North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
S. V., ItMrkt Attorney Holloa in
troduced Mtwrn. 11. O. Williams
Commissioner Mwel1 Thought T" Vf lh, "J
. .. .... 'lo prove that the nrinoorni be-
inc evidence ironf uiw.i w. . - , . m-( . Williams
Warrant Trial by the Federal
The supptwrd if- roltlirr, mho
were sent from tb juil here to
Charlotte u th in4.. were
Riven a preliminary hciring before
t 'iiited Slatin Coin iuiiiiiH-r l. (i.
Maxwell at CharMte 11 week.
stated thitt Wood and MI'S bad
neutered at the Inland Hotel. of
which he ia proprietor, on the .HHh
of January, this Itt-iiiff the Might on
which Mr. tsboeuiaker'a trnle
blown ojien and robbed. He uid
that he aawr the men iu their room
at 9 o'l'lock that night and thai
Tlu-y are MiMwrd to have robbed ' early the next morning he heard
the ixwiofliee at tirier'a, S. t'a store in Charlotte andj
Heath, lUrrett & Iteid'a store at
Matthews. Histriet Attorney llol-j
Uui reprvseuled the prom-utiou
lid Mr. Frank Armfield the de
fence. The Olwerver says that
while the evidence was rircuin
Mailt ul, it au plainly argued (lie
guilt ot the prisoner that they
were bound over in the sum ul
f I.imm each to wait trial at Charles
I S. C, on the first Tuesday iu
April. The men on trial were
James tang, Charles liogeni, Wal
ter Wood and II. It. WHsou.
The first witness examined was
Mr. Mum A. Maylield. Mr. May
tit-lil staled that he wax postmaster
at liner's and had been nt the time
of the robls'ry. "The occurrence
was on the night of Friday, the
li.ili of January," said Mr. May
lield. "and the ainouiit of money
taken . is about f.'7n.2t, the most
of this lieing govern meiit funds.
There were t''t worth of stamps,
e.'il of postal fluids, s?l." of the
fluids of the money order depart-mi-til
and ti for box rent. Besides
this I had ntnuit ."0 of my owu
nimn-v in (he Kiife.
"The thieves entered through
the front door, breaking the locks
Isith of the lobby' and the postoflit'e
proper. The double disir of the
safe had lieen blown entirely olT.
'1 he dial of Hie door apH'iired a if
it' had Ihmm! knocked oil' with a
liiiiiiiiiiT. There was soap on the
eiles of the safe doom mid in the
oll'n-e w is found a liu cup, contain
iiij some tlnid. Liter iu the day
I here wen- found iu garden, two
blinks from the office, two hum
mers, a monkey-wrench and three
chisels. About one and one half
miles dow u the railroad was found
n tin box containing some insu
ranee policies tuid other H'rsonal
piiM-rH. With these also was found
u .i-l drill."
The second witness w;u Mr. Al
fieil M. Puis. He said thai lu
ll m-k wnh Mr. James 1. Mason,
sin nit lluee iiiili-s east of the town,
v lull- standing tiHin Mason's
i ; T o'clock on Hie even
ig ol the I Mh of last January lie
as approached by Walter Wood,
X asked if he and his partner
m'd Bet suniier then1. Alter
, raking lo Mrs. Mason, ILivislold
Wood that they could get some
tliinjr to eat. ami Wood stepped
mil to the roiul mil) called another
limn, whom the witness identilied
us lieing Wilson. The men said they were going south to put
tin home machinery, but did uot
inwcr when miked to what place
' were ruing. After supper
ii-ll, going n the opposite di
liiuii from tirier'a, although I hey
ul m.ked the direction to that
F.x untitled 1V Mr. Arm field, Mr,
llaviM said that he had never scru
the men before anil that lie was
positive us to their identity. Mr.
Aimtleld then hail the witness to
turn his head froii. the prisoners
and describe the men. This Davis
did acciriilely in every particular
ami w ithoiit hesitation.
Mis. J. P. Mason, ut whose home
the men had taken supper, was
next i n Inn I need as a witness. "Yes,
I am uv that those arc the men,"
said she, indicating Wood and Wil
son. "Wood did most of (he talk
ing. He said that they were mc
chauics from North Carolina, and
that tliey were going to drier's to
pur up the m u-hinery in the new
Vronkliu Mill. They ate hurriedly
and left immediately after the meal
was nnUhcd."
Mr. A. H. Miller, at whose store
Penninirlon had seen Ijiiil'. testi
lied that on the day previous to the
roblHrv. he had seen both Long
and Kotfers. Kouers passed the
re at 9 o cluck In the niornliiK
,-vskcd if it'were probable that
id m-rure work ut a new cot-
I II Is-init built a hundred
from th.! store, lie wis di
! to theeonlraclor, lint passed
io building and went iu the
ion of til let a.
cr the examination of the
named witnesses of Oner's,
some one enter the house and go iu
the dirertiou of their room. The
siine men had beeu to the U-laud
some time iu Iteceinlar. The men
U-ft early the next uinming, WoimI
not even waitinj for breakfast.
Mr. Shoemaker identified a
nickel and penny found on the
men a having la-en iu his safe
previous to the night it waa blown
oieii. He thought that he had .-wen
Lang in his store the Hay is-ioreme
nibls-ry. As to the ideuUheatiou
of the nickel. Mr. Shoemaker was
corroborated by Mr. It. I Kisiah,
who swore that he had given the
coin to one ot jir. Miocuiaiier s
clerks the day before the sale was
blown open.
Chief of Police W. I- Mow le ami
Xitht Policeman J. A. Williamsof
Monroe were put on the staud to
testi I' v as to the conduct of the men
at Monroe. They told the story of
the capture ol the prisoners as has
already lieen printed iu The Jour-
nan. The men had resisted ur
rest twice and shots had beeu ex
changed I with time. Chief Howie
showed the court the articles found
on the crsoii of the defendants.
among them being a Coll s ami a
Smith X Wesson, six inch, .'IS -calibre
revolver; alsmt $7.i in money,
a bottle containing a thick, white
lluiil, and several other articles.
After the men had been in jail
for several days a man giving his
name as Tom I,ce of New lork.
asked for an interview with I In
prisoners ami wits allowed to talk
with them in the presence of the
x)liee. This made U-e reticent and
alter greeting l.ang and lingers by
their last name he left tlieiu.
The las! w itness on the stand was
PoNlolliee Inspis lor II. T. (in-gory,
who worked up the case, lie had
gone to (irier's on the :l;)lh of J in
uary to investigate the postnllice
robis-ry. After getting all the t-vi
deuce lie could he went to Monroe.
Alter seeing the prisoners he went
back to (irier's with their photo
graphs and, Is-roming convinced of
their guilt, made complaint against
them. He spoke with the defend
ants but they would not commit
This closed the evidence nnd the
court asked if the attorneys wished
to make speeches. Neither Mr.
Ho ton nor Mr. Armhehl arose
from his seat. Mr. Ilollon merely
staled that ill! the evidence in the
cases tended to show the guilt of
the defendants aii'l that he would
ask that the men Is- bound over.
Mr. Armfield staled his position
to the court, saying that in no man
ner could his clients l e connected
with the robliery ut (irier's, S. C.
He Mid that the fact that they
were in the town the night of the
occurrence wiis no proof that they
were implicated iu it, mid that he
cause they resisted arrest they
were not necessirily guilty of the
crime. " I he;r comliiei since ineir
arrest," said M". Annli.-ld, "may
show that they have done some
thing w rong, but vou have not got i
.!. ..:.!.. . II. ..I II ...., I
liip rviiieiio.- uiiti iii' twiiiiiiiii,
this crime."
After Mr. Armlleld had finished,
Commissioner Maxwell said: "It is
the ('pinion of the court thai there
is probable cause and I will have
to bind the defendant over to the
Federal Court." , The Ismds were
fixed at f 1,000 for each of the men.
They will lie tried nt the redcral
Court in Charleston, H. ('., on the
first Tuesday iu April.
Death Rate Decreasing.
The VMM census shows a decrease
of 10 ier cent, iu the general death
rate. The declined iu Consump
tion ia more marked than anyother
disease. Many causes are attribu
ted, but it is safe to aay that Dr.
King's New Discovery for (on
sumption, Coughs and Colds is re
sponsible for the decline, to a large
extent. Manv a life has lieen saved
He Think There Will be no Doubt
as to the Future Fidelity of the
Mr. Itryan visited New Yoik last
week, and on the way home gave
an interview as follows:
'They asked me alsmt Judge
Parker," he said, "and I told them
1 could say nothing until I knew
his attitude ou public questions.
They answered that he was a judge
and it would not be prer for him
to discuss topics.'
"What do you think Hill intends
to do
'Well I think Mr. Hill is tvss
ing a penny to see whether he or
Judge Pai ker w ill run. The trouble
with the plan is that Hill has an
old ieuny that he has tossed so of
ten that he doesn't kuow which
side is head and w hich side is tail."
"What have you to say regard
ing the record of Congress!'
"What Congress has done is easi
ly ascertained. Find out how
much there was in the Treasury be
fore the w-ssion Is-gau ami llud out
how much there is now. The won
der is that they didn't take it all."
Mr. ISi vim declined to discuss
the probable issues and candidates
in the next national campaign, but
when asked to make a general
statement as to the situation he
"Political success depends ou
two things, opportunity ami prep
aration to take advantage of it. A
Militical party must have its prin
cipals; and it must advocate those
policies it ls-lieves liest for the peo
ple mid then trust toevenls to vin
dicate the w isdom of its course.
"I Ix-licve that the lcniocra!ic
parly has taken the people's side
of the public ipicst ions discussed iu
l.VHi mid iu I! loo, and I Is-lieve if it
w ill maintain its integrity and al
low no doubt to arise as to its lidi-l-ily
to ihe is-ople's cause, it w ill
only Is- a question of time, and not
a long time either, Is-lore enough
l!f publicans w ill Is- digusleil w ith
the policy of the party
to again put the Ih-inocratii- party
iu power.
"Such a victory, when won, will
bring relief to the people from all
the vicious policies of the Ki-publi-ean
parly. ' We cannot w in u vie
buy by compromise or cowardice,
and if we would win a V by
such means it would be as disas
trous lo the parly as Mr. Cleve
land's victory iu 1 s) proved to
fir. Cleveland Out for Uood.
.. , , , I In II interview last week Mr.
The l-rgUlature Provide that (Iceland said:
$200000 May Be Loaned to Coun- "I have preached Democratic
t ti ..t ..... i;r- I i...ii
ty Boards ol Education for thU "7 . i
' , continue to do ao, but as far as
active participation
'We shall not 1 surprised'
savs the Proeresive Farmer, "if it
iu the party
affairs goes, I'm not iu it, am con
tent to live the life of a tiuiet,
Toe New Law for Bird Protection. HONEY FOR SCHOOL HOU5ES,
A new law is the Audubon bird
pi election bill, which now stands
as a mouumeiit to the persistence j
and euthusi;isiu of Prof. T. tiilliert i
Pearson, of tirrenslwro, Secretary
of the Aubudon Society. The fol
lowing outline-of the uew law is
ziven bv the Newsond (l-rver:
"The bill stipulates that only j , ,,,,, .,,.. ,,. ' of iwu-eaWe citi.eii. and will I hap
the following shall he consuleit-d ,jm(, Hhal ,(ive nmU me , py if I am left iu that sphere un
game birds: l. s.m and grebes. -(ij.M ,wrs1.tiv, ,, al ,.ra(e ' 1
swans, geese, brants, river, hsh j . t, ,u.,t ,ue ,m.ral Asst ui-1
and sea ducks rail, '. ""a , blv of l'si::h:u passed no measure of 18 CENTS FOR 1902 PENNIES
in ns hum Kamnui,-. ,..o., .o, nu , ,,..,,,,,. ,m,M,rti,lir(i tnun that estab
aml serf bmls imh-, ""l i'"'l'. I nng a perm.ineiit loan fuud to
samiiiip ,h'i.i'.-t;iii -- ,1IU ,i1P pnvtion and improvement
wild turkeys, grouse, partridges - U,r tM-ti.t.4 honsi-s. This bill pn
pheasint. Uail, dove, robin, and, vjJ(.4 jn mlt hf ttm
meadow lark. It is made unlaw jsrius,p lam, flll,a ,11IW M, i,y ,he
fid to kill or catch any wild birds , Ului(l of Kl0.ltltm R, i.lm.a
or to di-stroy nwdlessly the neat or ; , , w.hool loanK thecouiitf
bow Is in turn to lend to district
scb ..I to aid iu building houses,
the loins to lie for periods of ten
years (one tenth to la? repaid each
year) aud lo liear 4 percent inter
est. In other words, if the entire
.'iin,lHK) should lie railed for this
vear, next year one-tenth, or'.'O,-
;0no, would la? returned with VHM'
Tillman ays Wc Can Put a iTan
on the National Ticket.
any show of getting a man of the
next national ticket?"
"I'lie South could have put a
man on ell her of the two last tickets
named bv the Ileinoerats if it bad.
Senator Tillman ms-d through 'demanded it. The Northeru Deiu
Charlotte last we-U and was inter- Jia-rats would not have objected to
viewed by ail I Mm-rver reHiiii r. 'su. h an arrangement, but a South-
"Do you know anything of inter ', in man would neither help nor
est to iiewspaia-r readers.'" the : in jm,. a national I lemis'nu-ir tick
Senator was asked. '.(. There U no sectional feeliuif
"Not a thing." wa (he reply, among ihe Northern Democrats.
eggs or any wild nou-game uints.
The Inaise span ow, owls, hawks,
crows, bh'.ckbiids jackd iw aud rice
birds are uot protected by Ihe act.
It is made unlaw ful to purchase,
oiler lor sale, or transport without
the Slate wild birds, game and
otherwise, except for propagation
purposes by permission of the So
ciety, or by H-nnit from the t lerk ( inWrt.t, to ls iu turn loaned again,
oi un- t oiiii. i in- MoiMiioiiiiriii oi u, tear nllcr vear.
PoaJ Uis (or S(- Counties.
Kalfllfit linn-.
It will Is- seen by reference to
the classillcation of nets passed by
the last Legislature, which we print
today, that road laws were enacted
for thirty six counties in the State.
We take it, these laws all look lo
better loads in these count ii-s and,
if so, no belter legislation could be
What do good Mails menu to a
community They help to make
liettcr churches, lietler schools,
linger tow ns. iH-tler stock nnd ve
hicles; ia fact it would be hard to
enumerate the good results that
would lie the outcome of good roads
In these counties.
A negr.) base ball player in Char
lotte displayed u diamond ring
worth .i."it aii'l w:w arrested. 1
was found that lie had at dilli-rciit
times paw ned several hundred dol
lars' win th of fine jewelry which it
L, thought he stole in Washington
or New York.
game wardens by the (uiveruor is
proided for, to see that the law is
cairieil out. There is a provision
requiring all hunters coming from
other States to pay $10 fora license
iu every county iu which I hey!
shoot, this money to go to the so
ciety to pay the exieiis's of the
wardens." '
From Over the 5tate.
It is stated that so far only too
has been raised for the Sir Waller
Kaleigh monument.
1 ! v mi act of the last legislature
minors may hold building and loan
stock iu their own names.
It is stated that ex -Congressman
Spencer lllaekm.iu may locate in
Holing for oil near Asln-ville w ill
Is' Is-giiu this weeK. The cost of
making the test will In' 1..000.
While Mr. William Holt and a
negro were engaged in cutting feed
on a sleam cutter near High I'oint,
the Ily wheel burst and killed Isitli
the men.
A big temperance rally wa held
in Durham Friday (Sen.
.1. S. Carr made a sieecli and slid
he hoped to s-e the movement w in.
l'ichard Pearson, Cnileil Slates
minister to Persia, left Ashcvilh
S.ttor lav for New York. whenn lie
w ill sail for Teheran, the capital of
Per .in.
S lie crackers blew open a safe in
Asheville Tuesday night with
nil ro glycerine. It In rued out that
there was only :tl cents in the safe
at the time and the burglars over
looked even that.
Nancy lllack, a eolon it woman
of Spencer, while going to her work
Wednesday morning, undertook to
crawl under a train. Just at the
moment the train started nnd she
was instantly killed.
.lames W. Dauaway, operator for
the Western I moil at Hamlet, was
run over and killed by a train at
that place Wednesday night. He
The walking1 sick, what
a crowd of them there arc 5
We commend this plan which
is now ready to he put into os-r-ation,
lo every friend of educa
tion who reads this article. The
public schools should hasten to
take advantage of the opportunity
now oflered them.
Superintendent Joy ner has given
out the following interview, sum-
mamng the ten changes made by
Ihe legislature iu the scIumiI law
of the State. They are as follows:
"I. The amounts that may lie
set aside from Ihe school fuiids for
building school-houses are limited
lotweiity per cent of the total fund,
where the fund docs not exceed live
thousand dollars, tiixteceu per cent
where it docs not exceed ten thous
and, ten per rent w here it does not
exceed twenty-live thousand dol
lars, and seven an one half per cent
whero il exceeds twenty-live thous
and dollars.
The building of all houses is
id. nc. I under the direction of the
Ciinntv Pioard of r.ilucatiou and
must Is- iu accordance with plans
appioved by the County Hoard and
the State Suiic riutciulcut nt rulilic
Instruction. The County Hoard
pays not exceeding one-half Ihe
cost of building and the school dis
trict on vs I he other part. All con
tracts for building must lie iu w rit
i in.' i.ud till buildings must lie iu
spis-t.-il, received mid approved by
tin- County Siqiei lutciiili 11!.
'.'t. The lime" of meetings of Coun
ty Hoard is change I from second to
lirst Monday.
"I. In count ies having more than
four moiit lis school term tn some
township and less in others, one-
sixth of the total funds is to la- set
aside, il necessary, to aid In tiring
iiiLMill districts in th.a county to
four months.
"."i. Two hundred Instead of one
hundred dollars may be used by a
county for a summer school for
touchers, affording opportunity for
a school for teachers lasting for u
mouth or so instead of an institute
of one wiH-k.
"1;. School districts may be form-
cil out ol portions oi roiuigooun
was walking 011 the track, holding Liuiulieshy consent of tlietwoCoun
ins iiean dow n, w iieu mo irain ty p,ards of Ivliieation.
",. ( oiintv NiiiM'riuiemifiiis are
required to attend one annual ses-
struck him.
The White O ik Cotton Mill, now
being constructed at (iiveiisboro,
will lie !MM feel long, two stories
high, mill contain tiil,H00 spindles
mid '.',0110 looms. The mill settle
meui will iiii-rge 11110 oiueis iiiie.iu
there, and all together will extend:
Big Fake Game Worked by a
Washington Clothing House.
ClisrlMU Utmrrtr, I Ilk. i
Recently a clothing store in I
Washington advertised that il
a- 1 1 . I lull a I n.w.n Sul p. I. ..
Ttb inst, ''18 cents for 1W pen
nies, and becaune of this adver-
lineruent practically all the pennies
in the piedmont section of North
Carolina and in a good many towns
in upper South Carolina have
come into the possession of a few
s peculators The fact that the
advertisement was not a bonilide
proposition, but a plsy on wordr.
111 incoinu sound mini yes-1 1.: 1., 1..,,, .,,
terusy, wuen 11 was iiiscovereo
that tliousandsof l!Hi'.'copiershad
changed hands after a big premium
had lieen paid.
rorawuck or ten days it has
been currently rumored in this
city that a Wsshington agency
wanted the pennies in question,
and it wa said that thengency wis
acting for the government, which
wished the pennies recalled because
it had heen found that in coining
them a large ipiantity of gold had
lieen accidentally spilled into the
molten copper.
The absurdity of the rumor
seemed to impress no speculator;
ami for the last four or live days
iienny buying has been going on
here at a great rate.
Kmly last week Mr. Edwin IS.
(iresham, of the firm of (Jresham
& Company, the well-known rail
road eating house concern, collect
ed all the l!Mg peonies he could in
banks and other business places in
Charlotte. He got the pennies at
their real valuo and before the re
port of the premium giving had
become widespread. A day or so
after his purchise Mr. Ureshsm
sold lo Huggsge Agnnt Sotiner, of
tho Southern Railway, ItilO pennies
for $:i;l, and Sonnor stated that the
next day he sold the pennies to a
bank in Alexandria, a., at lo
cents sniece.
Mr. (iresham worked assiduous
ly and collected many hundred
other pennies, but he whs able to
sell none of these at a profit. He
still has on hand enough copner to
make life si.e statues of both the
mayor and the recorder.
Mr. (ireslmru was not the only
man who bought iicnnics in largo
cpiaiilities. Tom Kowland, the
popular conductor on tho Ststes
villa road, devoted a lnrro part of
his time to copper grabbing and
lid not desist m bis speculative
operations until yesterday.
Half a dozen other Charlotte
men, mon in near-by South Caro
lina towns, and residents of Salis
bury and other places in this State,
made wide search for Inst year's
1 he movements of the spcculu-
"I have I us-11 down to atttml a
meeting ol the trustee of t leinsou
College, and am now ou n.y return
to Washington to attend the extra
session of the S-uale. I don't
know now how long we will be
kept theiv, but I sc
thai a vote ou the
i have delivered some fifty or mora
list 111 es on the race tpieatiou
thr.uihoiit the North, aud I weut
at Iheiu with tongs, and never
iiiiiie.-it my words and I think I
was able lo jud'T Ihe sentiment
in the papers pretty well. The race ipiestion is
canal treaty one that the Northeru neonleknew
next liiesday. I ; nothing about and something that
Ihe Cuban treaty the should be misted on. and it
may le taken
doubt whether
will get th ron-h. was with that in view that I have
'Do you think Ihe Si-iiale w ill siokeu to them the way I have,
mil to take action ou it! jSioiuctiuos the audience would be
'No; I think it w ill be defeat jeohl towaid me when I first began,
ed." but when they saw what I waa up
"Senator, do you think that Mr. to they came around, and nearly
Morgan wauls to defeat the Co every instance I would have over
luminal! treaty Is-eaitse he can half of my hearers with me when
force a selection of the Nicaraguan j I concluded."
route?" -
'No. I blieve that Morgan thinks: Mr. Fi-oige W. Vauderbilt has
that (hero is no intent ion of build jat last succeeded iu buying out the
nig tin- canal, unit that the step, onmariiey w iioowueoaimiepaien
merely to make a
show for the Kepiiblicau party .'
'Senator, do you think that the
canal will be built.'"
'There are many who do not
think it possible to construct a
canal through the Isthmiisof Pan
ama. The Frenchman haw spent
and stole hundreds of millions oi
dollars ami worked for ears and
they now have only if Iii.ooii.ihio
worth of ditches dug."
"Hut is claimed that they did
more stealing than digging?"
"Yes, but I tell you when old
Sam Is-gius to dig that canal it is
my opinion that then- will Is- con
siilerahle stealing done."
"It seems that you had the He
publicans scared pretty badly the
other night. Senator, aUuil the
South Carolina claim;"
"Do von think the South stands
of laud iu the middle of the Hilt-
tnore estale. It was worth ubout
iO. but the chap held out until
he got 9J,i'.VI for it.
While a half dozcu persons in a
carriage w ere crossing a bridge rvi-ar
lieidsyille Thursday the bridge
gave way, and horses, carriage aud
occupants went down the embank
ment. Two of the ladies iu tho
carriage were badly injured.
The Plot Thickens.
Hut that has nothing to do with
the fact that there is not a better
Salve on earth than Huckleu's Ar
nica Salve. It's a reliable cure for
Hums liruises. Cuts Corns Sore
and Salt Kheiim. Ti led and tested
and proved infallible for Piles.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money
refunded by ICnglish Drug Co.
8 ntJLdiiiiMW
two miles The Messrs. Cone are
the prime movers in all of these
Col. W. K. Murehison, a lawyer
of Joiicsboro, was stricken with
fi.i.iU-ulu Skiiiiil.iv lint iiiiiv ri'Po'ir.
Persons who arc thin ami jCul. Murehison w ill be remembered
weak but not sick enough
to go to bed.
"Chronic cases" that's
what the doctors call them,
which in common Iinglish
means long sickness.
To stop the continued
loss of flesh they need
Scott's Emulsion. For the
feeling of weakness they
i Recilh
" For 2i "! I
ulistj tat-'7 iiur'l
j fCrf !! c
rlod, iax :ri
doe ait t'i
I John P. Mo o'.-i
r 5
1 ;vt: ".' - i
. p.--. .;itn .yj
. . L I ..1 B
rure mu run m. ju
carries new h'c to every
part of the boily. Yon
You feci snxiutts to be
active. Yoj Iter: f st.onR,
ltcady,cour?'t;'.vj!. That's
whst Aycr's G-rs.-.narJHa
will do fuf yr'i.
II. kw. nil !ie lo rw4
i 1 raCa..Uil.M.
us the gentleman who figured ao
largely in calling tho roll some
thirteen hundred times ut the Con
gressional convention at Monroe
lust summer.
It is rumored that cx-Semitor
Pritchiird may succeed Justice
Ilingliain of the Supreme Court of
the District of Columbia, and the
(ireeiisboro correspondent of the
Charlotte Observer says that a
fierce scramble as to who will be
the liepublirnu leader in North
Carolina is likely to spring up.
Mr. Philip llanos prominent
man uf Mecksville, was killed by
the kick of a horse Tuesday uller
noon. He did iiot die for two or
three days after receiving the blow,
which was on the abdomen, but
was too weak to can tor iissiMance
County Superintendents and allow
ed traveling expenses
"S. In counties w ith a total fund
of over lifleen thousand dollars the
County Hoard of "-'.duration may
miiloy Comity Superintendent tor
all his time at such salary as may
lie fixed by them.
ti.No child w till negro wood in
his veins however remote the
strain, shall attend a school for the
white race.
"10. Annual statements of the
reeeints and disbursements of the
Hoard of '"duration are reunited to
be published."
bv its use. Them is nothing any
where just an good for Lung and need ScOttS UmulsiOn
Throat troubles lla positively! - , . , ,
guaranteed by Knglish Drug Co. t makCS neV flesh and
Price Stic aud l. Trial Isntlcs tree. gi'CS nCW IHC tO thC Weak
Saved by Hanging Head Down- System.
ward. ScOttS Emulsion gCtS
A special fiom Ili-idsviile lo The thin and Weak persons OUt 'auu y helpless in the stable until
Tittle Cora Norman, It year, old..0 ,tnte, rut; " maeS nc,W'
has been in a critic.ii condition for rich blood, strengthens the
the past several da but her con-' ncrvcs an(J rjivCS appetite
ditlon to day is somew hat linprov- ,. r 1
cd. While lumping a rope ut lor ordinary food.
school a few days ago she bunt a Scott's Hmulsion Can be
blood vessel, and until hut evening ' . . . ,
there waa a continuous flow of.tkcn 33 long US SlcknCSS
blood, bhe is (piile weak, and ut lasts and do POOd all the
i,. ni.iiu. .i..,.,.i...,n.i i. .
FlfW lliuv itiv piinivinua niiii.iiiiii 11 fim
allhojieof saving her life. Thelu"""
1 ncre s new strength
and flesh in every dose.
entire covering ou ber bed was
more than once saturated in blood.
For at least fiifteeo minutes yester
day she seemed dead, but by hang
ing ber head downward the blood
rushed to her head and caused her
heart to commence beating. She
ia the daughter of Mr. Will Nor
m in and a sister of Dr. George W.
Nurinan, of Keidsville. The little
lady has not suffered a particle hut
the g.aeual loss of blood has make
herextremely weak. She is one of
the graded school' i brlghest pupils j L
Wt will b flad
to send you a few
doses free.
Bt Mt ikkl Sk ptrtvft In
tttt form o4 IXmI Ian tM
wninp ( tvrw bet l it 4
fcwHluo fm bay.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
Mb mi $li ltvjjbU.
Hurt Green, a., notorious negro,
who attacked Mr. Sii'l'Uug Allen
with a billet of wood nearvWi
miiigton and nearly killed him, sur
rendered himself voluntarily to the
officers, saving, "I have assaulted
a w hite man with a deadly weapon,
the police are looking for me and 1
want to begiu work right away on
the chain gang." Heforo llreen's
confession no one knew who P. was
that had assaulted Mr. Allen.
Lost Hi Nerve. .
Those who climb mountains fre
quently find the dixzy depths too
much for them and loose their
nervo. Such in always the expe
rience of thixie who neglect their
stomach or Itowels Self preserva
tion demands Dr. King's New Life
Pills They are gentle, but thor
ough. Only 25e at Knglish Drug
Kidney Trouble Hakes Ton Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads tho news
papers is sure lo know of Ire wonderful
cures made ty Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the rreat kidney, livtr
end bladder remedy,
f m ii is me rreat meai-
rMt cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; di:
covered after years of
tv'N.B Dr. Mimer, ine eml
ncni mane sna d lad
der sreclallit, and Is
wonderfully successful In promptly curinf
lame back, kidney, Biadoer, uric tela trou
bles and Bright t Disease, which Is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Ur. Kilmer a bwamp-KOOi is not reo
ipm Ticnded for everyihinj but If you have kid-
ncyrnvcror bladder trouble It will be foune
u the remeayyou need. Il has been tested
In so many ways, In Wipl'sl work, In prlvatt
practice, among the helplessT8fS' 10 Pur"
cruse relief and has proved so succe:
every case that a special trranrement has
been made By whicn an readers oi mis paper
who have not already tiled II, may have a
ample bottle sent Ire by mall, also a book
lolling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out II you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention readlnf this renerous
otter la this paper and
wnA wmir a.lilriDKa la
Dr. Kilmer &Co..Blnr- ISW
hamion, N. Y. The
rerular fifty cent snd
dollar sites art sold by til food druf (Ut
Don't make any mistake, tut
ri'tnembrr- the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Samp-Rool,
and the address, llingliamton, N.
Y., on every bottle.
m in
with the wat3 ' f our customers,
wo open up the new spring sea
son. What you need, when you
need it and at the price you can
Monroe Hardware Gomoanu's BuqqIcs,
Msr Haoons,
Gloe and LytGH Cotton tenters,
Oliver cHilled and Vulcan Plows,
Sherwin-Williams Paint.
swii s.p tana.
torn Imil ilst natural etfoct, anil fur
week VM)2 iiinniert have lici-n
si-lling high; nniiiiig from two
and a bulf and three cents each to
five, seven and ten vents apiece.
the kuowleilge that the ailvor-
tiseinent was inserted with intent
to deceive did not reach here until
yeNtcrday. It was Raid that tg
holdiDf; over o, penniex, he-lonp-inn
to speculators in this sec
tion, reached Washington Satur
day morning, ami, keeping com
pany with copper that cume irom
many other sources, were about to
lie taken to the clothing store to
be redeemed at the 18 cents valua
tion, when it was discovered that
a visit to the titore would provoke
ridicule and allow no proht. It
was declared that the lirst man
who entered the store presented
1,U00 pennies ami ilemamleu lk
cents for each copper.
"lou have misunderstood the
advertisement,'1 was the reply.
"Hut you said you would give
18 cents for VMfi pennies.
"Certainly: we are prepared
now to give 18 cents for one thous
and, nineteen hundred and two
Then the would ho vendor un
derstood tho game that had hero
played, shouldered his coppers and
walked away. Other men who
en mo carrying coppers as a prize
were met w ith a similar reception.
And the copper that went up to
Washington from the piedmont
section was shipped hack homo.
Mr. Uresham said lust night I hut
he had hren told that the enter
prising btiKioess men who worked
the advertisement bad been ar-
inrwi rflrted in (Jbarlotte lant
night that Miff Cd scramble for
the l!Kr2 pennies was WU 'n
tained. Pennies of that date (cW
for 9 cents each in Mooresville
yesterday, it was declared, and
were still bringing a fancy price
in Salisbury and other neighboring
towns. The agitation over copper
bas struck the rural districts of
nppcr South Carolina and unless
runners convey the intelligence of
the fake gamo into tho various
hamlct-i the fierce rnsh for one
cent p eces may lat for a good
many days.
of Union,
Opened for business Monday, November 3rd, ot)2, in the Opera House
Building, East of the Court House, w ith a new Burglar and Fire
proof Sate, Time Lock, and Burglar Insurance.
Officers Bonded in a Strong Surety Company.
Combined wealth of Stockholders over $500,000.
We otter to depositors and investor perfect security for all mon-
les Mt w Ith us. Accounts of ncrchants, Manuiacturers, Kai
Men, Farmer., and of the Public generally Sillclted. Loans made
promptly on approved paper. Call and see u In the New Bank.
ft uitue sideTaiK on
waiGhiss and Jewelry i
W c have just received a new supply
of watches anJ Jewelry and those want-
fing to purcha.e a w atch, now Is the
time. We want you to compare in
prices we name K-low and see if wa do
not save you from 21) to 25 per cent
18 7 jewel Elgin In solid nickel case at $4.98
-fslie 7 Jewel Scth Thomas In solid nickel case at $3 W
18 aiV T-jfAS1 1-lKirt In "r l ay's case at $9-75
Wa alio have mTinsiies at priie that will save you money.
We have In stock the celcbratftLUI' KU t"'1" 'l reduction-
Dpn't fail to nie us a caliT".
The W. J. RudgeloT
..... !.

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