
matter. The chairman of the exec
utive committee is H. E. Taubeneck.
ol People's Farty fame, and Marion
Butler, the North Ca:oiiua Alliance
man h oue of his i.oiIeagues.
The "Industrial Legion" an
nounces its purposes to be purely
u liitical and its offi cial make-un
shows clearly that it is the old
j Weaver-Lease Third patty, dis-
j gu ; ed under a new name. Its ao
tive crusade organization is only
j another warning that the Thing is
riot dead arid an exultation to the
Democrats of Geor gia aud of every
other southern ttafe to keep their
eyes open for the monster in what
ever form ho may appear. Atlanta
The A.xeniHii lust le "Wears'.
The Ne' York Press priuts a sto
jy to the effect that President
Cleve;and instructed Fourth Ass s.
taut Postm ister General Maxwell
to apoligize to Congiec-oCian Coam
j of Indiana. Mr. Co'in has teccom&
I menUl fifty-two fourth cla-s post
masters ifa bis district t Mr. Max
well. Calling upon the Assistant
Postmaster General later, Mr. Conn
j mifctd it hn recommendations had
I been ac'c-i noon. Mr. Maxwell said
J mthing would -o rione until the
i petitions of the prih.ins .t the ofli e
uere filed. Mr. Conn said that be
had examined all the applicants
himself and satisfied himself as t,
the illness of the. applicants. He
therefore did not intend to file any
peiitions. He. demanded to kno;v
if the recommendations of a Dem-
ociat c Congn sinaii would not he a
cn Hi "lent, recommendauoa. t
. ii r ..,.. Mr
JIO i. Sill weirn i uu. ri -
Maxwell, 4iSonie ot ou Democrat
ic Congressmen have been unload
ing ja;Mird on us, and we raus:
pto:ect ourselves by some evident
of the respectability of the men you
Mr. Conn angrily left the room,
after telling Mr. Maxwell he woohl
otLiD ffi0re t0 d with
and saying that he proposed to let
the people ot uis aisinci Know mar
be was not entitled to any consider
ation from the administration.
Then, the Ftory goe, Mr. Cleve
land heard ot the affair and -ent tcr
Mr, Bissell and Mr. Bissell seut fcr
.Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Maxwell sect
his card np to Mr. Conn and apol- j
ogizf d and promised to do better in
the future with the fifty two Ituliaoa
A People's I'ariy Paper.
Special to the Charlotte Observer.
Concord, Apiil 20 After a se
sion ot ibe Alliance here this morn'
iiig Mr. Butler delivered a two hour
speech to a crowded house. Theie
were a number f'Oin Kowan and
Mecklenburg present.
The resignation of lie v. J G.
Anderson as county lecturer wag
Resolutions were passed con
demning the last Legislature for
amending the charter ot the State
Alliance. It will conclude its ses
sion to-raonow at the court house.
A new newspaper dealer was
practically settled heie tonight. A
number of delegates from several
counties were present aud a news
paper will at an early day be start
ed, It will be an advocate of the
People's party. Its editor will be
Mr. Samuel Archer, of Mitchell
county, wild up to a f.-w years ago
ran the "S;ate Grange,'" an agu-
cultural paper, in St. Louis, Mo.
The following conuties have al
roady promised to support the pa
p?r : Row a M, Iredell, McDowell,
Cabarrus, Gaston, Yoik, Mecklen
burg, Mitchell, Rutherford and Le
noir. The paper starts out with
3,250 subscribers promised- It will
be published iu Charlotte.
Ilaleigli Simply JiguseI.
Special to the Charlotte Observer.
Raleigh, April 20. Quite a rip
ple of excitement wa caused in po
liticle circles here, yesterday afters
noon, bv the publication of the class j
sification of the post office received j
from Washington City. When i". j
was gen nerall y couceded that the
application cf the civil service reg
ulations would be made to cover j
the letter carriers and perhaps the j
minor clerks of the office, it was j
not expected that it would: involve I
the entire force. It .-terns, from the
classification as published, that the
cbeif e'erk of the office aud his as
sistauts are included. f this is
carried out it depriues the post
master of the privilege of appoint
ing the man who is to handle the
entire receipts of the office, while
the postmaster is alone responsible
under his bond. This is a new de
parture indeed, and one !hat even
the most ardent admirers of civis
service cau hardly relish. A strange
feature, too, of tbe published class
itication is. that among the list of
"eligible'' reported to have stood
examinations and in the line of sue :
cession in case of vacancies, there j
are no Democrats, but the list is i
made up oi well-known Radicals,
including the son of a obnoxious oe
gro Radical shoulder-hitter. It can
b- safely asserted that the proposed
slate will not be tamely submitted
to, even if our Senators and Repre
sentatives have to bo appealed to
for u direct protect to the President
The local politicians are in -a fer
ment relative to tne primaries to be
held next Moudav to select aide?
! man and to designate the choice of j
' oar people tor p'tiuasttr. Iu tbe
i latter case there are three candi
j dates, all well known and popular
j gentlemen, and the output of the
I primary cannot be afel predicted.
lAUerly fcell Claris Tor
Philadelphia., April 24. Lib
beitv bell was havered fro n its po
sition in Independent Hall Satur
day. To-day it was placed on ;
true!; especially constructed tor the
purpose .and escorted by tbe Phila
delphia contingent ot the Pennsyl
vania National Guai J to the Penn
sylvania Railroad depot whence the
train bearing the bell and escort
will leave for Chicago to-morrow
Mul)iitgton euw.
Correspondence of the Cocrikr.
Washington, April 21,
Christopher Columbus is in esh"
mgton. Net the discoverer of Am
erica, but bis descendant, the Duke
of Yeragua, who is in America a
the especially invited and honored j
guest of the United States, for the
purpose of atter.diug the opening oi
toe Columbian Exposition held it j
honor of bis illustrious ancestor,
The DaUe and his party, in chargf
of Commander Dickens, TJ- S. X.
who is detailed for the purpose Ot
, . t t i
looking after tbe comfort of the par
ty, arrived bere last Saturday even
iug, and weut at once to the bote;
at which a maguificieut suit of tbir
teeu loins had been engaged fo:
them, aud over which the Spanist
tiag will 11 y during their stay in tbi:
city. Yesterday they attended di
vi'je serv ce at St. Matthews chute'.
'' thW.Iroooo a ctal j" Urrwlf.V'"
ti u was held iu tbeir honor l y! and others, (cunty, before
President and Mrs. Cleveland, ami! . , .. t
' Special Proceedings to fell land for parti
loriii t a musical entertainment ai j tion.
the lsi ienc- of Senator Br ice. To j By virtue cf an order in the abve en:
. , , ,
LCOlli.vv wdl be d voted to tne sights
Of the National Capital,
,. , .
historic .UOUht err,on, and d-
li-sddV the Duckal pat ty Will i;0 IC
v- , t, ,i ,. ..
New oik with President Cleve-
iand, Mrs. Cleveland ami the
ur, w here they will 86 the grea'
m;va! leview from the deck of the
U. S. Dolphin Tbe Duke and
his wife and daughter express them.
..elves a 3 being delighted with Am
erica and with mote than cordial re
cepttou which has been given iheuu
in New Yoik aDd Washington, the
ou)y two ci'ies they have yet visited.
Prompt aud decisive action on
the parr, of President Cleveland aud)
ins csbioet carried the country safe J
iy through what at one period ol
la-t week looked very much like
dangerous financial crisis. The free
gold was exhausted and the contin
ued demand lor o!d for xr. or
biougot the admiuistratiou face toj
face with the question of whether
cuud sU. u!d be sold or a p: riion nf
the SlOO.odO,000 gold les-rve.s mud
should be u-ed to redeem notes pie
sentec! to the Treasury. Under the
la '.v gold might have been refuse!
for Treasury notes, they btiug pay
i able in coin, but as it bad been the
practice of the departni-m to re
deem these notes with gold it w.s
thought tht it might have a t ad
efl'fcc!; to discontinue the practice
just now, so it was decided to ue a
portion of the reserve fund, and $3,.
000,000 ot it was used; but it was
only for a siujjle daj. Now, the
Treasury lias replaced what it osed
(rem tbe fund and has besides
et ouyh gfld to meet all demands,
for Ibe present at least. Public
opinion, ;iS represented in Washing'
ton, is with President Cleveland in
the btleif ihat eo long its theie ?s
known to be more i ban $700,000,000
in gold in the Uidied Statee. there
is no necessity for the governmect
to sell bonds to procure sold, a?:d
as tor nsmg a part of the gold re
serve fund to redeem no?eSj ttiat i
precisely what that fund was ac
tumaiafvd for, ami many prominent
democrats do not beset -de to say
that it bh u!d be is-ned. The :e
seiit indications ate that the 'Pre.--ury
"ill soou have plenty ol go'd,
as bankers, particular)' m lie We-t
and ijouth, are placing their gold,
at its disposal, aud visitors to ihe
World's Fair wi'd soon turn a
stream ot gold our way.
Ex-Oongcssman Vance, of Coo-
necticut, while on a living vi-it to'
Wasbingt'ri, dr p;d so:i-? p'eas
at.(f de'iioera'ic ne'vs coneerning hi"
sfn?e, which. although
casting its electora' vote tor a aemO
crat has beau uunb'e for a long period
send a democrat !o the U. S. Senate
Mr. Vahce sn-. n the iHoriNhiturt to be
...... .... . .
elected tins year will be democratic
and that Senator Piatt will be
Ceeded hy a deocra aud
friends add, 'mil name will be
The weather has been unusally
cool this spring, but tbrie is no
compuison between th weather
and the action of the republicans
no,- bidding federal cicea in va
rious states, in writing letters to'
ii,.. i.. .i . . .i ... .i
at Ei Paso, Texa", has wiitten ask -
I ask -
ing that he bo kept iu office,
dentiy Fiancaean. is ot the
- . . . a ii
mni now (oucermng the holding
r: lederal OlSce I hat he was almost
a seme of ears fego ?ben he stait
el a Natioual Kepublican Convene
iau, to which he was a delegate.;
waen the same subject was op. by
.u cuS vi luuuepa.imems uuuer; Also a pretty line of Black Gimp trim,
which they are, asking that theyjming.
mp.y be allowed to remain in office, j Very h&nds:me stock of large Pearl and
Even such a pronounced partisan Metal buttons fur trimming,
politician aa the notorious Webster' nTnTrrm
Fiar!i.aaD, uow collector of eostoms: wkU Vfiwi,
asking: -'VLat are we here for!"
It is probable that he will soon
learn wba: te democratic adminia-
tration is here for, and the know
ledge will hardly please him over
Hon. T. F. Bayard, U. 3. ambas
sador to Great Britain, will start
f()r Londou on May 20th. He has
been io Washington, the re-
citJler)t of UDUSuai courtesies and
attention from Sir Julian Paunce
'fote, the British ambassador.
t A T ' 1 ) d TATI n 17 I
! Having: qualified as adaimistrator of
' Henry Nixon, dee'd, alt pe-sons haviDg
clfl1.u;ain?t said eta are herebv noti
fied to co oe lorword and present tbe fame
tth'-' i ndertigT ei on or before March
l?th. 1894, or this no ice will e pl.adei
in bar ot' their recovery. This 11th Mrch,
1S93. 1 GutRRT,
i Adin'r of Henry Nixon.
I Mar. 17, '93. Ct.
; tilled special proceed in, the unoersi-aea j
, vili t-xpe lb public sale at the court j
S hou-e door in LiWnton on Monday, the j
! 1st day of Mav, A D, 1S'J3. the following I
! .le-cribed vniu.ible tract of land, conlainin- j
' 200 acres more or K s, aJjoini;ig the lands j
iotLaac Delimiter, l-obe-t Dehinner, T J
UuUnJftrs unJ fsaac Williams, known aJ
tbe John Lynch lands ; for more particular i
description ot said Jan-is rpference is here-
by made to t!i jetition iu the above en-
Terms of Sale : Twenty per cent of the
purchase ruonev pavable in cash ; tne baU
ancc to be secured hy n-te, with approved
security, bearins; inten-st from the date of
the conMrmat'on f the sale; title will be
reserved until the payment ot the purchase
money in full. This 18 day March, '93.
U C Cobb, Corn in.
Lincolnton, N. c. 3-'93 tU.
A mortgage having been executed to me
by Zipporah Keel on the '2nd diy of Dec.
Is9l, to secure the payment of a debt
then contracted and ck-fault having been
made in the paymt-nt of said debt at nia
turitv, by virtue o power vested m iue by
said mortgage, 1 will -eli at "jblic auction
for cash ft the court houxe d-"r in Lincoln
county on Morday 1st day d May, l&93,at
12 o'clcck roon, the land more particularly
described in said mortage lyin- in I ronton
Township, of Lineolu county, adjoin irg
the lands of Luney Ueel. Ms Jane Cxt
ner and others containing ab 'ut 35 acie
Said mortgage i? duly recoroed in Lin
coln county .Registry Book 67 pge 4 and
reference is hereby made to said reist.ry.
This 30th of March 18'-'3.
James Mullen Mortgagee,
Ar,r. 7, '93. 4t.
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j popular sellin? goods.
5558 and jjjigings.
J We stated early this season ttiat every-
thing indicated that this was -o n- to be a
I trreat sea-on for Laces an J ivJginss. aad it
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"yt "YTTrCTr" - rm .
U JClj,-LJ -S-XIXr S
1-- pv.t'crior to all other preparations
claimim; to be blood-purifiers. First
of all. because the principal ingredi
ent n?ed in it if the extract of gen
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.ii--'- nie needed. It is. therefore.
' : i;io-t e:-(!!t)mic:d blood purifier
in existence, ii
makes food nour-ishiiV-T.
work pleas
ant, sleep rrd'resh-
ife - iKoyable. It searches
; in t--e system an.',
tn liarmlesslv lv then;.ti!-
r.ii c'r.inr-eK A V E 1VS Sarsa parilla
jives hi-ticity to the step, and impart-:
to the aced and infirm. ie
r'wed health, strength, and vitalitv
C S w O. Cb I i t if.L
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ranging price from 75cts. to 2 00 per pair.
V e especially call your attention to our
Jhnea. $1.25 and $150. These shoes are
made of the best Dongoia and aiade on tbe
best ntting last. Miny shoes are shown -c
this pice, that look wll, but will fit no
one with any comfort. We pay particular
attention to have our shoes made on the
very best fitting last. Tnis i3 quite an item
to a Lady, especially it she is raising a
coni crop.
3 S
HAVING purchased the Btock of
II. E. &.J. B. Ramtaur, we will
; continue to carry the same line of
t goods.
I If yon want a STOVE orRANGE
or the vessels, or pipe, call and ex
amine our stock.
We keep on hand Baggies and
Wagon, Harness, Sadd.ea and Col
lars, "Haudmade," also the best
sole and Harness Leather.
Large stock cut soles.
Old Hickory and Piedmont Wag
ous kept iu stock.
Glass Fruit Jars, l"ower Pots,
Glass Ware, Tiu Wart, Jug Town
Ware, Irou ot all kinds, Nails, "cut"
wire and horseshoe, Horse and Mule
shoes, oue aud two horse lioland
and Steel Plows and lepairs, Tht
largest stock of Hardwaie in towu.
Buckets, Tubs, Churns, wheel bar
rows, teuce wire, in tact EVERY
THING kept iu Hardware aud
Leather goods line.
The thauks of the old lirm are
hereby teodtred the public for their
liberal patrouege and encourage
ment. The new firm will endeavor
so merit a coutiuuauce of aarae.
Come to see us whether you want
goods or not. All questions cheer-i
fully answered, except as to weath
er lorecast.
Substitute for Sash
The Corumou Sense Sash Balances :
They can be uaed where it is impossible
to use weights or other Uiturea. They
are especially valuable for repairing old
buildings, tind are as easily put in old
buildiogi as new ones.
Common Sense Curtain Fixture :
The most perlect Curtain Fixture made.
The curtain con be let down from tbe top
i to any desired roint, giving light or venti
laiion viinont .exposing the ruou or in
occupants, answering the double purpoa
of an inside blind and a window curtain.
Automatic Centre Kail Sash Lock:
The only automatic centre rail sash lock
made. Ho bolt, springs, or rivets are used;
We will take pleasure in showing
these improved goods.
Ramsaur & Burton.
re wish to call your atten
tion to the fact that we are
once more to the front with one
of the greatest and most com
plete stock of spring and sum
mer goods, of all kinds, that we
have ever had, and we are
more than glad to say that we
can sell them as cheap as we
ever have. Except calicoes
which have advanced a little ;
but in all other lines we find no
change, except for the cheaper.
Some people may cry "high
prices" to you, but it is not so
with the RACKET, as you
will find what you want here at
the right price always.
"We can sell a nice dress Gioghami at 7,
8, 9 and lOcts. per yd. A. fine line of Out
ings at 10ct3. We nave the prettiest lice
of White goods you ever saw, from 8 to
20c. Black Lawns 8 to 20c. Challiei, 7 to
12c. Satines, 20 vo 18c. Standard bleach
ed Domestic 8 to 10c. Our cashmere and
Henrietta line ol dress goods is the best
we have ever had. You will find all the
new shades and colors, also the trimming
to match in gimps and Silks.
This department is full, and
overflowing, with articles too
numerous to mention.
This is one of our largest de
partments, and you will fiud oDe ot
the most comulete fine' of shoes
! that will be found in the place, from
; the cheapest to the best. In tbis
liDe yon will find all tbe latest styles
of Ladie3 Misses and Cht dren's low
cats for tbe spriug and summer
Our line of Clothing is by farlarget
than it has ever been, in Mens' YoutL i
and Boys'. Suits : you will find what
you want at the price you want, for odd
pants, we can suit you iu anything you
want from a C5e. pair to the best 500
pants in the world.
Millinery Dep't.
In this line we are headquarters
Last season proved a hummer in thii
line. This season we expect to double
Our sale.
For Men' Youths' and Boys Lata, f f
have the best, the latest style and th
UNDERSELL'. Cash on Delivery of

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