North Carolina Newspapers

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liLpector Amu-tint Epcr'etce
in the Country A Konua't
Thirst tor Uowip.
"The introduction ol telephones
into the rural districts has produc
ed many amusing is well as irrita
ting incidents," siiJ art inspector
lor the country division of a te'e
phene company. "During the
summer and 111 1 assisted in the
installation of several circuits and
looked after them f r some time
following. I was half amused and
half angry during the whole period
and I dont really know now wheth
er I enjoyed the work or not.
,-Th. people w ere eager to ac
cept the telephone, but their
ignorance regarding its use gave
us some trouble at lirst. How
ever, they soon learned to use the
instruments, and then the real
trouble and fun began. One of
our circuits, which supplied about
twenty subscribers, kept me on
the run for s.-ine time.
"Shortly after it had been put
in operation complaints as to in
ability to get connection with a
part of the line came in, and 1
started out to tiud the caise ol
the trouble. I ran it down U the
house of a certain farmer, and
when I called the trouble was ap
perent as soon as he took me into
the living-room. There sat his
w ife in a rocking chair. She was
sewing, and tied to the back ol
the chair was the receiver of the
telephone so adjusted that she
could place her ear tJ it without
changing her position. Of course
this cutoff the subscribe ts beyond
her, but it enabled her to hear
the gossip of tier neighbors at the
other end.
" 'Very convenient,' I remark
ed. " 'Yes,' she said, 'it is a com
fort to hear what the neighbors
are saying, an. I I c-.u g rght on
with my work at the same time,'
"I then remonstrated with
them for this interruption of bus
iness, and they became indignant.
They said they paid for the tele
phone and had a riht to use it as i
they pleased. It t.'ok me s.'ine ;
time to explain things, and I left
them dissatisfied.
US 1'KNIN' . IK ol III i; 1 UK
"The curioity wlmh possessed
the people of this line was aston
ishing. I 'ailing up a number and
listening intently, jou could hear
the click, chek of several instru
ments as their neighbors cut in to
hear what was said. Sometimes
an eavesdropper would become
so interested a a to interrupt and
join in a conversation.
"Two waggish young farmers,
aw are of the fad that several per
sons were listening, shamelessly
talked of a mythical incident pre
pared for the purpose, and the re
sult was to set the whole neigh
borhood by the ears and almost
t produce a slander suit.
"One day I received a com
plaint that it was impossible to
get a response from a certain sub-!
scriber, so I rode out to visit him,
I found the telephone bell muffled
with a handkerchief so it
emitted no sound,
" 'You see,' said the mistress
of the house, 'the noise of that
bell wakes the baby, so I fust fix
ed it that way. When I want to
talk to any one 1 take out the
"Hut,- I remonstrated, 'when
any one wants to talk to you he
can't attract your attention.'
" 'Sure enough,' she said, 'but
I never tin ught of that. '
"A break in the line occurred
one day and after considerable
search I found it at a crossing,
where it had been broken by a
farmer with a load of hay. He
had repaired the break satisfacto
rily to himself by tying the ends
of the broken wire together with
binding twine. When I took hiin
to task for breaking the wire he
excused himself by saying:
" 'I mended it right away. It
wasn't open ten minutes.'
"A short circuit being reported
one day, I went out to find it. I
found it at the house of a sub
scriber whose family used the in
strument as a sort of bracket shelf
nn which to keep odds and ends.
Among other things it contained
was a harmonica, which was
placed so as to connect the bind
ing posts of the instrument. The
metal sides of the harp made a
conductor which did the business.
impression that the wire was ho!
"Howsilly," I remarked, when
A Heavy Tragedy,
Visitor fruui Iturliugtuu brought
the cause of the break WMei.!wB"'","",'""t
, . .. i dav of avrrv tragic oocurrvuoetnat
now, assej oneoi trie Doys, I
can you talk through a wire un- , lriili j , M.jnii' t-uurt
less it is hollow.' jr, Hauift Hugh Mi Ia-.iii. wvrv
"The use of the system for tarv and treasurer if tlie N..nii
some time produced rows among t'aruliiui KiiUux and aell kmmu
people. Oo these circuits as many lawyer, and Mr. t arro.l ol Hiirluij:
a twenty ub-ribs used the !'". lawyer, atvuwd raeli
same wire, and each seemed to
think he had the tight of way. and
a farmer impatient to learn the
price of hogs would sometimes
break into a conversation between
two girls gossiping over the last
picnic, and feel himself perfectly
justified, although the girl might
feel otherwise. Of course trouble
"It is not that country people
are so much different from city
residents, but the conditions on
country and city systems ar- dif
ferent. Each subscriber being
isolated has fewr opportunities
for discussirg the telephone and
must have time to learn the meth
ods and to ascertain his own
rights and the rights of others.
"Or. the older rural lines there
is probably less trouble than in
the towns, but until experience
has brought its results the rural
telephone inspectors will have a
hard time."
fifteen Wars Ago.
-h.T. T:
Mll'T ol" lllilirol'osioiial conduct.
A printer by t lie name oi II liijh
tun, who 1mi .iiie rvpiit.ilioii l"i
bring a wag. t.dd t-lh Mr. MeU-.iu
awl Mr. Carroll thai each had
tlin-.Ueurd to liu4 the other on
A few day later Mr. Melaan
ami Mr. Carroll. Middelily turning
a comer, confronted earli oilier.
Mr. Mela-iu rv.iclicd for his hip
H Let and vlld
"Sir, if you pro.ii d another Mcp
I mil riddle oti with biilletv"
"I jH-rivne," Mid Mr. Carroll,
also reaching for his hip poelrt.
"that you aiv ai uiitl. lint it ' "ii
move on me. Mr. you arc a dead
Ilon itii-d ciiiciis and a police
man intci len d, and the l lli-nm
ere searched a a precautionary
I lot h were unarmed.
lames Ilolliway. wa
recently appointed earner on a
rural frro delivery route from
l.oiiisburg. having won the ap
IHiillhllcnt Ihroilli a civ il rt V ire
examination. Judge TiirU rlakc.
l.'epliblirau. rry much ohirctcd to
Ilolliway and wi-ul lo .ilin.l.'i.
toliaictlie aMiul incut revoked,
lb-alleged 1 Ilolliway a an
olleti-iw pail i vin and a" IVmo
ci at ic regional' had denied duly
iialilied Kt-puhlicaiift I he nhtl"
evcniM' the elective li'iuii'lii--.
SuN-riliteudelit M.loheli. of tile I II
lal delivery sen ire. vny pivjicrly '
derided that iUe- j
Hons did not cnlci into tlie iii.ilili
cation-of a mail earner and lid!; i
ay got the job.
Mrs. liimp 1- Ml Si ilehei '
much of a divmakci .' i
Mis. l'iping -Splendid. She!
never ha- to make a die-.- ovei I
inoie than two or tlmv time-. !
i V A
Tb Kind Yon llavi Alvvavs nought, and which baa bee
In u- Tor over :u yean, has borne tho iimtr of
unit bas ben mad under hi per-
-tlc?.' Allowmoii'tMle-einithim
All I'iMiiitcrffits Imitation and Jiit-n-Bwnl,,ar but
t:ieriiiu nt that trille with and cml iner the health of
Infants urnl C Uildrrii-l'viM riciic. ugaiu-t lliperiiueuk
Cu(oria N a hariiile-" mib-tiiutp for t'a-tor Oil, Pare
goric, lro ami s.Hihin Nyriii. It is I'leu-ant. It
contain ui-itlter 0inia, lorpliiuv Imr oilier Narcotic
iili-lance. lit ai; it lit gnaraiile'. It lelr Worms
und ullav IVvcri-liiH- . Il -nre li.irrlra and MIimI
Colic. It relieve Tccthine TnmWe. run- t'on-tiMtiou
and I'latlileiic). Il a iniiliile tlie I'immI, reglllulrft th
tloin.i h Miut iuincl-, Kixins; licaliliy and iialurui ttleep.
The t liiUlrcu's raiiava-1 lie M oilier I riend.
Ecars the Signature of
Tlie Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
I ..f In II Jam-
The Man Who Ate the (irass.
Too liniii-ilive.
Wife Such a dic.iin a-la-l
nilit, dear.
Ilu-liiind -Mav I hear a!.nt
Weil, vo-. I dii. lined that I
III :l j;rcal e.-talM i-lilneiil l.eie 1 1 1 -
sold llll-li.lllds. I llele ele Ik ill
ties: -nine 111 yl.t ea-i'- and mai -cil
ill feailul pliee-. and ullnl
weic sold ;it lev. tiun-. linl
vveie paying out I..1I1I1-and i-IIih
the liaiul-iiinc-l ini ii I ever -aw.
It was wonderful."
"hid Von -re auv like me I here,
"Vc. .In-t ;l- I vva- leav i iis I
saw aw hide lot like y on ly iu; on
Ihe reninanl ciiuuler."
home-tic Kconniny ,
1'oiir Man - Well, did you jjei
that I k telling all admit lnw to
eeollniiiie ill the kitchen?
Wife -Yes; I've it.
1'iMir Man Thai' I, W hat
does il say f
Wife- It's full of irciics tellni
llow In litill.e cold loa-t tlllkev'
- hilt we haven't the till kev .
VoiTif Ii:sii)iNci:
May not contain the latest style
Furniture that you would like
for both beauty and use, and, if
not. it will pay you to examine
our line of
8 China Closets, Side-boards, Extension
Tables, Chairs, Suits and Single Pieces
r V oil lrinr1c XTi- r v ri o Ir a trnn
iilnW .
In the Sunday school Uiat he lia.
oif;aiiicd for tin- eolton mill clnl
dicu l!cv. (ieiirp II. Atkinson of
flu city lias a simple but forceful
method of leailiiiij;. Sunday, a
fortnight aj.'o, lie told the uieiiiliers
of his chiss iihoiit,
and he sought to impress upon
their minds the history of this ruler
by desci ihiiitf him us a mail who
ate (iii.-s. "Keiucniher Ncbiichad
nn:ir, the man who eats j;ras.s."
Mid he: iu-t as line iniL'lit urolane.
ly Siiy. "la-liieinliei' Koscih-,
eat. 'em alive.''
"Now. who was tlie man alio alelerilieal illness of his sister at lay
the urasjif" iiieried Mr. Atkiiisuiu ! lorsvilU-. w a- i-oinproiuised by ihi
last Sunday, and all the scholars defendant eoiupany paying to tin
looked i i k execnt one little low --1 plaint i tl' the siim of .';n and !ln
. i , , ' ,, .
lira i cuap, wuo sain lie Knew
lakinn all 5ale.
"Ye-," ,-illd the lllllv 1 1 If
"I w ant o L'l e .lullli .1 l;.....
"A heitv y oucf"
"Ol eouise. Nothing less than
llnee tons w ill ever Imld him dovv n.
I want to In- i i i i t - sure of liim!"
The case of T. I'. Crouch of I'm'
est City njjiliii-t the Western I inmi
who! Telenraph Company for Ihe lion
,i i : e .. ... I : . . i .
ilieiivcry 01 a iciciaui leiiin ui uie
the man.
"Whof" said Mr. Alkiusoti.
"Cap!, lirenizer," was the reply
So lunch for plionelies: so liiueli
lor tribute lo dipt. A. li. l!ionier,
ciishier of lliet'oiiimereial National
Ihe act ion, which was
in lluthei lord Supci ioi
Mr. (allow Krliej; pardon
Misa SnapN, but ran I smoke!
Miss SnapM' I'm sure I don't
know, but if you've never tried
la-lore, please don't lM'in here.
Days Whs My Life's
"A farmer complained one day
that his instrument failed to work
at times.
"It seems to take a sort of lay.
off every Monday,' he said. 'Oth
er days it works all right.' So the
next Monday I visited him. I
discovered the trouble immedi
ately. It was wash day, and the
wires leading from the main line
to the house were being used as a
clothes' line. The wet, heavy
clothes thrown across the wires
spoiled the circuit. It was only
on washing day that this trouble
"As people grew accustomed
to the instrument and ceased to
be afraid of it troubles frequently
arose through the curiosity of the
children, who loosened screws
and drew out the wires. On one
occasion the wire was filed
through by a couple of boys, who
lisputed as to the size of the hole
contained, they being under tbe
Agony From Inherit
ed Heart Disease.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
Cured Me.
On ptnom ii mry loor kn wtik lieut
Total promptly treated a weak heart w,U
etalf become a diieaied heart. A little extra
train (mm ane cauie ii sufficient to brinf on
this deadly Malady, the moit common cauae
of audden death. Uf. Milei' Heart Can will
tone up Iho heart's action, enrich Utt blood
and improve, the circulation.
"My trouble began with catarrh and I have
always supposed it caused the trouble 1 have
eiperienccd with my heart. 1 had the ureal
symptoms A sleeplessness, kt appetite, con
stipation, palpitation ol the heart, shortness
of breath and pain amund the heart and un
der left ami. My mother suffered in tbe same
way and I suppose mine was an inherited
tendency. At one time I was in nyonr. I
suffered so severely and became so weak
thm my doctors said 1 could not lire thirty
days. At this time I had not slept over two
nours n merit on account ol nervousness.
1 n least escrcise. such as walking- nnout,
would ovine; on palpitation and luttenn of
the heart so severe that I would have lo five
up evervthinr and rest Nerve and Liver
fills cured me ol constipation aad heart
symptoms disappeared under the mfteeac
oi Dr. Milts' New Heart Cure, I am in
better health lhan I have been la twelve
Tears and I thank lie. Miles Remedies for it.
think they art the rramltst remedies on
earth and I am constantly recommend me
them to my friends." Max L j. Cnnrrnnu,
waxanacaie, iea.
All dnirfitts sell and fnaraateej first bot
tle Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send lot (ret book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
1. kUes Midicnl Co, Llaisrt, Imi.
cost ot
I'.il llnidshuw, roliin-il, mi em
ployi1 nf the Southern liailwny, iw
killed :il the p;ist-iit'r station in
(ii'1-eii-.liiiro Sunday mlil. frail
mIiiiw was working villi an air
brake Ix-tween two eat of train
No. .'!!, our of the l'al mirth huinal
I rams, w hen his head was eaulit
In-t ween the 1iiiiiimts mid ma-dicd
into a .jelly, lie died instantly.
Tlie engineer, who did not know
lliat the unfortunate man wiis be
twiTii Hit cars, was b.iikin;: his
train lo get witter.
of all kinds.
prices on these goods that will
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furniture Dealer and l unenil Director.
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I'. II H I lili I re
T J It t:K. i,-e I'res. It. I.. KI.ANIU AN. Mer au.l Trens.
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Faison-Wincnester Go.
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Un) ins
and scllinir hind is our business
Stock Horse!
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and wc bundle properly wlii-h you may have been unsuccessful
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watches and jeweim
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I of tnaUheaanJ jewelry and thusc w ant-
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lime. We want you to compare the
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Thfl W J Rnrtfffl Hn !
The ReaMMt.
S1..-1I- viy li h.vt- an", jrt
f- li.i only Lttoa ti inr Imo day.
Ili-r Fri. tl -- Well, prrua
th it'a tin- rv.iMiu, drar.
Vou Know What You are Taking
Wlirn ua ULc t .iovr Totrlrta Chill
l.uiic lwcaua tl f. laiuia is p'aioly
tnttilrj rvttv U-tllr slioaiine that il
is i :p',y lion a uil IJniiiiur in a taste
il.ssf. iui. Na Cuie. No I'av. oc.
All Aboard for
Good Bread.
Many a 'well-meant, well-pl.mncd attempt at bn-ad-m.iking is
w recked on the .ohoals ol poor flour. Cheap Hour is bid Hour its
low price is the maker's excuse (or the inferiority ul his produet
(iood bread is not hard to make- Hall the voyage is over w hen you
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I in ' naligana, . aa -Stw T-:".Sistaa.jnjw
VUXKOU, s. c,
"v.lii its tbe patit-uacr of the people of
atom. and -.urtoiin Jiui community,
t .t!! a'iMMTi-J itt tljy from tuglish
luit Sl. :r; bl t.ilit fioui reaidrnra
on C t ui . I flin t. 11. one No. 4H.
ill i.uti.e 111 all tlie State anJ I'nil
r.l Mai. s t J-iHiiall attrnlit-a
eit-n lo tfir !-lti--mt-til ut rsUtea (tr
e.u 11.I1 ns, I leenti-ts anJ
a'-J tiie colleelioti ol rlaiain.
KravMui-le riian . Alo ae.rot and
'o.l att. rm y tor tbe I'atitlier City
Hi. in,- t' .ii. I lite, luMU whuli loans
iniy tie i'.i!.-ii iJ on real estate, t'lfi.e
K-r.r .!""r eit nf M. L. How Co'i
toll". I'll. me No. iJ.
llbiEcy 5d CoBnse!Ior-it-L2i,
Mumii.i., N. C.
Pro. ij't i.tti-iitinn Kuril to all mat
ters plai i J in 0.11 Im:hIs.
M;il..n;Miirht of rt.ilia f ir RliarJ
lam. and nirutois a
opreiittty. Chari;t-a reasenaMe.
Clfiee ry of Courthouse, (formerly
octvj-it-J hv IIip lile l A. Ci-vitii-ljn.)
People's Bank
S.'Krits vour arrotiiit and hankiiit
bn in, s ... xuaraiitie A HSOI.t'TE
SI.Cl KI1V, pi.nii'tiirss and all the
' jre..-:'iiiii-i!.iliiiii Hint SDl'ND hank
in; ill uf. Iiili ieit raid, ac
c.'i.liii .i :.;iei-lii nt, oil deposits left
lor o n ta!d petiod. Ala) ready
if loan? mi ;'i TOf.l pier.
O. I'. I1KA1H, Presidtit,
i M. L. FLOW,
COTmi'MiWif c( 0-tis 1 Sojtli riruliiu, Il
Kv.;li t'iiiil n.i: a Jarfht o( llw Pun
,r I'oxii t'jOTiy. irl Nury Public
i tor NoCfi UiOi:i;d. :: ::
i d .ilti' veil to taUnf A : -i'i.iau'-;,
A. kiiimieillrlliclll rr I'lool of
IV. d-. M. il.-aue.-, CoiitiaeN. H:ll ol
.!..;, I' . . i t Alt. .Hire, l--:,iiiiei4-'
ti us . t I i and Into 1 il .:n -, li-p-
. . t s ...i,Vii:.i.j .tid I'd! -all. it Deedn,
1 M..!,i 1. ,i:i,1
stall- U .11 .. it
i:i I Altai hint
in. 1
make doctor hills; dry leet tn.tke happy, roiiifort.ilile pci ple a. id
saves taking medicine. Lots of siek people around n :v because
they have not bought our Hamilton-Hrowii,
Battle k and Stone Crusher Sloes,
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O . 1 . AJJD JUL
Eureka Liniment.
Thi Liniment will remove snavin. snllnt.
rinelroni-s, and nil cartilaginous crowths
when applied in the earlier stages of the
disease. Oni of thn mnt rnmmnn limn.
ncsses, however, among horses and mules is
sprain ot tlie hack temlon, caused hy over
loading and hard driving. Ashcraft'g Eureka
Liniment is a never-failing remedy. The
Liniment Is also extensively used for chronic
rncumatisin, ami sun joints ot all kinds.
For chronic scratches Ashcmft's Lnrcka Lini
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tions will cure this disease in its worst form.
Owing to the wonderful antiseptic qualities, the
Eureka Liniment should 1ms used in the treatment
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ent. It is hoth healing and cleansing, entirely
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Users of Ashcraft's Eureka Liniment must re
mcml)er it should not he used on feverish parts
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, 1 4
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t tup is, tin! Sinn-
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t": .t 1. I.. I 1 Co.'a Store,
i 1 -t ! i lli-niM-,, N . C
; S A. STEVENS, M. d7"
Mi-NK K, N. c.
la!!- ... tti-ii-d 111 day from 1'iiiilisll
!ii.:; M 1,.; at iii;l.t I10111 room over
t I. lis.. 1 Ii I'iiii; Sim plioiii- yH. OlfieB
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vo Mini:, N- r.
t .1:1- j 1 . ; . 1 -i j aiiMwird in day fiom
; II i.i-i. ii I'm.: Store; at mcht from
' n -I.!, ii, i-1 1 C -Ii. .i- Stu-ft .
! tlll-.-e lil l it. 11 -aid lillllilllli;.
! Oili.-e 1,11,1 11 t i i:.A. M. riioiie 141.
I li.iv rails uii;-eied fiom i loitsluii'a
til u Mi !- ati.l oliii e, 'pliolie 4.'i. Nilit
' In. in Con. mot 1 lal Unti l, 'plione iy.
; Sl'KC HON 1) V. X TI ST,
' OiTu-e lip kliirs, l iteral I lHiildiug,
1 Nortliwet of Courthouse,
' Monroe, N. C,
I Kt k AMI il 1 :-. I l l is C, UiLIIAUS,
j Attorneys and Counsellors at Lav.
monkih:. s. c.
I'lai-tiee in all the State and I'uileJ
Sl.itrs C. 1111 Is.
rruiupt attcition civen lo collec
I lions and general law piaelice.
j W IVinoti'i inti iesti-d ill tlie settle
I ncnt ol e-tati's, admiiiistiators, exe
j ruC-rs, and cnaidi.uis are especially
i-. 'ti .1 to r ill on tliem,
1 Coi.tiii itd am! 1 ..iiit.iliiiK attention
i iil I (.iu-n, at a 'faauiialile price,
' to all I-1; 'I Inisincfa,
( );ili i- 111 com thuuse opposite Clerk'l
' uVi.r,
j llM.y I , ADAMS. .Ill-MAS ). JF.IOUK.
unomYS ai law,
I'rai tlcc in all tlie Courts, Stale and
Federal Tlie iiidiiaceiurnt of enlates
,cr evi-ci.; 11s, ,i itui a ai-prciul
ly. Can fill un I il . 1 i 1 1 1 attention
imii to tin- forei lomiic uf niurtKai;ri
til r.II.etijii of eliiiins. Moury
j oaurd nitliotitexieUKd to lender. All n -ii iv(ii iioi.i.i iiii i.icmi
itli iilii-n. (lu ce i a-t of courlliouie.
K. II. K.doiiif. A. M. Stack
lomeys-ul- Liih1,
hat tire in nil I lie State and Fedrr
il C1.11. ta. Will manage estates for
Fireuloia, Adininisti atom and Guar
Jianl for rra.-ol.alilti pay; and oiil
(orcihse iiinrli;j(;n and n-;oliate
loans, nitlionl ex n.-e lo Moiliig f
Hid Mon-y l.rntlrift.wi.ei! prartieutile.
Of';:.' Noitlme.-.t. rn looms, first
fi'i'T, ClHllll.Oi'.::r,
tion guar
Office over
Drug Co s.
V.'i'l he at MarsliVillr, N. C, on first
nd Iliird Mondays of each month, and
t Maltlicws on aecoud and fourth
Mondays. Phone tjJ
I Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
I has stood the test 25 yean. Average Annual Sales over Ono end a Hal Minion
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you ? No Cure, No Pay. 50c
Inrtnaai wfcl. nvnry fcottte kiTtn Cm. ot Crew't tik tVoot. Uvr Win.

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