THE MONROE JOTJRN XI "i.7j 0 VOLUME X. NO 9 MONROE, N. C. TUESDAY MARCH 31,1003 One Dollar a Year : I ..ti:. t: ' ... A Fact that Ought to Impress. Blak JhttaMn. la PnvivwlTV Tmrmw. There U one thine that I would like to impress on the mind of ft err cotton raiser, and that is, that it take the some labor for an acre whether the yield is three him dred or twelve hundred pounds. riant the beat ground and let what is worn out grow pine timber lor the future generations. The Morally Stunted Com Up 5miling. rhartttltf Ohrnn, You uever know how the Moral ly Miiuted are going to look at a thing or what they are really think inc. Here iu North Carolina when the Watts liquor bill was Intro dtieed in the Legislature and while it was under dinrtuwion they tu-reanied as if they were being half killed. Since it has pavied and the legislature has adjourned yon ran see one of them grin a quarter of a mile. .higntwt philauthrophy. Yet the ! general feeling toward Mr. Carne- u nw uuv oi gratiiuuv or auer tlou or even esteem. Ou the eon 1 1 trary. the reports of his bra-far tioiM seem to create diatinet irrita tion among all clawa aud eoudi- tions of men. We don't know whether Mr. Carnegie appreciates this fact or not. He is pretty well rurtinca behind a considerable self esteem which, in its turn, is guard ed by secretaries and by small vol nnteer bands of lesser millionaires, Itut it ia the well kuown truth. nevertheless, that people are rather anuoyed than pleased by Mr. Car negie and his gill. It would hard ly be going too far to say that the man w ho hangiven more money for the benefit of the public than any philanthropist of ancient or mod ern times is one of the mut nnpop- niar men In America. V e uote this fact with sincere regret, for we believe Mr. Carnegie honcKlly spires to benefit his race with his millions and that his desire to ei ploit his own name is secondary to uis main onject. WAR ON THE BUND TWER. I bit ion, high license or dispensary, i Planning Another Campaign for mere can oe no uiyimoo wnen it ; Education. It Was formally and Emphatically '"Hiiea to a Uesti..n of maintaining .v.,, ri.Hk. - oraer. . man wno oors; (invernor Ayeoek, HiateSurerin m sm ui run mum iigrr or, temlent of 1'ublie Inst met ion J. Y paimiiueonrranolijert tot hi. law. Joyuer and lr. Chas. IK Melver, un us tw m our nugni aim orusn eoustilutine the executive eomiuit aside the grumblings of these with of the North Carolina Kduca one great wave of righteous wrath, jtioual Conference, held a conference I lie spirit ol tins law is agaiust Jyestertl.iy regarding the proposed uir i.iepui seiimg oi niskey. i uai etueat lonal rsiupaign for the coin is an. nut ll IN suen a coou oue , ine K,lh,nil.r .,,,1 ft.ll Thee nr. Advice that Pleased the Devil, rrr.bytrrUn SiamlaM. We wonder if toe devil docs not applaud the sentiment that the preacher should never preach pol itics, as that prhase is generally meant, nnmelv, that be should nev er "cry aloud and spare not'' such institutions as the saloon and the lottery. It was a saloon politician who advised a Baptist editor the other day that it would be a great deal better fur him just to edit his umt anil let "politics " alone. Vermont and the South. I'n-.livlrrtan atan.lard. It may 1 just as well to put a pin right here and say that the de cline of temperance sentiment in Vermont is due to t tic decadence of that NUtc throngh the emigration of the best and immigration of the worst elements. While the ad vance of tem prance sentiment in the Mouth is due to the fact that a body of Anglo taxon freemen have the ballot in their own hands, thank you. The Cry for Much Legislation. R.trklnh'ham AiiKlNai-in. Kvery phase'of questions, from moving a court house to Pembroke, regulating tho hatching of turtle eggs and the catching of "wnall" mullets, clear on up in the order of their dignity and importance to amending the Federal constitution, conies before a legislature. There is a disposition! lol regulate every imaginable thing by law. Home people seem lo think that the rem edy for every inconvenience or fol ly is to put somebody in Jail. One wants to make it a juilable oflcuse for a tenant whose landlord has driven a hard bargain with him to leave his crop; another, to pick goose berries in tho Hlite Kidge mountains; another, to practice mental healing, christian science, ostconathv or corn doctoring; an other, if a man doesn't have the walls of his kitchen chimney foot thick, etc., etc. If the thing keeps on we will have as many miade- . i . w a nieanor statutes as tney useu io have capital felonies iu England, aud that would be intolerable. Legislation against fools is contrary to the genius und spirit of our in stitutions, and the laws should uot dog a man's every footstep. Honey or Sympathy. Ciller's Weekly. Young Mr. Kockefeller has arous ed a great deal of derision by a snecch before what we may call, for lack of a Itetter description, a ret rich o nick Stludav school Class, by declaring his opposition to gin of money. Byuipatny, ssjs an. Rockefeller, is what people ueed, and be proposes to deliver any part of the deck-load of sympathy that he carries to any person in need of assistance. People have luugneu at young Mr. Rockefeller anu inej have matlo no mistake in laugning Itut soniethinirmiclitbc said In de fence of his scheme. It is right to thin eitenf. that nnor people do need sympathy. They need mon . too. contrary to Mr. Rockcfel ler's penerous theories, but the money without the sympathy does not go far. This 4s proved in the can of Andrew Carnegie, air, Carnegie has given away millons in pursuit of what, from superficial appearances, seems a plan of the How Mr. Carnegie Does It. Ciller'. Weekly. Now, the American people are not strangely lacking in the virtue ol gratitude. They have as much of that quality as any other people. They seldom fail to reward with their esteem a millionaire who give away his money freely even when self advertisement sticks out all over the gift. Whv is Mr. Car negie an exception' hy do hid princely gins annoy and irritate list We imagine the reason may lie found somewhere in yonng Mr. itocketeners self helpful maxim. There is no apearance of svmpa puthy, of pity, of affection, of heart in Mr. Carnegie's gifts. Thev come nut of his pocket, not out ol himself, lie has confessed to s luxurious indifference lo the needs of tlio poor ami unfortunate. His secretaries destroy the appeals ol the losers In tiie liattleof life. And that is the Haw that every one un consciously detects in his lienefae tions. They arc cold, methodical, statistical. They consist in a trans fer of certain millions of dollars, or certificates of stock or bonds from the bank account of Andrew Car negie to the bank account of the trustees of a library. No human pulse was ever made to beat faster by such an act of calculated nltru ism. No contact with suffering hu manity is required; no tears for the sorrowing; no comfort for the sf tlicU-il. The philnnthinist sits III home safeguarded from the throng ing woes of humanity and writes u check which enables a certain group of men to build a brow nslone building with the name of Andrew Carnegie on the cornerstone. The world may be the better fortius, but we cannot blame people who refrain from applauding a lieuefac tiou so chilly and remote. They are froneu by the nature of the gifts and offended by the patron!, ing manner of the giver. Money is not everything in this world. It is sometimes easier to give a dollar than to give a word of good cheer. Apparently it is impossible for some men to give both. Mr. Rocke feller's henefaction warm nolmdy's toes and Mr. Carnegie s lieuefac tions warm noliody's heart, lie tween the two spendthrifts Mr. Rockefeller pouring out his rich surplusage of sympathy, and Mr. urnCL'io Inundating small towns ith his money we might find the true rationale of a system of giving. As it Is we can hardly blame pen ile for more or less ridiculing tin one and resenting the other. Declared In a rU&s-Miting Last Thursday Night by Representa tive Citizens Call Issued for a County Organization County's Representatives Thanked for the Passage of the Law to Prevent Illegal 5ale of Whiskey and the Meaning of the Statute Ex plained. A larire mass meet ing of citizens of Monroe was held in the court not- ..i-i iimnuiav nmlit. under the auspices of the Auti Whiskey league, ami a war of externuna tion was fully, emphatically and finally declared upou the blind tigers of the town and county. These hard-skinned law-breakers were held up before the public gaze in their true light, and the people expressed a determination to have their scalps let it cost what it might iu hard work aud vigilant perseverance. The days of the blind tiger are utiuihercd, though be possess the usual niiuilier of lives claimed for animals of his kiud. The gathering was of those persons w ho mean w hat th,.y gay and will keep on meaning it. Mr. X. S. Ogluirn, president of the league, presided at the meeting, which was opened w ith a reaclinir of the Scripture and a praver by Key. . . Iloiievcutt. lr. II. 1. Stewart, one of the most active and earnest foes of the liquor traffic, was caned upon to explain the oh ject of the meeting. Iu part he said: IR. KI'KWAKT'H spkkch. Yon all are aware that we have some blind tigers. We have met ior me purpose .-i manning our representatives for civinn us a law hy which we cau break them up. We are proud of our representa tives und we have met to show hem that we expect to carry out the law. The fellows who want to sell liquor are denouncing this law. we have a list ol thirty-five blind tigers, twenty live pollers or car riers of liquor, mill ultoiit seventy- live of their customers. These cus tomers feel that they are obliged to have liquor and the tigeis furnish it to them. There are several kinds uf blind tigers, and they are all striking nt the foundations of soci ty. The difference Is-twecn the men who run these tlunas and those who steal is that you catch the latter easier. The difference etween them and the other kinds Weak? uffrd lerrlblv tnd WIT M- wmelr for I J" doctors said mf blood wt all turning lo wler. At list I rritd Ayer's SrMparil!i, snd was sooa feeling ail rinht ain." Mra. J. V. r'iaia, Hadlyma, O. No matter how longyou have been 111, nor how poorly you may be today, Aycr s Sars.iparilla is the best medicim you can take for purifying snd en riching the bl'XvcT. Don'tdnbti', rut your whole trust h i', throw away ev-rl- tlse. a S.--i'' . N MM . AvtnCo.. tILl Lost His Nerve. Those who climb mountains fro ineiitly find the dizzy depths too much for them and loose their nerve. Huch is always the expe rience of those who neglect their stomach or bowels. rVlf pnserva tion demands Dr. King's New Life Pills. They are gentle, but thor ough. Only 2."c at Knglish Drug Company a. A Thousand Bushel of Lettuce. Wllnlsabia Dlaialrh, lh. Today t!ie Southern KxpressCom nanv handled Its lirst solid veg etable train of the season out of Wilmineton. Theswcial consisted of five express cars and nearly one thousand baskets of lettuce were shipped from Wilmington alone, It was expected that between nere and (loldslMirothe tram would pick up over 1,000 more packages. 1 he principal points or sinpmcut were llaltiuiore. I'hiladelpnia and .ew York. Superintendent W illiams of the Southern Express Company told a reporter that the shipment from Wilminglou this morning was the largest ever made by his company for any one morning. Not only has the crop beeu a success, but the acreage is larger this season than ever befoie. That accounts for the increased shipments. The ex press company also handles vegetables on the Seaboard train leaving here at 4:: 10 p. m., putting them on the Northern markets the following day. This is an advantage to the growers, as they get off two ship menta daily. I at once ami you can try them for it. This traflic, legal nod illegal, is the grcatc-d evil on earth. Our liject is not to create sentiment, for we already have that, but it is to punish these persistent violators of the law. I here are people noii'h in this town w ho have seen iiml felt these evils lo put a stop to it with the help of this good law." WAYS' I'KX Hit s AM) HI IITI1.K Rev. Dr. A. M. Croxton spoke next, explaining the law. He said that the meeting wxs not a prohibi iou or temperance one, though perhaps nil present would like to uiiiige in one of that sort, nut it was to endorse tne act ion oi our representatives who gave us the law, which was made possible by the righteous actum of onr aider men in refusing to grunt license. This is a blind tiger law; let us call it so. We come to give the officers our co-operation in enforc imr the law. title there may be a variety of sentiment as to prohi that it almost enforces itelf. The day it was published many of the blind tigers weut out of business. and so we ratify this law which, if half earned out, will suppress the blind tigers. I nderthe old law there was great temptation to men to lie Is-fore the grand jury, and they did it. This does away with (hat by making the place of deliv ery the place of sale and the man w ho delivers it, no matter where he got it, is the seller. The law gives sufficient safety to good men. It has lieen said that persons may maliciously swear out warrant against some oue. This is not likely ever to be the case, and if it is the case would tie promptly dismissed as a malicious prosecution and the injured man could indict the pros ecutor for false arrest. There must In evidence that a mail is selling liquor, and this evidence must be sworn to Is-fore a si'arch warrant can liegiveu. Prima facie evidence is evidence that is sufficient to con vict unless it is rebutted, ami no mau w ho is uot i-elliug liquor would have any trouble iu showing that he was not. This law touches no man who docs not violate the law. We have the sympathy of th alder men and tho police, nud we want all good citizens to support them. The question just conies down to this: -Do you want ten or fifli-cn outlaws to hike your community by the throat !' A blue Iswik ha been made, and the man who doesn't want to go to the chain gang had Is'tter stop selling liquor. It must stop. We cannot stop it all tonight, lint just so sure as officers and other men cau do it, it w ill be stop ped. ' mii. iii.aki:m:y's kink kpkkcii. Mr. W. S. Rlakeuev, president of the Rank of 1'iiion, was the next penker, hiN subject being the ".Ne cessity of the supremacy of law and uder. HcmaucasplcuilidsiM'cch, showing that he possesses a Uncut, accurate and elegant vocabulary. Mr. lilakeiiey has achieved promi nence nt the bar in South Carolina ami served four years iu the State fore"a MoiiYoe sTriie'iliV'tt'as'a''li'cS!i pleasant one. He said that while he hail no desire to thrust his views forward, he deemed it his duty to respond to the invitation of the committee, as no good citi zen ought to refuse to speak a word at any time for law nnd order. A an who cultivates and expresses ut inieiils contrary to law und oi ¬ ler, is helping uiiarchy and is an ucipieiit criminal. Not all statute aw is periect, nut nirisi nimseii night Hiilmiissioii to the const it utcii authority in a day of great corrup tion and oppression, takeaway estrictions mid what would be time of your boasted lils-rty Liquor laws me imperfect and probably always will be. Liquor (CONTIM'KI) ON I'AliK TWO.) The liquor businesi is on the down grade in North Carolina just now. For instance, a dis tilling outfit wai sol J at public anctioo ooder a mortgage at Crouse last week and only brought $7. The GaMonia News lays the plant wit completed and. ordinal ily would have brought' or $7- ' Feed pale girls on Scott's Emulsion. We do not need to give al the reasons why Scott's Emulsion restores the strength and flesh and color of good health to those who suffer from sick blood. The fact that it is the best preparation of Cod Liver Oil, rich in nutrition, full of healthy stimulation is a suggestion as to why it does what it docs. Scott's Emulsion presents Cod Liver Oil at its best, fullest in strength, least in taste. Young women in thci teens M are permanently cured of the peculiar disease of the blood which shows itself in paleness, weakness and nervous ness, by regular treatment with Scott's Emulsion. It is a true blood food and is naturally adapted to the cure of the blood sickness from which so many young women suffer. pared a circular letter to all county superintendents asking for in for mat ion as to sentiment in their counties as to local taxatiou, rou solidation of school districts and improvement of school houses, the special pnrxie being to ascertain the best localities for coneeutrat iug agitatiou on these subjects to the best advantage. As soon as this information is ascertained the ram pal,;n will bo maped out, as was the rase last summer. A nunilier of prominent men in public life, as well as those engaged lu the pro fession of teaching, have Toiun teered their services for the cam paign, their expenses to he paid, as was the case last summer, by fuuds Irom the Southern hdncatlonal iioard. I'rof. K. C. ltrooks of Monroe will, as during last summer, be iu charge of the campaign, arranging dates Tor the various sjieakers aud public meetings. Prof. Iirooks is now entering for niallv iiimiii his permauent work in the office of the Superintendent of Inline Inst met ion. which will be especially the direction of this cam paign and the care of the records and accounts connected with the J0ti,iMKl loan fund created by the last legislature to tie loaued for building nnd improving public school houses. Prom Over the State. The postoffice nt Flat Rock, near Asheville, was burglarized, the safe blown oH'ii and 7(M stolen Tbu in lay night. The Imiicrial Tobacco Company has awarded the contract for what. it is said, will be the largest to bacco plant of its kind iu North Carolina. It will lie built at Wilson. While leaving the witness stand in court ut Wilmington, Mr. W. A. Furriss, a well-to-do business man f that town, was stricken with paralysis and liccamc helpless. His condition has somewhat improved since. It is stated that under the law lowing (he corporal iotrcoHtrtnriA. lo older union depots where they leeiu it necessary, several such lepots will le btiiit iu the State. Cant. T. K. Koliertson of Char lotte has been elected colonel ol the First Kegiment N. C. State iuaid, to till the vacancy mused .... i i i.- iv the promotion oi 101. i. r. rmlielil to The trial of Finest Haywood of Ualeigh, for the killing of J. Lint low Skinner on the streets of that etv n February last, lias neen Constructive Work In Public Ed-: ucatlon. Ttie In all tht yrart that North Caroliui haa beta attempting to n.aintin a tea of public education, not nntil no haa there been say real rooslruclivt work done opoo a arieotific batia. In the firit yeari the (real trouble was the people thtniKlve; the eailv edu eatora had to do real niiuiooarv work n the war of tonvineiue. people that e Juration waaa a good thing, and few of them did this. One or two earnest men came along and did good work, but aa a rule htlle real, thoughtful at tention ai given to the public achoola Those who were able to patronize pri vale achoola had a contempt for the public ones, and thoae who ahould have gotten moat benefit from them were sot aroused to the importance of any kind of education. But all lliii ia changed now. Voder the leadtrahip of a few thoughtful men ho have done battle ia aeaton and out in behalf if the free achoola, it may be aaid that we have at laat come upon the time that the State haa a definite and con structive ayatem for primary edura lion. The laat three tetiiona of the general aasenibly have giveu earnest effort to thia work and have finally succeeded in laying the miH ailla of a permanent primary system. The work of each of these sessions waa better lhao tl.e preceding one. Of the ses siun of 190 Governor Aycock says: The work of the session just closed baa been the best of any year in this espect. the policy ol securing al least a four months term in every school distiict haa beeu firmly and finally established. The question ut ustice to both racce will no longer be outested. In addition to these nn portent results provision haa been made by which the rural districts can ithout atoppiog acbool secure babita ble and decent acbool houses. Sale- uarded aa the loans for this purpose tie 10 tne course ot a lew years there should be 00 district without a fitting school building, all paid for, ud won at least lour months ol school n each year iu every district. It is a mistake for anyone lo suppose that (bete ia no need for better school ousea among us. Many achoola have been compelled to slop iu bad weather because the childreu could not endure tlis cold iu the rude aud open build nga used lor school houses. Those who ara accustomed to the school buildings in towns aud citiea and are not familiar with the country, do not realize lully the great work which the legislature baa done iu providing a means (or bettering the couutry school bouses. No aucb step (or universal nereturoie: i.'iiu, ,, j n. .- ur people live in the couutry, and an legislation which makes life easier and school facilitiea larger and the attrac tiona for education greater for so lart;e a part uf our population caunot be too highly omineuded. The new law ao equalizes the distri bution of funds that a four mouths term ia practically certain in every district. The creation of a special loan (uod of f 100,000 for building bet ter school houses, will, as the Govern or auggests, give each district the op- Savings. Loan ana Trustco.. MONROE, If. C. Oltu-e iu DiiUn.'s t'urniluie I -ui! Im. dnectly south of ai.d ' i i:ili!,.; tl.r C.j.ii ttmu- Otaui.'ed wider t.'.i Us, ! li e St. te f North Carolina. Officers: R. R. Redwino, President; J. M. Belk, Vice-Pros.; F. H. Wolfo, Cashier. Diroctora: J. M. Belk. A. W. Heath, A. J. Price, J. I. Orr, G. S. Lee, Er. J. B. Eubanks. R. B. Redwine, J. W. Eivens, J. Z. Green. Invites per, an,l oil. cr a . -i;ut - la: j;,- or sciiil - 51I jeet to check at ight, and allows iuttrest ju am-mi-iit. Issues cerliticatca of deposit 0:1 h ii:U-re?t is I'iiJ. Acta as aieot for municipal and private corporations n individual. Buys, arils and rruts real Uic :m 1; , property. Authorized by law to act as l.ji.utor, A lnouiktialor, Guar Jian, Agent, etc Can accept any tinst fur which aii 1:1! nJ;..u is eiiiole. In truht matters the company lo- jut any lepulable member of tl bar to whieh Ihey may be uisti mneutal 111 placm; in its chaige. By tbil meaus clients 111 jv r ut:nue to U iitt-.t ! y tin- ivrri;ht of their own counsel and at the same time secure coip.iraie responsibility. Endorses or i;uai.;;tees the paytut-ir. of nottrs or other obligatieua. Lends money at all times on approved securuy or on laud, Makea bonds for r threi, kii.l in cnciinul or civil judicial proceeJiuRS. Savings Hank feature dep - -its ill small sutn for saving a specialty, Procures loans for lion cs.- and null fcnj borrower! for those, desiring to h-nd money. GOOD BREAD COMES Only From GOOD FLOUR. Many a well-mc.-tnt, well-planned attempt at bread-making I wrecked on the shoals of poor flour. Cheap flour is bad flour--It I low?ricc is the maker's excuse for the inferiority of his prodnct. Good bread is not hard to make- Half the voyage is over when rou get good flour. Whiter, stronger, sharper, purer flour than ours can not be made- Therefore we caution you to ask for the "00L0EN ROD" and "" brand. These brand are sold at the low est price for which really first class flour can be sold and its price Is thethighest you need to pay in order to get the best. I Jew are ol bad flour and short weights- Our quality and weights re cuarantoad- Henderson Roller Mills Gompanu. J. E. HENDERSON, Manager. 3aiuiuaase&afcsrara Opening of Campaign Under the Watts Bill. Hsh'iirti New ami Olwrrvf r. The campaign against the saloon 11 North Carolina under the Watts ni t was formally startrd last nijrhl hen the .State exci'titive commit tee of the And Saloon u-agnr elected a malinger of the campaign, unlimited a day for the convention mid iiiithomcd a formal address to the people of the State. The convention waa called lor July "th. It i expected Hint the entire State will be represented mill that the hanner of the moral forces will Le raised aloft in a great convention of men who liclicve earnestly in moral supremacy. Mr. J. . liailey was chosen manager of the campaign. There are already a number of campaign era iu readiness, and he said lust night that he expected to hear from many other volunteer cam paigners. It is not unlikely that some of the foremost public men of the State will take a strong part in this movement. At present there is great interest. The battle Is on in Wilson; strong leagues have lieen formed in W it mingtou and Ashevillc and in many other places. "It will be a straight-out, earn eat and sweeping battle for moral supremacy," said Mr. Ilailey last night. "'When the issue is squarely drawn, I shall have no fear of the result. Hut 1 understand that the miloou people are prepared to light desperately, and 1 want every man and woman in North Carolina whose heart is with us to enlist un der our banner." ooslimned till July l"th. This portumlyol getting a good house will. trial promises to lie one of the most out stopping its ichool a term or two. important ever held in misstate. 1 So that when the present plain have The Ktnte neiiiteiitiarv box pur- beeu woiked out we may reasonably hased machinery at a cost of f. v. expect a four mouthi ichool in 1 good 000 for a modern brick plant This school house. The Stale itself will machinery will be installed aseurly gjve thia, and with this it gives the is possible and work will be begun, onnortunilv for the people to do more, The prison will then have the ea- By ,, ot i,,! ution tnj the en parity ol nan tig irom ,uu l.reement of diatricts the people may .0,000 ones a ui.y. hlye oner ,erm( be(er ,clcller, Mr. J. J. Yorke of Concord went be(tel .iiendance and ichool libraries out to shoot what he supposed to These must be the neat advanced iteps, Is- a chicken thief one night last I nJ (he Sl(e caDno, Jo ., A weeK. lie nreu away won urn shot gun und heard a heavy body full. In great liurtiirbiition he in vestigated and found that he had killed a neighlior s mule, Frank I lhicy, brother in law of Dr. Risk, who was shot at Tarnoro FOR SPRING WEAR! A new lot just received of: Sash Pins,) JDruuuiius, rxj fju wo Hat Pins,) Wnist Sets, Necklaces, Lockets, Cuff Muttons, etc. A bii; lot of Watches, Chains, Kings, Etc., just, in at tho very lowest prices. W. EL LINEBAOK, Jeweler, Monroe, N. C. 0O0O(XOO0O000C00OOOCN3O000COIX' ready the towns and cities have estab lished their own schools and the mon ey which they receive from the State ia a small part of their support. To I some degree the rural committees must, to enjoy the best educational I 0OOOOOOO0OOOOOO0OOO0OOO x iandl l,v Ilr. linker, haa written a public advantages, do the same. In Union . . . .1.1 ...,-!.! I . I U--.... I I letter, in winch lie aeciares inai couuiy uhs iur u uinuy s'" lr. linker claimed to have recelveu grow id a lubstantiai way and unless letters from Mra. I lass, and though we are deceived Union ii to be a ban- Dr. linss contiuually asked him to ... rountv In rural educational ad- show the letters or give an expia- vlnctnienti nation, he refused. Aggravated by this, Ir. Rush sought revenge and was killed. Vick. the negro postmaster at Wilson, has at last lieen defeated for renomiimtion by President Mr, naybrtck May be Released. Conwnl Tribune. The announcement that Mrs. Florence Maybrick is to be released from prison next year will lie re- Koosevelt, nnd a white man, one I h.e(1 wjth gia,im hy Dr. Person, recommended by ,.. .rim Th..imni. Pritehard, is the appointee. It is . u ro.rt,,.! havlnir enme , .1 . i in,. ! . . . n . . 1 sum inai me 1 ITWU. ..I ....! 1 .... . Hur ls 1 ofl c a . and is Viek down localise lie was a negro 0) tUin mat laorit'. For thir teen years this American woman but because he was not a good enoiiL'h Republican. The proba bility is that he turned nun down because Jlr. l'ritctiara wnimti 11 done. We wffi W fM fa atad t null! to awy wfltnr. a M HM n Sma kwl la dM nt al t.T Wole COTT BOWNE. CHwwdete, 409 read Su, Kew Yoik. More Riots. Distnrbancea of strikers are not nearly as grave as an Individual disorder of the system. Overwork, loss of sleep, nervous tension will be followed by utter collapse, un less a re iable remedy is immeui utelv fnitiloved. There is nothing so efficient to cure disorders of the fJvpr or Kidnevs as Klectrlc lilt tors. It's a wonderful tonic, aud effective nervine and the greatest all around medicine for run dowo systems. It dispels Nervousness, MiMiniatism and Neuralgia ana cx pels Malaria germs. Only IMie, and satisfaction guaranteed by Knglish Drug Co, has lain in an Knglish prison, con victed of having murdered her hus band, and through these years her trienils have labored unceasingly fur her release. Mav the tvnort The Plot Thickens. only be true and this woman, whom Itut that has nothing to do with I so many believe to tie innocent, tie the fact that there is not a Utter yet free to return to her first home Salve on earth than Itnrkleu Ar m America. uica Salve. It's a reliable cure for Bums, Hruisea, t'ut lon Bores How $ Thl$7 and Salt Klienm. 1 rieu ana iceieu Wt 0n, Hllndred Donn re and proved iufallllile lor 1 Ilea, ward far anv case of Catairh that cau Satisfaction guaranteed or money not be cured by Hall's Cartarrh Cvre. refunded by buglisu Drug LO. I F. J. Chsnit ft to., rioprietors, loieno, umo. We. tht soderaigned, have known F. I. Cheney for the past 1 5 yeara.and Shrill aiar. I b, him perfectly honorable in all The great Roods in the Missis-1 business tranaactiona, and financially Sirpi valley (or the past two weeks abl. to carry oat any oniiganona m.a. but emphssuei whst we nave Wno,tMhl Druggists.Toledo.O. with the wants of our customers, we open up the new spring sea son. What you need, when you need it and at the price you can pay. a fjaaa. f Monroe Hardware GoinDanu s Buooies, Weber waaons, Gloe ana Lytcli Cotton planters, Oliver chilled and Vulcan Plows, Sherwin-Williams Paint. oboooooooooooooooooooooooo I coocoooooooooooooooooooooo The Franklin 1 Th Best ol All. Typewiiter, been laying all along, vie that North Carolina is the best State in the Unioo. Her toil may not be so fertile as in some other sec tion, but all things considered out State in the veritable garden spot TMtiBlooi., (, ol the universe. Hall's Faaily Pills are lbs heat. Wilmro. Kissaa A Mabvih, Wholesale Druggists.Toledo.O. 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