North Carolina Newspapers

JL o
LINUOLNTON, c ..irxiMHi;
Subscription Cash in Adcan:e.
year L2o
4 months' 0
Aafes of A'JcertJsinq.
Oueiuch, ouo time. 1.00 ; LMe
for each subsequeu insertion, j
Two inches, oue time, $1.50 ; 50 j
cents for each -mbsequent insertion
T'aree inches, out time, ri.'.OO i
7o cents for each suh?eotuent inser I
lion. !
Four inches; oue time, Si. 50
11.00 for each bubseiiueut insertion, i
Special rates lor one-nuii ana
one-fourth column ; also, for any
advertisement continued longer
thau two months
The long looked for appointments
huvo at last been made. tlou. Kope
H;ia, ot Prttukliu, Macon county has
Leea appointed Collector ot Interna!
lieveuuo of thid district and lion.
11. ii. Gleuu, ot Wiusiou,- has re
ceived the office of district Attor
ner. o far as can bo gatheied horn
Va9hington the appoiutments aie
Htisfactory to all co icemed at the
Kope Elias haa long been in the
tervicb of the Democratic party,
aud is an able worker lor the cause.
He was oue ot the Cleveland dele
gates at tiie Chicago convention
last year- We believe the appoint
meat will give general satisfaction.
In ailditiou to his being a special
favorite with Mr. Cleveland he had
strong endorsements-
ii. li. Glenn, who mails such a
vigorous canvass during the last
campaign, is a most deserving ee
lectiou. ills endorsement for dis
trict attorney was irresistatle
The i
manner in which he handled Mary
an ii Hutler in the lat campaign
brought tenor into the ranks ot the
Third party. Uis ability add other
ipualiheatious made bis appointment
peculiarly gratifying to the Dem- j
ocracy. !
While there must necessarily be ;
somff dissatisfaction on the part
of other applicants and their friends
?or these places, they are doubtless
the. best selections that could have
been made. j
The Collector's olhce will probab- j
lv be continued at Asheville.
Tut celebration at ? ho i uill'ord
Ealtle Grounds will take place on
d;e 4th of duly next. The Holt
?no.numei)t will hi' uuvailed on
lh;H day. Great preparations are
being made for tho orea-iou. lion.
Cyrus IV Watson, of Winston,
will deliver tlu annual address.
The dedication ei'renionies will
be v. laborate and striking as the
monument is to mark the spot
where the .North Carolina volun
teer rillenu n of Surry under Ma
jor Joseph Winton wore lighting
the Hessians aud Tarelton's Ca
airy alter General Green had re
treated from the lield. Judge
Schcnck was especially requested
by Governor Holt to deliver the
address demonstrating this most
important historical fact.
Judge Sch crick deserves and is
receiving high honor lor bringing
into prominence this historic
place ami for having the heroism
of Guilford perpetuated in tho
memories of the people.
i'iL Banks oi' Nkw Hanovkh
connty. Wilmington and a branch
bank of it have failed. The fol
lowing is the cashier's statement :
-Owing to the withdrawal of
more than .'iL' f) notice of
over 150,000 intended withdrawal.-
maturing in a few days, and
also to its inability to realize
quickly upon its assets on account
of the stringency ot the tim ?s. the
Band of New Hanover has been
forced to make an assignment to
Junius Davis, in the interest of
all concerned. Depositors will
receive dollar for dollar and the
business will be wound up as rap
idly as possible.
Signed A. k. Smith,
Osk. annual event, nov not very
larcffand which Notth Carolina
should never permit to languish, is
the celebration ot the Battle ot
Guilford Court Llouse. The cele -.
bration takes pl:ce on July 4, on
the battle grouud near.Greenesboro.
The excellent shape in which the
grounds have been put is due tft the
patriotic Judge Schenck. His em
ergy and patriotism hiivo saved
This gtffit rkv itint ina.t veit4 from
oblivion and pr served 'i to poster-.
its. 1 he liuillom j . itne jroiuiu.
With Its UlOLiUltlHllls
id its muse- t
Jill, Will H! IICI ' lO OIJU-m- -
S- be nek's i.ufiie lonu ;iltel' be .sh.d. 2
have r as-d away. -iitirtotte Ac if, j
... I
The CoiniM'iiiilioii t Coll
sor Allorm'j mnl Marshal
The Tjlk'eto'-!iip of the western
district of North Carolina is worth
4 50U per annum. The collector
has a salary of 500 and is al
lowed commissions to thu amount
of $1,000 per year on cancelled
stamps. The district attorney
ami marshals an- paid in fees and
ire allowed to make ?0,000 per
Any excess over this am
ount that they collect they must
turn into the Treasury, as must
the collector anv commissions in
s of During no year )
i of flu? four that they were each in I
j ollico did District Attorney Price j
1 ol Marshal Clenn fail to make his :
I .f;,000 and turn a balance into the '
Trea-urv. Truly, these three are !
very nice p!
ices CiiAKi.orri; ( )n-
Tlie .Iury4 AVork Coiuplele.
Washinoton, .June 10. The coro
tier's jury investigating the Tord's
Theatre disaster, has brought in a
verdict holding Co!. F. C. Ainn
worth, 0 -n tractor Ceo. W. Danf,
Superintendent covert and Engin
eer basse responsible for the deaths
of the victims by reason of crimi
nal negligence ou their part.
The jury were out nearly two
hours. The verdict, with much
surplus verbiage, says that Dante
excavated the earth beneath one of
the. brick pillars wbich supported
the rloors above within in any way
bhoring or protecting tne pillar, and
this caused the pillar to fall brings
mg down the floors above with the
insults known.
"That Frederick c Ainsworth
was the officer in charge ot said
bmidiug and the said clerksj and
that William . Covert was super
ii.tende.nt of aid budding and that j
Francis Sasse was the inechauical j
engineer and fireman of said build
ing: and the latter, although not
j hi architect or civil engineer, pre
j pared the plans and specifications
j for the enlargement of said cellar,
aiiii said Ainsworth, Sasse and Oar
j vert and each of them knew or
j ought to have kuow that said Dant
was engaged in excavating said
! cellar and nnderpining said pier,
I and that he had not shored the col
! umns and brains of said building or
UKen any otner precaution 10 pre- j
vent the fall thereof or said floorss
nor did Aiusv. oith, Sasse, covert, or i
either of them, take any precaution I
to prevent the tall of said floor
'.kiie the said Dunt was engaged in
underpinning said piers or columns
so as to protect ihe taid clerks from
the ios of life or limbs by reason
thereov but said Ainsworth, cover!-,
S i-oe and Dante were, and each ot
;hem was guilty of criminal negli
em.'e in respect of said excavation
! and enlargement of said cellar and
t e underpiuuing of said piers theu
o.-ing and about, to bo dot-e therein,
.iiol we, tlie jurors aforesaid, say
hat the said Ainsworth, covert,
S tsse. D iiit and cacti or the.m is
guilty oi criminal negligence aud
we further find that Frederick c
Ainsworth, Win. G. cjverf, Francis j
Sasse and Geo. W. Daut are re- j
sponsible for tb.) killing of said !
Frederick Ijottus ; and wo jurors '
I afoiesaid. do further ay that the :
failure of the government of the '
j United States to provide for skilled
supersntendence of the work of res !
pur and alteration of its building
in charge ot the War Department
is most unbusinesslike and repre- j
hensible, and we are of the opinion :
that it such superintendence had '
been provided in the case of the j
work on the Ford's Theatre building ;
the awful tragedy might ha?e avoid, j
ed." j
At the request of the coroner Sir. j
Thomas, the district attorney, read
the verdict aloud. Not a souud j
disturbed him. It was supposed the j
announcement would be followed j
by a scene but when Thomas finish j
e.l reading and laid don the piper j
not a man in the room bpoke. There i
was an oppressive t-iteiice for a mo-
mentand theu the voice of Lieut, j
Amiss, requesting the assemblage j
to file out quietly, was heard. His
instructions were obeyed to the let
tLr. coroner Patterson decided not
to issue warrauts for the commit
ment of Ainsworth, Dant, Covert
and Sasse until to. morrow morning,
in order to give them an opportune
ty of obtaining "bail. Ainswoith
i. ul ready secured bondsmen.
1 nit is very ill at hid residence,
suiiWiti" Ironr a nervous attack 1
bi ought on inrougu iiih accusation :
. .. i i . . -. . l :
; made auains'u him in eouuectiou with
i t-i ii.4stf.r. i
iVanitl llgtOll ZVii.
i A.siiiMiiOiN, June i 'j
-i-it . T - Hi
! The President has been suffering
from an attack of rheumatism for
several days, which taken in con-n-ction
with the knowledge that be
has been dieting btmselffor some
time to reduce his flesh, which not
Withstanding the enormous quanti
ty of the hndtst sort of woik he
constautly doej, has been increase
iog, wad made the foundatiou for
numerous sensational rumors cou
eeimug his general health. Your
correspondent is assured by those
who know that Mr. Cleveland's gen
eral health, barring the iheumatisai.
is excellent. Re expects, in com-
pauy with Mrs. Cleveland and Baby j
liuth, to leave Washington to mor-
row or next day tor his .buzzard
liy cottage, where Mrs. Cleveland j
will return to Washington within a ;
week or ten days, possibly sooner, j
and will remain, mating occasional j
visits to Buzzard's Bay uutil the ;
la3t of July when he expects to go I
i for at least a month's stay. The j
, fact that he expects to spend the ;
mouth of August away from Wash- j
iniitou effectually disposed of the
rumored earlier calling of the extra
session of Congress, a rumor that
probably had its only origin in the
wishes of those who have been here
clamoring fcr an immediate extra
The coroner's jury haa nearly
completed its task of investigating
the Ford's Theatre castrophe, and
its verdict is looked forward to with
the greatest interest. It is well
nigh certain that it will blame Col.
Ainsworth for contributory, negli
gence, if lor nothintr worse. lu that
case the graud jury will probably i
indict Ainsworth for manslaughter,
aud its finding will also necessarily
carry some weight with the Army
Court of luquiry which will look
into the matter this week. Col.
Ainsworth is still at tha head ot the
Records and Pension Office of the
; War Department, aud, owing to the
peculiar conditions surrouudiug the
position, would still be the legal
j head of the oflice and continue to
' draw his salary, eyen it he were
suspended by the President, as be
! may be before the end of this week.
I Ainsworth is a Colouel in the Armyj
j but he has neither regiment nor
; command ; he is not in the line of
j protnotiou aud cannot be trans-
! ferred to other duties by the Presi
Uu arid hfl ,he ouly man iQ tlie ;
army who cannot be. Col. AIusn
worth can only be removed from tho
army by Court Martial, and so long
as he remains iu the army it is
! doubtful whether the President has
authoritj to appoint any other man
chief of fbe Records and Pension
Oflice, although he can designate
another army officer to perform the
duties temporarily. A little polite
cal tinge has been given the matter
by the appearance of Senator Pocv
tor as the special champion of Aina
Although Sec Greshatn v. ill
neither afiirrn nor deny the state
ment tht Minister Blouut has re-
i signed thosn who know the inton- I
tions of Mr. lilouut say it is true,
! and the presence of Hon. Proctor
j Knott, of Kentucky, in Washing-
ton, has caused the belief that he
I will bd his successor.
Twenty army officers have been
; detailed, under the act of July 1892,
! to act as Indian agent. There was
i considerable difficulty in finding
cdicers willing to serve aud the
i President did not care to detail meu
; tor the duty against their wishes.
When next pension day comes
aiourid there will be some disagree-
ably surprised inen, among those
who will apply tor theip cheeks at
several ot the Pension ageucicS
throughout the countiy. The fail
ure to receive the custouiy check
will be the farst notice these men
will have that they have been
dropped from the peusiou roll as a
result of examination now be
ing conducted by s.elect commit
tee ot enaminers, of all the pensions
granted under Raum's construction
of the act of 1800. Although this
woik has just cGOiinericed many
names have already been diopped
and many more will follow. ihe
men who aie beiug dropped by this
committee are not strictly speakiug
fraudulent pensioners, althongh
tiiey have drawn public money to
which they we?e not entitled. The
wrong was committeed by Ixanm iu
so cnuntniing the law s to make
them eligible for pension, and fur
that reason it is not probab'e that
any attempt will bo made to recov
. . l .1 . . 1 - . . ri t 1 1 . :
tr ine money aireauy p '
who have been or will be dropped,
as will be done in cases where the
pensioner got on tho roll by fraudu
lent acts of his own.
CongienBrnan Tucker, of Virgiuia
says "If Mr. Carlisle keeps on the
ay he has begun he will be the
ideal of democracy and their candi
date for the Presidency in 1896.
lie bad done two things that com.
Ujiend him mightily to the popular
favor the replang of republican
oflioialo with democrats awd liU re
I'U'ing to be builied into issuing
EliuH Is Oolleclor ami (Sleiiii
ih OiM. Alty.
Special to the Charlotte Observer.
WASH1NG10N, June 19. The die
is cast. Rope Elias is collector, K.
u. Glenn district attorney. This
solution, says Col. V. II. William?,
gires general sat'sfaetion, and the
appointment of Mr. Eiias will re !
dound to fh good of the party and j
public. Mr. Elias has rece ved dun !
merous congratulations. Ir s uu-
dtrstood that before the recent ar- !
raugtmeut was- known Secretary
Carlisle hail sent his name to the
President for the coilectorehip, while
about the same time Attorney Gen-
eral Olney had sent his ua ne in for
district attorney. The ability of
the now collector is conceded by
Senator Vance and others, Kope
Eiias goes home to-night to arrange
his boud, which is S2G0.0OO in aui
ouut and which will be here this
week. He says he has noi fixed
auy of the miuor positions under
his oflice and may not do so for
several weeks.
St t IIeio !
Mr. Editor : It is refreshing, if
not amusing, to read your apoto
yetic batch of suppositious in ans
swer to a simple question in last
week's paper. A simple answer
would have sufficed without a need
less appeal to public sympathy for
a manifest mistake ot judgmeut on
the part of county commissioner,
JJut the alarming frequency of these
mistakes should not be overlooked
especially when they are so strongly
emphasized by a call for a special tax.
The commissioners should reiuem-.
ber that the.y are fiduciary as weii
as disbursing officers, and that, r he
preseut or prospective funds of the
couuiy can be properly expended
only when it is done lor the legiti
mate liabilities of the county. Tbert
is none of your suppositions about
this statement, but there would e
if they were to indemnify the Reg
ister of L'eeds or Sheriff for private
losses, suffered by fi.e or flood,
simply because they were county
officers. Because Mr. Baxter is iHe
keeper ot a charitably institution of
mecoumy ooes nor ei.urw mm to
exceptional consrdtration. Redid
! not assume the responsible charge
of keeper of the Home on account of
his intense sympathy aud love for
the unfortunate inmates. lie be
lieved there was money in if, and
he voluntarily took coarg expect
ing thereby to leather his own
nest, and during the years he has
had charge of it he ha lucreas-d in
material wealth untif he is consid
ered one of our substantial citizens
aud above Ihe shad-w of public
chanty. The commissioners kueA
this when they contributed pros
pective public funds to partially
make good his private losses. They
could w th t-qu-d justice havo given
aid to Messrs. P. 13. and Thomas
iiess on account of their recent
losses by fire, and I assure them
they could net gise tc worthier
gentlemeu Sine.- the precedent is
established and the editor of the
Courier says he doc-s "not feel
Cdlie(j Qpoa lo COudemu oar com
missioners for tl 13 spirit of charity
towards any one who has been oyeip
taken witl such misfortune' why
not jrive the Meters, liess about
St veuty.fice or an hundred dollars
to heal the uglv wounds of misfor
If not, why not That is
tLt amount giveu to Mr.
B.xter. Mr. editor, 30 do not
, ,. , . , .
dra the liue wide enough between
"mine and thiue" anil therefore
would not make a srte commission
er, although an honest and con
scientions one. You would no
doubt et your sympathies get away
with your better judgment, and
that is just the quality the people
do not want, iu a man having the
taxing power in his hands That is
just what the commissioners have
done, but I heir honesty of purpose
will cot be questioned. They simp-
ly desired to do a charitable deed, j
but in their zeal to do it, did not j
stop to reflect that their personal;
sympathies shonld be measured by
their own pocket book. )
It is a rejection upon the connty
to say that the benefits accruing to
Mr, Baxter from the action of the
comniihsioners would be indirectly
shared by the lumatedot the Ilome,
iu that it carries with it the impress
siou that they are not amply fed and
clothed, aud whose welfare is gov
erned by a private financial ther
mometer which rises or falls as its
owner prospers. The per capita
allowance for the inmates otthej
Ilome is t-uflicient to feed them rea j
sonably well, and to Mr. Baxter's;
credit, be it said, be is a good shepf !
herd and does not '-skin" his flock j
to enlarge his own profits. j
In this age ot culture and civiliza- j
tion it would be hard to find a man I
who does not place human life !
above brute life, aud yet you Ia5 J
considerable stress on the fact that j
Mr. Baiter could have saved hie j
moles it he bad not gone to thf j
rescue of the inmates of the flome. j
whose lives were endangered by the
tl itne. To have done leas would i
have made him a fit subject fori
judge lynch, and yet you thiuk himi
not only entitled to sympathy but;
also to substantial reward because!
God had given him a nature that!
knew hovv to discriminate Vtweenj
man and beast. The man who vol-'
uotari'y imperils his own life to)
res ue a human beiag from threat-1
eued death ia a hero; when he loses;
his life in the attempt, his came is
heralded to the world as. a martyr,
but the captam of a scuttled ship!
who sees his personal treasure sink-!
iug to the bottom of the ocean!
while he is laying the gangi-pbmk j
for his passengers to safety reach :
me snore , un.y a commou-p.ace,
every-day sort of a man.
A Tax Payee.
There is uothing iu the foregoing
i that needs any reply froai ns. We
kuow our friend '"Tax Payer'' is a
little fond of controversy but we
must deny him some pleasure iu
that line ou this occasion. We ans
swered his question last week as
courteously as we knew how, and
gave him ail fhe reason known to
us. Our version of the act was ful
ly given in our last week;s issue ot
the Courier aud we have uothing
further to add. Courier.
A Mau Win lias u I.iick.
"I hoped to get an oflice,'' wrote
a Nebraska Democrat to the Post-ofti-re
Department, 4,iut 1 have giv-
i en up hoping, aud am now plowing
corn. J never find any luck. In
my jounger days I planted a tree in
the hope that when I waxed old it
woald shelter and ha a comfort to
me; the other day it fell on me and
broke oue of my limbs and several
ot its own. One time I collared a
burglar and took him to the police
station, and the officer in charge
; ockj lne ,JP) aiJli let the ,ing
j go. ()a auotto-r occasion 1 tried to
leleive the suffering of a horae that
had a n .il iu Us foot, aud it kicked
me ihiough the bide of a barn. Why
should a aian with my grotesque
luck hope for anything except an
untimely death f" h'.v.
VOiCl I FA 1 1ft XOTKS.
D you live in the South or South,
east you will have unequalled ad
vantages m reaching the great fair ;
a Sojid Train with Palace Sleeping
Cars leave Atlauta daily ia the E
T. V. C liy. to Chattagooga,
thence via Q. & c. Route to Cincin
nati!, and Big Four Houte to Chica-J
go; cars via C. X O liy. and ljii'L1n,w in ..n:
FourRmte to Chicago. Besides1- " 1 V i ryeis
these solid traios, alt other trams, I IS muctl cheaper and better
make Direct Connection in Cine dh than the old way,
nati, Central Union Station with j o
the B.g Four Route, avoiding all We Have no Capital invested,
transfers across: he city, necessary as we are Manufacturers' a
via all other Lines to Chicago. 'gents and carry Samples of
Trails of the Big Four pass along Carpet in Stock only, therefore;
the western edge ol the Exposition
Grounds on an elevated track, offer
ing a magnificent panoramic view
ol the Fair.
The stopping traiua at Midway
pl&saoce Gate which is main en
trance to the Exposition, is an unr
equited advantage olleied by this
Naturally- all the Principal Woild
rair Hotels are located on the route
of the Big Four, to be uearerto the
Exposition, and furthermore, con-
wDent Mops are made along the
fine enabling passengers to reach
every part of the Hotel and Board
ing House District.
Should you prefer to go down
town, trains of the Big Fonr land
y u at the new Central Station at
Tc?elth St. in the heart of the city.
Thus all the disagreeable features
of tedious transfers and delay in
Chicago as well as along the route
are postively avoided, making this
Line supeiior to ad others in every
For full information, address D.
B. Martin, (J. P. & T. A. World's
Fair Route, Cincinnati. O.
That AYEB'S Sarsaparilla a m 3
oniF.Ks of Scrofulous Diseases,
Eruptions, Boils, Eczema. Liver and
Kidney Diseases, Dyspepsia, Rheu
matism, and Catarrh should I e con
vincing that the same course of
treatment will CU:k vol'. All
that has been said of the wonderful
ture e fleeted by the use of
during the past no years, truthfully
applies to-day. It is, in every sense,
The Superior Medicine. Its cura
tive properties, strength, effect, and
flavor ai e alu ay s the same ; and for
whatever blood diseases AVER'S
Sarsaparilla is taken, they yield to
this treatment. When you ask lor
don't be induced to purchase any of
the worthless substitutes, which arc.
mostly mixtures of the cheapest in
gredients, contain no sarsaparilla.
have iin ur.iloiin standard of ap
pearance, flavor, orefTVet. are blood -purifiers
in name only, and are ol
IV red to you because there is more
profit in selling them. Take
Prcpama bv Dv J.C. Ayer&Co.. I.owr 11, M.ihh.
tiuld all Iu;int8; l'liro i; l.oitli d, f-i.
Cures others, will cure you
Ye have just opened up a
, firt dag3 groccry st0re Oil Main
!qw : v, ommin,.
We sell Hist class
Groceries Cheat.
We buy all kinds
country produce.
Will pay highest market price
IU CASH or TRADE, tor all
kinds countiy produce.
call and see us.
C. W. Ward & Co.
Lincoln ton, N. C, Mar. in, 1893.
Week About
Why can we sell carpets from
10 10 1;) Per cent cheaper than
the old way of carrying carpets
in stock, which necessitates in
vesting a large capital, and
there is always more or less
remnants left on hand, which
has to bo sold at a sacrifice in
order to get rid of them. Asa
matter of course, the customer
who buys from one of these old
style firms, has to pay for the
loss on remnants and interest
or capital invested.
This is the reason why our
! vvts clOTC' to sen Tor a very
small profit.
We carry a very jarge assortment of
samples for you to select from. After you
make your selection, we take the size of
your room, and order just exactly the
quantity required for the room. Ia this
way we have do remnants left on our
hand?. Th'S is another paving arjd the
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eh cap.
No firm in a small towD, can possibly
afford t, carry the assortment ot carpets m
stock, vhat we do sample-. We can, there
lore, give you so much larger assortment
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This is a line ct goods that never La3
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mvjte you to call and inspect it. In con
nection with this i,ne, we also Lave a nice
assortment of fciik Tassel. Ball. Cords
and Bras ornaments for Eancy work. '
Tl.Alwai's ,on ha3 good assortment
Wash Embroidery bilks.
Jenkins Bros.
HAVING purchased the stock cf
II. E. &;J. B. liamsaur, we wnl
continue to carry the same line of
If yon want a STOVE or RANGE
or the vessels, or pipe, call and ex
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Glass Fruit Jari?, Flower Pots,
Glass Ware, Tin Wart, Jug Towu
Ware, Irou 01 all kinds, N&ils, "cut"
w ire and horseshoe, Horse and Mule
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largest stock of Hardwaie iu towu.
Buckets, Tubs, Churns, wtseel bar
iows, fence wire, in fact EVERY
THING kept in Hardware aud
Leather goods line.
The thauks of the old firm are
hereby tendered the public tor their
liberal natronage and encourage
ment. The uew firm will endeavor
to merit a contiunance of same.
Come to see us whether you waut
goods or not. All questions cheer
tuliy answered, except as to weath
er lorecast.
Substitute for Sash
The Commou Sense Sash Balances :
They can be used where it is impossible
to use weights or other fixtures. They
are especially valuable for repairing oli
buildings, and are as easily put in. oil
buildings as new ones.
Common Seuso Curtain Fixture :
The most perlect Curtain Fixture made.
The curtain can be let down from the top
to any desired point, giving light or venti-.
latiori w ithont exposing the room or in
occupants, answering tho double purpose
ot an inside blind and a window curtain.
Automatic Centre Rail Sash Lock
The only automatic centre rail sash lock
Uifcdt;. iN'o bolts, springs, or rivets are usod;
We will take pleasure in showing
these improved goods.
Ramsaur & Burton.
We wish to call your atten
tion to the fact that we are
once more to the front with one
of the greatest and most com
plete stock of spring and sum
mer goods, of all kinds, that we
have ever had, and we are
more than glad to say that we
can sell them as cheap as we
ever have. Except calicoes
which have advanced a little ;
hut in all other lines we find no
change, except for the cheaper.
ome people may cry "high
prices" to you, but it is not so
with the RACKET, as you
will find what you want here at
the right price always.
We can sell a nice dress Gir,ghain3 at 7,
8, 9 and lOcU. per yd. L fine line of Out
ing3 at lOcts. We fcave the prettiest line
of White goods you ever saw, from 8 to
20o. Black Lawns 8 to 20c. Challie3, 7 to
I2c. Satines, 20 to ISc. .Standard bleach
ed Domestic 8 to 10c. Our cashmere and
Henrietta Jine of drew goods is the best
we have ever had. You will find all the
nev shades and colors, also the trimming
to match in gimps and Silks.
This department is full, and
overflowing, witk articles too
numerous to mention.
This is one of our largest de
pattments, and you will find one of
the most complete lines of shoes
that will be found in the place, trom
the cheapest to the best. In this
line you will find all the latest styles
ot Ladies Misses and Children's low
cuts for the spring and summer
Our line of Clothing is by far laret
than it has ever been, in MensV-Youth's
and Boys' Suits; you will find what
you want at the price you want, for od
pants, we can suit you in anything you
want from a 05c. pair to the best $.r00
pants in the world.
Millinery Dcp't.
In this line we are headquarters
Last season proved a hummer in tLii
line. This seasou we expect to double
our sale.
For Mens' Y ouths' and Boysv hats, wo
have the best, the latest style and the
UNDERSELL". Cash on Delivery of

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