North Carolina Newspapers

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EDITOR AfiD l'UOl'Kl WW ft.
.INCOLUTON, N. C, SEPT. 15, 1803.
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. io j. 31. Jioberts, Asheville
. ol the (yOi'KiKJ; lias
-ijii much siaco to
i-L-ciMit ly, hut lias boei:
; 'X, ilins .uul .-fpeec-h(.s
v. ii ii will perhaps l
mix- interest and protit
:: ppears a sketch o
: i , ii. lYom the pen of .
i i .l' the (Jhaih)i:
When it comes i
i ! e ancestors of di
. 1 v:vn, Lincoln conn!;.
;. - amoni the foremost
:s f the State towani
!':e eye of the historiai
,t ! I turn lor material. .She
. eeji th: home of many dis
ii!ied jnen, or the home of
ancestors, and she will evei
1 hlidi in the History of the
tiiC Couiatu.
; rz - vox laiD k c i:.
171)3- iioii.
our aides due North west of
i0ol:itou is located a house of
to historic interest. Outheeud
ard the Bast near the top are
initials and figures A. L, 1793
-iied of blue bricks, the mean
gth of the characters being about
leet, aud cau be seeu for some ( the top of the western side is the
taiicti away. The initials are representation of the setting sud a
.so of Kev. Andrew Loreiz, a white plastered circle about 15 inch
uister of the German lieformed as in diameter, with bricks radiate
mcii. He died on March .'il, 18s i iig around the circumference
, i.iid is biii uul in the Daniel's J When new, it must have been a
r:h graveyard not far away- uaauti'ul structure. It does not be
ta his tombstone we learn that
;s :")( years old at death, and
ce was just 21 when he built his
. :soiiie home. There linger in
l . vicinity some remeniscences of
L tp, which aie not all reliable,
t of his ilesceudeuts remain iu
t .s portion ot tho couutiy, but the
v rifer has not beeu able to consult
t u in in the preparation of this
sketch. The times in which he
lived were the patriotic days of the
devolution, and the strong and en
daring home rt'hic.h he erected is not
tuo least evidence of the hopeful de
votion to his country which throbbed
in bis liberty loving htarr.
The elegible Hie, she substantial
walls which have safely weathered
the storms ot a century, show that
he was, though young, a man of
tu.-ae aud judgment who built with
a a eye to the future, aud for the
ptipetuatiou of his name.
The present heirs of the property
li ive in their possession a deed to
li noies of the origin! tract of the
l iad upou which the house now
s' uh!.-i, the preliminary statements
o, vhich are as follows:
"'JbiN Indenture made this third
il ) oi .July in the year of our L3id
ol tlnuisaud seven hundred and
r- . .v-two letween Jacob Shulord
J ... living in the county of Liu
c - ii,i the state of North Oaroli.-.
n ; s.j one part, and Andrew Lo
r iu the said county and
.- it sud of the other part,
I ' M at for and in consider-
u:u of fourteen pouuds
ol:na currency iu hand
aforesaid Andrew Lo-
'.e aforesaid Jacob Snu
u 'io.e the eneeali
, i
S j
leceipt ,
In -ink. i
hHj the present
1.J huioKn 4'..ll
, hath granted, bar- I
j:ainod and wold, and by these pres
ents doth grout, bargain, bull, ecus
ve.v and contiria unto Andrew Lo
ivtz Iiih hira and assigus forever, a
vr Uiiii tract or parcel ot land in the'
county aforesaid on the waters ot
Uoward'a Creek, is being part of a
t tack of land grauted to Daniel j
Warlick by his majesty's Patent,
then conveyed from Daniel Wailick J
to John Shufoid ; then conveyed by
heirship from John Hhuford to his
son Jacob Shu lord and bounded as
follows (then giving courses &c.)
The deed is signed by Jacob Shu
ford and witnessed by Arthur de
Bardleber. This document is Home
thiug over 101 years old aud is iu a
fair tstate of preservation. It comes
dottn irom that remote date at) a
witness of the carefulness with
which papers of its character should
be kept. Its primary valne now is,
however, that it enables us to trace
the history of this laud back to the
giant ot King George III.
From another ol document, we
loam, that, at the death of Itev.
Andiew Luretz in lbl'J, pursuant to
an order of court in October oi that
year, Johu Yoder, John Kamsaur,
John Shulord, Henry Liaoisaur, and
Dtuifl Wuriick were uppoiuted
Commisaiouere to divide the riai
astato of Andrew Luretz, ami tire
paper contains a tract called No. 1
ol li'.S ucrt.N, with boundaries etc..
uiiou svhieii the bouse is looatt-d.
This portion ass'gueil to An
drew LI. Loteu, a sen ot lie v. A a
drtw L)i'e-z. The iaad w;ib th-b
v lued at ihree dolais per acie.
Wo ha .e beeu uaabie. io detT-
mine the date of deata jf A ndn.vV !
11. J.oietz, bun on Lfie l Uh of Au:-
.;ubt 1S2U, ae deeded to Dmiel L
;etz (probabiy a brother) 52 acie;
ii l uiii in couhideiaiiou of ihesaiii
)f e ght hundred dollars.
In addition to aome tether pu"-.
chases Irom AuJrew il. Loretz ami
others, Daniel Loretz maintained j
possession ot the property until IS
55, when the Uev. Dr. A. J. Fox, 1
purchased at a public sale 270 acres
the heirs lepiesentmg that they i
were the deceudents of Daniel Lo-
rrtz, deed, and requesting a sale by
couit. For 38 tears the house and
Uu,U have b,u ia tue posio,
of Dr. Fox and his hens, with the
exception ol some acres th at wer
once exchanged with some neigh-
xU 'arge two-
story building 28x30 feet, aud tbe
. ' . , ,
walis, are 18 inches solid bricks !
n , - , t ,
Tue bricks on the surface are laid
alternately, one red, leDgtuwise, ,
and another blue, endwise. On the !
Eastern end m addition to the ini-1
tials and figures referrea to they
ire I) laced so as to lorm two larse
hearts, with a cross between. Near j
tray its age even now, and has every
a:-pearauce of lasting another hun
dred years.
The internal construction and ar
rangemtnt ot the house exhibit con
siderable taste and judgment for
those pioneer days.
If these wails could speak what
wonder ful revelations could they
make! What happy recollections
of bygoue das! What sad menu
ones of death, war and various cal
amities ! They have been the safe
retuge of peaceful families, aud are
silent memorials ol their st-paratiou
by death and life's vaiiona callings.
Some oftheiriumates are peacefully
sleeping in the Church yard near
by; others are living iu distant
states, earnestly building up other
home, but to them none ao sacred.
A bundled years heuce all, whose
tendeiest thought tiud here amid
these peaceful shades their asylum
ot rest from life's butfettings and
cares, will, like our ancestors aud
predecessors iu this dear home, have
passed away.
Junius li- Fox.
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,t)1J ; a)1 Drngiets Testimon-1
i Vt. 15,
lm. !
Almost Horn lu Lincoln
:SpfcciaI t0 the Charlotte Observer.
' The f0ii0vviug editorial iu the New
York World of the 3rd inst., not !
only attracted my attention, but
suggested some historical facts
which involve our State. The arti
cle is as follows :
"When a monument to Abraham
Lincoln has been unveiled m Ediu
burg, it is worth while lor Ameri
cans, who have the time, to stop
aud think. It means a good deal.
'This is the first American from
the Wet who has beeu thus recog
nized across the Atlantic. Of
course Abraham Lincoln needs no
such recognition to round out bis
fame. He has gone into history aud
into immortality for what he was.
Nothing cau take from him what ha
was or add to it.
"But this Ediubnrg monument is
a monument to the uevv Democra
cy. George Waihiugton, the slate
ly and polished gentleman, to whom
all vnlgaiiiy was Hhockiug, thought
himself a Democrat. Thomas Jeff
eibou scholar and statesman, the
greatest political thinker of his age,
tell hiiuneir a Democrat through his
sympathies with the common people,
from whoso iguorauco and preju
dices his education aud mental hab
its hal removed him tar.
"lint, this man who now stands iu
bronze in the capital of the Bruco's
inng lom was u Democrat It there
ever was one. He came from the
vu'gaiest of the vulgar. He was bo
tar ii om having claims to long de
scent that he was ii-ver certain of
Lues own paternity. He had habits
nat illustrated the low traits of the
radical politician, fie had upon
aome subjects the toarceuess of raiud
hat belongs to ihoae who have been
jie-.l in the lowest traits of society
In spite ot all his aymiathics (
vvitn the 'unwashed' and ignoiauL
lueses, from whom he sprang, gave
jiiu ix tremendous power, aud,
.hough he eometimes abused it witL
,ue moot lamentable consequences,
ae so used it on the whole that be
advanced the welfate of the human
race iu spite ot the mhsereis whicu
tue struggle over slavery bought on
'The time is cominc in Frudaiid
and ila America when Liucoin wih
ha a greater power thuu he was in
his iue time. Wherever his statue
viands, there stauda a menace to
" --
Cbe people are not hopeless uuder
aristocratic tj'iauuy. Wherever his
oppiession. Wherever a mau arises
who like him incarnates the
a"ouSlu UI luo rear Uumb masses
Uele uJufstl e m doomed
aj u mighty overthrow.
With the comparison between
shrngtoo, Jefferson and Lincoln,
" have uothiD t0 do or 8a Bat
" "rei ctam
ot his own paternlty,', invited this
aiticle, because North Carolina is
COuCerned; and as I suggest by the
less in the life of a man tbauthel
life of a nation with a big N.
While North Carolina has fur
nished, by way of paternity, several
Presidents, the paternity of only
one can, or ia claimed to be straeght.
Andrew Jackson was "born" in
the territory, accordiog to history,
now known as Union county. Polk
was bom, I think, in Wake. Au
drew Johnston was,admittedly born
in Wake.
Abraham Liucoin was born 10
Kentucky, but begotten iu Jackson
county, North Carolina.
Years ago Abraham Enloe, wiih
his family, left Lincoln county and
tettled in Jackson county, this state.
Among his household was a young
girl named Nancy Uauks. During
the year Miss Hanks showed fiigns
of, not known then to be a coming
;1,,6Ni,,ent' but. what is fireater, a
coming sovereign or sovereiguess,
as the case may have been- It
turned out to be both a sovereign
and a President.
A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. En
loe lived iu Kentucky. This par
ticular summer she visited her pa
rents iu Jackson county. While
there sne saw, not only "coming
events,'' but the actual situation.
Miss Hanks had told Mrs. Enloe
that Mr. Abrani Euioe was the fath
er, progenitor, begetter, or what
ever he may or might be called, ot
his forthcoming offspring.
Times were a little serious iu that
family, of course. The good daughti
er, to relieve matters at home, took
Miss Hanks with her to her Ken-
tack bome and ia the
course of
time, as just such things will bap-
pen, a boy was born who was named
is name
he had
: f,,r le, becanse he neither had
'"father or mother," or words to
. tha: effect, o.ntil a sensible man
n ...,a r inin . .
.v,i ,ac aiuufc, l00 a
faUc t0 Ml8S HaDk9 and her boy
Abram, and married her. The boy,
. ... . -
! irom this marriagp, became Abram
j f need not fcuy the umiiisic Dem
nerat also became l'rtidrnt f tho
j United States But Iw bm-auie "a
; man, for u'lhat. and a'ht "oue
: whosH deeds can be revered by
Americans, and even Scotcumeo.
But it is not a striking coincidence
"ai m parents ui auiuui buou-u
have removed from Lincoln couuty
to Jackson county and the boy be
gotten in Jackson, become what may
be called the foater-son of a Lincoln
and succed and be worthy to suc
ceed a Jackson t
Hon. A. T. DavidsOD,of Asheville,
and ethers, can verity all I here say.
Has not North Carolina contrib
uted to history 1 Don't ask me
whether it is "bastard" history it
is history and great history at that
North Carolina.
Wattliliigtoii IVewi-
Correspondence of the Uocbikr
Washington, D. C, Sept., 11,
ltiOli: At last a leal, genuine, bono
tide White House baby 1 No won
der her ariival iu Washington, Sat
urday afternoon, created a sensation
canning Congress and its doings to
be for the time forgotten or ignored.
It was an histonca event that wiil
be read of with interest by jet un
born generations, as the age at which
most uieu become President makes
it improbab'e that it will become a
frequent occurrence. This is the
first in the history of the White
House, although there have been
three or lit r births iu the White
House, two of them graud-ohildi'en
of President Tyler both now living
in Washington and the other to
the wife of Col. Fred Grant. Mother
and daugnier are in good condition
aDd botD doiu8 we,, an(l although
President Clevslaud is attending to
buMiie as usual it is probable that
his thoughts olten involuntarily
wander to his wite and baby, how
ever important the other matters
may be wnich he has under con
sideration. The Cievelands have had
two very unusual honors in connec
tion with the White House. No
other Presideut was ever manied in
the White House and no other Pres
ident's wife ever gave birth to a
child in the White House. Long
Ul. .ad great Uappme89 to Baby
Kmh's sister, the While House baby.
There is to be no compromise In
:s to be fought to afioisb, President
Cleveland having declared that he
would accept nothing but the repeal
ot the purchasing clause of the
:3hermau silver law without condi
:iou. This is a great disappointment
"o those who have hoped that some
satisfactory arrangement would-be
made that would get the solid sup'
, & 'uopany
closer together than they have been
since the extra session met. The
end of the debate ia not yet m sight,
althoogh some Senators believe that
a vote can be reached in two weeks
That is the doubtful thing. The
vote is no longer doubtful. When
it is takeu the Vorhees bill will be
passed, but when that will be do
pends upon theeudurauce and dis
position ,ot the Senators opposite to
A veiy important s:ep was takeu
by Presideut Cleveland when, after
a full discussion of the matter by
the cabiuef, he decided that this
Government should proceed, with
out wait ng for Congress to take
further action, to rigidly enforce
he Geary anti- Chinese law. This
step would have beeu takeu before
but it was deemed advisible, under
the circumstances to wait a reason
able time to see if Congress desires
to take any action on the law, and
also to give the uew Chinese min
ister an opportunity to submit any
message he may have been charged
with by his Government, looking
towaid the negotiation of a uew and
more satisfactory treaty. Furtht-r
than the introduction of a bill by
Senator Dolph appropriating 8500,-i
000 to cany out the provision oi
the law, Congrets has taken no no
tice of it, and the Chinese minister
has done uothiug, therefore the
necessary orders have been issued
by ihe Treasury department to put
the law to work. The amount of
money available is small, but Con
gresa is iu eemdou. No trouble is
expected with Chiua, although pre
cautious have beeu takeu to have a
sufficient naval force iu Chinese wa
ters to protect Americau interests.
The World's Fair fouvenir half-
dollars are coming into the Treasury
for redemption in such qnantijy that
Senator Morgan has at the request
of Secretary Cat lisle, introduced a
hill to repeal so macb of the law of
1879 as makes it compulsary upon
the Secretary of the Treasury to re
j deem subsidiary silver coin In
Treasury notes, which is the same
as redeeming them in gold. The
Chicago bankg with which tho
greater pottion of the Columbian
half dollars were pledged to aecure
advances made to tho Exposition
managers are now sending these
coins to Washington for redemption
it bavins been found impossible to
dispose of them at the expected
premuim. Secretary Carlisle thinks
they would just as well be put in
general circulation as piled np in
the Treasury ; hence the bill to stop
their redemption.
Democratic members of the House
Ways and Means committee will
not be sorry when the publio tariff
hearings close on Wednesday of
this week. They have produced no
information that was not already
possessed by the committee, and
have only served to keep the com
mittee from more important work
the preparation of the reform tariff
bill. As soon as the hearings close
the democrats ot the committee will
push the work witnoat further in
terruption until it is completed, as
tbey do not propose to allow ex
Czar Heed aud his republicau col
leagues on the committee to delay
matters by their "funny business.''
Treasury receipts have shown a
, very encouraging increase within
the last few days, indicating that
the country is very rapidly recover
ing from its financial fright:
Senator Teller's sensational at
tack upon the press ot the country,
iu the Ben ate on Saturday, la being
talked about everywhere, aud the
general impression, without regard
to political opinion, is that be made
a serious mistake. There are, un
fortunately, dishonest newspapers,
out they are comparatively few io
Another bullerer Speaks-
The Obslkveb this morning ccn
tains a well-merited rebuke to the
newspaper sponges. We don't
know why it is, but in this State, and
particularly in this sectoin of the
State, this plague seems to thrive as
it does nowhere else. Some peo
ple seem to think it all right to
"borrow,, a paper day by day year
iu and year out, never paying a cent
for it, but abusing the paper and its
4itvi' noliucioi tUcj occ OWUlBlIilUg
in its col urns that does not please
them. Aud it is. this abuse from a
sponge and borrower that particular
ly riles an editor. If the Observer
succeeds in abating the nnisance
(we cannot hope that it will break
it op entirely) it will peiloim a las
ting service to the press at large, for
it is the solemn truth that this very
system ot sponging contribute more
largely than any other cause to
keeping the papers of this State
poor. We cau call the names of at
least three sponges who commenced
18 years ago to get the benefit of
our money and our labor, have kept
it up coutinuosly, and are at it yet.
The newspaper borrower is a curse
to the journalism of North Carolina
and subscribers ought not to hesi
tate to freeze him out.
John Riddle, a prominent
young society and business man
of Henderson county, Ky., mar
ried Miss Nora McMullen of Se
bree, Friday afternoon. They
stopped at the brjde's residence
and retired for the night. About
4 o'clock in the morning Riddle
left his bride and went to hia
brother's room at the Sebree hotel
and while seated 011 his brother's
bed, shot himself just below the
heart. No reason is given for the
suicide. Cii aslotte News.
University of North Carolina.
Equipment: Faculty of 25 teach
ers, 11 buildings, 7 scientific labora
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6 brief courses ; professional courses
m law, medicine, engineering and
chemistry: optional courses. .
Expenses : Tuition, 60 per year
Scholarships and loans for t t
needy. Address
Presidfnt Winston,
tf- Chapel Hill, N C.
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lanta to Chicago uia E. T. V & O. R. R.
and A. & IT Koute. The Bier'Foar Kqh'a
j is positively the only line making connect
j tion in Central Union Stat ion, Cincinnati
with through trains of the E. T. V. & O.
Ry., Queen and C resent Koute. Chesa
peake f Ohio By , Kentucky Central By.,
tnd L. & N. K. K. without transfers aud
landing passengers at Hid way Plaisance,
tie main entrance gate to the World's
Fair, Be sure your tickets read via th
Big Four Route. For lull information ad
drew D. B. Marii;,-. General Passenger
Igent, Cincinnati, O
poison. Landing physicians prescribed
medicine after medicine, which I took
without any relief. I also tried mercu
rial and potash remedies, with nnsno
cessful results, but which brought on aa
attack of mercurial rheumatism that
made my life one of agony. After suf
ering four years I gave up all remedies
and commenced using & & S. After
taking several bottles, I was entirely
cured and able to resume work.
0 f l la the greatest medicine for
i4 til blood poisoning to-day oa
the market."
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases miOd
tree. Bwut Br zemo Co., Atlanta, Oa
I have leased the South
Fork Paper Mills situated at
Lineolnton, N C, and can fur
nish book, news, and maniila
papers of the best quality, at
lowest Cash prices.
Send in your orders, and you
shall be satisfied.
Mr. J.C. Jones, of Fulton, Ark., says of
( l About ten years ago I oon-
' m I tracted a severe case of blood

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