Tr f 1 - - OQCXOOOOOOOOOOOOOCXXOs I - t . 1 I. .. . . . .r. ur nnp it ru rii-nu fTim ' ffilSe 1 (SI. A IlOic w Cut Suvl UIUJ ini the match artplwd, the hot blai-i "old variety. . ' . 1 1 . 1 . Tit-' It i n. -.!! 1 IV. ..f (k fiHlh Hl. stl CD inu W1CU rm vui & nv - needless here tJ Say """ In-l. .he b.le have availrd myU of ail the. ingnalWel.nKwto-1 y , c( the anJ lertiou ol now chose. This cl It. n 1 Different Siraol Bale-History . " Tfc- u.i-Uminnt m-ritrultural authors II . wim ... i . ,jk.k m ! wuu ihc Mine ol the Plant IWk to ISWe.ri visunroleJinJ ,he fife j couj chum, ami .hateicr h ( IteforeChrUt- ; J(cnt ou, Tbe air is M cora. slruck mi a iiiiivt:int in ctMi uHurj T.a. ; . . . . i h , h4Ve endeavored to in , l-ivf I, his nl sUlki tii-ld one ton : r""-'j t - Tt;, ...i l h,.L- sthich ram! to , ' ! it doe nut support com. corporate decoitiCJtor. hich grinds up the bustK'n- talks and roots and extracts the' cotton en. fibre. One ton el Ml; Ries The first cotun seed oil " .. t.joilU. ol fibre, which costs nuje ; China, the Chinese grind- cilDDOrCClVr ? to extracts I cents per lb. 1 ru ,h(. SceJ or ,heir cxen. The JUI 1 ltJJlliU hbie makes buRins "Hatr qu itity. jlrst cotton 0j manufactured in We will n-t dwuss the s"i"' Umii. a made in New Or- leans in l S'-tT an J 'l C(,st ,nc m.inin'.ut titer $i2.i" an ounce ' 2 wise of the plant expenses nu-s ch nery etc . Oil mills and oil '2 .mill pioducts will not be discussed. We will row argue the tut OK lOITl'N A MUTINY B C B. Lewis "iGtSTORia w i CASTOR AWftaltV IVpatalioa tor A SituOalira; tKrAilamiluMiiU ling the St nuCs ml lVvts of lMJ.u.o,,ll!n.U.'J The Tinted States (Vjvetniiieiit Standard ba'e is ji-jx:; inches 14 lonq, 2" wide, mil is intended to contain 500 pounds of lint cut ton. Some bales have less, some mere, but the Government always tstitnutes a 4j pound bale at 500 pounds and a oo found at 5 X) pounds. WluL" the fie of the bale is s ureal that it h is to be rolled about by steel hooks, the basgins is of such a coarse material that the di:st ar I rains penetratt it. and the coveting is torn efl more or less by the roth hand ing. M .re cr less cotton falls off and is lost or wasted. The bale has grown from ;oo lis to the bale in i;; to 0 pounds to the b.ile in 1 S'jo. The l"nptian bale, shipped to the Tnittd States from Cairo ami Alexandria. Kgypt, weis-hs 7.0 pounds. The Indian biles, ship ped from Hiinbay and Calcutta 1.1 the United States, weighs less tlnn the others, y2 pounds to the bale. The lVisian bale, slup ped from Constantinople tt litis country, weighs pounds. Tin American bale is b.nind with six steel ties and buckles. The Egyptian bale has i: steel lies anj buckles. The Indian bale lias the same an I the Persian ha four ropes tio I i.i a knot. The baggin? an i tie add pounds to the w Ight cd the bale A bale li iviii : j "iinls id tug ging and live pound of "t!d wun out steel lm" ( n it s. lis ..t the same price per pound. In Liv erpool 0 per cent is deducted hom biles on aco oiut of liv: bagging and ties. That is 24 pounds are are dedcuted 11 111 a v pound bale, and j ) pounds (ro:n a 500 pound bale, The Ameriouidu'e is the clum siest, dirtiest, ne.d iroM expensive and wasttlul pick. nh t li c t ton is put iii in It lias no Iriends, either among mani:fctures, buy ers, shippers cr insurers. The llensonette system d serves niciition, as it is truiig t ) remedy the above evils. THE UKNSONI-: I I K, OK Kol M) l'.U.K fs M. The I'ensniictte press i.s a self dine di.-v.i-;'. waich rtcetvesthe MAKKtTlM. IIIK TINT. After the cotton is baled tht S. .V-' I HI V O Ttie Trltf Miry Ann " li.f twn Mllins lniin fr'vi.t. u.i' :o ,! i .e W.wt taJ..- f.r a i-l 1u.11 v o m :,.., 1 t.i . it lii- ti.,,1 It next step in to place it upon the I fttT whWM ,,M. hVj. ma. Ik,: market. The transaction witn the manufacturer on the cotton mill is very ?ati( actory. The da ly paper informs both parties as to the price. The farmrr flings his cotton to market Several buyers bid on it. and the purciur ers settles at the bank. coseu'sios Only such informations is given in these articles as is deemed to belong to the agricultutal side ol the question. We consider how vast are the interests involved in the cotton industry, and tin J much mote can be accomplished. We realue the total inadequacy of the etlorts thus far put forth to solve the perplexing problems that confront the cotton planter onderful results have been accoiiiplialitd 111 the choosing el ituits and vegetables, bat to ol our great staples, cotton and wheat have been neglected. Coin has been crossed, Inbridaild pol linated until it has degenerated, that is, it is going back to lirst principles or will "run out," a the farmer says. Corn mut be brought back to a standard and kept there. Much ten. am to be done in im proving cotton. Tins plant, bj cultivation, lias been brought Irom a perennial to an annual. In studing the lii-tory of tins plant the w filer went b.u k 1:1 jears Before l lirist, and traced t down t- the present day. In 1 ;o.) H. C we lind that Itidi.i is the centre of cotton industry. In i;oS, wt lind tli it cotton w,i itrsl pi mted ill Soith Carolina, LawsonsN. C. History, page 14J In i;22 Charlesvont found "wool growing on trees in the valley of the Mississippi." The tirst plautrr who attempted cot ton culture on a large scale was Nicholas Turnbull, who resided 3 milts from village, 1 Savatin 1I1, lia, where he died." The tirst attempt in S, uth Carolina was 111 !;.. 117,5 alay i;;.-d !iti Mi". ai..l tnke a lr;. k s( xhc h.vt. -ik otHMfrntion T lati' ehi.rp' "f 1; t wi-ll n a timi mat-. .lit I liu4 U m i'api:,oi J. ' i;rt die unit lwti .l.ath Hie hlin.tiT J"1 11.H ut a n.fe. I a ut an !, .T.lfl l':ir '! ,.,w fer . !'!, IJt.l'tf.1 t).t tl llliW eU!J Mill'- t"n hen" and :ik lilui te tf.' a '.a.u tn this t' afj OiKippwiiH'-l. "I iloii't :ir.- !o te .it: Te." ti phliMsl the wUl.iw. "anJ tlien '" 1 ..n why 1 sheuMn't c. a car'ain ef 1 llio Mnry Ann. "Xolwuly cut heanl f a ":mii ti'it oainaln .if a !i ie" r lust Ji. ' It l'!'rs an'm nauir'. ti't LU- a ni'in trim I" c:iri t tat a-t '' V!l: ckoi r'' " "l'. lit Jell v.-n!!.T !!' '.'t I' ll. J 1 rar,i:iii. V-11 a:v P '-'y ; .01 M tor :i PI! a.ttn:t. t.nt tU-n-' f-" !' ' flv !:art. :Ol 1 ei:e ef '1 'a." Jul ,!:.!!! t r.-f i-e te .a li'ee,- a lo Hint.-. 1 .'t t.e :.rr ..1 a . u l e.' Ht.'.V Hi' IOC - ten:.l.l! -'' I : fro ih t,u .r.-.t..'t :.!. tbut 1 . V..ry Ann June wnr. il never ci.n r li :.. t.)t inw.n. In :i tw v is rronv' s Pi y.lint CVeiful --sitiiHl't iiul.iiiis m UlieT t Vim 11 Miinliui mrki.'rol OT XAttrTIC. For Infants nd Children. fThs Kind You Have I Always Bought Bears the Siimatiire hyr & .vim urmM 1 w . I lf. w 1 r'v.ww I ArTf i-l Kein.'ilv foi TotwliVi lion.Suir lonvirh l)i irlva Wi rm t i'iwnsiims lewrish iu'Ss Lss t- Sl.FH. I,, rai'SiimU- SiqWuij if j 7 111 XKH VOHK - I Lv .i cr 1 o' wrs ti, , - - - IBSSat In Use For Over Thirty Years tM( f i Mi. c 9in. The Corn TRY . Empire Fertilizer Drill. r - - - Negro ays One Cent Tai II ,.v.l... . Vrito ,.'..! !.. 1 IVthaiw tin wiuliest tat ever collected l' a sliei nl hi Niutk Caro lina r-eiptpd lor nti-iiily by t SheritT tladdv AU-r ilkxkl M..n nsl. uf Muiiru town tii;i j. Hi.- luiii from li.nii I tie lax tim- viit- -as c'll-tnl. N attempt a made to divide the tax U'ti-u Slate, (iiunty nml Mhool. but the enliii-am.iiint .cs turncil into the lieasiiry for the IviH-tit of llic geiM-ral inunty fund. Yuu knew hit Vuu are Taking Wliru 1 .in t - liicir a I atrleha Chill rn.." I re ms llip 1. 1 11:11' j i dul ly in iut. ii in. curv vii'lc hoiut; that it I is n r !v 1: m an. I imin m a tas'e- les t..n. N 1 Ceic, No I ay. Joe. A band ' pickh . ol li ce Ian umber S K. Doster. V.ako; X. c, (W'.:. lie w nt ariiuin! and i ii ni.o i is y lint as it comes hom the conden- jibs of cotton wool was shipped t ser upon a largo smooth spool be tween two heavy rollers. The friction of the rollers rotate the spool, and winds the lint upon it so tight as to press oi.t nearly all the air, and to 1 rni the roll into 11 package uf pounds to the foot (cubic). The pressure extrt id is Jj.otio po'inds to thj bale against 5.000,11 .-u b the com press. In the compress sudden blow of tremendous force acts upon tbe entire bale and duves the mass of cotton which stood S4 inches high lo ; inches. It teduccs a 54 ineh bale 4; inches by the 5 million pound pressure exerted. When the pressure in the compress is taken off, tbe elasticity of the fibre cause the bale to swell up again to a thick ness of 2" inches. In the round bale, the bale is entirely covered by a thick cloth, and the ends are capped and fastened by a hoop. No ties are used. The bale holds its shape withon them. The round bales are practically fire proof a good advantages. In Waco, Texas, the inventor, on Nov. 16, 1S94, in the presence of a number of insurance men l.ngland that year Carolini. from South I'i, Who Will be Ne it Mayor of intoe 1 1 Read through this advertise ment and then see if you can't spot bim. A mayor is the repre sentative of a town, just as our goods in quantity and in quality is the representative of best goods and lowest prices in this city. We will quote you the very lowest prices from now till the 10th day of May next. We will offer you especialy good bargains on Flour, Meat, Sugar, Molasses, Coffee, Mill Stuff, Corn, etc. etc. There re letters in the above ad. that will spell the next mayor's name. Come to our store and we will ex plain. Yours, Hill & Bivens. v ppf - M 4 (Oil I f 1 I- .- ' V.f e. .oe I. I ll.e r o-.-ii. 1 t il-'ii,; W hen I, 111 Mierll II the iilini vUitx-m r,!'r 8iro', 2' iiml "2 iiiieHil an a imiltil'lliT ni.d '.'s7,;"il.'i.'I : I'"' ini!ll!iliHN'l w u.t a ini.lii.-t 71.llt.llI.trJ. nil t' lcv -e.i ih.- tirst and lut flfimn. ulileli tue-eili.r r-iid ?'J Hie unillil licr. :t f 01 . I. W INT TO M M.l V ',l M 1 m-iaiv or i ir una axv" a l.i si ,-str-f- ,:e for f Via. ;,e;iee Joseph Walking not Eli Whit ney invented the cotton gin 11; i;ii. Whitney stole Walking's patent. The tirst cotton gin was run by water-power on the farm of James Kincaid, near Monte cello, S. C, in 1795. The first cotton mill was erected near Statesburg, S. C , in 1 (yS using water power. It possessed ah the features of present day mill carding, spinning and weaving This plant was exhibited in its entirety at the Atlanta Exposition in IJM)1. Of botanical varities there are oil sea-island and to up-land. Of agricultural vatieties there are In many cases the records ot some of them have been very defective, and it has been impos sible to secure accurate data. Ol course the origin of many of the varities has been lost in obscutity. The most frequent methods b) which varieties originate are: 1, Selection of individual plants foi the new stock; 2, saving of seed from the earliest maturing bolls, and 3, changing the name a ver simple process. Lvery farinet who grows cotton in Gaston has noticed the great difference to be seen among plants in his field though the seed all come from the same source. The plants will vary in height, vigor of stalks, length and direction of limbs and arrangement of bolls on the stalks; and any ol these charac (eristics may be perpetuated by saving the seed produced by such plants, and growing them in a field to themselves to prevent cross fertilization, In giving causes or new varieties we forgot to mention the fourth cause cross fertilization. Cross fertili zation is botanically this: One side of the unopened flower is split lengthwise, and the stamens removed; the next day the pistil will be ready to receive pollen from another plant; with camel hair brush take the pollen from the plant selected, carry it to the one ready to be cross fertilized, dust the pollen upon the treated flower of the one which is desired trr tnke jonmrif off." to use in making the cross. By to- binweif off, and in due far. the largest majority of the i "n, tb '-h- lorttr, for H- ' , "... ' . diirni and not to wa. I.uek attended names 01 varieties in cultivation k ,lBth.t ,. Jrf -..i-i . are synonyms of other names. 1 aunahip during hi watetm and lock Chanees of nime are commonly ourinir Ui widow a, and t'd bar t- made by using the name ol the w wag ta th. craft tort ' . . - , dim tif br masta while bo wa ailrrp person originating the 'ey. ot ,,, wttch teiowNotuini b.PPd, r I I Hid 1 verylnnlr nil cmt.h'.iO.. r.iii-ive'J. nml l.i called nt ll.e ; lice t.i soy : 'fn. ic Hen. If any I. 0. r me .v.'il can luake ii.i'C l.fcai fur 1 stin ! 1 ncicr mi' 0,4 l'rev : in." liuiii' t.i Ihi dreiMidcl th. 1 askeil tin" elil ii i:i ..ier. I'm .me 1.1 .e, oa nil the re-t. Cuii't !n ivi'lit -r iMiniun on Hie l':e c of thai l-lll III Kill 11 fcti, CUT Hit ISiO.'l'e ivilliimt en. Mil" licr tn the' t'olliim ft the rc-lV I'.nin l!uil way tn inc." l. ii-eil Tn cle ll'ii. "Inn I iltmti". I !' n Junes ivldiler is a iMirty sinnrt 0111:111 - a rmrty smart ivuniun. Sin' may l eiil'Ie t.i iliiilp- Ilirimgli I'.v the shin of her tceiu. Il'iwpier. I'll hid j n tiuoil- liv nml h we tu meet you in heaven. Tin' Willow Tones ra not yet forty years old unil In the host of health. When the voj aire Is'ifiin alic stocii watch nml watch with the mate, and when the t.rliz rwichnl a Tt In I he West lml!e Jisl I'iiisoih hail to iidiult that her seamanship hud U" n as kismI n his own. W hlle J11I ailinittiil this imii-li tn himself, he carried the Men tu others that iiothini: hut an overrul ing nroi idi'iiee had le, Hie Mnry Ann 11 (lout 011 the vo)in.' out. and ftie umst I'ertHlnly bo tu the bottom on tin) run home. Much to his aiirprlae, the lrl reached her honw sjrt without the alitihtcst inlshnp. "So yuu got hack alive nrter nir.'" queri'il t'nelo lien as Jtsl eutereil the Iiostolliee limkinit rather shauiefnci-d. "Yea, I'nel Hcu. t have." n i'llcd the mine. "I've heard ahout the Lord fliarin' ccrtniii pennle tn do ivrlain wiirU on earth, and 1 guest tluit'a my case." "Shool Stioo"' continued t'ncle Hen. "The Widilcr Joint knows Imw to Mil that !r!g at well aa her huslmnd did Your nose la out of J'lnt Ixinusc you didn't net to be captain. However. If you cun t b captain one way why don't you try t'otherr "How d'yoii nieanJ" "If you marry the winder, you'll marry the brig nt the annul time, w on't you? 8iiue fnlka can't aee turuugh hole In a grindstun." That evening Jed I'araona put on hit Sunday test and made a call at the wldoiv'a house. "Ooln to turn Preacher, JedT lie aaked at the looked him over. "Xo. ma'am. 1 ain't." he replied. "I'm lookln' for a wife." "Well, I hain't (ot no girlt bidden a way here." "I didn't t'pote you had. I've come to aak you." "If you've com to tak me, I ahall tar 'No.' What do I want to marry 00 or any other man fur?" "To get a hatband," touerly replied Jed. "Pont you worry yooraelf. I hain't idrertlaln' for a hnannnd." "Hut I'm gotn' to be captain of the Mnry Ann, and yog can hank on that. "NVit while I lire, Jed raraono. I'm party husy thla erenln', and you'd bet- .fe.'O Mr-11 ,.. 1,011 I WO I'.i lot: 10 f. : ! IV Man .'I 1. "Il - V. v hiil'r s hv 1 'Ol 01., T. r- I'.t Hi.- ' lilee. til orih i' In calnllilte the linear veloc ity , f ill.- earth In ll orbit we must inn kii" lis .llstaluv from the sun. If . 0101 im usure the earth's velocity, t! .. t. 'n'l I'.isMiiiv cnii lx' iiinii'iit'sl. If It... in... .iv can l' dceri..iiil with f.vl ii.-.nrr.c. the rcsiiliing value of 1,. u;, t d'stnii.v is ironioiiatc!y pr.-. ,'. 'lie ii.etl.ods of spcctros.npy t-'. ii o far liiiprovi'd that we are WiU.iii ii.ei-.siirabU1 ilislatice of ileler 11 on. ii-.' lie solar parallax by is-tro- It is the best investment a farmer c.n make. It will plant your corn, ftttiliie it, and cover if at ti e same time. Take out your pencil, figure the saving tf fertilizer, add t he expense of plantint" the old way. and you will have ycur Prid almost paid for at the end of the sea'on. The Empir e is decidedly the best on the market. No chain attachment; no links to flip or break, Mnd cause jou trouble or in-otmni-ence, but a POSITIVI-: I 0KCI- Fill-1. Ask those who have used it if it is not the best Tlantersi Id. Take one home and try it; if you d 'n't like it. we'll refund your money. You need it now. The Heath-Lee Hardware Co. OOCOCXXXXXXXIOCKXXX op !'..: I 1 t. ma-ry y ! M.OO AM! .vo or tl : the i ll j h'li. j by ; I the ; io.v. I Spe . hi a (.-.... I.M, pie onl, n 1 11 rv.m.'iis. If any slur near be I't'served Willi Ihe ! I Hie ivv.i M'asons when Ita .hlleis fi-oiu thai of the uu is. we can dislii.-e not only i) ,.f the star, but nlsu the .,'itv of the earth In its orbit. ;.......,. o'.serviiiiuii of atellar ve in the line of ski t me now an th;,t the vain" ol the solar dlt vhl. h iiiay lie Iiml mi the prini'l- , ' i'v.1 is i.t least of the same of nrn:r:i4-i !. vi s derived ..i'.i I. In U 1. 1. to I lit 1 I elipt! , cn-ui li'iii' 1 . r t" a.l Hi'o I': "I'm a ami .,1 ii, l-i.l lo ..I, I l.r'e- '..Vt 1 ivc ,el. .,s.'.t re nml let ,s t.rii: i 0 hartsir to m 1 ml n t soil, nt h.r flolii ol.ler lii-thud.- t'.villitfelisL Ed Of h! Mutiny Iloo. " t, i-i-i' i. ,! .1. I 11- I." a "ked us it i, p . t . hut t'l f not aloihl If 1 i anl' .1 in net loaded i.-ihle ui.d i;et l'iii-k tu ll.- 1-VM'o.l, I'd kei p -'il 1 II. ."1 s- loo ii i; it Iltl I vi' on tin iniiiiny oth-r ay " I'.,., is'i.siil il 01.. lit It conl'lnt. nml II, l iry Ann I a.l n new capunii ou toe In n .ewaril run. ni :l 'li .- , u-'i-re In the yaw l inii'ii!. cud if he tliliik can't is' supj rcssi d in any I ri'ili ill riaures. 1 or,. 11 if 11 1 i-i'.-in-o ..I l.a nil i f Ti.-in-oii-nl turn d'n-ovreil tl"' lUUltl- i.i-.'l i-.vhii h. you will .l-scri-. :ii'" souply th" lieun's 1 to '. !h. lu-:-., r.-vi l- I. by -I." gtvot U. HI. Ill HV liei.-rsini: the onlel-of 111'' liit inuliiplying i:;;4.'i'.7'.l by 4." iM. tf.t 11 result ciually cuii.uia--via. '.--..-,-.."..-,....,. If we t.O.e li'll.-iiiTV.l at 11, nt. phi -and lind. Ilitercllalu'lllg Hie Ikin s ill I'i m as lo make thorn rend .M. ue Hi- iiumiier ns a mumpo.-i. n!t w iil be i',.iii;i'i.t,'iii.c.I. Ile- turnliitf to the uiulllpllciiuu ihsm.i.i at .1,' ol us the multiplier again. tt,o re-iiit will be r.t.:w.,ma:, all 8' ..... ...1.I..1. eveept tie tost linn l.isi ukuii-s. i'ii t..--'li-r read ." I the muliipller. Tak- liii; the ..ini' 1. ultlpHennd and 2i. Hie half ui el. as the muliipller. the prod 11. t is '..i:i''.,.'.''..oo7, all I'.'t exiH'pt the lii-si and hisl tlitiires, whh U together lead liT-tlio multll'lier. Now . Inter- e Making Aluminium. .. n. o-l Mirprisim." brupertv oiiiini i lis newly iliM-ovcrod r of jriv ititf a tine, raoriike tu tccl ciit'.crv. Mainhcd a tloio-ai-1 times, the knife d'e pro i'.ii. c.l on the ordinary wlietstonc iippctrs rmigh and jui'd, while that i'Ul-d by the aluminium a.)-:-r 1 oi. r is straight and smooth. REAL ESTATE OWNERS who have land to sell should list it with us and thereby have it advertised in the newspapers flee of cos!. Uuvinu: and soiling land is our business and we can handle properly which you may have brtn utisincessiul with yourself. We will also collect tents and buy mortgages and judgments on land. Several farms, temporary tracts and town lots on hand U t sale on eay terms. Ouit p-iying rents and buy a home with rent hintn y. Will buy h r ourselves any real estate in the county, if (or sale at a bargain. 'ho SEABOARD Air Iine Railw.w tlinWKKN NMV YUHK. TAMPA. A1 I.ANTA. NIIW UIU.KANH AND IHINlf Mil I'll AM) WKHT. IN EFFECT NOVEMBEK 23 St.L'TUWAHD liily No. HI Lt New York. P R R. l'J l,r I'tilltilclphla, HIR, w" 'l" t.r llsltln i.. " f I 'pm hv Wa-!iiiiiton. " 7i"iro l.v hiehnicnd. HAL Uy, 10 atpm l,v Piftirsl'iirn, I.t Noi-ium. ' ht tli'lldlTSOll, ' I.t li'ilripti, I.t Hoctl-rn I'loot I.t Hamlet. ' I t I nhiu. I.ia. t Ar Hiivannah. r Jtcksimvilh Ar t Anicastioe. ' Ar, II -Jupm 1 fsiaia t 2sm 4 I .'am it bum 7 ll'iain w Over'Work Weakens Your Kidneys. Cnhcalthy KUncyj Mak: Imrure Blood. All the blood in your bod fuses throejh your kidneyj once every ihree rrinulej. I no r.iuii-u s.o jruuf blood punt ers, they Id ler c-ji the uas-t or Imruritte in the tlocd. It ther are sick cr eul of ordtr. they Ull to iO their work. Pi.ns, achi-smdrhe mtism come from e cess cf uric acid in the tbod. due to nrclec'ed k.Jney troub'a. Kidney trouble caurs4 quick er e-ttetdy h"rt beaia, and mikrt out feel as thoufh they hid heart trouble, because tht heart la evti-workir-g In farr.pinj; thick, kidney. poisoned blocd thro-Jifh veins ani atttriet. Il used to be considered thl only urinary troubles were to U traced to the ktdneyt, but now modern science proves that nearly ail constitutional oiseuet havs their begin ning in ki.iney trouble. K you art sick you can make no mistake by first doctorlnj your kidney. The mild and the eti.'aordttuHy tflect cf Dr. Kilmtr't Swamp-Noot, therrett kidney remedy it toon realized. It standa the highest for He wonderful cures of the most distressing cases and la sold on its merits ku ll HrndiricOt if fiftV- eent and one-dollar Its-1 & vlifrr" es. Yoa may have aKL aamole bottle bv mall iMrfi.MsiiA free, also pamphlet telling you how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. Mention thla paper when writing Dr. KUimv fc Co., cunghemton, N. . Don't make any mistake, but remember the name, Swamp- Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and tbe address, Binghamton, N Y., on every bottle. icoa. I'.ii!) No. r. Pi liien t '.Uno v.n 10 4iao 8 l.'ipn ll Mpir li lpn Mlpn 6 .'iptt !i fiiipn It) l'J ilupa Jllipra 4 li-iau Tim-cm lSairi " II pu. IH mm uii(,B t.o. aa. No. t I.. Vw York M Y F N t i (Vnm H Mp I.t l'hii'i te'i.hia. " lttPa-n lUlp t,vNw DHHt'ot S W'pm l.v HSft'n t 6 "pn ..v ton. NWH esnpn I.t Fertnuioutb, HAL Uy. tt'ipm d ttnu i.t W .l.ion. " II 'im 11 Vipn l.v Nnrhna. " 1 .Warn I "i ll. n. i-rn. " s j-aiu a u;.n. t.T!Uliih, " 4 1,. 'Hi 5 I.t Hmithun fint, Hm 1N' I.t Hamlet. " ni I.t Wilnilnictuu. " r lliorlutte, ' " Kill Urn l.v rhetor. " Hinnam I.T tireTftwood, " U'Wam I.TAlbtnn, " H.'iJani Ar Atlanta, 1 " i"l"n r Aimuala. C W C. t 4UIHII Ar Maeun. C of tia. T -Jopin II 8.ani Ar Men drum ry. -fym e ptt) Ar l.)lil. L N, tni r Nr tlrluiii. L ft !. 7 i'ra Ar NanhTille. N C Ht L, I flatu SSpir Ar Memphis. iVm S i ()tl liatly Hall; Now U Memphis. S C A Bt L, IS 4".pm Ut rionliviiie, " vmriiui 9 T-Dpn III OJiItt VI Man) -.'.'n 6 T I'siaa TtUUTUWAKU. U New Ortmue, LAN, S lpm l.v Mobile, " I3"sm Lv Mimtaoni'ry.A W P, a 4' aia l,v SI aeon. 0 of lla, S otm l.v Auu.u, f W C, H) uria CvUalitiTTB L Ri ,s l'u '" Ar Athens, " 57pm Ar OroMiwood, " I'l'iu Art'henter. " ? lri'"L. Lv C'bariotte, J i7.!ii Lv UmlngtonT' " ' aOpuT Lv " " hi4Hrui" Hota 3iir 1 impDr t J pn oupn U 'ill" I &i 4 I" Lv Southm Plnae, Lv Kaleiicb, " Lv HuBilfrvnn, " Lv Norllnt, " Lv Weldoe, " Ar Fortamouth. II I Wiam S 10 m 5 1.1am 6 0om ? Itani 7 tionnt B 4laoj II liiao U SiHim 1 45pai autiiiai t Mpm Ar WthlnirU.JWMB, Mt 1. H.lllraiir.. BKKC.I. t S HUMS. Ar New York, tl D B 8 Co t t Arl'btle'l.Ma,H YPft,tS4pm tnao, Ar New York. " Vp. I Imam ' No 34 No t LvTami. B A U Ry. Suopm HOotm Lv Hi A murine. Lv Jack uBTlUe, H Lv rtavano.b, M Lv Columbia, " Lv Hamlet. " Lv Hootbarannea," Lv Katailth, " Lv HentlOTOtli H Lv Korltna, " Lv Peter-burn, " Lv ilicbmonf , " ar Wvblnirto. T R R. Ar Baltimore. " Ar Pbiladeli, " Ar New York. " T team tanaita Itiipm 7 Wpm Mipm U3pm l8aos SOfMOS I4oaoj IMfera" IVsa rieen II ttrm lP 4 Ml SMipea 7 SOfiB) DPipai SKI tut 4(esB t'. U .vaw I Hipo I Vipm tiTpt t .1 iripo I Si' SiMas Union Real Estate Co. E. C. WILLIAMS, Manager. Office: IrmOild I Williams. Q4K-e0-40-e0C0-e040-0O-eC--e-0-eC'I04C0-tVCCvO Rksidenoh v May not contain tlio latest stylo Furniture that you would like for both beauty and use, and, if not, it will pay you to examine our line of I China losets, Side-boards, Extension jj Tables, Chairs, Suits and Single Pieces of all kinds. We can make you prices on these goods that will interest you. T. P. DILLON, Furniture Dealer nd Funirel Director. Store Phone 7; Residence Phone 84. C.B WEBB Tree. I. . RABE, Vice-Free. K. L. KLAS10 AN. 8m. and Trras Carolina Marble & Granite Co., INCORPORATED ' S iii. it t! p itr uatfr if Hie ot lf of I M.ntor anj sniiuiiiiJiiii; coininunity. t ills ansviTr-J in tljy (n in tSnUll , ftm Store- at tiit'it from lesUriirS) i nn tiuiu h ftrrit. I'liviie No. 4S. I R. W. LEMMOND, j Alton.ty-at -Law, ;ill i.ii:lii-f 111 ill llic Statr .ill ! t uil eJSljin CouiN. Specull attrntion siii'ti to tin si tlh input of rs'atis li i. iiiiliniiK, I i'i-iiti.r auj AJmiiiit- ' anil t!ic coliri-lion of claima. Ki asiiiii'.l ir 1 lui n. Also ai'iit and ; Itkoil atlotnc) lor tin' I'anthrr City ll.'iiiv Conpany, fium Inch loans may he ol.luiniil 011 real r&tati. t'fncei . iinr Joor rat of M. L. Mow Co'l sloro. Hii'tn No. ioj. I ROBT. L. STEVENS, nttsrscv aid Ccaasellcr-at-Lai, Mosaoii, N. C. I'roiiii t .it'niitiu'i Rivrii tu all mat torn pUi-t-il in our liatiils. NUna.;f uu-tit ol rst.itrt f..r K'ird 1.1111, a iui mi-'.:.. anJ fxi rulort spiviilty. Charfcs ti asoluhle. lHhn rasl of I' lUitlior.M', ((oimetly Drc!!'irJ hy t'nc Sate P. A. Cuvington.) People's Mi OV MONHOK, N. C, Solints your arroiint aiul banlint; hiisinrit. Wo cn:ir.uitt'i- AHStll.L I h SIXt !ri, 'tomiturea ami all the jiTi)iniiiil,itiou SUL'NI) hank' mi; will mil, nt it, Ititorrst .jiil, ic-c.'ii!.-. to n 1 -? nu'iit, oil iloposits left lor oiii itatt.l tii...l. Always icady 1 fii loars un .i; pt 11 .-oil i' i" r. j O. I'. HEATH, i'r si.lrnt. (uiiiiiiiioiitr ol Diiiii k S-j.i!!i Carolina, la VM Urvl u: il -3 1 issi'Kt of '.ik Piacc : t.r Uiiiiii Cal. and N-tiry iublic (urKjiiliuriiliiii. :-: :: j Spn'i.l iitleiiti'in itivi'ii to tiikiiif. Af i il. 1'. Os, ,i 'oi.'.'.'i-i!'' ru-lit i f Ih'iof of j 4 : 1 , , !"!t,on.. s, C-ititiai tp, Hil'l of ' : .1 If, t'. w tu il At! ttiri, Ki'iiuiii itt ! '.,,.!,;. 1. 1 11 "a. I llih-tlt.lllii', lci' I .'Si': los.V.'.iti-,; lii i I'l.ih iting Denis, : Mo: ' oi.o s .0 .' .ill . tin 1 'ji m, i-MiinU I Mat-.- Vi'an.ii.ts. tUn.i ami IVlivoty i ,ni'l At'.. I ioi-i t m.. Civil Sum j inoii". ami th" lulicioii.n of Claiint. , l)i . i.t M. 1.. I I " to.'a Stirc, I'.lsto! cm I t'.'iio", MnUH. N. C. S. A. STEVENS, Iil. i ' V. NX 1 , N. '. ('It: mi -at-: oil i'i i! 'V from Ktif;lisli I liiui: St 'ic! lit nii'.iit iioiii rootn iimt I Kntiisli Hi'n; St. i ,, pin me i.t. OHice j 1 ": I r-ifnv ; ihunr iS. j H. D. Stewart, M. D., .VdMtt'K, S. I'. Call.- ,1'i'ipilv atisui 11 J in il.iy from 1 HiMistoii's I i it 1 Storo; at tiij;lil from ri'SKl.'li'O' 0:1 I- ilircr Sliert. I (Hiirc in I'lli-uh! H'lililni? . lltlii-o I. nui 1 1 to li. A. M. I'liuiie 141. JOHN P. MONROE, M. D., MONROE. N C. Day rails ausweird from lloustoti't JruK sti re an J oltii i, "plump 22). Ninht I from Cniiinii. trial lloti-1. "lilione 2 to. W. B. HOUSTON, SL'KGEO N DENTIST, Office up staiu. I"iti;t raid HuilJiug, N'jrliiwe'.t of toiirtliouae, MoiuoB, N. C. R.Ii. Kidine. A. M. Stack REDWINE & STACK. AHornrys-ut- Law, MON HOE, N. C. Practice in all the Stale and Feder al Con: U. Will n:at..i;L estates for j Exncut'ir, AJiiiiiiihtintiira and (iuar I .liaus for icasotiahlu pay; and will I (oreilittc mnrtKaitri and Iit;iitiat9 1 loaiiK, without expense to Mmli;accfi jnd Money I.t'iiili i9,v.licii prartical.le. Oflicca-NoithKesti ru roomt, firet flour. Com thunse. 3DR. B.C.REDFEARN,L DENTIST. Chaises leasotiahlt Satisfac tion Kiiar. anteed. Office over English Drug Co l. HCNROE.N.O. Will be at Marshvillr, N. C.nn fit at i of each month, tud second and fourth t, l hone ill i . . v. Special Designs in Marble and Granite Monuments, Tombstones, Monu ments, Iron Fences, Etc. We have just received our first car of Marble, con sisting of a real nice line of finished Monuments, Tablets, i ud third u.uuy O . ia( Matthew! on etc., and cordially invite anjone in need of work in our MoJy line to call around at our yard and we will take pleasure: Notice of Administration. in quoting prices. It snail be our aim to do first-class' work and at the very lowest prices. 1 jT moS;."; Remember we guarantee entire satisfaction and have USSy tfSS come among you to stay.and aU we ask is to be sure and ! ' 'taM"Sh "Sj'S 1 .March, 1904, or tliia liotiite will b 866 US DeiOre yOU DUy. pUad.dinlaroftl,eirrKl,tofrecov. ery. All persons indebted In taid eatats are notified to make prompt paymeot and tave cot. 1 his the (Oh day of March, 1903. W. G. LONG, Ailmr. r.f Juhu E Morgau, deceased. Rnluine & Stack, Attyt. Respectfully, J. E. EFIRD, Mgr., Monroe, I C. Yard! at SUtesville, Salisbury, North Wilkesboro, & Monroe, N.C Kola- Pally Ksrn H.M.T twU-al Tiasa. (, Eavtora Tiaat. W. F ARHAat, Atmt, Mouw, t hattttOOdth I bottiet. Poei Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic has stood tht test 25 yuan. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Miffion DOvst this record or merit aivoeal to vou no v-ure, no ray. w. Iai(iota tetta tvary aottJai It Tata Cob tjacMtnt or tJrewe-l wtett mw i wa,

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